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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 35

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 35

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

it (L H. Service, crusade gets Rebol Flight $10,000 IN. -V Stutknii Arrested in BAY COyNTIES VITAL STATISTICS Berlceloy funds here cnninscrs in Contra Costa County I A DEATHS Eastbiy Births rm--. r.4i. Jeweler, Dies I me osiuby uas given more AafJIAAf I laVMCBl ICCliatfk Born- win mi i i lUrtnr than HO.000 to rapport the In- 1 Sit-in CU Im Pond, kwlna father ef Unda 6.

and Lart KNAUSS-LITTLE Paul Knauaw 10. Threat ANDRUS, Clifford 0.. boy, S. APOOACO, 6Mdiup. eoy.

3-I7. BERKELEY, March -28 Aritena, and Norma Je uma, at. G. Pond, aan ef Mrs. Gotdtne brother of Mr.

Adeline Pang ef rkle and Roger Patina, captain. Medical Carat "A ANDRADE, RObtrt A Jin, IIHFU. RimmM VH Leonard Hubert Service, 65, CRISTOFANI-WILSON-OuWe CrWofeni, ANDIRSIM, Andrtai Mattb BACON, Lacy VJnarck tt BAIRD, Jaaa OMarcb 27 BARKflR, PtHh Hayla March 74 BARR. Paal Hadsea Mtrcb' is BELL. Mildred Cartlt-March BROCKHURST Jamat C-Marck IS U.S.

Army, af Fort cemaoen, Kentucky. wv'ft, AriflfM rally Sunday in El carrtte, and Amy A. WiUorw 42.1 Rldwnand. A native ef San Francisco, aoed 33 vaara. WASHINGTON, March" 28 1 jewelry store operator and a im (Mklanrf Anrlitnriiim CA OON MicttMl A.

Jr- boy, COOPER, Oonld Bill, i-2L CRISOSTOMO. AMximino O. koy. Ml. CRITTENDON.

CMfH W- fcoy, -2S. CHILTON, EMrMoo, (Irt, J-B. rnonot are nwnea ia anens tarvicavt WILLIS-HUNZIKER DanM Marvin Wtt-I Nina Negro college students to Frank Clark! waonaaaay. nwen lit ar i.Jfl p.m Truman's Chapel, Telegraph AvenOd at lie, ii, or wainuf traM. ana wraicn.

an Huniikar. it, at Lafavatta. 4V-A rebel group of flight resident of -Berkeley for 57 engineers' today threatened to died yesterday in Let-renew the strike that shut terman General Hospital, San 30th Street, Oakland. BROATCH HARTER Id David BURKI, Jeha P. (Bd-Marck St Braatcn, m.

and Joan rtatmtriey nan, 1 1.. 1 read. DanM, Oakland. March 9a, were arrested when they pa- administrative: aide for Dr; raded into a public librarv at King's the ftjsffjs.yipifc-.' I i Esther HEENAN-MILLER Jamas Etwsrd Heen-1 CARLSON, Ibntr Marc 34 Read; Jovina fathtr- af Rieharal -in h. rrf amount raUed on Sunday airunea an.

M. ef Pale Alto, and Tvada PANCcr, JOMOn fin, i-i. DIXON, Richard tt -DREWY, Jm Js, $frf boy. Ml, DUENAS, Jw 9 J-23. ELLIOTT, Editor Jr.

girl, ML FALLS, Jamn sin. U. -FRANKLIN, Goorgo, boy. Ml. GtAiE, Frd tW.

Ml. GONZALEZ. Ray. lri. Wi.

Read; brother of Lucille Maya; gram, father of Bruce. Tarry, Daniel, and Miliar, n. af-Walnut Creek. Wsrron Nksl, 37, 1 Bradley Road. A native of minors.

a CHAPIU mm March ROSS, targt March 37 DINNEEN, Dr. Berard-March PITTS, Rtbart Marc 3B BARDNRR. Mturtc L. March St and Patricia Jean Jester, 21, Bom at Walnut Creek. rnernoar of Live oak Ledge No.

1, and A. Oakland ScoWsn Rita Bodias. High Tl CluX af Oakland, and Alrl. LOCKWOOO-HOFF Glenn Robert Lock- HARRISON, LUCiUt Nf 2-l. HODGE.

Forrlt girl, 1-S. HULL. Edward, boy. Ml. wood, 79, and Ja Atw Stagnant mod, M.

both af Concord. to -nntrihutim earn, over a mown ago. MT, eryice, a native 01 uu- move of iUktod to that Deep tnTdifc AI Kiburi. of Tra Worid nois, iotaed the California Na- South, Iqig a segrega- by Dr. King in the nation Airlines, the group's chair- Uonat Guard at an early age tion stronghold.

Clark states that pledges man, said strike action will amTaerved to the Mexican The arrest of the young peo- and contributions to Dr. be considered unless Western Border pie from Tougaloo Southern King's cause may be sent to Airlines its flight WorjdJa5.1 v.V' re Chriitian College yesterday the Rev, H. Riley, treas- engineer! and other carriers tired from the regular army sparked a singing, chanting urer of the Western Christian fWg- JONES, Roovf 6. by. MJ.

JOHNSON. Oavfd girt 3-lt. oivoact mao Frtonda ore ktvHed ta attend tarvtceo Vi at Rio Telegraph Avenue chapel af Grant Miller Mertuarlet, 7S0 T(rohl, Avw, Oakland, Thursday, Mar JoT' at I a.m., Rav. Wtvnt Ketaal f' CURADOS, Mary V. vs.

Gomsle HOHREITBR, BMH JL MarcH 31 I9LIHEART, WIHlaiaj T-Marck SS IRELAND. Hslea March 3t KILBURN, TIN LORENZEN, rjatrtei Khveed-Marck LUIHN, Walter fL-March SS mg. Contributions mev ha mada ta Goodwill Industrial. Amhta nfl ii A KEMMIS, dniy I. gin, i-ii.

McGJLU Loroy girl, S-13. MOORE, Jarndt Soy, S-12. MURPHY, Ban I boy, 3-17. MONTOYA, Jaaapfi Erf bay, MS. MORALE Sr AnMnia r- bay.

MX- MORGAN, Jamt glrL M. McNICHOL, Garald My, ML aarklng. Inurnment arrvete. cvmnnthv dfmnnstratnn An I t- I inff with the union, the Flight INMAN. Joyce E.

vs. Lieyd p. GWYNN. Marilyn vs. Jamat M.

(annul. ment.i LAURABEE. Angwt O. vs. Mary Barbara KETTERER, Warren A.

vs. Charlerla MOLIV, Carl G. vs. Louise C. KETTERER Charlotte vs.

Warren A. WILSON, Lillian M. vs. Jack DENNETT. Doris L.

vt. A Eliot VW 0 Vni CilAd RIID, CRtabeRi ef S1S7 Fairfax Avo the camous of Jackson State of the Weiin jr. a man Engineers toternationalAwelH. Service jewelry store nue, Oakland, March 77, mi. tMloved.

mother of Mrs. Rum Hicks of Oakland 'VW and Malcolm ReW et Connechcuti loving at 2179 Shattuck estab- C01ieee lasi msni ana CianSlTniSt Alrfltrny and Art. Bucjauuo, tsr tut. I iisucu vj ua lauicr in ivua, INTERLOCUTORY OECREIS aranamomer or ewtnn Younaer. Hicks of Oakland.

Faitht and Malcolm -i for a mass meeting tonieht line Streets, Berkeley. I VIZ MOU VU. U113 UtUlK WI tf Li CRAIG. Jacqueline from Thomas MISER, Rett March 77 POND, BHbart S-Marca 7S READ. Dtalel March SS RIID, RUnbttb RMarclh 17 SERVICE, Leonard H-Marth 77 SHIFFLETT, Frank March 17 SNOW.

Lata March 37 SOBRERO, Frank PMarch 27 SOLARO, laai l-Mdrcb STONE, Ml team March SULLIVAN, Frank March 37 fh. rnk. nv.r 5fM Kihiiri. uccu Hieniwr PANKa. Larry Ww fin, 2-.

PITT MAN, Ardila, bey, RAOCLIFF, Jamas A- bay. i-U. RICE, JetM boy, Ml. SCOTT, Edward gW. B.

SPENCER, Jama M. bay. M7. SAND, Robart girl. Ma.

STEVENSON, teray, bey. M. THORNMILU Robart girl, J-17. .77 the Berkeley Lions Club for SI Raid Jr. of Conntetlcut.

Also torvlvaf by brothert and tltttrt in Pennsylvania, Laving tntfher-bviaw at Robert and Ariane ReM. A natve of GoM Rmw-'i4 aged 74 years. iK- strike artioi. nd We'll dfl waf a member of DIVORCt FILED DORSEY, Helen M. VS.

Jack LOSEA. Doris vt. William H. PlNEDO, Evelvn Maria vt. Jesse Ray STONE STREET.

June vt. Otis William ZACHRY, Clara vs. Eugen T. POOL, Jackie Let vs. p.

Judge Defends were auiiuumcvr uie tional Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Dr. Jacob Bdix, president of Jackson State, and Jackaon police quieted the demonstra it if we have to." 5 J5 Friondt are invited to attend the neral from the new mortuary af PJvr Bannon, BOB East 14th icenses Issued Street, John Simpson of American Lv lBer WOOD, Jtaa March 77 en Wednesday, Uay, the Retired Officers WHITNERJ Char las P. vs. Deri tea March at 1:30 e.m.1 Bernard! Church for 2.

Mass. rammaiwlM at. Airlines, another member of BORRELU-RAGAM Oaerg Stank menco re sr. St. h-EAULT.

Vivian vs. joatpn e. Requiem High Hioh Action in Mrraut, 17, narwara, am naumi eaoan. M. Oakland.

Recitation of the Rosary this ovo 'ttf-ri nino at I p.m. Interment itotw tMivim.i the rebel group known as the Flight Engineers Coordinat- Surviving are his wife THOMAS, GarakRne CWretleii vt. Robert ORBA-JACOBS Rabart Jaw an Barba, Margery, a retired Berkeley tain View Cemetery, Oakland, en Wednesday, March 2t. at 3:30 p.m. Services under the direction af Chapel ot the Valley, 2035 Lake Chabot Road.

Castre Valley, the Rev. Paul Rhodes af the First Presbyterian Cnuhch el Cemetory. For furthar Information NE 3-101U 7 VaB W. and tnaran Lynn jacaot. aoni a Oakland.

ing Assembly, bad this com mdfttt tors! at the Negro college and no arrests were made. T)ie nine Tougaloo students filed quietly -Into the library traditionally reserved for white persons. Members of DEATHS school teacher; a daughter, SERVICE, Laenard In San Francttco, BUTLSROTTtR-J. Ctyde Boar, fl, and Ida Potter. 47.

bat ef Oakland. I sr Rosner Case Hayward eftidating. 'varoBO ROM, Berkeley, lovina iwband of AUroery r-V CUNMA-AUESLAN6 David Marry Cunha. tt, Oakland, and Mary Elhabem "If: (President) Kennedy i Berkeley: and a brother, Wal- ANOERSEN. Andrew, In Oakland.

March 'jkifMiana. im. im uanara. CHESS lee Own GROSS, sorts, in Oakland. March Z7, INI, beloved husband of the late Annie L.

Gross; devoted father af Mrs. Vivian Girod ef San Francisco; loving uncle of Charlat Mack, Stephen Furry, Otro and rAcmo vattw Uos he hasnt seen noth- "'v thetgroup said they wanted to la, Mawarx, ana aannia -jdyea aWajWKtjryajy LltjtTJJ VVOd V7lran Of POrt- MM laVsttM aubaLu Bua bb-'i 2a, HI, brethar of Martin, rem ana Uubj Andarton. A native of Norwayr Frlendt are Invited to attend tervtcet at the Telegraph Avenue Chapel af Grant Millar Mortuetioi, Teiearaph Avenue, Oakland. Wednesday, March tt. Ovcna.

St. Castre Valler. DIMODANA-LKINt Edward JoM nrea otticert Attociation of the Armed Orvil Buck man. A native or Nevada; aged 15 years. A 35-year member of Forces.

Pi mod ana, ao, ana twan Irana taurs, 1. Bat af CMtra Valla. Private family strvitei will Aoollo Lodge 3N A AM. iriooSl SfKhTissu'e SrlVe formation for term papers at wlJJdSromiieS! affect National. Trans f-J NPODrannbraries American.

Eastern, services tomorrow at the D0RNENBUR6WMILLAR0 WIIHara Ar. mi. at I p.m. Ample en siren par-Inol. Inurnment, Friends are invited ta attend services Wednesday, March 3t.

at 1:30 p.m. from the George W. Murphy Mortuary, 1431 notd oarnenburg. 57, and jeaepMne war. ml Millard, at.

both af Oakland. icLaim uiai r.npn nosn'Lai mat. i nv.i., cv. BACON, Lacy Vrf Berkeley, Merch 37, FUU-ER-REIFERS-Jemcf Leon fuller. They were booked on 7" 'Th Pan American, western and rSTi -f II, and Patricia Jean ReHkra, Tt, aam at Oakland.

High Slreet, Alameda. Apollo Lodge 394 Ft AM services, with the Rev. John A. Cellini officiating. Perking art edlecent to our cite pel.

inurnment hatgel of failing to move on the Flying Tigers airlines. V0" ol- HACKNEY-MENKEN-Robert Led Mack. Mountain View Cemetery. when erdered to do so by po. V' These were the carriers shut 0 and dedined to post down in the earUer airlines Mrj.

bKyV. Bacon ney. and Maria Margarttt Menken, 17. bnttt at Alameda. DINNEEN, Dr.

Gerard, In Oakland, HALL-HUNTE Ronald David March 24. mi, loving brother ef Oakland, and Ewna Joyed Hunter, II, Stephen. Gertie and Rosa Santa Reia. at the Berkeley Hills Chapel (Page A Oder), 1400 Shattuck Avenue at Cedar, si, Berkeley. Wednesday, March It.

Chep.J'r tain LWls A. Whit, colonel U.S. Army. officiating. Interment, Sunset View -i Cemetery.

Friends may call at the 4 'Tt Berkeley Hills Chapel until Wednesday i at te am The family would prefer contributions In his memory bo mad 2 to V.F National Children' Horn. 7 Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Mart-17, INI, husband of the late Shlffteft; brother of Richard Shlffv Jen of Missouri and Nettie CraomaTatV' Portlnd, C-epon uncle of Howard Shift-" left of Missouri, Mrt. Charlotte Event end Mrs. Evelyn Botch, Robert antt.aii ell of Portland, Oregon; brother-.

Jw of Mrs. Lot Llnteirnann of "Ct. Stockton. A native af Kentucky; aged 7A Friends ar Invited ta attend haw! mi, ot last rnnce arrow, ijmt. hetoved wife ef the late John Edward Bacon; levins moWwr af Almira Do Pace df Ban Uandroi levln orand-melher of Kethryn.

Frank and Janet De Pace. A native of lane. A member et College Court Order ot Amaranth. Rata M. thattuck Chapter 504, 0 i the Retired teeners Aaao-ciatian.

Frlenda are mvHed I attend services tt the Berkeley Mills Chapel (Pep Oder), tett Vwrttuck Avwwa at Cedar, Berkawy, TlHiraday. March SB. at 1 p.m the Rev. Doualat C. Hayward of Hhe.

Trinity Methodist -Church, at Barkeiey, aWdatlnB. bonds of $500 each. SST. rIS ttrike Feb" 17-23. BTOLTO 28 eight Negro den- SjJSftf 4nif Tha Mrs.

Lucy Viola Bacon, 86, a tit picketed the Thomas P. SSn fti2? Knnedy named a special Oakland elementary t-'an. CAHthcfii nnt.i discussion of htigaUon be- Ahrmmjmail schoolteacher, died vesterdav HOLM-PETERS DnaM Inevald MO Mrt. May Skehen, alt of Ireland; loving uncle ef Phyllit and Oitm Dinneen; grand uncle of Stephen. Colleen and Gerard Dinneen.

A native ef Limerick, n. Castro valley and Arktna ROMiie peter. 77, ttayward. MOLT-WHITF-Mlftiad Strickland Ireland. A member of CotHornia Dental MPPiJnff htratisa thev laid U4B "Tr I studv the fob ririita claims of ueraeiey uospuai.

Dental Society. iociety and American iv. craewtt. and cnanarw Leeite White. IS, Reaaa.

Friends are Invited to attend funeral prhh-ishiTi in the AmericAn I ypntui uonutno ot vox 'flipht encmeers. Mrs. Bacon, a native of JETT -HARRISON matt Matttoen Jett. T.dbjAdk1 A da4AfJt inMakaMfjklV itLckory Haywara. Hone, hevan tearhmtf In Hair.

7, Sacramenta. and Ansa Yvonne Har-rhan. Oakland. BAIRD, Jaoo ew kt Berttley, March v. JAMES-SAVOY Qml! JEdwerd Jama.

was used as an excuse to ex- LJJS time to join to the agreement M12 after an earUer chiie tnem. SJLLvc: by other struck airlines to career to Amador, Placer and services Wednesday, March It. at a.m. from the Chapel of the Oaks. Oakland Mortuary, 3007 Telegraph Avenue, thence ta Sacred Heart Church, where a sung Mast af Requiem win be ottered for the repose of his soul at 10:30 a.m.

Interment, Golden Gate National Cemetery. Recitation of the Rosary Tuesday at p.m. Spiritual bouquets zi, ana uorsiny aavsy, nvin land. MILLER-LA RAM Barrett Michael Mill torvicei Wednesday, March at 1 m.m. JP ar.

and Laurie Pan, 20. aem at However, Dr. Arthur .7 tX: take back the flight engineers by Jue tn the Cotoniel Chapel of Prlsbio A Wi lot California Street. Stock. Anderson, 'general chairman without prejudiceT Berkawy.

both of Oakland ur norrn CommittaU North Cherokee Mornetiel cxccpi ior uoe penoa oe-tween 1916 and 1922 she M0UT6N.EVAN La Harmn Mauton Park. ml, beloved wtttr ar Mrt. Miorew Bonrtkkton and Mrt. C. H.

Ectleston; hnrlna -aunt of Mrt. Hani haddock, Mrs. Joan Holder, Mrt. Helen Mum, Barbara Bonnickson, Charlat Hudson Eccteetoa Oevid White, William H. and J.

Malcolm Baird. A. native of Nevada. Private enrlcoa Wednesday, March 7. at 11 IA in the chapel ef Albert Brown Mortuary, 347 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, the Rev.

Waiter Mueller officiating. Memorial rernembrances may be made to your favorite charity. VS. and Dewrie Ana Event, if, bam af of the meeting, said sessions were "not segregated btrt HOSPITAL'S STAND served continuously here until oakiane. Funeral Rites MERRIAMJMACK Charte Cato II she retired in 1940.

She taught rianv SI. and CM Irene Mack. born af Oakland. various elementary grades at weretjpen by regulation only Last night, Pierce said "no to ADA members" He said emergency in fact existed, the sonfe white dentists were operation performed under NANCE-KOPPITCH John Banner Manet. Preset) tt, Franklin, Hawthorne and Jvdy Aiwa KaaaMdb 7 a ef Brkelev.

BARKER, Perth NeyM. In Oakland. preferred ar contribution to the Heart Fund. PITTS, Robert, In Hayward, March 31, mi, dearly beloved husband ef the late Mrs. Myrtle Fittt; loving uncle of Bert Fltrj; brother-in-law of Mrs.

Edith Riddle and Mrt. Martha orison. A native of Illinois, aoed 77 years. Friends are respectfully invited to attend the. services Thursday, March 30, at 11 a.m.

in the Laurel Chapel of Albert Engel A 4555 MacArthur Boulevard between High Street and Mills College, Oakland. Interment, Mountain View Cemetery. For further Information please cell KE 3-4064. GARDNER, Metrics tn Truth or Consequences. New Mexico, March 34, mi, ana tmerson scnoois.

turned away because they did the court order was unneces ROSS-PLORES- 0re Anton Roo. 71. Are Set for Walter Luihn SNOW, Lena, hi Oakland, March mi. wife of the late Capt. Fred Snewi beloved mother of Mn.

Gertrude i Hedlund. Mrs. Hlktur Feiee. both of, Oekland, and Alfred H. Snow of Palo Alto; grandmother of Ann Marie Susan Hedlund, Roger Feige.

William Snow. Mrt. Bandra Levey and Sharon Saunders; seven great-grand- 'M children also survive. A native of VelsbtvVV Gotland, Sweden) aged 14 year. Friends are Invhed to attend service at the East 14th Slreet Chapel of Grant.

Miller Mortuaries, tjn East 14th Street, Oakland. Wednesday, March 1, at 1 a.m. Ampf free parking in adlolning a- 'v rag. Inurnment, Chapel of Memories. Mrs.

Bacon tor zz years and said that "the or not hold ADA membership. and Margie Virginia Piere. t. Bern at San Leandni. was secretary of Rose M.

ROUSSE LL-GAUDET Colon Sabai Rout- der did not even provide the hospital a chance to be heard Mil, 10, Oakland, and EMna Marie Shattuck Chapter No. 504 of Gaudet. Barkeiev. March 34. INI, beloved wife ef Armur H.

Barker; loving mother of Raymond Hoyle. Arthur Riley and Dr. Gerald Stanley Barker and Mrt. Marlerie Irene Fountain. Also leaves tlx orand-cMidrea) and two eeat-grandcMMren.

A aottva of Englandt eeged'fa yeert. Funeral services were httd Monday. March 37, at the Fruitvtl chapel of the Clarence H. Cooper Mortuaries. 15M Frultvale Avenue.

CPhano KE 4111 ROBERTSON-CREGORY Byran Robert- Walter H. Luihn, an Oak the Order of. Eastern Star, I in the $3 Million in ton. 17. and Edna Jean Graoarv, Judee Lercara todav de- 1211(1 realty man for 25 years I and was a past royal matron SURVINE-LYLES-Charlw Zar Survlnt, I At.

ldM a beloved husband of Bessie Gardner; 72. and wilma Lauitt LyMa. 71. 1 at Oakland. fended hi action and said he I Hllu a Pasi ouicer oi we uau-ioi uuege uwn, wo.

iz, ur WATKINS-CHERRY Cwrtri Jerfonon notified hosnital attorney Jean I tomi1 tstate Associa- Ifler of the Amaranth. i c.i: wetkina Jrrf 27. and Doretny cnarry ii. bnlh af Lie Anoaua. Bdnds Sold by Mnmnev at 9 a WednesdaV 1 "ou.

ea ounuaj near saunu I ine IS sumvea dv a oauen- loving father of Paw M. Gardner and Mrt. Hope Collin, all af Portland. Oregon; grandfather af Bruce, Sharon and Susan Collin; loving brother of Mrs. Grace Newton.

Mrs. Nellie Condon, Wayne Gardner, all of Oakland, Rue) Gardner af Lrvermore and Roscoa Gardner ef St. Petertburo, Florid. A native WILLIAMS-WOO DALI Gary Wavne WIV that he would sign the court awhile'' returning from atrp I ter, Mrs. Almira De Pace of Hame 3D, Brownwaod, Takaa and Jennie Eleanor Woodall.

St. Alameda. BARR, Paal Hodtoa. In a local hov pittl. Marc 3a, mi, beloved ton of Mr.

and Mrs. Preston Berr III ot 173tA Berkeley Way, Barkeleyi loving brother of Preston IV, Constance Carol a. and Malanid A. Berr, all of Berkeley! 'dear grandson -of Mr. and Mrs.

George W. Miller at Akron, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Preston Barr ll af El Monte, and Mr.

order at 2 p.m. unless Moro-1 Angeieue w. ian wanaxo ana inree grana- WOWft-POWO-Pilr Wang. SI, and Janet Oildand Port nev wished to anoear in the I "um ws a cuanericnuoxen. of Holly Springs, Iowa; aged 74 yeert.

Frlendt are Invited to attend services Thursday, Merch 30, at 10:30 em. la the chapel of Albert Brown Mertuarv. 1474 ban taguf bow df Oakland. Divorces Filer1 I hnsnitfll's hfthalf tn oTjrxise it member of the East Bay Ma- Funeral services will be and Mr, ft. w.

Wafkar of Barkalay. A I I A I a -r- meroi noi, Deioveo husband of the late Lovlt Sotroj-i-dear father of WIIHem F. aobraro, E-J- mund B. Sobrero of San Leandr. Arfhue.

L. Sobrero, Mrs. Francis R. Schlrte ndli Ronald P. Sobrera of Hayward; brother of Mrs.

Matilda Clarlo. Mrs. Esther -VV Marts, Mrt. Louise Garnanara, A one Orlo, Mingo, Alfred and Feuf- Sobrera and tha tote Caesar and Sobrero. Alt haves 11 A nattve of Ctlffomla) agod 73 I Friend ar Invhed to attend tb funeral from the Estudlllo chapel of -C the Santot-Roblnson Mortuary, 10 Esis tudlllo Avenue, San Leandna.

Wodnes-, i dey, Maret at 1:30 a.m.. thence St. John't Church, where a Requiem-' Hioh Matt will be celebrated for repot ef his tout cemmenclng at an. Radiation of the Rosary Tuesdev When Morunev did "hot I iawsb h. oa was 1 neiO ai 1 P.m.

lniirsaay in Piedmont Avenue. Oakland, the Rav. DIVORCt PILID Tfie Port of Oakland today Dear, he aimed the order. pa coninianaer ot me ua the Berkeley HUis Chapel, cflM'M million worth of rev- Lercara said. lanavurar uear -vnapwr or shattuck Ave.

ajid cedar 5t. FISHER, Edna May vt. Clark A. (annulment). LAMB, LeuiM M.

vt. J. enue bonds at what a port of- Donofrio has a mal- usi uuara League. ficial termed "a very favor- practice suit pending against I He was an.bonorary direc- jjamet Brockhurst MITCHELL. EW E.

v. Jack B. WEINSHELBAUM, Semuet vt. Myrbj. LEPAI, John v.

Mary Ann. BATTS. Adrlenne A. vt. Elmer E.

able rate of interest." another physician following wf i0 BERKELEY, March 28 CLOSSER, Mavit vt. Marl. The money will be used to earUer treatment at Eden uwwoniw nwu iwie as- James Brockhurst, jnem- Dougiat Henderson officiating. Interment, Mountain View Cemetery. HOHREITER, Rmit A In Oakland, March 15, mi, beloved husband af Ann Hohreiter; stepfather of James K.

Hawser of Denver, Colorado, Ernest L. Howser of San Pablo and Homer L. Howser ef Baltimore, Maryland; brother of Irene Mett, Vlnita Kelchner of St. Louis. Missouri, and Irwin Hohreiter ef Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A native ef Missouri; aged 4 years. Friends are Invttod to attend services Wednesday, March If, at a.m. at the Heme Chapel ef Andker-Ptrsen, 5th Avenue, corner of East 15th Slreet, Oakland. Interment, Golden Gate National Cemetery. St.

Louis papers pleate copy. BRASHEAR. BilH Vt. EuSane CAROOZA. Laud vt.

Dorothy iiahvo ef Barkottyt aoee a year. Friends ar Invited tt attend funeral services Tlwrtdey. March 30. IB a.m at McNary ChapH, UnivortHy Avenue, oast of Grave Street, Berkeley. The Rev.

Richard M. Lewis of Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, will officiate. Memortalt may be made ta the Children's Hospital of the East Bay tor leukemia research. BILL, Mildred Certit, if rait, March 3a, mi, beloved wtfe ef the late Archie Bell; loving titter ef E. Basset Curtis.

A native of Brockton, Masaachusettt; aped 77 years. A member of Grace Method! if Church. Friend are respectfully Invited to m. mt UakaUBa VnvnO Ttlef Wmwtvmw WvQImwO mj rTwrill 9, II tt.m. at the new Colonial Htyh Street, Oakland.

In-teniieiif Evarovn CefTiefary Rav Don Mueller officiating. Memortalt to the Grace Methodist Church Organ fund, Z3tS 103rd Avenue, eppreciated. (Far further Information pleate phone KE e-5454.) BROCKHURST. Jamat In Barkeiey, March 3a, INI, af Sol Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, beloved husband of Fern E. Brockhurst; loving father of Doro at p.m.

Entombment, Holy r- -Mausoleum, Hayward. Parking vkfed. Enter rear of chapel, lot Calien Avenue. For further Information, plsts'- .2 1 call NE 34271. 2 SOLARO.

mat in Oakland, March le-C 1N1. beloved wife of the tato Leslie So-T7 laro; loving mother of Mr. Merforle" 1 Cook of Alameda, Mrs. Rotanne Hudtort of Novato. Raymond H.

Brornmag oT Oakland and Leslie T. Solar of Pablo; sitter of Mrs. Mildred Aneraah.vK finance major construction Hospital," Lercara explained, Z-i ber of a pioneer Oakland and projects scheduled for this "no other doctor will treat fr of the OaUarrt Scottish Contra costa. County family year by the port. The bonds her except Rosner.

odl, of Free Masonry, who 5 a local wera purchased by an 11-firm CANT REFTSE hospital, will be grven last toveltlnent group beaded by mtt Ment S8 ntei here tomorrowV SchwabacheF and Co. and ..15. SJtvZl and the Oakland Real Estate Brockhurst, who would aveuar, Lue prank itepenrw Vl'rftffrtVfMfaCaf DC WOODY' Pamela M. Exm vt. Richard Dean (annulment).

PRY, Clara M. vt. Mark D. PEARE, Frances a vs. Allan.

DE BARROS, AJfca N. Vt. Prank (annulment). CASTRO. Gloria L.

vt. Anton V. IGLEHEART, William of 3301 Tele- graph Avenue, Oakland. March 24, INI have been 73 yesterday, oper- numingron rerx ano mrs. riorenc i-i I Kas HAtM A e(mflthintf litraa 1 't Bttovea nusbend of Mary M.

la 'J'Sil Knlqht of Las Angeles; qrandmother tf 5 Their bid of 3.75356 per cent rCirZ'-rTrC: 4,. ated the Divorces Granted loving father of David J. Iglehart of El Pass, Texas. Mrs. Ruth Priest Getttleh ipht grandchildren.

A native ef A lamed. Funeral earulrei WadnMrfau. aarH Brockhurst Tile Com 2819 Shattuck Ave was the lowest of five 1 irr- at interest at a.m. from fb Chapel of A Gelleoner Oak Street, Alti'i DECREE OF ANNULMENT ENTERED PARKER, Faye A. ami Donald 1928.

bids submitted, and also is I.Tv i W1 ms since inence uur lmy or uui uen--- Brockhurst St to Oakland lower than the 3.81 per cent Church where a Requiem Mast will be- -v INTERLOCUTORY DECREE ceieDratto commencinn at jn. Rtctt-, t. sna is survivea ov two cnu- named for his father, non or me Rosary Tuesday ar Intarmant Helv Seeulrhra camataru. MENEZES. Guadalupe Dommguez from William George.

TRAWICK, Vernon from Vicky tee. $1.4 million series sold a year W. "eLlH5o children and Henry Brockhurst, who moved of Salinas, and Mrs. Helen Brown ef Orlnda. brother of George P.

Igleheert ef Greensboro. Vermont. A native of Chicago, Illinois; aged 47 veers. Friends are invited to attend services Wednesday, March 1. at 1:00 m.

at Truman's Chapel, Telegraph Avenue 'at 30th Street, Oakland. Rev. C. P. Daane, efficiating.

Interment Golden Get National Cemetery. IRELAND, Helen, In Santa Clara, March 24. INI; dearly beloved wife af the late John Ire lend; loving mother of Mary Ireland. A native of County Cork, Ireland. Frlendt are invited to attend the STONE, Matcotrn, Of Atnmeda, March lti'fvS- ago Dudley W.

Frost, execu-1 nMVS. to Oakland in 1858 and started Supported thy schuelttr of Oakland and Mrt. Marery Almy of Berkeley) loving brother of George Brockhurst of Ortnda, Benjamin Brockhurst of Walnut Creek and Mrt. Annie Sparhawk ef Berkeley; grendfathe. of seven grandchildren.

A native of California; aged 73 year. A member of Francis K. Shattuck Lode 571, and A. M. of Berkeley, past patron of the Rota M.

Shattuck O.E.S. Chapter No, 504 and the Tito Can- 1N1. loving father of Malcolm A. Stone" i. of Stockton; devoted grandfather eC' i Dobra Stone; loving brother of MrCV-T I UJL .1..

mA tAmmmm "rLi r. i "ner wni la strawberry farm otf San uve uii nun ui uic uui cau riinrie mm llnnnfiiA ic a roci.iL.u a- am i I mated that total interest on luTrew iP m- U1.u' I Pablo Ave. The family moved the'bonds over their 22-vear Wv1' to Contra Costa County to 1883 be $1,855,385. Prind- fJS Tietol0TA Ave. with the Rev.

James Brockhurst was nal and interest are naid from Dy tate. I had no choice in Sherman C. Anderson and horn nn his father's 75-acre funeral services Wednesday, March It, at a.m. from the Niehaut CI 564t Grove Street, Berkeley, thence to St. JottetrS Church where a Reaulem mw nifwn.

riwnniywm, I. jr chutettt. A native of Boston, MttaC -chusettt; aged 55 years. A member the Musicians Union Local of Sander-' Francisco and a gradual af WiinrntX. 4 College, im, of Wllllamtlown.

MastJ-il chusettt. ii Friondt ar tnvlttd to attend tervWt-V at the Chapel ef the Valley, 3035 Lako Chabot Road, Castre Valley, on day. March It. at 3 p.m. lisurnmamV private at Chapel ef Memories.

Final, MununMl UiMM tH, U. wactort Association. Friends ore tnvlttd ta attend service at the Berkeley HUH CMpet (Pago A Odert 1400 Shattuck Avenue at Cedar, Berkeley, Wednesday, March It, at 3 o.m Rev. Leurenca L. Croat and Francis K.

Shattuck Lodge No. 571 officiating, inurnment private. pori income, not from tax vv Masomc Lodge wo. 453 strawberry farm just four I A officiating. High Mast will be offered far the repose of her soul, commencing at am.

Red- The, port commissioners zrrrzl a ICrossroads also-approved three contracts 4 rauwa nu ur. uerarq uinneen I Mr, Brockhurst was a past BURKBT, John P. (Bad), suddenly In Ook- tntjffin ii tm fAf someunng naa nappenea ui Funeral servioes win be I nafmn nf Pnc Shattiirk Johnson, Charlotte tram Nile A. POWELL. Betty Jean from Allen Joseph.

GORDON, Doris Mae from Gilbert L. JIMENEZ, Mery from Ytidro. SANDY, OmI G. from Jamea F. RIVERA, Ernestine from Edward J.

LEW ALLEN, Elsie Willi from John Pamela L. from Trinidad f. THOMAS, Ruthle M. from Clarence. PENNINGTON, Carrol A.

from PauHnt. ORANUM. Vivian Artean from Tllmer Merlin. McKlNSTRY, Margaret Cvatyh from Tneodore Davies. CHRISTENSEN, Myra from Harry.

GORIE, Maude M. from Clauda Thtodbre. HUMPHREYS. Edward W. from Joycelyn.

WOODS. Catherine B. from Edwin K. NORMAN Inner O. from Eyvlnl PINAL DECREES DUNCAN, Dorothy M.

ftpm Harold R. KEATON, Jacqueline J. from Charles Edward. MONOZ, Isabel from Manuel. LUOTKE.

Mabel L. from Heinte A. G. SHINAFELT. lella from Carrel.

LIPE, Jaime Lynn from Earl H. GREENE, Cdette from Paul A. PEJOVICH, Gospava from -dohn P. CARTER. Juanlta V.

from Jerry CLARK. Evelyn L. from Dermis R. LAGOSH, Joseph Michael from Vera Anita. SULLIVAN, Prank tn Oakland, Mardl.n 37, INI, 1532 Josephine Vju BlakfasLaVW akulM itJteBVatavH Mat AVAm at Hat tiontof a tenjporary heliport hir? A have held tomorrow for Dr.

Gerard Chapter No. 504 of the Order ranon or me riosary luesday at a.m. Informant St. Joseph' Cemetery. (Freeman A Cox-Roach A Leonard directors.) KILBURN, Tineei Albany, March 17, mi.

ef tot Ordway Street, Albany, dearly beloved husband of Edna Maynet beloved brother of Irene Kll-bum McCknkey of Lot Angeles; devoted uncle of Partlck and Michael of Lot Anoeles, WIL Ham Maynet of Duncan Mills, Walter Maynes of Hayward and Clair Maynet Sapp of Richmond. A native of Boston, C. Sullivan; ttsptather of Jack llchtl; berqpr of San Francisco and Elchalberoer of Lafayette; brother ef'--V on the parking lot behind the I11 uinneen, neaa oi ine uax- of the Eastern star ana I PvnrnHftr, SniMni, 1 KTCaTa Sala fie maae every I land Vetersna: AHrhhlistrfltinn I tnamKor nf iha TilA rnnfror. Mrs.cnariotte waier of Hollywood, Lake Merritt Channel. A heli- effort a the hospital behalf, j6ntai office.

He died Sunday tors Association and Francis Phoebe Gaoon of Oakland, mr. Krell. Mrt. France Field and Harry wno. marcn mi, oearn oeiovod nut-band of Maria A.

Burkar loving fither of Joan E. Anno Julia John Patrick Peter M. and Michael J. Burke; brother of Sitter Elizabeth Mary, Sister of The Holy Nemos, Mrs. Mary Olson, Mrt.

Eileen McCormkk and Mrs. Florence Regan. A native af Montana; aged at years. A member of Oakland Council No. 714 Knights of Columbus, Holy Names Society ef Our Lady ef Lourdet Parish and the Men's Organization of Holy Names College.

Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Wednesday, March It at a.m. from the Motswood Chapel of Albert Enget A Company 3638 Telegraph Avenue and 37th Street, thenco ta Our J. Sullivan, all of Berkeley, Mrs. Jessie copter; passenger service win hhbbbv evwiu iCFuwuC at hjs nome at 5419 uaremont k. Shattuck Lodge No.

571 beeflilooeratoins from the to attorneys to determine Ave. begfli! operations from the neqport. about May 1. the hospital attorney iden- Dr. Dinneen was in private Surviving are his wife, Fern tity.

practice to Oakland from 1923 of 588 Euclid two daugh msssactniwrrs; ageo ar years. A member ef Alpha Sigma Phi Freternttv and alumnus of University of California. Friends era invited to attend funeral services Thursday, March 30, at 1 m. from the Drawing Room-Chanel of the Ellis-Olson Mortuary. 717 San Pablo Avenue, Albany.

Memorials In his memory lo the Alameda County Cancer So- fVMTT nVT PAWP1.V I tn 1MO Aftof cartrinS ac etil. C.fc,iaru Moslc Lists His "Moronev inallv came in Ay major during Id of Oakland, and Mrs. Marjory the next day and wanted me war ne jomea tne san Almy, of Berkeley; two vwtr win oe appreciared. LORENZEN, Denial Elweod, In Santa CruJ, March 14, INI. husband of Helen A Loreroen of Santa fnni amMW tt brothers George, of Ortoda, rrancisco veieraos Aomuu' Lady of Leurdes Church where a Sung Matt of Requiem will be offered for the repose of his soul commencing at 45 a.m.

Recitation of the Rotary Tuesday at pjn. Interment, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, spiritual bouquets preferred. Officer and members of Oakland Coun- I to set the order aside, but I couldn't do he con-1 Mass Set for Madeline Rogers stration office to 1946 and has worked to the Oakland office and (, Benjamin, of walnut Creek; a sister Mrs, Annie Sparhawk, of Berkeley; and She Tests for Extremism I eluded. rll Mn 74 Kntehts af ore re Pace of Piedmont, Irene Gobba ofrn-r Walnut Creak end-th late Edward CJ Sullivan, formerly, of Berkeley. A of California; aeged et -year.

A member ef Mount Morlah Lodge, No. 44. and A M. ef San Francisco. Alameda County Employee Assodatlen.

and the Plasterers Union. No, 111 of- -Oakland. Friends ar Invited to ettend servicer 'f-at the Berkeley Hills Chapel (Page 4 Oder), 1400 Shattuck Ayu at a Berkeley, Friday, Marehf STTet 1:30 p.m. vvv Mount Morlah Lodge No: 44. F.

anV A. M. officiating. WOOD, Jeaa, San Francisco, 27, INI. beloved wife of Arthur HtlJ Woof; loving mother of Roger H.

Wood; u1r-lovlng daughter of WIIHem Patterson tip and th lata Georglna Ptterson; grand- "IV mother ef Dennis end David Wood) tor of Mary Patterson of San -ru William Patterson of Oakland, Rotanne Patterson and EiftabetR', Clark of Vancouver, British Columbia. 5 Vv A nattv of Scotland. Funeral services win be held day, March 2t. at the Frultvale chapti of the Clarence N. -Cooper Mortuaries, 1580 Frultvale Avenue.

tPhon KE. uiui 3- since 1957. quettod to attend the Rosary and Mast At the close of yesterday's A native of Limerick, Ire-1 seven grnadchildren. FREMONT, March 25-A Requiem Mass will be cele special meeting; the hospital TTf 4A I land. Dr.

Dinneen was a mem-1 brated at 9 a.m. 'tomorrow at Lawrence Lorenzen of San Leendre. eby Lorenien af Davis, Corrln Mayer and Sara Loreroen of Oakland; unda of Gail Lorenzen of San Leandre, Deneld and Kenneth Lorenien of Davit. A native of Santa Crwi aged 44 years. The services win be held In the Ferguson ChapeL 113 Laurel Street, Santo Crtn, Wednesday, March It, at 11 a.m.

Interment in Oakwood Memorial Park. Santa. Cruz. LUIHN, Walter of Oakland, March 35 mi, beloved husband of Stella H. Luihn; loving father of Mrs.

Dorothy Silva and Walter F. Luihn; alto survived by five grandchildren and one great March Contending subversion from vtake action as possible Vl muuwiu vcuw mn icn bimm St. Joseph's Church for Mrs seeking injunctive relief' from wW ana ine a i a Miss Jean D. Baird, 65, who for our wto brotner jonn r. ewn.

Signed: Thomas Buckley, Grand Knight; William Stewart, financia secretary. SUTLER, U. Cel. ChartM Aw at Travis Ah- Force Bete Hospital, March 25, 1M1, of Diablo, beloved husband of Mrs. Nolle Butler of Diablo, beloved father of U.

Col. Charles Phillip Butler of Baltimors, Maryland, Ma. Donald Andrew Butler of Honolulu; loving grandfather of Pamela Butler of Baltimore, Maryland, Susan, Douglas and John Butler of Honolulu, Hawaii. A native tne-radical right is as dan Madeline Rogers, 61, who died yesterday at her home. possible future action of a niai -apcieiy.

retired to 1946 as a first as- getous as from the radical loft Atfv flan Clonln tnr similar nature by Kosner nu gjstant to the Alameda county siepnen? sisiers, uerue ana iA vactorriav ot 151 Dnscoa Road. Mrs. Rogers, a lifelong resi lists six tests for determining Rosner and hospital direc- Rose Dinneen and Mrs. May Berkeley rest home following grandchild; brother of jack Luihn of Portland, Oregon and three brothert and two sisters in Florida. A native ef New rwo sisiart in t-iorioa, A native et New of Missouri; aged 73 years.

A member of dent of this community, was Knigmt ot coiumnus louncn no. aoeo oi enj-emism yesterday in a spejech to the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce. tors have been at legal odds an a long illness, for more than two years in Pcpnew. Oun Dinneen, of El Miss Baird had previously I am wl Jersey. A charter member of East Bay! Card OT ThaiikS Lodge No.

4t F. A A.M,, Oakland Scot-1 tittsssa Lafayette. A memner ot tn noiy nam Society, St Isidores Church, Dan a member ot umncu SPRSI, Mission San Jose. A LAMBDA COUNTV tlsh Rite Bodies i or e-ree maaonrv, Cerrito. ville.

sn--1 connection with his efforts to Aahmet Tempi Mystic Shrine, tha HEART ASSOCIATION Funeral services will be hew Wednes She is survived by her hus Funeral services have beer Gratefully been head librarian of the Fresno City Library. She was iMiva in thai Rucinecc anri They were: 1 Does the organization at gain admission to the hospital day, March Jt, at 1:30 a.m., from the Chapel of the Valley-Lafayette Mortu- scheduled for 10 a.ra. tomor band, Rudolph; a daughter, Mrs. Madeline 1 Silva, two Memorial gltti toward th fajM gamtt heart disease eift tnav tat enatlad erv, fts South Thompson Koao, La tack schools and churches fayette thence to St. Isidores Church, sons, Rudy and Alfred, four with blanket accusations? elation fidVr 171 Cast 11th Stroet.

CViend HI 4-3544 rr aaftav CrecMf AicjrO Walloiiai Sotournert. past commander of Port Security, Coast Guard, Oakland Real Estate Board, honorary director and sergeant-et-erms for thg California Real Estate Association. Friends are Invited to attend tervtcet Wednesday, March It, at 2 p.m. in the Chapel of Albert Brown Mortuary, W74 Piedmont, Avenue. Oakland.

East Bay Lodge F. A A.M. and Rev. Sherman C. Andersen officiating.

Papel toe Professional Women'slClub, Oaks, .3007 Telegraph young Women's Christian Wlt 8fem MafSctoJS Association and the Plymouth brothers, Antone, 'Jg f.k.f"l: Missions Parley Bank, M50 I Danville, where Kequiem nign most will bo said for tha repose of hit commencing at a.m. Interment at Presidio National Cemetery, San Francisco. Rotary Tuesday at I p.m. at tha Chapel tnt Velley-Laliyette Mortuary. vV.v---' v--.

Alvin and Victor Santos, au of Fremont. CITY OP HOPB B'lntNffhJ RelrawSaJaHi eotrWbtinar Box 471, aWai7 vifN vrilrl it tp rl UDfinS I OltlOrrOW charges? BERKELEY, March 28 re k- Mrs. -Rogers also Is sur MISER. Root, Oakland, March 27, CARLSON, Elmer of T4rh Ave. i Af MARCH BP DIMES "rrt-V She also had been a mem' nu.

Oakland, euddenrv. March 34. mi, vived by four, granddaughters. I Does tt label everyone The rjX 8 p.m.:tonight at the chapel! ber and resident of the Berke Appreclatlvefy acknpsflcblgojB Bit ftaMttortal gifts tor medical research and ship. Memorial tributes may be maiMvC loving father of uveme H.

Cariatl of Oakland; loving ertndfathar of Judith. Patrick and Joe Cerleti; loving brother The Rosary will be recited un.vrmencan supversive i with whom it disagrees polit- bold Its Tenth Annual ftUs Gasoline Octane ef Ernest Carlson ot San Francisco. A ley Women's City Club ana the Firs Congregational to ltoi Joffertoh stroat, Oakland. 13. -T native of Montana) aoed 45 veer.

A mi, beloved husband of Helen Miters laving father of Mrs. Jean Grant; loving father-in-law of H. Donald Grant, M.D.; loving grandfather of Kathryn and Robart Grant; loving brethar of Earl Frampton. A Qativ of Healdsburg. Frlendt are Invited to attend funeral services Thursday, March 30, at 1:30 p.m.

at the Chapel of the Oaks, Oakland Mortuary, 3007 Telegraph Avenue. POND, Gilbert $., suddenly March 25, 1W1. beloved husband of Victoria K. S. Kwr a.i at 8 p.m.

today at the Fremont Chapel of the Roses. Still No N.Y. Capita! member of I L.W.U., Number 10, San Francisco and Finnish Brotherhood Church of Berkeley. Miss A i na rma Mmriia I ThTTtllv KlinnaV. AerVlCCS W1UI Vllt ST III! HUU Ufdl I III in i The prestigt Aod Lodoe.

mnnprhistnrv hv biAmin7 be held at 1: 30 p.m. daily. SACRAMENTO, March 28 Baird is survred by two sis Friends art Invited to attend services I aa. tT ters, Mrs. Andrew Bonnickson from the New Mortuary of C.

P. Bannon. ALBANY, N.Y.3Iarch 28- el ao Albert Brown Service A 4000 East 14th Street, Oakland, Anferican statesmen for wars, The Rev, and Mrs. Ralph fl)--An assembly commit-communism. depression, and Colby will speak tomorrow, tee has approved a bill that Wednesday, March It, at 1:30 p.m.

In UrV- The New York Legislature -4' costs no more of Brentwood- and Mrs. Hud son E5cleston of Oakland. terment Mt. Eden Cemetery. Seattle, has met at Albany for 164 ail Other, ills Of the world? ney nave serveu uiissiuu- i njuu ei vito buiuwiis, Washington, Butte, Montane, and Portland, Oregon, paper pleas copy.

4For further Information pleas call NE Private, funeral services aVDoes it resort to crude anes ro ine noiy 'uinu uu i mcy pusi octane raunss oi years, yet the city has no official status as the state capi were held today at the Albert A. CHAPEL, Hatha In Castro Valley, Brown Mortuary, Oakland tal. A proposed constitutional March mi, dearly beloved wife of amendment to formally oesig Coal Yields Power CLEVELAND Coal-burn pressure tactics by such Leoanon tor years, juee gasuune, io post ratings ap means as anonymous phone- Mildon of Seattle will, speak proved by the state, calling and letter writing on 'The Miracle of the Sea The Ways and Means Com- campaigns side" on Thursday. mittee approved a bill by As- I Do the spokesmen ap- The Rev. Paul Pipkin, for- semblyman Bruce F.

Allen pear more Interested in the tner missionary to China and (R.r Los Gatos) which would siziof their money collections now serving with the Far East require the Department of dUCe- TE 2-8600 nate Albany as the capital was killed in committee- be the late Cono regal tonal clergyman. Rev. Elmer O. Chapel; loving mother ef Mrt. Gwendolyn Curtis af Castro Valley, Mrs.

Francet Thomas of Honolulu, Hewail, and the late Vivien Chapel devoted grandmother af Donald Curtis and preat-grandmother of Kim Curtis. A native af Chicago, Illinois) agod 14 years. Frlendt Invited to attend farewell MORTUARY buz cower plants consume an fore the 1961 Legislature ad journed Saturday, A similar average of 14 ounces of coal for each kilowatt hour of elec- biU failed last year. mm 1 at the cothte cnapai at aneun- than in. the principles they Broadcasting company in trie Agriculture riermme we purport to espouse? I Orient will speak Friday.

I method of octane ratings I tricity produced..

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