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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 14

Cincinnati, Ohio
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FRANCE REMAINS ALOOF From Internationalism, of Other I Countries, Says B. C. Morse Richard C. Morse. New York.

ho for many year, was executive head the M. C. spoke the C. A auditorium yesterday on The New Internationalism" Ik had lived to herse .11 year, while mil.ion. of cimen, of Belgium.

Italy. Rurs and Germanv had ABet- I "Only bv the miiuo or Amer- Ilea. Russia. Franc. f.T-T int'rntllin be Mr.

Morse added. Closing his v. CINCINNATI, 1U, JAIL CELL Is- Minister's; Pulpit Surety ons Til, Double Coup When Preacher and Flock Are Arrested at Harrison, Ohio. -r HI Village Officials Are Flayed "as Friendly To Saloon" hy Re v. (Jrorpr ft ks ia Sermtn rtm Barrr-d mdew CUsin Orde YUIatcd, Mjr Sajs.

Kev. George Cocks, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church. Harrison. Ohio, and 1 members of his congregation were arrested when they assembled for services yeaterdav mornina on charsres of having violated an order 6f the Board of Health, prohibiting be- cause of the influenza epidemic Rev. Mr.

Cocks had given notice that he WjuW defy the order of the Harrison (Ohio) Board of Health by holding services in his church, unless Harrison saloons were compelled likewise to observe the closing order. Marshal Ferdinand Doerman. of Ha-. rison, with a squad of deputy officers, waited outside the church until the pastor and 1 members had assembled. Then they entered the chdrch and placed the 16.

including men. women and children, under arrest. Preaches Sermon in Jail. As cells at the Harrison Jail wen-too limited in number to accommodate the IT prisoners, they were crowded into the prison corrider. while Rev.

Mr. Cocks stationed himself at a cell window, overlooking approximately 500 other members of his church, who had congregated on the outside of the jail, and delivered his sermon. "Present Conditions and Those Responsible." "What do you think of a man, who is a member of the Methodist Church and the Masonic Order, the same as his pastor, holding the office of Mayor, who is friendly to the saloon crowd Rev. Mr. Cocks cried.

A greater part of the population of that part of Harrison in which the ja.l is situated had deserted their homes to gather about the jail. Efforts of police officials to drive them away were futile. "What more can you expect when, as a modern church member, this man is so akin to the of the world that there is not enough spiritual power in him and his kind to cast out a devil the size of a peanut." Rev, Mr. Cocks continued. "The saloon would close every church if it could.

The church could close every saloon If it would. "Ask Only Equal Bights." "I ask only for euual rights. The influenza ban is st'll in effect, having i never been 1 telephoned a member of the Board of Health, a professed Christian, and told him if he would accompany me I would show him the saloons were open. "He replied' he would call the Marshal and have him investigate. This is the same Marshal that has thrown me and these innocent children In this prison.

No investigation was ever made. "Another member of the Board of Health, a Master Mason, whose son attended the Methodist Sunday School, has refused to permit the youth to attend further because of the pastor's ficht against the saloons "You cannot live without a church in a city. People do live without saloons. If there were no churches in thi. (- no decent man or woman would be alive here in six months.

I nave preached amst corruption of masses as well as individuals. 1 never struck a surer or more dad)y blow to this town than when I he denounce this saloon-dominated tins." March Flock To JaiL Mttle protest was raised when the arrested worshippers were required to proceed to ail. Hieh indignation and a spirit of inveterate belief in the justness a eeemi to Mold possession of r-rotest Against Centralized System Children laughed and plaved of Lumber Purchases through the prison corri- s- 1 dors. I by the d.rection of ieht Hinckley. Marshal Doerman released the If, President, the members of the Yellow of the congregation at 11:30 Pine Wholesalers' Association are be- 1 1" m' fter havins one hour, ing circularised on the nrono.i was retained until he could Ra.lroad Admini.traUon tT $3 bnd Th" Pid by ized svstem -V Conrey.

a member of his church and child, was eceutive Secretary K' T' urge, the membeV wirir" h' tests" to John pr- ltn "nslructions to tor of the Division of Slurday 1 of finance and 2:30 p. m. to answer rh.rr.. tion.

and to The fact that no placed tive. in Congress in? h- members of the Information received bv thaI ley. President of thewh l' tl thl dm- Lumber Company of cL "'1' 'Kaln'1 the the effect that a cen.r. T'' to of Ha.rlrto, Marshal LHer- purch ha, been Fl Protest Meeting Planned. sp at the A meeting ia to be held in several days, it was said, to decide upon such an action and to prepare plans to vindicate Rev.

Mr. Cocks at his trial. R'v- Mr. Cocks maintained that after a quarantine order had been issued by the Board' of Health requiring all stoses. saloon, and churches in Harrison to -close, the saloons were permitted to to sell bottled goods without official privilege for such an opening having been granted bv the Roard of Health.

He wa, wiHiK to close hi, church, he- said, if saloons were made to do likewise. Fred Rupp. a member of the" Board of Health, in commenting upon the ar. rests, said: "In my opinion churches and store's should be permitted to ope if saloon, enjoy this special privilege H. O.

Campbell, head of the Campbell Brother. Manufacturing Copan of th "I told Rev. i knowledge tha, in obtaining wr- If a suit Is filed tion of Harrison. u. tion of Harrtso Pleant.

V. Medlcal upon GeoT city wnuld the Grand Hotel, wa. b-'aron, former the corner Fourth and Central v- hue early yesterday morning The A Church wuM tidier, ned When Dr. Mar- 2nd sflrVt 0rKe Fourth and Central ax'-n, MVvnn. i -me the a 'mE Meutenant Gerard said h.

believed rob- Pht He OWo- ber, wa. th. motive, as h. had aevTral H.n Har- hundred dollar, with him. VT.

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Large, comfortable armchairs to match any davenport $40 to $175. Iffleimsltoaw's 'Elm and Canal 7 "Belter Furniture thai costs no more" ARREST SALOON OWNERS If They Sell Liquor To Ken in Uniform, Eays Police Order. Orders went out to jolice yesterday directing: the arrest of air saloon owners Jn Cincinnati who are fot nd selling or serving: liquor to soldiers in uniform. It is understood that patrolmen in plainclothes will, be detailed this work and they will be assigned special districts to cover. Tbese datrtel.

will bs small ia order that the men mar keep In almost constant roach wifa' iexcrmin pwtsrrw Axr kl. STliMTH UMtkKt. CHRISTMAS SPECIALS ROAST TIRKKY. ESCAlOxPK OVSTOts. HOT MINOR HK.

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