The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1953
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1953 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREK Arkansas News Briefs— Auditor of Arkansas 7 Books Not Required to Be Resident By The Associated Frew LITTLE ROCK — The Stale Attorney General's Office says the auditor who will check the state's books for a legislative auditing committee doesn't have to be a resident of Arkansas. Assistant Atty, Gen. James L. Sloan sent that opinion yesterday to Eep. Weems Trussell of Dallas County, chairman of the Arkansas Legislative Council's Joint Auditing Committee. Trussell had asked for the opinion before steps were taken to hire the auditor. The new Fiscal Code, sponsored by Gov. Cherry and adopted by the 1953 Legislature, calls for pose-auditing of the varioui state departments. Mother Who Killed Child Sentenced LITTLE ROCK — Mrs. Dorothy Wells, accused of throwing her 5-month-old son to the floor when he wouldn't eat, was sentenced here yesterday to two to seven years in prison. The boy died at a Little Rock hospital of a. fractured skull shortly after the March 27 incident. Mrs. Wells, 20, pleaded guilty to a charge of voluntary manslaughter, reduced from second degree murder. North Arkansas a Disaster Area WASHINGTON — The Reconstruction Finance Corporation has been asked to declare North Arkansas, which was raked by storms last Saturday, a disaster area. Sen. Fulbrtght (D-Ark.) made the request yesterday. Such action, i/ approved, Would make residents in the area eligible Jor government loans. Jury Picked in Harrisburg Murder Trial HARRISBUBG. Ark. — A 12-man, all-white jury today began hearing the second murder trial of 31-year-old Mrs. Vanteen smith, whose first husband died of strychnine poisoning. The first trial of -Mrs. Smith, who is charged with first degree murder In the death of Harold Dean, ended in a deadlocked Jury. Dean, a Rivervale cafe operator, died in November, 1951. Dr. Anderson Nettleship, state medical examiner, said strychnine poison was found in the dead man's system. 400 Irishmen Arrive in U..S. NEW YORK iJP) — Four hundred Irish, most from Northern Ireland and most hoping to find better economic conditions here than they left behind in Europe, arrived here yesterday aboard the Cunarci liner Georgic. They were described as the largest single group from "the North'" to arrive in this country in 25 years PEACE PIECEWORK-British Boy Scout John Jackson made 35 cents out of Russia's new "peace offensive." In London, he offered to clip the Soviet Embassy's hedge for a s" iliing—14 cents. The smiling Russian secretary agreed and, after John finished the job he shook his hand and gave him half a crown (35 cents). Man Helps Wife, Founds Business PORTLAND, Ore. W>) — In 1946 Lawrence Hobs on. an engineer, made his wife a spice rack of aluminum. She had not been able to find one she liked in stores. Today Hobson owns an aluminum | fabrication plant. He buys 200.000 pounds of aluminum a year. The only reason he does not buy more is that he can't get It. One of the lead-; ing items in his growing business is' spice racks—the kind his wife liked back IE 194«. i Cop Pistol Holdup Balked BOSTON (/PI — An 18-year-old youth who went to rob a downtown department' store with a 69-cent cap-pistol just didn't have any luck. The cashier, of whom he demanded the money, swept the money to 'he floor with her hand and yelled 'or help. The would-be holdup man fled through streets filled with shoppers. He was caught by two defectives who just happen to be talk- ng to a traffic officer when the culprit came dashing on the scene. GAS Installation l'/i" Black Pipe Ft. J5c 1" Black Pipe Ft. 19c •li" Black Pipe Ft. He "i" Blaok Plr* Ft. lie !i" Galvanized Pine Ft. 13c M" Galvanized Pipe Ft. 17c GALV. & BLACK FITTINGS List Less 50% 1!4 Gas Stop" $2.05 1" Gas Stop si.fig 'i" Gas Stop si.27 !4" Gas Stop $l.ia ORSBURN SUPPLY 1916 W. iMain Ph. 3208 "Flavor so Good ff can only beFblqer's! \ THE MOUNTAIN GROWN COFFEE PISTOL-PACKING PARENTS—Indicative of the tense atmosphere in Kenya, East Africa, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Kerr. with pistols strapped to their waists, meet their daughter at school to escort her home. The school is guarded from Mau Mau terrorists during the day. Children stay there while their parents work. teds Fix Rules : or Birthdays VIENNA (ff\ — Communist Ro- uanm has laid down the rules Tor elebrating the names of great men. 'Only the 50th, 60th, 70th and Oth birthdays of persons with .spe- ial merits toward the State and so- iety. shall be celebrated," said a re- en t decree. After they nave died, "the com- lemoration of great men who have roueht glory to the fatherland by leir remarkable state activities, b^ leir discoveries and achievements n science, technics, literature and rt shall take place only in the 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th. 150th and 200th anniversaries of their birth and after that, every 100 years." Attention, Farmers! Planning to fertilize before r'?^'"!S;? Have your ammonia applied with modern John Rlu equipment. CALL 3837 G. Wheeler Cusom Fertilizing Co. formerly Smith & Broffdon Yes, sir, you're time and money ahead to get ths jump on the hot weather rush for air conditioning. Right now you can choose from a-complete selection of Frigidoire Room Air Conditioners at present low prices. . . and installation is quick and easy. Demand heavy for sensational Exclusive Twin Meter-Miser models Investigate the money-'saving advantage! of the Twin Models that offer amazing Selective Cooling for complete spring to fall comfort. One Meter-Miser operates in moderate weather to provide .cooling and dehumidifying ot lowest cost. Two Meter-Misers team up j_ IAD In hottest weather to doubla cooling power *Qn economically. Twin 75 only J *T look ot these big early spring extras / • Ventilate with windows closed—no drafts, dust, dirt and noise. • Keep home air fresh and cool during warm rains when windows art closed. Eliminate humidity in moderate weather when full cooling power may not be necessary. Be all set for (he first blast of summer with true air conditioning. KCI n.ia HALSELL & WHITE FURNITURE & APPLIANCES Main & Division Phone 6096 Airport Tunnel Opens Today I as ANOKLES KIM— A tunnel under I.os AiiRpios Intcrnntlonnl Airport, first ot its Mnd In the country, opens to hlRhwny traffic after ceremonies today. The 3'i million dollar underpass carrier Sepuivnin Boulevard, one ol the most heavily traveled thor- ounlifnres In this area, under the mkUllo of the Rlrpovt. It it 1,900 fret along, with three traffic lanes in each direction, Old Craft The common barrel, or cask, Is used today in much Ihn same form as in the days of antiquity. Cooper- inn is one ot the oldest known crafts. Jews Suggest 1 Ivanhoe 'Cut' BEIRUT. Lebanon (.iv-I/'Unnon's board of film censors has nvom- memleil Mmt tlu' U. S. film "Ivim- Jioe" bo cut U) remove "pro-Zionist" leanings. 'I'hQ board mttd<! the rmmimen- clalion nfU-r Ihc tilm \\iis bl;i,sied In Lebanon's press for depicting J«w8 ri;; "iidailvable, humane persona who hut! lost their homeland and wander persecuted over the earth." Deer Halt Traffic FORT EHIE, Out, (/t 1 )—A, tourist from Hut hostcr, N.Y., James Wilkin- MJH, had to bring his car to a halt on the Nmuui'H Parkway while * * herd of deer trotted sedfitely toward tht- Niiiuiiru nivcr for a drink. PLANTERS QUITTING BUSINESS 126 West Main Blythevilie, Ark. AGAIN! CUTTING PRICES for final go round This sale is moving along at a rapid rate. Hundreds of items we are completely sold out of. You people who have been waiting for a mark down from our sale price can now come in and buy with immunity knowing there will be no further store wide cut in prices. A Clearance of Repossessed Appliances We hav n number of npplinjirr.s. slorrs. n-Mccralnrs and washers. M'e art- snlnj; to close out at ;l ndirulimsly Imv price. If vim want a Kiiod atpliamr and don't \n\ni in put much money In It ('time in and see these. SI 5.0(1 CASTING I{()DS. (TRUE TEMl'ER) Former sale price ?9.7o SI til.95 (JAS CIRCULATING 'H EATE !{.' (jfl.OOt) U.T.U.'s I''ormer .sale price CQQ All S:!.I() GARBAGE I'AIL. Liflout galvanized pail foot control. Former sale price S2.25 $150 TEINIS SHOES The very finest grade; (if rubber sole, buffer HclRC. White si/i>s from (i!i to HJi. 24 pair in tin's lot, goliiff In this sale a puir $4.45 58.25 ASBESTOLINE. Tar preparation for covering your roof. 1'er 5 gallon can. . . SI5.50 SMOOTHING I'LANE (STANLEY) Qfl -Iff 24" lorry;. Former sale price §10.95 . V**'-' 3 $23.75 LAWNAIOWERS (ECLIPSE) revolving knives, only (i left. Former sale price Si 8.00 $25.50 TARPAULINS Tlipse tnrpntilln* arr spRrially treated to turn rjiin and snow. In si/ps 12,x 14 ft. Dark unions. With g or me is. .75 $11.25 KOOD RUBBER Hip leitsth, niine In-lli-r made than tin; Hood rubber Ijotit. A romplelf rlin tif si/rs friiin. si/e. fi lo \'i. Uil.'t htirklc up straps. Former salt- price SS.II'I cut now to §177.50 POWER LA \VNMO\VER. (YAZOO) rotating; 1!)'' lilatlc. V o r m e r sale price. SM(UH) ........................... SMf) AXE. Doulilc hit. Former wile price SH.25 ................................ SI ().!)') HOC WIRE FENCING. (i" slay. 32" high. 12'/ 2 Kit. 10 rods per roll. Former sale price SM.50 .............................. 7C J 3 Electric Lights \Ve still have ;i very nice assortment of lights for most every room in your home. All c"iiiK lulu Ibis sale at one-half price Sli.7"> WATER KEGS. 1(1 gallon capacity, equipped with 2 oarrjinif handles. Former sale price S9!l.!)5 VACUUM CLKANEK (G.E.) Swivel lop. complete with attachments. Former price SIH.-ifl CASTING RODS. All steel, Forme sale price $.">.!>:"> ....................... $229.85 NORGE !EFH!GERATOR Tills aiiiirl nl Kiir (i'j en. ft. rrfrisiTiilor i>o.iiippi'<l with rolla- tor iinil. only (.«•« rovins parts, Nol.lilns to wear out, automatic (li'frostiT", A yrnr yiinriiEi sulnllnii. Inli-rinr llnisbi- viirilii-il |«irri-l:liil. Kvcn Former sale price SI7f». n filler Kla.v, blllf'. olitsidtf ill over box. S17.!)5 1'KKSSUKK COOKKH (National) 12 (|l. capacity. Former sale price S1.'U5 SI 2.5(1 ICK ClfKA.M niKKZKH. One gallon capacity. Former sale price SII.75. ... S2.00 KAKTIIKN WARE .JARS. 5 gallons. While 15 of them last,' each. Former sale price S1.5!) S7J5 SI4J5 TRICYCLE All sled rnnslrurtinn with ailjuslalile handle liars and scat. .Semi-itnriiimtlc tires. Airplane tyjie frame. Former sale price $10.75. 121/ic per II). NAII..S. HUM many sixes in xtock former sale price, ilc II) $5.00 JACK PLANE. Wood hoi torn. 2" Knife. Former sale price $,'!.7n S2.25 DRAWING KNIFE. 8" blade. Former sale price Sl.'ifl $1.00 ALL FISHING EQUIPMENT INCLUDING RODS AND REELS ONE-HALF PRICE $2.50 DOUJ5LE BOILER. White enamel, fij-l Mf Former sale price §1.95 y I.Tj $2.95 STEAK SERVER. Cast aluminum. O-l MQ Former sale price §1.95 ipl.'w S3.95' DUTCH OVEN. Cast, iron. Former Q-l Ar sal eprice ?2.!). r ) y 1.3 J fiSc SKILLET. (Jold handle. Former sale price OiCx •Ific . U«p Sl.fia FLOR .M()l>. Made From linen threads, will last a long time. Handle included. Former sale QOx price S1.2!) vwp 53.95 IMOi'. Sponge ruhhcr. Very ahsorlianl with patent S(|iiee/.er lever. Former sale price Oft "je S.1.19 $£./<J $2.95 IRON'INC; HOARD COVER. Pad included. SO count material. Former sale price S2.:i5 s ' $12.1).-, FAN (ROIiHIN-.MYKRS) 1 I", oscillating. Former sale price $.'!l.95 ?2.99 WALL PAI'KR. C.implctt svitli paste on liack, a largo variety of patterns, doulile roll. Form- TEx IT sale price SI.00 l3p S22.50 ELECTRIC TRAIN (LIONEL) former sale price SI 1.75 IT WP sftll h;ivc :\ vi'ry fompfrli- sfock of [mint nn hand. In any rnlnr Unit you may want. We c;vu (-tv« ymi more than J)!)9 colors. C'miii- in ;niil let us figure your jiitinL .joh. We can save you money. We also xlill Jiavn it number ol cotius in Super Kern-Tone. SI5.50 W()M)IOI{ MOUSE. Lois of fun for Hie yoiniKslcrs. Forincr sale price $11.75 SI. 50 H.ARN FORK. Knur line, hickory handle. Former sale price !)5c .................... SLIio (JUASS WHIP. Easy lo Keep sharp. Hickory handle. Former sale price ............ ^P j I 00 ALL MERCHANDISE ADVERTISED SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE . $195 $9.95 MEDICINE CAHINKT. 12" x IB". Heavy plale glass mirror. Former sale price S7.99 75c KXTKNSfON CORD. Flat will lie on your Complele with 3 way outlet. Former sale price '15c $10.25 CHICKEN WIRE, fi ft. hi K ]',. 150 f|. roll. 2" mesh. Former sttle price $S.l!) $1 l.fiO CHICKEN WIRE. 4 ft. hi K h, 150 ft, roll. I" mesh. Former sale price SI2..'M ... $2.50 GARDEN RAKE. 17" wide. I!ow construction hickary handle. Former sale price in • "F,* 350 $7.50 $975 $175 SI.90 GARDEN SPADE. D type handle. Former sale price 9."ic S7.B5 CANT HOOK", (/nod sharp pike and hook. Former sale price .SII.I9 SHi.50 FOK(iE. Complele willi smoke hood and Mower. Former sale proce SI2.I!!> ... s::.i)5 (;ARBA(;IO PAIL. 21" hi K h, spot welded handles, complvle \\ilh lid. Former sale price $2.95 $2.S5 WASH TI!li. No. .'!, heavy K alvani/.ed. Spot welded handle. Former sale price. $2.19 <!H AC $.•12.5(1 FIRE HOSE. l ! . S. make, V/ 2 " complete with hrass fittings. Former sale price $25.59 ; $9.M() GARDEN HOSE. 5(1 fl. Ill year anlec. Former sale price $7.ii!l $1.19 PLASTIC MATERIAL. 10 colors. Former sale price $1.19 yd $10.95 RATH ROOM HEATER. Smokeless type. Former sale price $7.95 $12.00 WASH li.ASIN. Heavy porcelain. Former sale price $9.-19 $5.95 HAND SAW. S point. OIKN'RV DI.S- TON) Former sale price .? 1.75 $1.50 STEW PAN. White enamel willi lid. Former sale price SI.19 t $6.75 $1.09 $6.95 $775 $3.95 950

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