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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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1 KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES Fraga Sustained As Councilman Fred selected as an Emeryville city councilman on a roll of the dice, is still the duly elected councilman, Superior Judge Cecil Mos-bacher ruled today. Fraga and Carl Crawford tied for the seat by a 428 to 428 ballot count in the April (Daklano May 23,1962 'E ed another roll of the dice was necessary. making the final selection, stands. Library Date Judge Mosbacher ruled the precedent law cases make it clear that when the ballot recount does not change the Library of Congress, was result, the original method of established in 1800. Rhodes OAKLAND CONCORD election.

The dice were rolled and Fraga was declared the winner. Crawford then asked for a recount which came out 427 to 427. Crawford then contend- i UK NICHOLAS PETRIS J. G. WINTERFELD ANGA BJORNSON ROBERT L.

HUGHES wherever. DANIEL L. KELLY mmD Three candidates are Assembly, 16th District seeking the Democratic nomination for Assemblvman in the 16th District, which is now represented by Don is a candidate for re-election, without party opposition. statements: Assembly, 15th District Assemblyman Nicholas Petris, seeking his third term at Sacramento, is unopposed on the ballot for the Democratic nomination, but an East Oakland chiropractor, Dr. G.

J. Winterfeld, is conducting a campaign for write-in votes. Dr. Winterfeld failed to register in time to get his name on the printed ballot. Here are the candidates statements: a man goes he looks better in 10 Mulford, Republican.

He Here are the candidates care for the aged, restoring the dignity they rightly deserve; building programs and training programs to solve the problem of unemployment; aid to consumers, and fair taxation. Home owner, taxpayer and resident in he district seek to represent for over 20 years. camp (mm an ARROW ha If -sleeve Nicholas Petris, 39, attor-ney and incumbent assemblyman. Native and lifelong resident of Oakland. Graduate of University of California, journalism, and Stanford Univer- sity, law.

Past vice-chairman, California Democratic Council, active in many party campaigns. Married, lives at 15 Crestmont Drive. During the past two terms as an assemblyman I have gained invaluable experience as a member of the following important committees: Ways and Means, Revenue and Taxation, chairman of Elections and Reapportionment, vice chairman of Government Organization, Criminal Procedure. I have introduced legislation in the fields of narcotics, traffic safety, urban renewal and redevelopment, government reorganization, and workmen's compensation. Anga Bjornson, retired Oak land school teacher.

Native of Wisconsin, lived here since 1921. Graduate of the University of Wisconsin, with graduate work at the University of Califorcia. Member of the Democratic County Central Committee for 28 years, now serving as treasurer. Lives at 2079 Oakland Piedmont. This I believe: Good government depends upon effective laws.

Effective laws depend upon able lawmakers. And able lawmakers depend on public awareness. Because I believe this, I promise to keep both myself and my constituents informed of the problems we Californians face. To transform these problems into a happy and secure future, I promise to fight for elective educational planning, for civil rights, for men tal health programs, for a de cent standard of living for our senior citizens, for an effi cient rapid transit system, for the preservation of our vital natural resources and for the efficient use of our tax money. Robert L.

Hughes, 36, at torney. Native of Visalia, lived here since 1956. Graduate of the University of Cali fornia, political science, and Hastings College of the Law, JFK Asks More Research Funds WASHINGTON --President Kennedy asked Congress today to take the lid off amounts that can be used for indirect expenses in research grants. In a letter to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and House Speaker John W.

McCormack of Massachusetts, Kennedy protested a section of the House-passed defense appropriation bill that would limit indirect expenses to 15 per cent of the direct cost of a research grant. Indirect ex penses cover sucn items as plant maintenance, heat and light and administrative costs. Tonnage Rate DETROIT More than three fourths of America's freight tonnage moves at some time by private or for hire trucks. ME AY MLY Freedom Rides in Reverse Attacked i i By the Associated Press Dr. J.

G. Winterfeld, 48, chiropractor. Native of Wis consin, lived here since 1957, Graduate of chiropractic cot lege. Divorced, father of four children. Lives at 1455 46th Ave.

My platform is 'not loaded with vain promises but is a concise and necessary answer to our welfare and tax prob lems. It is a social and legal change which other states have faced and done some thing about and must come to our great state. It is the answer to our juve nile delinquency as well as our welfare cost problem. My platform reestablishes the sanctity and strength of the home as a unit. My platform will establish a sensible and sane handling of the taxpay ers money.

Any person who becomes indignant at invasion of the home and wild tax spending is qualified to carry on this battle. 11 children arrived last night at the small Cape Cod town only four miles from Hyannis Port where President Kennedy has a summer home. The second mother, Mrs Lela Mae Williams, and her nine children missed bus con nections in Providence, R.I They were put up for the night by the Traveler Aid Society Both mothers said their families existed on sandwiches during the long bus trip from Little Rock. Their arrival in Massachu setts occurred amid mounting citizen indignation over exportation of what were de-cribed as welfare cases from southern states. Gov.

John A. Volpe describ ed the sending of such fam ilies and individuals to Hyannis as a travesty on human justice. He told a news conference that if the problem becomes acute, it may become necessary to seek federal1 action to halt the rides. MINISTERS PROTEST At Magnolia, a jury convicted a 23-year-old Atlanta Negro of breach of peace charges while six Episcopal ministers staged a silent protest in the courtroom. Charles F.

McDew was sentenced to six months and fined $500 by a jury of white men who deliberated 13 minutes. He was arrested for taking part in demonstrations against McComb school officials who expelled Negroes from classes after sit-in convictions. vy rf ouqpuo rnrm CJD Fame was the objective, Hollywood the battleground. Nothing, no one would stand in ber way. Read "The Lonely Life," Betle Davis' recounting of the years that led from a vagabond childhood to glittering Hollywood stardom.

Beginning in the Jane Journal 4DT) CDRG TrfDO 111 fabrics and 2.99 yd. tap cQruxP Married, with five children. Lives at 6880 Saroni Drive. I propose to support and sponsor legislation sufficient to meet the major problems confronting the residents of the district, including early development of rapid transit, freeway routing which con siders the general welfare of the community, finding alternate methods of financing necessary public school growth, and preserving the academic prestige and effec tiveness of the University of California. My background includes 10 years as a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle prior to entering law practice in Oakland in 1958.

1 am a mem ber of Oakland's Public Advi sory Council on Education. Daniel L. Kelly, tax ac countant. Graduate of Oregon State University, business ad ministration, and La Salle University, foreign trade Served six years on Democratic County Central Com mittee. Married with six chil dren.

Lives at 2512 East 15th St. In more than 30 years of handling tnousanas of tax re turns, business and personal, dealing with the people of my district and all over the state, I feel qualified to do a good job in seeing that the people will get a just return for their tax dollar. My platform includes wa ter conservation, development and recreation; health and ANY 9x12 RUG Cleaned Beautifully 95 All Other Rugs 20 Discount Th bov prk if for cufom who bring mn4 pick tip kif rugi at th main plant. Pickup and all vary axtra. MAIN PUNT TELEERAPH AT 55th mnRSHALL STEEL Quality RUG CLEANING Al ii Alimedi.

2311 Central Ave. mam phone ols-28oo mmm mil CJUUM) IP" all travel details, HI 4-5600 YU 2-6400 $5 iCjipBit jig a SHIRT! Arrow Bi-Way, 65 Dacron poly- 'i ester, 35 cotton. White, grey, beice. A creat for Dad $5 Button -down collar, 65 Dac ron polyester, 5 y0 cotton. -fO 1 Arrow Bi-Way, 100 cotton.

Blue, topaz, yellow, aquamarine, green, pearl. Arrow Bi-Way, ribbed wash and wear cotton 4.25 blue, IV 11, buy. i I flU 1 Id fT, 3 UIUWKVJ VACATION TOUR SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR tremendous selection 3000 yards The Little Rock, i Chamber of Commerce has criticized sending es north on "reverse freedom rides" as neither the right nor the popular answer to what it called the mos difficult social problem of this generation. The group was the first to speak out in any major southern city where segregationists have been sponsoring the free no-return trips. The emergency women's committee, formed during little Rock's 1957 school desegregation crisis, joined in saying Arkansas has been dealt a crushing publicity blow by the rides.

UNFAIR REFLECTION The chamber statement was issued after a special meeting of the board of directors yesterday. It said the rides were underwritten and endorsed by only a handful of persons and reflected unfairly on the people of the city. "This experiment in retaliation was undoubtedly provoked by the unhappy and unfortunate 'freedom rides south' idea," the statement said. i--The Capital, CitizensCoun-cil, a Little Rock segregationist group, began sponsoring the rides after appearance in the city of an official of the Greater New Orleans Citizens Council, which inaugurated the movement. Twenty-five riders, including two mothers and 20 children have been sent to Hvannis, Mass.

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