The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1037 BLYTIJEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE /THREE. KLEBER15 FIGHTING BE Soldier of Revolution Communist General's In- lernalional Column Plays Decisive Role By NBA Service Communism's greatest soldier outside Russia has been a deciding factor in Ihe turn of the, Spanish civil war- toward loyalist, sue- ce.°f. Fie. is Emit Kleber, commander ot the intemnUonal Column, tlie volunteer "Foreign I/jgton," which has been one of the Spanish government's best assets against tlie Rebels/ Kleber is a man of mystery. He Is Austrian-born, and Kleber may cr may not be his real name. Revolutionist figures often make their own names. It is possible that he has taken the name of the famous French revolutionary general Jean Baptists Klcbcr, who also was Ai;s trlan by birth. JOINED VOI.SI1EVIKS At any rate, during the WorlO War Kmil Kleher was "captured" • from the Austrinns by the Russians and "escaped" to go to Canada. There he joined the expeditionary force sent to Siberia but was soon fighting for the Russians instead of the Canadians He heloed fashion the Par Easten Republic, since merged in the Soviet union. Kleber than became an organ izcr Cf Communist "Storm Troops' in Hamburg until that movemen vas suppressed. Years of comparative obscurlt followed, though New York Com numlst circles knew him well. H became a naturalized Canadian. KleBcr next turned up as a general of a Red army In China, where he conducted a masterlv campaisn to save an army of' : 56,000 Reds from capture by a vast army of Chang Kai-shek, who had him almost surrounded with 1,200.00P trooos. Kleber marched 3500 miles, continually defeating nationalist forces sent against him in a campaign which many consider the mosl amazing of modern times. He saver 1 his army, much of which is stil' intact in Northern China. Then )> 'returned to Canada to carry on Communist work with Tjm. Bucl- Cnnnd»'5 Ni. I Communist. BOLSTERED LOYALISTS A year ago he went to Bpiin an'" offered his s^vvlccs to the -^n governmsnt. Th° International. Col- vmn. which Kleber commands, i made up of volunteers from many ' nations; Communists. Socialists, 0' others symuhthetic to the Srranisl; -can't, including many Americans His men-wffrr thrb"™>'in it t.h- crucial point in the sis*e of Ma drid. and are believed to tmv; hnc 1 a great part in the sudden stiffening of resistance and tre rsassum ing of the offensive by the government forces. Kleber is 41. a lar<?e-boned, powerful man with high cheek-bones a broad nose, thick lips and lieavs eyebrows. Ha is idolized by hi troops, who have .seen him com into the front lines and shoulde a rifle at times. Only on specini occasions doe he wear a military uniform, fre qusntly tcin» seen in braches golf hose and a sweater. Many consider that the Inter national Column \vhich Klebe molded from bis volunteers, is th best military unit on either sid in the Spanish war. and thnt Klebs is one of the greatest soldiers this century, a genius at bulletin armies out of undisciplined masse =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON = The Effects of Intoxicanls lH'ei'ii?.ll(iiwl I'lilfo." n Sumliiy School Lesson for Ami) IP. Tex I: Genesis i:!:l:l; Iflraj-SS; Unit. Ti::il-3:l; 1'rov. K\:Z3-$>. BY \VM. K. OH, HOY, I). I). • Kili lor cf Ail vance When we study lessons In On- fs!s. in the lleht of modern Ideas and controversies. one of the questions thai confronts us frtxiitentlv concerns man's rs.sentlnl nature. Is he at heart naturally evil und "fallen," or is he naturally good. pi-cures.'-!])^ through t'jnnrance and error toward foincthhv H'-i-pr n ii'< cltor, subject to temptation, but ct inherently wicked? Ca'rn olwvvii'ioii of tlie wiiole oursc of human life would sus- •sl tliat there Is 1 truth on lx>lh des, that ,111011 Ls naturally By actual lest, handwriting pencil requires nearly five limes mucli light to be legible as writin in ink. ; BAKERY SPECIALS All Day Fri. - Sat. - Sim. lC Legend Is grow:.ig around this man, who, as the mysterious Emil Kl;bcr, I'.os campaigned in revolutionary baltles around the world. In his latest exploit, he Is commander of Ihe International column', a key unit In the Spanish Loyalist light against Rebel orces. Phone 886 'or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garage V/ork nmly & Fenders A Specialty BARNETT AUTO SALES cither wholly nor wholly or place. A study of modern; destruction, and the fact Hint some •'•lir.itlve communities reveals that are sirons i>iioui{h lo prevent this native races have I'ound their own destruction In themselves, In their forms of intoxication, anil (he use home lives, and In tlutr family of Intoxicating beverages seems lo circles a nil immediate onvlron- biirk to the very childhood of nienl, dues noi alter the fact of si:eh races. jlhe tjuicral tendency, and the results in individual lives and cpm- immttics that have come from tin* use of ir.toxleants. Tlui writer of the nnclent pro Cur temperance lesson Is based •CM n reference to Eodom pud •; ilrstrnclion. and lo a further reference lo fiodom found In Deul- eronomy. with the whole leaching i yei'b was •umined im In Hie slnsK- w>W' 1ms been more r frcm Proverbs, "At ihu last II | llg ,| 1P upnemtl I'lteth'llke n serpent, and sllngcth s |, u . p his day, like an adder." Ulrlnk Is rsu-lns, The name of Snlom and the men of Sodom arc associated with; -n,,.,-,. | s mK ||,i| ls [|mt oiieht Plblical history with evil prac- j ,„ hc ro ,. os , nt . /( , ( | i 0( i ny; n, nl the llccs that KO far beyond Indul- j , VI1J , of ntau ,, C |, c ,, lic vcr weaken- lowest, 48 cenls, In Oziuli Counly. Tho nvrrneo for the entire etato was {120. Cape Oirardcnu, with }2,^9 per eaplia average, was highest In Southeast. Missouri, mid Bolllngcr Comity, wlih 57 cents |icr capita, was lowest. Figures for oilier Southeast Missouri comities In dude; llulk'r. (1.02; Uimklln, $1,12; Mississippi, $1.10; Slodiliml, m cents; mid New Madrid, $1.17. Overrules Motion For New Trial For Brigance j, it bllcth like n serpent. , CARUTHERSVIUJ3, Mo., April mid no »i'nv ! rb 10.—In a special session of circuit illy confirmed ilur- \ ccnrt here, Judge Frank Kelley, :ius of lunniin life (Cape Olranleaii, 28th Judicial cir- than Dial slroiiB cull, overruled llu> mollon by de and thai, al llu- • lensp attorneys for Tommy lirlg mice, 2a, asklou for a new trial. Attor overruling the petition, Jiideo Kplley formally sentenced Brlgnncc. Following Ills trlnl here several (Inys ngo, nrlgftiice wns. found guilty by »' < jury .and sentenced to 10 yenrs for v tlie futnl shooting Of Hill Momiii, well known road- liouso o]>erator, at Monan's place near Ihls city lost September. Hold Preliminaries In Track Meet At Steele STEELK, Md.— Eight schools qualllleil men In the preliminary events ot Hie PemlMol couiity tini'k nnU Held meet, lisld l.'erc this morning. They ore: Ifnyti, Holland, Wnrdell, Cooler, Bragg City, nroggacloclo, IJeerlnj ami SU'dc. lU'Mills: '220-yiir<l dash, Cooler, Bragg city, peering, steclc, Haytl; 100-yard dash; Braggadocio, Cooler,, Haytl, Deerlng and Bragg City; 110-yard high hurdles, Braggada) clo and Bragg City; 220-yard 'ton hurdles, Braggadocio (two entries) Steele and Deering; pole vault l!r<igg City, (two entries), Wardell Deerlng, Braggadocio 'and 'Steele high Jump, Haytl (two entries) Braggadocio (two), Deering (two) Hregg Clly. Township Hilled For Hose TARENTUM, Pa. <UP) —Com mlssloner Florence Derrick Caini sent n $10.52 bill 'to Iforrlsb: Township for damage done to lie silk hose while she attended meet Ings of the township board, "Ant the bill Isn't a Joke," said Mrs, Cnrnp. "1 have ruined n lot mo'r than $10 worth of stockings 01 those choirs." , gence in Intoxicating liquor; tlit! will or lessoned (he I'll'ccl- but wi'h ™''acilies for bo'.h cod and evil, and subject (o the iKction in whifh the uppermost ifluencer, may (;uidc him. If one doubted man's tendency oward sin and c'.ll. surely he •ould find the evidences of it in he role that alcohol and similar cstriii'llve agencies have .played i) human life. 'The history of nan's degradation throirjli alltir- ng things ttial have afleeled his cnses and destroyed his sell"- cnticl ,is not conlineri to any ]aiticular jieriod or lime, people It would b; nn unjust Imputalloii: |v( , mw of hiimciu life. again:>t lliose who arc not total ( , abstainers to sutBCSt thnt the use j nl least 11 safe and wlsu way. 'Pcmiscot Sales Tax Is . $1.36 For Each Resident . intoxlcntiiiK liquors Is Inher- <ntly or inevitably associated with the sins of Sodom, lint It. Is pn iiicontiovertibtc fact thai In the wids ran°e of sin ami evil, liquor has been a common or us- CARUT11ERSV1LLE. Mo,, April .••ocintert faclnr. Its (emlency is | Ifi.-Halcs lax collection.'! in IVinl- lo destroy restraint and sclf-'S'jot County amountctl to SI.30 for central, lo blunt the moral con-'unch re.sHlcnl last year, according FciotiMicss, and to weaken the lo an announcement by the sales ,.vin. ' ; ii-x d'innriinciit nl Jefferson Clly. Tlie liquor hahlL and the lliuor ' 'J ho lilBlH':;l amount per capita, tranic have In them Ihe seeds of $3,!10. was In fit. Louis, and Ihe We have on band several Ions If, Stonevilie No'.. 4-A one year from breeder, slats tested.' A W tons of D. P. t,. No. II. 3eans. Lare-lo. Virginia, D'lsta, and Mammoth Brown. Peas— mixed, New Era, and Whips. Peas and Beans recleanert and grader! by us. Will trade for cotton seed. L, R. Matthews Gin Co. Cotton, Cotton Seed anil Coal. \ Telephone 1511-F-3. Yiirliro, Ark. • WE NOW S Sky-Hi Cone Hnsloss ISc Cinesl "Atncnca's Finest" .//( ////, Popular Flavors PHONE US YOUR ORDERS, WE DETJVEPx This Week-End Eniov- %/ +./ 'S Pineapple-Pecan ICE •CREAM : ;;;;; : ''A New Taste Thill" V RUSTIC INN; FRESH LEMON LAYER. Ea. ... LGE. FRUIT COOKIES. Doz. . I'ECAN ROLLS J)oz ANGEL FOOD DIPS. Doz PECAN-NUT LOAK 19 C C 12 C 17 C 10° liiilercg; Hour Specials 5 to 6 P. M. Friday-Saturday-Sunday COCONUT MACAROONS. Doz. FRUIT-FILLED COFFEE CAKES HOT DONUTS D'oz PARKERHOUSE ROLLS. Doz. ... 3° 5 C 12 C 8 C We Specialize In Special Orders - Phone 110 BLYTHEV1LLE BAKING CO. O 15'it*y rarer PU»c«ASt ?sicf of rii HOT IDWER TRIttCKABS MORE TO "BUY . .. WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR CARS SELLING AT TWICE THE PRICE" AHUC H. GORMAN, S/rotu A GcnttmtMelon Value EXTRA Knet-Actioo •moothnot, to Ift yo« rcit • >you ride. All that kept this motorist from buying a ronline cooncr \vao the belief that a car so L'.;; and beautiful must be very expensive CD v;ell. But a chcd: of the facls revealed tiiis truth: *fcas:c? on 18 months terms )':i 16S tcp;cz3nlal!vc cities, the differ- enccjn monthly payments between a Pontiao DeLuxe six 2-rfoor sedan and the same model of the next lotver- pricedcarsisonlylScentsaday, That, you'll agree, is little enough to pay for more of everything worthwhile. If you, too, thought Pontiac an expensive car, sec your Pontiac dealer. He can quickly prove that America's finest low- priced _car_is_well within your_means. _ THI MOSMUUTIFUl IH1NG OH WKEtlS Hc can do more —he will show you with facts and figures that Pontiac is one of the most economical cars ever built I PONTIAC MOTOR DIVISION, PONTTAC. MICH. G«n«f«/ Motor* Snlcs Cvipor»fion TWO GREAT RADIO PROGRAMS: "He"t TltrouSh A Woman'* Eye*'' tirerf Mond»r, Wednesday and Fridayittorncon, Columbia Network. "VsraityShov" — direct fromttialeacJin'il colltfr ctmputti trerf F'i' «J^rk. TUNK INI PHONE 1000 MISSISSIPPI COUNTY STATHMKNT OK ()UOHUM COURT API'UOPRIA'I'IONS YKAU Fund Appro prititions Snliirius ? M.tGO.OO County Cloncrul 22,080.00 Juils '• 20,000.00 Countv Poor Ifo'mn 10,000.00 ,1. P.'•'find Consttililus 2,000.00 Circuit Court M.000.00 Jliiiu'cipal Court 2,000 Ark. T. H. SdUiilorium 3,000.00 Crippled Children IfiO.OO Probation QtrieerH 3,000.00 Kami :\nd Home Demonstrators 4,860.00 County Health Unit 2,000.00 County Convict Karm Ifl.OOO.OO Total Warrants Issued ;i.ft|<mihs Knding Mitrth ;il, 1!),')7 $ 5,!)<I'I.OO 0,40:1.15 . 8,7G!i.9!i 2,6:12.12 Cf)fi.a5 0,281,'U .:••••'•• 372.50 402.00 .'SaO.OO 44-1.00 11,840.01 Unlunccs. ? 20,210.00 l(i,27G.85 11,236.047,307.88 1,348.65 $124,850.00 , $44,578.10 2,000.00 2,627.60 150.00 2,598.00 4.0RO.OO 1,606.00 -3,153.30 ?80.273.90. Warrants Issued for 103G Wnrrnnts Issued, for 1937 HOAD WARRANTS ISSUED: !1 Moutlis Entllni; Mftl'ch 31, Ifl37 $22,074.05 21,901.45 For 1S3G CJniim For 1037 Total COUNTY FARM WARRANTS 1SSUBI) FO.R 1937, CLAIMS 1,000.00 817.53 1,100.00 077.52 482.GO 42.00 844.65 IS08.95 Jfortgiige, Principiil ? Mortgage, liitevcst Salaries Hoard oC Prisoners ''.CioUiiiiif & Supplies Jledical Attention' J. P., Constable, & P. A. Fees Equipment Farminsr Expenses, 078.50 ' 0,908.93 ? 7,587.43 , COUNTY FARM CASH INCOME Jan., Feb., untl March Sale of Hogs & Cattle Sale of Wood Fines & 'Costs 'Total " ? 970.03 154.37 938.20 Sf2,002.GO Total 409.15 0,0-12.40 Warrants OuslawHiiB, Dec. 31, 19S8 Warrants Issued Since Dec. 31 in Payment of 1930 Claims Treasurer's Balance, Dec. 31, 1936 Treasurer's Ovenlraft, Dec. 31,:i930 . Actual Fund Overdrafts at Dec.. 31, 1930, After Payment of 1930 Claims Presented to Mar. 31, 1937 County General Warrants ' $43,393.82 22,674.05 66,088.47 (5,280.08 County Road Warrants * $17,682.79 878.50 18,301.29 18,727.75 $59,778.39 $87,089.04 , E. COOLEY, County Auditor. EQUIPMENT OWNBD I!Y MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ROAD DEPT. 1—1925-model Caterpillar "30" Crawler Tractor, Gasoline. Fair condition. 1—1929 model Caterpillar "GO" Crawler Tractor, Gasoline. 1—1935 model Road Patrol Maintaincr, A. C. Kerosene., 1 Road Palrol Mainlainer, Caterpillar Diesel. Practically new. 1—Road Patrol Maintainer, Rome, Tractor Spirits. New. 1— Chevrolet Truck & Trailer, I'/. Ton, Bridged. 1934 model. 1—Chevrolet Truck, I 1 /. ton/Stake Body. 1935 model. 1—Inleriwtioiial Truck, 1 ton, Utility Truck. 1934 model, of little value. 1—pn e Driver, Buda Powered, Bridges. Fair condition. 1—Rolling Fresnpe, 5 yard capacity. Fair condition. 25—Small Mule Graders, 5 to 8 ft. blades. Poor condition. Since April 1st we have exchanged the old Caterpillar "GO" for a new International "40" Diesel Crawler, Tractor. GEO. F. JORDAN. COUNTY PROPERTY One Farm—058 f\ercs. Approximately 480 a,eres in cultivation, Jan. 1, 1937. Approximately 50 acres put in cultivation since Jan. 1, 1937. ! Making Approximately 530 acres being cultivated in 1937. All land was broke a.mi ready to plant by April 1, 1937, except the 50 acres of new land. Crop planted by April 1, 1937: Spinach 25 acres Radishes 9 acres Corn 60 acres Alfalfa 22 acres Oats 20 acres LIVESTOCK 20 Head of Mules and Horses. . . '2 of these Mules were bought since Jan. 1, 1937. 10 Head of Milk Cows. 7 Cnlves. 85 Chickens. 6 Hogs. t EQUIPMENT ' •,' 1 John Deer Tractor, bought since Jan. 1, 1937, to be paid for this fall. 1 Tractor Disc converted into a new ground disc. Small.Tools sufficient to cultivate farm.

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