The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1948 Signing of Farm Bill Is Predicted Truman la Accept ^Long-Range Agri Measure, Aiken Soyj (United Press stiff Co-respondent) ^WASHINGTON, May 13. (UP)^an^Sr^Sir Jam Mil CommM ^ lone-range The measure, which the commit- u.™,iL S ex| ? cct<!<i to approve today. *°" ldfmal£ , e P rlcc support, permanent for all farm products. But II would make sweeping changes both in the way of figuring the pirlty formula and In applying R to tie- tcrmme support prices. ( "My personal opinion." said Aiken is thai President Truman will 'be quit* glad to accept our bill a* is" H« gav« this as the reason why the Agriculture Committee ii not planning to hold up its decision on the measure until it gel.s the farm message yhich the President has promised for this week. Aiken said the committee ha, ached "virtual agreement" on the ^ As ranking Republican on Ihe flmittee. he hended a subcommittee which hAs been working on »'long-range farm program since Summer. He said the bill would provide lor calculating parity by using price figures from either the present base period, 1909-14, or Uie 10 years preceding the crop year. Support price.s then would range from 60 to 90 per cent of parity lor th« basic crops and wool depending upon supply. They woulrt be from zero to go per cent for the non-basic agricultural commodities. Cotton 1 S now supported at 02'4 per rent of parity, and other farm products at 90 per cent. Would Follow Supply Under the proposed new farm program, support prices would rise *s supply falls, and vice versa rhe new nystem «•*.. designed to stabilize both prices and production. Aiken i»id It would work out to i make the support price 75 per cent of parity when the supply of a particular crop is "norrnal." However, the Secretary of Agriculture would not have to depend solely upon the flexible price sup- R°4! to keep production in bounds. Iff would have the same author's? as now to limit acreage of pea- nuls and tobacco. He could re- •trlct acreage of the four other basic crop, when supply reaches 115 per cent of normal and farmers *pproved by referendum. Aiken said the Secretary also would have "wide latitude" to re- Strict production of non-ba»Ic crops. If national welfare demanded a rapid expansion In production of any crop, the secretary could set 1 support price at higher than 90 Anything for a Picture JLYTHEVILLB '(ARK.) COURIER NEWi . douching beneslii an exh right light, or the right pos George, Queen Elizabe = •"—^^^^^••••••••••••^^••^MM^Mffi libilion stand, Intrepid pho(o^«ph«ri wall for th« rlfhl moment, or the iose, or something. They're trying to »et • good shot of Britain's King beth and Princesi Mars»ret it tru British Industrie! Fair, London. Plucky Woman Winning Against Odds w L ui i D l J Loses Fortune to Pair of Swindlers ' •W|Wll0iy DWOfl «£%*££?•*& tssz-srvvs*. ;s -«-«.«»- w. Blamed for Making vmmo «M („ =„„.„..' ."! .._" s .'• t Flint K * I5t>0 «"a™ of the monev mm I Ufl Men and Women Look and Feel Older Stuffy Fellow ' when Miss Marie A. Flint was > young girl in Boston, she sang in opera. But that, u-as many years ago.' Her voice wasn't good enough for ner to become a star so -she lett opera, moved here and became a real estais broker. She was more successful at that and things went along fine for some years, she was on her own She wa.s doing all right. Then she was involved in an accident and lost her eyesight she was blind lor six years, it look all her savings of $15,000 to regain her sight. She .still wasn't licked. She began scrubmng floors at night and took » factory Job days *> that she could be independent. Alter five years of 'holding down both jobs she hud saved »5000 Recently she decided that she wa* secure" enough to give up one of the jobs. She quit working in th» factors'. Yesterday, she was ihopping in a downtown store when she saw two pick up a purse laying on said tiiev had fmmn tii/» Flint's $1530 share of the money ilicy had found. Then the two strangers left. After they had gone, Mi.«s Piini picked up the purse lo put the M 500 in her hiding place. It was empty. The purse had been switched. Today Miss Flint was looking for a day Job in a factory again. Convicted Army Colonel Begins Fight'for Freedom THRU THEIR YEMS How do YOU f**l »* th» end of a day? Ik **a»t old time pep and drive tkcttue? Have you ch«ck«d-up on your blood •trcagth Utely? Thousands new regaining (lowLnff good look* »nd Tltallty throufh the release of vibrant enerfy to every muacle, jflbrs, ceJI. X\M7 d»y— every hour—million* of tiny red-blood-cell* must pour forth from th* ipurrow of your bone* to replace those thufc are worn-out* A low blood count may affect you lrv«ev«r*I blood count may afreet you InTsevera! way*: no appetite, encr- 17. » general run-down condition, lackr of resistance to InfMtlon and disease. Jack Durant, former Armv col serving a 14-year federal sentence for the theft of the Hessi»n crown jewels, yesterday began a court battl« seeking hi, free- A habeas corpus hearing opened m the Federal court of Judge Robert L Russell with DuranfJt lawyers charging that the government, acted Illegally in sending him to prl- some discussion, the" three decided to split it equally. Mi S5 Flint was cut in for a share because she was present when the other two found the purse. But, the two women insisted, Mrs Flint should show that she had money of her own "in case the real owner shows up and claims it after you've spent it." Mrs. Flint went to her home with the women and picked up her five crisp .tl.OCO bills. The women lingered the bills and put them in the per cent of parity. Aiken said he expcrfs both the Senate and House to approve the committee's bill without much change. If some legislation is not enacted by Congress, price supports on the basic farm commodities will revert Dec. 3 to the pre-war 52-to-75 per cent of parity. Supports on the non-basic commodities will expire ! prfsonment. The principal charges were that Durant was arrested af- l ter his status as a nactlve Air 1 Force officer wa.s terminated, thai his court martial lawyer later give confidential information to the ; court that was used against him and that his wife was permitted to 1 testify against him, ' I Durant. accused of stealing *! 500,000 In Jewels from the Hessian castle where he wu officer In charge, appeared in ,court altlred in federal prison garb—neat blue denim and a black tie. He appeared in the best of health but looked worried. Mood airengm m non-or(tu!c nutrl- 1 tto&ftl anemlA. This i4 due to the 859 Tonic formula -Khlch contains specl&l and potent activating Ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic https you enjoy the food TOU e«t Hf lncr««j.'r. e tlm futrto dLCMtU'a JllLo -when It !• non-orginl- cally too little or icant;—thus theatom- • eb. will have little cauae to get bulky wLth gas, bloat and (ivv off that »our :ond taste. *>m't wait! Eneritfzft your body with rich, red-blood. SUrt on SSS Tonic now. Aa Tlcornm blood surge* throuEhout your whole body, greater fraahness and strength ahould make you eat belter. •IMP better, fwl better, work better. play better. hav«» hMlthy color Blow In your tkln —flrm flesh rill out hollow placea. Millions of bottles sold. Oet a bottl* Irnm your dr\i« store. fi5B Tonlo t«lp« Build* l5 anch of (he National League 0 ! Postmasters. His flection ax nmimmred durlnp the closing ' session of ih« ln ( ue't Othtt new officers *r»: I-. K, C»VBHfs« of Yellvlllr, first vlc« preslnenl; j. i. Qarrlck (,f HeiinliiiRc, second vlcf |ir«Ulenr B, B, llamiiionds of Beech Orove'. third vice prenldent «nd Mr« D«»(iy Newsom* of Arldnrla, secretury. Global Union Sought WASUINOTON, May 13 (UD — Foniifr Siipi-eme Court JuJllcr Owen j. RobtrU yMlfrdoy »,keri Co Duress to cull fora convent Ion of the world's di-mocrnclM to consider formation of » clobiil union of iieaM-seefclii 114(10115. • Banishes perspirtlion odor • Checks ;«rsj>iration moithire • Gives louger-lasling protecliun • Cenlle to skin_«nd clothing • Keeps'you f«gr«nllx d«i'n«y • Slays ercamy-juKKiA in tix j*r WOODS Drug Store Tlinnr 507 «'. M.l Easy Terms GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE Read Courier News Want Ad«. _ x This ex-king of the jungle strikes no fear into the Japanese youngster at Tokyo's Uono Zoo. All the zoo's wild animals were Killed, stuffed and mounted during^the war to prevent their possible escape during »ir raids. -HOT , RASHES? _ n. 0 Doctors «,t , stomach," t?rflc KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help IS Mil.> of Kidney Tub.. Flu.h Out Poi.onc.ui W«»t. When diiorder of HiJney fun«lon jurmiH polionou^ matter to It. your MooA It may <ra<i«« rawrinir backxehe, rh«iim»ti« PJirj. lez,Pains. l»wof ptpund cnernj., B ot- tlnE up nlKhts. itwellinK, puffinfAs itnHer the ey... >.-»«, and dininm. Freanent 0? Bcanljt pa5S«Kc» with mautinx and hnrninir jomelim.. .how. there is something wronr with your kidney, or tlarlilcr. -.?""'* V! • A ' V K>ur dru jiriil for Dosn's Pllll. » Itimnl.ntdiurtUc, used lucreiifnllC by nllllnn, for o«r «0 »..„. Do."" £« Wpy relief »n*«ill h<lp th« IS „», Kfrfnert»>ic-*niijh nut poijonoua wa«t«f jourhlooil. C.t I)o«n'i Pillj. >« Here's the A-B-C »f- Dynaflow Drive A Fim, there's * highly efficient new- type pump like thii, filled with oil Driven by lh« engine, it ipins, ifiootin£ nut oil under prei>i)r« from the chunneli ind{c*ted by thi pencil. Wanted Immediately! AUTO and TRACTOR MECHANICS N«w House Available to Right Man -Must Be Experienced- Good Salary-Good Working Conditions POOLE MOTOR Co. Ste«f e ,Mo. Phone Steele 49 c did n too, then .- _ true ti^rbia*, Ilk* tfaft, fe» curved ihirply to catch oil. Enter inn tn the opened, oil rntke* the turbine re by turning the rear wht*li. Flntllj, th«r* Ii th.i unlqn* "supercharging •nemb]) 1 " — thret ing*nioui elements not found on an)* ochcr car. Mounted between the pump >nd turbine, 'they control rhe force add direction of oil to adjust driving power to (fifler«nt driving conditions— Jtarling, acce.rr.u- Ing, hill climbing, etc. TJUT »ll thew togethtr «nd they * «.pellDyn«flow—the first American puiengtr car drive quire* no changing of gt*n im nnrm»[ driving. : '' nmooth starting power. When you want to accelerate, [hey give accelerating power. When yoti cruise, they give an efficient cruising ratio — •«*# teilbtnt gear changing on your ' ' You get good engine braking on hills—wit! on the le Functioning tn/irtfy on tktir t. an oil-filled drum, these pans give you the equivalent of low gear, second gear, high gear — and an infinite number of "gtan" in bfttt'een, When you start, they give you to the \v iings-(o- more in reserve at a touch er. Vou get smoothneM Me — a new "sweetness" ole car — a relief from cmcnibcr that makes all, .. ,,,. Just xt « le»«r «KJ press the gT! nea.lle— 'tl»« powet-^Um^e.oti tjic ^' rest. Once sli to touch ihe selector IcVWi driving until you're ready' (• peck- or hack up. * ' day driving noticeably less * I ook into 1); nafluw i{fc* m/i roocfln rl'.>~ '•^T^ all MM* ftutum + DYNAHOW MIVl m,,,*.,. «..,,. „.,., .., ,„ *H|.POISEO FISE8AU + «0<D-Rlrf B^MNCf * RIGID *OU*0*OflfX COIl ifRINSINS * SOUND-SCMilfll JOf IININO ,!,„„(._<-..,„, * DUO«*TIC IURK XOVANCl * HfX-flT Oft XHitl * JIN j«A«r MODUS * IODX »r HSH« , Mufuol N.s.a HIW AMI1ICA rRODUCI FOR PIACI-TURN IN YOU* SCRAP IRON AND 1TIII CO. Telephone 555

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