The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1948
Page 15
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THUMPAY, MAT 1?, MenuMakersAid | Working Women Office Weary Girls Gmt Lift in Kitchen rom Quick Dishes . H*U off to th« working woman I who cooks! Dashing home each lni«ht to prepare dinner f or » ) U m- I try hiuband; and sometimes other I family members, Is no small re- liponriMlity. When time Is short I »nd the cook Is weary, menus must I consist ot dishes which are (1) easy I to prepare, and <2> require only a lihort cooking lime. Many working I women think ot quick-cooked meats I In terms of steals and chops. Ae- I tually there's a sizable list of other I meats suitable for this purpose and •nany of them are on the (Inifiier lide. Economy Meats lor Quick Dinners I Ground beef, canned meals. I frinUurters, pork uusage links and I fatUct, yon* btff liver. Pot roast, J beef stews, Swiss steaks nnd other I l«ss expensive dishes may be cook- I ed qu'.ckly in that wonderful time I *aver. Ihe pressure cooker. Then I there's the night - before coolt- I ery trick of letting a stew or meat I sauce for .spaghetti simmer while I you uusy yourself with olher honse- I h<D !fL mat 'ers. 'Die flavor of these I co 'i^Bl-fn-advance meat dishes :s I anOK improved. (Be sure to store I these in .the refrigerator until used.! I Here are suggestions for dishes I made with tile meats listed above. Complete menus are Included which are well balanced as well as quick| ly prepared. Ground Beef Dishes 1. Broiled Hamburger" Patties. I Brush patties with barbecue sauce I or catsup before broiling. Serve I with mashed potatoes, green beans. I salad of lettuce and cottage cheese 1 with chiv&s, fresh or canned fruit and cookies. I J. Ground Beef Pricasse in Ma-sn- «i Potatd Nest. Brown meal with chopped onions in fat. Add salt, Pepper, garlic salt, sliced celery, and a little water. Cover and cook ov;r low heat, about 20 minutes. Serve I with peas, fruit salad and bake-y I take. 3. Individual Meat Loaves. (These bake in 40 minutes.) Serve with buttered noodles, spinach, lettuce and tomato salad, canned date an-1 I nut pudding with whipped cream. I 4. Meat Balls. Brown well and I eook on top of stove in tomato or I mushroom soup, about 20 minutes. I Serve with boiled rice, carrots, cab- 1 bage slaw, and bakery pie. Canned Meats . .»_- ked Corn Beer Hash with Bggs. Or slice and fry with onion slices. Or cut In thick" slices and broU or bake. Serve with cooked cabbage, stuffed pear salad, cake 3. Cl earned Drief Beef (Add gar- I lie salt ot curry powder.) Serve on I Odnned crisp noodles, with beets, | peach and cottage cheese salad, packages pudding. 3. Pork Luncheon Meat. Score, stick with cloves, and bake in the I piece with coating of brown sugar, I mustard, and vinegar, serve wilh 1 canned sweet potatoes, peas, lettuce salad, fruit and cookies. Or I « ice and broil with *li c «d pineap- | pie or peach halves. Canned Beef stew. Serve as Is, I .x." 1311 " into • nie »t pie topped | wjth bwcuiU or mashed potatoes. I ] (ARK.y COURIER Simple Dish Rings the Bell L. Roast beef and vegetables in colorful and succulent unity Keep it simple but m»de It won-* ii^jjimj derful. That's the rule when you plan a special dinner for mother )o «' 2« to 30 minutes a pound for on any day. •— -•- -- • - Their recipe makes preparation and serving easy and attractive Roasl Bref With VeteUMes Take A Break For A Snack During Busy Day If there are any veterans tumour family, Ihey'll know what thai means nnd agree thai It's a pretty good Idea applied to civilian lite. "Take ton" simply menus "take ten minutes" for a little rest In the drop peppermint extract. 1 drop red coloring, i cup cream, whinped, Prepare chocoliile puddlnn us directed on pnckiiee. Cool. Add peppermint and coloring to whlppi-d crea into make cream a dellcutii pink. Serve pudding In parfnlt Glnssrx lit nltvnmllntr layers with whipped cream, having whipped cream on top. midst of Hie day's >ctlvjtles. Try It ul liumeclennliig time »nd sec It It doesn't (he fatigue „ bit. When Dud get., B ,-ound to s|>:idlii« Dint garden, he'll b« nilBhly glnd lo "luke ten" loo. It's a good si-liMiie for the children M well, for ill this (line of your they lend lo |i!ay,«o lined outdoors that they often over tire themselves Cnll them In for n t,,i 0 [ rest Bllrt R slwck and Join llieni In relaxing. The snii<-kv Alt. that calls for NOiuclhUiR Hint doesn't require n ] u l of extra work to prepare, qniluim crackers. Jelly nnd milk nrn n com- blnallon (lint III! this bill perfectly You am get them al quickly and easily ,111 your llext |,.| p to , he , n _ eery store so they'll be on hand for lundilng. Cirahum mu-keis spread with pennul bultcr nnd lopped with cur. runt Jelly me nmrveloiis. fsiwcUHy with a cold glass of milk or a com- . (Serves 8-8) Two tablespoons flour. 2 teaspoons salt, few grains pepper. 3 j " n V,. r ;« pounds rolled beef roast, s bunches V.,rt , ri , , carrots (12 to 16 carrots), cooked, 1 , on \M n ^Z, ^H, I ""\ mlat , « in & r^fafrmc- ~/^i.~-i * . ~ n .. : coniDination — delicate pink and -. ... rare-done staec. 32 to 35 minutes a pound for medium and about 40 minutes a pound for a well-done ro.-wt. Arrange cooked carrots, cooked potatoes and cooked onions around meat and return to oven G " nteh wllh «""- 6 to 8 potatoes, cooked, 6 to 8 small onions, cooked, watercress. . Mix together /lour, salt and pepper and rub over meat; place meat. fat side up, in a well greased two- quart heat resistant glass utility disli. Roast In slow over (300 degrees P.) about 114 to 2 hours, It using a roast meat thermometer, meat will-be rare at 140 degrees P.; medium done at 160 degrees P; and well done at 113 degrees P. Or al- brown. Mother will be excited. Chocolate PenperminI I'arfail (Serves fi) One recipe chocolate pudding, 1 Crisp goodness Slo-curerfto •perfection Bacon For * brighter br.ak- f«f, for a IcgM lunch or- lupner, Ever-Good Bacon addi exfra i«t and nu- Wtion. You enjoy every bite of every rich, satii- fying, golden-brown ince. Bs sure you ge< ,fhe fmeit. Get jlo-cured, flavor-rich Ever-Good Bacon at -'yoiir dedlera today. MEMPHIS PACKING CO Memphis. Tenn. fortluc cup of hot t««. Ifi * com blnatiou thai satisfies a iweet tooth «nd yet mippllfs real nourishment. Anothit , «ood eoniblimtion to h«v« oh h»nd U currant, jelly, cream che«««'»nd gruham crackers. lt'» fun U> prepare these In "double- decker" style. Jusl spread one cracker with cream clicivio nnd top It with another cracker sprciut \\'llh currant Jelly, some jwrsons may be sulisrled moru simply with a glns.s of milk ami grahnin crnckera spread lightly with their favorite flavor.? of Jelly. To m:ike It real easy. Jusl keep the makings handy oil the kitchen table In the afternoon. Sen's your- sclfmul lot (he children help llicm- sclves. Mini enough? Fine) Now sit back it IK! rolux lo ro\ind out your leu inimite rest. You'll be iiblo lo Kel up and (ackle your work with renewed vljror. ^ , FLAVOR-PROTECTED IN CELLOPHANE WRAP- IK- Mad* frtth daily In our kitchtnt from coatt I* co«*tl Arkansas Rice Growers Cn-op. Assn, Stuttgirt, Arkan.tai trend 6owJ News AWitf i frwt N«w Su* Wscovtry Trend babies your hands! TREND is neutrs!. It contains no alkali, no acKJ.Formildness.compareTRENDwitheven your favorite complexion soap. It's easy on your hands. TREND babies your hands! Trend cuts dishwashing time in half! Glassware, dishes drain sparkling dry without wiping.. .even in hardest, coldest water. No •neeze powder. No dishpan ring. Trend K safer than tfu mildest soep for fj M kumlryl Sheerest nylons rinse out cleanly last longer. Woolens come out fluffy, new- looking. Brightens colors, too. Made by the makers of PUREX • of*,, t( At.FORM COR^. V IIO,, H5\-'TH 6 AtC'SI. VOUII .|^CflM H- Dll l SPECIAL BARGAIN AT.YtXlR GKXB& NOW J-ARGE SI7.E RINSO box33c LAKGBSI/K LUX FLAKES - box 33c LARGE SIZE SUPER SUDS - box33c BATH SIZE KAHS LUX SOAP - - 2for26c LARGK SIZE VEL :- _ boxSlc Cashmere Bouquet bar 12c REGULAR PALMOLIVE--2barsl9c JOAN OF AKC—NO. 300 CAN " ~~ Kidney Beans - - - IQc Prince Albert-carton $1.15 ALL POPULAR BRANDS Cigarettes - - carton $1.99 SPECIAL THIS'WEEK Alp«n Brau 5%, 24 Bottle Case BEER - - -JI69 Heil Brand Slab BACON - ... |b.49c Tender Grade A CLUB STEAK - - lb.55c Ad Mear , WEINERS - - - lb.43c Dairy Fresh ' COTTAGE CHEESE -box26c Rib or Brisker STEW MEAT - - Ib. 35c Fryers and Hens Fresh Dressed Daily Str.ak O' Lean SALT PORK - - lb.33c Nice Meaty NECK BONES - - Ib.lfr These are the last for the season Sfra wherries qi. box 29c APPLES ,™r 3a 4 49 C PEAS Fre *p- 0 ^ dw<ler ABh • KIJ^ BH^ik " .A. _• ^ORANGES, Ifc ;taB 35 c B«MIWS R ^rb12i' NewPofaloes--3ibs 19c Harts, Taystee, Wonder BREAD .... - - 2for25c LARD - - - - - 8ibpaii$1.99 Oranae Juice -• 46oz,can19c • • • • No.2can23c Grapefruit Sections - 2 for 25c Extra Standard , TOMATOES --- No.2catt23c (RISCO - - -.3ibcan$1.18 RABYFOOD- --; All Good Sacramento Peeled ; APRICOTS - - - No.2}c*25c Fruil(ocklail--No.2J<a»37c Dromedary - Dromedary ' *. Pimentos, 4 oz. can - - 2for25c Marshmallows - 10w baglTc 4-or. Can VIENNA SAUSAGE -2for25c Coms,tock . "* ^ APPLES No.2 can 18r GRAPEFRUIT 10lb.bag35c /^..._ U 1» * Green Heads CABBAGE - - Mississippi Green CORN - , - Red Ripe TOMATOES - Florida Black Diamond WATERMELONS • lb.4!c 6 for 25c ^ lb.25c - lb.6c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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