The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1937
Page 6
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PACJB, , (ARK.)' COtfoffift NEWS 1936 Champs Should 'Cop Easily With Nats Second, \Vhile Sox Third By HAKUY GRAYSON Sports Editor, NEA Service NEW YORK—New York Yankees should wli\ the American League pennant almost as far as Ihey did Jast season, which wiis by 19V games, or almost «s far as Bob Feller can-throw a rock, t Get me right, neighbor. This 1: a guess, but It Is yours, truly's cockeyed prediction that tiic final 1931 standings of the good young American .League- will, look something like what Is printed below. Hov. they "finished In 1936 Is uortrayec orTlhe right. And quit turning thai way. You can go wrong. . 1937 193C Jl—New York 1—New York •2—Washington 2—Detroit 3—Chicago 3—Chicago .4—Detroit 4—Washington •5—Cleveland 5—Cleveland '6—Boston : C—Boston ..7—St. Louis 1— St. Louis -&-Philadelphia 6— Philadelphia ' ;\Yhy I like the Yankee.? .is obvious. They're the best ball club, and Red Ruffing can his bowl- ingalleys and 'they'll sltll be the best ball club Hufling no doub will be "in" before'these lines arc . published He ulll be It he finally gifts wise to how unimportant h is. in the Yankee setup ; .•RufTln^ is a splendid light-hand pitcher, but he's a negligible quan trty now because a skinnj left hinder is "hungry." • • * * "_The Great Gomez Strikrs Back ]Vernon aomez,'who "cured" Co Jacob Ruppcrl of Uo-year con tracts, is "shoollng " s *I may be \uong, but I have snpaklng hunch lhat my pet, CDS llllan this trip v,\\] step right u lK6re with Ihe Hubbcls and Denni In shape and feeling like It, he 1 . :mbro formidable than eilher Hub bell or Dean He's a ball player Pitcher. : I saw him "choose: Hubbe In an all-star game when he could n't! lift his arm above his shoulde <- and, tvto scars ago. when he having an abominable jear, he \\a I Ihe unanimous choice of the no 1 ble athletes to oppose the Nationn . Leaguers In Cleveland Those wl saw it are slill laughing. That : how funny Qomci made I lie pic - of the National League look wnl =" he, was playing straight As good as Gomez is—and rli up about 25 games for him—Ya 'Gray Eagle' Hurt' By A tumble from the second story porch oJ Ms Cleveland, O., homo, nfter n railing gave way, put Tris Speaker, above, believed baseball's greatest ccntcrftolder, in n hospital with critical Injuries. "Spoke," who guided tho Cleveland Indians to the world's baseball championship In 1020, suffered a fractured skull and broken arm after his 16-foot tumble to a stone walk. allied are any less satisfied with hcmselves and major league berths •ersonally I would not have swapped either Vosmik or Knickerbocker for the other four players Involved. ; I'm pulling the second division clubs -Just" where they finished lasi ?car. Boston has no oiitfleUI tin; -he Red Sox garlcrs arc keeping hem down—Bob drove and Wes- ey .Ferrcll. It would take a Bll McKechiile or a. Joe,McCarthy to nanage them, and liien both wbuk :iavc to be oil the defense. ilornsby never'would miss a p;iy nant with a club which he coiiii build nnd keep, but he's In SI Louis. ' Connie Mnck will settle for Mexican standoff. .Official Spends the Eviilcncc TOKYO (UP)— Counterfeit mon oy being, held by the public prose Ciller's office as evidence In criminal ease was appropriated b an official of the office and use in payment of a cafe bill. Th bogus money worked no belter ill second time than when It wn originally detected and the of flclnl was, arrested. HARRY OKAYSON n Kdilur, NEA Service 'AUGUSTA, ha.—Byron Nelson, winner of the fourth Masters Tournament wllli a roil slim 283, Is a. lyplcal example of why America wrested golfing ' supremacy from the nrillsh Isles. -.',.' • • •Nelson, only 25, was horn on a Texas farm, and his parents took him lo Fort Worth when he 'v/as 12. His Introduction to golf was a, cnddy at the Glen Garden ountrv Club, Fort Worth, .In '27. He played his first gamc-of 'imminent golf the following year nd quickly became proficient loujh lor his club to 'give him n honorary membership. This magnanimous' gesture on he part of his club perhaps derived professional baseball -of tar pitcher or first baseman, for excelled at both positions t,'.Polytechnic' High School, For! Worth. •-: While playing amateur golf kelson spent two years In the amounting office of a railroad. ,.Ii was during this lime that Po] Uo'onc. famous Fort Worth' spoili dltor, was telling the cockcyc< vorld.that his (own had a slylis vho would take liis place. wllh the greats In the not far distant full re. Perhaps Byroti had '.' the same (lea, for when the master. Walter Tngeu. won 0112 of his five na- lo-ial p. o. A. lilies at Dallas 'tosn decided that a .railroad ac- coi'ndng oifkc was a little tor ilufTy. * • • Whipped I/in-son Lllilo '.Nelson got hlms"lf n Job nt n small Texas club, Init decided thn' lie were lo realize his ambition :o become a lop-notchor he~heeded the experience a' golfer picks up. on whiter lours. He hit the trail Arith he pros and caused a mild sensation when he defeated La\\son Llt- lla in the opening round of the Silii Francisco match play tournament (wo winters ago. George Jacobus, president of the Professional /Golfers' Association, recognized the youngster <i polcn- tljhtles. and look him lo the Rldgo wood,, N. J.. Country club as his assistant 111 1935. Nelson's first title was the New Jersey Slate Open of lhat year, in this (.vent lie Japan Bans: Pamphlets TOKYO (UP) — More than 10 pamphlets bearing on political at economic, ..questions' have bee kee hopes rest on Uo Italians "who i bnnncd bv PT lco slllce tllc '» n hall from a few blocks of each oth '"^ r "° 11 °' r< * 2 « "30 finished In front of such celcbrl- les as Vlo Ohezzl, Johnny Farrell and craig Wood, . .,..•; As Nelson started-oh hts second winter tour, he decided to study closely the form of Henry .Plcard, who rapidly was reaching the professional tournament' peak. Nelson proved that a second swing around the gold clrcu|t. had .further benefited his game when he returned to FUdsewooj list soring and won the Metropolitan Open over Ihe Quaker Ridge course In West Chester with the dimming-V2- lio'c tolal for that layout pf 282. Plckard, Gene Rarazen, Wood, and most of the stars who played. In Ihe National Open at Battustro! two weeks later finished behind Nelson In the Metropolitan Open. Nelson h a baby'-fticed chap of n^lhli-Swcdlsh cxtracllon and one cf the f"w <>ros who still \yiar knickers. Ills difficulty has bc»n crumbllri" in the liter stipes.' In Ihe recent North and South 'and one or two Florida', tournament's'he ?ot off t<i flylnt starts only to pcW out In (he last Iwo rounds..' He e.xplalns UiLs as bein<< caused by over-caution. Once In front,, he claims that he started, playing for pars Instead of Just' playlnj • hlE own game of golf. ' ' , '. , It appeared as though history would re|icat In Ihe.Masters ToVir- nament. Nelson helped hlmsslf tr a record of 06 and fpllowed It up with u par lead the parade at the halfway point'by'a three- shot margin. t , * * * i Grand Comeback But Nelson did his customary blow-up on the third round."fashioning n medlocie 75 and snrren- derlug leadership to tall Ralph Ouldha.l), another former Te^an. nut Nelson provcci he b not a front-runher, On his final rot-nd he was out In 38 to still trail G-ul- dahj by four strokes. Guldiihl. playing two pairs ahead of Nelson, blrdled Ihe tenlh hole, got a par on the eleventh, dumped the bull Inlo tho water on the short twel/.th to go two over par, anil hooked a long iron shot Into the brook to lose two more shuts on (he thirteenth. So far as Nelson was concernei that was the end of Uuldahl. Thf youngster saw ah opening and picked up six strokes on Gul-Jahl In ths same four holes. He blrdled the Icntli with a 40-foot putt, sank a 2C-footcr for a birdie two on the tweflth. and chipped in for an cagl« three on the thirteenth. On the closing tricky holes, Nekon demonstrated that he does not' wither under fire by playing them in par with a gallery of 3000 Ills beat. storming at his heels and rooting him In., Nelson, who''stands 0 feet and weighs. 165 pounds, was regarded for his victory with a luscious kiss by his pretty wife, Louise, who nev-, tr follows him In competition. Nelson neither drinks nor smokes and lakes his Masters title to the first I'eal top Job he lias held as a pro —at the Reading, Pa., Country Club, where he reports fre.sli from his victory. , Nelson Is a gracious, obliging boy and would be a desirable addition to Die Ryder Cup team. Wlffle Cox, the veteran with whom lie was paired on the final round, calls Nelson the finest gplfer betwen tec and green in the game today. London's officla! regiilatlon.s provide, 400 questions, any or all of which a policeman may have to ask In case of a fata] road accident en THURSDAY. APRIL 16, 1037, Klrst ana last Rider KENDA.LLV1LLE, ind, (UP)-On the final run .of , an , Intel-urban car, before passenger, service between ' here and Fort Wayne was discontinued, rode Charles B.'Em- erlck. Thirty-one years ago he was the first passenger on the line. v Read Courier News Want Ads FOR SALE We have on hand ssveral tons of Stonevllle No. 4-A one year from breeder, state tested A few tons of D. p i, N O 11 Beans, Laredo, Virginia, Dclsta : and Mammoth Brown. Peas- mixed, Netf Era, and 'whips Peas and Beans recleaned and graded by us. will trade for cotton .seed. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Cotton, Cotton Seed and Coal. Telephone 15I1-F-3. Yarbro, Ark. er In San Francisco. The Yankees can loss Gomez and still «ln They can get along without the phenomenal Joe DtMaggio. But they cah't win a pennant without either Fronk'e Crosetti, shoitstop. or Tony lazzsri, second baseman, the smar'. cst of all active combatants and that goes for either major league * • • Washington Second This Trlu Having informed 5011 of what you already knew, I now really am ready to divulge something Wasli Ington's chance to finish second Is as fat as shanty Hogan Al Simmons will have a terrific season in left Held, where ha belongs at this Etage of his career. Chicago Mill be third, if for nr other reason than that the While So\ are managed by jimmy Djkcs How, arc jou going to beat a guy like Dykes' You can't tell me that there is a bloke In baseball as old as Dykes, unless If is Connie Mack, but here he is willing to pitch catch, infield, or outfield better than any prospect for whom Louis Comlskey gladly would pay $50,000. Dykes has broken-down coaches doing more for him than 340 hitters are doing for some big league outfits The Detroit outfit, comes closer to being an infirmary than a ball club, but I suspect that the Tigers *1H keep the Cleveland Indians _ our of the first division. Mickey Cochrane won't cat^h 40 games Tommy Bridges right now is in a hospital There's something wrong with Schoolboy Roue, but there is vast power at Navm Field, unless Hank Greenberg definitely lurns out to be brittle * • , R«d So\ Garters Keep Them Down Cleveland traded Joe Vosmik, . BIU Knickerbocker, and Oral Hll- debrand to St Louis for Julius Sellers, Lyn Larj, and Ivy Paul An t drews .You ^don'l have to be a clairvoyant to knotf -who got the better o that one 'Rogers Homsby isnt tabbed Trader Hornsbj for nothing Cleveland shipped Vosmick, Hil debranu and Knickerbocker becaus they 7, ere "complacent," but doubt that those Cj Slapnicka. ol cording lo the newspaper Mlyako, which slated lliat the censorship section.-of the police "has been augmented to .deal with booklet inspections. , The Irish wolfhound Is the largest of all dogs When standing oil it is taller than a its hind legs, man. COTTON SEED 1> O"7 C V« 3 & P I,. No. 11 Per Ton F.O.B. Number Nine 2nd Year From _. Experiment Station ' iiuith Brown SOY Beans .Trices'. Reasonable C. LANGSTON Promote Hair Growth Wllh a course of treatments mi this new machine. Many local people.nre-now , . taking these treatments ;• i • from us. The machine i '. stimulates the scalp, stops' : • dandruff and falling hair-, ; and promotes (jrpwlli of ' new hair. oil bald heads.. ; 'Let. us explain it to you."-' RED BALL BARBER SHOP mnouncina a REVOLUTIONARY NEW<TYPE MO TO R O ! 1 LION / NOW YOU CAN HAVE BETTER THAN PREMIUM QUALITY LUBRICATION AT LESS THAN PREMIUM PRICE ? ^Vs Natmalube Offers , These Advantages: INSTANT LUBRICATION EASIER STARTING FASTER ACCELERATION INCREASED POWER LESS OIL CONSUMPTION GREATER GASOLINE MILEAGE LESS MOTOR WEAR REMOVES CARBO n. & p. L. NO. 11 PLANTING SEED (A Pure Strain) Original seed obtained direct from Ihe breeder and planted by us for l«o years. No other cotton planted or ginned on this farm. Reasonably priced in even *clsht 100 Ib. bags. Special prices on carlols. Inquire F. A. Rogers, Manager, CLEAR LAKE FARM Route 2, Box 81, Blythevlllc Phone 1500-FH V*-* 1 1 BEER, DISTRIBUTING CO., DISTRIBUTORS IPbone 1U < . Osceola, Ark. .- Blshway 61 Close your and pick one Because Arrow shirts get llie maeterful i tliat_yon would expect Srom America's No. .1 lliority on masculine fasliion ... . . ., ami • because! WP, in turn, clioosc only oulataiiding Arrow nuinhcra for our store . , can l' icl: l rom °» r ^nck with your eyes shut <""' *"•' sure - »/ £«''lirig S raiut looking shirts. Arrows give yon a betlcr fit, too . . ,'th'c Mito»a form-fit. Ami all arc Sanforized-,>— new shirt free if one T ^ R. D. HUGHES & CO. The Sensational New, Different Kind of Oil that Excels the GOOD Features of Other Oils -PU(/L TIMES STRONGER PROTECTIVE FILM ant! the Ability to REMOVE CARBON Lion NATURALUBE, Because it Lubricates Better and actually Removes Carbon, is Entirely Safe for your Motor. 3 TIMES WRONGER FILM-NATURAUIBE REMOVES CARBON Now you can have a two-purpose oil. An .oil-that lubricates better and removes cirbprv—yet it .costs l«ss than the best oils of other types, •fc * Naturalube is ptodoced^by-a special refining process from a basically different type of crude oil that contains «rtain valuable properties not possessed by other oils. Because nature provided these properties, Naturaiube has a three times stronger oil film than that of other types of oil—plus the power to REMOVE carbon from your motor. ' - STRONGER OIL HIM REDUCES HEAR Naturilube's three times Wronger protective film'means smooth, velvety power at all speeds, pressures and temperatures—no matter how extreme the operating conditions— with a wide margin of safety to spare. 'This margin of safety is positive insurance against unnecessary wear due : to oil film'failure. ** As an exclusive feature. Lion • Namralube iloes what no other typt of motor oil can do—it keeps your motor as free from hard carbon as it was the day it.leftihe fac- • tory. This means no "motor drag" that destroys'powtr and increases gasoline consumption—and no more cottly carbon remo.val .bills. •A: * Naturalube brings you the perfect combination for-complete motor efficiency—^a film strength with a wide margin of safety and the ability to remove carbon. Give your motor a chance to do its best. Change now to Lion Naturalube, and get the thrill of increased power and faster acceleration. Begin now to save on gasoline and repair bilk LION OIL REFINING COMPANY EI DORADO, ARK; T. H. BARTON, pies. of KNIMNQX Gasoline MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Because Lion Naturalube possesses valuabJe properties not contained in other types of oil. Lion can make this positive guarantee: * -K Fill your crank-case with Lion t/aturaiube. Give it i fair triai, then if in your opinion it is not the best oil you ever used — btr none— your money will be refunded without question. * * Get NaturaJube now at alt Lion service stations and dealers. Ask for illustrated literature giving complete facts about this distinctly different, definitely better motor oil. W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH PHONE 201 LOYAL DEALER

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