The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1948
Page 11
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, MAT B Truman to Veto Secret Files Bill President Convinced Congressman Lock ided Authority BT Grant DUiman United Presn SUff Correspondent WASHINGTON. May 13. (UP1_ President Truniin disclosed loday that he win velo any bill passed by Congress to force disclosure of the secret files of federal afjenclej. Mr. Truman ssid lie is convinced by repealed court decisions lhal Congress does not have (he power to compel cabinet members to divulge confidential Information. The news conference discussion was based on lhe long-standing efforts of the House to get from former Secretary of Commerce w. Averell Harrimaii and FBI report on Dr. Edward M. Condon, head of the National Bureau of Standards. Condon himself recently asked that the FBI record be made public. The President today said he would not permit this. He said it was a matter a! principle long supported by the courts. Asked whether legislation would change the situation, the president said no. He reminded reporters that j'ould have to sign such legisla- J before it became law. Reporters in turn reminded him that such legislation could be passed over his veto. But the President did not think this would happen. Could Be Reciprocal Smiling, he said Congress has hands on. The type of legislation under discussion undoubtedly would have its reciprocal aspects, he said The House already has passed a resolution demanding the Condon report. Hurrlman Ignored it and turned the report over to Mr. Truman In copllance with a presidential directive. The House Is now debaltng a bill which would require certain federal agencies to turn over their files on a majority vole of a committee and the approval of the House spealfer or Senate president. Voters Approve Distribution Of School Funds CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. May 13 —County Court Clerk Harold s Jj||* stilted yesterday that appar- «IW-V the county-wide school fund disbursement election carried by an overwhelming majority, although final figures would not be available until Saturday. In Caruthersville, the vote wa very light, with 102 voting yes, and only two voting no. The voting was for the purpose of determining how the fund would be disbursed to the schools. The fund has accumulated over a perloc of years, and the methods employee were made obsolete by the new constitution wilh ultimate ruling that if the participating school districts voted favorably on the proposal, the funds would • be apportioned to the various districts, and made available to them for various purposes. Mr. Jones said approximated $175,000 was Involved. In Caruthersville- a proposed »123,000 bond issue was approved by the voters 161 to 10. and a tax levy of 50 cents per SIM assessed valuation carried 158 to 9. The laxes would be usjsd during the next four years to retire Hie bond tissue Proceeds from lhe bonds will be used to construct additional facilities for children In the grade schools of the city. '(AUK.)' COURIER F Plane With Three Tails? ""-I—"t "i *- - -"•P-W-f^;;**.-{,->,•"»,—«,, } ^^T^.^. „„ ., ( ,,, "l Texon to Head Ouachita Journalism Department ( ARKADEMHHA, Arlc., May )}. Tex., will assume his duties Sept. 1 ».i director of tin Department of . Journalism al onachlla college »nd have charge of the school's news bureau. He' wa, employed by the board ">«"»>*• !n Uttle Hock yesterday. Redden spent Uo years wilh lhe Atlanta. CieotRlaji 1A reporter cop" reader and fealurc writer and handled public relation, w i (h {lle A|hlv Air Corps riming \\, f war. since the war he has tniiRhl journalism «l rdln-Slimuom University In Abl- X Hying In close formation, these tln-ce Lockheed P-80 Shooting Slars with three ta,| S . The p.lots are training in Jet transi.ion at the William Arli_ thn Air fnrcK FiaMfr Pilnt ScKnnl. like o '£,« Murder Motive Sought in Two Alabama DeaJljJL... PELL CITY, Ala., May 13. (UP1 — Police today reopened Investigation^ in the deaths of a couple whose badly burned bodies were found in 'I after a coroner's inquest revealed that lhe man had been stabbed five times. It was first reported that Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Rennie were burned to death. Coroner H. E. Scott's finding yesterday came as a surprise. Dr. Rennie. 53-year-old eye. ear and nose specialist, apparently died from the stab wounds. The coroner was unable to establish the cwise of the dealh of Rennle's 36-yeir- old wife. The physician's father Is T. H. Rennie, of Miami, Fla . at one time a texlile executive here. A sister, Mrs. Lois Perry, also lives in Miami.' Scoli said robbery had been ruled out as a motive, since Mrs. Rennie's rings had been recovered and (he couple's new automobile was left in the garage. "We don't, know what the motive was," he said, "and 1 have been unable to find any enemies." Missourian Is Killed When Car Overturns t ERRYVILLE, Ark.. May 13 _ ')—Smit P. Horton, 22-year-old Lamar. Mo., man., was killed instantly last night when his car overturned on Highway 62 foui miles East of here. A hitchiker whom Horton had picked up. G. F. Cramer, 18 of Baltimore, Md., suffered serious' injuries. Horion was pinned under the wreckage. Cramer was thrown clear. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK YARDS. May 13.-(UP)_(USDA) —Livestock: Hoge 9.200: salable 9.ono as com pared with 12,000 yesterday. Brrows and gilts, steady to 25c lower than Wednesday's average: sows, 25 to 50c lower: market, active at decline. BulK good and choice 170-240 Ibs 20.50-21.25: top 21-25: 240-270 Ibs 19-20.50: few to 20.75; 270-300 Ibs 17.50-19: few to 19.25: 300-350 '•-, 16.75-1T.50; around 50fl Ibs ir\' 1.10-150 Ibs 18-20.25; 100-120 Ibs i1725: sows 450 Ibs down 1550-1S- heavier weights 14.25-15.50. stags Cattle 2,500; salable 1.700' calf receipts I 100. all salable. Opened generally steady on Jtghl supply of glasses. About ij dozen loads of steers offered. Some good light weights 3050-32; odd lots good heaters and mixed yearlings 28-32; common and medium beef cows 20- JJL. good cows 24.50-25: canners and Wters largely 15.50-19.50. i You Are Cordially \ | Invited to Visit \ The | | Accessory Shop i [ Feminine Apparel ! i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte i Hotel Noble BHg. ! Blytheville, Ark. • Cub Scouts of Osceo/o Pack Receive Badges At Advancement Meeting Nineteen members of Osceola Cub Pack No. 51 received badges at their meeting in fhe grade school building there Tuesday night. Cubmasier L. R. Still presented the badqes and showed two films to the scouts, a number of parents, and Den Mothers Mrs. E. L. Taliaferro. Mrs E'H Burns and Mrs. Carroll Watsoi The wolf badge and one gold arrowpoint was presented to Gail Dean Davenport. Len Tnliaferro. James Herndon, Ellis Ray Spencer. Lindsey Fairley, Bobby Watson and Reggie Young. The Wolf tad?e was presented to David Booth. Chester Dauchower and W. L. Gillesuie. Bear badges were presented to George M. Cone, Tommy Miller, Frank Watson and Wade Rogers. Frank and Wade both received one gold and one silver arrowpoint. ''Lion badges were presented "to Johnny Jue. Jerry BuVns, Rennith Cole. Frank Wntsun, and W. L. Gil- Icspie. Vernon James, assistant area Boy Seoul executive, announced that this was the la/gest number of advance- menu made this year in Eastern Arkansas Council, which includes 14 counties. * Three Miners Believed Dead in Mine Flood SHAMOKIN, Pa., May 13. (UP) — Three miners were entombed and presumed dead loday in a flooded! Independent, mine two miles East of '• Shamokln. > 'Rescue crews were baUling out the operation wilh a 105-gallon metal drum In an effort to reach the bodies of Hie victims, believed 1 drowned by « nisii of waler from I an adjacent abandoned colliery They were., identified as Peter' Gordon. Edward Heck and Charles Basliore, all of Shamokin. The accident occurred late yesterday. Benjamin Reldlnger. Shamokin. working on the surface In charge of lhe hoist, which let lhe three inlo the mine, said he decided to Investigate when he did not hear from lhe men for a IOUK time. He started down and found lhe operation filli* with waler. Investigators said lhe miners apparenllv cul into the wiuer-filled abandoned colliery while drilling for coal. The water gushed In, p r e.s ll in a b I y drowning them. State Police Sgt. John Hockrelter in charge of lhe Shamokin bnr- tacks. directed rescue operaiions He said an attempt was being made lo obtain an atomatic pump to speed up the work of emptying the * H Suit Against Selective Service Board Dismissed PORT SMITH. Ark., May 13 — <UPJ—Ta/c Hamrick Gibson of El Dorado was notified loday that his I S10.000 damage suit against the State Selective Service Appeal Board and his local board had been dismissed by Federal Judge John Miller ruled that, the draft boards ' whether o r not they acted arbi- \vih lhe provisions of lhe ordinance The ordinance was prepared by the Cily Council as part of a drive to increase traffic safety. The drive was a purl of the project sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, ana for which they were awarded district and state awards in Junior Chamber meetings as the outstanding project among of this year. " '" quartcr , Tennessean Sees Downfall Of Democrats GRENVILLE, Miss., May 12 _ (UP1—Mayor Rot»it Murray of Huntingdon. Tcnn.. Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee, said today Hint the iwo- irarty system "Is In grave ilixiiKcr because of progressive dislnlegra- lion" of (he Democratic Party. Murray lold a meeting of ln- depeiidenl Republlcniu of Mississippi that the Democratic Parly Is "threatened wilh something up- preaching absolute destruction " He polnlccl lo the defections uf Henry Wallace, nncl Southerners within (he Democratic Parly In revolt over lhe civil rights program. Murray said that lhe restoration of a vigorous Iwn-pnrly system in the Soulh would benefit the n»- tlon auti the Southern states themselves. "It would menu," Murray said, "lhal the electoral voles of lhe Soulli would no longer be couriled Democratic candidate, wilh the result that lhe Soulh Is Ignored In the councils of the Democratic iPnvly on lhe policy-making level." i Murray snlrt that the present, nd- minlslralltin "is Is heilged-ln by its radical alliances that II could "not, effectively, clean house even If ll desired sincerely to do so." Murray said thai Mr. Truman's- civil rights program has "greatly Intensified" lhe race problem in lhe South. ftofcert F. Marshall, Farmer of Steele, Dies Funeral jcrvlccs for Robert Thomas Miuslml], 43. fnrmer of Sleole. Me,. wi n i, e conducted at 2:30 p.m. tomorniw nt lhe C!liui-c!i of Christ in picric by tli» liev. II. f Slmrp, the Lasior. Biulnl will be in the Ml, ?,lon ccnielciy. Mr. Marslmll died yesterday at his home North nf sici-lo rollowlus » rour-monll. llhu-sa. lie hnri lived In and uromui Hlei-|p nil 1,1, ]|f e «,„) »'*» an employe of lhe Dolnlihi Lund Company, He Is Mirvlved by h| s «|| e . M, s . Joule Mnrslmll; two sons. J. D. nnd rrank M, llsl ,,,l| 0 , . Sleelc . ( ™ daugh crs. Mrs. |.'om Alice McCain, and Pnye Marshnll of sieclo' h( s molher. M,,,. vlo)l , M ,,,, S ] 1B i| „, Memphis; twi) broihfi-s Tiiomns K M»r.5hsll ol Jefferson city. ,\i u „,,,)' James Hoy W,,,,^!! «f Mom,,!,,, five slstors Mrs, Un-yl Uhyne of s,, n J° so1c » 1 V, Mrs -W-T. Norihm,,M,.,. \\ nrrt Wcllund nnd June Mnrslmll of »«emi»iiK, nn,i Mrs, Floyd lllcdsnc of West Mcmplilj, HIUI one enuid- dHiightcr. Speeding Bond Forfeited W. O. Grath forfeited a (15 cash bond In Municipal Court this morning when he failed, to appear to answer a charge.' of speeding. He was arrested yesterday by City Policemen Arthur and Raymond Bomsr. The average American strikes 14 matches a day. trarily or maliciously," have the same legal Immunity", wllhin the limits of Ihcir authority, as courts of law and federal o/ficers. Gibson, a member of Jehovah's Witnesses, was classified a.s a conscientious objector by lhe appeal board and sent to a work camp He was later given a prison sentence when he walked awny from Supreme Court reversed the verdict. P.T.A. Urges Cyclists To Exercise Caution CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo, May I 13. (UP)—The Parent-Teacher As-I sociation this week distributed several hundred copies of the "Bicycle Ordinance" to grade students, as a part of the program of "Safety For School Children." At the bottom of the ordinance was a certificate to be signed by both the parent and child, attesting thai they had read and were familiar The grapefruit is said to be a mutation or chance hybridization between the orange and' the shad- oock In golf, an -ace" is a "hole in IMPORTANT NOTICE- THE LAW FORBIDS: Puliins: paper, empty hollies and other con- aincrs, prass cuttings, hedge or tree frimmin K s, or (rash of any kind, upon (he siriewalhs, (fullers or streels of Rlylhevillc, «r . . . I'erniifting loose (Travel, sand, coal, empty car- nns, '"'Hie. paper, or rubl.ish of any descriplion, lo fall from (rucks, delivery wajfons, or private vehicles, upon (he streels of Klytheville. THIS LAW WIT,!, RB R1GIDJ-Y ENFORCEf) Let's Keep Blylheville "THK CITY BEAUTIFUL" Mayor and Citv Council STfP UP TO GRIESEDIECK BROS.'BFf* .*. . and Sfep Up Your Beer fn/oymenf, Just notice how folks »round town are slebbinz „/> , 0 smooth, tasie-tcmpting Griescdieck Bros. Beer. Brewed only m St. Louis-in the Wonder Brewery, with only the fincs( ingredients. Always Double-Mellow no harshness, no bitterness. Sup „[,, Ask for Gricsedieck • Bros. Hccr today! There's no finer beer in all the world! Courier News \VHIII Ads. Cancer Control fundt Stotin in KNOXV1U,E, Tenn,, May 13, UP) — The Knox County cancer drive It »bi'Ul »300 pooler lodny bei'»us« tUicves have nrnde ol( wlln two collecllon boxes mid Jmve TheCHIROPRACTOR-and^ More people are tHkinjf Cliiropnu-lic Hum ever li»- fore. Do you suffer with Ncurilis, Klu'.umatism, or digestive riisfurlwnces? OliiropnicHc remove's the cause of these conditions. Dr. Torsten Lindquist Chiropractor GUARD BLDG. s PHON1 3170 BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. broken Into a third. I thltv.i Mrs. Joe Kimsey, who Is coin box ll"«nwlv« lairman for IVip /iik.« »,»..>-j ,u. " lt "">«'i»« lhe driv*, 'X . , s coii ox c mirman for the drive, reported lhe llie.U after a routine check of th« collection boxes In Knoxville busl- new establishments. 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