The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 26ft '/«- Blytheville courier Blythevllle Dally News Biylhevlllp Herald Mississippi Valley Ix-ader THKVIU.B; ARKANSAS. TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, inse SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Braggadocio Man Will Lose Sight in One Eye iiitwi dnndiiim M, as Tiiir- rplii fio Misisiii-d uu tnlim n night iv (,! accident 'Sat nl«ht (hit will rost him i,f in.L 1; o our rye |dftoniiik! u|fi h fi 0 oodlum . 'K 'BlHheiJIit i, 0 >, r.codinm sud ihu i j nlflc tint I lullr sldi-,ttl|ircl the . » in winch hr in,! , I0 inpii)iou in, iltlit)"- on a liiglutHj iHi.jge ,„„ ins the -jccldwn Hc ,m,i l)m tll( <lid not •.tnp'ifiu thr im ' Permanejil Buildings Not Reached by flood, Squatters Removed lemporaiy he-idqiciilcrs it thr faim colonj stood lodaj in a veiltnbie lake about, i mile l<mg and 11 hull mile wide, "llii rrsult 01 liability of the lyion?i i Ivei te, carrj aw ij the i run pli from lhe heavy rains nl last" >-hd. News of the situation wis given the courier Ncvs at ncem today bv B N Wlhon county TFRA ill mlmi ratof by telephone tiom the colonj Peinianent colonj headquarters not jet o-vupled nnd the homes built for permanent, incidents of the colony ate on higner ground and <\ere not reached by th" flood Mi Wilson slid .Water Is FallJn* Water aromid l> temporary headqnaiters Is about n root dec)) Mr Wilson said It had fall-n ibout an Inch at noon todaj ind (he expectation was that in-.a day or Up the colony would he virtually fi« e of watc. No colony lestdenls have been forced lo move on account of the water but about foity or n/ty persons members or a squatter settlement thai hart grown up just over the east boundary of the colony have been gl^en temp orary shelter at the Mississippi county rehabilitation farm which Is nearbj These people who ap nfl CXBe pirenlly came to the vicinity in d JfvL nlnfm'iV; ."T"" 1 ""', ^ hope of 0 btaln,n B work* .ll&Vl^Z? nofo^ ^ Almost a forced Landing lual of Earl Mageis' Suit Against Bus Line Neat mg Completion Bail Makers' $15000 personal In- ury suit agalnu'lhe Mathis Bus Line was expected, to go [ 0 a li The <phlnll«"'A4d shortly be l°' e "r?:. 1 ^ au <? »«•' defense to 'present'and com- its^ evidence thjs afternoon ._ ;l that he was injured when liis Cttl Ullu u „ "US collided on Highway 18 ne- ween Blytheville and Dell He charges that the accident, »as ^f d r?>, "^'sence-ond recHcss- '?« or the bus driver Defense Attacks Chim Cross examination or Magcrs >nd expe.t medical witnesses call North aiicLEasl Slilh In Grip of ( Sp,vero S.lorm and Cold Wave •• Yesterday's prediction of n'V.ero mjjRi-siiire far-iliis vicinity failed to niatcrlnllze last night but' the tummy toil to 10 degrees' above nud a silff norlliwpst wind macln il se«ii even colder .to those ' who were forced io veiilurc oul. ; | The thermometer rose ; slowly' this morning,; reaching 20' above at I p. nl.. and another cold lilglit, upprared in prospect. The official forecast, however, is for mode-rating. temperatures. ' • While the severe cold brought suffering to . -• with wanly clothing nnd Inadequate, fuel supplies. a nlsn brought benefits. A hard frce^.n is always welcomed'' by farmers because. It. Helps Co condition the soil and to 'keep 'down i'weel pests. This -time It, served ,he additional benefit 'of checking the run off a! water 'from recent rains and of flood; thus lessening menace ' - ' Zer oat Utnloiiviilc LITTLE; HOCK, 'Jan. 22 (UP)— iespite from''zero wcatlier was orecast for; '• Arkansas todny' by he federal weather bureau. •'TIiiv'" .. mercury dropped to one bsldw ; ero - at Beiitonvllle, coldest spot the formerly . and some of —, had emplovment there had pitched tents or built shacks on low lafed which was invaded bj Us flood «at«rs= They'-were re moved yesterday by colon} work, r ? , rtu Mil be for tlle Rfcl and red for until th'ev can to lliei, homes 01 located elsewhere Part, of the. of ..- -- 1 -* "i- colony nor of hut 7 nty "^ Ml Wton «M vide eme? S enc °" U8 " t **"" '° ' pro «ig se\erely from cold The? had fuel supplier been covered with water Exject Proteeiion Ind r-*"~r * iUHTLiJUH ...Ir.? 0 ?"..™ 1 " 7 * 1 MI- w.i f s «<""•> of ( flo(xi pps- the e.a te Colony anfl, for that reason jir- manent taind,nj?"»e« located on ' °"" tl arm>> enginee h n , P « united -•"•-i*iLi- mat c eontomplaled St control program and .have given >mpletion of the "rencis rjver flood fchlcu 'calls fm U. refute Mager, chareea of neg- Itgcnce on the bus drivers' part cut jould also atterapt to prove that a physical condition tiiat Mag'eis complains of'-was io a large e\tent the result of on In- jurj suffered mam years befoie the accident Amoii? the witnesses expected lo lake the 1 stand this afternoon is Di Henrj G Hill Memphis ,spe- ciallst-Local physicians have testified and othei-s maj^be called Wlls 'Davis Memphis attorney and former Blythenlle ieslden[ heads Hie defense counsel tvith Virgil Gleene aud Claude r Cot» er of Blythevllle assisting Harrison Smith and Taylor represent tne plaintiff Police Suits Dismissed Litigation .begtiti almost two years,,ago when Mayor Cecil m the state. ."Other 'reading were 8; degrees at Fort 'Smith. 11 at . a Little Rock, 13>fStutlgart,'H at El Eorado, 15 •'nnd"CiUnden 5 at Newport,- 8 at ; Jone.subro. ' oiiils lo Heavy Snows in No r I li as' Promising Wtftni- m Valley "warnings' we're ' sen 1 out at Camdcn with a foiecn-t of J-I «et an the Ouacluta ilver Dj Tlunsdaj Flood ^t-to c is 28 feel reached risl night Ho Bleat din' age hns teen_ obseued Oicr a Score Dfart CHICAGO J4h 22 lUPHVin ter dealt staggejlng blows to the ie Noith American continent ""am lodnj nun ,I I(TO , ]eet rnln nood and Ihe most Intensp cold or the (Qon-in some legion* oil innnv ji^ars—ranran^ up n lni s e' toll' of death and suffeimg I Northwestern prairie? and the) Pacific It looked for a Biillt-second-: as though , Col.' Charles' A. I.lndbergl would make .a .swift nnd sudden forced landing.-'with never h chance lo.bail out, but Lliidy ,1-ishled liiliiis-eit Just In lime lo avert a nasty '| Plunge. He's ghowirns he slipped mi the Icy pavement tmlslde' the Flemlngton courtlioiisc when Jio hurried to; his car. (o evade cnmern men—bill he drdV unit* cvnde llicm EfFECTS' BELEHOFPIII u? and Wife Fieed to Keep Down Faim Population Parker Will Accept Refunding ; Board ,Job UTTLE ROCK Ian 32i(UP> — HeibeH Pnilei of Jom> boro nil accept (ho appointment a-, supM vi'oi of l)ii» slate bond lefundlii! board membeis of Ihe booul in nounc'd lolloving a mfptmg to das oave - tnat dropped out of AlnsJao Ice tided ' -] ,,""., — '" ,,, lrati °" took °" r ° r e but weather piedfc'! co "' ll > thE ff "- 1 and ; H" phrases imich VohW snow followed bj colrt t lce coveied three fourths of instate, as a lesult of the only Finance; Corporation Reelects. Directorj •>sais^^s^^"^isi •ygS&ZS&i „„„',. °, W directors after •liearliw the reins of city government ended todaj when suits brought lij O cor Alexander police chief when former maj'or Nelll Keen's .second, , »-, » , c5 ,in oi tun lenn ended and a gioiip of nre '"P 1 " freeze lollowmg rains and men and policemen of his admin- slect - ;stratiori were dismissed without ~ prejudice As far as any activity is concerned tlle litigation has wen over for-:some time, the issue gradually fading away. The Reed officers had sought fo com pel .-the; new .-administration by court order to leep them In 01- fice under-a.-civil service measure passed by the state legislature shortly before the change In ud- nliustrotlon. A' petition for n referendum effectively blocked the efforts of .(he. ousted officers ,-u th?- time ..and city electors later r voted, against .the proposal to placff isnpcrvlslon and control of the two hi aboul six far »> wntmccs foi e.ent montlis iotilni« Are- An S2,?;«. W. W. Slnvvr undr ll(o hundred-million dollar contract w (th opodyear. foiwd Firestone to-«stabll.sli its chainof company-mnie'd stores. "-'--Lcc' R Jackson, Fireslone'^sate manager, testified at a federal trade- commission Clayton Act case hearing recent years to made last year about ^ at Tomato Bnnjjj Abouf $j 6)0flo fears Forced Firestone To Start Stores, Claim .:AKRON, O. OJP)T_ Sc! , rs> R OS .. valo Cm?,, Filipino, and- his wife. Carmen Rios-Cruz, Mexican. It has been reliablj renoilcd thnt the pair,.'sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined .$1,600 each, for their Activities ,: -. • '^rc 'ate' last slimmer, have been «as above n released from the Mississippi county farm near Luxora. They were convicted of Inciting violence and forcible - seizure of- government among negro fann workers in this section. At His lime or the arrest feeling, wan high,against,the pair here as well as In southeast Mls- ;' HUH-,', where they had organized ham F, Means Killed by - Unknown Motor Veh'icle Sunday _ - - ' -: • • ujiji sut; H-U.N an t.-xpeciaiii moizier, UbPANTO. Ark.-r-Punernl scrv- ft ls understood. Recently, when ices for William Franklin Mc'aiv! tlle "event" appeared only n-short «>. tenant farmer .victim of a hlt-' lime ° rf > county farm officials de- run driver here Sunday, were held ' cWcd (o offer ' Ihe woman her ^lomiay afternoon with Interment fr «doin. She refused unless her Map Diawn by Kiclnapeis Guides Police to Remains of William Wcis; PHILADELPHIA.- Jan. 22 (UP)— The' bcdy of William Weiss, kld- napsd and slain gambler v.'ns found 1 lodny In a creek war Crov- den. ' • Tlie lx)dy wan' round near where - -— .mu urgumzcai- iei i? bws ° r th « M »l< 8aiig.'whlch chapters of a so-called fraternal ?. ollle;3 eu. .the killing, sold thej insurance order which officers '„. ln ™' 1 '' "• ' claimed was a disguise for organ-i j;- - cc '^ small rowboats dragged feed groups of negroes, pledged to : • •- • iil:fai ". today, -directed by a overthrow gov.eninienl of ' whits ? ,' " ial5 dl ' a «'n' by Robert Mais people. •'•''. . '^dei- of tlie kidnap 'gnng. ote when ,,, e a^VftS,^"'-!? Mm r>.-in»\« ti . ffti-ivi . . . u'iuii., _ ii was removed lo Die county favm that s)ie was an expectant moilwr. in Clty..cemcteiy.., I husband was also released. Rirm J - vt 'J-- ... . i"«jujini.i .Mi.s nix) i^ieasen. 1'iirm ..Means was..found dead-on Ihn officials, not desiring to havt- an Lepanto-osceola highway, a ij,u c !addition lo (heir rolls through northeast; of. Lepanlo. A corner's Mrth ° r n ''"^.v, acceded lo her was held fay Magistrate W 0. Thurman,. Death, was attrlbnt. <M lo. -an automobile driven by Wirttes unknown- "•> wishes and ' lere ' , - • ° A' diligent search is beimr madr- _e said Sears gave "unsound '* officers Jav May and Jbn sta «nd unwarranted guarantees" and "e for the liit-run driver - • • • . x r +r^.'_ . * •*-«• --. ^... vu fll«i HIIttT.-^! Hilt engaged, in "vicious '.sales promotions -such as offering free tubes with tires." William O'Nell. —- .. Air. Means. Ls survived by one len-year : old daughter, Edith; his ec he manufacture * m mother, Mrs. j. M. Mcans ; General Tire Batesvllle; two brothers, of both (o Orttl, '" a *'** sp:l , .. wrnp- ptd hi a sheet, nnd wei s hted down AV Iron plates. ; -. . Superintendent-of PC,H C « Joseph Scrange. announced he would s-cit murder indiclmcnts against Miu and the- olher memher.s of th saag. ' . , Spulenrei) to We RICHMOND. Vo., Jan. 22 (UP) —Robert Mais and Walter t,»z- ' ° Chicken Coop Sleeper Draws Workhouse Term (ires with sears officials in 1930. but that the matter was dropped when SSIHS decided not lo rn Into Ihe higher price tire field. ' ooa. n is '.. for about JIB. >ved with ' CLEVELAND (UP) _As he was 'tiota morning mass. V. Senner, 8s, WM ki u e d by i, Ellen Hurley. Fran-i' 10 " .of 31 strangled chickens, an ?r. Sornh Menns nnri alcoholic "edge" and a burglar alorm that really worked, conspired to bring ,rohn Pelron-ski, 52. a -.a to die tu I In- electric cnajr Febrnarv 2 The two gang leaders had shot ijjeir way out of (lie Richmond cl 'y jnll during September following their conviction but were' recaptured last week in New York city. .. >mn. M (U|.i _ , A f Mlsslswlppl river nooil : cqnal- "»' high' waler s of 10i:i and .'Is "prticllfiilly iissuied, 1 ' w «. "Ick, pre.stiient of lhe Missis- £|ml river Hood control ussoctn- IIOII,' Sllid; UMliiy, ; Dick based, his belief on tiifr un- prcecdoiucil Bliowfaii hi tlm.iippei watersheds of the Mississippi, All ponds, lakes and rivers are full f said, and the sprl,, E llmtv- >ua ly starling about lhe mlndlc of March-will, bring d mv n n flood of 'igiVu"" 1 "' 0 '' """"" to (tat 1'hc river stage was 22 'I feel "day. a rise of 3.2 h, n, c 'last 24 oura and n . rLw of ,8.8 feel since tile heavv. rnlns begun la ,nBc Is 35 feet. First 1935 Bill Made :, Law by Fulrell Today Mil, H fiOCK, .in,,. DJ -nm, ,i. M, Kutrell tmlny cd Ilin first bill of (he MPHiljly. It, yV (lsj Bill N(i. niV which \mn< eeJ «i to help 'i'reasurfr.Rnil Page uukr. Ills bnnd mill nssunift of- Hi'o. Page had not made |,j, |, m ,,| noon today but 'bis frlench hullcntcd he svonld $000.000 pcrsoiuil sorlbi'it by linvn « ' fle river nt Clarendon. Ark. was 221 rise of. l.i j tl t| lc tast 34 ' ' lhe stage for the St. ^rmic il SI. Francis, Ark was i,G. •The' J91.7.M flood.water•«»»-hoi .« lm?e as. .llml of 1927] W hch scores of llveHj ww; lost- wd' prop- my damngc ambunled lions. ."Hnwever, If.vvc have a repeii- fon or the. slorn, that we have experienced we will liave flood ctiual to 1927," Dick' said Kaipis and Campbell Believed Dlhei m Detroit 01 Chicago MONROE Mich, lap 2? <UP>- Alrln Kaipls and Ham oamp bell leodlng publto enemies atanrt cnel tlieii cn r south of here today a ud wcrc MlcKa [Q Q kdimpcd anoOier motoi| 5 t nnd either sought refuge in Detroit s underworld or ned nest, Io Chi cago. Through llceu and : motor . ,\ .' --- --,--*. . ...ylul IIILIII 1 ter, the abandoned car was posl thelj Identlned vis thai of Dr Horace Hunsieler whom iliej UU nap-d Mien abandoned near CL "inbus o lasi nijhl cont | n ,, Ing on in his n uto The car ivfls found middle -of. a highway.' Us still running. • . n cars. = rc P° rls °r .any slolen onroe police • telieved 'the slopped another and forced him |o accompniiv tlieni tojfelroll, , or pWcaito! " Elks Prove Pests To Washington Farmer HOQOIAM, Wnlh. (UP)-JnmfS March, Olympic mountain former ™' !'?' « '»'»• strategy In protect-. ng Ins ha.vnelds. rrom elk lisrds this year. ; ' Two Testify 'Defenddnl Was. Near Lindbeigh Home, at Time of Crime .^., Jnn 22 (U more jmlivc.'i of New swore /today •" Dm[ ihuno Haup'.innnii the .'....,..:'.. ••"••!' ••imnu iri'ii it "Hi in ( of Col. : charUs -Llndbernh close.'lo.. the, time ,'ihe -I.liulbeiirli Infant ;tvas kidnaped. ; Chjirlp.'i ..RossltoV' a'.- tnwcllns salesman; -testified li'e'.'siivv llaupt inmin. on n road netir . I'llnceton n rpoH"this- Saturday.ruefnie the kidnaping. • •:.' - . '' Millnrd Aviiltcd, n lie caiinot read -enough to fccl "much out of the papers testified;he- saw ' Hauptmann nr-a SILWJ&*!'. "o'ne^lce in rcb e , 1932-the moiitli' before ,-,e kidnaping. ; was 1 -unshaken ' bj cross- ejtamliiallon but Whlled was turn«| o^cr to Lloyd F.shei of defense counsel a local Inwjei who knows all about Hunierdon countj ™. ^ d ,,*°' t lraiipetl ln trndictlom The stale won an fmpoMant point In Ilie rooming w.,10,, when " persuaded Justice ihonias \V 'Jictiara lo admit Into eU.teiice tlle ladder fpundtouMdc ||,e I Ind- tergh hon|c Drug Salesman.Killed on Road Near Newpoit NEWPORT, AriT~Jttn 22 <UP>Paul crow 32 umunrrlSd of New' ark, Independence county soles- man for McKesson Lincoln Drug -""ipaiu Illtlc Rod died hero S this morning fiom injuries sustained In an automobile ncrl- °"l south of Nowiioit late ves e\nml«e it As lie, re- 1 Would Permit Sale by Bot- l]e Undei I^ocal Option System • . n Two |j(,i lor |,nu, represented as hailng iidiulni-iliation endorsement HCIV lnlio<liiced todny by Sena- „ toi rdwnul n, DUion uf r.lttlc!' * Rock ' * Olio hill would leg-ill™ 'i provide for loml option, nnd ,, , rclnlleis The olilei would set ? axes to be cnnrgM on lloudr k > eenalor ftiliois estimated (hat more than $2000,000 \vould b= > cilUcrt Horn license peimiU alone, ' The nrst nuiiloli would go to a , tale charities fuhd mid to (hi , nsaiie nnd (nb°rclilosls Institutions The '"coud million vould go to coiiiiiioij schools Revenue Irom (a\In(j liquor ' would go to" a dlate general lund. »' S100 in $V)o I irense Fee , f Penult's (o retail imhioken packi * t"i of llqliol. nl 0. cost of ^300 f* 1 r jcm In counties of 20,000 or •*, 5, MOD Hi coihitlos fiom 20,000 r-, ant $ri00 ln co»httes of. Wholesaler!, would pay $100'&'&>>•, mmlly, tUbtllten $1 000, and blend-?*)' el's, $1500 i -if The second bill Mould place a i tax of 40 cents a. gallon on splrlt- ous llquoi. 10 centi on ilnom ' llqjioi, and l cents oil malt liquors The appropriations bill for the . session was passed by both houses-,* ami taken fo Governor FUlrell lor .J his slunaturo , it ifemlze.d »164 v - y 50C l, c ^" d " ! "5;i" "w^ x n Ihe • (he nilnicogiaph bilk - regular ^slon The < money to cale|,ri B r and p , - ir bill (i, 1 iclurn alifomobHc w fee collection la the sher- wns leporled imfmora% today Die hoiifj- roads and lughwaj? committee nltlun recommendation "»l it t», pot, pawed. ' '• Exemption of t«iic)nt farmers and I from tax on one of ' cot ' 011 lmtier * iie a , law « n , nsk ,,i , , tl 5 resolylion today lo-r Jf. % e fee Ing, in Pplnsctt county, wlie!a wojcnce has been fepretl aiicsl of Ward H Rotlg nslrnetoi, lasl «eex on a ch?r-» of anarchs, " Woul.1 Abolish Comptroller L " '•'itch would abolish the state • j'-'i'ilJCW LU i,. „» °, burned and'stepped in "ie path of a cnr driven bv J I, Ashcraft; of Perry, who was ae- " ••««• wi IIICU1, He hired a mnh to p a ( r0 | the fences, but lhe elk'-went Ihroi gh while hr wi.s off rtiity " • So Ihts year Mnrch -planted oals H a o-ocre tmfenced plol,'hoping Humble Fish Yield Violn Westbrodb, nlf of Ncwporl. and another. 1 biother. Columbus also of Newport. iepanto Lawyer Given Major's Commission Hearing (or Mother of — •"•& 'I"!!*! I CVIUi* SPi iO-tlay workhouse sentence. Before Municipal Judge Frank•'• l *iuche, Petrowskl was Iclenll- mo ii, »M l>y Mrs. Haiti Krafl as the ie Ee d man who ihrlre entered her chlck-l->•- en ccop and heartIcssly vvn-uu? thsl Bandit Again Delayed necks of 31 chickens!' the CLEVELAND (UP) _ \viin birlh of twins, Mrs. son, 39, became the children, 17 living. «"»• _ more slowly Ihls amoiinu lo second lu of , assaults Mrs.' ... = ._ Curulhers, of Jim x. Caruthers, al- 'parked car" bandit, on a large of receiving stolen propmy, as continued for the third Urns "s aflernoon. The iiegifss will ., >«• i L , on t " t explained he liked to u i-.o deflnite date sott '" bMt dc ' nlod rm the chickens. because members of .slate i "no defense counsel iverc engaged "i a circuit court trial, Oils .,.., ~" ' *-'*• o.. v^. (UP) — A -"in n i« a *su co m rtc. y th rrom th i Columbia fishermen ^as °a P' tests being made with a product obtained from two Umblest fish hi Brllish waters. icker tha " oXM^ixr^ 1 ^ iwaut-s school borti-d has approJed 1, lif ^'^^ I" tSlclK™ onnt^ . " """ "t u ae '^ as me accident was .declared unavoidable by officers who Investigated. Tax Certificate Pool Will Close February 9 ^February .9 vvUUe" the final date or purchasing, Banfchead. law tat xcinptlbii 'certificates .from he overnment, pool. County .'Agent j t. cm?, |, Q3 beet, advised. Aflei lUtlnlght of that date cotton *™'"Y vll ° llnve exhausted thcli certificales vvlll have to paj the h the , at 4 from $25 Damage by Fire ? ' ! They Stove h . S ie Stove heavy." Fire chief Roy Me 3( , In explaining a n« tin n, n ( . l ^, ith lls Pei-sonnel to the state nudltoi on next Juiv i , lmed — or State Oomp- liigston liilroduced one'in - » "*»4uum,-Bu one in the uoper branch vhlch In effect «ould allow a couniy Jud." to say matfe * C ° Unl5 aU - 1 WOUlt! " be A tax on soft drinks, of one cent for each five-cent drink, was prot posed In the House by Blair ..of fogan Retail license fees would be placed at $5, «hl!e wholesale and manufacturing Hcen«s ' at frem S2a to $2oO Tax stamps"or crown cap , regulated bv the com- mlsslonei of reiennes', would evidence pavmenl of fhe tax Sale of auallances by any utilllv nould be made Unlawful in a measure introduced in the House bj Clnlsttan of Yell • thimble. -— »< ... llirce measureb sponsored by lie Ajnerfcnn Lesion were introduced In lhe H6iue by Crawford of Union One of them the au- hor said, was directed at prevent- ng candldiies of a thlra party which advocates overthrow of the \ernnient from having thelr I names placed on a ballot In Ark'. which occurred about o 3nsas --' ' ' ' """'^ Crawford said it tras directed at ''Senator Huey P. ling's budding thud part).' 1 and added that he is opposed to the Louisiana Kingfish getting any further than he how Is," sllghl damage lo a ho se " hl ° h 6d ^' «*-«-. *z» ) h £ asrs caused about $25 .woodwork close - to WEATHER Wednesday. Atetnphls and Vicinity — Partlv cloudy lo cloiidj-• torilshl. lowest temperature between' IS and 20 ali^Rice at Little Rock for U. S. Grand Jury The minimum temperature here isl nigh' -i minimum i-|of salaries, .them to the .. o standard prior to • depression. Police, Chief Ed Rice Is In Little Reck today; where he is slated lo appear before, a tedei-al 'grand Jury'. "' n e Is exp?cted' to eive t'-MI- W-LS i(r"v«r. v ^r "«v c "!v y ln tns; Ca5e> ° s Lutner Bla ke", -- n i.h y tlle allcgcd «»»'erfplter. arrested by i^wnn a maximum officers hera and now held at Npvrt-5/oftlclol weather| a'lake, 'ofticors hera claim, ad- r Snowfall yesterday meas-'untied tlle making* of bogus 50-:- — .»• of n» inch. At 1 p. m la- cent pieces, wilh a crude mold, out day lhe temperature...was 20. lof liad

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