The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1948 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1948
Page 17
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, MAY 18,194« OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WiHiomT BIO LON* PANTS WINDSAG LOST HIS MB EVE, TOO/ - HAH--LOWG DON'T VJDRRV-- I'LL TAKE A LATER ON£ ! I -TIS GOT OFT TO TELL YOU BELLOW BABIES WHUT I THINK OF YOU.' BOCW TH«Ty YEARS TOO SOON iOoSEFF, MISTArl MA3OR' I SOT MOORMFLX. TRAG6DV TO RePORX/— SOIN! TO T TRACK,TW DRtS/ER O8 -VV^ BUS TOOK A SHAW1T COT < | THROUGH A MAPL& TREE/ I MISSED THE FUST RACES,SO X COOLDfSl eer on vATAMiKi c ~~ HERE -, AR&TM& r DOU6K-R6-MI MORTAL ,. uu . ,,._ \MRETCU6SKMV OWri ggt&g"*™*-' \Anti- Trust Law Exemptions Bill \MayBeVetoed WASHINGTON, May 13. (UP) — A possible Presidential veto appeared the major obstacle today In bill providing .nil-trust law exemp- I tlons for railroads .' nie ,.m <nise P" 8 " 1 1U veraion of e bill by a vote of 212 to J 63, far more than the two-thirds I majority needed to override » veto Sen. Clyde A. Reed, R., Kans., it-i Senate sponsor, said he would ask that . conference committee be named to adjust differences between House and Senate versions The Senate passed the bill last year by a vote of 60 to 27. It oppo- ents believe President Truman will veto it, as h« did a similar bill two yearx ago, »nd thal'enough Democratic vote, would switch In the ' Senate to slutaJn (he veto. Reed insisted, however, that Mr. Truman had no justification for a" I veto. Airliner Land* Safely After Fire Discovered nnocen By Renee Shonn COPYRIGHT BY R£N« SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NfA SERVlCf, INC. May 13 (UP)— wnd capital air- Political Announcements TJ* Courier News has been »uthor)zed to announce the following candidates, subject tn the Democratic primaries, July 27 and j August 10 COUNTY TREASURER Frank Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK HiMbeth Blythe FOR CORONER ». M. HOLT FO* COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shtppen KTATE REPRESENTATIVK JImmie Edwards -Ij. H. Aulry H. K. "Bud" Fisher N. "Dukie" Speck For Comnty Jad c « Roland Green Fielder Peery Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chlikasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno For xford train drew Into Pad- dinston sharp on time. Miss Helen and Miss Alice stepped out onto the platform. Their suitcases wer« light and they could carry (hem easily. They'd been deciding on their way to town jus! what they would do. It was barely 3 o'clock and their train to the country wasn't due till 6:30. "The Stanton Academy first we ; thought, didn't we, dear?" said ;Miss Alice. ; "Yes. I've not seen Madame ;Girard since Patience started I'll be glad to have a little chat with her, and to hear how she is getting OB." They took the train to Great Portland Street. Miss Helen remembered the Academy was just 'around the next turning to the left. They rang the bell. They gave the.r names. The message came back Madame Girard would be delighted to see them. Mis. Alice let her sister do the telking. Helen, she thought was always so much better at thTs sort of thing than she was. She always knew just the right sort oj questions to ask. And Madame Girard seemed rather a formidable sort of woman, still, she appeared to be very pleased with the way Patience was progressing. "1 really must tell you, Miss Melville." she was saying, "that 1 consider her on« of my mo«t painstaking pupils. She take* * real interest in her work." "Patienc* certainly enjoys her days here, Madame Girard. 1 don't think she'd miss one of them for anything.", Madam« Girard ;aid she was gJad to hear it. And certainly her attendance had hitherto been most regular. It was such > pity that she wasn't there today. Kin Helen and Miss Alice started visibly. They sat forward in their chairs. "Not her* today?" th«y echoed blankly. Madame Girard looked from one to the other. "Didn't you know?" "WHY, no. We certainly understood she'd be here," said Miss Helen. Miss Alice's heart trembled. "Helen, dear, what can hav« happened?" she gasped. Miss Helen pursed her lips. "This, at course, Is Charlotte's influence." •Charlotte?" queried Madame Girard. "Her twin sister. Patience has been staying with her this weekend. But she was naturally to have come to you as usual today." Madame Girard smiled understandingly. "Well, I shouldn't worry about her," she said soothingly. "I expect she fe having—how shall we say it?- a Little razzle. You know what young girls are. They like to have some fun. I remember when I was about her age- when I was in Paris—" Madame sighed reminiscently. Miss Helen rose to her feet. She didn't want to hear what had happened to Modame Girard when she was a young girl in Paris. Paris, from all she'd heard, was • very wicked city. She said goodby rather abruptly and left the Academy, walking quickly down the steps and'out into the street, cold wrath in every line of her figure. Miss Alice followed nervously behind her. 'We'll go straight to Charlotte's flat," announced Miss Helen. "Luckily 1 have the address here with me." r JHEY took a taxi. A commissionaire stepped smartly tor- ward and opened the door tor them as they drove up outside the main entrance lo the block of luxury flats where Charlotte lived. Miss Alice looked about her with wide eyes as tney entered (he thickly- carpeted foyer and made their way to the lilt. "Flats here must be very expensive, Helen." "1 luppose Charlotte makej a great deul of money. It's very bad for her, I consider. 1 don't approve of young girls living extravagantly." Miss Alice sighed. Sli* only hoped that once they reached the they'd find Patience there with Charlotte. But neither girl, It «emed, win in. The trim maid who opened the door said she was sorry but Miss Mond wasn't at home. Nor Miss Patience Moud either. "I'm their aunt," said Miss Helen, stepping firmly into the hall. "I'd like to wail until they return. Alice, come along in." The maid looked at them uncertainly. "I'm not Quite sure when they will be back, madam." "Where have they gone?" "Er—er—they've gone away tor the week-end." "Where?" "Well, madnm, Miss Carlotta doesn't tell me where sh« goes when she goes away." By now Elizabeth was treading warily. She'd guessed immediately who w«e her unexpected visitors. Miss Carlotta had said they were a couple ot old tartars. She showed them into the drawing room and offered to makt them tea. "Thank you. We'd like some," said Miss Helen coldly. Elizabeth closed the door, and was just crossing the hall as the front door bell rang. "Telegram for Mpnd," said »n« telegraph boy. ' She lay the telegram on the hall table and went into the kitchen to put on the kettle. Charlotte, entering the flat some short white later, picked it up, and went straight on into the sitting room with it still unopened in her hand. She stopped dead <w her aunu rose from their chairs. "Heavens above!" she gasped. (To Be Continued) Fri«d Chicken River Catfish 85c of 4 meats V*g»tabl«s - Salad 50c Gof f Hotel Coffee Shop CrataoB,. CfMl r FOR WAXO '» AV PRISCILLA'S I'OP you're yetting -., Dig for thiC, Cfr/yfe. Besides, Aflcr Due Consldvnttlon — By AL VERMEER VIC FLINT Tax Free . 10SHT M'WAUET. SHIIPPED our of M' POCKET iOMEHOW-- Bin,SILK, YOU DON'T KNCW WMTfLSI /MIGHT BE IN THAT W*lt(T VOU LIFTED, totte «#«*. FOIDING MONEY TAV FRK I STILL LIKt TOSH WHAT BESIDES VJWNEY I* IN THOSE BIltKHM? WASH TUBES THATKIND Of CURIOS11YCAM SET SOU INTO TROUBLE, MBY,' DITCH THE WALLET,] SAY, SAIT , AWAY THE BILL*, AkJO \ y^T« KEEPMOyW*-- ON 10 // ll •,.„,- //Ill'f . THt 'cut Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job (oo Large or Too Small Phone 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba Display and Storage Cases Reaeh-In Refrigerators Fr«*j;ers • Self Service Display Cases • Beverage Cooltrs « Market Coolers . Williams Refrigeration Co. 118 Lilly St. Phon . 43n7 BlythevtUe, Ark. li Wm. 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LILLY & SON »»* !-•%«. - , Phone 4297 HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 r«lent Recognized Br LESLIE TURNEB KIND HOU'UE BEEM MIRlUfr. »W HOT SUSGtST MAKW& -- , THIS CH&P His BOOIeilMI TO *HMX)W t [ TtC ISN'T (sPf TO RUN Off Sales Resistance By- FRED HARMAN I DON'T WANT fe S£IV\!S1ER BUT W PARTNER ,6H£R|FF BUO<SKW,SArs THERE'* MUCH LUCK WITH lOUR FIRST SUCKER PLENTY TOP. EVSRVBODY, »0 WE'RE SEUlk) 1 50 Cl' Whal's Up, Huh? By V. T. HAMLIN TCT 1C LiOT(«Ma/r BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTH

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