Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 4, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1896
Page 5
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Celebrated \mmmmm^r $ilk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles^ pEWENTER, / The Hatter and Furnisher. ONE HEAT PACED. lOOTS AND SHOES. Kokomo Dispiatch Said; Lyen and * Statts Wouldn't. THEY MADE A MISTAKE Pitcher and Second-Baseman are ' Here, Just the Same. would is^ooir pay $5 or $6 as $^ tor^a Shoes. •. • '• '. v ; "'''"'''•;--. : .' If First You D^ STEVENSON Must have the space before remodeling their store room. Therefore the prices of Shoes and Slippers have been cut in two. We carry no "Shoddy Goods, everything warranted. L-' .' • 403 Broadway. — ^^— -—^~ THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL Sa5p,OOO. A. J. Murdiclt. Pre^ W. W. Ro«. Caih. ^^ •• -v ft . •nw*silrmA ocK. IT«»- 'V. «» j. P. Brootoneyer, A«it. DIBKCTOB8: W. H; Btlnghont, nUfUW. M. Hatwood, n . rt«nent. promptly DAILY JOURNAL. Free-For-All Pace at Chicago Stopped by Rain. ~ j. The free-for-all' pace at Chit-ago yes- terday,'i.a which- Colerfdgc started, was imfmMu.Hl. rain conning down In snlfi- clwit (iiu,n'tirt.le$ i'o put a.stop lo Me. race, alter one heat had been paced. Henry Brookmyer's colt, Soinbrleul, von the 2:."0 trot at Monipeliur ycsler- ,,lay hi three .s.trn-i«M heats, John Easty driving. Itost t'i-.me'2:3S. .1, D. Ferguson's gel'dl'nfi', Gold Medium, which was entered 1,'n the 2:-J5 pate at Laponte Thursday, did not get. a pleasant, look, Esmorc winning in straightheats. Gold Medium got the. flag. ' VALUABLE TOOLS STOLEN. The shop of George W. Palmer on EJ.m and IlaUrcwul streets was entered by .thieves Thursday nlgM. Tools were taken as follows: Two try squares, .two bevel squares, two block planes, one finishing hammer and three bitts. Tlie man- suspected is about.five feet seven inches in hefelrt,. is light com- plexLooed, red imistachod, llwM faced, aim! wore a straw hat a.ttd brown coat. The police were notified last night. FRIGHTENED RESIDENTS. An .inmate of Long Cliff hospital has been at large, for two dnys. Yesterday tlie Southslde people were -frightened by •tlie actions of a stranger who was supposed to be the lunatic. Patrolman Wlrwalm and Cap!- Skelton made, a drip across the bridge, but could not find tlie maw wanted. . pure crackers 2c a.bunch at Foley's. flee the FouWtU of July chair Poley sells. Summer cW«tag sacrificed at Otto B. ., RECEIVER APPOINTED. . A. G. Jcfflklne9-''lms been appointed rc- cfllver of tlie flmvof A.ndei-s«n;& Ra.ns to wind up the business.. Tliu.receiver was a,ppolated. nt tlie Instance' o-f Iwiac Ra.ns, the smryivlng.partner hi the Hnn. Tlw assets are.stated to be alwut $9,000, with Habilitles imknown. Tlie store 1« dosed to take an invoice ot the stock. Si 1 ;- . Four.tOi of celery sale. „ Hammocla at your own price at Geo. Htrrtoon'i. *• -.'-•'• • $2.08 for *he genuine homwpun sulta woritb ?5 and $7 ait Otltio'e. Flory i«d, white and btack raspber- rtea OD sole a* Rotbermd'a today. The fastest lady bicycle racers will e at the Driving .park July 7, 180G. See Otto'a afl tos pricses on ministers coats, and vciats and seasonable cloth- m&. ' ' ' ' s'nedal prJ»es today on lawns, shirt , mttn and Hope at this Golden o afraid of ttie' alpl* of blood-no- tl'ee *he:deep cut In summer clothing at Otto'fl. . ''•'-.' , , The LaiMes' 'AmMeva 1 . Bicycle club of OWcago. jvia race .agatoat. ten o£ the bicycle riidcsrs of LOBHW- , port, Tuesday, July T*?-. 'at me driving ;pai*. 'Jlhe'iudles aire experts., goods-must go. Summer , ciotMng Is'- pcjtotoble and. Is not' niov- ing I re(4y. Se,e the m'otar.. employed to ' 'em Awarded Honors-World's Fair. MOST PERFECT MADE ESCAPED FROM A MOB. A dispatch tiwn Winam.ic tells of the escape of Pi-auk Holznwin of Wlnamae, Jrom a: furious -mob of Ills neighbors. Holzman was accu_sed' of c'oiinnltting a crJnatDal aseo.ult upon a fouTteeu-yeJir- oW daug'Uter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ewing. H« was afderwards arrested nt Star City and removed to tlie Jail. WILL BE TRIED MONDAY. Robert Ray, the saloonlst, who was. airrested yestwvla.y for sell'tog without a county license, will.have Ua hearing -Monday. He will also answer to Uncle Sam In the Pwleml courts for the same offezise. , . . Denny I.ycn and Harry .Statts are .vain mmbers erf ih.e.'OXtos, base ball team. This will be plea.s.iing news to tlie luvi-w uf-basf ball, for Jt will stwngtilicn- Hie 'toani .in 'the' two.' sjwis .where stroneth was lacking, -Lyen and Statts cjnie m ..tJvis. morning and wili play l °d'-iy assiinst tlie'.Elw.oods,. Mont Buvll, w.lio «™?li,t.ulie ga.mc with the Marion ehib of Tun.!aiiaT>3.1ii«,: returaod with Ciooi-goCrosliy last, uis'ht and is now an Otto. The Kokomo Dispatch is.notlim?-.it nor. a p.M-tlsan of the Kokomo imll main. There is not'hing ton goc«i to say. of'the players and the maiwsouioui. wl*h is 'is it shoaiJd be. But t.he 01?- paiftli isn't np-in'tfte latest as regards, its own team, us'wJitMcss.tliis, fvoni Uw issiio of tin; paper of yesterday mo.-!:- ing:- - - •'•" -.-..•• :-KELr.ER IN HARD LJNEis. "For wluic ilrm Mimagor Emil Kiilln' o,f the Lownsport Ottos ..take Denny I.j-ciii. aaicl HariT Staats? After.publish- ing to .tilio world-tihat'lie liad.iied cans to'hwn and hunted them off .his team, aftiir eliargjng .them wlUi-..'ovm-ythlng from bon'/e-furlitiiiKlo petit hi,reeny, after fixJiiiK a gamg. ot-rough-roorers to roast'them off'the lot atflie.last Logan'-> port-K'oliomo gan* in.that.place, he is u<iw aiixlous to gl,vQ,t.heni .the. glad- ha,iul a,nd get tlicm kick." To tiiis end l,c sunt 'Dad' Bolap aJj;d-lIa*ry 'Stemler over die cither c,:\y to!".db, tdie 'con act' and steal Hiem"i'f .fliey. could,:.-Here's the gentle jolly M>e Loganspori .r.wrena] plve? «ie two players M etoJH'd-out of town a few weeks ago. • -". ;; ':.;'/ i " 'If'Ly«n and Staa*4.,coiiclude to sign with t.he team again, .ffie'vreak;points will -hBi.ve been strengthened as. ; ful.ly. as -could be asked atidi(toer?'te -noiJovffl ot the game but. thnit would be glad to. see these two players brt'cK.' '•Well, they won't 'e^jc. a hundpud years..' They na.ye been 7 up, agauist the worst of-It.once before : at Logansi»rt Hits season, and Mi, Kel-loe-'l w Ml'not be able to bunip' their headfj 'well, *ey ':dLd -conclujcle"'-. after ;allr. a,nd now who As tine black bean,in the bag.? It was • purely a -matter of,, bus!.-: •ness \vitaj tliesc two players and wJtk the management of the Ottos, and the- niatter was settled om a, business basis/ We huve'botl'i Statts, .naid L^en, and .as' The 'Journal "'has said before^ we're: gljid^ to g<xt'lihom back. The managemeJit,cJ tlie Kokomo team Imp seen .fit to .h*flp aid Mie abuso It conild.m'ast«r;onto Maw-: ager Keller. There has been; no r"" : ~ . . -' !!-.••.( '•••."./1'k.. A.lJ'A-. ! we ha™ ottered our Shoes at Half Price ; Either Ladies' 6i° Gentlemen^ choice of all Patent Leather, Tan, V 1C i, Low or High. , NOTHING RESERVED. YOU DON'T WANT THEM, However, as youi-,,-, . _ dd to buy atpair Saturday, we will continue our Sale until then IN/THE MEAN TIME We will see if you want Summer Clothing. ARE THEY can have them just the same. = $2 98 MEN'S HOME SPUN LINEN SUITS worth . '62 For WHITE DUCK VESTS worth . . 75 For WHITE DUCK PANTS, worth $5.00 ..' 1.60 : . 2.0Q .-•-..- 5.00 worth 5.00 CHE*KRAUS "Of Course^ Sli SPRING NECKWEAR, ^ SPRING OVERCOATS; WILL SELL TO A SPRING SUitf TODAY EOR komo people, nowl tJie.K.p f]* , .nor '-would -'there have .'been siK-h a,,f eel : " in Kokorno Had it not bean for the, '''' HARNESS STOLEN. A-.harness, thtef ' called one night recently at the bam of I:.N; Craig, ut No. 2029 Broadway/ There was no flue to the tJilof. Tlie matter, was reported to tlie police last nlgfhit. , -• ROBBERY AT LUCERNE. A robbery, was committed-last night at Lucerne. The tliief escaped, but Uo had a short.'shiftfor his. liberty. HAD. TAKEN POSSESSION, ! Twotln-e<l tourists were mil od out of Petton's ban).on tlie Westside last night by Patrolman Blsiiop. WILL BE PROSECUTED. Anyone caught bathing, in ,Ecl river east, of tlie water works wlll.be prosecuted. . ; '.'•••.•' ested in thar efobrrwho.,abnsed. ager Keller beMnd •bteTftck-'ttst. but was careful flot'l^,^!,, tlie thlnfiK that w^VPP&i Je%r not Wave been said at nil. . i&a^or.iS over; let tilier* be pence liefwefiji,J<ftl£Oino.and Loganspoi*. But -tet^tt 'Da/understood rtjlKit Logausport do^-mot-aesSre peace' art the •expense of ii'-'mefolAr 'of the .base ball to tlie-biislm«as all sides ,.\vlir be sonal abuse.. : THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. so 'havetiie brand of-bfiSiif^k . . this IB a Kokioinio bro-nd anO'ina^be;^ en for what-lit we shall served'or not... *•* T -- - : . ,v,,....:;rj ,..^i- Knckylllcs'are wlth-us^ Lougjey Hat and be up tp 4^6 Broadway. ". ' ' ' • '' ._^__! J _i__^^^ — M^Bi^ai^^^^^»* ll " l " B r '• Tri-. Lf you want a Tailor Made Suit don^t of the Celebrated Steiii Blocl^ ClotJiJiigf . CLOSED UP TOAY. The police will keep saloons clot-ul all day today as piwided for in the Nichol son law. , Chinese lapanese, foieiffn and domes ,tto fiieworki and novelties for my Pomth of July trade I will be In Lo Eansport Julv 3, and can be found at Np..321 Tlilrd stiect, Ohtaese laundiy Lee Wall Stofr . Otto Tyner fe able to be afwork again aftei several days' elcknefw 1 Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a month. Tuesday's If.they.'laiow ,tt.;- Fitwr «lck. .. '-CJewtaind^wO^t.turn^h- ....,., _,,, ,_.-, ;KoU<| wl3%,ftT|^,ficorx» -.of.-;yegte^y. s •• t f^''^i!i < .'^L-'^ 1 ):?iV*''7T^iV*'-!5:Y"-'Clevfe- At Philadelphia adelphiifl' At Pii-tfiburg-Oliuclnuatii 3, burg 0. ,.".;.. -.'•''••';•'' : . \ .;': At Bronfcls-n-BosWa' 7,' Brooklyn'.8. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. , . ' Won Lost For Ct. Baltimore Cleveland CBiiel'Miatl Boston .. .'.,37 .,'.41-:: .-.35', 10 19 .072 Ml .041 ., PliUadelpMa- Ohiiejigo. . . .,• . Wnsliington ; New:' York'.'. '.St. taw's .'.y.:. •LoulsyUle . j .28 : '.15-''. 24 27 .30. '32.V 30 28:, 35; . 47 44 i -':cos .. .508 .1500. : ;,407' ; ..242 . .200 .IO1>U Jtl'UOjuun'.J'w 4 * iMw.iij "**•*• •"" Ho te one of the 'hardi»t : :workil|?g^ bei-s o'f-thevLoKaBupott-a?" tlie ftiremtt'-bf- enforcing State tliiiit lw.. fislj iui an • fi • • „ ± r a; Vroflst,. -Mr. outfit, wiifh-inolud«« i.iig' l what:'«i-e ; known-^ a, sort' of water" Uaiiw!?. wolls: j .' He,was af ter!a ''~' giers the;orlier i who sa,w had

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