The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1935
Page 8
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/VGE SIX - V '•Imagine, A Wicsllei Psycho-Analyzing! Thai's Russian Lion's lino »>: !»' Is shown llt Irfl, T,,<l:,y, .,( V t , l( f(1)1}lw . ,, ) . 1L c(> ((jij Mdcrctl (lie world's str(in« mnn. Is a i/ilod psycholotjlsl. lie Is .,hovn lx)fl'< on the subject In hi, I omlon Uud' .vhen ihe unexpected happens, and that happens In fake mulches] "Hilt what's the use. of Ir.lkliiE cJivldunlily 'and produce (he linn- . of such trivial mil tiers, when (ho well, hut another year - cnlily, fnnetfonhiB us n mere unit , vholc world Is In n mess pomtcal- society ..would benefit, him no end. under the dictation of (IniuiclaUy, economknlly, and syslciu, or routine," , socially, all because of u lack of Pitcher Ed Llnk'c figures to help That .sounds more like a Gene Tnnney than a wrestler, dno.sul it? ' ' to the ami that went dead on him toward lhc close of lhc 1934 Pen Jg Mighter Than the Hammc'rlock^- NeW Lightweights Would Lead " Boxing; Back to Public Favor MONDAY, JANUARY KV .miMY DONAHUE NKA Sfivlee Spurts- Wrllrr fievcral IlKlitwelghls Iwve blos- itiifd forth into rjiainpionshlp enl- Ibei 1 In Urn latt, if, moiKhs, ami restored considerable interest in ilutl division. Tony CnnzonerJ. Sammy puller, and Frnnkle Kllck me '.lie only old-hue contenders for Barney nv MfLTON NEA Kcrylte, Staff Corres|Kincleul LONDON, Jan. 21.—H Ls n far cry from "Hack. Die Russian Lion," for many years champion Oreco-Tjiisslnn and rnlch-us-ciileli- fnn wre.stlfr of ihe world, 'lo Mon- fleuv Oewge HackenBchinldt, ',<'!, psychologist, author, and lecturer on profound menial and Eelejiilfle piolilmex. Tint the HflPk ' of.-IflOC -'mil Ihe Monsieur of ifljS :>re v otje anil the •ome man. Tliere (ire the same old tin ears. .SJUIM; .st<--el mu.'xte. Only Puttier Time lins played '(ricks with (he lamoiK . r.thleie.Vi race, . Ife ims enrvfd lines here and there, token off n good deal of ids once luxuriant' mass nf dark lialr, nnd powdered what Is left with plenteous gray. Irw bent ti.cck of llnd-pn-' 'Schmidt.after he lost: his title to • Prank Golch in Chicago in 1008. The foiinci son of a uc.dlhy nu,s- ••1.111 dye maiiulacluiei, who fiavc up a promising englnceilng miter to follow wiosllhig am] achieve •inch fame (hut he, once spent ^tv- frnl hours In the White Irou«e us ilueM. of Teddy noo'nill, diopped practically into , oblivion after low of Jiis title He invested hh mrmey made in vjestling—he IMS dfivhitf $IOO(KI a bout in those days, which was top inone-5—and foi n time cntoy-' ed life vi'.h his llltlt v,ife. in Patfe and iBc'rlln. When Ihe;\var_broke out he was promptly interned for the remainder "of the conflict as a civilian of a hostile stale.- When Russia went Bolshevik, he lost all his Russian Investments When Geimany v.cnt inflation, he lost Nil his Geiman Investments When South American went tniiknipl he lost nil llir;; Niaeuni luuf siarlcd m-uln. Rurtc- hc hid invested Ihcie /nrt fly we till in ivltli .•.•oniMtiin B about present-day champions. "Mniiy or them are champs wllh .Ihe Ideas of chumps," he'.replied. Hois' leadership. uur:limonied to c,vei;ii!jht. . Thi> others have prnctlcnlly off . , . Kill* In a non-Kile c>ni>»gr>inr>u Mlnjii) on ,ion. 2t WHO r-VM- heard of Inu Aiuhers MIDI the New York commission picked ' him oiil. i)f- the pack » uicniJi.- or';t*o nei;.'',!iiid dohwd DKI. llosn must meet ll,e llerklm'-r Hi(irJe[iue hi de-feme 01 his cvownv ' \vas-i suspended : for failing lo l . Amtifi's' challenge. .Amhers, ft smaller edition of I he' late Hary Hi eb, .smacked (lie stufllni? out l llrirry nuhllnsky, nhlc.ijjn loijp;j the ntlit-v nlglil, IJnlr-s you've teen In New' York in Cfccnt month.';, ymiVe. protauiy iu'ver .heard ,nf Leonnrd \tr-.\ Ciculo v.ho lias innde only a« prnfewlonal ::Untt.. noiif of them milsidc nf lhc blS.ljiirg. IM (lenlo stopped - Prankie Wall:i«' r lough CttPvttlnml lielter. on the t Dill that: saw Ambers fotk- Oiifcllnslty. Now thcyve call- Ing Del nenlp a .second Terry Mc- Clovern, ancl the Brooklyn yoiilh is cunning for Ambers and Roxs. Chicago has three new Dm'rare (ntrlrs, Davey Day, Franlrie • aiu- illo, iiiut I,co Roilak. stabtonnte. of J?a«. nodak, who !ias turned In 2' tiseciillve vlflorlr.s, is paired with Canxonerl on Hie lake front on '.Ian. 31. l.ast Angiist Rodak scored n smashing victory over pciey Itaye.s, of the Bronx. Hayes was Irtish from cnninii the broken Kid Ohnc-olatc Into rjljiivlon. Rodak will be- hot mi Ross' trull if ho gels ovc-r which stllll.s something "* " In ihe mem. Acrbbatic Teacher And German 'Clash At Armory Tonight finlph Smith, the acrobatic professor and inatman from Jackson, tonight's American , Lcglm; ling card at the ariiiry't' turn out to he " of the show. Srniih ha.s wrestled lie-re n number of times tinning In varying typw of perform tine, cr, while Kantho 7/111 be mnjlng his txiw before 11 local audience. Smith has his followers -ind also his "enemies" among local fans which should help to make the show of i .rrHi« -""•"> ••«"""» neifi 10 make tlie show en- "f a .robust assign- terminlng. Kantho Is mid to lie I better ijniu. 'physically ilian hh I brother, Bd, and if «y he Kdiile Cool, a Philadelphia]! with nnsidernblp mwc- i--x|ieileiire 'than Ambers. Del fler.lo, Day, Stgilio, or 'noflak, ska Is' Available'. Ids' name did not appear In Ihe first , ' --- ....... •' ••" in Ml^lttUI be ron.slderable or a, rnfln since Fd I-i as nigged a .specimen as Ihev come from ihe waist up. Smith : i. m a fast workman and usually per- '' name did ,,r,l appear In ihe first forms at top'" p fe \i r'in' 10 last yr-ar. A rather rllsmni per- ring. W'Ji..-wiMin- in. fornmnce aciilnst Puller in NCT;| Vmk not long ngo look ,Mie edce' on cool, but close obsei-veis would- 't lie. suriii'fsed to .see i,| ln \ m \ t right back In a lop position br-fnre I he last list Is flung in 11)35. . With several sentries In the off- Ing, between uienilie.ra of-lhLvcrop for the. light lo t'acklo" Ross, it . would seem that the. 13r,.pcmnt5 " . . lads arc (hie to dispel the" d.pies lion. "Keliglon, Fascism, Ultlcrlsm. JtvvxlMti all alike lend us Into an nlellcclunl prison. They 11)1 waul is : to obey a Used set, of rules. They ask us lo discard what reully valuable— o>ir own individuality ' wrestling v,lth human -a lie looV up psychology Thought h Hh Foe For the hsi cfitniti century, TTacVen«chinldt confided lo Ihe WHter, '•! have DH.II thought instead of beings" , ,. And 11 i- liard lo phi dn\ii Mon- 'lun- fleorse to a "fpoils interview, ftllh his mind constantly on Mibjeets (ieallng with his piesent careei. '•Bui aftei feveril leids Hack Inoke foilh with a •statement 011 what he thought of picsent-dnv wiestJIns and pri?e nghlirn; 'Most of the malche.s today are frameup 1 .,' he declaicd 'Tn my day they v.eie on Chi- !e\i-l i lint's why wiesller, and bo\c)9 raiely weic hint They wcie piepared They vmc in earnest The.) uere WINNING BASKETBALL ' By 'Nah • Hut If 'Gene once ''lectured Ynlc University on Bill sii. spenre., Ilaekensclmildt can point proudly lo the fact (bat he recent- The "direct-lap" is tried at least once In every game. A simple piny to understand yet it Is difficult to execute It vwpiires a tall center, a fast, elusive fnnvnrd, and deception. This ploy should be preceded by a few Imagine «tir pi-L'sent-day mnslcdniu ilolne tliat! "Hut the.y can't help It. They are .-rlaves .of their human rolls ,nml the cell:; hi our body are responsible, for all our w'nnts, desires moods, aim thoughts. "The hummi brain' hits been Rieally fivtiresllnmied, l luwc found thfit It is not the bees; it Is bosseil by [he hotly." The- Speaks honest Athlelcs . " 1 "- At present, the nusstaii Lion. Is busy sit work coiiipll'lnn' .«- :iGO- P.IKC .book on p.sychnlpjjy In which the friill.i of. Ills '& -yeurs' research R'lir be contained. It deals with humtin problems. •..-,'• "I .' didn't concern • myself so much with particular, problems us ivilli finding out why humtin he- ., Harry Grayson *> j j Southern LeiiBiie managers and players say lilUlns Ls ih,. only ((Ueslion . luark allached' to ;Bov.c flerge.r, the yoiniB second'• baseman iipoii whom Ihe; Oli'veliind Indians are banking sol h'raivlly. He i\afs eveiylhini; else -In miijor league style. . ' ' Bciuti'.. showed considerable-.Improvement nt the plate l<i?t Benson. ____ _ SALESMAN SAM THVTR IM HER6. OTHER 0<V/1 UOCO PtCKI/J' IT UP? . ._ , - nnlyjliiBs should have problems lit all," "~" ~~ — ~ .. nn average ol .313 rot NCK- Orleans nnd driving in fl[> \ n . ,. "ins. - • | - j Tp ;,. y Bergcr was prominently men-' Honed us an All-America hallbiick f.inkc hntulcuffcd Challa- .opposlllon lust .summer. . Lefty Cohen, al.'io '•, nm'klni; lhc Jump from Chattanooga lo Wnsh- .Calclier Ilolbrook, nccompnnylng Linke and Col i en, us n.brilliant recruit, j ... Pittsburgh gets Hairy Slnws, .a< .small light-haiider, from ; . Liltle Rock, striis.-; obtain.'! blazing /-.pen) from a remarkable nun. ,'.'Browne, a. left-hand hitting and throwing,ontnelder and .first baseman, makes-the same hop bin is not -likely lo linger.-, lie 'is a jack of • all li-aden. having formerly Pitched for .Louisville.;. Niitiriiial. Li'»uiie'- .lollowers saw euoiiijh .'of Ouincldcrs Hank 1^>Iber aiHl.Pliif.Welntraub with thn fjiants last:fall ; lo ,HIOW that the former lacks only diish anil Hint ihe. l.nllcr .will have lo -ppllsli uji Ills Ileldiiij. lo' .remain on Ihe W? lime. This pair came trom Nashville which also Is shipping Frank Gab-' '-• - - rlRhi-hand pitcher, lo Bill dm-tnf; his college days nfler Iwlcc iiiunintr ihrough Yale loams for loiichdosvns Ihat ennhlcd Mary- laud to win. lln was an All-Soulh- crn cenicr in basketball, lie weighs ISO poim'd.s and sliuids i! feet 2 indies. Southern Leaguers expect half of the 18 players lhc.ii- circuit t Kelly HeadM for Serfs Lelty I'exzullo, senleiiccd lo (he Phillies in, ihe deal (hat made Dick Darlell a. Glnnt. won • 10 gnme.s to- Ricliiuoiid'. licfore reporting to Nashville, ami has it In him lo draw nn occasional turn with Jimmy Wilson's ; outfit. ruflclders Cucclncllo and Martin nre lo be sent back lo Nashville ---- .„ , — j,.., ,,,k.,, ., . Khlpplng io Ihe Wg show to m:il;n by the Giants for further cduca- (he ernde. Five of sis going loitlon. Cuccinello "Is n brnlher of AA loop:.- should stay, and three (the Brooklyn Inflelder, Both he or these are tnbbrcl ns possessing ;mut Mnriin mny develop into bet- |lic inprcdicnls of ninjov wheel IK players |W "°' mpls ' " c "P- : lowed vjilli nn cxplanalkm of the V/orld court, the,'Hague Aibilii- tional Tribunal and how peace could be maintained by economic pressure rather than military pressure. 'Pressure of ail economic blockade mny be Just as cruel, but It Uj'not so Iraglc," he said. In speaking : of the I^aijup. , of Nations, Baker lold how the idea oC world peace through international organization . KVI.J brought to President Woodrpw Wilson llirugh him at Die siiggcjstfon of "'~ '-• Lodge.: . back-laps.'' or inps;.to the forwards coini '- ' coining In hnrd'fol- Hie renter.' As the tall BOM-,! up in c*nter, forward X.-2 starts' rnriViinl wltli h; sudden spurt, towsjd Ihe centers, nnd. then sharply reverses his direction "as he pivots' to cut for the b/iskel. ', X-l makes a direct-inn for the basket. •;.. • Cooler High Ekes Out Win Over Alumni Team COOTER, Mo.—The local school ;eam defealed Ihe alumni team in n fast game on the school court' Friday night by a score of 25-2ti Al Milnar, n potenlial Lefly be - •-- ........... v.. . e e from New Orleans lojvele.ran rlghl-lmndrr Harry- Kel ' Grove. ^,, •'•• -" -- - •- -".....,.., .u | --•-...... , ift.ii-LLiiimn. iiiiiTy- tve(- Clevelnnd. Is, a tine prospect, but'ley. driiflod frnm Atlanta | )V T O . the dope is Hint he Is not ready] ronlo, wind up with' Cincinnati for the mure select company, de-j.llmtny Hnnulton one or the own- splle the fact Hint he won more ers of the Niuhvllle club and n than so games. He lacks control. • wise old head, tells me lluit Kellv must improve his fielding, and,Is capable of copping his share o'f perfect hi.s (leltling. nnd netted, u'skitmlslies h\ hnsetall's instest innve lo Hist • j company. " ' ' I Innfl il''i' Clmpmnn. Urafled bv Iialehomr Rf.nly jl.ironto from Memphis, .should somhein Leaguers' assert dint Hun out lo be a major Icaeuer Clay Bivmil. sold by New Orleans It sliouliln't be. lout; before iln the Chicago Culis^ Is not a ma- Hensser, n rlghl-liaiul -pitcher !Jor league pitcher. The tip ts that moving up from Knoxvlllc lo Co- iliryaul should be converted Inlo linntim, laiuls under the big ie.,,1 n outfielder. He Is a veiy Rood; Outfielder Cllll. going from Chat """' """ '--' '-• .Mlnneaiwlls; no), huge ilghi -bander Line up (School •lonni) Blessing, Strong. Billington, BnrRcr, Gc.- .-.. .... string. Aiiblll, DoBakey, Chantlller Ihe elder Gucci-land Terry; (Alumni) Ten-y, Burns, , (.J- Slronir. Brooks, Barber, and surprised to see the Alloid. Credits and Embargoes Would Control War . CLEVELAND (UP) — Denial of credit and embargoes^ on raw ma- lerlals lo any nation ivilh iden.-i of war will mnxe thul notion change it s mind and keep peace, <;ald Newton D. Baker. President Wilson'* Secretarj- of \Vnr, in an Illler and fasl. Demits Gnlehoirsc, wo-inrh ln '«»Gn to, n six-foot. Kllnl-e, Ihe - rlght-liander swUchini< from the same arri Pel If nns for utility purposes, Is a ;rcal fielder, but only a fair hit- ler, it is explained Hint Hughes nken from New Orleans by Clevo- Iluffiilo; and Calcher Bnker in ir d nnd, is declared fll. ling from Nnshvllle lo Newark- Shorlslop Roy. HiiRhes, whom j complete the list ot .Southiirri Cleveland Is brhismR up from lhc League cradiiote.s. Most major league uifinnoers would rather obtain a player from - --.-„— Ihe Class A Southern League than additional experience. from any one of the AA loops for Southern Lenr.ucrs tell you that'which reason it will be inter«iin» the Cleveland club will be disap-Uo see what members of tin- V M--| pointed if It is relying upon Greek '. nixie crop Accomplish ' ' Oeorce, a ISO-pound slx-foolw. to Good luck, my men help Prankic Pyltak nnd Okiin Myall, behind the bat. Qeorse needs more seasoning. Dfiker spoko on "Peace—Attempts to Attain Security Through Organised Sanction." Hn began lite rilscus s lon wltli (he two roiKlictlng phllo' s ophles of |ieace--lhc Imlance of iibwer, and then .fol- IT I last lime Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:45-alO-3oc man from South America. Steele Alumni Cagers Defeat Holland, 15-10 lu'^Sft'lonVy'baslt'" 1 ' A1 '" n - on their court Friday night it be- llng a return game, with Ihe Holland (ram, In the previous gamp Steele defeated them'by'only one point but in this game the local boys won by a score of is to 10 Iluberl F!ray. was' referee. Lineup: StffM niin-on§lis..(U, A Earls .(2), UugliPs (81, ,1. . BMiop, T )ii.«hop, MrCollitm, ijooker (2)[ Crawford; C. .Eavls 12); (Holland) L. LKtte i»l, McKay, Jake Sanford,'; Perry 13), Boh Lee Smith C3j.. mil, Ran font K2i, ,1, Hlgdon (I;.. " • , '!.;':• ' Traffic Toll 42 SALT. LAKE CITY, Utah (UP)_ Traffic fnlalllies hi Salt lake City tolr.lfd 43 during 15)34, according to police records, II rnorp thon in 1033. '• ' Steele Basketeers Take Two From ! Cariithersville . -Moi-Thc ' Str.ele high ;ehool learns woiiji .double-header fiom the Coiuthersulle high teams heie Pi (day night The local girls team had little. difficulty' in winning their game but (lie boys' game was a close rnee throughout ' TJie gills' seoi~ 44 to 18 The lx>j&' spore was 14 to n D Moore was high point s corer for Ihe tlrl. with 29 pointy Steele line up s were (girls)— iVfroie, Ray Yeagei Taylor Copeland and Curry substitutes, Clanton, j,fcDaniel Jenkins and Wright <lloys)— Burns Pnlleiaon, iFrank and Prfd Alfvamlci and Brode Ick 'Ihe local teams will plav the -jl Peering learns in a double- holder Iue<,ch> night here Binned From Head to Foot, Untreated 5 Days STEUBENVII.LE' O (UP) '_' A seven-year-old boy. burned ' seriously from head .lq fool when his clothing had caught Hrc from an open (-rale, was discovered in need of medical attention five, davs Inter uy police. Officers entered the home of the toys parclns seeking informatloti nbout a neighbor. While Ihere they noticed the sulTeriug of the- child, Casmlr Vclnskn. Tlie -yarents they were destitute and could not afford medical treatment, The mother said her bov hnd been burjied from >il s neck to "•Is feel. The boy.was tuken ° n he_spllal, in prlilcal"coni«tloii.' Paramount News Ruth Ettmg^'Mosffhi CO-LEA-NOR THE <5QUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL d "MINING CO. Phone 700 . Kpi«, the reformed nyctmser grnduallnR from Biimlngh'nm to wnter. Cyprnss trees resemble uiain bot- lles, but the enlan:e,i ixnilon | S n S seldom seen, heliij mbmcr"e,t in WRESTLING Holt ARMORY, MONDAY N1TF. I5mi! Firpo vs. Kemiv Soiuli America ,\ v i; ( 2 Out ot S Tails, 2 Hour Mmil Unl|ih Ssnith vs Dick ermeiife Cermany 2 Oul of 3 Falls, 1 Hour l.imll One Lady. One School Child Free With Each Paid Admission You Need It NOW PRESTONE. .$2,1 GAL TIIK ONE SAFE ANTI-FREEZE A!so ALCOHOL . . $1 Gal, PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, AND 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION LED ERE R G I .N O H R . . - . . ••.• ARTHUR HOHL | RKO - RADIO - Pictur. DiVecled by Stephen Kobeiti fandto S. .Herman production Pttr.'tmotmt News LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & KITE—lOq - 25c 1YSTERY WOMAN' A FOX PICTURI with MONA lURRiE, GILBERT ROLAND, JOHN HAl LIDAY and ROD IiROCQUE Musical— Will Osborne and Orchestra Edgar Kennedy Comedy Tues.-Wed.-Thur3. An E/ecf ric ' StaVm o Laughs.' GIGGLE STAft . • IN IT OH IHItM* TODD ftitr KIL'TON -"•-•- "*»*»«wniK - •-• _ CHItKjCMAWbii^J^ Ul* l ttm -r . .. •»'.-- '«*DIO, fittil*! nobody s . . TOTHI LOMBAROO CHARITY BALL MEMPHIS AUDITORIUM Thursday Mite, Jan. 24 GUY LOMBARDO and his Royal Canadian! TICKET SALE STRICTLY UMITID "~*» 01 "Km to dine, .«( ||,t, n HOTEL PEABODY Single t^Room, (7) ?3 .CO PtR p ERS CN ^4feiv~> \

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