Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 15, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1895
Page 1
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VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- FEIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 15, 1S95. A Stylish Coat or Cape For Half! Wt; v/onldn't lio humnn if we didn't make mistakes! Our Cloak Haver iiiiKlo a mistake. He •bought a largn lot of Stylish Clonks Into in tho .season, because they were cheap (© [strike etc.] a ft-w more than wo could handle. •> 1 I Tho k-iHlcncy is toward a continuance of the present styles. Wouldn't it be a good investment to buy your next 9} KPH.HOU'S jfurnjonb now. I They're Good I Just Half. THE* BUSY «t (• 4* 40O-4H Uroadwny. HIVE. 300 Fourth Street. Call and See! Boxes Play Thousands otT lines by means o! imlealructible Metallic Disks. Purity & Volume pi Tone Unequalled-^ : ^"€-%^;'^ sif^^^M^^s w^nuini'.Sjf.^^^^jj.jrj; , : ^<2'- ^^W ^S?^JSv5v*^r>' k «:.-'^^v»^'r>i™,' 1 ,;T~.^v '^ : ^•Pis^E^^^^^j The wonderful Eegina Music Box. Will play any tune. I am agent for Logansport of the genuine, also the now things jn.Gold Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Watch Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, ' Gold Bricabrac, Spectacles of all kind's fitted to the eyes. 30 years' experience in Engraving audjill kinds ^oj work done to order at D. A HAD Tlie Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway, ing nbaiulo in the panv's cnpe MINERS' NARROW ESCAPE. urstto^ WiiU In 11 V.ino ImprrllM t!io j.lvra ol' Ovi'i- <>;n- llundi-cil Jli-n. Ui.-.vn:i:, Mo.. I'V-b. 14.— r.y tho burst- ot ;L wtill ot'iinoeting ""ith «'i loniH'l slope nvi>r H'd miners lH;ick Diamond C'oal VI-LU- mine hail a narrow ct>- j'roiii ilnnvnin;"- Wednes- duy ni^ht. Tins witter poured through thi ; opeuins: with such vohune that tlio men Ued for their lives, leaving- +Cfo1s and clothing behind. All _of them, however. re:iehed tho surface in safety, but, will be thrown out. of work for several weeks. TWO BURNED TO DEATH. Ol'i »«ro nntl IIIn Wlfn IV-rKli in Their TRAINS MEET .1 Ivc IN A TUNNEL. -Vb. M.— An old u - JorcUin uj-.vl his wife perished in a fnv early, Tluuy.Uiy uioru- inp. His shanty was c:oiiMiaft.-d before the dopavuueut eould respond, on ;ie- couni ot' the snow. The charred remains of the rnaii were found and - -gearch is now beir.fr made for tho •%-oraan. ^ ___ P*f;iulU"ir r OM.UUV, Xeb., Feb. 14.— W. A. Gilmore, tho defaulting- postmaster of, Broken How, Xeb,, has been captured at Lewiaton, Pa. Giliuoro disappeared a few months ag-o after having- been on » spree .in Omaha. His defalcation _ _ Cboleru la Constantinople. CtoysTAXTKforCB, Peb. 14.— Between 'taa 5th and ISth. inst. there wore sixty-one cases of cholera here and twenty-nine deaths from that disease. Fir* at »»lt Lake, ttah. SALT LXKE, Utah, Feb. 14.— Fire in Suit Lake last night destroyed build- njrs *nd merchandiw to tlie extent of Men llnilly Hurt in a Collision on l.hi> Oistlo Slumncm Koiul. riTTsnrr.c-.ir, Ta., Feb. 34.—Engines >"os. (• and S on the Castle Shannon raili-oiiO. collided Wednesday evening in, tho tui'iiel rieiir the' Mcmongahela incline, causing one of the worst wrecks that has occurred 011 that road in many roars. Five men were hurt and an engine and twenty-five curs were demolished. The injured: Conductor John Walker, Engineer Henry Hitters, Engineer Frederick Ivisg-ur, Fireman Eanaett Hamilton, and an unknown man. The three first namud men were .seriously injured, but it is thong-hc all will recover. The locomotives met in the middle of the tunnel. Iu the crash that followed the men were buried in the debris. Traffic wns delayed for several hours. ST. rBTESSBUiMJ, Feb. 14. — The Grashdnuin says that the Russian government has granted a Kussian company the concession'to take ^seals and other marine animals in the Xorth Pacific and Polar sea. This is the first concession of the kind granted by Bussia. • _ Will Contest the isoml Issue- 1'llir.ADEU-HiA, Feb. H,—The Knights of .Labor's general executive board decided to employ eminent lawyers to test the validity of the. proposed bond issue. This step has been advocated by Vresident Sovereign. .- The legal processes will be begun at once. . French ArnbAMinlor ll»a a Daushter. .PHU-ADELPHI.V, Fob, 14.—Mme. Pa- tenotre, the wife of XI. JalesPatenotre, the French'ambassador, .was delivered of a daug-hter at the home of her father, Mr. James Elrerson, Wednes- dav evening. Both mother and child are doing well. NO 3 PER CENTS. House Defeats the Gold Bond Ees- olution by Majority of 48, Enemies of the Measure Force It to a Vote—The $16,000,000 No Temptation* .x, Feb. !•(,— According to ngreemunt a vote was taken at 5 o'clock in the afternoon on the 3 per cent. gold bond resolution introduced in the house by the ways and means committee Wednesday, resulting in its defeat, the yea vote being 100 against nays, 157. Forceil to a Vofa, WAsinxciTox, Fob. H'.— In the houso Thursday Mr. Catehings (dem., Miss.) ivporled" the resolution agreed upoa by tin; committee on rules for tho consideration of the joint resolution of tho committee on ways and means regarding Uie issue of . gold bonds. The resolution provides that a vote shall be taken at 5 o'clock in tho afternoon. The resolution \va,s adopted by iv \'0te of ayes 152, noes u.S. "On motion of Mr. Uryan (dero,, Keb.) lca/vo to print remarks on the pending resolution wns given to all members. Tho gold bond resolution was read by the clerk, and the speaker stated that lie would recognize Messrs. Wilson (dem., W. Va.) and Eccd (rep., Maine) for two hours in the silnrma- tive and Messrs. Bryan (dem., Neb.) and Hopkins (rep., 111.) in the negative for the same time; the other hour to be divided among other gentlemen. WilHOii Spr-.-iK-B /or ItMoliitloii. Mr. Wilson opened the debute. Ho reviewed the history of Die t'olil reserve, beginning with tho luw ot 1875, [jrovldliiK '"'' W'O resumption of specie p;iymei:t. Seercinry Slierman. In his rcyorts. U-.nJ su'.d thut the powcrot the seoreta- ry of thu truusui'y to miilntnln the b r ol(] resorvo vvii.s a continuing power auJ In his estimation It should 'lunour.t to -10 por cent, of Lheout- stnndlnB Humilities. This was not the flr.st time, siikl Mr. Wilson, tluit iliu treasury had suffered from u loss of fold. At tho time Mr. WIu- florn tiled there hdd been n run of iiM.000,000 or. tho (,'OlcI reserve ur.d tliu ftvnlliible cash In the treasury hud boon reduced to the $a-l,UOO,lWO of banlt'tniil fv.iula. Mr. Ciu'llsle liud found 1C neeusKiiry three tiroes to no into tbo murkct and buy roln to carry out the terms of the Sherui:m net of Jo(>0. and he hud do<io ju.st wliut Secretary Shonn:in did time and attain In biiy'.UK (,-old frooi other marltcts than our o^vn, Oj>ponont» of the Renolutloii. Mr. Hopkins (rep., 111.) attacked the resolution as did Mr. Ccmnou (rep., 111.). Tho latter asserted that the president knew this gold""bOncl proposition could not pass the house. Why did ho recommend it'. 1 Mr. Cannon asked. Was it in pood fuith'.' 3S'o. It was to muddy the water. "I say," said Mr. Ciiimou, in couclusion, "and 1 say it with sorro\v, that 1 cannot look with pride UDOU the action of thu e.xf.e- utivu. If this action had been taken by a republican secretary of the Ireasiiry this democratic house would have impeached him. Congress luts its function; the executive has his function, but not to make extortion contracts/' [Applause]. Mr. Gi-osvcuor (rep,, 0.) followed in a fifteen -minutes' speech against the resolution. • s**imto. WASUIXGTOX, 'Feb. 14.— In the sennto Thursday Senator Call (dciu., Fhi-) eu- dcavorod to bring up and have action Uiken 011 his resolution as to the Louisiana or Honduras lottery in Florida, but Senator Blackburn cut the matter short by moving to take tip the post oflice appropriation bill. The motion prevailed — Ki to 34— and the senate resumed consideration of the post- office appropriation bill. At 3 p. m. discussion ceased and the senate decided by a vote of yeas 10, nays 30, that the railway service amendment was not in ordor as being ••general legislation on an appropriation bill." Senator Dlacklravn (dem., Ivy.) offered hi:; amendment directing a reduction of at least 10 jjer cent, in the rates paid to the railway companies; and Senator A r ilas offered, as a, substitute for that, his proposition for the purchase of postal cars by the government. The VLlas substitute was laid on the table— yeas, 51; nays, 10. The vote was then taken on a motion by Senator Ijoclge (rep., Mass.) to lay on the table Senator Blackburn's amendment, and it was agreed to— yeas, 42; nays, 14. Senator Burrows (rep., Mich.) introduced a bill providing for the appointment of an additional judge for the Sixth judicial court, which comprises the states of Michigan, Ohio. Kentucky and Tennessee. _ - SUvor TTirown UromlCftRk • TKIXTDA.D, Col., Feb. 14.— An eastbound freight train was wrecked at Thatcher, 40 miles east of here, late Wednesday night by a- broken, brake ' beam. Three cars of silver bullion were derailed and part of the contents scattered over the ground. Xo one was hurt : __ ' GOLD WESTWARD BOUND. V»w Bond IMUC HrLujrlng the Yellow M«tul Back to the TreBiury. WASIUNOTOS-, Feb. 14.—The received gold from the Morgan-Belmont bond syndicate hasi begun to make its appearance in the treasury gold reserve and Its daily increase may be expected. It gained nearly 51,000,000 from this source Wednesday, bringing it up from its lowest point, 341,300,000, to more than $42,000,000. The enormous^ withdrawals of gold from. January 1 to February 13 inclusive, i; shown in tile daily stiitementof redemption of United States notes and ""treasury notes. Since January 1 to Wednesday $40,040,180 in gold had been paid out in redeeming these notes, or at the rate ol more than Si,000.000 per day. All these notes have been issued as the law requires. HEAVY SNOW IN TEXAS. _ OMAHA, XeK, Feb. 14.— J. JT. ilc- Ardle, a prominent • wealthy farmer and politician of Millard, Neb., has eloped wi'ih his wife's niece, Miss Carrie Ditsman, of Dubuque, la-', taking most of his money, with him. j^BI Fop* GrowiDK Tory Feeble. . . ..- ROMJS, Feb. 14.— Owing to the physical weakness of the p.sae the "receptions given. by hfcs holinr','|f have been post- txinfid. ' (jlx Lnclit-Tt of Wmtor'i Doivn Imprili-t it:iilrouil TravoJ. .AUSTIN, Tex., Feb. 14.—Snow began falling Wednesday evening and is still failing. It is Ci inches deep on a level, .with bad drifts. Railroad travel is impeded and street car service almost suspended. The snowstorm is the worst ever experienced here. FOHT WouTir, Tex., Feb. 14.—The second snowstorm of the year fell hero Wednesday and last night. The snow is 4 inohes'dcep and the storm was general over northern Texas. Cattlemen expect heavy losses on. the ranges. BROOKLYN ROAD WINS. Atlorany Oonnrnl of Son- York .OocliJcs A?uln»t Suit fo Vacatu Chnrtnr. AIJIAXY. N. Y.', Feb. 14.-Attorney General Hancock has handed down a -decision denying the application for permission to bring nctloa to vacate the charter of the Brooklyn Heights Itiiilroad company for falling to operate its lilies aeeorrliirg to tho provisions of its chiirter. The attorney holds that if the ten-hour labor law has been violated It was by the ofliccrs of the company and not by the corporation itself. • i;riKht<-M. Yuli; Mull Is l>ninl. HAIVITOKD, Conn., Feb. .H.—Wilbert Perry died at the lliu-tford hospital. His death ends tlie eared- of the man who was said to have boon the brightest scholar that, Yale university has graduated in tho last twenty-flvo years. His downfall began when ho was elected represniitativc of Hartford to tho general assembly in ItiSS. There ho formed vices from whiuli he had never been able to free himself and since then he had been a common drunkard. Sijr. C'-ioUl.l:; Will Not llcl-iirn. KOMI-;, Feb. 14.—In view of the trial of the uctiou for libe! brought against ex-Minister Oiolilti ir, eu-rieci-ion with the liunca llomana su:::idai.s. (he court has issued an ortli.-r commanding the appea-ruuoc of Sig. diolitti in Home. The latter, who is a fugitive in Berlin, has made no arrangement for his return, and it is understood that he will remain in Germany. ^Toro Trou!)k, In ^latrt. BANGKOK, Feb. 14.—Dillieulties have arisen bet\veeii the Siauw.se and the French on the left bank of the Mekong river and serious disturbances have occurred. At one place there was a conflict between a number of Siamese people and'a detachment of Fronili troops, •during which a French officer was severely wounded. VS'cU* i< u KiiRlliili Woman. BIABHITZ. Feb. 14. — Mr. Richard Trenholm Prioleau, son of Uie late C. K. Prioleau, of Charleston, S. C., was married here Thursday morning to Miss El.iz Uurdon, daughter of Mr. Philip Gurdon, a. landowner in Suffolk, Bug-, and formerly a captain JD the Coldstroain guards. Dies of lliir Jnjiirlrn. DECATUJS, 111., Feb. M.—Mrs. William n. Vest died at her home in Mount Zion township of injuries received when she was assaulted by negro Sam Bush, June ], 1SS2. lie was caught by farmcrs, put in jail, and lynched in front of the courthouse. Mrs. Vest had never been well since. Trlnto of Wajes \Tlll HoW a IXITOC. LosDtfx, Feb. 14. — Tho prince of 'Wales will hold a levee at Buckingham palace Friday, when United States Ambassador Bayard, attended by his staff, will present to his royal highness Messrs. Wells and Carter, attaches of the embassy, and M>. W. C. Ralston, of San Francisco. IVanf-8 Satolll Keraovod. OLViaTA., Wash., Feb. 14.—Representative Taylor, an American Protective association member, has introduced in-the house a memorial to congress asking that .Mgr. Satolli, the papal ablegate, be removed from United States territory. The memorial was referred. • Jiof* Frozen to Death. JoiWSTOivy, Pa., Feb. 14.—The bodies of two-bo vs -were found .by the Pennsylvania railroad at a point. in Westmoreland connty. The bdys had been frozen .to .death.", The victims are supposed to. be the two sons pi John "CaufSeld of this city: YORK, Feb. 14.—Fire started in the' Merchants' club, No. 337 Broad- Way, early Thursday morning and before it was extinguished caused a lota ot 875,000. ' - . M'BRIDE ACCUSED. SecsatioD Sprung in Miners' Convention at Columbus, 0, Mark Wild, of A. R. U., State* He Placed $600 in His Hands— McBride Admits Charges. COLUMECS, 0.. Feb. 14.— The biggest Si.Tisat.ioii of the miners' convention •was sprung at the opening of the session Thursday morning when }inrk Wild, of this tfity, :ind district or^'an- i/.er of "the A. H. U., was given the privilege of the floor, lie wns chairman of" the A. K- U. grievance committee of the Columbus, Hoc.kiiigT Valley & Toledo railroad strike last summer nnd is prominent in labor circles. Hum'.ulL SliOO. He said that about four days after the seltlement of the A. K..U, Hocking- Valley railway strike he nu:t John Me 15ride in the oflii-.e of the l.'nite.l ^linoworkers and hud a conversation with him. Mr. AVild said Mr. McHride •urged him to keep his mouth shut in reffiird to the manner the strike was settled, and hnnded him :i package, which Mr. MoHriile told him a certain operator requcsfed .should be g-iven to Wild as u present. Mr. Wild toys he took, the package :m<l put it iu his pocket and tin; conversation continued for a few minutes,, when they separated. Mr. Wild said he was not positive us to the name of the operator mentioned by McBride. but believed it was Ryan. Mr, Wild said lie opened the package oil his arrival at his home and found it contained a roll of bills amounting to SiJOO, He concluded to keep the money and use it iu aiding President Adams in obtaining evidence to convict Me Hi-ide of corruption. Ho wanted to show lip a traitor who sold out thf! A. E. U. strike Mid thought he had collected sufficient evidence to accomplish that purpose. McHrhlo AdmUH It. Mr. AYild's statement caused the greatest i;xcitei!iunt, and a messeng-er- wns at once dispatched to notify Mr. McHridcof whut Mr. Wild had said and invite him to the convention hall to replv. Mr. McBride • arrived in cine time. His f:iee wns flushed and he seemed to be laboring' under some excitement. He admitted that whatMr. Wild had said was true, and that ho. gave him the SCOO. This admission on the part of Mr. McBride wns followed by some explanatory remarks, and the readin/,' of the letter sent by him to the miners of the J locking Val'ley odvihinfr them not to join the American Railway union in another- strike against the Columbus, J kicking Valley A Toledo railroad c.nnpimy. tn 'that K-tter Mr. Mc- IJi-iifu set forth his connection as an arbitrator between the railroad men and President Waite o£ the Hocking Valley Kailway company. Mr. McRrido stated in" tho letter that Mr. "Wild -liad proved himself incapable of handling the strike. He had refused .to agree to 1'resideut Wuite's proposition to submit the grievances of the strikers to arbitration after he (MeHride) had gottt'n President Waitc to make the proposition to Mr. Wild. Kuruuttf! ro Tell Niimi'». A delegate asked ^^r. JfeUriclc to name the operators who gave the money, but he dei-.livied to make this disclosure in open convention. He said he would furnish any information to the committee should oue bo appointed for that purpose. Slol$r!ilc'!i Statements Bonlcci. Mr. Wild followed in a general denial of the statements made by Mc- ]>ridc conccriiiug the management of the Hocking Valley strike. Mr. "tt'ml said McIJride told h : m thnt two or three operator^ h.'i'l made up a purse of $000 given him, which they considered was equal to a year's salary. The operators feared that Mr. Wild would bring about another strike, and they did this to prevent such a thing. They gave the money to McBride and asked him to give it to Wild. A committee was appointed by the miners' convention to investigate and report upon -the subject in controversy betwecn'Wild and McBride. Store BttUJIts CHUKbt. PtJEBLA, Mexico, Feb. 14.—More of the large company of bandits which attacked the Scott tie camp have been captured and will be shot. Soldiers and rurales are scouring the country 10 make arrests of the entire sixty robbers. The Scott brothers and Fore»?.n Franklin are improving-, and it is hoped they will recover from their wounds. The bodies of the six persons killed in the attack were buried Wednesday. Arroarcd for Cruelty. DnxvCT. Col.. Feb. 1*.—Eev. I'raak- lin SpaiiZding-, head master oi Jarvis hall, the fashionable military school for boys here, was arrested Thursday morning for cruelly beating two pupils. "Spaulding is the son of Bishop Spaulding- under whose immediate contract is Jarvis hall. ' '''ARCOLA,' HL, Feb. 14.—The jgieasles and mumps are playing havoc wTui the public schools in this city. Over 100 cases have been reported, and many other children who have been exposed to both maladies will doubtless cause the schools to .skise for a time. NO. 40. OVER THE STATE. Nowa Briefly Told from Varloun Tcrwns in Indiana. nmlUnp u Lo»t Kolfttlvc. KicuMosn, Jmi.. Feb. H.— Alfred Weishtuipt. one of Richmond's best- . known Gorman citizens, is endeavoring to locate his brother-in-law, Michael Doserish. The latter is it native of' Alestt, Germany. and camo to America thirty-five years ago. -, -. .'ing in Cincinnati. In l£70 lie v. >.:V *••• Ciilifornia to seek his fortune. About 1SSO a brother. -Sebastian Dexeri.sh. forwarded to him S:\OOO in. cash, which was a portion of a legacy. 1't is known that Michael received the money, but from that day to this nothing- has been heard of him. There is considerable more money to go to him. Frlji7!iriill.v Mansrl^d. KOKOMO, hid.. Feb. H.— Four into*- icated vouiv; iiU'U meing in sleighs ran into Albert and Mrs. McKeynoUs' rig 1 on a bridge, hurling it imo a. stream, The horse fell on Mrs. MeRoynolds, who was frightfully mangled, beiujf trampled on by the lloumleruig uuiinal. Should she die. which' is probable, tho young men will answer to the charjj* of man slaughter. School Dtkiiilniif it to .Soe J an KnRlc. Coi.rMiiVr!. Ind., Feb. H.— At a schoolhouse in tiiis city the teacher observed a large eagle as it perched npou a tree. The school was dismissed tlsit the- pu« pils might sec the bird, when a boy named Koy ^ilfens, a {fed 13, hastened to a neighbor's home, procured a rilltt and killed the bird, which measured 8 • feet and i inches from tip to tip of . wing's. _ Doiilli of Adolpti Sijldointlekcr. IsuiAX.u'Ol.is, Ind., 1-Vb. H.—Adolph. Seideustickev died Wednesday night, aged 03. He was president of the German Insurance company of this city and owner of the German Telegraph. His family was a prominent one in Germany." lie leaves large wealth. Oniylienl Swnloncod. Lx POIITE, Ind., Feb. 14.-Judfi-« Ihibbard overruled $10 motion for a nyw trial in the Graybeal murder caso «73d sentenced the prisoner to thirteen years' imprisonment in the penitentiary. Gritybcal's attorney will carry the ense to the supreme, court. Guilty of RTiiiMcr. HAr.Tromi CITV. Ind.. Feb. 1-1. -Tho trial of "Red" Shields for the murder of Jimmy Young ;it Montpc-licr last •fall was ijnished and the jury found him guilty <>f innrili-r in ihe second c!e- givu rind gave him fifteen years in tho penitentiary. ___ .liii-Ti-n^oN vi I.I.K, Ind., Feb. H.— Mila* Smith was indicted by the grand jury for hilling Lem IVuiUm December 13. Smith, lli-d and is supposed to be in Chicago. He beeaim; angry at Petlit for coming into his sli-ru and ta.ntalix.inj him. _ I-V1I 1>C Sill. Cou;Mm-.<Oml.,Fel>. M.— . Tacob Hawk, ,-iged 70, and iMigiiged in manufacturing separators with Koeves &. Co., tliis city, arose curly in th« morning, and, while dressing, fell dead from heart disease. riour .V.Ul mirnod. ROCHESTER, Ind., Feb. 14.— Loiter & Fcter'en's Hour mill burned Wednesday morning. Loss, 82."., 000. Insurance, in National Millers, S5.000; Alton, S5,00fc Two i"p:ir» lor L'«1»C » Knlf«. Hu-viTNGTON', Ind., Feb. H.— Frank Moon was given two years in tho penitentiary for murderously attacking Constable Moroleymaa with a knife. . t'li'vr "'it- il!« I!r;ilii-,. VlNcr.NNiw. Ind., Fob. M. — Grant Whitfiehl blew out his brains wliilo. despondent o-.-or ill-health. He was * colored i^rl^-^j--'--'-"''? ^g''- USED DYNAMITE. Unknown Flomls'AlUMiipt to Destroy Llfo anil I'ropeny. MAKTI.N-'S FRISKY. 0., Feb. 14.— At an • early hour Thursday morning tho striking glass workers at, the Buckeye where so much trouble has taken. place, threw a dynamite bomb loaded with slugs into the office, wrecking- that portion of the building. Manager Humphrey und one of tho non-union men sleeping in an adjoining room narrowly escaped death as thej- were just on tiae point of opcninjf the door leading to the oflkc when the explosion occurred. The force of the explosion shook the buildings within a radius of % mile. President Seamon, of the Duckeyo glass works, when ho k-arned of tho attempt to wreck the fciatory in the morning at once announced his interi- . tion to give up trying to work and will abandon the plant entirely. When working full nearly 300 hands wero employed. BROOXI-YX. Feb. K.—At Wednesday night Master Workman Connelly, o? district assembly Xo. 73,' who ha-s been managing the Brooklyn trollev strike, announced that the delegates from the local assemblies had voted to continue the strike. ANDERSON. Ind.. Feb. 34.—Miss Flossie 15. White, of Elwood. has brought* £10,000 "breach of promise suit against Samuel Chalfant. She alleges that h« asked her to marry him, bat turned • right around and -wedded MissJL Good*night. Both parties are projninent, . .

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