Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 16, 1961 · 125
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 125

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 16, 1961
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Mvihwat Sunday, April 16, 1961 X-l OUMO AJjLJ?L,,S teuod Woeer at the end of the Went Ads, Classes 1100 at 1200. -i-ii-ii-ii-, i(ni-iniifKuuuu lOI-FERJOMALS ANY elr) ht trouble, Medina friendly fMer. xail er write Salvation Army Home. gt4 Garden Strait, KB H345. '5JH CONTHOL medically approved. Phone Planned Parenthood. W, for ap-poinlmont, OL" 4-WM or JE 14330. J5M, nl'in9 Wandly counseling call Adoption Service, Alaimda County Welfare Department, TW 3-5513. . LONELY teen-ager can find a friendly adviser at Plymouth Church, 777 Oakland Avenue! OL 4-5300. 0mmm0mmm 1 1 nw w m 402 SPECIAL NOTICES 1 - ----yfyu-rmjrrL BUSINESS cards, 1000, W.10. Goodell, , Joost, San Frudtco. JU nlper 44110. CHILDREN'S pertte with puppet show ey Paul the Magician. EL HWa. DID voti lost aomethlng? Advertise tor it under "Lost" clan 1100. FREE old time movies. Thursday nights Hi midnight. "Ken's Roaring Kf 2750 73rd Avenue. . . Hunting Lease 3000 acre all year recreation Including hunting, -fishing. Easily eccsisible. 0 mil narth nf an crMrtirn coma mbp to reliable group. Cook, 1105 Lytton Springs Road, Healsburg. ID 3-1250. INVENTIONS wanted, patented or un- patented. Globl Marketing Service. 1.0 t-0970, , JEWELER, watchmaker, diamond expert, appraisals, exchanges, ring restyling. Guaranteed watch, lawafry repairs. Coop-ar's, 11 years at 131ft-Franfclin. TE J-S429. RECORDING tape, disc, film. Tapes recorded to hi fl discs. HI 4474s. 103 SERVICES EXCHANGED APARTMENT manager, downtown building. Must be bondable. Energetic, experienced only. Pensioner acceptable. Any M AUTAA- Trlhim COUPLE manage for rant 14 units. Non drinkers. OL Hail. GONG on vacation? Leaving pats home Reliable couple will care home, pets, etc. Few months. Prefer Moffett Field eraa. AT J-4lt. PENSIONED in country for light tarm chore. Pi 26401, Tribune. couDla unfurnished Santa Rosa in exchange house hanae Reply, Box 104 LEBAL NOTICES I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my whs, Clara E. Shook on or after this dete, April 13, '1961. SlgnedrJamu F. Shook Sr. Dated I am responsible for no debt or obligations contracted by The Great China Restaurant on or before this date: April is, l?6i. signed Elsie ; cnang. Dated April 13, 1961. 210 COUPLES WANTED APARTMENT " house manager, middle aged- or older couple. New 1 Wilts. Oakland, near Piedmont. Free 1 bed room apartments or partial rent en a Box P 13S597, Tribune. Cauple-tSOt (Cook)-(houseman) experienced, tnces,- Silver Employment Aoancv 47 Lewis Center, Newark) SY earner 3-5700, OL Ivor 4-1700. COUPLE, non-drinkers. Manage small twitel! nltw rtiiiimm far mnmrtmmnl- utlll- ties. TE 4-7904. i EXPERIENCED apartment house manV aoer. Husband maintenance. 30 unit. Apanrnem pius salary. oonasoie. box P1173S), Tribune. MOTEL . manager Hayward, 1ft units, eav bv week tennant. Four room un furnished bungalow provided, plus per centage. Telephone BR e-119 on April zina or nra, 211 MEN OR WOMEN MWWWIMMMM CAN vox manaae Reel Estate office? Owner need reat. Older established firm opponuniiy tar H cense laminar wim El Cerrlto-Rkhmond. MacMlllan, BE 4-4403, evenings FxPFBT raduclna fHBMauM masseur wlth car. Wllllnodrlve Berkeley time weekly. Ttt yiu, evenings. 212 MEN WANTED Agency Member CEAA B-L-O-C-K OAKLAND 434 14th Street. Sulla 310 SAN LEANDRO 165 Wast Juana TECHNICAL -ENGI NEERING: Sales manager, EE degree, electronic Instrumentation to WOO Patent-liaison engineer. Knowledge electronics to iooo EE or ME degree, product analyst, data orocessina HO up Product design, ME degree to 1000 Chemical engineer project - technician, young to (50 Chemical engineer, quality control . .....to750 Chemical engineer. Junior ,....550 e or ee degree, methods to 600 IE decree, recent orad to VO CE degree Ms, fabricating , 500 uraning room naao, know curtain wall construction . ...to MO Electronic technician, R&D, prototypes, know plastics 433 up Electronic technician, .shipboard radar. Navy ET1C rating 450 Engineering degree, production control scheduling, vouna SM us Architectural drafting to 475 COMMERCIAL LISTINGS: Administrator, real' estate department teao, sales license, relocate Peninsula tonn Purchasina, Stockton 600 uo Chief accountant, Pleasanton 650 up assist controller, retail , ,,550 Accountant, assist controller, ' degree, Wayward area, 30s . 500 Accountant, 20s, Walnut Creek 375 Accountants, luniors, for Berkeley, Kitnmona ana lancora areas, several to 450 SALES LISTINGS: Sales supervisor, know offset equipment and supplies 600 Sales, butldino materials. 30s to 600 Sales, credit-collections .,. to 500 Sales, Insurance, to 45 to 500 JUNIORS TRAINEES: ' Trainee, adluster, Hayward .300 Trainee, Insurance sales 400 Trainee, inspection, to 27 325 Trainee, type, inventory, mechanical aptitute vrr. .,. , .775 up Trainee, sales-display 325 ADDITIONAL LISTINGS IN OFFICES. 212 MEN WANTED ALWAYS a Better Job Through olsen Agency, Inc.. 1615 Broadway, Suit KM Accountant trainee, degree .vrr..:.4S0 r-ire insurance, manager, savings and loan town Credit trainee, good company to 350 Finance trainee, career .....325 Administrative trainee, accounting department, degree ..Open Junior accountant, young 375 Order desk, train, sales 375 senior electronic protect engineer ..to 900 Mechanical draftsman, : Industrial ..to 600 Chemical engineer, product aeverapmenr to 650 Draftsman, 2 years structural experience open Reinforcing steel dataller to 600 Retail paint trainee . . . . 300 Business machines Mies, young 425 Industrial sales trainee,. rP iWt.M . t cm Sale trainee, single, yoang ,'.'...325 Insurance sales, salaried, young ....to 433 wiwwn, unwm, Brvaoway e4sen. Redwood City, 131 Marshall hen, Saa Francisco, 717 Market. AAAAES 100 FREE NO COST TO YOU - EMPLOYERS PAY ALL FEES JUNIOR SPECIALS 397 ENGINEER la 165 Trainee, B.S.Ch.E. degree. Prefer recent Sraduate, no experience. Work an biases product development. Lrvermore. 4IB AltOUHTAHT HHI) ecent graduate. ecCountlna ma lor. Do cost work, budget forecast with manufacturing department. Top- firm. 17 ACCOUNTANT ; ... fa 145 Trainee, accounting degree, no experience. Start cashiering, payroll, then general ledger. 50's. National company. :m mlss m rainee for service organization. Collage graduate, 25-30. 779 LEASE MAN to S4M College grad, sales personality. Lease property for prominent local firm. 26-30. J CLAIMS PROCESSOR .10 S77S rainee. High school graduate, top math ability, use 10 key eooer. TECHNICAL M DRAFTSMAN ... Open I years experience electronics detail drafting, -chassis, - panel layout. 409 DESIGN DRAFTSMAN Open 4 years experience layout design - high voltage power supply, controls. eg electronic bute n ua years buying experience with electronic industry. College; to 45. 44)7 EXPEDITOR le 1375 3 years experience expeamng electronic parts tor-wnoiesaier. 10 o. SALES 414 BUILDINO MATERIALS Salary veart experience this field. Able to read prints for metal buildings. 391 EDUCATIONAL Open Heavy management experience witn oi-rect sales organization. rJM ELECTRONICS 112,000 ales management. E.E. degree pre ferred. 5 years experience sales man agement, electronic instruments. ACCOUNTANTS 411 CONTROLLER to SIMM Must have experience with metal-working machinery firms. Stockton. 73 CPA Senior, for start, rarmersnin runjre in mu mnnthi. Too DOtentlal. 734 CHIEF, OFFICE MANA6ER to 1750 Lumber holding company. Redding. 344 COST . "pn Accounting oegrea, Tae cnerge or ouoyei, cost .department. Llvermore. OPENMONDAYJJNTIL 8 P.M. AAAAES ALL FREE nnreau of Emolovment Aoancv OAKLAND: FIRST WESTERN BLDO. BROADWAY AT 14th GL 2-1641 SAN FRANCISCO: RUSS BUILDING 235 MONTGOMERY YU 4-5630 II MARKET PLAC 212 MEM WANTED Assistant Manager I Need An Assistant to help m run my Insurance office handling tales crew and a little pooer work, insurance experience desirable, any sale experience helpful. Mutt be soneaoie ana wining To work. I will lee consider a trainee wtw, I inforxM Hfa time career wHh malar company. Remuneration commensurate with experience. Excellent opportunity for right ten. - - for confidential Interview, see Mlt Fur- mng, an rano street. Suite 47s, Oakland or iwiepnone IK 4-16S3. . - Men or Women It 'you are Interested In permanent sellina career, we will tram vou to sell memorial property. S10400 yearly income easy for aggressive people. Ag no barrier. Car necessary. Sunset Mausoleum, LA 4-6211. Mas er Wemea With Vltiea Investigate unusually fine financial opportunity In rapidly growing food supplementation Industry. Available on full or part time selling basis (not door to door selling.) Phone Monday between 9 end 5 (TW 3-S067) for appointment. , SALESMEN, make good money, apply in person between 10 and 12, Monday, at Austin Studio, 1914 Broadway, Room 205. 12 MEN WANTED wttwmofi Readers . Do not send original reference when mswerlng an advertisement. Send copiee only. AAA-1 Company Now Hiring Young Men 18-24 To start at book man. M2 to S129 salary per week, to those who quality. Phone in -04ro, extension 221, Detwaen ssnaz. At Richards Aaencv 1706 Broadway. Airline Reservation 350: Trainees, Finance, Insurance, Bank, Sales 350400; Assistant Advertising Man ager 500; Tab Operator 500) Collectors, Aaencv 650) Sales Promotional, Retail 12400; Accountants 425-550. Attractive Additional. AUTO salesmen (2). No experience nec essary. Guarantee available. Columbus Motors, 5050 Broadway, Oakland 2103 North Main, walnut creek. . CoiUnt.oUrritrune- Indtx to Classifitd Advertising Agency Telephone HI 4-7547 SGOFIELD 434 14th Street, Suite 111 Stenographer Manager Trainee, sharp Credit Manager Assistant credit and collection Desk Trainee . Salesman, experienced .............. Sales Freight, experienced Eastbay Mail Messenger, retired military . 375 . 325 . 410 300 400 475 275 Accounting Clerk, charge of books ... 375 Specialty Sales, display work trainee 325 Architectural Draftsman, experience To 700 Trainee Clerk, paint 300 Reservation Clerk,, some experience 325 Full Charge Bookkeeper 400 Sales Intangible 375 Sales Trainee Shoes 2(3 Sales Spices and Food ...400 Draftsman, reienforcing steel 600 Lab Assistant 405 OVERSEAS JOBS Assistant Auditor 626 Beautician Heavy 542 First Cook 619 Store Floor Manager 560 Second Cooks 619 First Baker 619 Refrigeration Mechanic 154 Diesel Operator 76 Operations Agent Aviation 619 Assistant Supervisor Aviation, heavy 90 Cost Accountant 626 Assistant Engineer, planning and estimating 715 Operator Power Plant Switch Gear 645 esel Mechanic, heavy tad Mechanic Electrician, auto . too Nurses Anesthetist 635 Mortician, sanitation 650 Power Plant Operator, dlesel 770 Also San Francisco, 717 Market Street ACCOUNTANT-JR. Degree necessary. Potential more Important than experience. Also Immediate openings for DRAFTSMEN ECHNIOANS LENKURT ELECTRIC Howard Avenue at Industrial Road, LY 14461, Extension 345, San Carlos. AT ' PACIFIC Audit Ir System Company Agency 14)9 Broaoway, secona riaor 1910-196151 Years' Service unnlrhirlnn amlneer. M.E. degree. strong background .-. Open Systems, procedures, 4 year expert- ence. potential, to 35 6S$ PrniM-t Tarh. chemical engineer. degree, resins, to 35 to S650 Office manager, accountant to S650 Chemical sales, resins, paints, Chemistry Knowledge aaw Estimator, metal wall, read prints. good man ...to 1550 Underwriters, fire or auto and liability experience to 1550 Expediter manager, electronics, suoervisorv experience, to 40 .. $500 Asslstant to comptroller, degree, corporate accounting aaou Department head, fire Insurance.. 1400 up Type 40, payroll, married 1471 Junior accountant, no experience necessary, degree, 25-30 to S4M Material teke-oft, architectural, mechanical prints to $450 Industrial tale trainee, college grad, 22-30 S400 Merchandising, experienced tales, married, company car. to 27 $390 Junior accountant, 23-28 $375 up sales, sharp nign scnoot graauate, no experience necessary, 21-26. . . . $325 A-WE INVITE YOU TO TRY OUR PERSONALIZED SERVICE. 0-C-M ANNOUNCEMENTS 109 Legal Notice... 104 Personals Ml Services Exchanged.. 103 Special Notices VW - AUTOMOTIVE Auto for Sale.;. 140 Car Kit Sol Hot Rods, Classics, Antique! $3t Imparted and Sport Cert 141 Mobile Hornet, Camper and v Eojulpment ...................... J51 Tractor 5S Trailer for Rent Trailer Space, Truck and Equipment AVIATION tela, Rent, Part, Training .. BOATS oat and tupplle . .......... . Beat Rentals, Launching! EMPLOYMENT HELP WANTED Agent, Selewneii Couplet Wanted Domestic , MWI OF WtJfWeW e e POSITIONS WANTED .... 5S .... 110 00-903 . 440 441 15 J10 S14 '! Ill US .... 1T .... JIB .... W , 230-290 .... 30 ttstti 4WO 50 no 190 ..... STB eWS ..... .. S7B , 401 LIVESTOCK Hers and Supptle . 7M Pet and Supplies 700 Pigeons, Poultry and Supplies.... 750 LOST AND FOUND Lost .. Found MERCHANDISE Antique , HI-FI and Tape Recorder. Household Goods Machinery Mitcallanesut for Sale, Musical for Sale Office Equipment Radio ......ivrt-w, Television 1100 1200 , 449 . U7 , 650 ,420 , 600 , 660 , 630 . 6M. , ell RENTALS Apartment 300- Boarding 120 Business Location S4S-344 .Children Boarded 322-323 Multiple Dwelling . ,.. 312 Flat 330 Hall, Gtraoes S47-34I Home Shared 327 Hotel, Motel Apartment HI Houses $33-334 Out of Town .' 350 Rest Homes, etc 124-326 Rental Bureau 331 Room 11315 Suburban 349 Vacation Place V Domestic ...... ....... SERVICES: We Can Do It.. Building Trade Business Services Hem and Garden Instruction Trip and Tour FINANCIAL Business Opportunltlei...... Investments -;'' Leant, Personal Chattel Lean en Aum I mmmm mm BmHv Mines. OIL Timber. S20 ttOSINOTIMI FOR CLASSIFIED ADS k,.nd Office.: Ad. W Tu-oV. "XdlJJ H?lVrr i TtartoWTsimday closing time It W o rn, on Friday. Ad tor Monclay acowiedaf wtlTctirtter In paklemf Office : to 1 p.m. en REAL ESTATE Acreao for Subdivision Alamsde County Contra Costs County Income Property ...-.... Loan en Realty oexiana loi ....... rtcleWsi! HoflM - Other Rati Ettate 477 430449 450469 42M39 401 410 . 411-415 . 470473 mZZZZL. .Tr ikl a m. Saturday bv toleehona. Corrections cancellations far Monday paper accepted by telephone t ajjn. to 3:30 p.m. MevwerdOffiet! Ism ss Oakland closing thne wapt Saturttoy wtwn Hayward;, Wlcel closed. Ad for Monday accepted until S p.m. en Friday. Walnut Creek Offlce: Same at Hayward Office. . ether ranch Offlce: Ad far Tueedey, VVedndy, 7rsday, Friday ycceoted mtm (MO pj an day precenB day of publics n, Saturday. ctesN 1 ttme hi p.m. on Thursday. Sunday closing time It IS e.m. on Friday. All branch erne ckaod Saturday nd Sunday. Ad far Monday accepted until J p.m. on Friday. . . TRIBUNE OFFICES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE OAKLAND OFFICE 13th & Franklin TE mplebar 2-6000 BRKiLirOFFICR Jfta) Addison TH ormvall t-4008 CONCORD OFFICE SOI tahto MU Iberry UOOt - PREMOMTWFICII S74I Partita Blvd. ST camort S-SOOB HAYWARD OFFICE 921 A Street JE ffarson 15600 RICHMOND OPPICR SSSf Maedonald BE aeon 4-1134 WALNUT CRCCK OFFICE 1371 Locust St. YE Uowttan MOOS LOCAL WANT Alt RATES Per ward per dy, Me St 40 tnctti Sunday alana 17 - SW.Sfl the rww" Smallest ed It 10 ward, Par tetisetuttv Ineertlom 30 day coat the stmt a 10 (31 discount) i Abovt rates apply to advertising billed In CaUfornla enty . our nattonos rare en requesr Employment Service Agency 421 13th Street, 4th floor TW 3-7444 PARKING, MERCHANTS PREI Industrial battery sales to $400 Customer service trainee, college to S47S Insurance-bodllv. liability claims to $550 Cost accountant, top skills to $650 Insurance underwriter, trainee $350 Colleoe graduate, trainee, credit to $49 Credit management background ..to $450 Bookkeeper, typist, permanent $450 Warehouse, train for tales, top man $430 Flour aot hide, tales personality. career training $300 Machinist, watchmaker experience Open DEBIT SALES, LOCAL MARRIED MAN. FUTURE. PAID WEEKLY.- CAREER TRAINING, :. :: : r.. TO $100 Engineers, all fields to $$00 AGENCY, 1610 HARRISON STREET LASAR WELDER combe. Prefer levout ..... $535 OFFICE manager, payroll to $425 WASHER-DRYER repair S400-SS35 machinists, production ..- scale ACCOUNTANT, industrial $500 MACHINE operator, polyethylene .. e SPRAY painter (loumevman) .... $35 up OUTBOARD motor repair $400-$435 TRUCK body builder, weld $515 sales, industrial, light travel .... to taoo TRAINEE, collections, sales (auto) . $390 MAINTAINCE mechanic, weld $520 CABINET maker (fixtures) ..." $535 PART TIME counter seles $1.25 TURRETT lathe (ourneyman $500 MANY MORE POSITIONS OPENED ALL OFFERS OF EMPLOYMENT State exactly the work to be don Example: "Salesman to sail Insurance." All turn named specify whether salary or com mission Example "Can earn up to $100 commission salary $250 monthly." no advertising requiring payment by applicant for any reason other than employment agency feat, may be accepted. Please report any misrepresentations in employment condition to the Classified Advertising Department. 4sUan&4rtDunt Agency Professional Personnel 29 willow Pan. Concord. MU 4-190 Application engineer .... minimum $700 Metalurgitt minimum $900 Plumbing designer $3 toss hourly Air condition designer ... $3 to 5 hourly Chief draftsman .-. minimum $650 Chemical engineer minimum $750 MANY OTHER positions available. AGENCY - TRAVER EMPLOYMENT 224 Professional Building El cerrito Plaza, 61 terrm LA 4549. WISHES TO ANNOUNCE the Opening of It new office on Monoey, April irm. POSITIONS NOW AVAILABLE Register Now! UNLIMITED FREE PARKINS. Appraiser Northern California' largest savings and loan association hat salaried positions available for men experienced In I and property appraisal for San Fran cisco, KOOWOOO city eno rwrwara mi mm. Aae eenera tv 23 to 45. Car necessary. Excellent benefit. Write Personnel De partment, Box M 444714, Tribune.- . AAA-Servlce station attendants, full timet -2 year recent experience, age Unftarma furnlshd. hosolal and life Insurance benefit. Salary to $4200 yearly. Simat Bros., 1434 urn Avenue Oakland, Monday mrougn f-rtday, a.m., 4 p.m. No phone calls. accountant. Local tteel fabrication firm needs man experienced In cost accounting statements, quarterly return. Bote P132751, Tmuna. EMFL0YM!T EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT ARTS and Crafts Specialist camp counselors Lifeguards For Summer Employment Experienced, with good references. Apply to Mrs. l,ewis, California Department of Employment, 234 11th Street, Oakland. No Fees Charged AT 290 12th. mployers Agency Diesel mechanic, transmission Cummins machine experience monthly. Electronic assembly, 25-35,, one year college, three years practical experience. $56$ Auto Parts Salesman Unusual opportunity with wholesale auto parts firm. Establish local outside territory. Requires ability and thorough experience in auto parts selling. George A. Keepiine Co., 2330 Webster. GL 1-5040. AMBITIOUS Men Who want ot tarn $ hourly commission. evenings Saturdays. Delivery or tales work in large national household line. High school diploma. Car necesssry. Cell petween ana t p.m. omy, ic 2-yrse. Arc Welders Producttoe Arc-welding experience required, blue print reading ability desirable. Fremont area 'residents preferred. Treiimoblle, 6000 Stevenson Boulevard, Fremont) OL Ivor 4-5400, Extension 221. ADMINISTRATIVE - and management position! also sales ana trainee positions. Ail good pay loot) some part Time, moral prooucrs company, aae wr. Henry, Monday, 7 p.m. only. 1012 45th Street. AT Jane Holmes Agency, 21(4 East 14th, san Leandro. Accountant, to 40, $425. Industrial engineer, $600-$625. Mechanical design engineer. $600. Cost accountant. $600. Junior accountant-cashier,-young. sjou. Ano many omers. automotive parts store wants young marneo man 10 learn euro pans ousi-ness. Must hava some knowledge of automobiles. Write particular to Box rijueya,. irioune. AMBULANCE attendant, experienced (1S- 25), single. Live in. Room and board, 5 days. Above average salary. Box P133763 Tribune. A High school or college graduate, ca reer trainee, quick to learn, tales or accounting background helpful. $350. Local Agency, 1734 Franklin. A few openings evailabte for an unusual opportunity to worx your way Through Ree't University of Halrdrestlng, 17$ irrsng Avenue.. 1 w ACCOUNTANT: Trainee X military to 30. oal Start $375. Others to $500. Agency, 405 14th street. akland ADMINISTRATIVE, sale office, account ing, credit, trainees, open. Crown Agency, 1706 Broadway. ADVERTISING: Market Research. Sales promotion copy, layout experience. Open, uaxiano Agency, t itn street. ALL-AROUND experienced upholsterer. Frank's Upholstery, 380$ Pachece Bouke- varo, Martinez. A Journeyman welder, combination preter layout prim, acate t&u. user Agency, 1610 Harrison. ACCOUNTANT, unlor. Degree. San Fran. asco. too. eay cities Agency, nt a-aozi. ACCOUNTANT: CPA offlce-to $500. Oak land Agency, 405 14th Street. Branch Manager EXECUTIVE TRAINING PROGRAM Large Savings and Loan organization has opportunity in . management program leading to Branch Manager after short training period.' Unusual incentive and benefits. All replies confidential oleas state present income and full particular to Box P1I9067, Tribune. 3ECAUSE you sees a posttlon you read mis column 1 now aoour guicn casn. You have something tome things you no longer use. Would you sell them? Some other reader I going through these pages looking for lust that. Advertise It. Call The Tribune Want Ad De partment, TE 2-4000. Or tee index tot branch nearest you. Building Materials Salesman Experience inside sale, salary com mensurate with ability. LO 9-2955 after 10, for appointment. Clerk-Typists Permanent non-typing and typing positions offering oooortunltv end the best Of working conditions eno oenerns. Five day, 3$-hour wee 1:10 e.m. to 4:30 p.m. Located downtown Berkeley. Minimum starting salaries beginning naaltlons $259 to $292 Per month D4 US additional salary credit for experience. Age group desired IS to 32. Must be high school graduates and established total residents. Call at STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES 147 Canter Street, Berkeley (Opposite Civic center) Career Opportunity Seeking colleoe men, 25-37, for ftrofe- sionel selling through estate planning. Married. : presently -emukjyed, seeking eventual management. Salary, plus com mission) tan to tian it you can qualify. Thorough training, part of which can be accomplished wnne on present oo. l 2-439, tot conriaennei interview. Chief Need vouna men wtth degree and some accounting experience to supervise General Accounting Deportment. Will train to our tystem, but applicant must have thorough knowledge of accounting theory and must be ifemlller with taxes. JE 7-2400. tax CLAIMS adluster: tome experience. In-surence to $500. Oakland Agency, 405 14th Street. LOCKHEED Missiles and Space Division Sunnyvale and Palo Alto, California, on the San Francisco Peninsula, Systems Manager for the DISCOVERER and MIDAS satellite! and the POLARIS FBM, has many important positions open - for qualified scientists and engineers. As Lockheed covers-the complete missile and space field, the areas listed below show only a small portion of the positions available. Advanced Polaris Missile System Immediate openings are available for engineers, to develop the new, advanced 2500-mile Polaris missile flight test Engineering B.S. in Physics or Enqineering, at least 3 years' experience in test planning andor flight test analysis. SYSTEM ANALYSIS ENGINEERING B.S. in Physics, Math or Engineering, 1-5 years' experi ence preferably in inertial guidance system analysis. Responsibilities entail accuracy evaluation of operational and advanced guidance systems. SYSTEM EVALUATION ENGINEERING B.S. degree with several years' guidance system experience, familiarity with operation and testing of inertia! gyros, accelerometers and. related hardware, and knowledge of digital computer operation. To prepare technical reports on production, testing and performance difficul- ties of sophisticated inertial guidance systems. TEST PROCEDURE ENGINEERING B.S. in Engineering with a minimum of-3 years' experi ence in operation andor testing of inertial guidance systems Including digital computers. DESIGN ENGINEERING B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering with at least 3 years' experience' in equipment design, design review and design coordination. CONTROLS AND GUIDANCE ACTUATION Design engineers and test evaluation engineers with EE or ME and experience In hydraulics, electro-mechanical control systems. A few openings also In Cumberland, Maryland and Sacramento, California. ELECTRONIC FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Prefer BSEE or BSME, 2-10 years'-experience in simulation, servo system testing and reliability. SYSTEMS INTEGRATION . Degree, 4 years' experience In flight and systems testing, missile test analysis; stnicturaf dynamia analysis, design coordination, test specifrcation and procedure writing. PROPULSION ENGINEERING Degree, experience in surveillance and coordination of design, test or retTatiltTtyor- solid propellarir propTjtstori (or related) systems. To provide technical direction and assist In project management of the propulsion systern. Openings are also available in Maryland and Utah. GUIDANCE AND FLIGHT CONTROLS SUPERVISOR, ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT DESIGN degree, 10 years' experience. SUPERVISOR, ELECTRONIC AND CONTROL SYSTEMS DESIGN-degree, 10 years' experience. CIRCUIT DESIGN ENGINEERING Degree, 2-7 years' experience in solid state circuits, transistorized amplifiers, electronics for closed-loop servos, and allied areas. PACKAGING DESIGN ENGINEERING 2-7 years' experience in high density packaging using all-welded construction. AUTOMATIC CHECKOUT EQUIPMENT Resident Manager (Plainfield, N.J. and Los Angeles) technical degree and minimum TLyears' experience in checkout equipment design with emphasis on analog and digital computer development. ANTENNA SPECIALIST To work with project directing, coordinating, and evalu ating antenna development. Requires BSEE or advanced degree; minimum of 7 years' electronics experience including at least 3 years' specialized experience with VHF, SHF missile antenna design and performance analysis. SENIOR TRANSDUCER ENGINEER To work with vendors and test labs in the specification. evaluation, and selection of various types of transducers. Requires BSEE with minimum . of 5 years' instrumentation experience at least one of which was directly associated with missile transducers. INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER To work with senior research engineers In the selection and development of instrumentation systems and cortv ffctiifa'UiepTrtk BSEE and 3 years' aircraft and missile instrumentation exjperarie" ' - MISSILE FRAME Structures5 design Structures analysis. SPECIFICATION ENGINEERS To prepare proposed military specifications for missile and support equipment systems and components. Tech nical degree or equivalent required. INFORMATION PROCESSING ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT ' SPACE VEHICLE PROGRAMMING ' SCIENTIFIC COMPUTATION . COMPUTER SYSTEMS INTEGRATION PROGRAMMING RESEARCH ' MANUFACTURING ELECTRONIC DATA CONVERSION ANALOG COMPUTING DATA PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS DIGITAL COMPUTER OPERATIONS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BS degree in EE or equivalent, with 3 to 5 years' experience in: Power transmission equipment or printed circuit board design and manufacture, microminiaturization, and electronic assembly techniques or manufacturing materials, equipment, methods and processes in the electrical field. ' MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING BS in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. A minimum of 5 years' experience in the manufacturing equipment field is desirable, with particular emphasis on equipment specifications and qualification. NUMERICAL CONTROL ENGINEERING Analyze, develop and establish new applications, requirements and specifications for numerical control machines and processes and coordinate the Installation of new machines or the modification and addition to existing machines. Adapt existing machines and equipment to encompass new innovations in the field of numerical control. '' '" . MANUFACTURING PROCESS STANDARDS BS degree in Engineering plus 3 to 5 years' experience or equivalent in one or more specialized, fields such as electronics ' systems, checkout, electronic fabrication and assembly, plastics, metallurgy, surface treatment, heat treating, fabrication and assembly. QUALITY ASSURANCE STRUCTURES TEST ENGINEERS QUALITY CONTROL AND STATISTICAL QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEERS FUNCTIONAL TEST EQUIPMENT ENGINEERS TEST PLANNING ENGINEERS STRAIN GAGE ENGINEERS VENDOR LIAISON Subcontract resident representatives ENVIRONMENTAL TEST ENGINEERS MATERIALS AND PROCESS ENGINEERS ELECTRICALELECTRONIC SYSTEMS TEST ENGINEERS INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERS TECHNICAL WRITING AND PUBLICATIONS ENGINEERS TIME COMPLIANCE TECHNICAL OliDER WRITERS Three years' minimum experience in technical publications, plus military or missile maintenance experience. Ability to communicate information to working levels through written instructions. Degree desired. ELECTRONICS MANUALS WRITERS Degree in physics, electrical engineering, desirable. 3 years' experience. PUBLICATIONS ENGINEERS (RESEARCH) Specializing in research reports. Degree in natural sciences or journalism. PUBLICATIONS ENGINEERS (ELECTRONIC AND MECHANICAL) Minimum 2 years' experience, degree preferred. Experienced technical editors (Publications Engineers) for missile system publications. REPORT EDITORS AND PROPOSAL SPECIALISTS COMMERCIAL ARTISTS AND ILLUSTRATORS Technical or .engineering background to convert engineering orthographic blueprints to perspective drawings (isometric). 5 years' experience needed. INKERS PRICE ESTIMATORS Must be thoroughly experience in detail cost estimating from bfueprints on sheet metal, machining, electronics. Aircraft and missile or other comparable experience desirable. FOR INFORMATION REGARDING THESE opportunities, please contact Lockheed Employment Office, 962 West El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California. U. S. citizenship or existing Department of Defense industrial security clearance required. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin. 5J i a'a i 1 1 r r in Missiles and Space Division Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Van Nuys, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, California .' o i t-i J . 1 1 . . : ' ....... ape Canaveral, rioriaa nawan LUUilttU i ii . , . t . I eesa-a eV11-7re.i. imimbsI 1 I4tm MlTWmWt. Lme"?e"eeee""ee"l . -.. s . . H'i - .-...--. . . - i 6

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