Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 23, 1960 · 17
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 17

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1960
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J- ; . THIS SECTION daily Magazine and classified ad OAKLAND'S LOCALLY OWNED AND LOCALLY CONTROLLED DAILY NEWSPAPER 7 4 ASSOCIATED mSS...WIrrHOTO.,.UNITD MESS INTNATI0N At,, .CHICAGO OAILY NfWS fOIEIGN SEIVICE f VOL CLXXIII OAKlND; CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1960 . ' ". I i , TAf UtMIO huav J, ! j ii' i -- - ' E 17 , , . . NO. 176 .:. T f Mule Power Parades Of d Horsecar p-r''. ;-fr'-HfII i Sd r$ . P utU too feGP v ..m , 1 ONE OF OAKLAND'S HORSECARS LEADS OFF TRANSIT PROGRESS PARADE It ran on horse power from the Town Hall in Oakland to West Berkeley in the I860 Ring Charged With Seven Robberies These are the robberies police say they believe were executed by the shotgun gang: . Sept. 6-Otto's Bar, 1140 Stanford St.; Oakland. Owner Standlev Mocek. 47. bound and i-obbed'of $S,000. . - Sept. 22 Pappy 's Bar, 47th Ave." and East 14th St., where the owner and three patrons were forced to lie on the floor while two bandits, one armed with a sawed-off shotgun and the other with a pistol, emp tied $200 from the cash regis :ter. - Oct. 2Safeway Store, 490 40th St., where three bandits. armed again with pistpls and a-shotgun,- bound-theassist ant manager and three clerks and escaped with $3,000. Oct. 12 Aloha Club at 952 Fruitvale "Ave., where three held up the customers and owner but ran oiit without any Joot when a lookout apparent ly spotted someone coming down, the street. Oct. 31 The Bay shore Branch Post Office, 2230 Per alata St Two robbers, again with a pistol and shotgun, forced four employees and a patron to lie on the floor while ; they emptied $200 from cash drawer and the victims' pockets. Nov. 1 The West Oakland Branch of the Bank of Amcr-,ica, 1227 7th St Three men terrorized 10 employees and six patrons. A patron was slugged with a sawed-off shotgun that discharged on im-' pact Bandits escaped - with $8,041. V.Dec. 14 Wells Fargo Bank-American Trust Co., South Berkeley Branch, 3290 Adeline St, Berkeley. Three ban- . dits slugged three bank employees, forced a total of 20 .'patrons and employees to lie ' down on floor. Total loot: $2,194. . Trio Flee With $50 In Grocery Holdup A gunman and two helpers held up the 92nd Ave. Grocery, 1739 92nd Ave., yesterday and escaped with $50 in cash. - Proprietor Herbert La Porte, 63, 1419 90th Ave., was alone in, the store when the three men entered, threatened him ' and demanded all of the r money from the cash register. La Porte was not injured. 20-30 Club Play ; Santa to Children . " Oakland's 20-30 Club will sponsor a Christmas party for r the children at St Vincents Day Home today at 3 p.m. at 1086 Eighth St. ' - . Santa Claus (Arnold Greepe) will visit the affair, and entertainment will include - games and a puppet show. - V Santa; Buses OAKLAND'S TRAFFIC TOLL At This Oat Kil'ed Injured 2,219" 2,390 1959 .........46 This Year .....46 O 0 0 - DANGERZ0NE98th-t Ave. and San leandro St. VIOLATION Signals and right-of-way. 5 Drug Firms OK Discount For State Officials of five big drug firms have agreed to help the State of California establish a discount in the cost of drugs for welfare patients if such a program doesn't violate fed eral anti-trust laws. The discount proposal was presented yesterday by As semblyman Philip -Burton, chairman of an Assembly in terim committee investigating means of cutting the state's $12 million a year drug bill for indigent welfare patients. He pointed out that California's 38,000 physicians get $14 million in free drug samples each year, and said he believed pharmaceutical firms could afford to give the state a quantity discount on drugs. The firms are Parke-Davis, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Ab bott Laboratories and Pfizer and Robinson Laboratories. Negotiators Fight Deadline In Plumbing Contract Talks Negotiators are fighting a Jarl deadline in new contract talks' covering members of Plumbers and Gas Fitters Local 444, which now holds strike sanction from the Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council. A meeting called today by federal conciliator Fay Dun-mire involves jthe union and three employer ' groups the Alameda County Plumbing Contractors Association, Inc.; the Utility, Mechanical and Industrial Pipe Work Contractors and the Mechanical Contractors of Northern California. ... ' .'"7- ' It's , not a joint bargaining session, however.' While there has been a master agreement involving the three employer organizations, 4he Alameda County Plumbing Contractors asked for separate bargaining this year. - Richord G. Logan, attorney for the association, estimates that some 700 union members are affected-!-"about 90 per cent of them as employees of Brings Nfew to Eastbay Trlbunt dio( Suit Demands Bufano Statue For Storage A new home is in the offing for Benny Bufano's controversial statue of St. Francis. It's the San Francisco sewage treatment plant at Bay and Kearny Streets. The statue will end up in a storage garage there if a suit field in San Francisco Superior Court Wednesday is decided in favor of those who claim the cruciform figure belongs to the people of San Francisco. The San Francisco city ad ministration is already lay ing plans to solve the prob lem which has stirred a controversy on both sides of San Francisco Bay over what is going to happen to the 16 foot statue when and if it is moved from the steps of St. Francis of Assisi Church. Bufano, the man who cre ated the statue, claims it be longs to him and if the church doesn't want it he'll give it to the City of Oakland But the Oakland City Council tabled the matter. San Francisco City Engi neer Clifford J. Geertz said today St Francis will go to the sewer plant if the court determines it belongs to the city. It will be stored in a garage building. By HAL RISDON Tribune Labor Editor firms represented by the Alameda County association." The union has held previous meetings with Logan's group and1 the Utility, Mechanical and industrial Contractors. Herbert S. Johnson, attorney for the union, said the local wanted all groups on hand today "to see if we can't iron out conflicting demands." He explained: "Of particular interest are the conflicting demands with respect to rep-resentatidn of the employer groups on the joint boards of trustees for health and welfare, pension and apprentice training-programs." With the present single contract expiring at year's end, the union has served identical demands on the three groups. It wants-a 3S-cent package increase, effective Jan. 1, 1961, plus a 25-cent package increase effective July 1, 1961, in 18-month contracts. "The package," said Johnson. 'would be applied to wages and to fringe benefits according to the desires of the Closer Look At Coaches Available Santa Claus brought some bright shining Christmas presents to the people of the Eastbay yesterday the first seven of AC Transit's 250 plush new . ''Transit Liner" buses: The debut was marked by " the Travelcade of " Progress," a parade through .Oak- luL-JBerkelfiyAlbany El Cerrito, Richmond, Alameda, East Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward and San Leandro, symbolizing a century of pub lic transportation which started with the horsecar. The cities visited by the parade are all areas which will be served by the new buses as fast as they arrive from the manufacturer. A closer look-at the white, ilver, turquoise and persimmon orange coaches is available today and tomorrow in various cities throughout the .Eastbay, Tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the new buses will be open for inspection at Latham Square at ; Broadway and Telegraph Ave. hi Oakland; the Transbay Transit Ter minal at First and Mission Streets in San Francisco; 10th St. and Macdonald Ave., in Richmond; B St. and Foothill Blvd. in Hayward, and Park St and Santa Clara Ave, in Alameda. . 'Tiny' Naylor Estate Valued At $1,163,237 Sportsman-restaurateur W. W. (Tiny) Naylor left an estate worth $1,163,237 when he died, it was disclosed today. Oakland Atty. Aldo P. ,Gui-dotti reported the valuation in the . probate division of Los Angeles Superior Court. Naylor, a former resident of Oakland and owner of Pland's Restaurant, died Aug. 17, 1955 .at Del Mar Racetrack in La Jolla. He was 68. Guidotti's inventory listed a vaiety of restaurants jnd hotels in the Naylor chain. This included Pland's at 265 West Mac Arthur Blvd., which was given a value of $124,398. Besides reporting as an attorney Guidotti declared as a co-executor of the estate, one-half of the community property of which goes to Naylor's widow, Milla, and one-half in trust for six children. The children are William Jr., Calvin, Chester, Jeffrey, Gregory and Melanie. . employees In the bargaining unit." The Alameda County Plumbing Contractors Association has, offered a 12-cent package effective Jan. 1, 1961, and l2Vfe cents more effective Jan. 1, 1962, on an 18-month basis. "We feel our package is a fair one," said Logan.. "The journeyman plumber's rate in Alameda County now is $4.73 lk hourly, including such fringe benefits and health and wel fare." Johnson said the union also has asked for certain changes in the contract language per taining to the hiring system and hat-thisrepresents-an important issue to both the union and management. He said the Alameda County Contractors Association ' as-sertsV right to sole employer representation on the joint boards' for the health and welfare, pension and apprenticeship programs. Logan noted that his group now has- the "sole right to designate representatives for apprenticeship." 10 Held as Suspects in Crime Gang $20,000 in Thefts Linked to Ring Roundup Here ' Continued from Page 1 .77 lie G. Brown, 34, of 1425 Carlton St., Berkeley. Another woman, Betty Jane Brown, 30, also known as Betty Franklin, was taken into rustody-by- the FBI- at - her. home 744 58th St. The spree of crime and its aftermath had its start about-11 p.m. when four men, armed with a sawed-off shotgun, pistol and rifle, went into the AC Transit office at 45th and San Pablo Ave. They forced three off-duty bus drivers into a corner and made them lie on the floor with curse-filled language. HIT ON HEAD - When one driver, Thomas R. Kenny, 34; of 465 Edwards St., Crockett, decided it was a joke and reached for the bandit's pistol he was- pistol whipped on the head. Two stitches later were taken to' close the head wound at Mer-ritt Hospital. The other drivers, Paul W. Jones, 36, of 945 Kern St., Richmond, and Al Pemchak, 41, of 4069A San Pablo Ave., Emeryville, fell to the floor. The leader, armed as usual with a double-barreled sawed- off shotgun glass door of the cashier' cage to gam entry and ordered the dispatcher E. J. Blake, 37, of 18814 Madison Ave., Castro Valley to lie down. When Blake hesitated in answering the bandit's query as to where the money was kept he got a kick in the head. NOSE GASHED Blake suffered a deep gash across the bridge of his nose when his face smashed into broken glass on the floor. Two of other men stepped into the cage to help empty the cash drawers while the, last bandit, armed .with the pistol, stood" guard over the three bus drivers When Robert H. Smith, 35, of 720 Willow St., stepped in side to get change for a $5 bill he was ordered to join the three bus drivers on the floor. Then the gunmen ran from the building and jumped into their car. Indications there was a fifth bandit came when the AC Transit victims said they overheard one of the group step back as the others entered and say he did not dare go in because someone might recognize him. SLOWED DOWN Harrell, a laborer of 1035 45th St., Emeryville, . was driving by with Samuel Smith, 21. of 4312 Telegraph Ave., as a passenger when he saw the men. . They looked as if they were shoving each other around and fighting," Harrell said, "so I slowed untiL we were directly across the street from them and stopped to watch." - - ! When the gunman with the pistol spotted them he fired twice at the car. Harrell speeded up and left "before they could shoot at me again." At a nearby service station Smith left the car. Harrell swung his car around and began following the getaway car. CALLED POLICE When he saw the men go into the Market St. apartment house he called police. - The small army of officers arrived. First on the scene were Oakland Patrolmen Joe Sena and Hadwick Thompson. The five men and the woman, found in the apartment were taken outside while officers searched the apartment. rhey1ound "twinhotguns and three j)istols. -Strewn through the bedroom, bath, kitchen and other rooms were bank money sacks, bills, sealed bank bags from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco. There even were $1 bills in the garbage can. ; - The tip; to the apartment house gang was a break but police already, were closing in on the gang, according to OAKLAND POLICE LEAD SHOTGUN BANDIT SUSPECTS FROM MONEY-STREWN APARTMENT Off icers Joe Sena, Hugh Doyle with Clyde Gullat (left) and Odell Upshaw - mashed the V V I -itlS ' V 4 I ; 1 K . 1 't. ;4 "Ji - M, " i i iiiKiiii , yjyy t"t . 14". s " ' f' , ,i,iII'Iw"t 1 "'i'm& ' iim!!12'!!!" wiinw ,.-'' S' , '-0m , ,"""iilunini i,iiffiT S 5 1 M ' fumim iiimiiiiii iwi mtmm n i niim i ift)i . - TS!,--f ?- av- .;.!,. ' '' .' ' .'.""." ' '.' '" Trlbunt ihotM by Den Mohr - MONEY AND GUNS INDICATE TO POLICE THE TYPE OF BUSINESS BANDITS FOLLOWED Officers (from left) Al Tusk, Berkeley Police Inspector Richard W. Young. Young said Williams, who may have been the driver of the getaway car in the robbery of the Wells J'argo-American Trust Co. Bank at 3290 Adeline St., Berkeley, Dec. 14, had been picked up at 811 Poplar St. a half hour before the transit company holdup. In the apartment, home of his girl friend, Young said they found a complete map of the transit office. Brown and Bailey allegedly bad knowledge of the bank holdup and were present in Berkeley when the loot was divided, -Young said. Ar EVIDENCE Officers had Rogers under suspicion witn what Young said was "definite evidence he was involved in the Berke ley bank holdup.. Inspector Young said Wil- liams ana Rogersnweresen-tenced to prison in 1955 after having been involved in robberies including that of the Athens Athletic Club. Williams, who then was ac cused of robberies in which he got $10,640, was given three consecutive five-year-to-life sentences by Superior Judge Charles Wade Snook, who said he was being particularly se vere because of the vicious- ness Williams displayed dur- jy&$y if v - Howard Dilsaver, Dan Connolly, ;kA THEY LED TO CAPTURE OF SHOTGUN BANDITS LAST NIGHT . Johnny Harrell (left) and Samuel Smith who followed car 1 ing the Athens Club robbery. - With this information, officers implicated Williams and Rogers in the bank holdup. Williams was arraigned before U.S. Commissioner Cameron Wolfe today on a federal bank robbery charge. - Xf " '! " Inspector JacJcFroeming - 'r Temple Sermon Topic Rabbi' Harold Schulweis o'f Temple Beth Abraham, 327 MacArthur Blvd., will speak on "The Supreme Court and Sunday Blue Laws,, at to day's 8:30 services. p.m.Sabbatb -W ---K, , " ' -- 1 ' -.-. -L -- -- .-- -.-J

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