Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 18, 1962 · 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 15

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1962
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aUanbl2iatrHbutttWed.u!yl81962: :-; E 15 ? ' ' ' ' " -J v I - k Cz. . " - V'xM . l ' wvi-'A1 FIRST GARDEN CENTER ADDITION PAYMENT Mrs. Bessie Alexander and J. Vendes Mann " 11 Ebell Makes First Building Donation oldest 1 A fl Lead r I Mon-vvniTes In City Migratiph i lIADISON,-'Wris.-4JPINon-whites are . well on their way to outnumbering whites in the nation's 50 largest cities, two University of Wisconsin sociologists 1 1 r have reported. V ' rt If the patterns continue, our largest metropolitan - areas mav eventually con- rou n d i n g non-w hite cities," Professors Harry Sharp and Leo Schnore said yesterday. The researchers said census figures showed non-whites growing two to four times Local milkmen and cabinet tr1". uir 7c makers gave the Oakland uoa m w " Board of Education the busi- cities. Each of the 50 largest ness last night over who gets cities showed increased pro-the milk and cabinet making portions of" non-whites be-business for the Oakland iv a iqaa Firms Ask School Business The Ebell Society," women's cultural group west of the Mississippi, has given the Oakland Park Commission the first $10,000 payment toward the society's $100,000 donation for an addition to the Lakeside Park Garden Center. The presentation was made yesterday by Mrs. Bessie Alexander, president; Mrs. Albert K. Whitton, building committee chairman; and Mrs. JValter E. Bolles, past president who is now chairman of the board of trustees. -Plans for the new wing have been approved and construction's expected to begin soon, outgoing commission iiJChairinanJj!!nQes said. The addition will provide a meeting place for the club on specified days and will be available for other groups on a reservation basis as part of the Garden Center's general accommodations. The Ebell Society, which was founded in 1871, has been meeting at the Garden Center since its historic hall on Harrison St. burned down more than two years ago. At yesterday's meeting the commission elected retired in dustrialist William H. Jamison to succeed Mann as chairman. Mann remains a member of the commission to which he was first appointed in 1948. New vice chairman is nurs eryman Frank H. Ogawa now serving his second year on the commission. He replaces Ray mond H . Miller who was re cently reappointed for a term I forcing most local firms 'to ending June 30, 1968. I give -up any hope of getting Mrs. Sharon M. Richter was school business. reelected secretary.- - Board membersconfessed Jamison has been president the complaint was news to of-the Bay City Iron Works them, and asked Business since 1935. He is a former Mgr. Spencer D. Benbow to president of Oakland Rotary give them a full report on the Club and of the Wholesalers situation. Creditors Association, a past The complaint of the dairy- director of the Oakland Cham- men was not new, however; ber of Commerce and former the board had heard most of vice chairman of Oakland's it before. ict in Rest Home Death Sick Mrs. Patricia Murphy, 47, has been arraigned on a charge of murder and suspi cion of narcotics violations in the death of 96-year-old Su 2anne Denvir, one of the pa tients in Mrs. Murphy's San Francisco nursing homer . Mrs. Murphy is in San Fran-cisco Hospital where she was taken late yesterday after she complained of back pains. Attendants said she has a back iniury. . . :" She was arrested Monday on a charge of administering an overdose of morphine to Miss Denvir, who was suffering from arteriosclerosis and par anoia. The district attorney's office said it will present the case to the Grand Jury seeking an indictment charging Mrs Murphy with murder. State Highway Tax Fund Grows SACRAMEOTO-flJPD-State Controller Alan Cranston to day said $443,051,812 in state highway users taxes would be aoDortioned to various agen cies for collections during the 1961-62 fiscal year. The milkmen, independent! dairy operators, charged that the Oakland's- purchasing . prac-1 ics, tices and state price regulations favor large distributors and keep small dairies from getting a fair share of the schools' $343,000 annual milk business. . - . They were followed to the rostrum by union spokesmen for cabinetmakers and mill-men and representatives of the Pacific Mill and Fixture Co. of Oakland, who charged that specifications advertised for chemistry laboratory equipment by the schools was prejudicial to local firms. Pacific Mill and Fixture's spokesmen charged the specifications called for patented items which they could not provide or bid upon competitively, thus throwing the work to out-of-state firms. GROWING TREND The union spokesman said this is a growing trend among local school districts, and that it is throwing many of their members out of work and current "Land Econom- niversity ioi said great numbers of non-whites are migrating to the cities while whites move to the suburbs. MOSTLY NEGROES The term non-whites, they said, designates mostly Ne groes, but also includes orientals, Mexicans and Indians. Ninety per cent of all north ern metropolitan areas have increasing non-white proportions, the report said.-But only 35 per cent of southern metropolitan districts followed the same trend. "Continuation of these trends would certainly have tremendous implications for the future of the metropolitan community,'- the authors said. "There probably will be significant political reperciis sions. We anticipate increasing demands" among non- white peoples for greater representation especially in local government but also in the national Congress," the team said. CHANGE BOUNDARIES . ... - UV j-illll iiTlff li?-""-1 Ofixteti' Wall-to-WaII Comfort.- TxecutiusPlan By A canvass of Piedmont resi- -I dents will be made bvHtneG4wei5eatsatro carpeting - and "regular re- Transit District to see if busi nessmen' would like a' plush executive car" service direct to downtown San Francisco Piedmont was chosen for the initial study in the belief that the high-income commu nity would provide the greatest interest in inauguration of the extra fare service. "Executive car" service would include special plush buses, a continental break fast, soft music, wall-to-wall ing to pay about $1 a ride. : "This idea' represents the ultimate , in bus transportation," said William J: Betten-court, president of the district board. "If there is a demand for it, and I suspect there is in this area, . AC Transit should supply it" .. 1 The district's ' project development committee called for the mail canvass to ascertain interest before proceeding further with the proposal. I S . 1 BILLY GRAHAM PREPARES FOR RALLY Dictates sermon for Fresno crusade. iS) Graham Lists Sin as Man's Great Problem FRESNO - (J) - "Sin is the great problem of mankind," evangelist Billy Graham told a crowd of 16,000 persons last night. "Sin is a disease and Christ is its cure," Graham declared. The eight-day Fresno Crusade for Christ staged by Graham goes into its fourth day today. So far 58,500 people have attended the meetings. "Until sin is effectively dealt with," he said, "there researchersaid4taHwybe-iioolution-tohe-411s impossible to predict when or of the world . . . (but) if we us THE INTELLIGENT; APPROACHTO BALDNESS i S. I. TUROFF DIRECTOR, TUROFF CALIF. CLINICS If you've read this far, the-chances are stronglhat you are concerned -witfcuexessive nai r-: " itching, "excessive danclruff, ublic Advisory Council Education (PACE). on TWA to Study Oakland Air Service Plea John Warmerdam, owner of the Dutch Pride Dairy at 6300 East 14th St., charged that state regulations on milk pricing inhibit fair competitive bidding and increase the possibility of collusion among milk distributors who vie for the school contract. Warmerdam brought the same complaint to the board last year and charged he was denied a fair share of school business. Top officials of Trans World Airlines have promised they will study a plea from the city LOST MONEY for more service out of Metro politan Oakland International Airport, Mayor John C. Houlihan and Ben E. Nutter, acting executive director of the Port of Oakland, met with the line's scheduling and marketing ex ecutives in New York yesterday. -T". : Houlihan said that after hearing an hour and a half presentation of Oakland's case for more service, the TWA officers agreed to examine statistics prepared by the Port The port contends 30 per cent of the potential BajrArea air travel market is in the Eastbay and better service would attract more Eastbay passengers. Houlihan and Nutter with R. K. Rourke, TWA vice presidents charge of achedul-ing and marketing; John P. Logan, an assistant vice president, Henry D.. Fellows, Rourke's assistant, and William T. Middleton, California director of civic affairs for TWA . The school administration gave him three schools to with miiKandoy if non-white races will domi nate most of our large cities because cities , can adapt by changing boundaries and redevelopment. But they said the trend was in that direction. The investigators cited restrictive housing practices in suburbs as the main cause of the non-white urban influx. They mentioned more favor able economic conditions in the city and inability to afford expensive homes as other reasons. The report analyzed statistically the populations of the cities and suburbs of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, Boston, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Washington (where the non-white race already dominates), Cleveland and Baltimore. Vacation Time Near For 700 Employes SAN LEANDRO -Some serve products and he came to the board last week to complain that he lost money on the business. -He was joined in his com plaint by s p o k e s m e n for 700 employes of the Caterpillar Cream Crest and 49'er Dairies, Tractor Co., at 800 Davis St., which supply milk to nine will walk off the job at the schools between them. end of the month with All said they felt they were smiles. entitled to a larger share of The firm's annual two-week business from the other 67 vacation period begins July Oakland schools served by 29. Workers will receive their nine other distributors. I vacation checks on July 25 receive the gift of forgiveness, the Bible teaches that our sins are cast into the sea Richmond Tax Cut Forecast RICHMOND City Manager Edwin S. Howell proposes tax rate cuts ranging from 27 to 28 cents in the prelimi nary 1962-63 budget he will submit Monday to the city council. Total budget proposed by Howell for the current fiscal year is $9,423,769 as compared to last year's $8,511,689. Howell said he expects more in come from increased assessed valuations and state subven tions. - The proposed new tax rate would range from $1.86 to $2.07, compared to last year's $2.13 to C2.36. Seven different tax rates prevail in the city. and remembered against no more. "However, God requires three ' h i n g s: repentance, faith and obedience," Graham said. "If the world should turn to Christ en masse, it would not automatically solve our problems. But a new atmosphere would be created wherein we could approach our problems in an entirely new dimension with-4he-possibilityand'pros4 pect for solution. thinning or bald spots. If that is the case, what you read now is ' very important to 70u! Several things can cause baldness. Predominant is poor circulation, infectious dandruff, poor oil gland activity. - Persistent neglect, or an attitude of "I'll do something some day" leads to only one- result complete and shiny baldness! When that, happens, the condition is hopeless, forever! Turoff specialists know and understand the problems of baldness. We have achieved results that have made us California's leading . experts, with many offices, and more pending. We have over a million treatments behind us. Bring your hair problem to us"-now Examination is free. NO APPOINTMENT IS NEEDED Hours; 11 a.m.-S p.m. Sat. 10 a.m.-) p.m. Wed. 4-8 p.m. mjigiBOUIR HAIR & SCALP EXPERTS OAKLAND: 1624 Franklin St. (Suit. 1020) TW 3-7322 First Bay Fair Music, Art Festival to Open The board also heard from An additional 60 employes Larry Mays, secretary-man- will remain on hand to operate ager of the Alameda County the company's parts depot and Milk Dealers Association, who perform regular mainten defended the present proced- ancework ure ny wnicn ine scnoois divide business among all distributors on the basis of their, past performance and their ability to fulfill the contract. .-. ' "I would hate to see the board abandon the policy that has worked so well for all these years," Mays said. Members of the board in dicated, however, they felt SAN LEANDRO-The first annual-Bay , Fair.HusiC and Art Festiyal featuring entertainment, exhibits and demonstrations opens at noon tomorrow on the shopping center mall. The show marks the premiere concert of Southern Alameda County's new male gle clubr"The Mufie MenT to perform at 7 p.m. Roonsored. by Macy's de partment store, the festival will be open to the public at no charge daily through Sun day. . The program is as follows: ' Thursday Noon to 1 p.m., Castro Valley 1 High School Band; 1 to 2 p.m., ice skating demonstration; 2 to , 2 p.m., tumbling act; 3 to 4 M hotnn iuArttnot 4 in i n.m.. modern dancing; 7 to 7:30 t.m.. glee club and pops quartet; 8 to 8:30 p.m., San Leandro . Community Theater, independent dealers should have a "fair share" of the school business and instructed Benbow to provide them with a report on the possibilities of changing procedures. '-- and 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., ballet Fridav 2 to 3 n.m.. mod ern dancing; 3 to 4 p.m7, ba- TAKF A WAl K ton twirling: 7 to 8 n.m.. mag- ' ' ic act; 8 to 8:30 p.m., Golden Eagle Dance Team, and 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., Academy of Dance. Saturday 10 , to 11 a.m., San Lorenzo dog training unit: 11 a.m. to noon, dance band; 1 to 1:30 p.m., San Le andro Recreation Depart ment drama presentation; 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., San Leandro High School Band, and 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., square dancers hoedown. Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.. Dixieland band; 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.f hoedown and square dancing. - Betides the entertainment, the festival wiH offer an exhibit of paintings and local craftsmen will demonstrate how they make their wares. Bay Fair is located on E. 14th St. at 150th Ave. ' HEART EXPERT TELLS ROTARY i CONCORD, NJL-mPD-Famed heart specialist Drr Paul Dudley White says the best way. to relax is to quit smoking and to exercise. "Tobacco doesn't do anybody any good," White told A Rotary Club meeting here yesterday. "The best tranquilizer is exercise. Walking helps emotion al strain." Dr. White, who ' treated former President Dwight D. Eisenhower when he suf fered a heat attack, said too much weight Is bad also. 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