The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1935
Page 7
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PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for conscc'u- llvc Insertions; <Kive average words to a line) One time per line ipo Two times per line uer day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. OSc Six times per line per day .. 05c Month rate per line 6Qc Minimum charge 60c Ads ordered for three or six times nnd stopped before expiration will he charged for the number o( times the lid appeared and adjustment 'of bill made. A|i Classified Aclytiiisliiif copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may . easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of. any classified ad. ;i .',i Advertising ordered for irregular insertions take trie one time rate. Coal & Wood NOW BUY THE BEST FAMOUS MAKNE RED ASK COAL Once Yon Try It, Yoil Will Always Buy It Buy Cornu High Qualify Feeds It Pays To Feed the Best Keai Estate Farms For Sale With immediate Possession 40 A. near BurdeUc, Miss, county, Ark. Price $60 acre. 40 A. near Burdettc, Miss, county, Ark. Price ?60 acre. 80 A. near Burdettc, Mi.^s. county, Ark. Price 560 acre. 45 A. near Warden, Pemlsjcot coiiiity, Mo. Price 550 acre. 05 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $10 acre. 108 A. near Gideon, Hew Madrid county, Mo. ^ Price $-15 acre. 127 A. near Gideon, New Madrid c'duiity, Mo. Price $50 acre. 107 A. near canalou, New Madrid counts'. Mo. Price $10 acre. J. W. Bader . . Blylhevillc, Ark. PIKE &. TORNADO INSURANCE, LIFE INSURANCE AND INSUR- AA'CB SEEVJCE Money to Loan We are in posiUon to make 5011 a Ibaii to lefimnce joui present loan. Teriris for repayhieht can be made to your latisfdctton very lov: interest utes this applies, to city, us'.well fc farm loans. ' W. M. Bums, Phone's 243 - 212 I OK SALE DUPLEX on West Malii St. Ball) garage, v etc. Rents for morithlj 5750 CASH or v.111 make leim puce Thomas Land Co. We Diiy Corn & Soy Beans PHONE 127 Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop. WE CAN SAVE YOIJONEY HARNESS Our Stock Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT 3 room NICELY FURNISHED apartment at SIT S. Lake, Call W' 15-ek-tf Pay Us, A Visit And 15c Convinced We Can't Bell All the Coal, So Wo Just Sell the Best. | St. Benard, 1,000 Lbs $3.501 Black Diamond, 1,000 Lbs. .. $3.T5i Sahara, 1,000 Lbs. ^ $100 Acton ncd Asti, 1,000 Lbs. .. J5.TO - Phono-100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. PAUL BYKUM 120 East Mitin Largest & Most Complete Slock of "HINAWARB In Norlhcast Arfcun- sas, PUICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Why Buy Coal From Us? i—30 yeare iii business. 2—Quality of coal handled. 3—Prompt service. 4—Courteous treatment. 0—You get all you pay for. "Quality Group" distribuled by Gay & Billings Plume 76 Exclusive Agents Idr the 'original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Phone 477 WONDER,. C^TY COAL CO. YOU HAVE TRiBD THE REST,, My Coal Is Jliack Biit I Treat You »Vhi(c, Fill Up Now JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 10i See Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. "Eadiant Alabama" "Piemium Kentucky" CALL 214 PARKS BROS. COAL CO PHONE 877 FOE "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "B!,ick Rojal Kentucky'^ CliEAN COAU—LOW PRICED Business Directory BUY FURNITURE, NOW PAY THIS PALI, Get Olii- Terms HUbBAKt) FDKN1TUSE CO. FARMS FOR SALE! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON Camthersvllle,: ilo. Automotive "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS*-" Ptestone, Alcohol, Heater , Defrosters, Wl'lMS Batlcrles. LET US PR3TARE YOU FOR WINTER Hubbaul Hrjw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE Di,PT. Phone 476 Phorie Special puces on Aulo Accessories Tires & Tubes, Guaranteed Bal- teries >37D esc, Auto Tops & Side CurUins SI 30 up Alcohol 75o,gal Oar Heaters si-50- up, Oyljndei Heads, floor mats. ,<•_. , : Wolf _Arian 128 ,E. Main St. FOB BATTERY SERVICE Ben.Clune 209 W. Ash Phone 8. For Sale NEW JOHN DEERE TRAILER- ELECTRIC RADIO Cabinet set; ELECTRIC! FAN, J'olar club. C.' Smlttj, Evadalc store. 2I-k-p-2<! "A i3ARGATN""TWO STORY CABIN BOAT, WITH STEEL HULL IS x 40, ON BIG LAKE IDEAL FOR OUTING CLUB- Ted Roderick, Lcachvlilc, Ark. n-ck-2ii YOIi'ra'S . BED, slighUy iivrger I than baby bed. N'U W mattresF I Will sell CHEAP. Mrs. Steve H Brooks, 519 W. Main. , . ah II FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT . OUR FLOOR ARKMO LUMBER CO HARNESS! HARNESS! Full Line High Grade Harness. Best, Prices iii Blytheville All makes turning pious uid middli bustert,, points, {race chnini, col lar pads, back baiids, etc. FEED! bJ-.fcD' iiiE sou vlll ^iced for Spring Planting Oberst Stoie Co. Remodel Your Home Wllh a gtiinine RDBBEROID ROOF 5% interest, 3 years to pay East Aikansas Bmldeis Supply Co. Phone 23 Fufiiiturc BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms FUKNITUKK CO. Eggs, Poultry BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Hatching Done for the 'Public MARILYN HATCHERV Blytheville, Ark. Hatchery Code No. 8(i For Kent BEDROOM 111 private homo! at) Joining both. '{2 week. 131 W. room FURNISHED modem nuaiiinonl, newlv decorated. Must lie seen to be appreciated; Coll 449. n-ck-lf TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS, mqtieralcly priced. Mrs. E. A. F'Sher, 101 E. Davis. 24-pk-29 Modern Three Room apartment, furnished or unfurnished. F. 61- nion, Phone 76-1. c ktf Two Furnished lied Hoows, 1011 Walnut. Phone 102. • " 31-c-tf Comfortable HOOM with bath, 405 N. Broadway, Call TO-J. '296 kit Shoo Repairing Progressive Shoe Shop \VR THANK YOUI For your 1934 patronage niid lioii to servo you In 1935, 104 S. siirt street j'diir ; old director ol (lib Tcniussct Vslloy Aullioilty. On'JMt. 2'a Ll- llcntliiU will explain beforfc (ho Ih- slUiite nn iiiinnnoiinml phjisc of the itorcminciit'ii $280,000,000 ppw- cr project In Hie Tennessee Viil- 32 years in tno Shoe n«pii(iliig business; when others fnil, try SI. Simon P. Lee, 111 Soulh Uiiilroild Bt. W. J. KNOX Having made nil kinds ot shoea for ABNORMAL fcot, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL lees. On (ho oncnlilu (lay Hlfosl Snilo, Jrijmiiesc Ambassador I otln! United Slates, will speak on "So'ino phases of Jnpnncsc-Amcricnn fic- for of jiolltifjii sconce 4 (ho 'colic^ of tub qilj. of. New VoVk imil illrmor of IHC Iiistiliite, will siir.jik Jan. n on • "Cohlcjiiporivry Rus- Annual Walttlne I'iljrlmase MADlSON,')—John Ickes innkcs an nhminl pllgrJronjjc «roimc( live hikes bounding this city. OH Ills first, trip ihls Season, _. , l>o walked Hie 25 miles around Stephen I'. Uiiufiim, lirofes-lLnku Meniloln, largest' of tlio group,', in: slfgjiflj hours, itfntliig 15 minutes nml villi OUR BOARDING HOUSE Alaskan WWAliU, Alaska (ui')-canary ih me the latest in Alasica piq- iliii'U, E. B, Rclsiier of Be ward, a commcrcljil bird /under, tills year iiiido sevcrul shipments of singers .0 1'n.siiiU'iw and Sun Dicgp, Ca). By Alien* COLONELr^UrWM Position Wanted STEAMHEATED ucdrooni In modern iioinc to iwinument business couple or men. I'lianc 984 or 24. Personal TO THE TAXPAYERS 'IN PAVING DISTRICTS NUM BER TWO AND THREE: For n short (lino Hie books will . remain open for the payment,' of 193J paving taxes. Just heir miicli time will be Allowed has not yet teen dctey-. mined, but it can not be very long. It is impossible to keej> (lie books as \vc have hereto-fore. ' ••'•'• Belter pay as soon us possible If you wish to avoid penalties and costs. C. J. EVRARD. FOR RENT: Five rooms and batli, C1 ., . , , 317 Dmigan, J26; n»c room. «nd °™if^ ^n 1 v o s ^f bath, IS,M, SS omJ $15.00. b. D| > . . ^nl .rguson, 1-honc 100 ^-^la llm . r might still have my .own FURNISHED rooms near highl'ooth. Grundtiin. school. Reasonable price. OH Hearn. 19-pk-2t Partly furnished APARTMENT with good heating system. Phone NEGRO family wants to sliarecrop next year. Two men and woman in family. Excellenl recommendation. George Smith, 1709 Hearu St., Will do nleht. or 192. . STENOGRAPHIC work it neasonable rates. Call SOS Wanted To Buy COTTON CORN and SOY HKANS See us for Hesl Prices. Harold Slornucrg nl STERNUKItO COTTON CO. Help Wanted 107 or 571. 10-c-tf Robinson addition. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WELL, SUM,TROM THE OF HIS TEETH ,I % 0 SAY HORSE IS BtWEtM SEVEN EJ6HT YE/XRS 6\±> i-.YES SUM , i\L VAV EVEN rVvOHEY O fc .THATS NOf S6 <5d6t>,SUH A»OL)T A Sfe^ON LEFT WrA, ACiAlN&T TURTLES -THEN ATRAIt) VOLIHE 1M IS ABOUT NAOON PAST EI6HT YEARS OLt> •BE6!Nr4iSlGTO SU&PEC. ,, TW«T THE COLONEL /4 . IS A, BETTER JUD6& 0V FOOD THAN He . A 3-YEAK OLT>,TOO We want to select tellable young man, now employed, wltli forc- fair education niid niecliau- ical inclinations, willing to train spare time of evenings, to qiuilify as IKSTALfjATION and SERVICE exiiert on all types ELECTRIC nKFrilOERATOHS nntl All' Coll- iHlloniiij; Ecuiipuiciil, Write "AI3" paper. ai-pk-23 Prominent Speakers Will Be Heard by Georgians ATIIHNS, Gil. (UP)—A (llJfllll- guislied list of speukers lins Ucen obtained for the lilnlli niiiiiinl Univcrsily of Georgia Institute, of Public Affairs, Jan. 23-31. Among tlic 'will be David UABK HAS IDEAS! SURE, BUT WITH A WHOLE FLOCK OF MALES. 'OUS, 1 8EG&IN 1 T'BE VOUP. CiRESp., VJEL.L., I ALWAV6 DID THIMV4. VVJERE --'--' Largest & Most Comp!et« Stock of HARNESS In Northeast. Arkansas PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hd«. Co. BATTERIES RECHARGED 75c GUARANTEED Starter & Generator Service Used Auto Parts Cheap Phone 30&—Road Service Harper Auto Electric Service \'\ Mile from Gnlciyay on Highway 18. This ad is worth ,25c on battery .service. AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. - PHONE « • PAY THIS Get, Our Ternis • HUBBARU FURNITUKE CO. BUY. FURNITURE NOW Wanted •1 or 6 room HOUSE. Feb. 1. Gash in iidvaiicc. 1 - John noucy al . Press. . ln-p-l;-23 ROOM near LEV US I'O VOliR IVKLDING AND MACHINE WORK BoiLEft -'DRAGLINE TRAILER REPAIRING We Carry A Full Line/of . PHONE 808 IiLYTHEVU,UO MACHINE WORKS . Operated by IS. r. Kipcr SERVANT Chlckasawba. Pliouc ioGW. HODi WEATHER STBIF Savrj fuel at.small cos!, Arkmo Lumber Co. HOUSE . of 10 acres. CASH. ,"C" Courier News'. 17pk24 Wanted To Kent Vast stuns, have bjeu spent In scarciiing lor (lie lalileil silver dc- pbslts worted by IiirflSns aiiti early Spanish explorers at Silver Hill ill (lie Ozartts, 1'ut the bud li:s failed to yield-wealth. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc EERVICE' & QUALITY AMBULANCE Phone- 2& Palnluig and FaperUanging Auto Painting Furniture licflnlshlnK All Work Guaranteed. Freeman 6c. Wheat Phone 719 for wo? DUO. T6& daif k. it, TOO 1 . SO i.T W6U;, 6Oe6EOUS..:AKB V'LAUMCHER X6T, ON THAT BU&UJESS LIFE? W.6B., [ DO 60 6w AS I AM,.- WHAcr Q<XS IT ALL. ' AMOUWT TO? You KUOW rri'VM V/ORK(M'JUS' T'66 OOIM' SDMETHIM',..BUT,666) IP V UM> ALL TH' CHANCES YOU WHAVE SWELL. TIMES , rb FIC.&EK i WAS OOIM' PR£f\Y SWEUL BY MYSELF a A STICKEU! NY (TosHj EASY.' THIS IS SERIOUS f WH GOTTA GET OUTA HERE / WASH , TUBES fDID VOU HEAR.-TIW,Y WELL, WHAT DID "\ / AND THERES A. GUV OUT WE'VE ALWAYS 60i OUTA SCRAPES BEFOR5. Wff 60TTA GET ONE. WE I EASV?' .THEY'RE NOO EXPECT '.EM , uUWMA SHOOT (K.-4 TO DO? BAKE US V • . •: ^-T./V-^-, Ar&kP? HAMGED IF HIT DMA PLAN THAT MAKES ANY SEKISE. I MUST BE DUMB. SERVICE, IW T M Rlt U KNTKK A TV ALLEY- SOMETHING IS GOING ON, THE DINOSAURS ACTING AWP LILLY QUEER / ( ALLEY OOP ( VJHAT A. FlXl SURROUNDED BY HUNGRY DIMOSAURS AMD LlZAtfPS.'lp WE HUH.' HO WONDER 1 . LOOKIT WHAT5 CBMIM Vro JOIN In'HA THRON& THE K.IMG KILLER, THE TYRANT LIZARD OH, AULEY, WVlAT NEKT? FRECKLES ANIMUS FHIENDS I'M K|MDA SOBRY THE WHOLE THlfJG IS FIWiSHED .new) rrs YOU MAVEA PROBLEM LIKE THAT, AND v*wc IT OUT.'.' V<ELL/THATS TWE V/AY IT GOES.' B'JT.LET ME TELL YOU SOMETH)MQ...LOTS OP TIMES THESE ItJNOCeMT SUYS.'LI^S , TWE PSOFessoB, F«R IMSWHCE; CAU DO '.: • Mope B-/ /,rciDeNT,.-mAM TEVI Gurs : '. ' .CO'JLO DO OH PURPOSE " I«WAS KIMOA HOPiWG JE V/HdE 'THIUS V/AS A BIG ROS3EPY PLOT, SO WE COULD RUU pov/w A I5AMGSROLIS CCJIMIMAU!.' 5 S GUIUY ONE.TJRMS OUT .TO BE A HA&MLSSS PROFESSOH...AWO THEM WE FWD IT V/AS ACCIDENTAL AFTER ALU! , J OWE YotS A DS9T OF i YOU CERTlAlklLY. HELPED MS _50W6 A BAFFLINS ! - MYSTERY ;.'

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