The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1935
Page 6
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'\ , Percy Loccy Rates Bcs. Teams As Good As Big ' Ten In U. S. BT HARRY fiRAVSON NKA Son-ice Sports KdlloY < LOS ANGELES—Football in Ha- •waii Is like bridge itt this, country /Everybody plnys It—and the ycm around ( Thus does Percy Ixxey exphii Ihe two (ledsltc defeats of a bin ftrong Callfoinla team und the le- verse ol his own University of '.Denver squad In Honolulu. While football In the Islands lias been ol hlsh tallbei foi some years,- /success of,, the University of Hawaii and the Honolulu town team against Callfoinla atti acted ,more attention than anything; In )hV pigskin line lhat has e\ei happened In the land ol the lei 'I lie 'University of Hawaii repelled Den- \cr ' Locey, wbo captained tlie Oie goh State team of IQJi and w h» with Babe^Holllngberry, of Washington Slate, coached lln> west to its complete and surprising \ic- tory 0 \er the East in the aimunl Shrine, gome in fein Francisco nni Vtv , Yeacs Hjy, lelates ai) nma?,-i ^Jng story of football In Hawaii Locey rates Honolulu 5 five major teams with those of the Western Conference, which generally K regarded as the most powerful ol all pigskin circuits In addition to the Unl\erslly ol Hawaii and Ihe Honolulu town team, they are the alumni arrays ol Kara st Louis, and McKlnlcy high schools 'Playing In Hawaii, I would say that Ihe Honolulu town anil the Unlwrslty of Hawaii comblnar lions'we aboul tluee touchdowns better than the a\[troge Big Tm product,'; sajs Lociy Plajlng on the mainhnd, I belle\c Ihe Hi a^id Honolulu teams to be on an tqfi*\ _footing with the same His Ten. members' -ThsBsiod Teams Pla> Twtiie Months, i Irar "^Enthusiasm and constant practice has brought Hawaiian lootball to the fore • i •''•In 'Honolulu," Loc cy explains, Ihware 1000 organised linirus playing the gjame 12 months a year-ll/Mo boys engaged in grid- Iron ptoy, not counting substitute 1 ! which would probibly bring me Big Shots of the?Net«Profit jlrTKSViLlE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By Krenz *Y i— T » J inj »-<-,y riujniji oil , . — • the mainhnd, I belles Ihe Hawaii Sioitv Inrllin T -> II ahd Honolulu teams to hi> r,n ,,n OI V«* mclian I a C K 1 C 3 South/ American; Pre- Scheduled. ' : .. 20,000' This Despite Hie fact that Hono huu has a ' total ' jwpnlation ol only' 137,000 in all Haw all the population totals 388,330 oi these WMly ^140,000 tire Japanese and arfother 30.000 Chinese—non-aUi- Iftlc L rai!es,' InsofAi as football is concerned ipnly alxml U50QO are of Ijawalhn Cniiaw^n Hawiilinii, of 'CiiSctobjn-Orlental cxticllbn - Benny Bolt, Sioux Indian,. will meet Emll.Ffipo, t| U! South'Ameri- cah, hiHhe feiitiire inalcii oh Monday nlchl'.s card at Ilin armory here, ,' ;'\ j!_/ ,/. (• ,•]• ...; Holl. 'I'D' (in •• otipcaraiicc ' short tiiiie ago eslablhl us' (i fnvorltc in ii Roy Allen. ' • The. oi<e . hmi only. Pli'im/has -eciijherc a mnhbtv ot times and -V probably U,f., best showman ..on pjij... ll)i!, : c rcult. ,11ml, Includes..-Blythe- S 1 , ?,'':;; "To Nmilwstand footbnll In Hawaii, 1 one faiusl know (he schooling thitmgth which'a candidate foi one ol Ihe major team smust tso eluc- idates'Locey 'Tht'yourtg school- boy'In Hav,uli slarl, HL-! football "•—>er nh,eii he isjln the se\ei\tli l?,-He plays prganl«d school .uuvball^for three years 'I lien he plays for fo t ur years more In high school, before entering tho unljci- sCy' oi another four-jem poiiod Tb« .Ban-loot Leagues; Riytlfjn Ijx Thflr* Hearts ,' 'These/ organized^ school lengufs with thtlr 1000 teams, urc diiided mlo groups There Is n 120-uound lfa«u«, a 130-pound, a 150-pound, and the 'Barrel League- tlie latter a , loop .in which boys weighing' more than 150 pounds plaj before entering high school These boys p!a> without equipment of anj kind 'Ihej do not «ear teadgruards, shouldei or hip pads, nor do thej wear shoes "Their leagues are known 'the barefoot leagues'" Locey believes the Kam, St Louis, and McKInlcs high school teams to be on, a pai with most of our Junior college squads, and that they would repulse the majority of the college freshman teams In this country 'The University of Hawaii team uses the Notre Dame system," continues Locey, "but employs a great «• yarietj ol plajs than as South Bend squad In action ...ij- I have ever "Hawaiian^ teams work together all, jear-the same men working on pissing ind other combinations e\ery do> of (he week N-U "Mlly, tl;e better ones function oeautlfitliy. "All the plajers are of a musical race There B rhjthm 'n a • and "' thelr evci > here n himself On The Outside-Looking In By' "DUKE" . NOT THS" SAME : .'CUJK It seems, from the following letter received mannuer;. of from Walter the Loaclivllle Hipp, inde- . pendent team Hint the publicity-. .man nf Jeff ,, Roland's Booteiy .tpiln'lct was all..wroi>tj In ndvlslng the Courier New.i that the Lencliville, and Bono Cage teams were one ; iuid .tlie, same,. and also in several other imrticulars. < i The. Lenchvllle IKUII recently do- loatcd the llootery rive here They, Includes -Blythc (o wrestlhis ' dei^l^^le^-iS^t 8 fH« >S&, tlcfl ami * mIVniw .'with • n,«./V«rni.« A U W 1 blr; - . c- and - nilMips ,-wlth • the Vnferee lo ...cnteitflln U\? ..crowd - > , - >, Ralph Smith, . Jackson, Tent) ' irolesso)' nieels Dick Kanthc Oer- »nn, tii'pther of Ed Kaiithe.ln the >reliinlniiry. •"'-..'.""••'' ' ' "'" ; WINNING , BASKETBALL : Holman This "forward to'.iuinVd"' play nse.s the jumping centers'as plv6t olockcis. ' X-i' makes' his' tap to 'the I6r- Hfird 1 _X-2 : AS the centers go up for the lap, the guard, X-3, cuts directly for |l le ni , then sud- • •-• • "in* vivii OUll- denly reverses his direction to circle around Hie cenlcrs. Executed properly, O-3 would fltid himself effeclually, blocked X-2 njakcs the assisting; pnss to basket. Ihc citfs for the If placed together, all Ihc known stars of the universe would nil n cube measuring 60 billion miles each way. according; to a tecent letter falknwi:.- .U'achvllle, • >lcinnary n Arkansas, . I3:i;i..;.,. ,. Blylhctille courier, . he brought' (me , -hoino wil.)i '•' hiisr - .. week (lie. .Lc.nohvlllo, -Imle- pendsnl baskelUnll gram camp . lo Blylhevllle v .f«r «.. gahic with Ihe Bootery and.they called our team tlie Uono : .Buddies ; Uils-. spp&rccl n».-yo>irisporla;.pagc.-j IcL- yoti kiipw : : that (.ho - Bono - Bjidriles are Irom./13ono, Arkunsas, mid not from Lcnchvllle, ..Arkansas.. You also.slated Hint the Lamb broth* brs; were ..going; lo be ..there and tlioy are not, • on-.our club al nil. We are- all -from. Leaplivlllc high school,. .We played four yciirs In high-school lind, have been playing Independent ball four years and we have:;played lilytheville every year and have never ,been dcfealed by a Blythcvlllc tcnia In the period of elghl years. I'also wish to say thai,we would like lo piny in Blyllicvllli-. VOIIIK truly,Waller Hipp., Mg r ., Ind, B. B. 7'cnu\, Lenchvtllc. Ark., P. O. Box 45. •'•' 1'. S. We will play the Boolery nsaln January. 25, at-Blyihevtllc' three Match ;>WresJling Card At earuthersviHe CAUUTHEnsviLLE. Mo., Jan. IT -'.U '"'• ^ 1118—In a three-match card last, ' err Y Happy UVer His night, Roy Allen took Iwo out ol ~ three falls from Toriy Lawo in the curtain raiser, Oalc Stlnson look tivo straight, over Jim Spttr- By Harry Grayson " ' 1,03 ANQKI.ES.—Shooting thp Jiporte chnti! In Ihc land ot sun- Ehlno—dud bring your owii K0l<l Dick ;ianley explaining that Ossle Sok-m rejected the coaching iwsllioji . at Northwestern nft?r checking up in the material Solcm'x declslot) caU }I«;i)ey a job . . ., Hanlpy was to succeed the lormei- Minnesota lumlniiry at Iowa . . . Tommy Ryan, the old welter and middleweight champion, filling pople wlthlood and cars with gas opposite tlie M-O-M Studio yitrs in Culver City. . ; Beans Re.u don, National league umpire, gct- II"!! word (lint his co-Wnrker, cnar- ley Illgler, and his missus, have nied a 5125,000 damage suit against n trucking- company for Injuries .sul- fcrcd ,(n :«!) aiilompblto ncclilcnt at ICtte. Pa., last July . , . n c ardo'n tending bar In a Mae West nicker . . . -Jack Root, once ,llght-hea\j leader, sun shooting - shot throuoh lil.s teeth ... visits Czecho Slo vakla every lew months . . . chic Meyers .working ; r or governmeni iimong; 'Indian reservations.' ' It's N'ews Wlieii . r llovlng- <;lub Fays •••-•• Cljarloy McDonald In - charge of Ihc . Hollywood American Legion AYV. JANUARY 4 '" ' ••• What the MatlGamo Needs ^__ .Stadium,. • Perhaps tho most .successful of the mighty few paying .hoxlng clubs,lell . ; ,. Accom- ii!odates.«00. t . [ . r>2 stiow.s in 1914 showed net, prollt ol SSo.OuO Georgc : stoviill. one-time lire-brand «|)eratlnir..a gas , station at Long Dead) . . Carllon Hurk head of the California Racing Commission ... Jim Thorpe.and Jim Donahue, Hie realtor,, and another track star ol yesteryear ... Thorpe ilolnjr odd bits In- pictures . George Washington prant strainln B to break 90 on Pasadena co; Jfigli Pockets Kelly, who will acl as a coach of the Cin i Reds this , -- league pennant nsaln In 1035, if they believe In the mystic power of signs. In 1934' Mickey's' automobile license wns.0-1. regarded by him na extremely lucky because it may -- — - ~... t ,,miui ,, CU5 U iis no .said to read "Vail Won"—which i !cnson . selling-real eslatc-ln San he (lid..Today ..superstitious: tans in " '"'~ the. State Motor Vehicle Bureau Issued ••lilni'..llie: 1835'license Identi- ncatlon "F-I02." Mickey consider;, this mii'infaJllblej.auijury-hha't :lfie Tigters' next''seii son '\yili win 102 the. pennant'toi- them iii 1934. Foxx to Use Jap : V- .-vr Glove Behind : Bat . '(UP) . may., lie: America's 'past time liui when :.)lmmy-FVixx doiis'a rim'sk and begins 'catching- for c<nmic Mack's •• Athletics 'iieiif' 'season lie will , be .wenrini- a mitl', patterned after ;a' Japanese model. '•' foxx; acconipanylnir the American baseball: player on their (rip lo the Orient, ''last Full, mug-lit ''ii few samw -.for 'the ''Americans anil alsii tried out. i\"Jh[mnpw clove '' •• He. liked . the igdove si)' 'well, tliat ' '' ..„.__ ,,..^, .LUIlIt, S» U.Jl Ullilj mid gnve It to lair Amferlcaiv sporting goods manufacturer to copy. • Aimoiincemcnt,..,llwt.tpo:tir:woul(l H-.-.CUVB smce tne Joe' Diindef-An. r turn to his former role of catch- Hiidkins; n as eo..of- seven years ,*o higMvas ,„«&.by Nfael: e,,rly last Just:named ^nan^eNmaMm.ater • UL nvl MI? Olymp) c Auditorium Jack Doyle, retired fi-om bcak'bmt- I-rancisco .- .; ;i Harry A. Williams, former president of the Pacific Coast Lcaguq.and New York ami Los Angeles baseball.-, writer,-- mixed up in mining game . ,. ,:; Gorilla Jones lending <u lion cub wherever }i c EM'S . . .'.-Trajnlujfi agnln-nlier having a, cataract removed irnm Ins eyc ( ,-.., ; . :,\, :i , • -,-,,-, • ..Kiineriir'Crawford -.'-... •• Uf)acliiii ff ..'r ro j ans ,. . ... Sam Crawford,- 'now a rancher coachlni;- baseBall at tlio university pf.So!i.thf)rn'onliroriila ; . : if (lie Trojiinsi-cimltl only.hit like Wahoo Sam .; .;;•-. -..vHairy. Wolter serving in ;a; similar Icapacity' nt St'anlord ,.'.J .. Carl Zamloch nt Cnlifornla .' Jack Klpgwf, 'partner ot ; jim Jef- i tries-:ln a: Spring street saloon ir'- the go«| old days, bond boxing Inspector of southern California-arena • . .' Bill Smifli, former'BrookHn end ^ LOS Angelc-s ' hewspupcnrilii secreiar}' .lo-.tos'-'Angclcs oince of th9 pnllfoi'iilii. ring board, nnd pie - pariug piece.? '/oiv-ttie-pulps V Tj-rus, -Raymond Cobb sallin? liond'! in San -Francisco-. ;. . nick'varialU -?^t VS smce tte J*s" Dimdee-Ace 'Ihe professional AVIrstlmg game Markets Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jan 19 <UP)- Stcel shnrts aided by glowing re- JorLs of aciivlty In the steel Industry, led the stock market up- wnd In i quiet session today A. T. and T. .Anaconda Copper .Beth. Steel Clirjilei , Cities Sen Ice On Am Tank Gen. Electric Oen Motors Int Homester McKe.sson-Robblns Montgomery Ward N. Y. crtilrnl Packard Phillips Pet Radio , ' : St. k-S. P, Hiininons Becbs Stnndirrt of N .) .Te.sus Co, U S Sineltlnp U S Steel , 10:1 11 18 32 1-4 38 3-4 1 3-8 ^0 1 4 23 1-8 32 40 3-4' , » , 27 1-8 19 1-4 4 7-8 14 7 8 r> 1-4 2 • !) 1-2 41 7-8 19 7 8 110' 38 5-8 Cardinal Prexy Berates Baseball's Mossbacks ST. LOUIS (tlP)-^Presiclent Sam Bread on of the St. Loute Cardinals iins no patience with baseball • club owners who refuse to be "progressive." : } ; '.'. • A pioneer In syntlic'tfr, Sunday double-headc-re, Brcadoti : expressed-the opinion the-"game's^ giatrons tlian deserve move coivsldernUon magnates, or players."- ' lireadoti also defended night baseball, wljtch he .spoiisored into the National • Lcasuc- , by saying •I believe It .should be gVvcti a (rial mid If llje fans do not like It and refuse to come out, then blow out the lights." ' .- - . V ' i^.'"^« Llylll IHJ'.VK D\1SI- mg business, operating : « n -ol) cOm- Papy . . . WndWadliaais .'Doyles matchmaker al. the old Vernoi, slitmty servinir In similar capacitj for ncwlty-Iormed Avalon Club i,,', , P ""' S m °n' h 'r productions at Wrlgley Held . - .' Mnnry NK- Loughlln. bnce the California.Com- et, peddling bonds In Pasadena . . . Jss.s willcml broket-again'.after having had ,t\vo ample: slakes If Ihe stock market don't get 5011 uicii oil or real estate must gin, and in the final, Benny Bolt Sioux Indian, took two ' out of three over chlel' Litllc Wolf, Yn- kima Indian 'troiii • Washington stale,' In Die bes'l match of Die card. Both Spnrgln and Stlnson were heavyweights, -the other four innlineri grouped-'In Mw llgliier «'els!it classes. ' • Mickey Cochranfe Say v s Signs Are Right DETROIT.-'.(UP)—Mickey Coch- vanc's Detroit .Tigers should win TeamV 1935 Outlook MEMPHIS,'-Tcnn.'(UP) — The 1935 New York Giants' roster 'is tha:bcst I've.,had since I became manager." Bill Terry-says. : "Tho only weakness I can see," Terry said, "Is m, flrst base."'BUI Is first baseman. . "I'm getting so fat I'll have to get busy and take it off," he explained. He weighs "Memphis Bill"' said he would have sonic good mntrrlni to -wild Nashville, Southern Association "farm" i/cam ol the Olanls, after the .spring training—whicli starts about Feb. 20. ."• ~ ~ — .. -j.^ *J*XiT< / / ^^Rs.VA^4^i~oou<H^Rfw^Ap mt'tTT^ ."••fflfwaS^s^yc* Read Courier News Want Ads • Inherit,-,! l-Zlth of an fsland ••SALEM. Mass. (UP)-iii his will Illcrt in-prob.ite. court Uere recently. Robert .1. McCartney. •. wealthy Lawrence clothing mcrchaut be- inirothcd to n daughter one '2-Uh of fin'island. Mrs. Helen H, Flanders, his daughter, was awarded "one .twenty-fourth interest m Governor's Island, on Big- Island Pond, located in Hampstend, Atkinson and Derry, N. J5." ' New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan, l!MUP)_Cot- ton closed. ,,very steady. i. open high low - close Mar May Julj was Induced by repoiLs tlie su- ' preme court'may render Its ^™. sion in the gold, cases Monday, open high low close 1228b 1246- 124G 1238 1242 12 4 1254 124S 1250 1255 1255 U247 .'1252 1244 1244 1230 1241 1260 1250 1244 1250 Soats closed steady at ,1201 ; unchanged. Jan Mai-. May July Oct. Dec jChicapo Wheat open Jilgh'*''^np3v -^"close. M-lJ 97 5-8 98 3-4 97 5-8 98 5-8 July j.89 i ",89 3-4 88 J-4 89 -5-B Chicago Corn •open. - high 80 •* 4 81 1 4 ,82 1 8 S'i 1-4 low close 8C 1 4 87 <i 8 : 8a'l-4 83 1-S D CC 1245 U4C 1251 12o2 12»2 lS5t 1242 1244 1249 1251 1238 (3+4 ,245 1251 1248 1254 1237 1243 1244 12il Read Courier News Want Ads. II S|»ts ilofcrt stead? al 1261 up 5 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS Jan 11 (UP) The cotton maikct \\as actue and two sided todiy The mirKet opened slcidj and a few points higher on better cables than due and prospects of f-uonble export legislation bj ccngiess Then the adtance met unll/lng from recent bujeu and tome short, sejlnic Tills CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S HEST SUPERIOR COAL MINING CO. Phone 700 May July Football Brothers ' <Swap Grid Tales 1 r t * - ' CHARLESTON Mo (UP)-When the Lee brothers gather at home, foolball stoiles fly thick For mam y_ear!( the , htfft school was represented by the famlls. Jlmmj was Ihe firil and Hauj Doss Jolui, Mllaty and Prank followed ' 5-onr of the brothers still are m football two coaching and two Plajlng miik plajed at George Washington irj. and Mllarj was ROXY Last Time Today MAT. & NITE—lOc WRESTLING ARSfORY, MONDAY NITE 2 Out ol Rnlph Smith ... Falls, z i| OU r l.irnft ' vs. ' DJ^k "Kanthe 2 Ouf ot 3 Falls, 1 Hour I.lmll One l/idj-, One School .'child Free With Each Paid Admission - KVKN-STEPHRN! /NOW, COMIHO DOUBT ITfe Pi RftR.S. AMVTWNfr OW THftT AMD IF ITfe SOUR. Too LOMeUV FOR. ME. |w FftCTj. ftMO THEUe I SOLO HSR, .yftse., pvio s' OU cow TRODE IT with the Cincinnati Reds John !<i chief scout ami freshman coach at icorge Wishlngkm u <md Harry is coaching William ChrLstmati rsmat High School In Independence Mo SaturdatOnly Matinee & Ni£iti-10c - 25c MILLION DOLLAR RANSOM PHILLIPS HOLMES EDWARD ARNOLD MARY CARLISLf ABd»D,»lM,WimSI,nS Pfoductd . b»,C«rl L«mnilr,'J^,Direcl«d b» Ji Murriy Rolh Prtwnt.d by Ca'l ' I l«mm|« AUNIV£RSAtHCTURI.> jerjal-.'|Tjilspin . Tomm v" Sunday ; Jon<Jay; 'Running Continuous ' * * "1:30,to 11:30- . - -JOe and 35c tnt'6-.p.m. Ific and 35c after 6 1 p.m. "/Miss Moore is .... of tne most radiant personalities on tjie screen!" I ~3tllill Cliall f rtf,l Novelty Reel—"Dog Show" _• Serial Sunday - Monday Her Beauty Stirred A Question In the Heni-ts of Men . . .But Only One Knew tlie Answer. The secret in her eyes could not be fathomed and her carmine smile wes an she walked the path of danger to save the man she loved! 1YSTERY WOMAN' A FOX PICTURE with MONA HARRIE, GILHERT ROLAND, JOHN HALLIDAY and ROD LliROCQUH Musical— ' \\ill Oshornc und Orchcslni • Edgar Kennedy Comedy L OFJSVt CARAVVAl! . TAI HO) Paramount News Ruth Etting Musical

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