The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1935
Page 2
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FACE TWO (ARK.) COURIER NMWS " ' Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'!; EVENTS Mrs. W. J. Pollard having Wed[>e«lay Bridge club G-jrte A«MN a O F»*t Baptist 'church' meting at church 3:30 yv m. "Jewish Ladles Aid meeting vvp Mrs. S. Joseph 8 p.m. BjWp Mudy 0)iurcl> of Clirlst, meeting with Mr> S M Huffman, 3 30 P n) 'Au.\i|>ary Wrst Presbyterian church having special prayer ser^ vice, 1:30 p. M. :Miss Leone Callfcott- bavin? musical program In social room of First Presbyterian church -I p. 111. THUMSDAY'8 EVENTS Holy Nanie society of the Immaculate Conception church mcclr ipg 1:30 p.m. in social hall. .Yartro Woman's Missionary 50- cletx meeting wllh Mrs. Helen Willis, 3:00 p.m. Thursday Lunclnon club meeting with Mrs. Byron Morse. Mrs. J. E. Crltj having Thgrs- day Blidge club. 'Mrs, F. B. Joyncr having Thursday Contract club. : Auxiliary First ~ Presbyterian church having prayer meeting, 2 :M P M, with Mrs C M Cray FRIDAY'S- EVENTS 'Auxiliary . First Presbyterian chuveh having prayer -niwlhiB, V;'JO p M, «|th Mrs PW« Craw foi d Mrs. .B. 'A. Lynch and .Mrs. .M. o Vfey having brjdge. luncheon ioi fitrs Brooks Mowers, of Birmingham, Aln Compliment Msitur:> 'Misses'Mary. •'and Alice NC- Harjey, of,; Kennett, Mo., house guests ol Df. ancj Mrp. V. I). Moore fov.'tl\« \veek:enci, were Kuestj of honor at a biidgc pattj gHeii I)J' Mr?.: Moore and Mrs. Loy Welsh Saturday afternoon nl; tlio Welch home The VilenUfliv n'otif w em- ph«e)jed in the tallies and the ufj-app|ns o! the prizes High score gift, hosiery, .went, to Mrs Murray Snjart, Mrs Fred Ollmnn iccehccl a double dccK of eaids foi l|u) cut, pri?e, and t were presented A flwHen falijd pas Btnert with peach pldilc fruit cake and" cot- fee to the 17 guests High Trump a Handicap In Deiense of This Hand Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV-WM. t. Secretary, American Bridie League "lore's a hand chocK-full of action. ',.,.-. Look at the bidding, ^Ariylliiiig that: North ami .South bid, Cast and West have control of, and sllll when North and Soulli IliKj the best spot the contract cannot, be, defeated. you might question East's double, but do you jiijoiv that he con loll from Ilic tlia't West hold? five Inunp? fioulh's bid chows six diamonds and ilvo hearts. U might be seven- six, but the odds favor the S!XT flipiortl P -1. A Hears ^Iniitcr , r The Re> Slqart K pestor, of the Firft Presbyterian church, spoke on Christian Education" at «. meeting of the,Art morel ParenUTeacJer association Thursday afternoon In observing the btrttldass of Robert E LC.C and Andrew Jackson, Mrs c E crig- ger and Mrs,^V, W. Williams g»\c napers on these, southern leaders y Reftestunents \sere. seued the 35 the hosteixses Mmc^ R A Eadcs, Manes. E Qay and r> J IOC5 10 S *'<) + 7 ; Duplicate— All vu |. Double 24. ' 1'op's 2 4> l'a«s ,1V Pass: Today's Con'riu' 1 1'roUlern How would you UH iMt typo (if hainiv Bev«n illf- nio!|i|3 can be niiiilo iinlesn & liean Is- opened. H'llli « liesrt opcn|ng the lunx) ran be held to live mid, Bin cini you dc- f<jat four Biraiiesi' Wuich out for tlie cinl jilay V Q J S I 3 4 K Q 1 C * A -i * i o n .1 ^ V A K5 2 » ! 0 (i 7 I N t S Dealer » HH « « 1! 5 + Q 1 (' ? S 6 2 A A K Q S 6 4 ¥ ^ . + A K i Solution. (i| ,ie>l tUslrlbullon. . The ellamonds ,b)4,[flrsl;- fl)6>v)ns-'niore 4I» ( ' , mopdS:th4n hear'*,' apA 'tho; pearls iie're''reb|d,"i;hOTfnE' at Itaii five, leaves west 'with at least live. Therefore, East ehoiild not -be ci'it- [clwd for Ills' 1 - double. 'llicre are' a' lot of: Intcrcsllng plays-la llilii^iiiml, biit^I will give you -the way 'It wus ployed in a recent duplicate game In Ocve lapd. The I'lay West opens the queen of diamonds; . Eaft wjiis wjth Ilic ace iind Itmnedtately cashes the ace oi clubs. ' Thph he retiifns ii small diamond. /West ruffs In with 'h? seven, and dummy overruffs wllh the juck. • ' ' . Row here's an interesting play. If ijfcjarpr lijarts ,7 .-stjjail fpadt, aiid West : |s'5ri|orl cfwigli, when nearts. Nortli ulld 1 not- support ; hearts "al : Ills nrst opp'orttinH} 1 :" jou Know lhat North clocjj . i\b T : four .he^-is., .Add '^KI'V $$.• '' lessjlhiij' ur.;. In the North "hand,' which '•^."••'"•^••^"'••'"•••••^••••r&tW • with Mrs. George M. Lee: i.i: Mrs : 'Brewer " . tniijht thq" Bible ijessoir .for"!' one , Mrs. L. K Tiill ' pr^ se nt .' ' O [t jc, ffs elected for the 1 Mrs. : ' new 1 year cliHlrman-, ' County Council P, T. A. pndorses Ihe. Sales Tax ' 'The 85 members-of'the Mbsls- sJppl County Council of Porentr Teacher assocutlons, in u meeting Friday at the Shov,nee Joiner, went^on, record as, favoring the sales ta\ for the relief of schools. Miss Willie A Lawscn o( fyltle Hcv\, former superintendent of the county schools Jierp and now executive secretary .of the Arkansas -Education Association, spoke oil Character Training Through Hie Emotions' ii-'H'i VMatlUivrsi: :yicc-ch'sirihijn! Mrs.' Vi'r^D.-'McClurkllv sgcrctuvy; Mra. E, A. Goodr|c|i,- treasurer; Mrs. B. p. I'*rgusoii, social rcla-; 4ohs 'chairman.': V, • . ', Circle 2 met at' (he chvrcliV with ttvclvc members present. SJrs', Joe Parker was. In ehorgc'oi the Bible study, pfticers-ele'cted \vcre; Mra.- W- L.. Hprncr.'-'cJialrriiaiii-Mre. A..-^5, :; '-,,r-'a|rfjeld, / vj(;c-c|ia||-muiv; jiifs: £xm Sanimons; secretary; JJrf.. Ocprge i'Chainblln, ti-casjn'cr; Mrs. Einiiu. .-Buniey, , social\ - : re|ntioni chalriiiai'i. •';>.- .1 --i -,•','•:. ^ Mrs. -.R, p. -Tuildison'- and Mrs Brj'iiiit Slew-art \vcrfi hostcfsi-s tp the , ten .irjembers \vllP attendee ' meeting" 'of "• circle ' 3 at- the nomc of Mrs. Paddison. A. Mrs. B Kcuth p|ays .' his act, an<l . (jueen of hearts, to get rid 'of jVls high tr,uH!P;Sp that- he cap'pot win a ' t'viunP trick,- South' will - Imvc tu mukc i!H:cnd :play on dlripiontis lo keep ' frp|il losing his ro'htract: If SoMlli.Averc to make a mistake and cosh 'his king o[ ! dla, npnds 'h'rsl, ' he • theii ivouW lose two trjcks to Ih6 'jack anrt liliic ol illampnds^ So wlmf he lias to do is lead a ' small • diamond arid he will tlicii liai-c toi:acc position it' diamonds orer -TKo; proper .'p|ay-'for Soulh |s to lead-a 1 heart ian4 ; keep his king: of spades. He 1 should- then 'cash the ace, king, uivU-qVwen oi hearts 1 hen (lie king of spades. And' nw, Ho can throw-,West- bio the lead with the Wei) trump. West wil have lo-Icac; a spade or c|ub anr Hie losing diamonds can: be dla carded. ' ,.. -. You con'have, a lot of fun will this hand.if .you lay the cards out Caii you imagine West deliberate ly Bivlng.up a trump trick to trj to defeat the contract? -. (Copyright, 1035, NE,\ Service, inc. Easley Baby Dies JCKC James Baslcy, six month old iton of.. f.liv 'and ' Ensley, died' a[ j o'clock morning nt the family homcvfou A. L}'iich taught, Uic Bible study ,, "" B .7 tllc .'"""V .™»«<V fou Sirs. Harry W. Hal'ncs was elected j" lcs s °" l , h ,°' Snonyo. His deal! clwlrmon-, of the , 8 ,-oup for Die V ' n ,l. 1 Vi r , lb " l ^... l ° P ncl! . ra ?"W- R. p, Freibyferian W^Hneix to Obsine Wetk of Praytr A scries of special meetings ha\c been arranged by the Women s Auxiliary of the First Presojterun church for this »e-k In observance of the weslc of prajer and, self- denial for foreign mi&bioiis. A special senice Is \>t]ng held this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Eva Morrison. On Wednesday evening the Hev. Stuart H. Ssl- •rnon will lead the mlrt-'wcek prayer -"-'-•' 7 30 mcel service "at . the church at o'clock. The group will Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs c M Omj The final ser vice Friday will be wllh Mrs. Dixie Crawford. tlmrch H»s group coming 'year, Mrs. . W. c. »n, vice-chairman; Mrs. Paddison, . ircasiircr; Mrs. James Hill. Jr., chairman of social vc- lations, and Mrs. Put O'Eryant, of nuance. Mre, o. S. Stevens and Mrs. A. C. Haley, entertained the 'fifteen members W)KV attended .the iiieel- •ng of circle -i. Mj-s. C. s: : :Stevens ,was 'elected chairman-,: >lrs. A. Jf. Bull, vIce-'CtMUhniii; 'Ml*. Elton W. Klrby, secretary Mrs. George Hu;bbard, licnsurcr; Mrs, A., -a. Haley, Bible -study chairman;. Mrs, E. J. Browne, social .'tlations clmtrman. - : \'ln'all circle meetings the cliiilr'- mau pf social relallons gave n .ummnry of the work 'to' be' carried ait in that phase ' of the orsan- ' • ' Study. Mrs George .^singer taught Uic imsBiou lc«on In MIC meeting of the Woman s Missionary soUclv <A the Lake 6lrcet Methodist church Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs V E chalfanl There were seven:- present Tile: Scripture lesson, from the lOlh chapter of John, \u,s given br Mrs ;w. L i Green nho ofTered pra\er m .closing, Mn, Cliallaiit disrrjksEd the meel(nj i^li Kocitlj- Meeting Postponed. The meeting .of -'the Jewish AW society - scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed. Dale or the meeting will be announced Inter Immoral .services n'cre,^i>|d; Men day niorniiig .and 'interment >$ Dead' Timber''cemetery The cobb UiKtertajclng "compan •vasjn charge of funtral"; urraugc baby, is survived, 'by Ii parents, two brothers and. Hire sislcre. ' - - The Half JWoorj Baby Djes funcrnl services' were held Sm day for Bobby June Nicholas, sc en months old dmiglUcr of M ami Mra. churlcy; NIcliolKs ol 'tl Hnlf Moon community. Inlcrmcnt was made in Wilkci son cemetery. The Cobb Under taking company was In cluirgc r funeral arrahgementi. The b;iby dlcd-Viit 'l:ao o'(..«, Siiliirdiiy iiflcnioon at the fair.! home. ' ; The child is survived by; h paienli-. four brothers and (foi sisters. Read Courier News Want At Circle J c( the Womjns MI»- .siojwry jcciety, of the First Melh- od,(st -etiUKh met Monday aftcr- at t,hD home of Mrs j r anny of Carflai Brought Improvement ' B^caui* «lie ws s subject to pain=, nervousness, irregularity, and begiln to feel 59 weak, Mw Retta Mc- DonaJd, of 8t«aras, Ky, tega» to take r Card ni, sije mnUs. .'Cardul iSuflu? I could 1 we an iniprove- njent^right o(I. I took about eight botl)es.< I-aiji'lots better l ai. p\ef the .weakness and my head and back dc- not bother me now," f Resistance to < monthly pains Is naturally increased, bringing relief, as strength, of the'whole sja- ieai, Is built' up , Thousands of ifomen *-t«tlfy' Cardui benefited them B ItMoes not benefit YOU, . ccniult a physician —Adv 2CP17 ' . At the first snt^tc o, rji}al i?iHa ; At;. lion, qmckl-a ft w dtpH.of Vjcb c.w ya,lro.nol. Its timely.,- yw -helps sjjftijby IS ^f*''* 111 . . m ?"y c ?!4»v *n4;> ' Ijirpwori cplds in tlicir ufly.<l*|u. ; ' ard h ip 0 tli»'j :«n"M» p«ue- ji giv?»'soothjn^'«iief. . 1 ' .:. (fuU detaiU of ^ unique flan in use' by I VICKS PLAN CONTROL OF COLDS BittoJ Neu* [Mostly Personal thpt* who nlt»i}<led the uiily council of p. T.' A.'s si iner Friday was NJrs. Altec Wo ack, teacher In the Armorcl loolt 1 . . • ' . , .<- Ewcll Welnberg, formtHy oj here d now of Eudora, Ark., la tile cst of Mr. and- Mi'»- Walter osenlhul. , • '•'..-•". Mr. and Mrs. Oscar H»rd»ww turned to • Memphis Monday »f, i spending, the weekend wit r. and Mrs, Wiilt Goodman »n'd r. and Mrs. a, B, Keck. . Mr, and Mrs. C. fi.;Um»H, of cmplils, were In the cify 8«nd»y Misses Winnie virgii Turner and Ha Mae G*rl|neton arid Qeorg 1 . Hunt were in Mepiphlti las slit for "Green Paslnrre"; '. Mra. J. NicK' Tfiopins, lia's re- rued from a vfc>1t in Memphis : clarence, Vollmer attended to usincf.5 ;i» . Memphis ' ' If Your Diet Will Let You ,, ^^ ^^^ ? ^. t- <v "„ >'* f ' ; <<• _/*^ >*'''ta',*i..^atfi r ",,7£ ""SsfitfeWiWv. Per? »S|neej pledge cards for Ihe president, Arnold Philips reeled- 'P.'" 1 ' ?/ ir ; ''•• • e<1 - vice President, Max Isaacs"' ;Mra. M»« Morisrjty asked for secretary, Lucille Ciirtrtgiit; asslst- H«w subscriber? to She'World'Out- ant secretary, Mrs. i: s. Godwin- look foi- this year.--Mrs;.-,Dr.-'C.-M. reporter, Anna Belle Thrclkeld Harwell, assisted, by Mrs R C. Creauiy 'whiter ftllinf contrasllui: with (lie ritli dark lironn uf the cake makes Ciiocolalt Pall one of the most .attracthc loohlng drssierls. . , Mrs. J; -A.. 'flight, .'returned • to home 'In- Rives, .-Teiin.,-' lust ghl after .., , spent sevcrwl ays with Itciv brother, Leslie Hoop Slic met 'Mr. and Mrs:: Hooper Memphis • Friday . w|iVii ' • Mr. ooper went : down for ' an ' cxam- laUon.' ' . .-' - •' • '•• • .'-'. ' Billy Ashley 1? a , patient at the lemphls Baptist hospital: '• '.'.'• Mr. mid ' Mrs. H.'-l{. Houchlijs 'lurned anturday' from ^ <iluce eeks . stay in '. Hot Springs.' Mr. oudiius, wjjij hss been ill. k-iioiv ••' ' "' BY MAflY K, DAGUE NBA Service SUB Writer Here's, the menu liiat my bridge cliib 'has' :,yot4<i.'the best, eating that -has -beeii served to us BO far this year: : >Veal-' birds, .all savory In. cream 'gravy; -new green peas in llmbales/.to - -bring-' • u, breatli . or sprilig; ''Buffed orange ' • salad '•• for color:' ch°colat6 rollr which a good , . but oV because, we 'can't resist choc ' " ' • olatc'; . . •.- . : 'HI1),- ;jr./:i^ ! attending -to n Ci '•'' '- ' • . , , good hoRic-made tomato' relish, but we're • skipping soine 'of the other |j!iij>gs. it's a gwd. (hing, though, ' ' : In ,.. -, Miss Bessie '9ta'iraniJ: Mlss-pbf- hy Opoiiyich' returned/ yesterday op} a; brief, stay ill' Ljttl* Rock. Mr. a|j|| ' ; . "' •.J- -CpHler !?.lr home prew','; ?fter . , , pending the week T er.d ' with • Mr. nd Mrs. T; J. Burke. They were ccpnipanied Iwis by"'their mo- her, Mrs. •Jt-.-Q. Collier, -' who has cm., here Visiting her • d»u*h(cr, '? ' BU-'K and '. v ' •"••• • ; . and Mr'. v ' Burke; • •Rlcharcj Jesse, Webb,: 'son ~, Ir.,' and Mrs, Jesse •}{.'• Weljb was ,ake]i to a' 'Little nock"'h6spHal. lc l was 'better/ ofter" hayln?- been IK-for-H week, but became ; crlt- cally lll : during list 1 'nlgh't;- ' ! -- A few drops of peppermint can be used' to (lovor -the- whipped cream in place of vanilla. Stuffed Orange Salad Al|ow one orange for each pc-r- many, of pnjht'nl to cat. ' .. . rolte, too, and a vciy ' ; ,yo'u .'• know, con TUESDAY. JANUARY -'. 22, 1935 Mporehead, and Mrs. O. H. wculh- eriby presented the- Spiritual • Cultivation Icssbn. < > • The W. M. U. Ladles of circle 1, met at the home of Mrs. E. I,. Cole at tw<j thirty o'cloclc Monday afternoon, with Mrs. I. B. Burton as leader. -. Circle No. 1 met at the home of Mrs.: Gill Mai-tens ••• at two thirty, o'clock Monday afternoon, wllh Mrs. ,E. H. Stephens as leader. ••Arrangements-were made at both circle, meetings for the Royal Ser- ylccV Meeting next Monday. :Th'e Mission Study will start the first Mondflf in February. County 4-H C|ub Council Elects Officers for 1935 The 4-H Club County WHEELING, W. Vil: (UP)—Mrs. Katherine Gartner, 76, leaped jdtl Icet to lier (ientli oil an Ohio n ve( ,', suspension brittge here. FEELING UNDER PAR? Winter suns arc weak in vitality. Winter winds arc harsh. And if you lei youv system become "nin- dgwn" there is a dreaded enemy ij-inK i" wait fqv you in every crowded place. Disease germs find a ready prey in those who are physically under par. Keep your suunnt'r slrcuglh and vigor right through tile winter! i»*v -»-ii umu bulimy council There's a sure, pleasant way to was icnresented by 18 sponsors! increase vitality anil build up re- and Club officeis here Saluid.ay sistance against infection— with Arnold Phillips picsidecl at the business seisioj) and plant and Wttys. of making ,4^ Club wr>rs more pleasant and more profitable for (he members' wcic discussed by each sponsor. Plans were made for Hie next meeting. Feb. 2,- when W. J. Jerm- gau. slate dub leader, lias been invited to visit the/council, committees ' discussed, .the, basket-ball tournament son to be'served. 1 oiil through the March. three-quarters 'of. the '\v'av »' " ••—„• »»vwi vi*i*ui*ui tiVl.lYJl.tUa . ailU U.VU11-- s'-rip-s, being careful abli; literature on recrcniioii were ltvi "" ! •"• '' "- disuiisEed by Miss 1 Colcmnii. Mrs, not !• 16 break -strips' apart. Rc- niove orange pulp and cut in neat dice.- combine \vltji avacado and grapc-irult dice and fill orange shell with mixture.. Drop a spoonful of heavy mayonnaise on top of each salad and garnish with a maraschino, cherry. '.Another good mixture to stuff the orange shells ' the There is ..,.,... , .aVgood: many 'calories tp u biuation or orange sections, dates jiny. dislrto which it is added. - ttulfcd with cream cheese and nut peiHembtr,.chocolate and chora- meals. -Mask with mayonnaise 1st*-njWyjrp.'.worcji'quickly. For Oils rcawri'.(j9n'l try io'mOt choc-' - ' ' Plate- over . in, a hC4t. 'Put the . , n[ece : af wax paper oe j-_ aJi4 place orer hot wa- :-- •••'•• „ .,. '.\'n'j —• •»«*» r'T*(J J t J M'v 'Vft hopedist; and- Wils Davis. Mem. his' attorney,: are' In IKc'^clly 'io-' ay'u'n: business. ' ••' •: . •?,• Mrs.:E. B. teuiojis is", a patient, •;the Memphis! Baptist, hospital. Bill Kay, pf iienderson, Texas, pent the ' week-end in:, the city as the guest of Miss Era- 1 . Wright. Air. and Mrs., Floyd;White and ons spent Sunday In-iMemphis.' Tom A. Uttlc-was ,ih Memphis on- business -Monday... '•'• Miss Alice Whllsitt was in Pai-r agould -Sunday -visitins r«la«ves, Negro Teachers Take Curficular Course . course in curriculum is tjein™ aught negro teachers in the Chlckasawbtt dlstrjct of Misslssip- )I county by Miss whmic Virgil Turner, cpunty supervisor. ': Tfiis course, Instruction in wlyich Is given eauh Friday evening frpan J :-1D to 1 o'clock at . the negro cliool here, cariis college - credit Jhcrc are 30 enrolled. '.' , _ ter until :me}led.-if -you've .'had v troiiblc combining. chocolate- srid./.ltoulds, .lot 'meltihj the (.-hoco)a'le,jn the top' of $. dou- ,bjo bfliler' over 'jhot vyaler; then add the -liquid which should be .ivarm ' or . aljoiit the. same 'temperature asV' the. -chocolate:/ ' Add/ Very! slowly beating ,coiistan,tly. i . I'. J U '.Chocolate JRulli I- •[ •: '. Kix tablespoons .pastry flour, 1-a baling ipowflfr,; l-l' Ica- spoon; salt, 'JN4 cup sifted sugar. 4 eggs. .-2 squares -baking chqco- late,'l te»bpooiv.'viiiiUla, : ] cup heavy cream, 'I tablespoon^ powdered 'sugar, few drops : vahtlta.' ;sift flour once and measure. Mix and'sift flour; silt, and baking powder. Silt sever?! limes. Beat, whiles of eggs until stiff. "Fbld sugar grnd „„ .,„,„,,; nun lnc ually into stiffly beaten whites. Fo!d mumps. They are-much : bctter to- in-yota of-cggs beaten -until thick /l "" ' ; Waller Cole of Paragould was 'u ;uesl pf Mjss p. Nettles 'Sunday. HiigJi Craig Was 'a ' BJytlieville /Isltor Monday. " : - ; "'Joe Cotton : has gone, lo •Brink- cy, Ark., tp bo gone linlil the alter part of : thc :wtck. Jack Frbiri pf : Memphis,' 'Itnn:. s an- Osccolir- Visitor for. a few days. •• ••' • : • ; -;'i '•• :'•'' < .- :'• " • " Mrs. j oliii •' 'Blackwuof! : returnc'tl lo 'Little Rock' today for the rc- uainder of the wcck^ : : Bercrly' -/(nn, Gcoi-ge Jr., and i. Frltzy Dick'ersoh, 'children of Mr •: an Mrs:^ Ocoree Diskerson. have 1 Beacon Light Marks Route of Air Line j beacon light has been erected on a 100 foot tower on the Loiic oak road marking the air line, between St. Louis and Memphis. This tower, placed there by tlic federal government 'through the bureau, of aeronautics, Is' similar : to those being erected at Luxora and near Frenchman's Bayou. Courier News .W.auL: Ads :Pays-- : and lemon colored. ,-M'elt chocolate over hot, water. Fold (lour into first mixture and tlieij carefully beat in incited chocolate and vanilla. Line a..pan 15 by 10 inches wilh- oiled paper. Oil pan ligiilly' before lining. Then r"b cooking oil lightly over paper.' 'him cake batter into prepared pail ami baicc In" a hot oven (400 degrees P.) until done, about twelve to fifteen, minutes. With "a sharp knife cut-on crisp cdg;cs of cake and turn out on a clean ten towel which • has been sprinkled with powdered sugar. Remove paper and cover cake with a cloth. Cool on a rack and'when the heat has left the cake, spread with crcani which has beon whipped, sweetciiod, .with powdered sugar and flavored with vanilla. Boll as . for. Jelly roll, wrap in-waxed paper and cut in slices to serve. 3 Doses of Foley'j Loosens Cough Proof! rouirh' my Folcy'j chat. HONEY rsf- T«H *By can taftiy rely tencjand Tartar eucttt rtsuiu. Coii^Ks du« to colds I m»y«tt«rioiuf«*t, don t deUy. G*t pnu FOLEY'S tod*y-rtf use B FRANKLY- N'c at'c.'sti'j.vitig for ; ;i wann- blootled,^ niau'iicwnHii relation- tjich; wi)) ; create (rjcnrif, . imsuiirlcrslaiidillgs aiu'l . 'pi' our toniens an<| eorniwny. Blylheville Water Co. ;•;•• -.• jus. linnuhvuy . . M. E. Little, sponsor of the Kciscr poke- on cjemonstriitions for ub: ' •'• ' ••; ' e is a possibility of having two councils, one for the South end and one for the North end to prevent the long mileage for some in .the far South end of the comity. .This .will be voted on formally at the, nest council meeting.' The foil owing officers were ejected to serve' for the coming year: Osceola Society -— Personal which cadi club invjted to participate in Recreational activities . and' avail- COLDS 'FEVER: First Day . qu » .ae s . u , , ..'. Salve. Nptt Drops Headaches • '' Ill 3fl;Winule« -. Liquid » .Table Is CROQlilGNpLE ; OIL GUARANTEED : WAVE'S •••• $1 illp -. -T-- None Belter > . Finger \y»ve i-, ; - 2Sc . Barret Beauty Shop: . , Last ..Hdutio on No? 5tH McKKssoN's VITAMIN CONCEN- TilATE TABLED; OK COD LlVBIl Olb. Those tciupliiiy, chocoUtc-coateil lablcts Kive yon abundant supplies of the protective vitamins A «ncl 1). Ami they arc the onltt vitamin coiK-cntralc tablets containing the needed minerals, calcium simlf phosphorus, Each tablet bripus you all the vitamins in one tcaspoonful of U. S. F. X. (revised 1034) Cod Liver Oil. At all good drug stores. Protect your health the vitamin way, wiili six of these tablets daily. A $1 bottle holds 100 McKtssoN's VITAMIN CONCENTRATE TABLETS. , On Account of Severe Cold | Wcathci* Conditions MISS MAKJOKIE ... \,DUCKET!. Has, PastycMied '-ffi-pAINC^y; REVUE until; [Tuesday Nigliti,. Jatiiiar' 29tli been ill -at -Ihbir with the day. Ics afte twelve members present. Lad-' met a|. Ihe chiirch 1 Monday rnoon at two -o'clock V willi Mrs: - the new . ... - e new president;: ' conducted 'a 'short •: biisi- l, which • ln c • mqnV Blue The Itch Germs ., T° B°i Ti'l of ilcli, rash, teller, foul ilcii, nuswonn or crzrinn, cover wild soothing m uc S(al . oiniiitcnt which contains Icslcrt medicine lliatjnclts soaks in quickly and kills the itch. Money back .if first jar fails. CO-LEfl-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL i MINING CO, Phone 700 :'• The Mark of 1'ei-jfect ;Gleaning p "'"''" bl v L-i <fc • "Food for Fabrics". -.:. The Dri-Shccii Process is the 'most sensational and practical improvement, ifi'dry clean T ing methods in , recent years '.'^it's . jj-jjrtc.' j.for your ganncnls. :.M.: ,-,:;< .:,.-..,.,•. UriT&ecn clcajts cleaner,'inakos odors ; iuir jKissiblc, gives » truly safe' ifictriod:' .We arc' proud to offer our friends and'ciislomcrs Hie advantages of the Dri-Sheen'jprocess!...., DRI-SHEEN./CLEANING IS'" '•'•' QUALITY CLEANIIS'G INuWa Cleauers Phone 180 '..>,:?•'. Mr. Farniei 1 : No Need to Wait Until Fall to Buy Your Home Furnishings Our new method of selling enables you Lo take advantage of today's low prices , , . select your needs now pay only one-halt' down and the balance • - • , • . i • This only applies on purchasee of $40 and over .• RUGS, RADIOS, STOVES, FURNITURE t '"*''' ' ,''••'• HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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