The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1935
Page 3
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SITUEIUII Bnym Now Have Gvealer Choice nf l.ow-l inm Priced Cars By NFA Servlrfl DETROIT, — A I. least six'.new iowf'r-prlcMl automobiles, additions 10 olreaily existing linns, at- tf.'t Hie confidence of dip uutomo- blle Industry In n revived purdiBs- m£ power, «5ji«MalJy among pea- pi* of rru'xlfratf Inroimk!. Thus tn J935 you'll h.ivv a 'giwn- er-'eholep of low-to-mcillimi priced motor ears with the. addition of a clipiinr-r Buirk; o new ne Solo of cohVeniiotiol design to offset the "Airflow" model; a Ponlliu: six, tack again;, .a cheaper (irahain six: a medium-priced Packard; and probaljly u.SlOOO Franklin. • • I^vtliermare, to satisfy those . who waul speed, power and racl- tiesa. Auburn, adds a supercharged eiK'U, guaranteeing 100 miles an liowr.'.- .-,'•,:.• .:••:•••'• .... This splui-fie of additional motor ears may JJD the most noticeable feature nf 1935 traffic.';But even more impreMive ought to he the Improvements you'll eet in practically all : life'new automobile.?. Outstanding are four. Innovations, two of which conli-limii! to smoother riding, • the third , to .safely, and the fourth to appearance. • SIDE SWAY RRDUCETt First, nearly every new cav of 1S35 has some form of stabilizer or other mechanism thai will reduce side svray to a minimum. Automobiles will be able to turn corners at high speed without tossing their passengers over toward the outer side, .and they'll maintain 1 an even keel at tlie same time. '. ' , ThlSTls' effected by : a cross connected with springs or some form of shock absorber at belli ends, which takes up the thrust when the automobile lurches io one side.' . In the ease of Die Ktiidehaker. Dik cross-piece happens to be ft transverse 'spring, Irasls, of v/hat Ls called the "miracle ride" The .Buick , has this arrangement in tlie'rear, wlille most oilier cars liave put" It In front and have combined It with longer r.nrt thinner springs of a softer, more reslltent slecl,, that reduce tlie bouncing feeling which passengers get sometimes when the car hits a hump or cvc-ii .goes along at a -steady pace: '" "BAOK SKATERS" HELPED 'Second among: iho .impoi-tani improvements in riding ease is the effort of, some, nianufachirei^ (o give .the passengers ; in., back as smooth, a ride as. those * in front' DC- Sola's Airflow' did • this most radlcally.Jost, yenr.,,. .... As a ' stc'p;' tott'arti this 'acliieve- ment, .although not ' so : radical, such "..manufacturers'.!!!! Ford," Plymouth, ,Nash, aiid Dodge ' have. pushed;(lie engine and body forward as much as eight Inches. The rear seat in these cars will be;,'for ward: of. the rear axle, and the. passengers no longer will bear tlie hninl of shocks they used to get when they sat directly over the axle. .This improvement, also has made more room for. a built-In luggage compartment in back, which you'll find on o great many more automobiles this year, whether the body Jms been pushed forward or not. BO.OST FOR SAFETr The greatest development toward further safety in motoring | S ||, e nil-s(eel r,top, ov what Fisher Body calls the "turret top." This | s Px . nelly what Its name Implies, n solid sheet of slfel nil the way from the cowl to IMP trim beneath the. rear window. Hudson and Terraplane have Ihis type of top, already. General Motors cars will be coinlnii along will! it shortly. 6 TJie rumbling, which used Io pe offset by the soft type or lop, J-s eliminated in (li c all- s ie e i top by means of effective insulation not only it, me ce iij,,g a t, ol . c thc passengers, but in the partition ihat separates (lie engine from the body. Usually a layer of asbestos 'is sprayed over thc metal, but An- * for (ACHES PMN! • , • --—-•~™ r l, t :tm /U ?Uf l ff %%&£<£?,&£;$* ft CAPUDEKE "Synchromatie" Coutrola Feature of Podge Engine.".', ing excessive spring ectton in either direction, Tlie Imnsverjo spring stispfhslon is pnrtlcnlnriy adapted In modern our opthitloh, provlclltiE erpnl. ,tto- liillty on rnlves and freedom from sUleswny. Alllioimli Dm spring of Ilie in:is mr are longer and more flexible, sldMwfiy is sllll fnrOicr beeaiisi' Ihc ends nf the arc Hoscr io Ills, wheels nre in a lower ixwlilou lliqn liiu .if Hiiv in,i Inin it.» i,-,, r luo^,,, ,)>« Kluileliakcc, in iriiicr, with li.s inimiw mdiatnr nmi slnutiii^ hack. Is- :i cxnni|ilrMic ih« :iilviiiii>eiiiciu. in i,,,,l y ,le5i(;ii or ihn new e«r.i. Ami roi- ((initinl. HiL-i-r'K Ihe trciicl ID cnmliat sidesway, ns.sluiu-n l>v lltv. I'tyniniill. stnliili/.Iii^ iniii, nl inp right; (ho electric"urnr shirt .(I Iliiilsou'1111(1 T,'ii-:i|,laiii', at. top lofl; :u,,l Iho lowered floor foi- Him* lirad room. «a iinniiled in ihc I'lymimth, lower riuht Officiii! Says Muster Models Wilh Knee Ai-lion Most Popular NKW VOHK. ,lan. 21-Amplifying his aniiDUiicein.'hl of' prices of iv.o n.<w Olirvr.iloi lines' for W. K. Holler, penorul sales of Hi,-. (;lievrol,.| Motnv . today sln |,,,| ,| ln( C nclos- eil taice notion, npilonul on the Miisier »,-. |,uxe jiir.ilels. will lie nvallaWe at. an ailihilonnl clinn-n °i WO list. Mr. Holler predli'icil mnl. all least (10 JOT- com of persons uiiylni; Master nuxlels In 19.15 would exereUr- lln< option and oh- liiln hneo Ufllon in. ||, P sjnnll pi-lee dineri-ncn' Involved. Mr. Holler nujilnisj/fd tile fuel ftiat knre utllon will lx> built in in the factory, not Instnlled liy the denier. "Chevrolet's knee action mechanism, lie suld. "Ls iin IntCBral jmit or the car. It caimot be Instnlled B.S an accessory. '11,,-re will l>c no conversions In Hie Held. Cars will l» available Ixith with and without knee ncilon, inn they will | a : "Hilt comjilele nl tlie fuctory, where special machinery, ^killed workers, mm oti,,.,. tueinrx all fn- cns on ihe, produdlon of this major femure, wlik-h' U ijlfeml only »y Chevrolet mid Ijuilders of lili'h- ei-ptlccd cms." burn has covered tile metal partition with Inycra of rubber, fell, composition board, and asbestos I'HOOP ACAINST I.KAKS And, liKjidFs eliminating rumbling, the all-slcel l.op will tin perfect. [H'oof against leaV.s. Fisher Endy officials airo s:iy tills lop \vlll add to tlie sleek appearance of (he niuo'niohife. Hut far more Effective is the new year's fourth groat developmeiiU-ti narrower radiator and decorative louvers of the Ltt Ralle type, and n little more slant to the rear The whole effect is .that of a racier,, trimmer, and xhekcr appearance. Of course, there arc Iniiumer- able minor improvements In Die 1035 autoinobUcs. Prohabiy not fa "minor" at that, is the eicclric gear shift arrangemenl, or "nre- selcclor," at the sleerini,' wheel, provided us an opllonal fealure for Tliidsoi) and Terraplane owners. . HANI) BRAKE SHIFTED Combined wilh the vacuum- nperaled clulch, this apparatus makes it easy for women to drive (Jieir cars. The regular gear-shift handle, in such event, cim be slowed in ttin tool compartmenl and, Io ctcfii' ihc space io u, u right of (he driver entirely (he liond brake lias been shitted oi'cr to Ihe left. Approaching Ihe electric shift, in oilier curs, arc several engine and chassis developments which make driving much easier [ban it ever has been, arc aulomalic slnrtlno automatic choke ami spark corT- trols, carbmelor ],?nt. conlrol and so on. Another feature some of the manufacturers are crowing about is ihelr So-called spray-cooling of '»e exhaust, valves, the hottest ?ar(.s of ihe engine. ByMliis Innovntloii, (he coldesl ">' is led by ineare; of a pipe li'h Die water jacket nnil sprayed on the jacket wall facing '.he exhaust valves. COOUNf! MORE F.VKN Waler jackel.-, also arc extended down the vhole length of ihe cylinders, for more effective and more even cooling. Then, loo, you'll have salesmen 'talking io you nbout ventilated icUilches, and centllatcci generators, '"over-drives" or top speed booster gears, and various oilier mechanical ilelnils that help to make the modern automobile such a pieas- [iire in nperntc. As for prtce.s; besides Hie new lower-priced initomobiles already nifiilloned. you may expect no Increase In the seiicral Iftvel, anil probably • u drop — nUhough not vr-ry much of a drop—in the cost of a few cai-s. Estimate 18,000. New Routines by End of This Month PONTIAC, Mich.—That the Pon- linc Molor company will Ijiilld more Ihan Iwice as uinny cai^ by. Hie' end of Jnnumy m it did up (o Hie same time a year ago and llmt It may produce for; sales ns many cars by ihe lasl of April ns It did nil of lasl yrnr Is the optimistic forechst that was made today by A. W. L. Qilpin, vice- president and general sales manager of the company. Mr. Cillpin predicted that by Ihc end of Ihls month over 18,000 new Poiillacs will, have teen Iniilf com- lini'ed to 7,700 a year ; ,go. and iwililed out ttiai. there are 25 per cent move men on (lie factory payroll than tost yeni- at tills time, with further increases expected ny Ihe end of HIP monlli. "One tjiuu-ier of our dealers have oi'd?iTd more new routines for Hie flral. llnee inonihs limn all of our dealers did for thai period List year." said Mr/ nilpln. "and if we uad (lie. cars r am convinced we could .ship 30,000 of them today "f have Jnsl. received a wire from Mew-York giving ihe sales at the New York nuto show up | 0 Thursday tiisht. They were 218 against a lolal for. (be same period hi'lasl year's show of 121, wn ich LS con- crete illustration of thc kind of public reception thnl (s 'breaking production records of Pontlac. "1 liave jiist returned from Cincinnati anil our dealers there liave sold more fhiin half 11.5 many ears us they silrt all of last, year. Pressure Is coming from nil • purls .nf the coiinu-y lor Immfdlale shipments of cars. This includes the rural comimmllles n.s well a.s the cities of nil sizes. I Oo not believe Urn).'dealers ever made stronger demands for cars during Ihe old boom .(lays of l!)27. '28, and. ^il lhan llifiy are maklnjj riglit now. "Some .country.''dealers' already have sold more cars lliaii Ihey did' during all of lost year. Tills Is. due in si large degree, of course, to the Introditcttoii of the new ami lower- priced six cylinder lines of Pon- llacs which fit Ihe . size of the rural jjocketbook. And, in Ihls cpn- necllon, I believe that there will be more buying In Viiral . lerrllorles Ihls.year; lhan there'has-been for five or.six years. •. , : ; :' : -. "Naturally, 1 , we nre highly'pleas-, cd with the unanimous i.ncclalin' that HID public have -given 'dji'tToey lines, - but' Ihe .tiling thai ! --ls':' r inosl' pleasing is (hat ihi.s .'dcm'iinii.'ls cqinliig • from, north, south, -east and. west, and from I he lart-e and [he small, communities, finis indi- cdlhiB a ijreat. increase.In the de- maiut for iriotor cnra HIM! n' marked Improvement iii general business coiklllioits 'all over the country." ALBANY, Ore. (UP)—Uoyd GII- ehrlsl sleppeir into a cigar slore, ordered a scoop of beer and .started to drink it. Then Ihcrp was a crash, something smacked'-him In Ihc back and Ihc lights went oul. Hut it wasn't Ihe -beer. An ni|lo- mobile wheel, i detached from' a passing car/-rolled'"through ihe, cigar store window and caushl him .sciu.irely in the middle of , the, back. He was bruised anil fill by (lying class. ' ' ilcs of Smiles^ with HUBBAMD TIRE &. BATTERY 00. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. Byslandei;: "What wero you fellows trying-to do?" Chorus: "We're explorers! J.s this the North Pole?" No need to eo exploring ;ill over for an v\UTO PART. •miPwV KM , fn tvn, e « " l)HBA «l> HAttDWARB COMPANY—iiml KNOW Ihat you'll find !(_;,( a lair price. \Yc carry all slatidard parts for pas- > Markets Ford's 19,15 Car Arouses Uu'nsnn) Public 1 Inlrrosl Numrroiis nrileir. irrelvi'd fo'r nieilliite delivery and DIP Jelw iiirnlier of pcfi|ilo coiulue to Uie ulsplny room hullcale Dial (he w IMid V-fl lor 1935 hns arous- l more Inlcir.'il tlmn nny new oiti'l I.'OKI dinro Hu> miinduetlon Ii,- ilrril Mo>lol "A" Pord in ei'nullnif Io niissdl Phlllln.; ) IVird denier, n siirpitsliir niiiulier of owners of ex|»uslve nirs linn* uliiced ordrr* foV the M-w Foul v-8 for io:ir. and have dlsjilayeil a \tc.nn InterMt In the New font's Increased room comfort, beauty and safely, Quite it few deliveries of the New Pord V-B have already bfen "Hide, Mr. Phillips suys, and || 1ns . much us l-'nrd Motor company is schiulnlcd to nmnutucture 110000 of the New rnn\ in January—niorc Mian .1000 dally-- rapid delivery ot lln( new mrxlels will \i t«'tti now on. Riding Qualities Re- snll , from Longer Springs l-nimcr unit,more (lexlUe sprlii":; Jrtricfcl so ns In provide a "siirliii'- liaw" for (.lie t »r more limn 11 Indira longer thim lis whecllm-ii- 'ire an Important improvement. In the new Ford ^-H.ifnr t!nr> nml play a Jiii>!<? iwri In tlic lieller Ad- Ing qualm w of' tii,, ,, BW ( . nrs llc . cording- In Hii.'ivll I'tiir/ips looi! Ford denier. The familiar liamyeise sprlnis suspension of Hie Ford v-8 has been newly applied In DID !<B5 cor. The fr6nt spring Is .71,; inches longer and one-fourth-of nil Inch wider, nnil Hie rear spilng is slightly timi'ftr than In the 1934 f ars. The front snrlne.J;; now.mount- ed njiciul of the front nxle cor- respmi<llng wilh • iho .mounting ot the rear .spring. Buck olt.thc rear nxle. Both,springs me : straight across the chassis, (dc. •bow linvlhj? liccn climinatcil from'; the rear spring to give iinieter .action. The sprlng-baso of I2;t !i"-8 indies Is more than six Indies longer than formerly. The ends of each -spring lent now tire lapered to distribute (lie load more evenly over the surfaces of the leaves, Bivhuj quieter action over rough roads'and softening their motion over sinooll pavement.. .Hydraulic double-acting shock absorber* are. rin]iloyed, I'onlioll- Positive Relief For Itchy Skin .Cooling and soothlux Blue Slnr IJmtmenl mellsnn the skin, scnilin;; lesled medicines deeply lalo pores irliere it (|«iclily kills' itch, teller, rasli, eczema, foot Itch, ringworm, elo- Money lacl; II flrsl jar fslls. /THE ONLY SAFE WAY AVOID DANGER! Lcl Us.Test Your Aiui-Frcczc Regularly You can he sure of the PhoilC ^'''Ciigth of your anii-fraeze _ ' ir yo« let us lest il at rcg- 7.11 lllar inici-vnls. Don't lakc'si- I'lnncp . . . Call on us for I Ins service. Bill Wunderlich MAIN SERVICE STATION Safety Glass !s Standard Equipment on New V-8 Safely (Oass as .standard equip. iienl in wlmlsiiletds, doors and .'Widows of till body lypcs l s O f. fered ihis year for i)i« nrsl time J Ihe new Pord v-8 for 1935 „„ Isplay In the showroom:; of Plill. lips Motor Co.. local Pord dealers Ford was 1115 [Uiii to tnlrodiict ifi'ly Illass ns slnndard equipment i the windshield ot low-prlceil nntoinnbllrti. This was- In Hie Model A of 1(127. will, die Intro- 'iipllon or Uiii de luxo cars I i'.M, r-'ord liili'oiluci i d safety Kla 1 x .vlandard eiiulpment In all doo ml windows of de luxe |. ms . rills yrar finfol.y B ta K . ;i ( U w [ ll(] hlelrL;. doora and wlndota of n\ '•ord v-ll models Is standard iiulpment—another nf dirt'wholly nev.' ff-alures of the Pnrrl V-« for Rafol.y Bins: is |j, i-cnllly'•--i ' sandwich" of Iv.'o sheets of i-las."; cemented on opposite siirfdCB; of a transparent llesibte sheet' An imiKirlatil feature of Pord iKifety glass is; ita re.slslnncc to deterioration due to ultra violet .siin.itivvi York Cotton 11-.W YORK, Jan. 21 (OP) - (;(ini)ti etraed BlPtuly", open lilgli low rtose Ion ,.... 12SO isfil I25fl ira) " ' - ISSS' 12(H I2:is 1351 y 1350 1201 mn IOT inly )2c-i isa-i 1240 UM Hpols O 12CD 12-10 124(1 sloiiily al 1270, up New (Mean* Cotton NKW OI11.RAHR, Jan. Hi (tip) -Omlon rlni-i'd vory sleady, . open hluli low closo 'jJ Jl • i >,, 1^711i iiay i2tn lisa ma iSr's I2dl 12(12 I23Q 1557 1350 I MO 122!) I2{[) ™ I2S.1 1350 12SO I'lM Hpols closed str-ailv at I2C1, up Chicago Wheat •open hlijh ^ low close May 00 l-i DO )-a 9C 7-0' in 3.4 July us :i-o no n-u 117 u-4 mi :i-.| Chicago Corn open lilRh loiv close Mny in |-a 87 S-ft 8U :t-4 " "v «a 02 3-n 'in i-a 71 7-a Closing Stock Prices A. T. oiul T ....... .... Atincondn Copper ..... Uetlibhcm Hlcel ...... ' Chrysler ............... elites Service ......... ' Cocn. Coin . . „ ....... General Anta-lran T.nik Ocueval Klc-ctrlo ...... General Molars ........ fnlornaltaml " Hnrvcslcr SJ4ffi W!$B — '-^ '~r ~ Oregon May Combine Welfare Organizations BAIRrVf, Ore. (UP)— All^f Ore- i gotiVi wrlfnio commissions tnay lx> I (oiiibliicd under, a,, new, ' ' "" iwrlmpiit of piibllflvi" majoiltj is approu.-i lie new department, 1 plain tin- hiiitr. ieiltt.1. clillil welfare romu'il&h..,, „„,„ parule loaiil and slnle probation eominlmlon. The dpparlmenl'woiiia have Jiirlsdlclloh -over all welfare. I'lmullorvv a^mlnUlr'alton of • all :lalp Imttlnttans, appomlrnenlj) .of. nil llislll.iitlnnal .'ai|i«'lnU:]idenlf, administration of federal' nricm- ilnyiiinnl relief, inoltirr's pcnilons, >1cl-aec penMoa, !\nd (Oimly and iltir-r piibllri welfare f.on'Icr-3. 'he department, nlfo wo\ild reg'- nhlp pilvalp nnil rtmrllahle hi- ftilullnns, licence bmiiitltig homes foi ihlldirn and ignl ami ^harp Entile fiinellnn.s of the ulale board' of health s A* qulclctr, k B i til it f,c» . tutting coo y Ijfriuu of fkr itior^ 'po Kr<dl'nt. AT SHfDDANS SALVE 1'els t'roni-n Well CAMROSK, .-Alln. (UP;—J. .For- hurl, it fanner,, hii.s ju'st received his nimiiai gift,, of from .his well. Every .year aliont.this time hundreds., or small fish appear mysteriously hi the well. They nre tpo small to ,. a i, tat residents In the district; keep ilium as pels. Head .COLDS Pul MentHoUium lrt|] / Ihe nottrib lo.rtltev* \ I rrl Ullcn unt promot* \ MENTHOLATUM •FIRE. CHIEF GAS 47% . Faster \ lhan the U. S. Government requires for i( s cmorgency equipment. JOVNER&nONIPIRl.D - ...... M'unlijnmeVy' Wurd ..,,.[ New York Centrnl ' . . . Paohnrd ,. ...... ... Hhllljps Petiolpiiiii .. " Radio (Jtirp ............. St, I/inls-Hnn i'jnnci.wo'- Simmons - n«is • ..... -. Stiindfird o( N. .1. .',,'.' Tfxns Co ........ ,.'.'; U. B. Hniplllni; .• ••"• S. Hleol ...... : . •...-' ' i-i 1-4 PHILLIPS' USED CARS 'HIOUSANIIS OP MIH 1 "-! OF <; V> 0 II TltANSl'OKTATION' AT LOW COST; If you iu\<' a r ir you fan trade It In mi one of tliisp lite us' piirt ir.iyniriif. Cninli'r Wnnl Ads, Help Kidneys • : If poor)/;functioning KUncH trj Hltddtr raik* you luffr rif ran U«ttLn* Up Night*..NnrrouinciV,' Rh«umftUe • I'^luR, StiflfBML Buraltv. fiia»n'. =i -, Jtchlnr, or Acidtly try th« ' V-8 TUDOIt. -naillft and Heater ,, jiV, '34 CHKVROI.liT ' M A S t K. R COACH . , $195 '11 CHtVHOU/T COACH ?3« '31 IORT> V-8 'HIIIOH . $J(j<i IIDKJK SI-DAN, •> nrv, tires A ll<Jl llaiglln $ 55 iiut '1KA1I.FIIS "il IXWr» |i; ION 1RIJOK. lai«e Unit} $ :o "IT VOI1» Wi 'ION Runs llln> New "tt NABOB'S THAILPR, Bodj, lluat « i oun riospn TAB HCK-IIP . .. $ 2 0 PfflLUPS' USED CAR LOT Corner .Walnut & -Sit. i 1'lione 8H BWNOW Timp (o Cliniige New 1935 Ford V-8 Car itnd Dniililc Du(v Tmoks Tlib oiilslniHUiig value fov 19.V> Snvo ijriO to ?100 on lirsl. cost, own the most beiuitiinl, tlir stifesl anil sninrtPsl povfovmiii); nnlnrnobilc. Proin|)l dcliven'pS'iioH' nvmlaljlc in iiiost both lypcj. l.fl ,ns (tninoiwir,iU: I IIP nou Pord V-8 for '1935 to prove (11 yoii i(s iini'xeollMl rooninnv, its now "Centcr-Pnisfi" viiiiiip; qunlih' and its Mew ComfoiL anil onse of driving. ; ['hone Rll Toil.iy - - Don'f Hel.i.v Ask for tlernnnl floocli, Sales Mani PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Anllini i/cil We itwite ijttu to ride in the new 1935 'HIGH-SPEED SAFETY' PLYMOUTH More Powerful • Safer \Vo have several models of lilt's remarkable ntiw Plymoulli on display n(. our sales room, See and drive it yourself lii'fore yon buy nnv new automobile, ; W.T.BARNETT AUTO SALES CO.

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