The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1937
Page 5
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i''niDAy, APRIL IG, (ARK.)' COURMI NEWS Ward Avenue Project Is , Halted at Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., April 16, — Widening of Ward Avenue, the main business and south residential thoroughfare of this city, was suspended yesterday, because of lack of funds. Mayor D. D. Pinion announced that he had received a communi- cation from Charles BUwton,' Slkeslon, district. WPA director, stating that, funds for the project were exhausted. Yesterday, Mayor Pinion and four aldermen, J. L. Daniels, J. W. Davis. Obye Coker and Wyinun Dlllman, drove to Sikcston to confer with Blanton regarding possibility of securing more funds to complete the project. The project was started almost a year ago, ni>d was to linvc widened the street about five feet on each side for n, tolal of about twenty-five blocks. During the winter, work was closed down several tlmra, due to llw weather and also to the difficulty encountered In seeming materials. There yet remains about six blocks to be completed, and along (lie sides of the street, blockades placed. Merchants and business men are in hopes of securing additional funds to complete the Jou, as the evnciiatcd side strips pVcsent considerable danger to motorists, especially nt night, who arc not familiar with the deep plls. Mayor Pinion said thciv some- possibility that additional funds may be secured through the earth has been evacuated, and | the WPA, but Just what, future program for the completion will not bo determined by the city mini definite decision Is given out by the WPA 'headquarters office. nnil his men proceed with R survey to determine, where inetcrcil zones should b established. Olty Council hns authorized cW-' Parking Meters Likely For Cleveland Soon (UP)— Instnlti'.tlon of parking meters in Cleveland appears a certainly as Traffic Commissioner Edward J. Donahue | FARM LOANS Lowest ratfs—lowest cxpcn« Also city properties DON H. KASSERMAN Room 220 Lynch Hlrtg. Phone 811. P. O'. Box 110 flllon ot the vconos and, though purchase, of meters; has hot been aulhoilzecr'a's.yet, has declir&l * policy Javoriiig their Installation. NoW Located It 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU BON BUWARD3, Proprietor All fiukt* 01 Rebuilt Typewriter*, AiKU'rig Machine* CalcUUt on—n epal rln»—Parts—Hlb lH>n» will make Farming Is Much Easier and Cheaper When a Farmall Does the Work NG IMPLEMENTS osier ~ more Profitable . McGprmick-Deering Speed and flexibility are brought to the row-crop farm by the Farmall Tractor. It is so far ahead of horses when It conies to planting, cultivating, and .doing other row-crop and general farming work that there is no com- parisgn. And most important of all, Farmall farming means lower-cost farming. Until you own and operate a Farmall you cannot appreciate the benefits ami advantages of it. But just ask any Farmall owner about it. lie is the man who is enthusiastic about the Farmall. He knows. He has farmed with horses and with the Farmall and you can bet that he isn't going back to horses.- • If you want a real demonstration.of-the. Farms!!', call us up and we will arrange one McCormick-Deeririg Moxvers Have Always Been Good and the No. 7 Enclosed Gear Mowers Is the Best Yet Al right: The No. 161'Ctliiplex planter. It plants corn from one hopper, beans or peas from the other, or corn from both hoppers, or beans front both hoppers. II McCormick-Deering "160 Series Planters Plant Corn, Cotton, Pots, Beans, Peanuts, Kafir Corn, and All Similar Seeds V, 1 The Balanced McCormick-Deering New 4 TOOK at the planter shown - L - / above. Notice the short, compact frame, and the long handles for balancing the planter on the wheel. You can handle that planter anywhere, and when it comes to the short, curving, and twisting rows in terraced land-, o* on hillsides'/ it's the sweetest-handling planter you ever saw'. In the McCprmick-Deering "160 Series" Planters you get this advantage of easy handling along with a choice of everything a grower needs'in equip- ment to handle a wide variety of seeds. Four different types of hoppers — cotton-and- corn, or cotton only, in the popular International Harvester reverse-feed type with .improvements, nnd slant- drop hoppers in both dupleSc'. and single hopper types/'"'No 1 ' fooling —anything a -man can ..ask' for in a one-horse, one-row planter he can get in ontf of these McCormick- Deering Planter combinations Ask us for complete 'information, * To Cure Hay Quickly- Handle It with the Come in and go over the en- tiro mower. You'll asree that you have never, seen.,anything like it. Cotton Planter Cdn Be Attached toj the McCormiaVDeering FARMALL in 3 Minutes and Removed in 2 Minutes cultivates evenly The gang beams of Ihe Now 'I raise and lowci v horizontally, They arc always} level; tluis all'the shovels or hoo'a enter the grotnul at the same time an oven depth' unless you have them set dilYeraiUy. The' New;.'l-.iK:'n'C'ijalaiiCe frame''! cultivator. When the gangs arc raised 'by 'the master lever which is provided, the frame moves' forward, and with it'Hie driver,'balancing the cultivator nicely. . The thorough success of the McCormick-Deering New 'f has undoubtedly: made it the loading single row cultivator in the United States. We'will'be glad to show it to you. MiCORMICK* • DEEDING -' 'FARMALL t McCormick-Deering Sweep Rakes ""THINK what it means to ' meet all ths retirements for •••have a modern cotton planting cotton, corn, beanij planter with this time-saving peas, peanuts, milo iri»ize;l feature. And famember, nil broom corn, etc, Th* planting' McCarrmck - D«rintf Farmall range 13 13 to 46 pounds of) 12 Tractors now in service can cotton seed »n acre; special! be^ readily equipped to tako ' • ' thi» riiw planter, the F-68 IB a 2-row, direct connected, power-driven planter that can be adapted to . feature. plates increase this 16 50 toJ 70 pounds. Ask about tnis new planter with its Quick-Attachable We ai'c anxious to have all our friends sec the new McCormick-Deering No. 7 Enclcseci-Gear Mov/cr. We think it is one c[ the finest pieces of farm equipment we have ever sold! For example: 1:10 entire operating mechanism, including drive gears, differential, and 'countershafts, is assembled compactly in an oil-tight gear housing and runs in a bath or oil. There arc four high-grade roller bearings. Cpcration is so smooth and noiseless that you can scarcely hear the light hum of the sickle! Special oil seals a6 the ends of the main axie and fly-wheel shaft, and This compact ncsl of cnclos- thc oil-tight gear box prevent leak- c<! gears runs in a b.ilh of ami protect nil working parts cil j; {l]|| „ T , c asamst the entrance of dirt and other _. * . abrasive i::Ucriais. Floating action of B ' mnkcs lhc .>™ r cabe dllsl ' cutter bar provklrs ample play with- n rcof and oil-lijlil. Clutch is out (listui'oli-.g knif; registration... thrown, in and out br lever, A. McCormick-Deering Side Rake and Tedder This Iwo-in-onc hay tool combines the best in a side delivery rake and n tedder. It forms a ({nick-curing windrow —turning the leaves inward to prevent shattering and the stems outward to get the <|uic:kest action from the sun and air. The shift of a lever converts the McConnick-Dcering from a side rake to a tedder. Another lever sots the teeth at the right slant for either operation. Roller bearings assure light draft. The strong frame is well braced by a largo truss beam over the reel. Gears are extra heavy. Teeth are securely fastened by special clips and bolts. We have this and other JIcCormick-Dccring hay tools ready for delivery. Popular Among Hay Growers McCormick-Deering Sweep Rakes are favorites where hay growing is a big business. Their rigid, sturdy construction, adaptability^ and ease of opera- lion assure years of faithful, money-saving service to their owners. They are built to stand hard work and abuse. Straight-grained lumber, reinforced with steel and iron, is used in their construction. Teeth are oiled to increase the ease wilh winch (hey pick up and release hay. The McCorrmck-Deering i-B is a 2-whccl rake with three bars. On the 2-A the seat is mounted over a single caster wheel at the rear and raising is accomplished wilh a lever. The 4-B and 9- are 4-whecl power-lift rakes. The 9 is the heavy-duty type. These sweep rakes offer you the greatest value and finest quality obtainable. You Can Put This Quick-Attachable Sweep Rake on the FARMALL 12 and Be Ready To Go In 5 Minutes We know of no other season when time means moire than during the haying'. Every day brings a variety of jobs, with mowing, raking, and stacking; claiming your time and attention. That's why you will like this new Quick-Attachable Farm- all Sweep Rake. Its special features enable you to' attach the rake to the Farmall 12 and be ready in a few .minutes for fast, efficient work. When the Farmall .is needed for other work the sweep rake can be removed just as quickly. , The Farmall Sweep Rake is attached ahead of the Farm- all so the operator has perfect control of the rake when loading, moving, and unloading at the stacker. This •feature, together with the power-lift device and the provision for easy, Quick steering, makes it possible for the operator to save time' at every 1 turn with the Farmall Stfeep Rake. : The McCormick-Deerinj: H:;e of Quick-Attachable Farmall Tools also includes a 7-Foot power mower, with", which •you can mow from 20 to 25 acres a day. Ask us for detailed information on these new tools. • BAILING WIRE AND COTTON HOES ARE GOING HIGHER H We have a supply bought at the old prices and can save you money on these two iteifts » as long as these last. BUY YOURS NOW. PHONE 802 NTS TO ARMORY BLYTHEVILLE, ARK.

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