Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 1, 1897 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 1, 1897
Page 8
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OAILYJPHAHOS MONDAY, NOV. 1. 1897. OITYNB.WS. of Philadelphia, H. G. Thornton, is in the city. $35.00 draperies Trade Palace. Miss Agness Hebel for 118.00 at the has gone to Indianapolis the visit friends. Special prices on rugs and draperies this week at the Trade Palace. For rent—Vandalla hotel at Van- dftlia depot. Inquire Wm. Shanahan. If you want your parlor handsomely decorated, talk with Mr. Pratt, of the Logansport Wall Paper Co. Lee Truman, of Attica, has taken a position at the Keystone drug store. Mrs. Wm. Gregg and Mrs. Shuc* are spending a week In Chicago with friends. Dr E P. Washburne, of Kewanna, has been visiting Dr. Hunt and other friends the past few days. The Episcopal ladies will serve supper in the basement of the church Tuesday, Nov. 2, from 5 to 8 o'clock. Natural and artificial gas bills should be paid at the company's office on Pearl street on or before November 10th, The grand jury Is in session this morning. The petit jury, owing to the rush of business, has been called for tomorrow. The Hospital sewing circle will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. H. Beitemeier on North street. The next entertainment at the opera house will be on Thursday evening, the successfal comedy, "A Baggage Check." Charles N. Graffls was at Indianapolis nearly all last week preparing the bid of Wilion, Humphreyb & Co. for the state printing, W J- Mead, the E flat claironette player of the Elk's band went to work this morning in the Panhandle machine shops. Joseph Austin, upon whom an operation for appendicitis was performed recently, has recovered and is aga'n at his desk in Wilson, Humphreys & Go's. Anna Van Dyne was this morning granted a divorce from Moses Van Dyne upon payment of costs. Moses defaulted and the case was heard without him. A number of large flocks of wild geese have been seen to pass over the •city in the last few days. Accord- Ing to the old sign, this means coming cold weather. It is claimed that autumn leaves, as they fall from the trees, should be allowed to remain on the lawn until spring, as thev protect the grass and make a good fertilizer. M. Schneeberger yesterday lost a valuable new robe out of one of his livery rigs while driving to Eighteenth and George streets. He will pay the finder a reward for its return. Gertrude Funk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Funk, gave a Hal- lowe'en party on Saturday evening, entertaining some twenty-five of her little friends in a delightful manner. St. John's Commandery No, 24, K. T., will hold a stated conclave this evening at the asylum, opening in long form. Officers and members are requested to meet promptly at 7:30 p. n,. Deputy Clerk Stukey reports the ordering of an order book this morn- Ing from Wilson, Humphreys & Co. at 8:30 o'clock and that ihe same was prepared to his order and delivered in one hour. This is the quickest time on record. The Independent Order of Good Templars, No. 429, will hold public meetings at the Southside U. B. •church Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings of this week. Judge D. P. Baldwin, Rev. Coolbaugh, J, Z. Powell, and Mayor McKee will speak. Mr. and Mrs. John Buff, of 1222 Toledo street, were agreeably surprised Saturday evening by the members of the Daughters of Pocanontas. About twenty-six in number called on them. The event was in honor of Mr. Ruff's birthday anniversary. Cards and other social diversions weie Indulged in, after which an oyster supper was enjoyed. ' A QUIET HALLOWE'EN. SeTeral Small Scraps and Plenty of Corn and Beans. Hallowe'en was observed in this city about as quietly as could be. Everyone bad on bis peaceful clothes and was careful not to damage property to any great extent. The police made no arrests, but caught numerous young boys in the act of carrying off gates and other loose property, and escorted^the youngsters back to the starting point. E*ch time the boy was badly frlgntened and declared his intention of behaving the balance of bis life If only allowed to go.home. Eastend culverts suffered the worst, nearly everyone being overturned or carried a short distance away. The street commissioner says that the Eastend is worse than the Westside, and always gets the worst of the celebration. Tne blowing of the curfew whistle stopped many of the pranks that would otherwise have the largest fish of the basi family ever taken from the lake. Mac brought the fish home alive in lieu of one of his elastic affidavits. CHICAGO .MARKETS Customers Increasing! Sales Climbing Up! Received Daily by W. W. MUner, at 6. A. R. Bnlldlnfc. Chicago, Nov. 1. 1897. Wheat— Dec., opened. 96}@97c high, 97}c; low, 96c closed, 96}c.; Wheat—For May, open, 94*@94|c; high, 94*c; low, 93}c; closed, 93ic, Corn—For Dec., opened, 26Jc; high, 27c; low, 26fc; closed at 26ic. Oats-Dec.,opened,18J@18-jc;hlgh, 19fc; low, I8|c; ciosed, 19Jc. Rye—Dec., opened, 48}c; bigb, closed, 4S*c. Dec. opened, 17.45; low, $7.45; closed at 49c; low. Pork— For high, $7.65; Pushing Ahead as Never Before! THE WONDERFUL SELLING AT THE GOLDEN RULE CONTINUES. New Bargains For Monday. Owin* to the iact that so many costumers had to leave this store this week and couldn't get upon we have decided to run this GREAT SALE with all its Bargains and many new ones waited All NEXT WEEK. ALL NEXT WEEK $7.85. Lard— For high, $4.22; 14.22. been played. Many of the young folks gatbere < ) ) ; 8 and homes and celebrated the holiday with fun and frolic of an innocent sorb. BALLY DAY. Third Annual Meeting Observed Yesterday at fiinth Street Christian Church. For several years it has been the custom of the congregation of the Christian church to celebrate an annual rally day, and yesterday the third anniversary rolled around and was observed with the usual appropriate ceremonies. At the morning Sunday school services T. J. Legg made an address and little Merle Nethercutt played a mandolin solo, followed by Lottie Lewis' vocal solo. There were three hundred in attendance. The special feature of the morning'church service was a song by Miss Gertrude Winters and Mr. A. L. Green. In the evening Mr. Berry read the past history of the church, Mrs. A. B. Stan ton the present history and Rev. H. C. Kendrick talked of the future. The attendance during; all three meetings was unusally large. MAYOR'S COURT. Two Lonely Drunks Before His Honor- Hallowe'en Quiet. Two lonely drunks were before bis honor this morning, which shows a quiet Hallowe'en. John Combine and John Sable were the unfortunate two. They were remanded to the tender care of Sheriff Homourg to remain ten long weary days. Sable Is a tramp who. would not leave town when the opportunity was presented, and Camblne is the well known character about town. As has been said many times before, Camblne la a dangerous character when drunk. At one time ha was confined in the insane hospital and has never been rigbt in his mind. He is a degenerate and should be looked after before he seriously wounds or murders some one in his insane attacks. Dec., opened, 14.15; low, $4.15; closed at opened, 14.46; •$4.47; closed at Bibs—For Dec. high, $4.52; low, $4,50. Hogs today, 44,000; left over, 2,500; estimated for tomorrow, 27,000: Market opened 5c lower; closed easy at early prices. Mixed, $3.35@«355; heavy, $3.15 £.65; rough, I3.15@I3.25; light, $3.30@3 85. Cattle—Receipts 17,500; sheep, 15,000. Dec. wheat—Curb, 96}@|c; puts for May, 92Jc; calls for May, 94}c. GETTING SEBYOUS. Be publican Leaders a Little Excited Over the Presence of Schnjler Lease In the Court House Corridors. The presence o' Schuyler Lease in the corridors of the court houseithis morning, while the grand jury were settling down to business, caused some uneasiness among Republican leaders who took part In the recent alleged Mellinger bribery case. It is thought that the grand jury will return an indictment against Mellinger. The case was tried recently and the jury disagreed. AJiU COLDER. Never in the Histor> of the Golden Rule has Their Been Such a Greal Sale. Why is it? It's Honesty in Advertising. That coes hand in hand with Honesty in Merchandising. Newspaper misrepresentation might draw YOU to a store and perhaps sell you something once but you would not come back. Here it WM different The people who have attended this Great October Sale this week—they did come back and bought more. Why? Because they were real Bargains to be found. Bargains in every department. Several New'fiargains will be added" for'next Week's Sale. SCHMITT & HEINLY. —THE— Very Newest £ Shoes... Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM mm POWDER WORLD'S FAjR,CHICAGO, 1893 LADIES ORGANIZE A Society of tbe Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. A ladles' society of tbe Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen was organized this afternoon, at the hall in the Jordan block, with nineteen charter members. Mrs. CharlesLovejoy, state organizer, and J. J. Hannehan, vice grand master, conducted the work. Tonight the new lodge will bold a joiot meeting with Lodges 1 Nos. 52 and 53, B. of L. F., at which Mayor McKee will deliver an address of welcome, to which there will be a response and other Interesting features, including a banquet. ST. JOE ACCOMMODATION. Will Ron as Usual Sorember loth— T. P. A. Instrumental in the Reinstatement. The recent taking oft of the Vandalia local which' caused so much dissatisfaction amone the traveling public is no w in a fair way to be adjusted to the entire satisfaction of all. The T. P. A. is said to have been instrumental in getting the train put back, which is promised for November 15th. This service enables the passenger to breakfast here and sat dinner in Grand Rapids. On the return trip, persons will arrive at Logansport at p. m. A rt'eddtnit. Wm, A. Burke, of Kemington, and Miss Dessie E. Persinger. of Pipe Creek Falls, were quietly united in marriage at the office of County Clerk Flynn today "^y Esquire G. W. Fender. They will reside at Remington . Mac's Great Catch, James McSheehy capped the climax yesterday at Maxinkuckee when he hooked and safely landed a small mouthed black bass weighing seven poands and fourteen ounces, as evidenced by the postal scales. This is The Desired Change in the Heather Comes at Last. The recently hot and dry weather gave way !ast night to a gentle rain that continued all night, amounting to a little over a half inch of rainfall. Today the rain has continued at intervals, but the amount falling was s-uall. The present storm prevails over Indiana and Illinois. The predictions are for rain and cooler tonight and Tuesday. Minister* Elect Officers. The Logansport Ministerial association this morning elected officers for the ensuing six months, and decided to meet every Monday morning during that time at the Broadway M. E. church. At the meeting next Monday, definite arrangements will be made for holding Thanksgiving service. The newly elected officers are: President-^Rev. F. M, Huckle- be'ry. Vice Pres.—Rev. E. L. Semans. Secretary and treasurer—Rev. J. W. McDonald. And every pair Leather Lined, making them comfortable and water proof, so you can keep from wearing Kubber 0%-ershoes. In BOX CALF ENAMEL TAN and Vici Kid, made on the latest style lasts. Bull Dog Coin, Dollar and Half Dollar Toes. Ladies and Children's ROYAL PURPLE the newest colors in very fancy Silk Vesting Tops, making them very attractive. See them. THE BIGGEST MAN and the smallest in town, -will g«t equal satisfaction In. th« fit uf hit clothes If our tape line hu bM» around him We have a sort of pride tn fitting men that otber Uilort can't please. It's the know-how that tells the taste, and • our experience and observation has given as that. Come in and look over our stock of Fall Goods, and try not to ba amazed at the prices we quota. ' Tailor, Market Street. 409 ? 403 Broadway. Is your linen when , it comes home from Marshall's Laundry. Bimetallic Club Meeting. On next Wednesday evening at the meeting of the Oa&s County Bi- metallc league the- following question will be debated: Resolved, That Direct Legislation is the proper System for Democratic Gov- jrnment. The leaders in the debate will be A.. M. Roop for the affirmative and George W. Burkhart for the negative. Everybody Is invite*? to attend. C. E, CARTER, Pres. N. W. PHIPPS, Sec. New Story Today. Another splendid story is begun In today's Pharos under the title of Tie North Walk Mystery. It is exciting, well told and deals with several features that are new. The author, Will N. Harben, has met with splendid success in his previous stories and this one is as good as his best. Read the opening chapter today. Court News. James A. West vs. William Condon is the title of a suit filed this morning. Demand 1100. The Merchants National bank of Lafayette has brought suit against Eliza J. Manglin. Demand, 1170. In Preparation. Coal dealers report the usual rush of business for this time of year. As Is the custom.the brewery, hospitals, factories and other places where the large supply of gas is used, have put In an emergency supply of coal. Attention, 0. £. 8. Regular meeting Tuesday evening, Nov. 3d. All members are requested co be present, as business of importance will come before the chap ter. No. 608 Broadway. Wagon will call for us a trial. Both 'Phones 110. your work. Give If ¥ou Want lobe in the Swim You had better le 'HOOLEY . • ..<"< , -.. - • —Slake Tour— Fall Suit Or Overcoat * I He will Fit You When all others fail. By order of W. M. Mrs. I. V. Smith, passed through here wiy to Kokomo. of Winamac, today on her The Hanna Suits. The suit of Constable George Hitch Ini, now in charge of the Hanna no tion store, against William Douglas and others was brought to set aside Mr. Douglass' mortgage -on the stock on the ground that C. M. Hann and wife had deeded to Mr. Douglass their residence property in full satis faction of all debts to him. Thi constable asks the court to order tha any residue remaining from the sal of the stock after satisfying the Burg man judgments, be applied to othe executions now in the constable' hands. FALL AND WINTER Goods Now On Exhibition, i; I have a complete line of HEATING STOVES at prices that will astonish you. Such High Grade Oaks as Radiant Home, Estate, Peninsular, Jewells and Jewetts. Natural Gas, Odorless Heaters, RadUtors, etc. Cooks and Ranges In. endleps varieties. CALL AND EXAMINE AND LEARN PRICES. H ORISMOHD 312 Market Street. 1 -v+»»»»»»»•»•»«»»+»»•»•»«»»•••»»•»»*••••••••••»•****** FALL AND Winter Woolens/ The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything ybffwant for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. -.F"- Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My tenni are easy, and there is no cictue for being out of a good sewing machine n the house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R. B WHITSETT 311 Winter Woolens. A Complete Assortment of the Latest Novelties from Domestic and Foreign Markets. Pierce, the Tailor, 318 Market Street

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