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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida • Page 1
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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida • Page 1

Orlando, Florida
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ikLBERTSON PUBLIC LIBRARY at nvnTcfwi rsrmr cms WW 7 fill 1 11 mrr--- mrpm -im 0116 6ft LAN DO, Weather Cloudy, if Showers Jf 11 I I i II I I I II ti ll -V i Ml Ed.tbn With Which Comnlned1 The Orlando Reporter-Sta VOL. 53-NO. 5620 FOURTEEN PAGES ORLANDO. FLOHIDA, MONDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 2, 1940 A meeting of the Navy Mothers Club Is scheduled tomorrow at ft? "A p.m. in the St.

Lukes Parrtsh II. Stuart Johnston, manager of the South Atlantio Ou at Winter Park la spending the Ubor Day holidava at a fuhina i-amn at Last Minute News ADM. MIT8CHER ARRIVES IN ITALT Rome (API Adm, Mars A. MlUcher, acting commander of the UVJ 0) United States Atlantic Fleet, arrived today for a three-day Inspection of American naval installations In Italy. U.

S. SUGAR SUPPLIES CUT BT STRIKE Honolula CAP A great goaree ef American sugar wag eut off today by the territory's first Industry-wide strike, affecting II Hawaiian plantations, They produce nearly one million tons a year 14 per cent ef the V. S. supply. MISS LINDA MONROE NAMED ZINNIA QUEEN Winter Haven (UP) Linda Monroe, 11-year-old Winter Raven High School student, ruled today over a Labor Day weekend festival Labor Unions, Stronger Now, Work With Management, to Keep Peace 12 Airmen Vie today In Big Race while production is catching up to at Cypress Gardens as queen of the Zinnias.

demand. This is the only real so lution to our problems. It will re quire the combined thinking and 1 sincere cooperation of all." Inglewood, United Daughters af the Can. federacy will meet Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs.

Willlx MaxweU. 107. East Colonial for election of officers and delegates. The Youni People'! Community Club will meet at 7:30 tonight at City Auditorium for a community sing, indoor games and dancing to the music of Jimmy Wulox' orchestra. Mrs, B.

Smith has returned to her home on Woodward Ave, after a sue weeks' visit in Black Mountain. N. C. with her son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs.

Frank D. Snyder. Mrs. Nat Claybatuh, am ef tht busiest real estate brokers in the city. Is leaving this week for Pitta-burgh by plane to visit two weeks with relatives, the family of John C.

Fetterman. former president of the University of Pittsburgh. Cong. Jo Itendrieks arrived In Orlando yesterday on his way to the Labor Day celebration In WUdwood where he wiu speak today. He will be in Orlando at the Annebilt Hole! Tuesday and Wednesday for conferences.

Albert Wahlberg, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Wahlberg, 3561 E. Jefferson was admitted to the Orange Memorial Hospital today for observation after falling tins morning and striking his head on a cement floor. Hut condition was reported as "good." Slcgmand Grotskopf, renowned Army Jet Propelled Craft Sits Mile Mark Butlt'SiUnofficial CIILNA NATIONALISTS SWEEP NORTHWARD Nanking IAP The Chinese Government effenalve aralnit China's Communist troops reportedly swept ea la the North today, white the Communists told the United 8 latest "Step trying it mediate wills one hand while helping government armies with the ether." BIG FOUR PARLEY POSTPONED IN PARIS Paris (API British peace delegation sources said today that Washington API Labor unions, on this day dedicated to all who toll, are stronger than ever before In American history, Behind them Is the unprecedented labor-management warfare of the first 13 months of peace.

Ahead Is uncertainty. Here Is the broad picture this Labor Day: Union strenrth Now probably about: IS million dues-paying members, more than ever before. The. AFL says Its membership recently topped seven million. The CIO says its gains have more than offset the big losses that occurred tthM nnvlntinn 11nt ftnH other furry widely predicted for this Fall or Winter.

No one, however, knows exactly what to expect. Large CIO Unions plan to make new wage demands In October unless price rises are checked. The government Is suffering new wage-price headaches. Labor management conference Will there be one this Fall? The CIO wants it. The AFL doesn't.

Most officials doubt that Pres. Truman will call a full-dress conference such as the one last Fait But he may call lesser meetings and try to work out methods for settling major disputes. Perhaps significantly, Reconversion Dir. John R. Steelman said In Cleveland UP Twelve ex- Reconversion Pres.

Truman, also In a Labor Day statement, said "the largest part" of reconversion has been accomplished with "much of the eredlt" due the workers. He added, "we can look Into the future today with confidence, but not with tranquility." Steelman said bluntly. "We will have great problems before us Industrial production Is at an all-time high, but it is still not nearly high enough." Congress CIO Pres. Philip Mur a meeting of the Big Pour Foreign Ministers' council tentatively military aftd old-time racing pilots compete today in the $40,000 Thompson Trophy race, the Labor Day thriller at the National Air Races scheduled for this afternoon had been postponed to later In the week, because of the absence of 8oviet Foreign Mln. V.

Molotov. where an army jet plane set 1 that its membership is above six Britain Wants Bill Of Italy Kingdom, Colonies Expect Reparations Pay in Seized Assets Parii AP The United Kingdom and the colonies are claiming 2,880 000. 000 pounds reparations from Italy, the 21-nation peace conference secretariat reported today. Most of the British claim, which British sources said they hoped to satisfy in part by seizure of Italian assets in the United Kingdom and the colonies, consists of a budgetary war cost against Italy of 780.000,000 pounds 0001. Two hotly contested Issues U.

S. demands for free trade la the Balkans and the administra- tion of the proposed free territory of Trieste vied for attention today as the Paris peace conference entered its sixth week. The first problem was expected to figure In deliberations of the economics commission for the Balkans and Finland, scheduled to convene today In the first of a series committee meetings crowding the day's program. Other meetings scheduled were the Italian Economic Commission, the General Military Commission, a Joint session- of the Hungarian ray and AFL Pres. William Green his Labor Day statement: "On this sounded a common note In separ million.

Labor Department off! a new but Jjnoff icial American clals say other unions Indepen dents probably have around two Labor Day, both labor and man-: ate statements which found fault agement should give thought to not only with much that the 79th means of keeping the peace dur- Congress did but also with much ing the critical months ahead, that it left undone. HUNTING PARTY SAFE AFTER PLANE CRASH Algoma Mills. OnL (UP Fred Johnson, It, wealthy Detroit welding equipment manufacturer, and four ether members af his tithing party who had been missing ainc Saturday, were unharmed today after their plane had crashed miles from here. PALESTINE PARLEY PLANS STILL PUSHED million. Strikes Few right now, but an tonrert violinist has resumed his: teaching at iu home studio in London (API The British Government went ahead today with plans for a London conference on Palestine even though there was no assurance anyone from Palestine would attend.

winter park, alter spending the Summer in the North, famous In Europe as well as America, Prof. Grosskopf wishes to welcome new Changes Are Looming In Wham Birmingham. Ala. tUPl Police today were looking for a paternal thief who abandoned the diaper service truck he stole but made off with five dozen diapers. speed record of 578.36 miles per hour yesterday.

Tex Johnston. Bell Aircraft test pilot, was In the pole position for the premier pylon contest. Be was out to win the 300-ml)e closed course free-for-all, not only for himself but for Jack Woolams, his best friend, who Was killed Friday when the A'rserobe he was to fly In the race crashed In Lake Ontario, ft FIRST PRIZE IN THE RACE. 10 Hps around the 30-mtle quadrangular course, Is 1 16. 000.

Only one navy plane, an FO-L Corsair fighter, was entered in the contest against such famed army fighters as the P-3 Alracroba, P-Sl Mustang, P-6S King Cobra and P-JI Lightning. The unofficial speed record was tft hw i William 3 D.llla student a well as all of his old Woman Slain; Lynch Mob Foiled By Law Assailant is Jailed Under Gunfire Blasts Savannah, API A SB-year-old woman beloved in her community as a "good Samaritan" was strangled and beaten to death early Sunday near the village of Greeks Vote King's Return In Plebecite Florida Farm Crop Outlook Is Excellent Market Director Sees Troops Patrol Streets in Rio; 500 Jailed Church is Supporting Black Mart Protests Rio de Janiero. fAPl While troops ps trolled the streets of this city today to quell further riots over living costs, which already have resulted in one dead, 100 in-lured and S00 Jailed, authorities announced stores would reopen under military protection. The Justice Ministry, proclaiming martial law In the traditional friends. Drhwar "Radio Sick KlrhelMia la holding open house at his Idyl Bay Isle development In Bay Lake, The reception started yesterday; and wilt lan through today.

Ptrtt day attendants at the affair termed it "first class." and some of them were planning to return Good Volume Moving and Romanian Political and Ter again today. The football Ult with George Washington University at Orlando the night of Oct. 11 has been designated as the Rollins College ritorial Commissions, the Bul North, Central States Hit By Early Frost Canada's Cold Mass -Continues Southward Jacksonville, IUP1 Reports from 15-year-old First Fight-market centers throughout the er Group pilot, who won the Three to One Majority Rolled Up Sunday Athena fAP) The 'Interior Ministry announced today that In complete but conclusive returns from yesterday's plebiscite showed that the Greek decorate had voted approximately three to one to recall King Oearge III from exile in Britain and restore him to the garian Political and Territorial Commission and the Italian Political and Territorial Commission State Indicate that Florida farm- 125.000 Weetfcerhead one-mile Pin Point, and later county police, under gunfire from a crowd of the woman's neighbors seeking vengeance, arrested a young whit man and rushed him here to Jail for questioning. SecondPeace era wiB send, a good volume- of produce to northern markets this Fall and Winter, WUham director of the Florida" But ly gay city, placed Gen; Zenoblo I The victim waa Mtsa Bertha I atrairhtaway speed dash before 50.000 spectators. 7 The record: wa' -the i average made In two runs over the course, one wet-et and the other eat wit.

On i run, IJt. Jwiti J. 'lnimk. Vt islOfs mm, per- rwir. five Dacosta In charge of public ont rewat'd 1U warning that tenner employe at th nPfTttrt el'iV

who lived 1 JJIIC JLaUUi af Cmiinuird ftlt air wave fronj 'Ana, la jlwt Xir-tv'irai tnm InmnariA 4ild olrpue S'ir- thtw. i rangers' ei! wxjv. no )MMsHrrtenlv fianUng ttf -wnjie has' Uem IsiiiH, i ennnuwwnm crtlar- lmi frer aiva hv mrrt fiVuA iwijt rtjeI of thk tmo dyj tumy. record today and' brmiirht parents in the coutal frost to half a down of the North Lmarshiands community DayQuiet mileit faMr than the world ped of disastrous Noting which punc ed that the fmal total ir restr rains, but all farming sections Chatham County Police Chief record set by a Srttlnh Cluster and Central States. turn of the nnarchy would "not tuated one of the worst economic W.

F. Chapman said "It looks as for Wilson Meteor. But his olfirial speed be 1ms than IS per cent" of the escaped heavy damage, Baseball, Boxing itwo laps was only tfiS .51. votps cast In the stormy election. said.

For this area the Weather Bureau said that this was the coldest Labor Day, the coldest Sept. 2, and the coldest for this early in end political crises in Brazil's his- tnry. Meanwhile Pres. Eurico Dutra Uf.l -j ii MIU.VS PPEtD OF Aurora McKay said today. The game is Rollins' first Since tt discontinued football after the 1M1 season because of the war.

T-ft ft, at. ft. RM Jr far- i t- 1 1 re a er'J. C. Uc he is awawng asMgnment to a new unit.

Tfce torese from New York was made In kwa than six days. Including the trtp through the canal to Balboa en the Pact tie Side. Pet Reynold' parents. Mr. and Mr.

E. 8. Revnoliis, reside at 1)11 Colonial Dr. The trtp was made on a victory ship, the Wheaton Victory. The sergeant reports the food excellent, ship exceptionally clean, vovaee dull, the aealher In the Canal Zone cooler than he had expected.

He will swrat out the four months, tor army regulations win not permit his wife and two daughters to Join him until the youngest becomes six months old. assured an uneasy Congress, hold- 8taon on rcora' DUl though she had beea assaulted" before the slsying. IN THE COUNTY JAIL UNDER heavy guard was a 36-year-old identified by Chapman as Pete Coleman. Chapman said that when his uru wiiifjri diuirs wuuiu uv State market areas as follows: exceeded by ii ph. the official ftanfard-Ftpecis an increased i rf50 01 SSJ Howard demand for fresh vegetables and i Hughes, sporuman-aviator, at fruits.

Celery plantings being fanta Ana, Calif in 1838. Al-held back for later planting. tnough National Aeronautic Assn. HaacbuU Shipment of cu- official timers clocked the race, cumbers ahould suit 1st this 1 ey std It was not an official month. Available bulldozers made and the si jet planes were possible Increased acreage.

i contending only for the Weather- Fert Pteree Tomato aereagw'j ocad Trophy. The 125.000 award for Fan and Winter practically toes to mlliuu-y relief societies. men arrived in Pin Point, they found Coleman at the home of ing Sunday sessions In efforts to complete work on the new constitution by Sept. that he wished them to continue their task and pledged the cooperation of the executive branch, which controls both the army and police. The struggle against the growing blsrk market has the support of the Catholic Church.

In Sao relatives surrounded by a crowd of "several hundred" angry neigh wntrn con li lives in ine ss hours ending at midnieht Sunday. APPROXIMATELY IS PCK-sons were listed as having met violent deaths In political disorders during the final week of the campaign. A partial vote tabulation by tht Interior Ministry did not wholly bear out Its prediction of a three to one majority, although the King held a commanding margin. With 19 per cent of the vote counted, the tally was given as J0.63i for the King and in oi for the Republic less than two. to one for the Monarchy, For the 9 -year -old Monarch the victory announced by the Interior Ministry spelled his second bors.

Including a number at women. Many of the group were armed completed end a Pumper crop ex-1 There will he a special Jet Paulo, Carlos Carmelo Cardinal with rifles and shotguns. Chapman said, and they opened fire pectea. uiue aamage irora in or the Thompson, but as i Vasconotllos Mot instructed the sect pests. on the police car as it pulled away previous races, the military churches to organise a campaign pilots are Ineligible for prise of cooperation with authorities in Florida City Large plantings witn Coleman inside.

The car was hit several times and one money. tire was punctured but no one was of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant expected. Dade CUr Handled 1.770 dosen eggs "last week compared to 1.S61 tracing black market operations. Drastic action vn sought on all sides id meet the crisis, in which price have rocketed as much as 100 per cent. injured.

1 City Editor Bill Harris of the hMn. i. fan doten the previous week. Poultry Savannah Morning News, who colder tonight and would begin to rise by tomorrow afternoon. Light frost was reported general as far aouth as Madison.

and Lansing. with heavier frost covering the northern portions of the Dakotas. Minnesota, Wisconsin, nd Michigan. Truckers Quit Gotham Jobs New York. I API City and Stata authorities worked today to prevent or limit a strike by 35.000 truck drivers In the metropolitan area which would seriously curtail the city's commercial life.

The strike technically began with the expiration of, the union contract at midnight Saturday but first effects of the tie-up will not be felt until tomorrow because the men do not normally work over the Labor Day weekend. The State Mediation Board called officials ot the employes and operators to a meeting today to work out a program for movement of supplies vital to the city's health. The union has signified iu willingness to make emergency arrangements for movement ot food, medldna and other necessities. by the establishment of a Repub went to the village later, said he heard "members ot the mob" tell lie In l2 following a military increased In volume from 177 pounds to SOI pounds. Other markets reported substantial offerings.

Wilson said, Doctor Slain Driving Jeep Frankfurt, Germany (API V. 8 Army investigators said today they 'expected to clear up soon the death of Dr. Edward T. Harts-home of Cambridge. and Haverfmd.

fa mysteriously shot while driving a jeep on the Munich Nuernberg Autobahn. Hrtlwrne. S4, tnok leave from ar nstructorshtp at Harvard Cnt-vemiy to the Office of War Information during the war. He Coleman's relatives "to get out of this community 07 1 a.m. Wednesday and never come back," SOLICITOR GEN.

SAMUEL A. Cann said late last night that no lormai charge bad been placed Featured Here Orlando's second peace-time -Labor Day since 1941 waa ushered in here today by a Sabbath quiet and most ot the laborers who were not vacationing at the beachea were taking a much deserved rest at home, Not a single labor celebration of any kind was slated for Orlando, downtown business establishments were mostly closed, and except tor Rule Day in the Circuit Court and an alert Sheriff's office and city police department, State, county and city offices were dark. A sports program featuring the final game ot the Florida State League is on tap for tonight at Tinker Field. The pennant winning Orlando Senators will be pitted against the third place su Augustine Saints In a Ladies' Night feature. ft ft ft AT THE LEGION ARENA JE58 WUlard.

Orlando, and Red Bryant, Plant City, will oppose each other. In a top featured, six-round fight beginning at 8:30 pm. Promoter Temple Mason announced there would be four-six round bouts oa the card. Diamondball fans wilt be treated to a special Labor Day double-header starting at 7:43 p.m. The Pick Girls' softball team of Orlando will oppose the Wearetta of Oral a In the opening game, and the JayCee team in the Men a Class League, will tangle with a strong Ail -Star team from Ocala, Kissimmee and DeLand are both featuring rodeos to entice thrill hungry Labor Day crowds to their cities.

The DeLand show la bcir sponsored by the Lions Club cf that city, and the Kismmmc event is backed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Kissimmee rodeo openrj Saturday and the DeLand affair began yesterday. Both shows offer star-studded programs thst were hailed as the best since the war by overflow crowds, ft OTIS COWART OF CENT 3 Hill captured the bulldogr.r? event in DeLand yesterday wiirt a time of 9 3-10 seconds for aealnst Coleman, but that he was Housing Solutions Stanford. HI. CAP Two Central Illinois farming villages wouldn't let lack of shelter cost them the service ot a new minister and a new high school In Armlnrton (pop.

3991 cltl-sens Installed the Rev. Robert Graham's family In a school building, until a new parsonage can be completed, In Stanford, ipop. 4(31, a referendum will be held Sept. 11 on a proposal to build a 17.100 home tor Principal John P. Allen, whoa family now Is keeping house in the school's home economics room.

held for investigation. Coleman coup. Oeorge regained his crown In 1(11 when he won an overwhelming maiority In a plebiscite. MR FLED TBI COt NTt l41 when it was over-run by the Ocrmsns snd set up a govern-mrnt-in-exiie In Cairo. Since the end of tne war he has been living In retirement In England awaiting an expression of sentiment by the Greek peoplt.

Peter Mavromihalis, Minister of War, Air and Marine, declared the vote meant that "the King wiu shortly be among us by the will of his people a symbol of freedom, calm and work and he will lead I a the strucgle of Greece made no statement. had been appointed recently a i military government chief of Oer- man univei-Mir in the American 1 lone of occupation, i -He was -shot-in the head Aua, Johnxlon la Tying a P-31 in which he made the top qualifying apeed of 40J C91 p.h. After Woolams. chief Bell test pilot, was killed, Johnston waa at first undecided whether to remain In the race. His 11 opponents are: Tony Levier, Lns Angeles, the Lockheed test pilot who has had the crowds on their ears dally with his daring stunts, flying a P-SS, painted red.

Charles Tucker. La Creseenta, Calif, who finished seventh In the TransconUnenUI Bendlx rce Friday, flying a P-63, 0 CFORGK WELCH. FORMEE Air Pbrces major was qualified at IM 304 In his P-SL His speed was second only to Johnston a. Wood-lami had been third wtt1f in Tag, Cook CTeland. Cleveland, flylnt the FQ-1.

8teve Witman. Oxhkosh. Howard Lilly, Rocky River, Ohio: and Pemberton all flying P-6J a. Earl Ortman. the TuUa.

Okla, racing Vetera who placed fifth In the Ohio Saturday with a P-31. He will fly today in a Bruce Raymond, Hammond, former officer In the Royal Air Force Transport Command, flying a P-ll. Wood row Edmundsoit Lynchburg. Va charter plarai operator who once owned tne plafte "Wreng Way" Corrigan flew to England. He will rty a P-Sl.

Pobert 8wanon. Cleveland H'isht. former Air 'Traniport pilot who crah landed hu during trial. He has Hotel Music In N. Y.

Silent New York, fAPl Three thousand musicians at II New York hotels went on strike officially at midnight last night and hundreds of other band members were, expected to be affected as Pres. James C. Pelrtllo of the American Federation of Musicians ordered bands to quit work at chain hotels throughout the country affiliated with those In New York. Bands which normally play past midnight on Sunday completed t'telr schedule before qutttlnc, vunewv permission, iTived from Chicago last rRl" ojficlals of Local (Ot of union In planning strike v. in addition to his order to In chain hotels Petrlllo ordered members of traveling name bands currently at New York hotels to quit work.

21 while making hU first trip to Munich in his new post. HsrUhom told criminal inventi-gatlon iv won authorities that The slain woman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.

Mehrtens, were quoted by Chapman as saying their daughter apparently was lured to her death in the belief that she was going on a mission of They aaUrthat a man came to their home at dawn Sunday and reported that a neighbor. Jack Harper. 31. needed assistance attar being injured in an automobile accident Miss Mehrtens dressed, her parents ssld. and went out with the man.

When she failed to return after several hours, a search was started and the woman's body was found about 50 yards from the roadside near her home, her hubnd was hit when the couple1 pawed a jeep containing Teenagers Turning From Decolletage By MARGERY DOCGHESTT Di warding their brothers dungarees and outhung plaid shirts, Central Florida teenagers art following the trend of big sister whose Fall clothes philosophy hinges on the homecoming of glamour-starved soldiers, sailors and marines, Another fashion password this 1 two u. somifrs. rwa women ana a dng. Harthorne died two days later in a Nuernberg hospital. Criminal inve.tiieaiion arnts at Nuernberg they still were serkmg the American soldiers and pavenserj ho were in the other Jeep, but expected "to crack the cae very shortly, Wealhcr Bombay Riot Death Toll 51 Bomber TAP Bombay police, for securing the peace for which so much Greek blood wss shed." Six Bandits Raid Flamingo Louisville, Ky.

I API But masked bandits, dressed In OI fstlgues snd armed with tommy guns, robbed the Flamingo Club of early today, Gilbert Lambdln, co-owner of the night club, reported to police. Jefferson County Detectives James Lacefleld and Edward Schmidt, who investigated the robbery, reported the men, who wore handkerchiefs Over their facet, forced Lamtxtin to open the sate. Lambdln tnld the detectives a 170 payroll which lie had taken frorj the safe only a few minutes before was saved when he threw it Into a wastcbavkrt. Lembtim sid three of tht bandits guarded about IS patrons in the main clubroom. forcing the mfa g'tft to remain on the floor while the otHer three robbed the year Is "dangle." Hang a pouch, Pappa's gold watch chain or brother's Boy Scout knife to your belt, and the style gods will smile.

a THE PRACTICAL IS ft TUX IN Btvi4na KAvtvar Kilt rtrtH (rftw Sr.Ct HITT FLAMN'EO Tokyo 1AP1 Japan Intends to enact a Social Security sritem similar to that of the United Bta'e and truiand. Welfare Mln event. Vic Biaskstone. reintorced by British troops, Tex, and Parmh. Fia won Yohihite Kaaal tnld a Hmw of Peers Committee today.

All Incur- i anre ricms and xt art no i under consider sunn wia be combined in one overall low, he said. Mustang A wa.Jay if approval given 1 olIltT to burtwi Pld. if by uie contest committee and i prtnU and hand painting. The race pilot. jclawlc sweater to at least two eiaia-rHt imit uh iiwmml mm ana thrt tt K4 -f Muta Mini HrUIM oaiAMBO awe VICiNirv PrtT rh- T4ftff arir-i, viaetaamatt a.

it. i a. w. i a at i a. m.

a. at. tt it m. A. H.

"4 It SI A M. A at. aj A. At. KaM VMS Vlt t- TM-Ki, II SI tn 1 J1 at III IH IM III FM T-rf.

tn It) mm. turn. It 1 fH trt I)! Ill lm calf roping event In the of II seconds. The show will cl--- -with the afternoon performajKt today. The final performance at Kissimmee will start at 3:30 m.

day, and spirited competition the more than 12,000 in money is expected to wind up ti proeram "Babe" Aihton. Arcadia; 1 Riedel, Auburn, and a i Raulcrson. St. Cloud. 'were to moonlight and rosea or orange blossoms and tulle.

So say Orlando buyers who spent part of the Summer grabbing lace, satins, ruffles and sequins for the tnfjses and Junior misses who plan to launch a concentrated beau-catching campaign between hith school and college clangs or office hours. 0 THE ELABORATE, THE DE-coJlete. the femininely foolish, have for centuries been one of the better known barrages against bachelorhood. Junior and Senior Hmh School may not want husbands, but they art after a aril fiiled date bock, and the means thereto doesnt stop with personality and undlded charm, 6 SRtRTS ARE LENGTHENING oa the assumption that camou-flared curves are more dangerous: waits hare dwindled to last century d.mensiona, and mothers pressea a sweeping roundup today of suspected trouble makers in an effort to prevent a new outbreak of bloody communal rioting in which Si persons were killed and lil injured during the week-end. An official announcement said that approximately 500 persons had been rounded up prior to noon and declared the drive was continuing and would be "Intensified durirm the day "Except for a few stray' cases ot stabbing since morning and a little tension to one or two areas ARMT "MOCRTO Berlin I API Vnder tue mcuklng headline.

"5ples and Spooks the i Rnwian-l iviivd N'sht Express today dtpu he bv Amer-' Iran Rnuh nei arfnrii re-; the 8. Army a repvidia. i vn of Its oa "Communist spy Mig" story. (anrthtng from woven piano keys 1 and music notes to yale locks. I RUTS ARE THE YOGrE FOR vhool and they're made in twig-, trial clan volfvrs.

RalncoaU have itkfTi on the glamour of sparklm iiik-t tn every eolir in and 1 aroind the rainbow. Slacks are max ntts Camden. N. J. I API Tie ensttie-mn of an AlUniie CUy-to-phUs-d'lphia etprwts tram was killed by another epre lVnv as he stood the Uark etsminins his ereine.

the fcalior Lirics rrpwtcd. -n -tn li A It tt the trading contenders tor i i I Mf i Ml a'e None of the guests mfrd, Lamtxiin said. 45 1 1 V-II ft three!" Or of the ftrd the situation in the city is nearing I money in the show, and normal," the announcement add- formance today will ed. winner. Ann Prange, Or'an AIR SFR VICE EXPAND! crowned queen at the Ar Miami.

Fla, ll'Pl Eastern A sr. rodeo was winner yef.eresv -Lines annouaced today that daily; cowgirl's ag race TRMvtNO Irgfo jd irred by r.iure-wte tail Ck'ahoma City 1AP1 The Am-r-, hn sainimlr the Iran Lesion's rai-nl thab'ain W-1 of northerly wound urrd miiaary LiiLan Ruwella. but the latest la bera-ii 'everynna kri" par" fx pMTiAl females ss ii-i Mr, PaUn wxil un.1er'n.1 kr.i-kee. II It Cut 'I II 1 It II i Tl'r IMWIT1D Pwis I PI Premier C'otuttantine' T- cf frwrt tr -i last nu-it that the lrw CMemnvnt l'1 Innvd 6ie ritual car-rr rr- D. to va.t Ork 1 Jktt1 slwKa Into the reumg of the lobby, Ml1.

i trey were leav-lrt and another ti charged a tear immb. Ijimtan reported th fled in ait 1 in frtWit of the club. "rtvd" leaeiry is riming out of li.knn n-TT inn nan 01 fg wrwaj. trtntt r' iM w'j cr a.T.fct 1 1 yrnr the box to replace Juan. PMerta Ran tn Vra, W.

A n. 51 argument of fart-, and Jem the trrad spoona and wood. rated Sept. I..

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