Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 16, 1961 · 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1961
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, . r ' , ... . - . .... ' ' ' . " . : '. v ,J ' ' 1 ' v- c - . . ' i . J ' '-, - , ' . y v - - " - - j 1 V "V,,, (4! Pt?la,i Hi " ; flf -i - i , 4 5'--,' v - .';.'- - - ffTfr' ?Mri- ' i'- -t -.i rLv J tfe3t 3!V . i - i ff i hipr X t -i-j v f ii i . . i i mi tun in -Tii- I, M , yU) ' BENNY BUFANO'S 12-TON ST. FRANCIS WAITS AS CKEW PREPARES TO UFT IT ONTO A NEW PERCH Bufano't contiwtnUI statu will ttand abovt ntranc of Oakland's Bermuda Building, in background. ot. r rancis -Beniamino Benvenuto Bu-fftno's St. Francis, as huge and stonily serene as its creator is tiny and mercurial, has at .long last taken up residence in Oakland. . ,r And incidentally, in case you ever want to move a 'granite jaint from San Fran- Cisco to Oakland by way of 'the Bay Bridge, you should know that the toll is 12.75. Just how long St. Francis will stay here is a matter of tome dispute but then al-most everything concerning sculptor Benny. Bufano is a matter of dispute. . .The Bayshore Construction Co., which spent several months, much worry and an enormous amount of energy in uprooting and moving the monumental St Francis, be MADRID, Spain, March 16 MJW Seven Spanish intellec tS3 leaders were acquitted to-tfiy of charges of conspiring ifr;ovenmvenrfTH3s Jtanco. An eighth defendant ' was sentenced, to a year in Ilfison and fined 2S.00O pesetas (1400), which means he . :xs free under a general am ; '43ThelTu four-day trial ended J.nday.,The sentence was an- . tsuncea Dy ,tne presiding jtfige.. There was no mention a verdict in the case of two tptya 1 defendants wh6 fled the S&uSrf and were tied in ah- Te urprising; verdicts were attributed tolA Worht : :tide campaign in behalf of foUticair prisoners spam '.i4l tttlarge number of for-' eiai jiewsmen attending ithe ; tal Furthermore the prosecuting S attorney, nEleuteTiO (nzalez ?apatero,-is known w be uienaiy to ue aexen-''dants and their cause. ; They were charged with il legal propaganda against tne regime, talks in; 1958 with Spain Acquits Intellectuals Of Conspiracy - members of the exile govern ment in Paris in an effort to iorm a united front opposed "to the regime, and attempting : to form a political party, for- .' bidden by law in Spain except ; for v the regime's : Falange Party.. ' : 'HERE ARE ADDRESSES ; ,OF NATIONAL' AND STATE LEGISLATORS ; . U.S. Sm. TtwmM N. Kvdwi and, U S, I W ClMT Cf. SMt OHM BtfUtfta "i. tuTiSmnit P. WUItar. Ittil KM. JoMI f. -al)i Jf Hv Mow OHkt BulMtnr titWtv, Albny. liMrvvitltr PMtngnl ui ttw Muotcioal ; Audikirlumr MUlltr rwvnari Alanwd,- Us) Oakland and , Snni A I wnttfa '' County I Mwte . .fwfMn Cntr , Ct .ad SoUn WUto caoirai vuiMtng, Mcrxntmo. taut lUMOi . (nmtv-tliti San. JahB W MotmawiU AuxnWyma Carlo Baa, IJHi fcittrkf fc -rt w. Crown. lm KIcMm Nirta. lh WaHar V OaM, MHu wunn Bytm awnWdV irUu Oe Contra Caata Caanty.ltatt Ian. Gatrat MliMr Jr. AttftaMyntaW wawa. MM OWrlcti Mm ' T. Knax. ITffv na A sfi""" -k Arrives lieves it will remain here at east a year and hopes it win remain forever. BENNY'S PLAN But Buf ano, scurrying around like a mother hen as his masterpiece was lifted from its perch in front of San Francisco's St. FrancU ; of Aisj Cathnlir Ctmrrhyfrtr - day, paused long enough to say that the statue probably win be here only a couple of months Then, he said, it's off to Dag Hammarskjold and the United Nations, or to Fidel Castro and Cuba. Whatever the future holds, St Francis homo -for the present is at the corner, of Frtnklin and 22nd Streets, in front of the International Ar cade of the Bermuda Build ing. When lifted into place this afternoon, San Francisco s pa tron saint wiS be visible from Oakland's Broadway, Grand Ave., 22nd St and Franklin St BIG JOB Getting th e monumental (17-foot 124on) St Francis off its base on the steps of the North Beach church, onto truck and over the Bay Bridge to Oakland was a nerve-wracking job. In aiway, -itkbegan ;18 months ago when the : Rev. John J. Curtin, pastor of the the statue had to go because it got in the way of wedding and funeral processions. There fol lowed a protracted wrangle, a court battle ' to determine whether Benny or the priest had the right to move it an offer by the sculptor to give the statue to the City of Oak land (offer rejected) and fi nally yesterday s move. - SCULPTOR BUSY i Benny -was on hand to see to it that the movine - crew fronr-Bigge Drayage Co. did not harm a stony hair on his granite St Francis' head. gnce ne criea, ineyre go- MKLANDl lOCAUV OWMtD " LOCALLY COMTAOLLIB DAILY iufrmtt w (HMmii ttat ar ; tttokMihM FMnwr II, WT - , aiNihn trndiliM . . Ckarair Miwaw i (araaa r r w rnmpwiM OMima Nd OoMta Pftn lirtnutiul larMca MBMBtd SF TNI ASSOCIATED MISS " TM Ataacialta rim k minia m. dwhf.hr k Ik n Ja rtaotUcaMM al aa l tat Meal arm arMta la Ma aa awa m -m ao mm - THi TRIIUNI autUSHINft CO, . M - PUBLISHERS aoi. H. KNOWLANO. JOS. KNOWLAND, JR., AnKtaaf WILLIAM KNOWLAND. Awaa1 : avausiwr aa( ttw. . MAR. OLD . PORSTfRCR uilication oaaiet- rnkw tii. bia. taraw at TfcirlaMlli and araaUM Stftan. a MM TI DtRtefear Um. tittaraa aa we titn mHr Rv - nttry 11, mt. at Ma Past OWca at OrtMMU CaMMnria. aaaar Ad at "-.Camrm Marah 4, WTt. - tV CARRIER: .'-; .;: ' ft aTa)a)Hl ati2aT - Van . . . t VM " f ' ' " - V mail (atrakM to aavaacatt CtHMraia. Ntvada and Oraaaa Oaa Mwim m . m Ttf ' um Saoday Only -' CtiHaraia. Ntvada and Oriata oaa Mtiiw i Oa Vaar - aaVaaf."'- in . rwwnaj tw sywwafl ajstaj tmHf ctaitii OaMr aattlaa, Mc , jwatf taiHta. ate. ack awaaarai Oaur aaiiiaMti ftiaaav atiuaa, IM. aii iz ions ot nim ing about it all wrong. It took me 2 years to carve it- they could wreck it m zvt sec onds." But wey didn't, JHie cTew worked from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. before toe statue was wrenched free of its base ana lifted by cables and .crane toPto the flat-bed - moving truck. To AvoioTTushhour traffic, the half-hour ride over the bridge to the new site was delayed until 7 p.m. MIXED COMMENT In San Francisco, upward of 600 sidewalk superintendents watched the work. Feelings were mixed. Disgraceful!" exclaimed a lady with a camera. "Dis- Pre-Easter Special! WOOL NYLON SOCKS Come take advantage o! this very special purchase of fine 60 Australian Zephyr wool40 Nylon socks! Soft and shrink resistant with ' nyrMntorced heel i&ttd toe. ideal;for year-round 'wtarma; comfort. Truly a sensational value at- just $1.09 a pair! AVide range of classic argyles and neat patterns in blue, grey, brown and olive. ... Sizsr'10H to llOrdsev-erd rjairs, today! ... HeiJ. C5L50 & $2.00 f7 X -A - m SAN FRANCISCO: PoattKaamy STONESTOWN: 7T Stonartown Mail OAKLAND: 156(1 Broadway SAN LEANDRO; Bay Fair Sboppfai Cantar MOORE'S MAILING SERVICE: Poet t Keamy"sts., San Franciaoo 8, Pleaaa arad tha following hoaa s Quantity - ' Sim . Color 8 Cluck Q . a. graceful to give that to Oak land." "The merchants are glad the monstrosity is leaving,' commented a businessman. Heedless orboth praise and criticism, Benny made nis own silent -comment just be fore the padoed statue was taken down from the perch on which it had stood jinca 1955, Benny climbed up to face the statue,, carefully placed a flower beside the, cold cheek of St Francis, and sprmkled tears beneath the statue's un seeing eyes Not long afterward in the early twilight the huge statue began its journey across the Bay and. the tiny sculptor went home in silence. PHONIC ORDERS: GA 1-1200 a 3 for S3.00. Add 25c tor postaga and Men Trapped In Collapse Of Building CHICAGO. March KWUPB four -story building: col lapsed without warning today and trapped members of a wrecking crew under tons of brick, stone and steel. At least 4 other men were injured. One of the trapped men, 'Al bert Mack," 60, . of St Anne, DL, hung upside down in the wreckage, his legs pinned un der steel and wooden beams. Coroner Andrew Toman gave him a shot of pain-killing morphine and it was feared Mack's legs might have to be amputated to free him. The voice of a second trap ped man could be heard beneath the rubble pleading "get me out,. get me out" A third man was missing and believed Irapped. TWO IDENTIFIED The missing men were iden tified as Robert Walker, 31, and William MdCall, 36. Firemen could not tell immediately who the man beneath the rubble was. Fourteen other members of the 27-man wrecking crew working in the building were treated fpr injuries at two hospitals. Twenty fire department units and 60 firemen swarmed over the wreckage of the aban doned Furhmann Foster sau sage plant pulling bricks and stones away by hand. Gi ant earth moving equipment huge cranes, automatic saws and acetylene torches Were brought into the rescue opera tion. UThe firemen feared to bring the-earth .moving equipment into full use, however, be cause the great machines' vi brations might collapse old apartment buildings attached to the ruined structure. FOR SUPERMARKET The trapped men were era ployees of the King Wrecking' Co., which has been employed to level the building to make way for a supermarket The old sausage plant had been abandoned for years. It was a neighborhood eyesore, a hang out for hoboes, and frequenl scenes of small fires. The wreckers said there was no advance warning of the collapse. Daniel Brown, 23, St Anne, said he was working at the tovrot the building. when J'it top of toe building. when just dropped away. 3 for $3.00 hanrilmf ptaa aalaa tax in Cam. 1 Jr. CC to Select '63 Convention City TULSA. Okla., March 161 . Principal item on the agenda of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's board of di- " i!ii.iiiiiiiiiiuiiwMM-.MMMiMM I , !" -1 -'' , t -'O. - - : " , ' ' ' y' ,'. r " ;';: - A . A " , 1 ' 1' r: ic -v y -'ii" 'fWf' " Y.Vfy - t X I I t . f i . " W : .-.,. . : t t - -i JS HART, SCHAFPNER . . ; lightweight comfort without sacrificing the look, feel of a Ingenious Bengaline is 100 lightweight worsted with a unique "honeycomb" weave that supplies millions of invisible breezeways. The tiny woven windows keep you cool and : ; comfortable through the warmest days. And HS&M : combines Bengaline's extraordinary lightness and coolness ?J, wth a flattermgly-sleridercoinfortably-m h . '-. a. ' In bluei olive, brown or grey, it looks, fits and J feels 13tB a " if I fl I UfM0OT99 SAN FRANCISCO: Port & Kearny STONESTOWN: 77 Stones: (OpniendaynighU'ta9p.m.) (Open Wfdnt$day,Fridaynigkt$'tii: - rOACLANDt 1560 Broadway SAN LEANDRO t Bay Fair Shopr' C (0pmM9ndaynighl$'til9p.mJ (OpnM?ndayJhurdvJrid8ynithU't;i. . ' ; ' 4 . k ' ' ' , t OiUandTribune,Thars(IayMjrchl6,1951 Efr3 rectors meeting here ' today through Saturday is. selection of the 1963 convention city. y; Bidders for the host role are the Buffalo, N.Y., and fine worsted suiting million vtt is priced at Loiiisvffle, Ky, chambers. This year's convention wQ be held in Atlanta, Ga., and the 1962 meeting is scheduled for Las Vegas, Nev. -Cr - & MARXS just gF? 4t 4 "

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