The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1931
Page 6
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SIX COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 11)31 Yonlh lo Fore as Ball Show Opens M t.y: K&yyf' his BIE Alex and Sislcr Drcn -'.•,0ul: Youngsters Appear K Limelight. .' BY WirtUM KRAUCJIKK • • NEA Service Sports Kililur NEW YORK, April H.--Fnc« o! the heroes of other y?ars UintMi from the picture, as year by year new- players come lo tiic big leagues. The hardball season oi>cns today, for the first time without O rover Cleveland Alexander In a major league uniform, and for Hie first time without George sisler. One of the greatest pitchers who i^ver lived, and one of the finest flrsl basemen have given way lo tins bis leagues' constant call for youth- nrntfcinr In • Several promlslntr young players are getting tlwlr first tosle of co:n- petition in the,bi? show this . p e,a- Last \ . Tilts Is how teams finished If American Club .Philadelphia ... Washington New York Cleveland Detroit St Louis Chicago Boston . ... National Club St. Louis Chicago New York Brooklyn Pittsburgh Boston Clncinnali .Philadelphia .. "ear the bl* If ft year: I -en cue \V. L. . . 102 52 . . fit 00 . . 80 nil . . 81 13 73 79 04 M 02 11 52 102 League W. L. . . 02 03 no IM El 07 SO 58 .. 80 71 . . 70 8-1 .. 5D 05 .. "52 102 TJUI Pel. .GS2 .610 .55F .5W .4n7 /,lfi .-101 .333 Pet. .!»? .53-1 .53!i .553 .510 .'lif, .33!< .3:i? = JACK BUKXK MICKEY III-:ATU EIINIK LOMIIAIim Puzzle: Can Yon Find Office Boy Attending His Grandmother's Funeral Here? fon.- One of them, Johnnv Veigc?.. League to fill the B'<)i at, third base for the N,:wYork Giants following j the transfer of Fred Llndstrom to; the outfield. Is hailed as a finil by! John McGraw. j Jcc Vosmik. win led Ihe Blue Hid<!e and Three-Eye loagucs in batlni during the Just twn yi>ars. is breaking in with the Cleveland Indians, as nn under study to Charley .Jamleson, ihc aging left fielder of the Tribe. Another Hums There Is minlly Eomrone 'inmed Bum."; nlavln? for rne of the hi? league teams. A few years a^o George Burns, playim first for t'-i? Indians, set a season's record for .two-base hils. Tills year. Jack Burns, a left-handed first baseman, -joins the Browns. Manager Hill 'Killefer personally scouted young Jack at Wichita Falls in the Tex-is League toward the close of last sen- son, and has placed his stamp of approval on the player. Mickey Heath, from Ins Coast 'League, h expected to add strength ^to the Cincinnati Reds. Manager Dan Howley had Heath with him -at Toronto severiil jvnrs ago. and Heath was Instrumental in wlrmhvj .u pennant for that team. He is a first baseman. Ernest Lombard!, also from the Coast Lca°vf, joins the Robins' catching staff, composed of Lopez •and Picnich. Lombard! is said to wield a wicked bat. and Unclo Robbie probably will let him have some experience at pinch-hitting and relieving Lopez. , -Mel Simons is exacted to fill an outfleld birth for the White Sox •Donic Bush" says the young jnnn looks as tlioiigh he would make the grade. These are but six of the promts ing rockles who have come up this . year to attempt to take the place, of fading stars. Digging Divots? This Series May Help Your Game RUBSHIW; Ul* SPOUTS Grouchy NotfS All during the training [rip the Cubs played grouchy baseball And mrat of II was bad. Repot Is of dissension have become widespread. Almost every litre the tialn on (lie way back from the Pacific coast stopped for ualcr or n block signal, a couple of reporters leaped aboard and asked or a new lead on the prevalent xwishnres among Hornsby's boys. Some of the grnuches, of course, cere duo to the kind of ball the mm wrx niavlnir. When a ball ram Is takln? it on the chin renu- inly fr<yji Lush outfits, tl'rt fnlrlt of prankish fun usually so evident in a t?n»i during its training trip Is not likely to be strikingly ap- n: Breaks Thlncs went wrong. Several of >e nltr-hen had l<"»e ari"s Thrd liiscmnn l^>«i/>r Rell wasn't throwing rl(tlil, Hornsby himself, not a kid anv loirrer. actually out|X?pped si nf thi> romiiars with his .nlav arountl second base, hut tliev didn't ec'rn In catch the fire of his 0.?- termlnalinn. It became very noticeable thai Ihe Cubs were not hi'Mlliie -for Mm as lliev did i'l other wars. • They went through Ihe motions but the dash was miss- Ine- As though to forestall anv char? lhat he was goln? to rule the club like a martinet, Hornsby Is said to linve delcVfllcd to one or two players son',-' of the managerial tunc- t'ons. These men are sort of "assistant first vice managers." but somehow that passing around of powers didn't heln any. cither. The dissatisfaction may turn out to l>e me'vlv the. result of a somewhat tragic training trip, and after tiie season gets underway and the team crets a few games under its belt, the boys may snap out of it nut il 5.?ems to me that • Hornsby is facing one of the biggest fights he ever had.' I do not mean a fist fifrht. Hornsby does not bade awav from those, even thoueh' he doesn't throw very good left. I mean he is facing a fleht to make the players want to vnrk for him. Watch This T«m! Hornsbv hud somewhat the same trouble with the Giants when McGraw turned over to him the Job of handling tta bovs several years n«o. Finally, a. delegation of ball players went to McGraw and told him they simply did not want any of Hornsby. rudely shattering Mc- Oraw's dream of having the Ra- lalt as his successor when his own ilov of retirement came. Th? Ralah ,of course, can fight. He will not quit- No man in baseball 1ms greater courage. He will ptve every one of the regulars his chance, and .it will be a fair ihance.' Thon—watch tlje lineup. he vast throng shown above is composed almost, entirely of business men spending an:afternoon n me dontisfs chair, and oflice boys suddenly called away from duty because of the untimely deaths of many grandmothers. The date just happens to be April 14. Makin' Hay In Macou Is there .something wronj with If your golf swing? ; After a' winter of idleness, do you find that you are a bit more 'inclined to dig n large, fat divot than to drive the ball dim distances down the fairway. . Perhaps there is just a slnht .turn or twist in your stroke that means the difference between good golf and that which is not so good. By moving your left fool a quarter of an inch, you may murdrr IM! Turn to the Sports Pase Thurs- I.ATKST IKON MAN Lou Gelirlg, popular first baseman and home-run hitter for the New York Yankees, has not missed a game since he polned the club in 102o. Gehrlg's string of consecutive games has gone beyond 800. Courier News Want Ads Pay. Nelson Will Boost Chicks'Track Stock R. A, f^elson, one of two members of the Blythevllle high track squad who participated in tte Arkansas university invitation meet Saturday,' placed fourth in the 880 yard run. Nelson's performance- In face of RITZ THEATEK Tuesday,-Wednesday and Thursday ' HOME THEATRE Tucsdav-Wednesduy Thursday day and the Illustrated "Golf As the Stars Play It," the first of a series of . dally goif articles by Wherever Ihe Brooklyn Robins go League campaign will dcr,eml quite : this season In the National lot on what Is accomplished ccmins down to a Robbie at the right is Art Krenz, NEA Sen-Ice sports u°ctr.en> by artist and writer. Krtnz has' ° studied the most common mistakes of the "average golfer," and by washing champions at scores I/idybncs I-cavc Cold Slnri'i- of major national tournaments, MERCED. Cal. itjl't-Tlir has .found the solution for many I bmt:o ol tlic aphi svs ti-.r l-.iv- of the ills to which the golfing! buss started hpre wh-n ac-CO'si o' nesh falls heir. The series, by!the latter were taker, cut sketches, diagrams and brief; storage and set dally stories, will reveal the fine' dens •i: hits of play • of the c ' ars - lt;r cxcepl a fev,- ivhicli came In the r>;;ch'.r.; world by the man shown above signing his name lo a cne-ycar con'.ract calling for S23.COO. This little get-together tooK place In Macon, Ga. The signer is Dazzy Vance, right-handed fircballcr of the Robins, who admits he compromised with the Brooklyn mnn- S23.0(K) salary figure. Naturally. Uncle inlcrestcd In the signature. Ixiasted an "undefcaled" record nn- lil his wife got a decision over him ROMUKDUMi] * — s/ H f il v/ RoJil Rosing and Oiifc Horde, in "Hello Siller" wilh Sufficiently scandalous in a domestic bout. Scolt. she lold ! youthful deviltry lo provide'a the court, carried his ring activi-[of merriment. Trs into their home. She free aif.'i:;-.; (lie judge's decision in her divorce and orchards. All th» iv 1 -- ' \,'.°3 greatest^ugs survived Cr.c cold s'.srnco w"i»- ; —— contact with ammonia , MIDGET HORSE TRAIXER died. Tiic ladybags were The smallest as well as cue of I last August the youngest trainers of thorough[bred horses on the American lurtj Moe Simon, a fornwrjockey. Si- [rnon U only four feet tall - ST. Wllilc A slory of shclklsh Sheiks. !l!j]>- pan! Flappers, wild parlies, p.'tt;:';. o\i:o courtship and—what Inv, you? LOUIS. Missouri, (UPt — rllmbln; a ladder lo the Adm.—Jllitinec 811(1 Xiglit— rtosrr's Wlfi- \Von ncti^r . ^RIDOEPOHT, Coniic-clic;it - I ifr.-il roof of his home with the inlen: tion of killing himself by leaping : from the top of the building, ac'. cording to police, Edward Sloelt- !,,„,'Ing. 81, slipped and fell, sustain- vTulr, '"-' '"'"I injuries. 10 Rnd 26c. )/\'/Utl QPIDWVS w. Devii TO PAY LOteTTA YOUNG STARtW DMISIOM, IS (SREAT SfRlOES II* WS COMEBACK CAMPAIGN THE eREAT uEFT HAWO AWO TTi^E & THAT ARE BID YOU KNOW THAT— If Ormesby wins the Kentucky Derby. Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons will win $2020 . . . the other day he bet, the hor:-e ut 100 to 1 In thp winter bonk. . . . McGraw is worried about Bill Walker . . . il Uill weakens, he will have to think fast. . . . Myrll Hoag hit over .-100 in the south tliis year. . . . With Adolfo Luqii? out for at least three week.- with a brcto;n thumb. Uncle Hobble probably wilt have lo use one of his rookie pitchers a lot ... Jack Qnlnn. . . . Sonny Workinan, who broke his leg at Miami, worrying lest Iv all! lie unable to ride equipoise In the bi[! spring races. . . . Lee Scnt- man. the Illinois hurdler, will do miniature stceplecharc in the 1932 Olympics. Red Sox Sign Up 21 Men ! ures for several yeats.. is i'l hi*i 1-lh slraighL season as coach of bnsl-.rtbr.ll at. City College of New- York. Twenty one players have signed contracts with the newly orgoni;-^:] | Blytheville Red Sox. local hide- [ pendent baseball club, John Smith, | business manager nnouuceil this j morning. | Amcncr those signing contracts i were Monk Wright, young Manila right handOT recently released bv the Memphis Chlckosaws and Bike I Phillips, sensational young catcher. I Frank Thrasher' is to be playing . manager of the new club. Contracts were signed by the fol- I lowing: Monk Wright. Bike Phillips, Skinny Woods, Arnold Acock, B. F. BromVn. R. I,. Bible. Felix Kyle, Carl Ganske, K. Osborn, Jes Marten, E. Ledbetter, Buford Jenkins. Clytic Ledbetter. A. G. Sbuijh- le strong opposition n the Invlta- ter, II. Hires. M. McAfri--, VI. Con- meet Is certain to boost Bly-! lev . J - R- Abernathy, Frank oville's stock a point or two in! ' 1Inr; ! 5 her, J. A. Oagg, Rooster J ic district meet at Jonesboro Fri-i Wairiiiston. ay and Saturday. He did not take art In the dual meet with Jones- Oro, which Blytheviile lost by one Mint. Holman Ifas Ste.-idy Employment Nat Holman, one of the famed New York Celtics' basketball fig- PLANTING SEED FOR SALE CR TRADE Pure D. P. L. No. 4 :ir.d Slonevillc No. 1 & No 2 $50 Cash ov 2 for 1 J. M. STEVENS Dell, Ark A departure . . . something new In pictures. Gay devilment . . smart sophistication . . delightful romance. Ronald Col man In a smart rolo in his smartest picture. The most vip-to- Ihe-mlnutc entertainment of the season. HAT All of Our & Coming—"EAST LYXNK". Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—15 and 40c. FELTS AH New Spring Styles and Colors New Mead Clothing Co,

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