The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1935
Page 4
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FACE" TWO Calendar 1 TUE6PAYS EVENTS Mrs W Leon Snillh having Tuesday Contract club Young Matrons Bridge club meeting' with. Mrs. Doyle Hender. son, Literary department Woman's cjub meeting with Mrs. James Hilt Jr Special prajer meeting, i 30 P M.'r-hoihe ol Mrs. Eva- Morrison, foi"Auxiliary of First Presbyterian cnurvii, WEDNEODAY'S EVENTS Mrs. W, J. Pollard having Wednesday Bridge club. Auxiliary Piisl Baptist meeting at church 3:30 Girls c'hurch p m Jewish Ladles Aid meeting with Mrs S Joseph 8 pm i BiGlC- st«d> Church fit Christ meeting with Mrs E M Huff man 2 30 p rn i Auxillaiy First Pro^bj ttrian church havlni special prayer service 7 30 P M TH LTHfaD A ^ S ETON TS Hoi) Naine- society of (he 1m maculaifi Conception cjiuicli meet ing 730 pm In social hill Yarbro Woman 6 Missionary society meeting with Mrs. Helen Willis 2,00 pin Mis Harij W HtiJnes huUng Mid-Wcek Bridge club TJiursdai Luncheon club inset- Ing with Mrs Bjrpn Mono Mrs J E Crltz hating TliuiS- day Biiclge dub Mis F B Joyuei hating 1 l iurs dity Contract club AuMllbfv Tirst Presbjlcrlan chfirch hating pi"jci meeting, J 30 P M with firs c M Oia> FIUDAYS H'ENTS AUuhaiy lirst Picsbjlerian mirch hatins praver muting i 30 P M, vith Mis Dixie C/ia\tioid Recce, Uiwkc West Rjdge Shady Drove, 6tllJ|nsu Ifalf Moon, paw- aocn Csrml, Blown Perry, New Hopcj O,-)Ceo!a, Blj|)jeil)l , To ijato Falrtlew, Aimoicl and Djce<, Colony Miss Meiia Hogan, district liome demonstration »gcm from Little Hock, gave a brief outline of tji.c Work fo|- thiS club' year ainl talk ed ad length ot) the National Ing BC( IMS d, simply 3 „ liou'lng picgram sponsoicd bj the government to enable properly om-eis to nuance repair and (ni- urovcmenls at low cost. President Roosevelt said, Ml is for Uiose ivlio live In houses, for those, who rc- pnh ami constmct homes und those who Invest In houses'." Miss Hogan told the housing Improvements needed foi comforliblc (am ily living. There iirc.l<Jc'iri"lmlUu- ilons from which financial uld might be obtained foi the Iiomc wments Aftci Miss Hogans a round table discussion WHS JicJtl and questions asked. Miss Walers discussed biiclly the new cjiinmt proarau; njiluj she hopes to announce in he near niuire. She urges every cunning supervisor to put the equipment in first das,, older S|K ujt,o uigcd Hint etcij bolt im| ..crcw bt adjusted If nnotonij on (he sca|cr:. and canirer, Ihe council was delighted to iiutc Mi» E L, Skiers (ho sup of (lie DJCSS colonj, untl 11>' ofrifcri of (lie Djcss colony home deinonstiatlon tlub ltn,y were Mrs an Waters Mis Jua nlti Schmalhorst ai,ci Mis Sidney DOslci A pot luck was served In (lie business session Mis Jeiry While hislriictcd i|ic sccre- MlSi ^ Ruby WoodiufT, (o to (lie Discards Forced by Trifle Squeeze Permit Little Slain Solution to Previous Contract Problem KV 1VM. K. McK'lN'NKr Secretary, American Bridge l.cugui No (rip to Cleveland would be loiripielc . wllhoiil u session of rrlclgc with my goott friciKl Henry .'. Juegcr, a past president, of th° American Bridge League. I always get a urcut thrill out of watching Hunk p]ny a hand, because his hobby Is (lie Bull Miss Margueiilc Wilson , ,Weds Mr. Russell Marr fTppjj I he maiiiage of Miss MiiigucrK- Wikon and Mi Hu^sell Marr was> "olemnized Sunda\ cttnlng gcten o'clock at (tie home of the brides parents Dr sun,Mrs ,C E Wilson The Ret Alfred Carpentei reaa tlis ring Venice before mcm- bcrg of the lamilj i i Tnc_ biide \\oic a spring model of na^yi blue (fuLjll crept '(r^it coat hsd J ejpejqfrecl^fihj a standing collar jnd colorlul thddcs piedominateti in (lie ririnl «hicli trimmed Jhe^jilored .dre's Htr •iccessoncs ueie in naij nnd sin wore a cottatc of Biiaidlif and P% in ila\endai untl Hit sister, Mrs Brownie Wilson btorey 'ijho wore a frock of tice bark m black trhlnned liii sa{ln coljaf und euBs Hef forage was Holli Hood roses ntjd ^Vpsbplvlij •• Mr Bon Latlmer, ot Mempliib, was Mr Mdfts best man Mr Lafhncr \\as host io mem Urs of thb weeding paily /or din'ei at tlje Hotel Noble im mediately following lh« cercmonj A mixed bouauet of v sprh)<" bio--' ?om s ^and pftic fjp'rs, in crystal holders formed the centerpiece The attraclUe bride leeched her Jatei tdtieation aj, Blue Mountain college, Blue Mountain Mls> Toi sewa! jears die rc*!ded -it Hoi noke, Va returning heie a ;e»r ago to again make, !iei home Mr M-\rr who is the son ol Mr and Mrs J R Mnri of St (iaim, Mo attended Kcmper »nl Itary Academy at Booneville i{ 0 He came hfie wven je-vrs agi from Sedailn, enf for severe ycirs has b&n connected uill (he Main S°rvh.c station nir and Mrs Marr are noA nt home at 309 Da\ls i\enue County Council Metis Here. The January CounU Council i>t Home Demonstration clubs met in an all day session id>terda\ it the Blithevllle Woman s ritib lioujo ttitfi Mrs Jcrrv White prc Elding The 1935 oltlceis were dulj itte&mcQ- b\ Mfe con ly, Goleman cotinty Home Demonsfra tion ngent, mm tlie' Impicssiv candle ceremony There stere representallves Iroin Ihe follo«t communities Ludclmlle Promised Land Whilton Sliannee, Hiffl man Dell Progressive 40 and 3 fVntcr, clear Lake Ekron Luxorn i nrtcr Hatcher IINMIJTF USC Ot anii rr » LOTION SOAP This soap Is „ «quld and sells at fifty cents For spte epofs {« the scalp and cc«ma 6ROWNS LopON P should " * u Qircclioif oh eaph bottW For sale Kith MONEY BACK QOABAOTra first bottle by Kirby Drug 1 - ' —Adv. Forget CAUDILL'S AGENCY General Insurance me a nole of (hunks Fnlil Jai company for ilic 1000 ithlcli ti,cj icnt (hem tor pilzc for the contest csiilbll lust year jnd a| so the Uo fiuit Juis It wub \oicri ..... .lit icn dollnri on life «i Ijooki Fildujs meeting took the plate - r the inciting vjilch \\K to le eld 111? (ouiih Saturdaj of JHI) •»1J, Ihe February mecthit ivlll e held Ftlnmry J3 ^ * y - * lubie Department 'Ue(ld|t PoitponW l Ttedncctingi of Hie Mublo Yfa- arlmcnC oi 1 (he WoniB^o club -licdulcd Cm i Wednesday after- won, j )ai bten pojilponcd to Wcd- "'"'-• Jfhuary 30 . Girl atodts bt the Ydrbrp , *1Hi MlR,iue[la t>iirffo ai, ponsor had a piogram Friday "'. School ' Mfbs fJane Stiles ga\a the law ^^ ^tlldre[l Ai|derson spoke on Qlrl Hcouis of (ho World M ' diciis play and 7 3111C \Vllll 1 ! Illlrr ' A Girl Scout Is Courteous vvss, gucn bj MlSi PHI tic w up|icr *Q J.8 6 53 4 Kouo » 87 \ 3 3 * A J7 S -I «E AKS ' N ~ V I S Dttitr *A10!H V A J1Q C • q 10 5 + 73 *K72 + K8 + QJ1095 i •pupllcnlc—AJi vui. South ! '^Vcst Pass ..Pass Pass 1 4 3 « Fniri 5# Pass Noi-th Hast. 1 + Double ;> aea 2 A -i + I'nss Pass Puss lead— V Q. at triuccze play, l (hlnk lib kuous more urjbnt the sijUCeae play than nny' other man In.llie cotmlrj md usually, somehow or sonn; where duiing (hi; tvenlnu's ,,..., you will find him coining up with r pretty ••-'•-' Today's Contract South has the 'cpntrtct «t toiir hearts, doubled^ wjiea Hie ; liand was played, West PPQndd the qiieeri oi diamonds. Make any opening yp u like and ypu will still find that de clarer can make hla Contract rtgardjess of the defense H Is a fasclna(|r<g haiid, A A Q.S 3 y J 6 2 + KQ JO<J (J»J 1065 2 ¥108 7 4 S «Q *72 ••-•• ]> Sociieiy ^- Personal _ .1 .- . ; ( .. .. ,.. .. Mf6. Ben Burrifj, a recent bride, was gitcst of -honor at a miscellaneous shower in' the Hethbtlbi Thursday evening. cliincli Mrs. J. R Mrs. Dale'Hut . . . , . 'ledge and Mrs. j. R. Neeley were hostesses. Oijt of town giicts In ( or last where she ha; he months. Mr. Itughcs week. ['etc Cotemaii. with lite family Hrrived liere last week from Loiig Beacli, Dal., lias nccepWd a. position \yllh the Johnson Motor company. ••:•••'• • Mrs. U. K. uoyctt has returned to her 'home In Decrlng altei 1 n visit here with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Burns. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Carter and sons, Mllltjr nnd Buster, Dr. and . ----- _,,, „. „„„,, bllclr , ,,,, Mrs. Alvin Stephens, and Claunca eluded .Mrs. Elwood Scott and Miss Shanks are leaving mis week lot a Alice Flsk of slytlievllte. [vacation at. Ft. Myers, Fla. Mrs. lloyd Wagslcr and t|augli- Billy Rhodes, son of Mr md trr, Ptorln?, anct-Mba- Cecil WUB- Mrs. A. B. Rhodes, former'lj of _.\.MONDAY, JANUARY 21, '1935 . LOSS OF WEIGHT LOSS OF APPETITE station at . Mr, .arid Mrs. Sims Mlclile and win Joe Mailon and daughtei Solution in ne*t isauo inri Mr Mr ind Mrs O A Holdei have ice, but frilled to retimi Of course', if'lie had, Ills • parther would hn\c rnfied Insteid East letmned Ihe teji of spades hid bid spidcs so Jacgti West to play the king He played 1<A incl the Ulck \\df, mfled In ddm im with the king of clubs A small diamond was ictiirned and won by laetcr with the king /U)othci spade was Placed anil mlfed in dumnij with the ace of inoied to Alpinp Term Ml and Mrj, Stin McDanicl rc^novlner to a farm al Hayti rhc infant *on P f MI t , Kl Ml . mid bto^e Is 111 iiith piieiimonli> Mi and Mrl J v Fehcll nnd dmghter Nadlne and ntbaia June of S ikes Ion were guests last lYcBakt ay .°' M ' and M « C M id son .- Mclva _.--:- —-» H y McOanji neic in Bjlhevllle Satuiday alternooii. a c Sl'L't™" br °Bdcasl our i,ii Ion KI.6N in MibL Jones Kiddies Canada I'rosfcrs MONTREAL (UP) — Canadian corporations paid oiit nearly ?M.- 000,000 more in dividends to shareholders :in 133-1 lhan in 1923 flgmes complied heie isveal. lolil dlvlitend distributions were $108 039,411, compared '6 in 103J with SHI S^ Mrs J Abncr Atheioft , Junes Abner Rqva Alton clubs the eight of . cliibs was played from dummy <l"cMier lovcrljktiig with Hie nine spot 1 Then he ran off foui 'traight, rlub Hour Mis dici) M B Cquilnej ami chil rcttuncd fiom m e\ Here's' one lie nliiml «'ttli me rlion llc ra " 0(T r ° UI ^W 1 ! the nigiit.j: p ftiicd h, n'ljV him M^ "^'..d,n B the four the Dowiilps;;) Diiplicate -'BJ-WBC , m tll|lnmv vvhllc Eai '' Ihe League In Cleveliiinl. '" ' 'The Play .AgQlnsl; our -live' 1 Cliib conlract oc op«ied the .queen o[ hciirts "id I, became (He liitei-ested diim my.'; East won l!)(S. trick with the Bus t^ News Mostly Personal \ .................. hllc East followed with one club and then discauled a heail and a spade Bui on (h~ fourlh club Eist found himipif sqi »eied hi three uito If he niscurdb (he lice of Spades Jaegers king will be good and agafrl he \»ll be stjueezeri II ho discards the ten of hearts de clarer will le^d the king of hearts md then the nine ahd East will igiiiu lie squeezed, If East discards u diamond ill dummy s diamonds will be good 3y Etiuetairig East on all (luce fended visit In Mississippi Mrs Dan Portls j, nis , c mntxl to |,ci ii omc lt up info Aik uftci a visit allli liei pi. nd Mi-, Albnl Jouian Due Miss Lillian Dietrich spent the Weekend hi Gape Girardeaii. Doilalrt AVcfisi 'of' Mohette, Was O"BytNN5 W5Q (UP)-Of the li'-thb eiiy SaWrdnyV.. J j' slolmlalt ' «t"les Wiomuig :Mf.'arid Mrs. s. J. Cohen are „ , the fraesfc »»mHer oil relief JJ,- • hr-,.".i.L.>_ .•_.: ^ r.-.. ,- -. OlllV 1J 3 nfr oon> nf !>>» n ^.i...i~ for a few days. of Helena, was in for-'dic oi Miss Rose Ihe dcifiuotiic wild hour It, d HE nances No l public Ihe bom Ls fun game «H i ilioti'id in that counlrjf nenij Spccnl pilccs on Au(6 Acdf-soilcs, lias nnd Tubes Ouar mteed Batleric"; 439 1 " Auio lops ,5, side urtalns SI so up Alcohol 75o gnl Cm heitcrs 5150 up C\hiidci Head!, I lorn Mats hasp Iron nltlal in demind AttlAW 128 r Main ten diiys'/'ls now. iinprovnig. Mlv.ilnd.Mrs. E. M. Huffman and son,..'Elbcrt, 'aiid tjieif lioiiEeguesl, SiiillvVliiinri.; ;speii'i. ''yesterday in Jcnesboro. I Lesllb Hooper,, who. iiiis bcci. (l"i(c ill, is -now much better. He was taken to. Memphis Friday foi mi e.vnmliralloii - nt ( nc BttpUs\ liospllal, returiiing liopie ' Saturday night. Mrs.' Hooper and Mrs J^ F. Lcntl acWmphriied'him! • Children's Colds **Ai • ;• .Yield quicker to double action of STAINLESS now, i) you preler Kidv iu Comfort, with an Hot Water Hauler M' All Makes of Cars $15J5 t Installed FORD HOT AIR HEATERS f<or 1'tddJt lord Cars ami Trucks 914.50 Installed PH|H(PS MOTOR CO. , -AND : .•••;'. : 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION , RITZ THEATRE 1UESDAY NI'IU, JANUARY 22. biVB'Ni'n: ONLY On The.Siage ; Marjorie Ducketl Dance Revue with 35 PUPILS 35 BEAUTIFUL COliTUMES. AN1) LIGHTING EFFECTS ......•'.. 15 & 404 cnli. Mr ^ an dfaniil> 7'» ,P ntllU( ' 11 ° ! U' flrsiiall lemains ciltical Mrs Grsdy Hughw lull iruie heic tills aeck from Mauein ^ik Colds ThatHaii^On Dont let them get Mat-fed light them quickly Creomillsion combines 7 helps Hi one I'oueritil but harm I«* Pleasant lo take No narcotics Tatar dnigsist b f STOMACH TROUBLE? JF jou'rc troubled «ilh stomach dis (rcss, gas, ami you iieed rtddc'r Wood, Dr. Ptcrce's Golden Medicil Discovery is a dependable VCRelabk (onic. Read wlmt K. 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None Belter F "iS«r Have 2 L Barret Beauty Shop last House on No tli CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 • - -> -,,..-..,, „„„ M au S iiu;i •" « ...1.1:1.1, >6 u* mi; auieic ijin- ^'-^^^•^•SSE^^^^-i^fiSi You feel draggy — worn'puC — run- Maude''Alice who 110 vuntlontng eis club lns,t week it was decided Cloggeii systems,caused bs faulty clinn'nution, cause niSny sert- at Ft Myer ? M ii (o eiUei , float f.ou, this .oil, in . ™ d . l . s ^^ sn ? t1 i! 1 ^^ 1 ,{ 1 '» f fPM»?: ^^^^.^ fejiitffpr thb Mis uhurlic Pollaicl and daugii tei MU* Loienc and son, Shon s^erc g«cit s of theh daughter and slstei In Blythevillc Sitm day. Wrt Virginia Gainu of Maiden spent (he past week here with her d»lgVHer Mrs Milo G Atuood were:, in Memphis Saturday • ~. "r •'««*(t*ji*i 13 ijuiiii ^itt^ ">.»»• i'uvi 4iuw ui VjH| MLiJCI J}> ]ll( where Miss Florlne sang orer (lie TO painfully but not seriously in roadcastlne siniim, n » n..,,.. jured when he fell from his bicycle lasl week and sprained his nun juu njanon and daughlei a' 1 ^^ Aflci (realmcnt al the Mar> left otei the >vcck end to U1 5 ll >etille hospital he tMt for three ueckb wilh Mr and ll "' nl> ' 1 hm "" Mrs '1 O^Bcaslcy und daughtei . . here and now of liirned home At a meeting of the Slccle Lift .b last week it was decide^. (o cutei i float fiom this cit> in the Cotton at Memphii next May How can you expect to feel good when your system is probably clogged .with poisons due to faulty elimination? Your appetite g es,.you lose weight, you have headaches, dizziness, stomach pains, indigestion, pimples, feel draggy— worn'put — run- „,. icstoi'e .--„-_ in "tip top" ihanc. 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