The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO CrC'L % (ARK.) cflgfli'BB pWS Steele^Clooter Society — Persotial Calendar ! TUESDAYS EVENTS Mrs W L«n Smith Tuesday Contract club Young ;• Matrons , Bridge- club meeting with Mrs Doyle Henderson. Literary department Woman's ?lub meeting with Mrs. James Hill Jr Special prajfr mecling, 2 30 P 'Mi •home of Mrs. Eva Morrison, for "Auxiliary of - First Prc.sbylcrlan cnurcn. 'WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. W. J. Pollard having Wednesday Bridge club. Girls Ailxlllnrj Fhst Baptist church '• nicellnj; : at eliurch 3:30 p ni :cc«, Lonpjw, West R(rt6«, Shady 3rdve, St|]|jnan, Half Moon, Paw- wen, Carml,; Drown, Perry, New having Hopcj Ogccola, Blytlievllfc, To; Fajrvlcw, Annorcl and Dycsu ' ni .wft,.n luivi me Housing iiuprovc- Jevvlsh Ladles Aid meeting \\lth menls needed for comfortable fain- rs s, Joseph 8 pm "J Ihlt'G There me. local 'inslllu- ' Mrs s, Joseph 8 pm BlBlc suidy Church ' 6l Christ meeting vijth Mrs E M Huffman, 5 30 p m • i ' Auxlluuy First, ' pfcsbjterlan church having special prayer scr ; \ Ice, V 30 P If. , EVENTS Holy Name society of Ihe Ini- maculat^ Conception chuicli meeting 7 30 pu In social Jutll Yarbro Woman's Missiomry society meeting vvllh Mrs Ht-kn Willis, 2^0 pm Mis Hany W Haii.eii h.iving Mid-.Wcek. Bridge, club. Thursda> Luncneon club meeting with M'i Bjron Morse Mis J E Crlla having 'Ihuis- das Blidge Uub .;Mvi t F. B. Joyner-having Tliurs- day Contract, club AuMliiifj Thst * Prcsbvlerian church ha\ing prnjer meellns, -i 30 P M, vvllh Mfs C, M Oia> FRIDAYS EVENTS AUxliiaiy First PicsbylCfian church having prnyei imctlng .! 30 P M vvlih Mrs DKle Cra\v'foid Miss Marguerite Wilson , .Wecls Mr, Russell Marr 1he_ manlnBC of Miss Muigueilto \yilEofi and Ml Ru^tell Mair vvas> solemnized Sundaj evening, i,cven o'clock, al ll]e Iwme. of (he, brldus parents, Dr ^nd, Mrs. C E Wilson The Rev 'Allied Carpenter read (he ring LCi-vlce beltre inem- ber s of the familv , Tpe bi[ds vvoi^c a spring model of na\s"J blue f^ugli crape ' ""•• idi had',.'j c?pe 4 e (I$c,C I' I Lolorlul standing collar anu mii/uut «,,ai*i.» predominated In ihe print, which ?vr)n, a shades trimmed acccssone neie in im( nnd Htr wore a 'corsage of Biiarcllff robes and sseelpeas' in Uavendar and F Hef 1 "fjrti:? r: a -- S5ter, Mrs Brownie Wilson blorey, v»ho wore a fleck of irce cm m black trijVimod On.aadn Collal" aiid cuffs Het ( *cortage'v\US Holij- ' ijood roses dijd ^ Bon Latlmer, of Meinpliib Miss Menu Hogan. district Home emonslrntlon agent from Ulllo lock, ea\c a bvicf outline o( (ho 'Otk (of (IilSdub year and (alS- , ati length on the National fjous- K act "Tlili Is slm'pjy g lje(tef ousing program sponsored by tho ov eminent to enable properly vvners to finance repairs and ' • i — i i . Discards Forced by Triple Squeeze Permit Little Slam irovcm'eiits at low cost. President complete without a se.wlon of 'ocsevclt said, 'H Is for those who trtdgc with my good friend Henry vc In houses, for those, who rc- •alr and construct hoiiscs djjd hose who Invest In houses'." MIES logan told (he housing Improve ions from vvhlch financial aid night be obtained (or, the homo mprovemeiUs. After'. Mlsa Hogah's slit a round table discussion was will and questions asked. Miss Waters discussed briefly the new canning program" which sli? lopes to announce In he nciir" mine She urges every'-canning urcrvi s or lo put (he equipment n first class order, silo also irged (hat every boll and icmv ic adjusted, if necessary, on • the sealer), and dinner,' •: • , The council was dcllgiilcd 16 lave Mi-s E. L. Saylcrs, the sm>- ivlsoi of the Dv-css colony, anil he officers of the Dycss colony ionic demonstration club. They me Mrs : an writers, Mrs. Jiia- ilfa Schmalliorst nnii Mrs. Sidiicy Joslci . • ' A "pot lucfc" lunch was served; In Iho business session Mi's terry. While inslriictccl-trie accrc* an, Miss' Ruby .WftSdnifr, '• to svritc n note of (himks tp"ihc iiul mill. Jar company for ihe 51000 which llicy Kent (H'citi ,'fo'r he piize for the contest, exhibit lad yeiir, uiid also' .the ,[«o --.n Ball ffiiit Jiii-s. it was-Voted o applj (lie ten dollars oil flic cm books. liidajs meeting.'look ih'o pliice if the inching vvJilch was 19 bi icld thp fourth Saturday of Jan- )Jij t rh£ February riicetliiB will be held February 'i3 ; , •-' '/•;•.• ' :' Music Depirlmrnl, '..... ...;.''. Thn t ., ib ; jjiisio ^jL >ar(inent -'of'thc -Woriiifi's- ''ciuli athccluleclMiy -.-Wednesday aiitf- loon lias ; jjeeii' postponcc!', to : Wed . - -'' : January 30. -it •- larlifo 'Iha Qlrl Scouts of-tile Yarbro ohool/ vvp •ni)fs 1 »D*|U''''J'Ur(|A*^ij spontor, had a program Friday al school: ,\ Mfi,s fjaii'c Jifilcs 8 ave, the lavy, MJs, Mildred Mi)tjcreo'|) spoke ori was Mr Mdrr,s bcit man V Mr Latimcr was host to ...,.,. t«rs of this wedding paitj ftf dmnei al tljfj Hotel Noble immediately foljo«ing tli° lercmouj 'A mixed bou.rjuel_oi v spring bio* |oms and p(n^ tapirs, (u crjsta nolders, formed the centerplefe The aflracilve bride received he later education at Blue Moun'a'i college, Blue Mountain, Mist TCI eeverdl jears fli» resided it Hoi noke, YJ leturning' here .1 vcar ago to again make hei home .Mr Marr, who Is the son oi Mr and Mrs. j E Man ot Sedalia, MO, attended Kemper Mil irary Acattemy, at Boonev illi Jio He cdtne here seven stars ago from Sedajla, anjf for several yeare lias b&n cbnuecled with the Mam S'rviic station Mr and Mrs Marr arc nuvV at nome at 300 Davis atfrnue County Council Meets Here. The January CoUnlv CoUhcil «l Home Demonstration clubs mel in an all daj session vetterdnj it th» BIytheville Woman'! ciiib hoitSD with Mrs Jerry White prc siding The 1935 ortlccrs <vcic duly nteUllPd b} Miss COM lye Cplemati coiuity Homb Demonsfra- (lon agent, with 'tlia impressive candle cereinons There vvcie represcnlalnes from the toliovvni' commimiite ^cliville, Pronil s cd I^and Whilton, Slmvvnce, Hutt- rnan Dell, Progressive 40 and 8, Black Water, Clear Lake Ekron, Ownell, Luxoia, Fmier, Hitcher Qirl ScoiHs,,.6t, Vcra LCC plcketl spoki on "Chil ' ' diens Plij' and Toys", Mies NH> L- dine Willis, Hung; ii soijg and :| talk 'A Girl Scout, is CoUrfconS' """ given by Miss Piirltc. ,'frc liiatje for Hie sup|)er The destructive wild bour Solution to Previous Contract Problem nv WM. fe. MckrNNKV iccrelary, /JnicrJran nrldge t.mfius No (rip to Cleveland would be Jaeger, H past president of Die] American Bridge League. . I iilivays get a great llirlll out of vvalchlng iJank play a hand, because his greatest liobby Is Hie 4 None V 87 ] 3 'i 4AJ7 64 ^ AKS * A10M ISoutli Pass Pass 3 + |8 + 4 KS + QJ 10 » 5 Duplicate— All vul. "\Vcst Nbrth Easl. ,,PB5B. . . 14' Double 1 4 pans 2 A Pntid 4 + Pass Phsa Pass Pass lead— ^i Q. al tfiiicciic play, i think lie knows norq uboiil the sciifijene play (han any other man in the coiiiilfy, ' ind usually, somehow or somewhere, during the Lvcnlnu's piny, . you will find liljn comlne up ti prctly Today's Contract Problem ,,.. liae th« conlfict »t tour hear|e, doubled. When UIQ har(d wab played, West opened the queen ot diamonds Make any opening you like ind you will Bdll find that declarer can make h(e contracl icjardjess of (he dfsfenae H is a f*Bclnatlr(K haiid, * A Q S 3 J J S 2 V + KQ10 <3 ^J1065 ivoia # A J S 5 + A J S S 5 MM.-Ben Btirn s , H recent bride, vns gural• p<:-Honor at a mlstel- lancous sho'iver In tiie Mothodlit, ' annpjt Thursday evening, Mrs. J. R. Morgan, Mrs. Dale-Rutledge and Mrs. J. R. Neeley were hostesses. • Ot(l of lown Btiels in- wlierc she ha? been Jor iivo months. Mr, iiu?h?s arrived last week. Pet? Coleman, .vylth his family tjrrivcd here last vveet; frorii'Lojig Bcacli, Cal,, lias accepted a post- tloji will) Iho Jofinton Molor company. "' " Mrs, R. R. Uoyell has returned lo her home In-Decring a'fler visit Uere with Mr. and 'Mrs. Ben ... , MONDAY. JANUARV 21, J935 •- • ; • ""' i'' V LOSSJIFlEIGT LOSS OF APPETITE Mr. aim Mrs. W. O. Carter and. nans, MtUer ah<l Buster, Dr and , Mrs. Alviu Stephens, and Clarence ' vi. lun n Biiuia m ,. __, «.,. >s .,n.o dueled Mrs. Ehvood Scolt and Mls.s Shanks arc leaving this wco> for a Alice Flsk of Blylheville. I vocation al Ft, Myers. Fla. Mrs. 1'loyd Wagstor and i|aiigli- Billy Hhodes, son of Mr ind tcr, Florlne, and-Miss-Cecil Wiig- Mrs. A. B.. Rhodes, formerly O f Etcr were In Memphis Sattirdav here and now of Canithcrsullc where Miss Florlne sang ovei the vva painfully but not seriously in- nmanf"iit\nn P*«I t^^- _i n t.._».» ...i . F .. , '.* broadcasting station at" Brj <, son Joe Mailon jj,d cjjiiBhtci Maiy left o\ei the week-end lo vltit fpr llnee vveeKs vvilh Mrs r' o Bcaslcy mid d-iughtc. Maude Alice who are v stationing at Ft Myer>j, Fla Mis Chuille Pollaul and diugn lei Miss Loienc and son, Shon vverp * eileit s of thch daughter , snd sistei in Bljtlmillo batui- I day Virginia Garnti ot Maiden Solution In nert ipcnt the her daughter M Mr , Alwood ice but failed lo return a heait Oi comte If he had his paitnei would hive i lifted Instead Easl returned Ihe .teii of spade's. West hud bid spades, so jaegtr refused to pi ly the king He played low find ihe tilck wa(, ruffed Ih diim my with Ihe king of 'clubs A small <thtnond was relnnicd nuil won b> Jaeger v^lth the king Aijotliei spade vvdfi pjajed antl rulTed In rlummj v\llh thoaco of clubs. r^ovv the eight of tlupb wab Here's one be pjuycrl wldi .le.nlglit, i' filled In w'itti jjlm at Iho Dovvnlo'w'ii Duplicate Britlsc League In Cleveland, ' The 1'lny .Against, our :liyc'' cliih contract .Vest opi'iicd (b'queen o( hciirts anil riiccamr; Hie hiltreste'd dummy.' Bust vvoji tl|5 trick vvilh liic '• played from dummy d-clftrer lovcrUklng vvllh Ihe .nine spot 1 Then he ion oil fom slralghj, club tiii.kt disiaiding the four hearls iiom dumnij while East foliowed wldi one club, and then discarded , a heail and a spade But on Ih" fourth club Bail Mostly Personal \- - found himself tqueezW in three suit If he discard's (he acfi of bpadei Jaeger t, king v\ill he good Hid Bgalil lie nil! be squeezed If •10 discard- Ihe ten of hearts de Marer will Idad the km? of hiart and then the nine and East will again be squeezed. If Eabt discards a dlninoiul ill dummyf. diamonds will be goofj Bj squeezing East on all three suits, Jabgei \vas able to makt *\\ odd. lilllion Dietrlcli spent the Wetitend In Cape Glrurdeati. "' DoiiaW Wcfu; of- Monettc, 'VMS li 1 ihe oily sUilntoy. Mr.'-and Mrs. S. J. Cohen are in Meiijphls for a few days. Ben Williams, of Hcleim, was in the city,Friday for f l]ic fuhc'ral oi liis ufollicf. Qebrg6 Willia . Classified ,as I'tance's No. 1 piibjiti cneiiij The boar is fiilr giim c all the jeai iiround in (hat co'iiiUrj'. 100 fATJ;~T~ . . —s Rose. Splnk, vvlio has tifien •'; seriously dll '* fi6m -;; pnqi)monla for ;,, fc »' d<i)'s,'|s noiv. improving; Mr,,ilnd fvlrs, B. M. Huffman and «oi|,.-.-B|ber(, niid tltelr houscBuest, Miss -. Marina 'Geiiiry,- bl Fricnd- ship;, Teml.; I'sjieiti yesterday in Jonesboro. ,>.'• Leslie Hooper,, who. iini beer quite ill, is -now much better. He Is quickly dlssolviid and washed 1r£,r% o he , U4C Ot BROWNE LOTION SOAP This £oap i, & Mquid and sells at fiflj cents Por stte epots |rt the sc a!p and eczema BROWNS LOTION^ should S uw *« »«hln»- CSompietc directions wnnS? . taltte< For salc »»h MONEY BACK GUARANTEE o'n first, bottle by Kirby Drug siorcs" ' ' '" -Adv 59 't Forget CAUDILL'S AGENCY > t -t * General v Insurance AUTOJiOtlVE ' Spccnl prices oii Aiitb . AciiSsprles, Tires and Tubes. Guaranteed Batteries $3.95. Aiito tops & Sldc- urtaiili S1.50 up.. Alcohol 75c gal C u henters ^1.50 up. cylliftlcv Heads moor Mais, : -Strap ffoir Kiclil hi. dcifiuid ARlAtif ; - rig E. Sialn , er. e was taken to. Memphis -FHiltfy for an cxamiimlioii - at the Baptist hospital, returning • h'opie ' Snliir- dny night, Mra.'Hooper nnd Mrs J. P. Lchti fen Wjorrlinj Destilulc Jr)E\ENNE Wyo (UP)-Of the Rocky Mountain states Wjomuig nas the fewest number on relief Only us per cent of the population is on relief ai against 23 p«r call-in Colorado and 18-'per cent h Mon I alia, jtired when he fell from - his bl- ' •' —•••'Ttvtf itu AJ4JI Jj j>i.»-i.i .1 liujl JJV JL 11 J J 1JJII • 11 IS Rl- \!r and Mis fanns Michie and C V C1 ° li ' sl wcek illl(t sprained his m .1™ »»„,<„ j .,_.._,_. nhklc. Atlcr treatment at the Blylheville hospilal lie was ic- l-emi 10 --------.^ . Mi ind ll "'" C(l home. J^^^»;-^P^^^ ^^ < • —- - • :i At a meeting of (he Slcelc Lift i ''-?"^^^BKHBi^_l^i&S& You fed'draggy— Tvofh' put — ruit- ig era club tiist week it was decided wn ^'''eeeu sybtems, caused bj faulty elimination, cauise hiany scri- lo enter a float from this citv in OUb " lscas>eh a " d unlold buffeiing And there's no heed to suffer llifs , ihc_ cotton carnival at Memphis ^fe?,^^ ve«k here with Mtlo O Ataood Ml and Mrs o A Holdei have moved lo Alamp, Tenn Mr and Mrsj Stan McDaniel i farm at Hayti are, moving MO The Infant *on of Mr and Mrj, Bud &towe Is ])l mth pneumonia Mi and Mis j v rdhell iml clnughtei 1 ' Nadine ami Bubuin June of Slkeston, were guest? last Wednesday ot Mi and Mis n M DcBakey Mrs J Abner Ashcroft -uul 'on Jmes Abner, liqya Alton Mciva Jean and Ray McCann wcie in Bljthevlllc Satuiday afternoon A ° *'L4' e ' 1 aroadcast over sta lion KL6N In Mfsb Jones Kiddie, Hour Mis M B Couitncy and tint uei) have returned "fiom an c\ tcntJed lisil ;n Mississippi Mrs pan Poitls Jr nu ,c tinned o Hcj Home it Lepanto •k after a visit with liei p-ii I*, Mr and MIJ> Albert Jordan in dfamily The condition of Uncle Due Marshall lemalns ciilical Mis Qrad 5 riughes will nine icie this week fiom Malvein Ark Canaiia i'rosiicrs AiONTniSAL (UP) — Canadian corporations paid out nearly $60, 000,000 more in dividends to shareholders in 1934 than in 1923; ilBiifes compiled here reveal. 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