The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1935
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Served by the 1/ntterf Press BLYrHEVlLLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHKAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. 262 Blyllievllle Courier Blythevllle DtnVy yews „, .„.,._., . „ APK'AN'SAS Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Ixwlrv HM I IIK\ 11,1,1',, rtKlSAjN^rth, l*MfJAl?V Pf ,I.-U\UAIO /il, ZERO WEATHER HERE TONIGH Three Pays of Rain Cup- ple^Tiaffic^ Duvj- Many From Homes, r u »,; ' >_J ?'•' ''Jo High Cowl Decision On Gold Cases Today ..WASHINGTON, Jan. 21 («P1- The supreme coiirl .-rfCpssMl lodiiy; aflti 11 ^hoil sf^fon \llhoiic piss j K on ihr gold CR C P i Failure, to, ai'l-: oh (he cose id'• day means Hist Ihp' decision will | not" |jf> rendered before Pflnuary •t al ihe enrliest. The Dealer in.-.Rig : ']Game Senate Voles $106,000,00 if or Feed and Seed Loans MPMPinS. Jani2l'<lJP) — A WASHINGTON, 'Jan 21 IUP)- mld-soulh soaked wllfi i/f OKI five The, senate today'passed a hill a'tt- to eight Inchfs of • jViflfall % i-> dining 1111 ( <J doubles the 'sum pitrpo'i^ list Quickly VoatMl «lttv !ee.fto<Hy as i <.old wave wllh "slpel' niid snou moved 'in Irom the 'northvpsi riood'j wate« Irom|ta''continual downpour or rain (Sincf' rnrly Tt i day l^ft, two dead and'one in lured, crippled tranfpouatlon due 10 railroad woshoiils and high ua tfr over lilghvtys and made nvinj homeless. Disregarding highway warnings two -unidentified negroes were drowned near Senatobln Miss yesterday when they .tried to crass Coldlwater '; river bridge on Hlgh- Atoiit ajjd ^ccd Joan., Flif" inrasiiro jlilri)l7P(l lor yenr '< ' way 51 In an automobile nine'•" Inches; of • rain had fallen th" the- area. St.' Francis Up The White river stage was 21 at Clarendon Ark, at noon, rise of 24 the weather bureiu reported No late reports were available for. other • cities on - the river. Thel St.' Francis river neareil feet at Fist Mo, approichm^ the nlV time record of 2S.2 feet, r >fd two jean ago It was believed M Fn the high mart- would be reached tomorrow A flood stage of 50 Ipst 9 as predicted at St Francis Atk by Thursday or Friday The Mississippi gauged 191, a rtse of nearly tlirce test m tne los,t 24 hours The rainfall was believed to have averaged J eight Inches throughout Coal Mine Explosion '. Costs Lives of Six SHENANUOAH, Pa, Jan. 21 '.U P)—Six men were kilted-and-fifty others were overcome by afterdamp in an explosion (oday at the Gilberlson colliery,'.officials of the Philadelphia and Hearting Coal and Iron company announced. rjiaptleaily i, ttif entlrf-mtd-south. Sleet followed the rain earl; today but soon turned into snow Floods in Mississippi Telephone^ and telegraph servi9e Wai impaired Nearly all trains Community . eommltteernen to administer (he 193S cotton rediie- ' program will be elected this '. eek by signers of rotlon acreage werp running behind ^chedule here b causa of ^detours resulting from washouts in west Tennessee and Mississippi " Jjigh faster' cut off traffic 'on ' all hAghwayb except into o-l oj. Arkansas high report ed'o'pen allhoujh hiuUbtocked mtvny sift' Arkinsas Mo-l oj. Arkansas \iays M,«re ' report ed'o'en al high i .oalsr.d- Cvfry : eported'more'thar .Water,, flooded fthcfe It 1 Ws n ISpjOOO acres were under flood wa- Ifr Jn^Misslssippi^aJpne ' ' Jick'sofi ^/Tenn X/X^s % withoii electric Jigh^, lV 'diie to wafer ils i ng ^ into the, power' "pla nt Winter's Worst, ! fclast-?"coverea 'Ar- tion Piogram Will Be Chosen This Week feductlon contracts at a series of :owfishlrj meetings, The community coimnitlermen in turn will elcrt. a comity coin ihitlee. -In-.oraer -to -Insure that there will hje experienced men it the JJead of IJie cotton pro E iam In eacli counts lioviBser It has been p(oilded thai at lensl tno members of the 19$ counti com mittee must be men who served on Ihe,-,l934- committee. The" 1D34 : committee for the Chlclasawba dislilct of Misskslpm county consisted of C _ c Langston chairman C t TiicLcr and John Bearden. While under the 1935 prcsram acreage reduction contiact signers ma\ olant as much is 75 per cent of their bast acreage In cotton it is not like!} tint mmj ol .them vyill consider it-desirable lo do so Coimty. Agent .J. E. CrUr. «iid this morning He pointed out that the Banfchead law quota foi llih jear permits of an - increase of, only Clf i TO ST. Flood Control Projccl Call- rtl "Mevito \' i o vi R" by General Mavklmm Support, 'of Unfled Slaies nriny engineer ,ror|.>s for proptsfd $lt>.fflXt.rjOn . si. Fmncls river Hood revention .program apiienrcd DS- ol snred today following a visit by General!' Mru'K'nnm, eMet atitiy engineers, who declared, fcl lowing nn Inspection lour of llic vallftjv Umt.lic regtmMil the project ft,s "riujrStorious." General :-:Mi)rkhmii, who "from ,912 lo-11)113 was In choree ot the Mrinnlili district and is amlllar with the situation In this region, discussed the program for the St. Francis wilh John W Meyer, engineer for Drainage pull-let 17.- , The .program Includes work at Big Lake and along Uttlo River which engineers say, would remove . for, all time the danger of flood there. ' ': . General'••;. Markham. was panlcd /by .' Major W, - M, Hoge, army: engineer in,'charge of tno Mnnphl.i, district, n'i)d , Bltiiv fleas, niiea engineer. . His; lilp was designed' to.glva him . first,, hand In- loriirotlo.ii.'concei-ning the St. Francis am\ its tributaries and-the area endangered 'by, their waters.- 'lie . ejplamed ithit Increased drairiagtf jhacf "added, materially r to (he flood danger.;.In ;thls.- region- since: he Deny Colony Menaced By HighJWater A report Hint high wnters, caused toy heiivy rains , of the pnsl. (cw days, hnd nkhqcii ogiclals Hi Die Djvss rrlinbllllalloii colony Iti couth .Mississippi county lo re- iliiost nid of lim.npii CrRss rlm|>- icr hci'c In evacitntlns fai.^illf.1 from .soiiitj htiiLsP.s fn the' eotony was 'denied nt the FI1A oi"Jcc-.s horc today. ,£ EfforLs to contact Cone •: Murphy, tenerol inanngcr of the colony, by long . dlslnnce .(cieplionci.were fu'? tile hill nt his otllcc It iWiis.slated . whllp. Iliere wns, xvblc watcv 'In iha lovilnitri .' where the. colony project Is locnl- cd, no, necessity for. removing fnni- UIP.S Water Level n,tiBig> Lakej'j Will Appi'oac[i]Point of' F)o'ocl DangeYV' , M>, —- t •> /<] As downpour tluH had fallen s steadily, slnu ri Iclay | turned into.' t ng a fall,, O. A. Cutmlnghnm, i-hnlnnnn of the Chlckasawbn District Red Crass chapter, admitted lo -the Courier News this afternoon:, tlmt a ro quest for nid" bad bceri placed with him through the office • of Mis Bessie Stair, ERA relief director, here, on: advice that the plea come fiom Ilnj employe at the colony. Later 11 was reported, Mr. Cunningham staled thnt Mi Muiphy hntl dp, iiled that an> help was needed Mr OiiiHiJngham sntd Hint \ In e the denial meant (hat he wolilt noi hn\e to psss on the r«n»st lial : hn doubted If 'the local Rei Crass unit Has Ihe proper one foi colony pfltolnh lo apn°n! lo fo ild If such a course wns pursued ,. i Rep'.'W. J.' Driver has amwunc- ed'ihat' : th :,eSt. -Francis 'ptogram i/ittl.ft£felvei ; 'ti inajoivportlbn of' his Un(e,Vand effort At the,' cun'enx .of coiigross. ,-He hopes to the necesSary v '- •mow earlyjjl n Icy wind I roiu the nxy th ~ brougli^ nn o\ernlghtjdrop In fiie '•- -me of 44 dejijees, "-«,,. luercury will ^continue 1 to^tl according to* official fore- si? which lnd!<;ate.d a minimum ? WnlgUt of zero' Fair Heather with* temperature In eji- ctcd lonioryo'w ? e\f Luke Will Rise U Tills moriilnf) llie preolpltatlon nee 10 45 (i rri Friday mensuied 41 Iiioliri, biltiglng a ihteat of osslblc flood danger nt 'Big Lake i Ihe ne\t ten days or l«o «eete ohu W MCVCT englnceV , Ha Dfslrlcb 17, who spent eslciday In th,o ylclnlty of^Ken-, etl mnl risl$ Mo InspetUng tno ondltlon of the, 91 Francis river, redlcled tod.oy 'that <a stage ol 40 would bp njacl^ed at Big- Lifee. In tlic present condition of the , Big Lake levees a gauge reading ~| TRIICED BRUNO tleVi snd El DoradrT on thc k soi}fh ffhere 2 75 > inches was recorded at noon—the heaviest snow" since 1929 A half Inch was estimated lo have fallen at, Little R The OUachlta rlver^M at "tage at 26 feet nt Camden biit no considerable damage was ex- ptcted Rains which fell foi'72 hours beginning Friday raised rivers over the'stflte. c ' abaiii. ton Ai cotton cnt- therefore, with mal, growing conditions, would be certain to issidl in n laige volume. ..of .laxable. . cotton. < Under the 1935 program contiact sieners must rent il lr>nsl ^5 per cent of tlielr base acreage to the government and ma\ reriff as much as 11 per cent. (rlsoto li^JIn'rearct . CWy/lBht. !93 5. SBAiServlct Beneath ilio '. flag ol his country, tlw<:iire.stdciil. sits al. his : desk, holdliiR the reins of the ^Staie-'Not Expected to • Seek Dealh Chair foi Third Member -of-Family. vast 'machinery; nf govsmmcnt mid receiving : n constnnt slrcnm of cnljers. Tlic dignity of llir qiTlcp, Is well gested uj this sprnnllj posed ixirlrait study 'by. Margaret Bciirke-Whltc. , ; . Analyjea De fendant's Bank an . Biokeiage Accounts V FLElktllVaT^N' N J Jart , (Ot 1 )—The jgov^mment today' fu filled lls broMUe ,tp tra"ce near 550,000, 'into the hands of Brui ..,.„,.,,..., ,.,„_, .._ HIohard/Hauptmohn—nioney nhic condition and. that'whlji! it declares to be the proceed of "" ' -«.»-...- -(lie Lindbergh kidnaping f 2-18 a,t the 18 bridge While Hnnptmaim wl frying lo check some of Iheca figures with Associate' Defense Al s rcgmded ns the danger point Vh°ther 0) not the lake will go j • '.1ml lilglj depends upon future \etvthcr conUlUot\s The heavy freeze predicted for jonlsht will ',\\ slaw tit'the. run' off of surface, Vl watev eor4lde.Tably^ bu^ should 5f ( bo followed 'qilf^lv by yarm ( wea- •; ther or mrito ^ ^afn a darigerousr situation nould.result ' ' , There tvate'i he'll lhre,e small slides j>n the BJg Jake k^fee bur/ are SejcriVifS as inaignlfftsnt They \flll be vatched, -• liowe^r, and v;hen., tjie wnter reaches a -jl stage of ,2^5—probably,.before the >\ ?nd b! Uijs «eeV,— i live* patroV il will be estflbllsWd '.'''', ' I SI Franc's t Uv^es'Sa?e »' MeVCi wpprtW thai th6 St 5, ih er ^Jeyee^ are r In, good tlon and, tnat'whlji! t^e.rivei i go consl^eifltilj nboie flood i no,' Vroubre U antlclpaUd Little, actual damage, v,fls caused , Mr nan*, ig [or Injured ''Officer Apparent- ,-ly' on-Way to Complete Recovery •• i, IC BMioame o, mceung, 01, 01w ™ rl "8, dftrk-colored . glares, which farmers of the Chlckasawba pliwlff Clarence H Wilson was dlstrlcl will elect their communityl£ Bt *. °", lhe j °f todaj ' 1 , at ' hu . of ' ... , cpnirnttleomen- follows |fice in the county coiii-lliouse here. apploslmate b ud«st ''eathnates Tuesdoj January 92-10 0 nv.Lr^Z^lV^jT^l^ "'± $3.111.850,088 for the ' period. _ Tlic of ol lie venues Are Running Well'AhpyeJLast Year WASHINGTON. Jnn! 21 (UP) — Federal gover'rarnMit ^revenues in less than • seven .months ,:0f the current fiscal year has : passecl llie $2,000,000,000^ mark, .the,; treasury retiorted today.. .- ; ( -'-; Receipts. From July .. )•. .,1934. 16 January 18, 1935. ainpunled to 52,- Cqtt,535,'!89', a .-25..'- psr cent gain over collections of 51,619,131.293 in the corresponding period.Inst year. At -the rate of gain so tar It was believed that total revenues for the current fiscal year would Archie Barnes, . charged':, with murder In; a crime Ih'jit lin's al- coiiscd' his' .father," FtanV. .rues, and'a brother. Dill Barnes, be given denth sentences.-is. not :3ly to face trial.. A coinpromlse ready Mississippi Countians Called for U. S, Jury JONESBORO, Ark.—Eleven Nils> , Wedhesdiy, January 23 - 10 a.! _• - „- , a ~ t , j ,1 :'<">" ""•> •, "•>?. i" u«num.i, .u. sfclpp) count} residents hate been m HicHman township, 40 and 8 .^^....-^.-K. .1!..,. ,!?. „"!", 'S 35 . amounted to $3,810,568,819, 4. Ill-^JIJJ i/UUUUt > *^—- —J\J U tit., t n I. 1 'V> i Chlck^to tomshlp at BUthe-' "^ S , at , l i'? a> :'T th" "ff ° f an " \llle courthouse an m Canadian dlli • bullet hro1ce the glasa ° a ow^shTp Armorel «toil '["'•*» '" !'« C f7' n "l e T' 5 ',, 0 ' . ^ ....*.v. uw.ivs,. O,,;nn frlrtrt. r+rlVfTlcr Him '(„ tlta flying glass him in the summoned, for jury service at the speclarterm of - United 9tit«i district court which'will' convene here January 28. : '•" , No. residents of Crnlgheod or Uwrence county were Vailed for , school; 2 'p. tn.. Clear Lake town- slilo, New Liberty school... -Thursday,'January 24—10 a. in., Bovycn tou-rislilp, Opsneii school; 2 .p. m,, Heclor township. DeH .school. bUndiiess might, result but after undergoing treatment la- a Mem- This left a ' current deflc | t O f ,,, T pWs hospitalill Is now confldently 87003I187 Dgn mst $],664.064,031 ViAHai-n/l frViol >itc fivazt&llt tt'lll hfl . . -• believed ..that'.'.his eyesight will be unimpaired.' Mr. Wlson will be linable to : for three !or.:four vvceV^ and Jury service. The prtncTpa ca,e Irdw. January 55- W h. m, [ or : «"W!.or ; i»ut vvcete and Ml to be tried Ls that of C. B. Bai Big Late' township, Ivmnllo school 'f v «. on . e ^ Ills ndc ,f"' Cs .,,n nf nett, Jonesboro tan,! ,'hrnlr.r 9 n - m M,.ni.t™n«liin: LMMwilln Wm '" Handling bomepl he of- 2 p. -m., -Neal townsliip, school. - -:. • Monday, January 28 — 2 p. m., Half Moon township, Half Moon school. ^Jonesboro bond broker, tn.igcd with Imndllng'-bonds stolen from the United Stale's mall. The Mississippi county men called lor Jury service are: Otto Bradberry, Dell; Clay Ayers. Joe! Mounts,. Finley CarU-rlghl o s - CeoJa; Joe Cromer, Careon Lake: Hearing for Mother Herman cross, Blsthevllle; ' Hob- Vi « i. n i i ert- Oisen, E. C. Chllds, Keiser; I NcgTO Bandit Delayed R. O. Laughton, Luxora; Jack "" .... ... that''the sheriff lias attended to personally 1 In the past. Mr. Wilson said that ho does not Pecan Point; Harden Mead- Etowah. • '•'-.:•.. Chilled Kitten Turned On Furnace Heat TOPPENISH, Wash. (UP)-Be- hnvlor of, George Allen's gas lur- n«ce puzzleil him for many, wetks. Preliminary examination of Vlr- gle Cimtlhers, negrcss, mother of Cordell Hull Expresses Fovmal Regret (ov Sinking oi Rum Craii • WASHINGTON, Jan. 21 (UP)— Th? .stat/? departtnent (oday an- •nouncetl that the United Slales sovers\me»t Iwd formally apologized lo ihe Canadian government for Ihu unlawful sinking of Canadian rum nmnev, "I'm Alone,' fn 1029 by e United Stales Coasl Gimrd cuttc-r. The apology svns contained 11 a .formal note sent by Secretary of State Cordell Hull to William A. Herrldge, Canadian mlnlste WE. on Saturday. Ths text o tlis note WHS released for publf cailoii today in both Catinda and the United Stoles, Hull's" apology was made In. ac , cordancc . with findings of £h J. B. \Vnitworlli until rivcnlly joint CoinmLsslon of inquiry ap n member "oT-llie' coaching stnlf pointed by Cmraila and the Unit Government, expenditures, however, >verp shov.'n to be running aliead of revenues. Expenditures from Mly , (0 JanBory agaliat S3.283.188.274 last .year. !RS J. B; Whitworlh Here .for Visit With Parents suffer any considerable pain now at (he University of Alabama, Is fd States to Investigate Ihe sink but must be 'careful lo avoid i here for a short visit v.ltl> his Ing of the I'm Alone. The com strain.'He can mnfee his way nbont Iparonts, Mr. and Mrs. Envln Whit- wtolon. !!!_ addition to an apology unaided and i-ccognizcs lila friends j worth, tetorc goiijg to miislana '-' ""' ""' despite his temporary hnndlcap. ! Slate unlvoislty at Baton Hoiige 'The Mississippi county sheriff [where he will begin lit, ilu|tc:i as head freshman football coach. Whlnvorth signed as a member cf the L. S. U.- .start Ins'/ weak. Ho had served HS nsslstsfct fool- b'all coach and head baseball roach )negroes held as. confessed "Pa'" ke 'ljfor"theii' 11 atVcfc"'on hlnTbui for « the University of AUUnma af- expressert Conndence thb; morn- Ing that the negro bandits who fired on him would eventually receive the death penalty. Not how- recommended (his government pa Conadn S2S.OOO for the unlawfi sinking of Ihe rum runner an pay $2S.Gfl6.SO to the captain an the crew for damages sustained. a charge of re ^celvlng stolen property, has been continued until Tuesday, judge C. A. Cunningham an- morc serious crime's confessed by the pair who have allegedly admitted o scries of "petting parly" hold-u^, mistreatment- of white- nounccd 1» municipal court Satur- wome n,'and other offenses. THc] 8 B°-. ter starring with Crlm.'on Title athletic teams for thtcp yo.irs. Ho excelled In football and' Uj.'sball at Blytlinvllle hluli scvi'Ml J''-«r3 225-Pound Cop Admits 115-Pound Wife Winne He would .go to the basement turn'off Oie_ heat nightly before• the day afternoon that Ihe conlinu going to bed, then, suddenly ihe Iiirnacc would be burning full been gra absence o( Sheriff Jim X. CaruUiers and Wilson. The negress lias been in Jail -iiitgiuv^, \JIIH . A, oaiiivxii.10 .»." : , ° r ,"Bitbber" Olftylon, ore now held! ••»» and Order al Cal Shovr Clarence in a dlstolll nlld uiwrmo unccd Jail; BOSTON .(UP)—There was I»W a rough-and-tumble fight. WASHINGTON (UP) — Jes Moore, 225-pound iwllocman, le tified In District of Columbia Si Pi^niG Court !icro thst he was match for his 115-pound wife bltts ' p since January 13, unnble to make Finally IIP .found the reason. A'a $1,000 bond, A car radio, al- kltlen that slept in the basement, tlceedly stolen by Jim .X. Canith- woyld climb the wnll to rhe fur- ers and found-In-the"''kitchen ot liace lever wlieii Ihe floor got cold, bat the switch wllh Its paws, and go to bed ag»ln. because c! stvorig teelin?; against them In this section. ond order among the cat.s in flic' ' He-further asseitcd, through h show held here recently. Andrew-lawyer. In the divorce trial, th , H. McCarthy, Deputy Mfisisr of his .wife "had NOT hesitated the 1 Deer Island tftms? o( coiTec- thVovv ' dtshes, milk bottles, bra Pictures of the interior of the tlon, paroled five of his (rusted bookends and .similar objecls al| stomach can now be taken by .a cats, n. Persian, two ran? Siamese, him." • •• •ney Egbert Rosecrans, Wlllfam Frank go\ernineiit aildltor, ^ analjred to the bank- nteuce - is-.anticipated. •; NolthVr.attorneys for; (lie; state >r for the defendant have ap- a'ri'd anxious to try' A'rchV aftev ie -ordcnl of -trials 'that resulted death sentences for Uhe other embsrs ol the trio. There-Is-nn le-stlon but -that (he expense of Ihird trial would be burdenEOma trie roimly, Ddding to already eayy - expense in Ihe cases', and hat It would be - difficult Ib'se'- ure another panel of venlrem'en 1th 175 or more special Jurors aving been examined In the two lals^already held in addition to ie regular panel. Unless new evidence could be ncorer«i before the April court erm there is scant > possibility that \rchle would receive Die Meath jenalty as has been ordered for ils brother and father. His prln- Ipal' connection with the crime, o • lar ns . the state has been ble to ascertain. Is that.he drove vtarlin's car av,-ay from the sc«ne f the fatal attack after'Prank Barnes and Bill Barnes had beat- n and knifed C. A. Martin. From reliable sources It Ls vui- derslodd that An'hle has Wen vlr- \lally ignored by .other membsrs f his family since the trial of his ather. It is understood that his amlly, except for his wife and baby, regards his admissions on arrest of the trio as directly responsible for confessions of the others vlUcli were later admitted as evidence til ihelr trials and iradoubt- edly led to Imposition of the death execution date Is Ing nnil brokerage accoiinis ot the prisoner whlc'i showed that from April 2 1912 when the lairsom was paid until the das of his ar res,t last September, the Hauptmann famllj Meallli Increased bs «•)•) 485 This fllgurc -Included 'money in banks, .stciirltlps' field -by brokers, the nearly' $16,000 in ransom rar reiioy found In" Hauptmann's gnr- agc, and Tlic face value of a 'mortgage. , , In this vicinity" by the. prolonged rain aivA svlbsetiucnt drop In tenx-^ pcroUire Most dht loads afe" practically Impassible and 1 a few small bridges^ in this county )j,erB reported Cashed ' out Railroai, trains are rupnlns on schedule The tempcratufe-j here this morning was 1C .degrees' n 12- hour fall of. 44 degree/ Claim<r Alibi for Haupltrunii NEW YORK, Jan. : 2i (UP) — Walter' Mantey, Bronx janitor, dc- Clered today that he wps prepared to testify that ' Bruno ; Richard Kaupttnann was waiting for' his wife In a Bronx bakery the night, the Lindbergh bnby nos kidnaped In Hopewell N J Mauley's story was revealed after Robert Grant Jr, 19, Daggered into a .-HasJIngs-on-Hudson : res! deuce and begged police- protec tlon from kidnapers he said were determined to prevent the test! mony . ot an "alibi 1 Hauptmann, Evils of UtUity Holding i Companies Discussed WASHINGTON Jan 21 (UP) — New Deal electrical pover experts today discussed a three-point, pro- cram to remedy what President Hoc evelt deems to be evils of tha holding company system of public utilities 1 control. , Mr. Roosevelt "summoned n - conference for 2 P ,N5 to discuss holding company legislation The United Press was Informed that-tlie federal, power - commission would, propose legislation to proUde 1.—Federal; control.. over 1 acquisition of operating- companies by holding companies , 2.—Federal supervision, of-- contracts between ope.aling and hold- He was taJen from Hastings to Ills home, where his father asserted he had received letter's threatening violence because his son jiad divulged Manley's narne to Edward J. Rellly, chief of the Hauptmami defense. Although liellly, at Flemlngton, sakt he was "puztled beyond endurance" lit young Grant's story, Man ley to!d newspapermen he had been cautioned by the Attorney to for ing companies 3—Federal regulation of loans among holding companies and ihelr subsidiaries • •> New Pastor at Cooler Delivers First Sermon COOT£R Mo—The Rev D W Bcllon, new-pastor of: the, local Baptist church, preached.his .open- Ing, sermon Siindjy morning before congregation. ientences. Frank Barnes' o be re-set within n few days, his appeal to the supreme court hav- ng teen denied. Bill Bathes will die February 21 unless a stay ts granted pending appeal. White Deer Seen tn Ohio KINGaVfLLE. O. (UP)-All 01- Wno rtcer, one of nature's oddities, .seldom reported even whera deer are numerous, was sighted here by Herman Boivdlsr. Saw DAYTON, O. (UP) John E Ms mother's-'home. Is.'.the, electrical camera, which Is a short h black and treatment, I Hamilton, 90, 'retired U. S. Army [captain, who, from a hearby hill nu> ntui*-ii.L " . >i\*iii«-, >-i,.. vuu avuivi\ 111^1% ^,;ttvi \\^n\ viiuiciiij wtm-n "-• «* ->".ivi v iiairCu DIECK Uu',1 \>i»vyv i UtalJltC iu)S ITcailucIixi iVl\WW j^^H 1 ** 111 * ^'ivi iiuuii 11 uump' article 'on whtch the charge Is (so small that It may be swallowed rfemale'and a brown tabby to en':' asked the court to deny his wife's viewed Cusler's Massacre In based. i easily. ter the show. request for a divorce. Ms dead here. 1870 church at Tsxariana, Art &apt , st Junior High Graduates to Give Program Tuesday The 17 members of the mid-term graduating class of punlor. high school will not have' their formal Hesl ^1!^, 2 to C degnas above exercises until ifay when they will zero ^ , oulh and east T,,^ be combined with the : -.regular fa | r s i ow iy'rising temperature WEATHER ARKANSAS—Pair, colder, severe freeze fpnlsht. T«mperatttres from 4 below zero to zero Iii nortil and H£ , sl spring term program. A special program lia.5 been arranged, however, for Tuesday Memphis and Vicinity—Generally tali with severe cold wave tonight with teinperalure: between 6 - • fair, morning, 10 o'clock,-to wWch. p»t-,d. gr ce' a and zero e'nts and friends of the graduates Iriw (omuerature arc Invited. This Is to be Informal with Miss Jessie Miller, daughter! The "maximum lejnpsralure n - re of Mr. and &f«. Ben Miller, pre- jesterdaj v.ds 61, minimum 55, siding as "Miss Junior 'High.'. Miss . Alice Sallba, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Sallba, Is Vsle- cloudj with 179 Inches of rain and snou, according to Samuel P. Notris official weather observer. ^1 dlctorlan and Miss Miller Is salti-iThe temperature hst'nlfiht oiop- ;l tdtorlan. iped to 16.

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