The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 15, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL XXVIII—NO. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI H-- JflOME EDITION Heral".' MiSfp* vSie/Uader. ULYTHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, WKD.N'KSDAY, APRIL 15, 1931 ffiyOLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Max Isaacs, 69, Picks an Irish Rose, Same A gel Gccdwin and Head Remain on fob: 1. F. Lenti Appointed City Auditor. At city council session last nisi it: Mayor Neill Reed, Aldermen It. D. Tluehcs, Tnm AV. Jackson, and J. E. Lumford, Police Judge \V. D. Ciravttk- and Treasurer 1'oss RravPis all re-elected, sworn into offlrt. M. G. Goodwin, policf chief; Uny Head, nrc chief anil Dr. I. It. Juhiiscn, city health ofllccr. reappointed. J. K. r.cnti of Peck Auditing: ccmpanv. aprointe-1 city auditor lo succeed A. G. Hall. Jin- ginccrins department auixnnt- rm-nts Iirld oyer by a^ri-ennul with .T. T. C.nir. rrm-iinin^ as ue- pnrtmrnt head 1ml not rc-ap- rwintcil. Salary reductions cf 15 p?r cent and more, cffrctiyn in all city dc- rKlrtiiu nLs, applying to apiwint- ivr- offices. Ordinance passed armrcvin<f as- sessinent^ on pronerty id new sewer 'district Xnmjjrr Thr™. Ordinance pns-it-J pro'iihilin- rli'ffmsr nf pr>* or oil well 1 ; within city limits. Emergency clause attached. MEMPHIS, April 15. (UI>)—There s going to be a big wedding on "Jorlh Main street tofilglil n n d lews and Irish are iiuenrtlr.e to iltend en masse, for Max Isaacs. :o, a bachelor. Is marrying Mrs. Jo;e])li Mealh, an Irish "girl" ol 09. The ceremony Is to be pcrforme-J t the St. Peters Catholic parsonage. Ciifts from nil parts of the country have flooded the little store ol Isaacs which for a generation las been the leading school book .tore in town. Isaacs thought, the wedding was a secret but. the news passed from month to month until all of Memphis knows about it. and It's in the newspapers. DFFlfl Happy Days Forgotten Now Roval Family expected to Find Refuee With Queen's British Mother. c he'll Ask Divorce But Grounds Will Not Be 'Sensational Says Actress HOLLYWOOD, April 15. <UP>— Estelle Taylor today instructed lie; there Hnrmcny reigned ns the. city council, holding its first official session cincn the municipal election, voted solicjlv on all measures corn- in-' before the. meeting and moved with dispatch to dispose of business and formalities cf re-inducting into office the chief executive, Mayor Neill Reed, council member?, and city officers re-elected laft Tuesday. An "informal meeting" of thr? council and Mp.vor Neill Reed in Uvj nmvor's law .office,/ Monday niehl p'vcedcd me regular session last nnht. To the ''smoking of the prace nip~" at the private meeting, following the municipal campaign in which Mayor Reed and a majority of tlie alrterirx'n were in rival camps, -vas attributed the .sircotlm' of last night's session. Routine business before the session was disposed of before! Mayor Reed and other-officers were sworn intc office. Monthly reports of de- partmcnial heads and the report attorney to inform Jack Dempscy by letter In Reno she will sue fo-- | a divorce in a few days. It was the iirst move on thj part of either Dempsey or Ills wife to enter int." direct communications since the former heavyweight champion appeared in Reno last Saturday anc' said.he probably would file suit for divorce. HOLLYWOOD. April 15 (UP) — Estelle Taylor, actress, planned today to sue Jack Dempsey for divorce if necessary, but not on grounds that he "ever beat, her up," j either before or after he III, KMH.IO UKRItF.ltO United Prfss Staff Correspondent Copyritht 1931 by I). I 1 . MADRID, April 15—A pledge lo the people of Spain that they will be given a constitutional government with respect for Hie rights of all was made by Niceto Alcala Zamora, head of the provisional republican government, in an exclusive interview with the United Press today. Alcala Zamora revealed a constitutional assembly will be called which would draft a new constitution for the country along the lines agreed upon by representatives ot the people. Meanwhile Alcala Zamora said the provisional government will proceed along normal constitutional lines, Us principle bimg to respect individual rights, even to extend them, and to gram other rights which do not figure in the present constitution. With regard to religion he said will be liberty to all sfcta and every respect will be-had for private properly. Squirrel Hunters Will Need Lawyers June 10 UTTI,E ROCK, Ark.—Arkansas squirrel hunters will have to become "learned In the law" or run a big risk of becoming law violators after June 10th, An abstract o! Act 291 of 1931, known throughout the legislative session as the "Squirrel Bill" si lows that It sets up 15 different squirrel hunting periods, and divides the counties Into 11 classes. 11,5, POLO III School Financial Dif(,icul- tics Intensified by Poor Collections. Frnnlovei's of .American Civilians Slain nv Bandits Protest to Washington. NEW ORLEANS. April 15 (UP) — Offlclnia of the Standard Fruit and Strnmshlp company have entered n vlvor^us teleeniphlc nrotcst to President Hoover nl the Kovcrn- mcnty asserted dilatory tactics In affordlm: nrotecthn to Amrfl- c!>ns attacked by bandits near Puerto Onba?a.s, Nicaragua, Trvln Moss, chnlrmnn of Ihc board of directors, revealed today* Moss requeued the president to send, a Innnoi-nry puard to Puer ; lo Caljczus to protect American cltlrcns and American holdings eudnnserrd properly- .of It looks new as if those gay, happy moments when Jack Dempsey and his wife, Estelle Taylor frolicked togrthi-r may be gone forever. Time was when lie-man Jack could loss around swee Estelle (sec left) ai-.d make her like It. They were lovers (see upper right) and they were companions (lower right). The pictures were taken scon after they were married In 1925. Now Jack is In Reno, ready to prepare for a divorce, although botli declare they still love each other. It's too bad. erased to I)? the world's heavy-1 weight champion prize fight r i'. "It's Just "another of those thousand and one rumors," said Miss Taylor in denying vehemently that Dempsey had beaten'her... Whether the actress files suit depends she said entirely upon whether Dempsey flies one of Iris own in Keno, Nev. She said if she did sue him the grounds would not be sensational. "I'm going to make it as easy possible for Jack because I have i,.ui..n.-iii.u i.u..u a IMU i.iv ^i.u.i. for the fiscal yeir ending in March] "° desire to hurt him," she said. of A. O. Hall, city auditor, were received hv tlie council. The auditor's renort will tvs published. Anprove Assessments An ordinance approving property assessments of the board of nssess- ors of the newly created £>-wer Disfrict Number Three was passed unanimously bv the council. Rules were suspended and ti'e ordinance advanced throuuh second and third readings lo enable the nnssage of the measure last nteht. Motion for rja'snpe of the ordinance was by Lcnsford. seconded bv Davis. The council took official cognizance of the possibility of the d!s- co'-ory of oil and gas hore bv passim an ordinance prohibiting the diR?ine of ens or oil wells within thn citv limits The ordinance, ad- ya'Kr-d through second and third readings, carried an emergence claupe declaring it "necessary for th« imn-ediate preservation of public peace, health and safety." The measure, which becomes effective Immediately, was passed on the motion of R. D. Hughes, seconded by Dr. H. S. Davis. \Monthly hills were read to the ccuncil by Kidney Craig, city clerk. The bills submitted were approved by the city council by unanimous vote. (itirnlwin Heart Heappoinlcd Follow in? the reading of the bills BY JOHN' TIE OANDT United Press Staff Correspondent MADRID. April 15. (UP)—Tlie Republican government of Spain headed by the fiery white haired Niceto Alcala Zamora, .strove today to establish its power iKi-ma- ncntly on the ruins of the monarchy. Alfonso XIII.; whose reign of 4' yuars ended yesterday, departed Cartagena on the cruiser Princ:Alfonso, apparently bound for England where he will be reunited with ; the royal family. . ( j Queen Victoria, the Prince of A>- i tmrias, who was heir to tlie throne ' Princess Christina, Princess F,ea .rice, and Prince Gonztilo, slept line royal palace last night but de- >arled today for Paris and London. The queen was an English prince-' and Ihc royal family probably will go to Kensington palace, the home of her mother, when they reach England. Strive lo Keep Order The provisional government declared today a national holiday in honor of the republican triumpn. The capital was slowly resuming iU nrvrmal aspccl after many hours of celebration. There was serious danger ol disorder and fighting in Cat- | working in "four shifts. Brown .<a!d An unusually high percentage ol personal properly lax delinquency n Mississippi county last year has contributed to the financial dlfflcul- iles faced by lhe Blylhevillc and olht-r school dlslrlcts of the county. Figures compiled by Paul Coolcy. county auditor, show that no tixos have uccn paid on 31.2 per cent of the $3,758.180 of In the county on which taxes were payable last year. This moans that $1,172,115.30 of duly assessed sonal property paid no tax year, involving a loss to the schorl Dies;! Powered Plane .Just Misses Record JACKSONVILLE,". ,Fla., 'April .15.. (UP)—Walter Less artd Fred Bro> sy • terminated their non-refueling endurance flight in a Diesel motored Bellanca monoplane here cd tin- company's criticism lost night of the government's policy in not nllowln? marines from the Ashevllle stationed off Puerto Cabezas to ruiard the town yesterday after the. arrival of a handful of guardsmen reluming' from bloody nshllns with bandits. The Ashevllle's commanding officer at that Urn? nalil hla orders would allow him lo land marines only when no guards were In town nnd Ihcn only lo prolcct human lives. NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 15 (UP)— Tiie .Standard Frtilt and Stcam- dlstrlcts.of tlwcounty. on the baskj shlp , ompan y today released tha . of the 18 mill rate which prevails „„„,„ of employes of their In nearly all dlslrlcls of .-831.093, j subsidiary firm, the Bragman Bluff Local Schools I.OM JC.ttS umibcv Minpany. lliat -had been In Ulythovllle Special School DIs- k ,,, rd ,,. n .^ Eang u lriar y fighting in trlct. Number Five no -taxes wcrr N | cara? ,, a w | t |, bandits during the paid on M54.400 of personal prop-' niu . t t i ircc ^as • •••".' erty, 213 per cent of the total us- | The dcad EIC . _, H ^^ ovcr . Balboa. Canal Zone; Percy .D. -, \vril lor " n tteimilCii muuupmne ncru Hi Lompany Will 10:53 a. m. eastern standard time ' Make Short Working Period Permanent. because of rain squalls and poor flying visibility. . They went up at 8:52 a. m. Sunday, thereby completing 74 hours „_„ ,,,w, T ,~ ~, ,- ,,„, „.!, and one minute against.a record of NEW YORK, April 15. UP)-Th e ? _ ^^ ^ ^ £ six hour day at the Kellogg cr>:n- pany plant at Battle Creek, Mich., has been so successful adopted permanently, Brown, president, Tjast December 2.000 employes were placed on a six hour bash. It will Louis tra Blackwood Gets 25 Years for Robbery o! Dunklin Co. Postmaster. CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. —Ira Blackwood. son of Mrs. Elinorr. Blackwood, former residents of Ma-, nila. Ark., late yesterday was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison by Federal Judge Charles B. I'ar- ris for the assault and robbery of Postmaster Thomas W. Curtis ol Gibson, Danklin county. Missouri. The verdict was returned after the" Jury had deliberated less than two hours. Blackwood had entered a pica of not guilty. Blackwood's was the third 25- year sentence growing out of the assault and robbery of the aged postmaster on October 23, last, as he was returning home from the post office with the day's receipts. The other two were Lemme Brooks. ' alona under the new regime, but republican forces were in contro'. at Barcelona after sharp fightinr last night. Three persons were killed and several score injured in Barcelona before the army, now under republican control, restored order The new government ministers who formally received their PD-.VC- from tlie resigned monarchist cabinet of Premier Admiral Juan Az nar today, also was severely trie- by lhe strain of work and lack of sleep Imposed on them by the last dramatic hours of the Bourbon dynasty and the creation of the second republic in Spain's history. Th: first republic lasted only a coupl' of years and ended in 1875. Alcala Zamora and his ministers addressed the populace by radio urging "the'm to remain calm an: avoid disorder. King's Son at Gibraltar GIBRALTAR, April 15. (UP) — The Infante Don Juan. Ihird sor of th? he system has cut down overhead ncreased production, and increased .he basic wage scale. At the time of the ctianw th™ minimum wage scale was M per day. When tlie hours \verc decreased wages were increased 12!4 |>er cent to keep the scale at the same level per day. State Auditor Announces Distribution of Insurance Tax Proceeds. Conies of Best in World's Art Will Re Displayed Here This.Week. The art exhibit, to be held here Thursday, Friday .ind Saturday, presents a rare opportunity to lovers of art In this city and surrounding section. Of the 150 copies of masterpieces by famous pulnters there Is nn in- lereMlng variety of study. Tlicre are three Madonnas, "Mona Lisa," "The- Sistine Madonna" and "Ma- onna Of Tlie Chair." In the Biblical piclurcs there are "Christ and the Doclor," "The Arrival of Tlie school .district of .and Ha ond.:- La.-, • ,. ) -,' . :•- . ,\ U'\\itt. • uwrvJiT.- rnmimviiu, .- IMH., course a prop»rUoitaU-l|iE-.- to,lh - Jnhn D p , , joadtrman,- Living- . • - ' - clty^iKl.county a,i we ./(• -, ' - J tcn , lA ,. jcsc-nh'I.. Pennington, Real estate tax collections -last j ,,,,,,.„ Cstlmntr1r - Oarvvl]lei . j^;" year were If anvfhln E better tori H[;r - terl Op wn£( , n B ; E | EtR ni over- normalf Atout-7 por cent of th- • Hcw Or!oans . . W iui nm n. county s real estate was delinquer narr( , s ]r Snra , ot[lp pi n .. at the end of the axtjaylng period r/ S ^ TI too] lnspKtor _ but subsequent collections through | r j, £s : R| ' p Dlv|s Mis5 i, S !pp|. a redemptions and land sales rcduc . mun n!Ullcd - Rtneri D lu°fie!d, Nici nrajua. and J. M. Saquetumc, ed the actual delinquency to per cent at this time. the board at a meeting this wee!:, and It Is probable some further cf fort will be made to', collect last year's taxes in this district. Sheriff Shaver has given assurance of cooperation in any move the board may decide to make, and In view of the fact that the district's financial condition mokes imperative the collection of every possible dollar lut: i^wiui, mitv.ii ui A uc i , *, i i . .1 « Shepherds," "The Frieze of the ot ttlx some actlon ls }<X>M lor - for $1,513.58 will be Issued to the fnnrr Rpvprcea ! Blytheville city treasurer today by til i r, •• !J - Oscar Hum l> hre >'' 5tale auditor, W. R. Pharr S Conviction representing this city's share of the annual distribution of the firemen's pension fund, which is derived from the two per cent premium tax on CINCINNATI. April 15 (UP) — Holding that Judge H. B. Anderson, Memphis, rrred in his char-TC to MY; Jury the U. S Circuit Court of Appeals today reversed the conviction of William R. Pharr. Memphis, found guilty of conspiracy Prophets" and '"The Last Supper." Two paintings which should especially interest students of his- lory are those of the capitol at LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-A voucher Washington and Mount Vernon, .. ' lome of George Washington. Mrs. James B. Clark, president of :he Delphian chapter which Is one of the groups sponsoring the exhibit and art program in Mississ- ppi county schools, and Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county supervisor, who is in charge of the art program, viewed the exhibit at to'.«l will be issued all city officers re-elected at the Brooks 23-year-old of son ' of Geneva, and They George W. Wesley entered rrcent_ election were sworn into of-1 Wrlght of Gibson. f> CC r, ')/"'?" Nelil RMti ' AWcrmen i picas of guilty and accepted sen- H- D. Hu ? r,:s. Tom W. Jackson and {cnccs of B25 yenrs each. Curtis' was attacked by the trie as he reached a secluded spot near his home and was robbed of. between six and seven hundred dollars by the thugs alter they had beaten him into unconsciousnes ~ J. E. Lunsrnrd. Police Judge W. D. Gravctte and Treasurer Ross Beavers were administered the oath of offire by City CV?rk Craig. Iir.n-.cdiatdv upon beginning his the re-appointment cf M. G. Goodwin as police ch'ef, Roy Head as the victim was despaired of to- - « k of the former King Alfonso Spain, arrived today absard Spanish gun boat T-1G. He landed and went- to the government house Prince Don Juan left Madrid by aulomobile last nlgtit. Strike at Barcelona BARCELONA, Spain, April 15 (UP)— A general strike was declared in Calalona today by the unite; labor syndicate. The strike, effective immediately .began pcacefiill; The new republican gnvernmen' headed by Francisco Macla ha: tried desperately to avoid the strlk- which was part of the extremist ef- to treasurers of 01 cities and towns , ln 'he stale. The fund is distrlb- with J. R. Beaucamp. vice president ' utcd onl l' to those cities and towns of the Union Planters Trust com- . which maintain organized fire de- nanv, M-mphls. to misapply funds partments. Tlie amount due to va- rlo ' J s municipalities was certified to of the bank in excess of $593,000. He was sentenced to serve four years in Atlanta penitentiary by. Anderson June 15. 1023. Circuit! court ordered a new trial. ' he the stnte l"™rance Oave's Luck Not So Good OTV Second Trip to Court "«'« voucher for $11,561.51. .. , ' h . e lar p Other cities with vouchers exceeding Blythe- vllte's are El Dorado, Fort Smith Hot Springs, Helena, Pine BlufT land Texarkana. No'. saa^edwm, winning ac.-nilttal in police court yesterday Firemen sustaining Injuries !r the performance of their duties or ' sickness as a refiiit of their w ht annoimrrd eleven Americans ond an undeteTmined number o' British subject, employes ol : 'the fruit companv and lumtiir firm, had been slain. Government -reports tald four Americans, including marines, had been killed arid three were missing. Many Collect Little Whether other school districts will take any step to make additional delinquent tax collections !r not known. In many the perccnta-jc of delinquency Is much greater than in the Blytheville district. Tlie meet conlp'.ete J>ersonal property tax collection was msde In th.e Nev Harmony district, where only 9.' per cent now remains delinquent. The Wilson district was second in percentage of collections, with 13.1 per cent now delinquent. In manv Osceola yesterday. The pictures | other districts less than half of will remain on display there thru. the personal property tax has been today. Students of the coimtys schools who participate in the contests here Saturday, held In connection paid. Tlie Butler district has 93.7 per cent delinquent and the Nodena. Long Lake, nnd Tomato districts have over 75 per cent d?with the art program, will be.llnquent. guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Me- In a fcw districts, notably Lux- Cutchen. the local Lions club nna| orni the Osceola civic chib for a mat- lnr<? thai, afternoon. Folowing 1 the : ms Biytheville, Mani!a : Lcachville. Perry nnd Hick- among Ihc larger dislrlcU. de- Send BomMmr Planes MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Apr. 15 (UP)—Marine corps aiiplanes leaded with bombs and ammunition were made ready tpd^y for a quick rlash to Puerto Cabszas where three hundred U. S..citizens awaited an attack by rebel bands under -the leadership o:' Augustlno Sandino: The U. 3. n. Ashvllle was standing by at Puerto Cabezas with marine forces ready to evacuate .the Americans if the Insurrectionist in thcip nev; assault on the Nlcara- giian national guard and the marines should reach the city. The national'guard, commanded by U. S. marine corps officers, was stri-e'Hng with Ihe insurrectionists In the Jungle bttwcen here and Puerto Cabezas. show anounccmenl will be made of Undent pe°rscnal property tax col- the prizes won. lectors succeeded in reducing sub- Tile admission to the. exhibit, to sUn[lally lhe nm ount of final de- be held M the Gateley store of the ltnquency . Itl !nany districts. how- Lynch building, will be ten cents tr.r students and teachers and 25 cents for adults. iquency. in many ever, including Osccoh, Carson, , Kelser, Etowah, Gosnell and nn- ! merous smaller districts no delln- mcrnln* 0:1 a charge cf disturbing may receive comjwnsatlon from the j the pence.. D.w Finlev, negro, ap- >»nslon fund. Homer Bishop, for- psared before Jute W. D. Gravette mer . n ™ ' rt '"* d » v " lierc - wno again this mornfnz on a smilar contracted tuberculosis, receives a charge. The second time Dave was m °nthly pension from the local New Y»rlcCvtton Cruiser Gofs to Help BALBOA, Canal Zone, Apr. 15 (UP)—The cruiser Rochester was (» route to the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua today to aid American and Nicaraguan forces there in ds- fcndinj Pi-^rto Cahezr; ruaimt itor. Laler the members of the city police force unrbr Chief Goodwin were named as follows: A. D.. fin-in. Oscar Ellloll. Bill Hicks,! Lo-.iL=. Lcndennic. Jack Robinson, i Kyle Recce and James Bomar were • r,?-nair,c,1 police desk sergeants and! ° f M T P « Mayor Reed to Study Blackwood In the trial that latter ns a ln the . T1S char of robbing a postal drivers. All were admin - oatli of office. ' employe with assault carries with • It a mandatory sentence of 25 years was meted out a $10 fine. | Folowing his acquittal yesterday ] j Dim: went by the house of the' negro woman who had him arrested . . i to "chide" her about his release. Proposal Dy rainield ; The ncgress started out for the | officers again and Dave resorted to fund. Mayor Sell! Reed stated todav ''. f« c ? to Prevent her trip to police that he had not yet had an oppor- headquarters. His arrest followed tunlty to study the "friendly vote election contCotv "•"-•' "'" " i en p!»a of diilllv or nroof of the canvass and cleotion contest. 1 pan a ciijrge 01 uiegai possession ui n- j. F. Lcntl. lepresentmg the W. £na i proposed by A. B. Falrfleld. whom 1"or by J«!d B e Gmvotle Tuesday Chester Hatch was acquitted of a charge of illegal possession of J. Pock Auditing company, who , ' I 'Reed dcfea'ted by six votes In the i morning. The trial was marked by succeeds A G. Hall as city auditor wh^ , s C | nlracd to te tnc , nrg . recent municipal election. exchanges between Virgil Oreene, was also sworn into office. Mr. Len- tst chlrnncv ln the Korld ^ that A rcp iy or definite statement bv Hatch's coanMl. Rnd officers. II was nnmed city auditor by vrn- ^ w - n | cll wns fin^e,) ta 10M at U)C Mayor Reed, who was sworn Into R. P. Killebrew was cleared of animOuS vote of lhe council. The. Ror i; S O f ^^ 1303(0^ onc | Montana office for his second term at th; a charge of receiving stolen prop- of four men srenting and ap- : . copper and Silver Mining Com- council session last night., will prob- erty. Trial of Luther Pasley on a pcinlmcnt as auditor were read lo. pan? WI(T areat F;illS| Monl It nb , y be ( 0r || lc0 ming tomorrow, It charge of Illegal possession was NEW YORK. April 15 quent col!ecllo:is were made. The following lable, prepared by Mr. Coolcy, shows the p3rson?.l j (Up) [property assessment and the final: Lynch Attending Bank Meeting al LiHlo Rock Cotton closed barely steady. May July- Get Dec Jan open hl?h low 1021 1024 1014 1044 1048 1037 1076 1031 1071 1102 1105 1094 1109 1111 1103 113! 1135 1127 close 10U 1038 1072 1095 1105 1130 Spots closed quid at 1015. off 15. A T e»; Orleans Cotton (Continued on Page Three) I Is 500 feet In height. was Intimated, I postponed until Saturday. Saunders Will Continue His California Fight SAN FRANCISCO, April 15 (UP) — While receivership proceedings against him were under way in Los Angeles Cla-cnce Eaimders, chain grocery • store magnate : nnouncedj NEW ORLEANS. April 15 (UP)— today he had chanced his mind i Cotton about quilting California and would stay to "fight It out." ; May The statement folotvcd an all' July day. session on the witness stand Oct. Wore the state corporation com- Dec mission In defending himself Jan against a move to revoke his Cal- Mar closed steady. open high low 1024 1024 1012 1037 1069 1093 1101 1IJG close percentage of delinquency, follow B. A. Lynch, acting president ot the Arkansas Bankers Association, Ing completion of their work by ; i s in Liltl* Rock today for a pro- the delinquent personal tax col- ! conforencs with other officers ot lectors, of tlie various school dis- 1 j|,c group prior to the annual trlcts of the county: j meeting in that city April 23 r.nd School Assessed Per Cent 1 29. District Valuation Finally I - : Delinquent Osceola No. 1 ....... 441,525 Luxora No. 2 Rosa No. 3 Shawnee No. 10 .... Pecan Point No. II Carson No. 13 Nodena No. 16 Whltton No. IS 164,123 . 20,275 . 194,180 «.6 WEATHER 30.5 ?!' l i ARKANSAS-Psrtly cloudy and .;.. 'somewhat unsettled tonight and 1047 10S2 1104 1108 1126 1049 1082 1104 1109 1126 Wilson No, 25 ...;.. . j Butler No. 23 12,700 Kelser No. 31 97,625 Uornia slock selling license. | Spots closed quiet at 690, off 11. 1015 1041 1073 _....,„, 1095 Burdctte No. 35 H05b Etowah No. 36 1126 .Long Lake No. 51 (Conltnued on 10,975 81 ' According -.0 the oflicial weaiher 55,375 53.8 cbsemr, 'diaries Phillips, Jr., lr,3 441.825 13.1 rnnxirii'iin temperature licrc ycstcr- P3.7 ipy w ,1 degrees r.nd the rnini- *'" mum, ' - Agrees, pailly cloudy. On ,. 77.150 44.'- the ssine day a yeer ago the max. 45.750 46.? inn;m t£!-.ii«rature was 82 decrees .. 8,225 19.: and the minimum, CO degrees, Paje S) .cloudy.

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