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The Inter Oceani
Chicago, Illinois
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8 D. GREEIi ONCE MORE Thl Time Daniel Sared the Day at West Side Ball Park. BLOCKED REDS RALLY Faithful Fans Rewarded by Seeing Orphans Win a Game. iBtckr nteb4l Go Ball fr tk U- tall! Ik Klgchth, Wave, th Red Ottrwktla4 Ills. Oat la th center field at th Wnt 844 ball park yesterday too4 D.

Hardlock Oreea, eon OtauM by the bleacher, subjected to eon- tamely by tka aland. It waa tha alntb Inning, and a gam that bad seemed all Cklcago'a prop erty waa beginning to torn oat venomoly with every Indication, of another win for tbe reda of Cincinnati, whoa cemlog ku brooght all klada of woo to Jim Hart and hi followers and anon th blithe baaehlt rollicked out lata tha deeper gardt as, and tha frantic shouts af Heine Peltx proclaimed the aafe arrival oa flrat eaahloa of another redleg. Th hot son beat down on tha rad. red Back of Daniel Green Th bleachers said tblnga to blm. and a pop bottle, throws, aot maliciously, but tentatively lnr rlngly rolled oat by hi feet, which loomed ap through tbe abort graaa.

huge, majeatlc-like anto tha eunken Maine In also and general con tour. Green did not car. waa thlnkltg of th game ha threw to nowher on th day be fore. Th ba were full of reds, and tha terrible Crawford, whoa eluggtng ha brought moat of the trouble for tbe paat few day, came to the rubber. There waa a stinging siblle.

and the ball roae high In air. sailing out cvsr center field like a brickbat at the annual picnic of tbe Cla n-na-Gaela. Green turned with the crack of the bat. and hied him toward tbe clubhouse Down near tha yard be reared up with all the charming grace of a cow doltg the third step In the Motile buck. Ilia bates clutched the ball, and Crawford, halfway round the diamond.

paused with tbe look of one who aea the heri0 coming irom aneaa ana Bit coastaoies ap-. Broaching from tbe rar. Ar.d LLiii dli Daniel Uren, who Icat th game on Sunday, pay back the debt on Monday after-; BOOB. Aii taltgs come to him who tt.u-even baae-ball victories. And Moses knows tbe crowd that patronisea tbe West Side ball park has don enough waiting for seven, ordinary eeaeon.

After three successive defeats had taken all tha spirit out of th fan, and driven them to drown their grief either In a beer tunnel or at Comlekey's stand, tbe turned round, thrashed the Cincinnati reds, and pot up a display which brought lurceai of scr-row to the faithful few. "Faithful few" waa about the proper title, for ther were hardly enough fana In atand or bleachers to cauae a picic at qulck-luurn counter Torn Hughe pitched for Chicago, and did well till tbe elgbib Inning, when the reds turned a blm like a barrel boop under the hoofs of a fat man. and made bis young life cbuckful of we. For the reda. Barney McFadden oscillated tbe leather.

When that name waa announced the crowd looked eagerly la expectancy of a trrsoi. In checked clothes, with ir.tir paint on the face, a fright wig. and red whiskers. They expected to aee Barney McFadden com down th field, rattling a pair of tuneful clogs, and gayiy raging: Ae we stroll by the seashore, flirt with th girls, iirniiirrv i iinf up -c i (I r. sn.

And aa we pas them by th ladles all aar. "There rcfucs lorn Haras, tbe swells of tbe Th crowd waa disappointed. Barney MrPad den la not a rotig -and -dance man. He la a plain pit. her.

woo ca-i pitch about aa much aa a bay bulldog, and la so tender-hearted he will aot throw tbe ball over the plate lest the shadow hurt th plate-'s feeling. For four Inning both Hughe and McFadden got alotg smoothly. la the fifth, after lj -vere out. and the crowd ex pected to th third follow suit. Kllng bit to paii.

Barney acren at coo loat control, aad gav two scxeeaslv passes. With the aa-ks full. Httlo Hart lei bit tbe ball a blind ing Din. aal th dust around th plate waa full af face. Th rattled McFaddea gav two more baar oa bails, aad thea rant ringing hits by v.

nance us ueieoamv. bix ran cantered la. an un was in aniaa or iisraey Mrruden. la tb aeres tb, for good meaaore. Child.

ureen. ana nance ail Iceod tbe bail. ana in re runs am Tea. Aa the Issue proved, taey wer needed. Helpless till tbe eighth, the red began to uncan some hits and runs.

They drove in three oa pretty bitting and a couple of error, ana Rinu rignt wnere they left off In me nimn. MermniLg witb a fumble by Raymer, tb reds wttd man after man around the corner, and only D. Gnen's catch In center saved the scon from aaeuming horrib! proportions That catch took the life out of the reda. and they died meekly after three mora run a4 aroraa. Doyl and Delehanty both strained ankles goring th mill, and were replaced by Chance ana itaymer.

nance stole three base, and tried to rush borne while Mr-Fadden held the ban. Harney awoke with a frightened enuesk threw home, aad Pelts stepped ail over Chance la making tb put-out. The teams will play tb last game of tbe set today, witn -ewtoo pitted against Eaeon. Tbe score: Chlcaso Hansel. If.

ImIis. Oreen. cf fwvle. Ih. Chance, lb Twleh'ty.

Sb Ytarmer. Ab.o Mr-Cm k. SbO Kim. Cljie. Hushes.

iugbes. 1 1 6 2 1 1 Oj Totals 27 11 Cincinnati. Ibt. Ha Tiey. If 1 0 Berkley, lb 1 1 rrsefrd, rf 1 0 Maroon.

2b 1 Irwin. Bb 0 'oronran. es.O 1 Fetta. 1 I MrFaild-B, pO jacuria II 1 1 io Totale II 24 IS 1 Batted fur McFadden In ninth Inning. Chicago a 8 ft Cincinnati jo 0 0 3 wtolen Baeee Chance Orren.

Two-Base Tl'tP rTilId Hughe. Crawford. Wild Pitch mrrman'tt. hm on Italia tin Hughes ofT McFaMen. H.

1ru Out-Hughes, 7. Left cn n. iJritible Plays bt. Irwin, and Maguon; McFadlen aa 1 Kevkley: Maroun. vrcoran.

and Beckley. Time oTGam 1 Ji. Kmall. Attendance Philadelphia, 14 Xew Yark, 13. PHIUADRLPHfA.

April Tile Philadelphia National league team defeated New Turk today by tbe score of 14 to 11 In a gams marked by heavy kitting on both etdea and erratic fielding oa the part of the local players. Captain Iavta of the vleltora put tbe ball over tbe rlgbt-aeld fence for a home run. Phi la. Thomas, cf 3 Flagle, If ...2 I' kanty. lb.l Flick, rf ...4 Jackllta.

ton, Sb.O Ixlaa. CSjiea. se 0 1 Xniggleby. p.0 jamais i a 9 York. Vn i cf2 rflf3 1 I'avla.

aa 1 H'maa. rf-lf2 I Htrang. S'4anaet. lb. 1 Murphy.

2b. Miu'rau, Fleher. IITrheney, p.0 I ttrna rA Batted for Fisher In fifth. ...1 Totals 15 2 i Philadelphia 2 2 0 1 0 2 14 Mew York. 2 0 2 4 1 1 0 O-IJ Earned Run Philadelphia New Torb 2 T-llu Hits Delehanly Flick.

Jackllta. Vol-ertoo. Thre-Baa Hits eiagle, Jackllta. Home Ran Ilavls. Plulen Bases Thomas.

Wolverton. tMjubl Play Ixjlan. Cros. and Delehanty; Img-gleby. Croee.

and Iielehaaly. irt Bare on balls 'QT Fleher. 2: Ioeny. 2: Dunn. 7.

Hit by Pitched Ball By Dunn. 2. Passed Ball Jackllta. Wild Plfh Duheny 2). Dunn.

Tim 1:46 Vmplre Day. Attendance 1.3v0. Plllskarar, ld Laala, 12. PTTTBBrRO. April 20.

Th bom team turned I be table oa 8t. Loot today and woa out aa a aerea bat tins' contest. The visitors made a grand rally la th last Inning, and nearly sur rex tied In overcoming la big lead of the Pittsburg. Attendance. 4.J.

Pltteburg. a.i PA tit ft. IxMjla itcney. za.i 3 a Wallaoe. 1 4 a ..1 19 4 Harden.

1 1 1 y.a 1 9 1 4 Cbll-s. 1 2 Coonor. a I I I Krus.r. 10 11 wver, 1 0 1 iichrlver. c.O 1 1 0 Totals Kli.liiili ...14 14 27 1 HrWi rt a.

a 1 Raa for Mcartvwr la ninth. littetmrg 0 2 fet. Dual a 0 0 2 sonoo. a it 0 0 Total 1 24 IT 0 10 -l4 0 0 1 a it Earned ftuna rittseurg. bl lowi.

a. Two- fas rilta asnev, xi i' nmy 1 ruger. Heidri f'. Learn. Padd Three- Baa Hits BraneAeid.

Barkeit. irtck. ctacrtno Hits Clark. Wagner, Dri ver, atolen Baaea Clarke. Boaumont Lever, icnof a imuif rimj umininfin arq raonen.

IlrM Bae 00 Ball OtT Urm, 1: off Brelten-mtria. B. 6 truck Out By Leever. 0: try ferudhoff. 2.

I'aaeed Bail iS Connor. ak-ktiver. 1. Innlars flayed by Rack Pitcher Brvltenstetn. ft: Budhoff.

1 Hits Off Ea- Pitcher Oft Breltenstelo, 10; ft Budboff. a. Time 2 ou. L'mptr Dwyer. Baataa, 12 raa klya, 8.

BROOKLTW. ft. Aorll 29 After having tha game wall la hand today tb Brookiyaa threw away by ragged -Balding. CarU let la th la In ninta py two oocesiv muns. wall a rambl by KUy.

two arrar by ghsekard. Tenner" triple, aad Lwsaoare doable added four sasia for Bootaa la th testa. mad a awmbar of error, bat Ptmsa's rfcttv- at critical point fcelped thorn. In center-field waa a feature of th Host' rwtrolt. Casey.

3b Barrett, Oeason, 2b. Holme. Dl'lon. lb .1'i-TJd I Nance. If hDem, c.

Owena. Totala, lietrolt Totala. Iningan. rf Ouinn. II gm'n.

mm 2 Coughfn, Bb.U Clarke. Carrion. Totals Roller. ii I i i i I 1 1 2 A A I 5 a 2 4 1 8 5 27 11 .8 13 27 17 3 1 8 12 1 0 1 1 1 0 Bewokrya. A I Kami if B.

ef.l It 9 1 Uavta, Hi Tenaey, 15 i 9 Keeler. 91 Dae Boot Ib lit Pheck'd. Sb.0 tit Low-. lid Keller, ill 1 1 a a a hm ciuct. ci i at Crssry, ef.l CrollM, rf Harry, if Klttrtdg.

i Ml 0 1 Sill aj 1 1 1 9-4 1 Total ...11 gaoiT McUalra. e.O 111 lafeOaaa. Kltaoa, ('Merles. ir lebelL 0 H'tman. 8b.

1 Phusart. sa Brain. 2b. OlHulllvsn. C.O I Paxtenson.p.0 Boston.

Imwd. If 1 Hemprtlll.rf.O 1 rltahl. cf 0 Otv.Hn. 1 0 1 Parent, sa. 1 Ferris.

jrviger. tijCuppy. 4 OiMcCiraw. Sb.O 0 I tarn Ion. If 1 Wll ama.

2b 2 01 Kelster. ss.u rf lUackson. cf.O Fouta. lb. Robinson.

c.O M'Ciln'ty. p.0 .0 9 27 12 4 Totals 1 .0 Toft IQWIT rtoatoa 0 I 1 1 9 a Krooklya 1 119 10 9 9 Earned Run Boston. 1: Brook rya. 1. Baa Hit Hamilton.

Tenner. Two-Baa Klttrtdae. ImnmL Kallev Kf rue -Bootoa. Brook Boatoa. fano.

1 ttau By Meuaan. a. Tl Haaa AttetKlsncs I.10O. 1 1 a 4-11 0 Th TIGERS BEAT WHITE IOI. HI 2.

First Bas oa Ira. a. Lft on Psoa Braoklya. a. rtruch Otit-Hr mo ot Itnvn- a.

Bacfince Hit Dahlen. Ptolea liases Tsnasr. I trmont tJ. Davta. Dahlan.

oa Balls By McCana. by Kltaoa. by iHneea. I. Iouhle Play Uoag.

Lovt, and Tenner. Wild Pttcha Dtneea. 27 Hit by Htcn4 Rama by Dlllaa and Elberflela Vpaet Calealat laa. WeJL they done It. That hoatllng team from Detroit whipped tha whit vox yesterday, ani it didn't take long, either.

Aa error aad two borne rana in saccesaloa settled the bash of th local champioaahlp aapiraata la about tea seconds. Tha neatness ani dispatch with which tb job was eon was aa eye-opener for the Chicago team. Perlup th lo-al were referring them scire for another aiBth-lnalng rally, for which tba visitors bar recently become noted. If such was th case tfiey found out yesterday that the sixth or any ofler old Inning will do Just aa well when It comes to getting enough runs to wla a game. Tbe varied possibilities of tbe visiting aggre gation were sbown at every turn of tbe wheel They bit the ball aafely but five times, but those five time netted a total of fourteen sacks.

Furthermore, the sprnucg of Isanuow Merle was all tliat rrevenivd about fourteen aacka being registered to the bad against Hoy Patterson. Mertea gatbtred In seven nice out In the left garden, at letst four of which were of the grand eland order, in the aecocd Inning Jlberfeld sent line hit In bla direction that looked good for three bag, but Merle leaped Into tbe air and hauled it down with one band. Nance, th next up, then drove a bigb one to deep left- center, which Merle got after a most des perate run. In the Odd tbe Detroit team resembles a scrappy college aggregation. I ne men talked to eaca otber so fast that even Dummy nor looked dad.

And wbea It came to throwing the ball around they wer there with tbe good every Pitcher Owen, too, waa no aloucb. They did not play a dignified, sedate game, by any manner of meara. it became necessary to "aaas" the umpire, they did not acruple about "aaaalng" blm good and hard. Th Chicago team also took in the latte- proceeding, and If tbe com bined effort of tbe two past masters of the roasting game. Clark Griffith and Jimmy Carer.

rldn't succeed in convincing Umpire Connolly that he was rotten be must nave a hid oa him ike a crocodile a. There waa no kidding about It. Connolly reaiiy waa punk. Caaey fanned out twic yesterday. As on cf tbe grand-siacd harpoaners rimaraed when be sawed tbe air for the second time.

Why, be Is chip of the old block. Isn't be?" Caaey evi dently forgot that one of bla ancestors cstab- ished a national reputation once by dolr.g tb same act. However. Jimmy Caaey pre fers to establish a reputation of his own along different line. Things began "dlddlng" in tb vary Or round.

Jo Dee got a bas on balls la Chicago' half, after Hoy bad been bit by tb pitcher, and got to second when the dummy was throw ui at third oa an attempted steal. I shell tbea hot a skyscraper to center, which Barrett dropped after a bard run, and Jonea tallied. Brain, guardian of the second sscb. started whirlwind of trouble In tb sixth Inning when let Holmes' grounder get away from bim Dillon, he of the elongated, two-bagger type waa toe next man up and the way be amote th ball over the right-field fence carried the old time fan back to the days of David and th Philistines. Then lltUe Elberfeld.

who la about as b'g as a bad two-bit piece, repeated the trick on tbe next ball pitched. It was a rod awaken leg for tbe lad on tbe slab and tbe men behind him. but It won I be game Chicago abowed signs In tbe eighth. Shu gart. the first man op.

walloped the borsehld to deep left-center for a home run, but tbe rest of the gang fell down hard. Aga'n In tb ninth. Dummy Hoy made a martyr of blm self, from patriotic motive, by a hot pitch In the hlna. Jonea lined out to Barrett, aad tbe Detrotta ended th gam by a faat double play. Tbe aame teams mix It up again oa tb 8oaUl Bide ground this afternoon.

EKTilcaare. PA Hir. cr I lone, rf 14 0 7 ISA 2 I I 8 000008000 Oilruo 1 0 0 1 Deft "0 Bases Chicago. Detroit. 6.

First Fas on Balls fT Owena. olT Patterson 1 Struck Out By Patterson. 6. Hit by Plfher Hoy Two-Kase Hit Uleaeon. Tbree-Kaae Hit lluelow.

Home P.une Inilon. KlberfeM. Hbugnrt Baeea Hartman. Hov. Pooble Plays to Dillon: Elherfeld.

Oleaaon to Time Oame 1 mprre Connolly. Attendance. Philadelphia. Bila, B. PHILADELPHIA.

April 29 The phtla-deliibla ciUb of th American leaxu today won Its first victory of the season, defeating the Boston club In an Interest lnsr gam. Th fielding of both team might have been better, but moot of the errors were made on difficult chances. Collins played In his oid-tlme form, and bis one- hsnd running catch Harden foul in tTie nrth Inning waa the fielding feature of tbe game. Philadelphia abowed decided Improvement In batting. Da Joie leading witb two ID plea and two aingies.

score: Phll'delD'a. A Harden. rf. 1 fleier. cf 2 1 1 Fulls 1 3 la Jole.

4 7 Oeybold. lb. 1 11 cvrias. Sb .2 3 4 Ketohem. If 1 1 1 Powers, c.

At 1 4 4 Bernhard.p.O VIS RHP ..1 1 2 2 3 i 2 8 12 1 2 1 0 0 1 1 8 12 24 13 Philadelphia 2 100820 a rbjaiua i 1 1 3 Karned Run Boetcn. 2: Iliade'Dhia. a Two. lutmr- nits Meynoia and Tiiree-Base Hlti Freeman. Parent.

Cruo. Da Joie (2). Oeter Power. Hu.len liMw-lwed 2). Fults.

Iiouble Play MVvboM and Da Jole First llainini I'll roeronara. A. leil on liases lloeton. 7: hil. a-le T.ri'.

a. btruiH Out By Kemhard. 4. Time iiiic i. w.

empire iiaaaell. Attendance .421. Waahlnartan, 5 Ilaltisaora, 2. VAFHI.SOTO.V. D.

C. April 2. Under the most suspicious conditions the American lurtu opened the baseball season In this city today with asningxon iiiieo against uaitlroor. A clar. azure sky and balmy atmosphere, toaether with the recmt suocesaes of Waahlnaton at Philadel phia, brought out W.wiO persona to witness the Initial game.

Among the spectator wer Ad- tr rj cm umrr prominent people. Wash Ing-ton easily outplalye e-i iiw visitors. McGlnnlty waa hit frequently, while the feature o' the gam waa Carries pitching for tbe home am. He struck out seven men. Washing.

Parrel I. cf. .2 Kverllt, lb.U O'Brien. If.l A' 1 1 12 1 4 1 0 .2 8 24 13 8 Washington 0 1 0 1 1 2 Baltimore 1 0 0 1 0 2 Tvro-Ilase Hits Everltt. Clark.

Fouta uii. Bases il ngman. Parrel 1. O'Brien. Kelster.

Uv- raout. kliH.lnnlty. klcUn. 8acrifio Hlt-O'Brien, Kveritt. First Baa on Balls Off Mc-ninnlly.

1. Hit By PH'-hed Ball Mctilnnity. 1. HtrwcK trut ames, Mrtllnnltr. 3.

Ult liases iMinrioa. Baltimore, a. T. L'mplr CaoUlluo. A ttendance lO.OUO.

Clevelaard, S. CLEVELAND, Ohio. April 20. Th American league aeaaoa waa opened her today under most favorable eircwmetaBcea. The weather was Ideal wing ckar and cool, the attendance large.

fall um paopi belrg present, and great enthusiasm wa anowa. Cleveland won tb gam by making mne runs in ins riintn inning. II SCOTS: Cleveland. It licker-g. rf 1 McC'thv.

If.l Oenlna. cf. ..1 Urh'M, lb.1 'r so ley. leek. 2b Hailmaa.

ss Teaa-er. c.O Milwaukee A I BinroBjn.V ISO Total 4 rf IS 6 Jllbert. Itallmaa and'eoo, 'iinror. i a. Duffy, cf.

uffv. ti urn Leab urfce. fahy. Hi OA If.l 111 I I I i I Sit III awley, 10 1 Total 8 24 10 a Cleveland 0 0 1 0 0 0 8 Milwaukee 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 Earned Runs Cleveland. Milwaukee.

Left Bases Cleveland. Milwaukee. T. Two. Baa lilts Hradlty.

Pk-kttlng. Hallman (Mllwan- keel. Hawler. Th iiaae oa Balla Ofl Hotter. Hawlay.

Honer. Heck. Hall ttas Ulte-McCarthy. First tltrock Out By Hacrince Httl unj, unnj. moieo aiasse i.cnanoe.

Tesger, ttenroy. Double Play Conroy to Leahy: Hall- rnaa to nurse. mi py turnea Hall Bradier. Time tiama 1:47. Umpire Mannassau and Saerioaa.

tlarry Car belt Rafara ta rFrlae. (IN FR A KCI3CO. Cai inrllH.Runrn. beat, brother of Jim Corbett, waa today selected to referee tb McOovrn-Oardnr fie hi. whlrh will take plac la this city tomorrow aigbu THE D-AIXX TSTEH TUESDAY MOMONG, APItllj 30, 1001.

"HIS EHIIIEIICE WIIIS: Shout That Greeted Victor of Clas sic Kentucky Derby. FAVORITE WAS LAST Good Son of Falsetto Set from Start to Finish. Weather clear; track fast. Firrt llace Five and owe-half furlong Bet. mots ana jwurr ri 3-D 'He.

MacKen.III 1 -11-6 The Ruoh, 118 (W'kfleld 2 2 40-1 The L. In Blue. Ill HiU'reie lut-l Moiketo. IOI (Callahan). 3 Illmtlne.

11 (tJocr.rani: lemptresa, $4(aj; aelllng. Pace laaiuar, Drlaeall, Asaar, ssd Alar) gekeck Wava Order la WhJeh. Otber FlaJabe. LOCI8TILLB. April Tb twenty- rev en lb Kentucky Derby baa pasad Into history, and not on of th 23.000 people that saw It caa aay aught except that It wa a rac from where th flag want down until tuegooo aon oi passed under th wire a winner la th good time Of 2:07.

It haa been aaid for weak tnai Wltauui Invincible Oarry Herrmann tba Derby would be an open rac. and so It waa, but bad tb recent acquisition of Captain Bam Brown been among the colU that were sent away It is doubtful If be would bav to bla laurels, tor nil lai- lnenc was fit today to battle against any con In the WtiL He woa. and be deserved to win, for. with long, even stridea, negotiated th distance or a mil and a quarter Ilk clockwork, and never once did WlnkOeld bav occasion to resort to either whip or spurs. The track record waa not broken, but it is aafe to aay that bad It been necessary to have won tha twenty-aeventh Kentucky Derby, Ilia Eminence aculd have been equal to the occa-tlon.

ar.d coull. no doubt, have uken off a fraction from tbs record of mad by Lieutenant Gibson over th course laat year. Thia waa Derby day In Louisville, ana It wa nrhv Smr tor Kentucky, for annually It means an outpouring of people, and from 2 o'clock this afternoon until the Deny winner was wmAArv end hettlcs ring were ai- fcuw, I most oi.e mas ol imtnOTun oumiimj. mna that th Society Ol n.emu:T win be fittingly and there was not i town in the state tnai aio uoi one to add beauty to the occasion. There were innumerable box parties, and every available tallyho and carriage, horse and hore- eaa.

waa preeaed into aervice lor uw vi.uu. ll la the big oclal feature of the siate, ana a fairer audience never aasemoiea Day Caala Hat Have Baca isaprwevw. Ha th day been made to order. It could not bav been more propitious, and ther was not the allghtest thing to mar th most aucceasful occasion In th hlatory of tb Jew Lauiavme Jockey club. Tbe track was lightning fast, aad not leaa than za.uuu persona saw ma win the classic vtnt, for every place of vantage around tbe grand atand to which humanity coull cling waa utilised.

In th betting ring mere was a jostling, surging crowd, and the eighteen books did a rush business, not only oa tb Derby, but on all others. Alard Bcheck. by reason- of his work-out on Friday morning, was a prime favorite, and when tbe odds of 7 to 10 wer first chalked up money came In at uch a lively rate that th books could not handle It. But after each had gotten bis chare the odda were cut to 3 to 6. and thus remained until the colta went to tb post.

But It is doubtful If all th book quit winner on th rac. for load of money went In oa HI Eminence at 2 to 1. and when soma mors vsn-turraome bookmaker chalked up agalnat the colt money came In so lively thst It waa bis to bandl It- Th contingent from th blue-graas section of the state came down prepared to back Banaaxaro. and lhy put their money on him In goodly quao-tiuea. Driscoll and Amur were aot altogether without fr.eads, because of lb big Inducement ta the matter of odds.

Ready for the Derby. It was nearly 6 o'clock when tbe bugle sounded for tha Derby, and people scrambled for place from which they might see the event decided. HI eminence, with Wlnkfield In the saddle, emerged from tb paddock, followed by aannasaro. Diiacoil. Amur, ana Alard be berk In tba order named.

They wer soon at th three-quarter pole, from which th a tart was made, and a moment later fner waa a creak, th rubber atnp new across Lb track, and a yell of "They are off!" broke the sjbosI breathless stillness. But they wore aot. It was aa uneven start, and Starter Brown bad called them back. There was a second attempt- aad tba little red flag went down, and tbe twenty-seventh Kentucky Derby was cn. They got away on com paratively evea term, witn ilia imminence ana Drlacoll having perbape a neck advantage over tbe other three.

Down tb stretch they came toward the grand atand, and a length did not separate the f)ve coita, with Hla Eminence in front, Driscoll second. Alard Bcheck third. Sannaxaro fourth, and Amur laat. Past tbe stand r.nd around th lower turn they went, alth HI Eminence still setting tbe pace. When they straightened out on the bark stretch Wlnkfield.

on Ills Eminence, was bugging the rail, still a length In tbe lead. Alard Scheck had moral up to second place and was a cair- length In front of Amur, who waa about the aam d. stance from Bannaxaro and Dnacoll. who were moving down tbe back stretch cn even terms. Seherk Failed to Reepoad.

Tbey passed tb half In this position, and aa tbey reached the three-quarter preparatory to making tbe final run down tbe stretch Jockey Woods losaened hi rein and called on tbe Brhor. entry to overtake HI but the Memphis horse was not equal to It. for, lit tle by little, be fell bark, and a they turned Into tbe stretch. Sannaxaro had moved up Into second place, toliowed by Dnacoll, and Alard Scbeck, tbe favorite, was left to fight It out with Amor. His Eminence win! waa tbe loyoua ibout that went up from thousands, when tbe Fal setto celt reached the seven-eighth pole, running with long, even stride, sod Wlnkfield sit ting In tbs saddle, guiding blm to victory.

Sannaxaro made one final effort, but It was of i.o avail, for Ills Eminence waa under the Ire a winner by a full length of daylight, with Sannaxaro bait a length In front of Drlacoll, Amur fourth and a lergtb away, with Alard Scbeck, tbe favorite, laat by three length. There waa cheering such aa had seldom been beard at Churchill Downs before, and as the good aon of Falsetto was ridden Into the circle, a Eandaom blanket of carnation and smllajt waa thrown over tbe victor and people ap plauded bla great victory. Loalavllle gsaaarles, April 2S. purse. elasuuea.

(K. aiurvnyi. anu om atioitleton. (Irvln). finished as named.

'Disqualified for foul. Time 1 Winner c. hy tldd Fel- low-Chantreas. Btart fair. Won driving; second esmly.

Hecoid Rare (me-ha If mile; purse. 8400: 2-year- olda: fill I. Bet. tiorse 7-Ke-fid. by 1 Mlu 1 sonny, 40- 1 Hoortlc.

Iirummond. lirj lrj Btr Fn ll 2 5 i 8 8' 4 41 41 OH (Arvln) anajorsey bt ptr rht. liHJ.Wdfi).l S4 2 ls (Irln) 2 2 24 (It. Murphy) 8 la 8) 8 Right. lsl (n.

Muml ana soraey bt ptr loo (Wlnkdefd): Lady Maxim. iuo i Brttton): Dodle IOR (Cochran); CouMne, lHij nupei; incriinion, niunwrvr iean tisn. iKanaoml. and Mis (loinsa. 13 (Krederii-kl finished as named.

Atteile. 110 Wedderstraudi, ft at th post. Time winner f. bv naoector Morn, Start poor. Won rid den out; second the some.

Third Race One mile; purse. (400: eelllnr. Bet. Horn, and JorV-y Bt i ttr Fn ln 6 fit Ik 12-1 Chorus Boy. Ill (J Wood).

1 8 8 2 0-a Mr. I'ninizy. is i is zs un I-e King, loft Connor); I "at Oarrett. 107 (Cochran): Barilla, KSiV (Ollmorel; JtnowwHl. KH (C Jackson), and Hcorpolmre, Ml (Frederick), flnlshed aa named.

Time 1:41. Winner m. by Inepeetor 11- -Hun Maid. Start good. Won all eeK-ono i ne va me.

Rare On and one-nuartse miles! she Kentucky lerby; value. Bet. H'r. and Jor-key SI Ptr Fn 8- l-Hif Eimn ce, i it I'll1 1 l'l 4- 1 Sanaxarro. 117 (O-Con'r) 4 2a 2 2i.

1 nr.scoll. 110 (Roland). ...2 6 8 4asi 2i- 1 Amur. 110 (Dupee) 6 88'14 7-Ki a. ncneca.

iiiij. nooaai.i 4 3 8 Tim :81. 1:14. 1:4.1. Winner e.

by False: to-Patroness. 8tart good. Won easily: second th same. Firta ltaoa nan a miie: parse, S400; 2-year-olds: coirs. Bet.

Hre. ana Jockey ttt st frtr yen H-n liuecn. 111 (J. )l ll 1-8 Red Hood. Ill 4 i 10-1 Badesr.

IO (Irvln) ...3 21 i 8 Harry Beck, iuo (Kanaom): Man-o'-War. 107 Cochran): Benmore. KH (Durwe). and PHha. loff.

loa4 fOllmore). finished aa namad. rim V. winner Br c. by Lord llartlngtoa-Potina.

tart nad. won ridden out: second easily. lsth Haea Tkras nuartsra af a mile- iiet. Horse, nr. ana jockey Bt Ftr Fn 4-6 Em.

Clark. 67 (J. T. ll A Ii -1 Ioe. mossom.luo (( orhran) 8 4 31 2 -2 North'bra.

110 8 1' it FMss Venner. Kf (Ftederlrkl: Rconomle. (in r. Tin); flip. R.

Murphy); Klne rik wood. 102 (riarfcson); Franos Reia. Ml (H. Butler), and Sir J. Aural, tlnlabedaa named.

Time Inner Ch kv i i.m o. straggUcg. Woa lly: ascond tb sam. sis sawass. sa 81 TODAY'S HANDICAP FIGURES.

Tb following handicap figures shew tb rela tive merits at tbe distance and weights cf tb bones that ar ibongox te bay a lasJpg obanc 1 In today's rsoas, Tb Jockeys named rod la tba race rram which th figure war prrparad. A rwvieed tockry Oat VlU ba alvaa everr Monday. with tba raUOv menu of each jockey. beiag tba bast mark aad th lowest. Tb difference la ability between the handicap Joakey and today' lockev should be aubtracted from tba handicap If la favor af today' Jockey, aad added If against him.

Overweight should ba figured la lb ratio of three point to two pounds. Tba aora atnu laa lowest figures should wla. Prosnectr- Trark First Raee furlong; allows aces. yvi. Jockey.

Hat ill Vltltoi Amot O'Connor Last Knight R. Headersoa. feaoond Itsr 1 snila- IMn- lc lOrfenderaon Tllll HO H. Robertson Martha Foi.r... 110 R.

Narvaea Tblrd Hace-1 mile: allowances. -Deo Newell it. Iu.1 K. Vtrw Tit, i.ri, ti Fourth Race 44 furlongs: allowance. Barouch Ho Crow hurst ......115 Vttlto Hoodwink ............107 O'Connor Fifth Kaee 1 1-10 ml Me: selling.

Jek Weber log R. Hsndarsoa Red Apple 2 Rice oaaca vs Oormley Sixth Rac 1 mil: sellina. ...173 12T4 ,...123 ..1273 JobaGrlgsby W. Wlrson Cbauncey Fiahar. 112 R.

Navares i ii4 virai LaalaTtll. First Rsce 6 furlongs: selling. ruth 121 No form. Edith J. look best.

Second Rac 4 furlong: allowance. No form. John Peter la a strong tip. Third Race 1 mile: selllna .128 .1274 .1272 1279 1287 Horse Wt Jocks' HdcD Peat .1273. mratbmor J.

T. Wood inv Janowood U3 Coohran 12t0 fourth Race lurionga; th Debutant a takes i v.iha ai ft, i Th. Boston 118 .......129 Kentucky ..113 Coburn 1273 Th Ksmond 110 12b0 Fifth Rac 7 rurlonirs: allowances. The Puritan ....107 Cochran Wild Pirate 112 124 Senator J. T.

Wood 121H) Sixth Race furlongs: selling. 81m Ill Cochran .....1281 Crinkle lot Gllmore 1234 Lyror Bell 89 J. Woda 12M EXTRIES FOR TODAY'S RACES. Lakealde. First Race Four and a half furlongs: 2-yesr- old maldena: allowance.

Count Perspont. 118 tiunil' ftlrlesaj 11M: John A. Clarke. llU: Coakev. IIS; Hat Mitchell.

Ill; Amote, HA); Last Knight, li: Birthday Freoent, 107. rtecond Rac One mile: telling. Patroon, 113 pounds; Prrstar. 112: Vlncenne. 112; Madam Uerst, II: Tillle 110; Martha Fox.

11; Ice. KIM: KI Derira. Third Race One mile; allowances. Henry Burt. 10O pounds; Odnor.

10S; Leo Newell. 102; iyxona, va. Fourth Rac Four and a half furlongs: 9-year- elds; allowances. Tana, 113 pcunda; Barouche, HO; Hoodwink. 107.

Fifth llace One and a sixteenth mile; selling. Old Mike 1 lit Jska Weber. 108: Trebor. 107: Ed Adack. Kb: JJttl Tim.

Jted Apple, vz. Ktxth Itac ice uns aelllng. Annowan, 113 younda; Chauncty Fisher. 112; Zacatoso, 112; ohn Qrlgsby. Ill: llk-or.

Ill; Cora Havill 11 HO' Golden Scepter, 10; Lissom s. 108; Lous Bieere, 10L Ialrlll. First Race Selling: three-quarters of a mile. Prosper fax Oal. 03 pound; Only On.

07: Watson Rebel. 00; Eleven Bella, 00: Edith Q-. 10O: Beauty Brook. 104: Opera OlrU lvT; Sir Bias. 107; Lltti RHa.

107: Buava. luM. Second Race Maiden 2-year-old colts; four fur- Ion Wonhlnnon. ItM noanls: Dr. Lovelov.

lo3; Jaubert. lUt: Audi phone. 1U8: TreviUe. 103; liana Wagner. 1A; John Peters.

lOS; CoConel An derson. 1U3: Merry Maker. 108: Douahertv. lua. Third Race Helling: mile.

John MoOurk. 00 pounds; Heeun Kecundu. 02; Janowood, 03; Polly tnxoy, ioz; noaa. iih: peat. iuo; Ameua imraxn-more, llo: Tom Middleton.

113. 1 Fourth Race Debutante stakes; 2-year-oM ni nes: tour tunonn. linsounda: ticortic 11: Ice Water. 110: Lady Appleby. HO: Th F.e- mond.

IIO; Autumn Leave, llo: Th Boston. 118: Foundling. 113: Kentucky Muddle. 113. Fifth Race For 8 year-olds: seven-elgtith of a mne.

wueen wuanty. Vi jnunot; Mlrch Tree, Ml; Charle Dehler. Preaton. ll2; Th Aud-Itora. 107; at.

Marroa. lo7: Th Puritan, li7; senator iievenoge. un: wild Pirate. 112. r)1xth Race Sellm: three-ouarter of a mil.

Lily Puntland. 7 pound; Lyror Bell. 00: Princess Ottllli-. lis)- Acushla. lov; Clorita, 106; Elsie liarnea.

106; Crinkle. Iu7; Dr.v Riddle. 100; Sim Ill; Onomastus. 114. eve pert.

First Race Six furlongs; purs. Martha Hoff man. 03 pounds: Julius Werner. 100: Donna Sear. 10; Algt loo; Fairy Day.

100; blaggi necona nice-lour ana a ban furlong: curve. r.TTect, loo pounds: Lady Alaa. loo; Andy Williams. 103: King Rex. loj; Tom Crabb.

lOS; Man-in ta. 107: Ship Anuy. lot; Oeorge 110; King uiu. iv. Third Rac Six furlongs: selling.

Sweet irraam. 3 pounds: All well. 03: Oconee. 16: Miss ftsdwod. Jul: Chemtaette.

103: Floo. lo7: Filibuster. loT: Meggs. lo7: Lee tka. ll7: Alcas- ksy.

iot: Charles oaniels. 107: Brother FVed. 107. rourtn ttace four and one-half furlongs: purse. asauii rngusn, wt pounas; Montana 'Pioneer, 1UB: urn nullum, loa: Myrtle Dell, Oaklaaal.

VI TT ftlT hl.lnnn UKt: Klrlva. 1(2 Fifth Race one mile: velllna. Masterful. Ml nounus; fsrsnsip. ik; ataaeiine u-vsrtvoua.

102; Chubw 102: W. o. Welch. l8; Bma. lua; iwn nice.

iv. r-ecsr Liurrss. lis. Bixth Race S-x furlongs; selling. Slater fiudi.

05 pounds; Xar.ry Dobvna. too: bcotcb Bramble. 07: Hinsdale. 100: Al Lone. 106: Koudsna.

Iti; van. iw, ivi rjansramon. llo; Uoodale. 110: Little Reaaie, 110; trathbroeck. iiv: oireniisiiiifDu Jio.

Deooy, King' Pat, Harry batcher. Guilder, 8am Dannenbaum. Dr. Marks. Aluminum Hilarv 1 1 pounds each; Lost Ulrl.

Ijpry La rk, Del Vista, luu earn. Second Race Three and one-half furlongs; selling. I'hll Crimmlns, Dandy Tellowstone. Legato. B.

C. Greene. Frank Bain. 108 pound each; bister Abhle. Priam.

Flattered. Warder, Phyllla, Pr- Tuxiian, I'm eacn. Thlrd Rare tlx furlonga; selling. Valenciennes. Canenao, Modwena.

Km pounda each: Parsd-r. Alvska. Th Hlnstr. Wallensteln. PW mui Bweet William.

Jsiigar. Vnoadsau. Mc Albert. 102 eat. u.

Fourth Rare Five furlong; selling. Bol Llcht- en stein. Senile. Kory Ough. Huachuca.

118 pounda each; Royalty, mstone. 118 each. Fifth Race One mile: selling. Moling, 108 pounds: KlckumboM. 104: Malay, 110; Klnaldo, low; BlrdU blone.

87- Herculean. 10D; Rio Shan non, 11-, AO joz. hixth Race Six furlones: aelllna. ttsnitif-snre ION pounds: Morcorito, Clarando. Goodhope.

(i5 racn: uounniee. lurker. Alee. 104 each: Matty Hgan. loiPat Morrlesey.

107; Hlndoonet. Jerid. mv-m, msr. vatv. iij.

Aqaedart. First Kara Six furlongs; handicap. Outlander. 126 pounds; All Gold, The Chamberlain. reosviii.

111: Ante I p. luu: Ventoro, 1(17. rlecond Race Fire and one-half furlonaa. Mlx- pah. 112 pounds Oliver Mac.

Disturber. Tolura, Knngster. )0; Kentucky. H8; Allaire. Cheese-straw Ixiu Kate.

103; Judge Wardell Maiden, lot; Holloa wood. Prontt. Iuo; Mauga, Ml; bllllon- ai i mis 11 v. lu. Third Race About seven furlnnga.

Manitoba. Badducee. 119 pounda; Lucky Mtar. 11Z; Hawk. ixjuKBiTi, i iw: i yrsnena.

itonoman, ion; Alard. 1T7- n.rtruil. Ol- VV-lU Fourth Race Five furlong: the Woodhaven r-ipie i-. iva pounas; Koaenreld. April BBomr, lm; iiio Brtce, Juvenile.

nciuuu, inii-a-uiuuil, wt; i-oatiiiion, Nanalmo, V2. Fifth Race One mile and seventy ysrds. Buf- inon, jii pounas; xiarny a roes, wait Not. 116: Irk wood. Dogtown, 112; Charawlnd.

Matt Blmp-son. lit: Double Dummy. KU; Ceylon, cO rath-la a Prince. 17; King Brook. 3.

hlxth Race Five furlongs. Play like. Farcry. 1 i.iiicM-, rf.iiiri nrmnK, lirmiOII, rial- ma linns Forget. 1(18; Merry Hours.

Lorn ore. 7" Duuprep, u. mttler. "Oat laws" Meet la Xevraart. CINCINNATI, Ohio.

April wa special meeting of the "Turf congress' at Newport today, but no matters of Importance cam un foe consideration. Those present were Walter O. Parmer, rsprceeeitatlve of Highland Park: Cantata Tiliee, Hi. Lou's and Little Hock; J. Rusa-wurm.

Nashville, and Frank Fowler, Newport (ttule No. 194 waa amended ao that the Hi. Loul Fair ground can distribute It purses as It may see fit, but the total amount for purses each daiv must not be under ine wueen city Jockey club was given tb privilege or aietntiutina Sl.Cxxi each day for fur ruiwuii iw suit too oonaitions of the racea. Rule No. 204 regulates the purses accord Ine to the population of the cities wherein tracks are qunuvn 01 n-ououaaiat toe foreign book was not acted upou.

New York Bookmaker Co'awleteal. MEW YORK. April 20. Benlanw 1 Bernard Leray, wa today convicted of book-making before recorder Goff In General Sessions rT sentence, xniala tbe first book naaing cwiricuon in tins county In years. Iv mas arreleil fc.

ventlou ofCrlmrfn a poolrT raid 7 tno bad nunhased ticket on tb w. rswn in tne rooro, New Gotba Trattlagr Aaaaelatla NEW TORK. April Incorporator of tb New Tork Trotting association bald a meeting today, and elected President James R. Butler New York; vice president. ex-Senator John Me- vnur.

unwurn; William A. Knjre-man and secretao', C. A. McCully. Th contract for tb match rac between Thl Abbott and Crei-ceus.

aa well aa the seven early cloning purse! jt 3.0CO, wr fii .1 mi sso.uiiy was empowered to open ten other purses. Including a free-for-all pac for el-Ooo. tb ntrla for all of which will cloe on July HO. Tb association decided to Join tb National Trotting association, under tbe rule oi whlob th meeting of tb N. T.

T. will be haij at Brighton Beach during the weak beginning Aug. 12. The ladlaa-Tb rtbwest, A bandsomelr Illustrated book. Just Uiucd, containing 114 peg of lntrUB historical data, relating; to the settlement of tb creat Northwest, with fine half-tone engravings liiack Hawk, Elttlng Bull, Red Cloud, and other noted cblef; Custer's battle-ground, and ten colored map plttts showing location of tbe various tribes, dating back to 1600.

Price, SO cents per copy. On sale at ticket of ftrt, Chicago and Northwestern Railway, No SIS Clark street. POSSAR FS ODDS CUT Colt's Victory Causes Reduction of Derby Price. WON UNDER- WRAPS Beat Another Three-Year-Old Each light Weighted. Tar Fawarltea PI rat Paat th Peat la tlx Racea at the Lake-aid Track.

Posaart, aa American Derby entry, woo the mil rac. third on tb card, at Lakeside yester day, and straightway bla odd In O'Leary'a win ter book, which ar posted oa tba big blackboard that did an Uoa la tb days of foreign booking, war eat down from 78 to 80. Posaart didn't hare anything to beat but AJ Brown, another 3 yaar-old. which haa bean for a time, and each had pounds off Darby weights. Tb black sen of Pontlco-Maxy W.

was a 2 to 9 shot, and won under wraps Ilka a 1 to 10 chance, but there was nothing in tbe performance to impress one with his chance for tbe big event to be de cided on Jan 22. Trainer Brewster, who baa Posaart In charge. woa the race following with Fox Bard, and in clientally this was tbe second winning; mount la succession for Oormley. The race was a selling affair over tb Derby route, and the long' striata; son of Th Bard-Foxtail won It handily. although tiring at the end.

Admetus, second In betting estimation, was also tiling, and could not get up. the race being between these two. A feur-furlong race for 2-year-olda began tbe oay a proceedings, wnica Jobama L). won in drive from Luce Locket, with Arlean B. weil-up third.

The second race was a eix-furlong aaan lor s-yexr-oiae, wbicn Emma L. won handily from the fast-coming- Remark; Lady Idris third. The better race of tbe six. from a spectacular point of view, was the fifth, which Tnuries won after a tnarp drive from Dag rear, with Vincenn third. Coburn, who rode Dag- claimed a foul against Jackson, who rode tne wirner.

out Mionei Hamilton would not entertain tbe la! Tbe itnal race of tb after noon was a split of the on preceding, at a mile and seventy yards. It waa won by Obsidian without much trouble; I Jim a.b us second and Sunro Obsidian, which Is a bad actor at the post, kicked Lamarhua severely before Starter Dwyer dispatched the Held. Tbrne of th first cholera won parse. A lair Lakeside Saaaaaarlea, April SO. Weather clear; track faat.

First Race Half a mile: mine. 8400: 2-vear- olds: maidens: fllilea. Bet. Horse. Wt, and Jockty ft fa Str Pn -2 Johanna lo6 after a bard ins their beet.

f40; selling: a 1 1 8-1 Lucky Rocket. HSfCoburn) 44 S'i 8' I'i 8 ml 'nurse, wr tiui jivk.v Kt c- 1 2 Ami e-1 Ariaan ion u. Of S'I 11 31 Sir Maid. 118 1 W. Kile Countess Teala.

ill 11 (J. Lewis): Irkutsk. 118 (Corner): Blase Band. 113 iOalnas): The Cedars, 118 (Downs), and Mia Canal. Ill iCrowhurst), finished aa named.

Tim 0:80. Winner Br f. by Toe Hero-Miss Rhode. At Boat Bin minute. tas-t fair.

Won mildly driven; second and third doing their beat. rVeond its Tine, iillnl.i. of a mile; 1 1 1 1 BiW; 8-year-oida: aelUng. Bet- florae. and Jockey Ft Ptr o-i eimma 103 8 6-1 Remark.

OU IT. Dean) 4h HI Am a1 1.. tMl tfC 4.. tl 1 .1 j. A A Boo roe rack.

00 tGormley); Lady Rice, 04 (Blrk- jsaiurai uaa. vv iiiavisson); B. camp-bell. 101 Doae: Aaron. 101 tieaton); Xlbbler.

9 tMunro). and Mr. nmlth. 1O0 (ft. Xarvaes).

fin- tvned a named. Time 1-6. winner f. by Favor-Charity. At poet three minute.

Wor. easily second, third, aad fourth were drtvlnar to 1IK 1ID111. Third Race On mile? nnn. imfM Bet. Horse.

and Jockey tit K. tVr FTi 2-3 Poesart, 08 (Oormley) is II i i Mr a Brown, mi i iieatii v. Su-1 Md. Reserve. 106 (Dibble).

8 3 8 Yoloco. 101 R. Jackson), also ran. Time 1:41 2-3. Winner FUk hv Pinii.v,r.

Off at the first break, film nmd. Won miiii i Mimnu too sasn. Fourth Race Oos and one-bait mile; purs. 50: selling. Bet.

Horse, and Jockey fit 4 Fn 0-10 Fox Bard, loo II ill ill It- a Aw i. i.l IO- 1 Papa Harry.ioi J.B'k'r).lk 4 4 8 8 ainiocaa. loo Mrs Ion), and Sailust. IIO (Klley), finished aa named. Tim, 93U by The Bard-Foxtail.

Off at the first break to a a l- on essiiy; second toe same. F'fth Ban Ona mils and LvAri. 8400. Bet. Horse.

and Jocksy ctr Fii i uur lun jar, mrn in ,1 i 8-2 Dagmar. 100 (Coburn) Sa 88 81 -2' o-i incennea, lOS (Oormley) 2 4 i ITinuni); Prairie Dog. lot IBerri- mani; uousterswlvel, 10A (Robertson), and Do Madge. 05 T. Dean), finished a named.

Time a-h. inner a. ty Hlmya ar or Maaetto- rsay, Htart good. Won handllv at the nA ny drive; the next three were do- 8-1 Obsidian. 104 (Davlssrn).

..4 li 1 ft fi, og n. wacaaoni 7 i 5. coe j'aine. 111 ii'mehiipf 11 re rt "lA102 R'ce: Jackadleloe (Otis), and rawer. tb it.

lean I rinLKi named. Time 1:48 l-s. Winn.n. Strorntooll-Cra L. At post eleven minute.

Start U.nn 1 v.vm uiicnr Mcang eaaiiy. All Ora 'aa Aqsedaet Eveat. NEW TORK. April 29. About S.OUO .1.

tended the race at Aqueduct today, and some nivei sport waa witneel. Two favmiiee got past tb judges' stand first, and arst-rhoics players bad another -bad dar. Dullman nrri.l cn in jocaey Donors, with two wins. Th handicap, third on the card, went to an Lireen. a aaetropoiitaa handicap candidate.

All uoia wa neavuy played to beat blm. closing favorite at 7 to 6. Burns had th mount on All Gold, and took him out tn mk th. 4 u. showed the way to th backstretoh and into the -11 11, ah ui i.

wno naa oeen running second, moved up. There was a brief strueale between the two for a furlong, and then All Ureen gradually drew away and won all out by a length. Ail Gold waa the aam distance before Flaxtptnner. third. The favorite to score were Fdwln viin 1.

k. erviiu, anu ini, in me race, tsummin' first KIM belling; six furlonrs. Petra II bit pounus tLsaiyi, to ana even, won; Manitobsn. 13 tuuuman). a to 8 and out, second: Wailabout tin! (Wonderlv).

12 to 1 and 5 to 2 third Ti-l 1 rl3 4-A. Goebel and Hollowwood also ran. necond Baoe ficlllna; rive furianm Kenton. Ill pounda Van Dusen), 7 to 2 and 7 to 5. wuu.

uiuiift. 171. luraniuini. 1 1 rt second; Jesnwood. lol (Daly).

13 to 1 and 6 to 1. third. Time 1:02 8-5. Kva Mine. Prophetic.

Ashbrook. Carrier Piaeon. l.iicr-ti.fa Tnmmv ter. Major Bird. Lara cor.

Fonaoluca. The Hart- KtTTU. anu ik rr bim, ran. Third Race About seven furlongs. All Green 128 Hinds (Van Dusen).

7 to 2 and Amu All Gold. 120 (Burns), 7 to and 3 to second; tax rpinner, iuo (nenryi. 4 to 1 and 8 to 6. third. Time 1:23 t'horeham.

Sailor inl and Robert Metcalf alro ran. Fourth Kace Five furlongs. Anrll Rhnwer tna muuuus inuumiDf, 10 1 ana to won; Bay- like, let rinompson), tm to 1 and 13 to 1. second; Rqualixe 1U2 (Bums). 2 to 1 and 3 to 6, third.

Tlrrw 1 :02 4-8. Chamlnade, Pluto, and Benton Gray also ran. firm trace belling: about seven furlonrs. Tlen- man inompeon. ini nounda (Walh).

12tn I an4 4 to 1. won: Gertrude Elliott. Ill (Van 8 to 1 and 2 to 1, second -Curtsey. IOI (Wonderlv). 40 to 1 ant 10 to 1.

third. Time 1:26 2-6. Spry! 1 1 minjun, anu i.pnui airo ran. 1 Math Kace Five and one-half furlonrs. tela 1 111 puunai itsuiimani.

to and 1 10 i- won: CHterton. I08 (Booker). 4 to 1 and 7 to 8. second; The Rhvmer. 10H (Burns), ft to 2 and 4 to ft.

third Time 1:07 1-5. Godfrey. Snark, and Gold Fir also ran. Oaklasd Reaalta. RAN FRAXCI8CO.

CaL. April 29. Oakland re- aults. Weather clean track sloppy. First Kace Eleven-sixteenths of a mile; sell ing.

1 Pon kjww, ui pounds (Bergen). 8 to 1. won: Irate. 104 (Hansen). 7 to 8.

second: Triple rosi. ivt mu 111, 10 to j. Tmra. lime 1:12. loaei.

LiUca, carter it. Harrison. Sweet Voice, Pigalonjr, Rasp, Camba ceres, and Berendosran. Second Race One-half mile; 2-year-oltls; mg. oienarnnina, iiu pounaa (J.

atartln), 8 to O. won: Ksta.lo. lis (Sullivan). 20 to 1. second: Dr.

ftoharrT. 11.1 (Baselnger). 8 to 6. third. Tim 0:52.

Snowberry. acalante. Clear Sky. Tyranus, Tarplon. and Palisade ran.

Third Race Seven-eighths of a mile; eelltng. till ImHliii, iRinu'kt ft tn a nv TJ 114 (E. Mathews). 2 to 1. second: Andrattua.

ioi (J. aiartini. 10 1. tnira. nme-i ai.

Compass anu nercuiean ran. ourth itaee 1 nree-rourtns or a mile- puree. rlio ae Altar, iwi pounaa lAieunaeri, nu ta 1, won; Articulate, 107 (Conley), 2 too. second; Prel-udlre. 107 (J.

Martin), 80 to 1. third. Time Frank Bell and Gibraltar ran. Fifth Race One mile and one-sixteenth: gell ing, aiaiay. iw pounas aiarrinj, a to i.

-won; Gauntlet. 110 (Fauntleroy), 8 to 1, second; fails ke. 110 (Romero). IS to 1. third.

Time 1:5 J. cromwen. eiuneuo, ana Wyoming ran. 61xth Race Eleven-sixteenths of a mile: aelllng. Mamie Hildreth, 114 pound (Enoa).

4 to 1, won; Lacalmo. 104 (lUnirhl. to 1. second: Cer-rosanta. 106 fAlexandsr).

8 to 1. third. Time 1:12. Mldlan. Gaylon Drown.

William Bonl-tary. Eimoa Cbaat. First fibot. and Lynds ran. Gawae Reaaaaea at Hewpert.

CINCINNATI. Ohio. April 20. Racing was re- omd at tb Newport track today. The course Is now fre from watsr.

a tb Lacking river ia falling faat, and ther Is no furthsr danger of a flood. Tb going waa very heavy In tb bom stretch, whlls In some place It waa lightning faat. Tb attendance today wa the largest I of th meutin. and tha raaln waa exciting. Paul Bart was bought out of tb third rao for inuu or i.

bj. ciara arier winning- very nanuiiy. lis waa earner First lereo by una ro cere a CO. tor jw. nlsasant.

rlummariss; entered Kaes His furlonra. Julius Werner. 100 pound (L, Jackaon), 7 to won; Guemon. 10a (Coa-ewell). 1 to 1.

senond; At. Sidney, 108 (Wat-unl 1 to 1. third. Time 1 Isaac. Roberta fitrathey.ungs I'et.

Port Jarvla, aad Vinos also ran. ttecona itaee nr ana a nan xurioDga; ssiung. rVflv4V'ffay Sweet Dream. OS (M. Wllliama) 6 Cor) alia.

1 H) (Waahlugtonl. 8 to 1. tblrd. jtigie airv ieii. At Chicaa 1 go Ch li hi' Fort 2 1- 2 2 2 .500 Loulsvilla 1 .50 2 ....0 4 .000 GAMES YESTERDAY.

Katlgtaal I.eaarae. ilcago, 0: Cincinnati, 8. i 1 14. uu.i.1k 11 At Philadelphia Philadelphia. 14: New Tork.

13. At Pittsburg Pittsburg. 14; St. Louis, 12. Aaaerleaa Leagae, At Chicago Detroit.

Chicago, 2-At Cleveland Cleveland. 4: Milwaukee, 8. At Philadelphia Philadelphia, 8: Boston, 5. At Washington Washington, Baltimore, 2. GAMES SCHEDULED FOR TODAT.

JCatloaal Leagae. Cincinnati at Chicago. New York at Philadelphia, Boston at Brooklyn. St, Louis at Plus burg. Amerleaa League, Dvtrolt at Chicago.

Milwaukee at Cleveland. Boston at Philadelphia. Baltimore at Washington. cetera Aaaoclatloa. Grand Rapids at Fort Wayne.

Toledo at Marlon. Davton at Indianapolis. Louisville at Columbus. college: baseball. gkakcl'p far Parple Tea Tha nurnle baseball team resumed practice oa Shenoard Held yesterday, and despite tne ais- courairement of three successive defeat th men went at things witn lots ot vim.

xioinster nas ohsnrad the Doaltlons of bis layers, and It looks as If tbe Methodlats wouia pui up a iieuer mueia gam as a result of the shaking up. Hard, who has been causing all sorts of trouble on the third sack, waa transferred to second yesterday, and Jackson filled the vacancy left by him. The move ha th approval of th purple supporter, who hop to aee jacaaon 00 i i u.m4' new nlace la bv no mean cinched. mav a new man at second soon. T-ar or tne nonnvHura law suwm anu a nr amdent at the 'varsity, showed up for practloe yesterday, both playing field positions in a creaiiame manner.

TMntmsM 1 he nurnle a Ditcher and center fielder. 111 he nut of th same tor a few days, on account of an injury received In the game with tne marooona laat taturaay. in snuina at uura was sDlked on the back of hla right hand and was unable to nmsn tne game. u.i nMniiM will continue everv dav this week In preparation for the game with Illlnola Thurso ay. purine iau Hurra men a warm conies i Methodist, 23 Coagregatloaallata, U.

Th embryo preachers of th Garrett Biblical Institute. Immersed th visiting brethren of the Congregational xneoiogicai scnooi in a baseball aame at Kvanston yesterday Dy tne overwhelming score 01 a 10 a The Evanaton bidb ow war sm i batterv work of Sankey and Sullivan. Benae.v had th Congregationaiiata on too most of tha time. Van Meter of the Mothortista made one of th longest bas been seen on Sheppard neia coring a nom run. Oarrett i CongTegationallBta ...0 0 expects to giv hit that thl season.

423 0 De Pasw, 1T Batler, 4. SpacUl Dispatch to Tb Inter Ocean, nrjrcvrmTi.e. April 28. The Unlver- aity of Indlanapolla waa defeated in baseball her today by Depauw university. 8 8 1 0 8 17 0 1 ie.i..

Batteries Miceiy anu Gaiuthey. Weatera'a Traables Adjaated. wibt WATNE. April 20. At a meeting of the Western Baseball aaociatlon here tonight, with every club resreaented either la person or by proxy, tbe troubl with EM of Grand Raplda waa finally and amicably settled.

Player A me and Fog wer reiisn 11 pj rlrand Rantda. and will play with that club. Fort Wain wa awarded choice of Grand Rapids out fielders In return snd selected i atcuann. reuaent A.ired that El lie bad algned the con stitution and by-laws and everything is lovely. Calf Directors' Mectlag.

TMr.etnre of the Western Golf association re ceived a communication from Secretary Edward ttsrtln vealerdav reoueating their altendanea or proxis at the meeting to be held next Friday to fleciae en to coarsr auu una lor ia vv eelem champlansblp aad assign the datee for the open tournament ef the different eomnoain the organization. Burlington. Cedar Raplda and North. ern railway hag rotten out a neat booklet descriptive of tha beautiful summer resort at Sprrtt and Okobojl lakes, la Northwestern lows. Free copies win no mailea unon an-1 plteatlon-tw John O.

Fanner, assistant sen-' era paaienger agent, ueaar itapias, lowa. bri Arising In tha Mornloe; Take yL Ooblct of th BEST NATURAL LAXATIVE 'WATER KNOWN, ta a "rrtead Indeed" (tb next aaaralag) ta the A speedy, or aad gentle ear tor all disorders mi the sMsaach aad live. It baa a equal aa a remedy for Constipation and BiKoushesse- To Protect Yourelf Acmlaatt Sulutlttttloa BE SURE 11.9 USE TBE FULL Label on Bottle Is Bine with Red Centre Panel. H. J.

TILLOTSON. at D. Th master speciallat af Cblcage who cares goea aaty, wba sees patleaU Bwrsaaany. etabflafed 1880. St- -S Cured in 5 Days to Stay Cured.

NO CUTTING OR PAIN I want every man affl Ictsd with VARICOCELE. STRICTURE, CONTAOIOfd BDOOD FUISON. NKRVOUS DZBILiTY or allied treubles to com to ny office, where I will axal ala ta k.m my method of curing tkts dlaeaaea. I Invite la particular all msa who bav become dtaatla84 witb treatment elsewhere. I will explain te yea why you bav not bee a eurd.

and will demonstrate ta yonr entire satisfaction why I can cure you safely, quickly and perms nectly. My coonael wlU oat yea nothing, and my bargee for a perfect cur will be reasonable ana not more than you will be willing to pay for tb ba-tflts conferred. CERTAIHTY CF CURE la wbat you want. I giv yon a writ tan legal guarantee car yea rfund your money. I ess and will cite you, by permission, wben satisfied bat iBtermaUoa Is desired by sincere people, to cases that I bav cured to stay cured wbicb bad been abandoned by family pbyalclgns and so-called experts.

Wbat I bav done for others I can do for yu. If you cannot call, writ a full and truthful statement of your symptoms. My horn treatment Is aaoeceatul and strictly Drtvate. Address H. J.

TILLOTSON. M. 84 Dearborn OfWce tours: 9 a. m. to p.

m. Sunday. s. ra. te 1 p.

tn. only. 1, won; second Tlme- Golden hlrd Race Four and a balf furlongs: selling. Paul Bart, loo, pounds w. Karvaesi.

io i. won: Lady Alxa, KK) (Batiste). 7 to 2. second: vin. ion Riai 9 to 1 third.

Time Octo. Full Dinner Pall, Ship Ahoy, The Rounder, and Latoma also ran. Pnnrfti Fiw and a half fnrlanrs: selling'. Jena. lOS nnunds R.

0 to 2. won; Ruth Parka 03 (Hlggins). to 1, second: Patch work. fMI (Mndsav). 7 to 1.

third. Time 1:19. A ha mo. liettls Flying Bird. Ceaa (Colgate, iucy Laca also ran.

a inn ji st. uin miM. 7 Lindsay). 9 to 1. won: Dissolute, 110 L.

Jack- y). 9 to 1. won: IJIsaoiute. no eon). to 1 a to z.

jaca-to 1, second; J. H. Sloan. 110 fC. Wilson).

third. Time 1:50 Tuscuium, Dutch in. and Myrlam O. also ran. xth Raoe Hi and a half rurionge: selling.

Tka nlr 119 nounda IXV. Narvaeal. 2 to 1. won: Brown Vail. 107 C.

Moore). IS to 1. second; For- buh. Km (Garnett). 8 to 1.

third. Tims 1 Iienny Duffy. Zerlba. Prince of Song, and Birdie May also ran. ST AUDI XG OF THE CLIBS.

Katlaaal Leagae, W. L. P.C. Cincinnati ....4 2 .667 Pittsburar .....3 2 Boston 8 2 W. Detroit 8 Washington ..8 Baltimore ....2 Chicago 3 Club W.

St. Brooklyn. Chicago Philadelphia ..4 8 York. Aoaerleaa Leagae. W.

L. P.C. ...4 8 .671 ...8 8 .500 ...2 8 ...13 I P.C.I W. L. P.C.

0 lOOOtCle'veland 2 8 .400 0 1 Philadelphia .1 2 i. Boston 0 8 ....0 Westera Aaaoelatloa. Dayton Indlanapolla .8 Toledo 2 Grand Rapid. 2 L. P.C.i Club W.

L.P.C. LE I VI IS FIRST Issues Schedule for It Initial BLIND. BOGEY MATCH Season Will Be Formally Opened Next Saturday Oawestila Ready To nsarrow Willie Smith Relara G. A. Meet lag; 4a Friday.

Gletvtiew bas taken the Initiative among th local golfing organisations In Issuing Its schedule of play. Next Saturday tbe court will be formally, opened with a competition against "blind bogey tor three prises. This event will be unique from "the fact that the bogey will be established by placing tbe eleven number from eighty to ninety in a hat and hat tng a non-contestant draw cne of them, which number" will boYegartTett a bogey during the competition. None of the contestant will be -told the number, -and as they will all be al lowed to name their own handicaps, the sports and paatimes committee will be enabled to get a line 00 the handicap wrlch tbey should assign th different eonteatant for the season. The chairman of the sports and pastimes com-, mittee said yesterday that no schedule for the season would be rued this year, but that monthly cards would be sen! the members announcing the different events and the dates assigned to them.

Following Is the golf schedule for May, received by members of the Gltnylew club from the ports and pastimes committee: May 4 Informal opening. Eighteen-hole medal plav competition agalnat blind bogey. May 11 Ball weepatake. piay coropeuiion. Eighteen-hole medal I ne ball entry.

Winner re- 1 tvMi Ml nee int and aeoond AO Dee Cent. Mav 18 Scotch foursome (four-ball). Eighteen- hole medal-play competition. Meet ball of part- i ners to count. Handicap event.

Prises for firs and second net seer. May 25 Bogey competition. Eighteen hole. handicap match play. Ball sweepstake.

Sixty per cent to winner and 40 per cant to second. May 81 (Decoration day See special notice. Competitor ia all club event ahall nav ngna of way ot th cours. President Wiley J. Llttlejohn of Glen view and his associate have decided to add a roque eourae and two tennie court for th amuaemeat of those Interested In the sports.

Members of th Onwentsia club were advised yesterday that all department ef the club would be open for the accommodation of members snd the full course of eighteen holes ready to play, tomorrow. Chairman Thomas Taylor, of the Onwent- eta golf commute ha named aa hi associate William Waller, th team captain, and W. PllUbury. a Thomas 8. Fauntlroy, secretary of the sports) and pastimes at Oowentda.

was telling whalj he regarded as a good joke on Slaaon Thompson yesterday. It appears that "Dick" Watson' and Fauntleroy were playing a desultory and bad reached the fourteenth bole, when they were overtaken by Slaaon Thompson', Carpenter, and Arthur Farwell. At this tag the two last mentioned dropped out, and Thomp-1 son offered to play the better ball ot Watsoa; and FauLleroy for the remaining four boles, allowing them a stroks-a-bole Fauntleroy told tbe rtsult yesterday with a good, deal of eclat, from which It would appear that he halved two holee with the former winner ot th Chicago cup and woa tba ether two evea without th strok handicap. Now Slaaon Thompaon la waiting with blood In hi eye to Uke his opponent "down th pik" Just as soon as he gets th chance. Will Smith, th professional ef th Midlothian Country club, got back-to town yesterday after pending th winter oa the California link.

waa very pleased with his reception on tb coast, snd has decided to return next December, and accent a position as Instructor on the links cf tbe Hotel Green at Pasadena. Smith Is look-log bronxed and fit, and hopes to be a factor Ih the open championship. He considers the California courses llnltely superior to those ot Florida. Fixed for Your gglf Guidance when ordering' Beer for family and table purposes it'a the star that leads to beer perfection. i-T, yk "Watch for the trade-mark on alloack- ages.

Having; once tried these beers the importance of taking this precaution will be appreciated. BLATZ MALT-VIVINE (Non-In toxicant.) SPRING TONIC. VAl. c'tTMILWAUKBE. Cliieaa;) Brajsebl Cer.

I'niou and Kris Sta, Tel. Mouro 36A..

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