The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1935
Page 5
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Buyers Now Have Greater Ghoicp of l.ow-lo-fVlal inm Priced Cars By OTA Sfrvlefl nETRpI'J 1 . — At least six new . lower-priced automobiles, additions to alrendy existing lines, attest lh> cnnfldence o[ ihe automobile Influstry fn a rsvived purrhas- ing pov;er, r-spfclally ainonf; peo- p!. 1 of inrdfrtitcr'lnram4s. Tims In 193fi you'll have n grenl- f.r-choice of low-io-inedhmi primi motor cals with the addition of a chenpfi- Bititik; a new De Roto oi donyenllonal deslfn to offsel, ilie "Airflow" model; n Pnnllno six bnek agnln;. n chenpev Ciraiinm •tlx; a medium-priced Packard; nnd probably -j, .$1000 Franklin. • - Pi»ltier-more, to sntLsfy those . who want-speed, power'ami racl- ness. Auburn; adds n superehareed eight.^ 'eii'aranteeJng 100 -mites nti hour.; ,» -. -. ; •;-.-... . -•.-,This .splurge of additional motor c&rs may be .the most noticeable feature of 1935 traffic, nut, even inoi-e Impressive ought to be the Improvements you'll eel in practically all life'new automobiles. Outstanding-.uve four, iimovn- tlons, two of which contributo to smoother i-idlne, the third to .safety, and the fourth to mmfav- once. SIDE SWAY RERIICED First, nearly cvci-y nev; car of 1635 has some form ol stabilizer or other mechanism that will reduce side sway to a minimum. Automobiles will be able to turn corners at hiijli speed without tossing their passengers over 10- ward the outer side, and they'll maintain' hn even keel at the same time. ''. ThisUs' effected by a-crof-<; bar connected with springs or Eome form of shock ,.absorber nt both ends, which takes up the thrust when the, Ri'itomolMle lurches to one side.' In the enai or Ihe Stmlebater, tiiis cross-piece happens to be n transverse spring, basis or wlmt Is called the "mlrnele ride" ' The --Bulck , has this nn-ange- rneiit in Hie rear, while most other cars have put'It In front and nave Combined' it .with longer nml thinner spHng.s of a softer, more resilient steel,, fhal reduce Die bouncing feellfig wiiic'h passengers t'et sometimes- when the car lilts n hump m- even .goes along at a steady pace: - "•' "BACK Sfc'ATBKS" ••• HElfKn Second among: the-important, improvements in rising, ease is the effort of .some.-.nianufactnrci-s to give Uie passengers : in-. back- as .smooth a:ride ns.tiiose *in front DC' Sotu's Airflow- did,-tlils most radically ..tost, year. ,. ... -As a' step'townrd.', this''iichleve- ment. .although not so" radical such- .rnanufacturers ns: Ford,' Ply-' niotitli, Nosh, liiul Do<lge have pushed: the 'engine nnd body forward ns much ns eight, inches The rear-sent in these enrs will Tx •; forward:of the rear axle nnd the passengers no longer will' bear the brunt of shocks they ired (o get when they sal directly over the axle. .This Improvement also has made more, room . for a built-in luggn°e compartment in back, which you'll find on a great many more nuto- moblles this year, whether the body has been ; pushed forward or not. BOOST FOR SAFETY Tim greatest development toward further safety in motoring Is the all-steel stop, or ivhaf Pisher Bods- calk the "turrr-l, top." Tills Is ex- .artly what, its name Implies, n solid sheet of steel all the way from ihe cowl to the trim benenth the reir window. ' Hudson and Terraplniie hnve tills type of (op. already. Ocnernl wllli It shortly. The rumbling, which used to be offsel by Ihe soft type of (op is eliminated in the nil-steel top by means of effective insulation not only in the ceiling above the passengers, but in the partition that separates the engine fro the body. Usually a layer of asbestos ,. sprayed over Ihe melnl, but Au R X /or fA€HES RUI^S "Synchromatic" Controls Feature of Podge Engine', • ts pnftlculnl-ly'iidtipted to modem •nr nperaHolt, providing jri-nt sin- Hilly on curves nnd freedom from shloswny. Allholisli Iho sprliiKs of IIP 1935 nir ciri> longer find wore "-""- sMcswny l.s still further IWUIKC fhr> ends of lli<i irlngs nre closer in llw v,'liepls sales .it ilm lni|iriivniiii-iiis i»n i-cnler. ulili its II.IITOU- ....... t. » ],•„,. icok.s, tb« Slitiiciinki-r, ih - mil sli,i,(in K Iituh, is :\. K0 tnt . , s :\. K0 tn <-»nii|il<! tit MM- :ii!k-nnmt:.->il ;„ t,<id.v rtcslRn of tlio new tiiiw. Ami for cwiirorl, Ibcre's ilie tri'iid Hi c»liili:il, si(l<'s«:iy, us shown by Hie I'lynioiitlisi.-iiiili/Jnt; unli. m io)i ii(>lit; UK, electric' grnr shirt. ( Hiidsrm nni) T.'mLjilu.H-, m. to,, lofi; „,„) |) 1O inwfteii Hanr'tae ' '""''*= '"--ail room. «s urovliloil in ihe Plymoiitb, lowe Officiiil Says Master Mod< 7 ls With Knro Arlion Mosi Popular NEW vonic. ~ton. 21- ing Jils aiinoiiiii'eui.'jii »f tlie i™ new Chevrolet h '•, W. K. Holler, uenen company, lixiny statr-d ilnu fne'i'os- «1 ICTIW tielloii, opllonul ra , iho Mnswr iv 1,11X1. models. \ v ||| lie nvrdlnm,' m. nil mldlilfiiinl ehnri!i> Dial. nl> mm M pW ma O r"piraons Ijiiylnis (.fasle;- mod,,)., |,', mas would exercise HIP option nnd oh- lulu MIPS notion in iho S |, w ii p,.| Ce dl(ler<-nc(,; involved Mr. Holler rmplmslwd the fuel that kiion nelion will b,. built In nt tile factory, not Installed by (he dealer. "ChefroH's knee action mechanism.' he said. "Ls nu inlcgnil part 01 HIP car. it cannot te Insliilled ns mi ncci'ssnry. 'more will IK; no conversions in the lleid cars will be available both win, ,,,,,1 wlUl . put knee action, but (bey W lll kc hunt complete nt |he factory where .special imidiini'ry .skilled' workers, nnd oil,,,,- fnetors nil fn- eiis on Hie proiliicllon of this mn- Jor (cauir.-. w | lSdv !s 1)ltl}m1 0)l| by Chevrolet und builders of lirtml ctirs." Nunifroiir, orders iwli-«l nmeillnii' dellw'ry nnd HIP umlw of pfojilo comiiij la llsn!ny room Imllcnlo Hint lew Foul v-8 for I9:ir, ]mr, n (I iimiv IntCHsl (luui (iny burn has covered Die metal partition with layers of rubber, fell, . xsitlon board, and asbestos. ritOOP AfiAINST I.KAKS And, besides eliminating rum- liling, the all-steel top will lip. perfect proof against, leaks. Plslier Body official:; also say tin;; top will udd to the slr-ek up- pearmuM! of the- niito'molilfe. Dm. "nr more effcetlvc Is the new year's fourth great development—a narrower radiator and decorative louvers of thft La Salle type, and a little more slant to (lie rear. . The whole effect is .Hint of n racier, trimmer, nnd docker appearance. Of course, there arc Innumerable 11111191- improvements in the 1U35 . a.utomo.Mlcs. Proliably .not, so •minor" at thnt, is the electric gear shift arrangement, or "pre- selector," at the steering wheel, provided ns an optional feature for Hudson and Terraplane owners. ' HAN1> BRAKE SHIFTED Combined with the vacunm- puoratcd clutch, this apparatus makes it easy for women to drive Mich- cars. The regular gear shift liandle, in such event, can be slowed In the tool compartment mil. to clem-' the space i.o the right or the driver entirely the hand brake has been shifted over to the left; Approaching the electric shift m other cars, arc several engine anti chassis developments which make driving mvicii easier than it ever has been. These nm nutomalic startlne automatic choke nnd ,, pal - k „,„'' "•ols. carburetor hent control, nnd Another feature .some of the manufacturers are crowing about s their so-called spray-cooling or the exhaust, vnlves. Hie, ?nrl.s of ilie. engine. By Mills Innovation, the, coiikv.t nicr is led hy means of n pipe tlnougl. (he water jacket, nnd talking to you about ventilated .clutches, and ccnlllated generators, ! "over-drives" or top speed booster gears, and various other merhnn- jicnl details thai, help to make the (modern automobile such a pteas- |ure to operate. for prices! besides' the now lower-priced automobiles already mentioned, yon may expect no In- CITIMC In the general level, nnd probably - n drop — although not very nine)! of n drop—in the cost or a few care. '.he exhaust, valves coouNfi MORE' EVEN Water jackets also are extended iwn the whole length of ti )f , 'luulcrs, for more effective and more even cooling. Then, too, you'll i, a vc 'salesmen Estimate 18,000 New Pontiacs by End of This Month PONTIAC, Mich.—That the Pon- tinc Motor company will : bulld 'more Hum twice ns ninny cars by. the end of January as It did up to the same lime n year ago nnd thnt il may produce..for domestic snle.s ns iimtiy cars by the Inst of April n-s It did nil of Inst yenr is Ihe optimistic forecast thai was ninde loilny by A. \V. L. Gilpin, vice- president mid genera! sales min- nger or the company. Mr. Clllpln predicted thai by the end of |ii| S mcm th over 18.000 new . ' "" " ^>-<lL «>^U| LULU pointed out, lhat there are 2 r > p-r cent more men on (he fnctory payroll lhan Inst year ut. u lls time, mil fiii-iliw increases expected ny Ihe end of (ho month. • "One rimirlcr n f oiij- dealers Imvc i'dfreil more new 1'ontlacs for the tire ilnee months Ihnn mi of our dealers <ud for tlml period last year,' sMd Mivnilpln, "and If we had (hP ,-ars 1 nm coiivineed we could ship 30.000 of lhl . m |OI , " r - 1 v vc , j " st " recelve " a w 're from New York giving the sales at the New York niilo show np | 0 'nuirs- < ay night. They were 218 a^lnst a Iqlnl foi: (he some period at last years show of 121. which Ls con- conditions 'nil over the; country." ALBANY. Ore. (UP)—Moyd Gll- chrlst stepped Into n cigar store, ed to drink it. Then there was a crash, something smacked him in Ihe back, and the' llghls went out. But It wasn't the beer. An nuto- mobile ' wheel, . detached- from n pnsslne car, • roilcir through the cigar store window anil caught him squarely in the middle of the back.'ffa was bruised rinilcui by "•• ! ng class. - • .•-•'•'< es o With HUB8ARD T1HE £x, BATTERY CD. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. fellmvs Wms -to do?" explorers! Is this the North Pole?" No necil to go exploring- all over for an AUTO PART. n«i« ?W l|thl /"tvlte, """BARD IIAUDWARB COMI'AN^-juHl KNOW that you'll find it-;,! a fair price. We carry all standard parts for pas- ff Wc a !Se nd . trllokR - aill! ^Mw^tee Kv'erything HUBBARD TIRE &BATTERYCO, P- U A «e DEP-r crete Illustration of the kind of public reception that is brenklni! production records of Pontlnc. "1 have Just returned from Cincinnati nnd our dealers there have .sold more than Jislf ns nmny cnr/i ns they wild all of last year. Pressure Is nnnliig from nil pails- ol the country for Immediate shipments of -rar.i. This Incliiiles the rural communities ns well as the cities of nil slips. I do not believe .that denlere ever made stronger demands for care diu-int' the old boom days of 1027, '28. nnd "til tli'nn they are mnklnu "Sonin • .country dealers already have cold more cars than they (lid during all bf last year. Tills Is/due in a large degree, of course, to the IntrodiicUo)! of tlie new and loii'er- prlced 1 six cylinder line.s of Pon- tlnra xvhicli fit the .size of tlie rural pocketbook. And, In- this connection, I believe- that there will be more buying ih nlrn| .territories Ihls .yenr than there hns foceii for five oi-. ; 'slx yeiirs.. . -. : . : • "Naturally.'-we .arc iilglily%plQ.iR- ed with the unanimous ,.ncclalnv • the public have 'given 'o'lirViievv i, but '(he .thing that 'is'.hpbst" ;'"• is that, this deninnii is .'oiiiine froiii. hnrtli, south. : enst mil west, and from Ihp large" and the small cdiiimiiiilties.. I'lnis indi- cnllng a great,, ini-rense, In : tlie tte- innud for inolor care and a mnrketl Bcllcr Riding Qualities Result . from Longer Springs : . iJiiifier and more nexlliln Fprlimi plncfil so us' lu provide ;i "spring uasc" for the cnr „„„.,, |)|nn ,, indies longer tluin iu wheelbnse «re mi irn|Hii-taiit improvement li the^new Ftird v : 8, for iu;ir>, and (Ing qualltlps of' tlm new mi's at leortlliijT to Hliiispll l'hllll|«'')r,m J-'ord dealer. .' The familiar transverse spjluj. suspension of the Ford v-8 has been newly applied in the 1935 car. The front spring Ls 7V- indi- es longer and one-fourth-of ni Jiich wider, nnd tin- rear spnnc i! slightly loniicr' than In the 19'(" i.trx. The front spring, is now'.inouiii.- ed abend of (h e front nx | e ; ,.„,.. i-espnnrtinii wllli • HID mnuntlnir nr the rear sprint;- back ofi.the "re«i nxlc. Both . «priUBS arc --strnlghi n'crbss the chnssls, llje toow hnvinf been elliiiinalcd from' : . the reai spring to (jive quieter .action. Tin spring-base of 123 fi"-8 inches L more than six Inches longer thai formerly. The ends of each spring leal now arc inpered to dlslrlbutc Ihe loud more evenly ovur the s m-- fiices of the leaves, giving mdcter acticji over rough roads and soft enlrig (heir million over smootl paycmcnt. .'Hydraulic double-tiding shoe' nbsprljors nre employed, conlioll Positive Relief For Itchy Skin , Coollnt' -ind saolliiug Blue Slnr Ointment nu-llson On; shin, si-mlini; (cs(ed medicines deeply inlo jiores where it cpiiclily 1<||| S j| C ), ( c it e r j mil, etzeiaa, fonl ildi, riugworin, Ho. Money back U first jar falls ONLY SAFE WAY AVOID DANGER! f^ t. Us. Test Your A nli -Freeze Regularly „,, l\ I You can be sure of the «li'eiifith of your ntili-frceze ir . yon lot us test U .it i-ct'- lllar intervals. Don't lake n O 'a'i«' . . . Cull nu us for I li is service. Bill Wunderlich MAIN SERVICE STATION tng excessive spring Rction lh itlOT dlrecllon. The trntisyerie spring Markets mil m,' In u livwr rio.Mitmi ffOI-f, 'M Car Pnhlio Inlnrsi far the l:r.W YORK, Jan. 21 (UP) - tJoiion closed filrndy, open high low rloKc .Inn v .... iaso 1251 1250 uso Mm- |2fi3' 1551 12nr> I'Jfil Wa,v lili!) 1201 1^40 121)7 •'"iy 1201 i' 1210 iaf,t) Ool 1254 1350" \ i m 12-13 w iacf) i2co 1210 13-sn (5pol« i'ln.v<l slendy nl 1270, up , mild l-'ord slnco Ihn Inli-odiicllwi l |ir «tc fjrst Mrxlol "A" p.,,,1 ,„ Acmi-diiiii (,i niis-d oonl Ford denier, » mijiboi- of owners nf t •ni-s hiivn pliiccil orders fov Ihe ew rvmi v-t> for io:)r, mid hnvc llsplnynl a | IC i>n Inleresi in i\ tK Jew I'Vird'K InercaKcd room roin- ort, beauty and surety. Quite u few deliveries of the New Kor,i V-H Imvo already been di!. Mr. I'hllllps »i, ySi , mil | niw . niit'li us l'"ord Motor company Is scheduled to innniifneliirc nowji) of llin New )-\)nl In January-more ban mt) dally— rnplil drtlvcry of inn m>w niO if*ni now on Safety Glass Is Standard Equipment on New V-8 Safety nlnss ns slnndnrd emilu- mcnt (n windshields, iloors uml windows of itll body tj,| KS j s 0 (. (eral (his year for tlm flisl'tlmo In the new Ford V-H for itias, on dlsplny In the .showrooms of Phillips Motor Co., local Ford dealers Ford wns the Jlrst to Introduce safety nlflM as slumlord equipment In the windshield of luw-jwtod automobiles. This W n«- i n ( \ w Model A of 1027. win, t | lc | nlrD .' uui'tion of the? de Uixe. cnvs in IKli, Purd iniroiiiicnd sntety i-ia^ rt-; slnnilard eiiiilpmeiil In nil ilonrs nnd windows of de luxe l.yiies. Tills year snfel.y Hlns.s, in whul- ilelils, doors und windows or nil Ford v-li models Is standard eqnlpmMiU-nnolher ft r the 'wiiolly new feature^ of llir; I'ord V-8 /nr .Sarety ulnss 'Is In renlll-y .1 "sandwich" of two sheds of cemented on opposite suefncc.s or n transparent flexible 'sheet An important feature of Ford iafcly glass Is' Its resfsinnco to deterioration due to ultra violet sun. rays- Vets From-a Well CAMR09E, Aid (UP)-J roi Jiart, a runner, iia, j llst rcci> | vrtl his nnnunl gift of flsh from hi? well, nvery ytnr nbout this lime hundreds of snmll nsh nppeni mysteriously 1,1 the well. They nrc P.smnll lo enl- but residents lii e (Ilstilct keep tbttn -,s ,«K Head .COLDS PutMmlKoUtumlnl I die noctrtb lo retire V 7 InrlUiion and promote \ ' MENTHOLATUM CtYet COMFORT DHilr New Orleans L'olton N13W ohl.KANR, ,lnn. 21 (UP) -Oollon 1-lo.wd very f.leady. Bjifii hlfih low clo-ie fnn 1273b Mar 1251 ior,| )'jj| j.^'i Iny 124(1 I2C8 1228 1255 lly 1201 1203 1210 I2CT f I2.W 12M 122^ I'.Mfi Spots i'lawl sj/ndy nt. lacf im HI. Clncaffo Wheat May 09 1-4 (13 i-'i'gi; i.n' n'l u-j July ilti a-B m ;i-a 87 3.4 8« :)-4 Chicago Corn Oregon May Combine Welfare Organizations •SALPM. Ore (UP)-All of Ore- Bon's uelfaio cominLwlpa^ma) V comblnul under a new.^tate, de. pnrliu'ent of public. --"' " mnjorlty Is approyefl leglsluliire. i Tlie new deparltnen! plnlit the bltitf lelie i-hiid v,elfnh> conuntsilon, ._,„ parole Loanl and stale probation commission. The dcparlinenrwmilrt have- jurisdiction-over nil welfare fnndloris, fl^mlnlslr'nUon of all ".Inlf liulllul.lan.% niipolnlinenla of nil Iii5tiliillojiil 'JipM-lnlendenls, admlnlslmllon of ffdernl- nn«n- iloyment lellei, mother-, pensions, )ltl age pen-Ion, nml rounly and -llier public welfare -spi-vlcc The ilcptiitnenl nl°o nould rcg- nhli' pilvite nnd charllnbte In- flluitlorus, llrea^o br>ni()hig home, 1 ? I m ihlldren and need nnd jihnre •ome fniirllnns nf the i,lnte Ix-.nrd ol hrnltli 'i ojicn IdRli low close Mny (17 1-2 87 f.-B IIH 3.4 •luly m 112 3-li (il I.R vi 7. n Closing Stock Prices A. i'. nnd T Anncoiidn Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca, Coin aenernl Ante-lean General Uleclrlo Central Motors '., IiilcrnallpmU ' Htn MeKosson-liobbliK Montgomery Ward New York Central' Packard ., KIRIO CHIEF GAS Faster limn the u. 5. Government requires for it s emergency equipment. .lOYNER&IlONIPlBLD '1'r.tiro ni 'of iloccor'd . c*w pfov«n, [it inor< 'ixivfiTul {A. ,,i,«-r.i. At . Tnnk vester Hntlio G()i|i .......''.-,.','.' Rt.' Louls-B.111 J*niiichco'-- Simmmis Uwls ........ •Sliiiidnid of N, ,). ...,,• Texas Co :.!,'."" U. S. Kmeltlni' i' tf, S. Steel .. - .'"" Zonltn ..;.. ;---'- Read Courier fl fi w s w n 32 I-II 3(1 S-ll I 3-B 37 -'3 1-4 32 4! 11-4 il l-« 27 1-2 HI 1-S 5 If) 1-4 n i-4 II 1-4 •12 1-4 1!) 3-4 til 311 5-8 4 fi-5 Ach, SHfDDANS SAWE PHILLIPS 7 USED CARS 'IIIOIISANOS OP MILKS OF «<i <» II 'I'tUNSl'ORTATIO!4 AT LOW COST. If yiin hair n CM ymi ran traclei II In dii omvof (liMe imp mini ' a\ purC inynmvt, '34 TORI) V-X.TUnOR.-REii'lio' nnil Heater $IDC, 'S4 CIIKVROI.CT MASTI;R COACH $405 '.U ClIKVllOUlT <X)M!II . '33 I'ORD V-8 Timoll ...i $3(11 BIIK1K KFDAN, -i lieu (|re<; A Heal llarf.iln 5 55 'tnilO.KR ami- Help Kidneys ' • '' "kX?"' r - '""'"""'IF ."Mnwi «nil Up Ntghl»..Ni«TTouineii, Rh*nm»*(* ^. Ptlni, StltfnfM. Buratcv. £ V Jte-hln^, orAcJtmy try the I'd TON TRUCK. K iiUf llnly .. . S ;s ronn IM TON TRUCK. Runs l.llic New $l8fl '.12 NABOBS TRAItKR, Larjfe Hotly, lluaj Wheeli ... 5135 « TORT) CLOSED f'AB I'10K-1IP $205 PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Corner Walnut i- Flr^l Sis. rhnne 811 BUY NOW Hi-foil' TIrop to CJmnge I.l New 1935 Ford V-8 Car uml Dmihle Duly Tliti-_cniU(niuttiir; Value I'm I9;)f). a.wo $50 to ?100 on lii'sl. cosl, own the nio.sL IjcnnUI'iil, Ilie .safest and smni'tesL performinjr aiilomnlnle. Prompt ilcliverics now nvnilnblc in most hotly lypca I .fit IKS (toniGiMlvaln Ilio no\v Povd V-S foi '1935 to prove to ynn its iiiicxcpllcd pcoiioni.v, ils nfiw "Cpnloi'-Poiso" I'iilinrr qinlity nnd ili NP'W Comfmt and PASO nf drivinj;. I'honc 811 Today - - Don'l Delay Awk for Hernavt) (iM>ch, Sales;or PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Anthnri/od We iiwile you to ride in the new 1935 'HIGH-SPEED SAFETY' PLYMOUTH - Bifffjcr -More Powerful • Safer We have several models of this remarkable new Plymouth on display fit our sales worn. Sec and drive it yourself lii'fore yon buy any new automobile. . ' W.T.nARNETT AUTO SALES CO.

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