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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 22

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 22

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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45 Battle $40,000 Blaze Gas Tax t. Boy's Christmas 22-B Mr. Shnoo's Zoo In 34th St. Baptist Church Callison Elected Club Head 2 Ads By, tUCRECE BEALE (I 3 7 church 'open and 'a light on over the door because a prayer meeting was scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. The fire started in the rear of the first floor of the two-story wooden building, and apparently tfroke out near a furnace, according to First Asst. Chief Robert Costa. Vandals Damage" Car Radio Antennas ALAMEDA Radio antennas on 10 cars parked in the 2100 block of Pacific Ave. were- Thursday. A three-alarm Are raged through the Morning Star Baptist Church af 1136 34th St last night. It burned out the interior and caused 'an estimated $40,000 damage. No one. was injured in the blaze. Forty-five firemen with 11 nieces of eauloment con trolled, the flames within half an hour after the first alarm sounded at The Rev. J. Wesley Jacobs, thA castor, slid left the building at about 5:30 p.m. to have dinner at home. He left the front door of the You Are Invited to See Hi)i Cftapel of Hike Plan Several provisions of a pro posed law which would raise state gasoline-taxes by seven tenths of a cent per gallon have met opposition from spokesmen for California cities and counties. The plan is intended to raise $60 million a year-for city and county road and street work; Local governments would match state funds and use the moneys tOfJniy rights-of-way and construct roadways. Speaking yesterday before the a Transportation Committee in San Francisco, Richard Carpenter, executive director of the, league of California cities; objected to "restriction in the statute which permits the money to be used only on state-aid roads. Both he and Vincent Cooper, County Supervisors Association representative, objected to the requirement for a matching amount of local funds. They heard a blunt reply from State Senator Randolph Collier, committee chairman: "I warn you we are not go ing to just hand over a chunk" of money and say go spend it on your roads and streets." 'Car ThiefTakes Just One Fender BERKELEY David C. Teller's compact car is more compact than ever today. Someone stole the auto's (right front fender, headlight assembly, bolts and all, Thursday night when it was parked in front of his home at 1167 Arch St. PAINS Varicose Veins Leg Ulcers COMPLETE X-RAY AND FLUOROSCOPY Dr. W. Bruce Ytnngi D.C. 161 5 Broadway, Suit 1203 1614 Telegraph TW 3-3534 Opposed in Judge Gives Equal Time to Each Parent' Christmas is a time for youngsters to be with their mothers and daddies. And that's where Kim Weiss, 5, will be -r with his father on Christmas Eve and his mother on Christmas Day. San Francisco Judge Joseph Karesh yesterday solved the parental dispute of who should have Kira for Christmas. The boy lives with his mother, Mrs. Margaret Denver, at Pacific Palisades in the Los Angeles area. She is now the wife of Robert Denver, who plays Maynard Krebs on TV's Dobie Gillis program. But according to the custody terms her ex-husband, Kim's father, Sol S. Weiss, San Francisco owner of Fantasy Records, was to have him this Christmas. Mrs. Denver came to court with her attorney, Murray Chotiner, former campaign associate of Richard Nixon, to say that it would emotionally upset the boy to be away from his home and mother at Christmas. Judge Karesh suggested that Weiss go down to the Denver home this weekend and get Kim for a holiday vacation visit to San Francisco. "He can spend Christmas Eve with you, then his, mother can come and get him on Christmas Qay and take him home," the judge said. Next year it will work in reverse. Agreed. Christmas Concert SAN LEANDRO A Christmas concert will be presented free by the creative arts department of the Pacific High School at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Comes Never had anyone teen to remarkable a light! CHAPTER 12 SKATING HENRIETTA S.F. Reunion For Kin of 'Acid Bride1 A trip from her native Hun gary has ended with Mrs. Ti-bor Gazner, .47, giving a sister's love and comfort to Mrs. Gyorgy Filler, mother of the "acid Mrs. Gazner arrived aboard a Lufthansa jet at San Francisco International Airport last night. She was met by family friends and went directly to the San Francisco home of Mrs. Piller, whose health broke under the strain of the death of her daughter, Mrs. Hajna de Kaplany. Mrs. de Kaplany died from acid burns. Her bridegroom, Dr. Geza de Kaplany, is accused of her murder. The reunion was made pos; sible through the intercession of San Francisco Mayor George Christopher who wrote Soviet leaders asking that Mrs. Gazner be allowed to come to the U.S. to visit her despondent sister. For her part Mrs. Gazner said she wastruly apprecia tive. Conductor Monteux Fully Recovered LONDON -0IPD French- born conductor Pierre Mon- teux, who collapsed on the rostrum during a performance at the Royal Festival Hall Thursday, was completely re covered today. "It was merely an indisposition which lasted no more than 10 minutes and was due to the flu," the 87-year-old conductor said. "I was able to give" the whole performance. I did not lose a note." He said he now felt fine. CHOIR FESTIVAL CANDLE ILLUMINATION 5malltt New Twtament (Mundtr microscopt) Parchment Manuscript! (over 300 yeatj old) Xncient Bible from 1435 (page) Antique "Madonna" Carving Sculpture! Yes, yes," said Mr. Shnoo. "St. "St. "Archangel Gabriei Manger Scene Indoor Garden Exquisite Decoration at the 30th Annual Christmas Candle Illumination Daily: December 14 to 27, 3 to 9 p.m. Dr. Fred W. CallisonV San Francisco phyjician and busi nessman, nas Deen elected president of the "Commonwealth Club of California for 1963. J. Hart 1 Clinton, attorney and editor of the San Mateo Times, was named vice presi dent in the election yesterday. Elected to three-vear terms on the club's board of governors were attorney Richard C. Ham of San Francisco and Charles T. Travers. Utah Construction Co. official who is manager of the South Shore Land office in Alameda. Principal SDeaker at ves." terday's meeting of the club was Dr. E. M. Jellinek. wide. ly known authority on alcohol ism, who is now a visiting professor of psychiatry at Stanford University. Dr. Jellinek told the Commonwealth Club audience it is difficult to discourage drink ing among teenagers as long as drinking is a prestige symbol in so many world societies. He said he doubts there ever will be a cure for al-ccholism which will permit the alcoholic to drink moder ately. Presiding Judge Role Rejected For personal reasons. Judee Homer W. Buckley has de- cuned to accept the role of presiding judge of the Oakland-Piedmont Municipal Court conferred by his colleagues. In Buckley's stead, the court's nine judges at a spe cial meeting yesterday voted unanimously to name Charles W. Fisher presiding judge for 1963. Fisher appointed James S. Blane presiding judge pro tern. Di Giorgio Says Crops Not Hurt Robert Di Giorgio, president of Di Giorgio Fruit Corporation, said in a letter to stockholders yesterday that preliminary reports on the severe cold wave that struck the growing areas of Florida Thursday indicate damage to Di Giorgio's large citrus holdings have been negligible r. Di Giorgio said that While early reports from elsewhere in the state show Florida's citrus and vegetable crops generally experienced heavjf damage, the Indian River area on the lower East Coast where Di Giorgio's- itras properties are located was not subject 16 extreme low temperatures. Herbert G. Moody SAN RAFAEL G. Moody, retired California newspaper publisher who had lived at Corte Madera for 16 years, died Friday after a long illness. Before retiring. Moody had owned and published the Red ding Searchlight and the Yreka Presss. i and Choir Festival December 16 to 22, 8 p.mi with Carols on the Chimes and Organ rebroadcast at 10 p.m. over KRE (1400 AM, 102.9 FM)" i Cfjapel of tfje Cfjimetf 4499 PIEDMONT AVENUE OAKLAND Ample Parking Acrost iht Street Mr. Shnoo went off in a corner and chewed on the knuckle of 'one thumb. He scratched his head and jerked his mouth sideways and screwed up his eyes. Everyone could see he' was thinking. The men stood about waiting until finally Mr. Shnoo said, "I've got it!" He ordered the men to a huge hole in the floor of the elephant's cage. The edge of the holeame right to Henrietta's middle. He, -legs hung over the side. Mr. Shnoo got some wide planks and laid them in the hole so they slanted down the" side like a big bamboo slide. Now Mr. Shnoo had all the men line up behind the elephant and he cried, "One, two; three-; push!" They gave a mighty push and over Henrietta went, sliding down the planks to land on her feet in the bottom of the hole. 'Hooray shouted the men. But Mr, Shnoo was filled with dismay. He stared down at Henrietta. He thought, "Sne's on her feet but how will we get her out of the hole?" In truth, Henrietta was as bdd off as before. To make matters worse, the poor elephant was now very upset about the whole thing. She stood unhappily at the bottom of the hole and refused to look at Mr. Shnoo or take any food or do anything she was told. Elephants have very tender feelings and Mr. bhnoo was over her experience unless he did something quickly. He thought, 'ThefeTThfyne thing left for me to do." And, much as he hated to, he had to do it for Henrietta. He went behind the door He stood his head and shut his eyes and wiggled his toes and said, "Selbuttrt Gnippop!" three times. He was hardly back on his feet before Santa was there. "I was all ready to come, said Santa, "For I have been thinking there are mysterious things happening at this zoo and this time 1m staying until the mystery is solved." "But first, how shall we get Henrietta out of the hole?" "Easy," said Santa. "Build a ramp out of the hole and Henrietta can walk out." This seemed so simple a solution, Mr. bnnoo was ashamed he had not thought of it himself. He set the men work digging a ramp wmcn made a long gentle slope into the hole. But when it was done Henrietta stared at it and re fused to move. The men could neither push her nor pull her out Santa said, "I have some thing in my bag I think will do the trick." He reached in the bag he carried slung over his shoulder and pulled out four gigantic elephant skates. He went down the ramp and fas tened a skate on each of Hen netta feet. He put rone around her waist and took the end of the rope to the top of the ramp. Then all the men pulled on the rope and swoosh! the astonished Henrietta shot to the top of the ramp Now a surprising thing hap pened. Henrietta was so fasci nated by the strange things on her feet that she skated all over the great animal house. She would not let the skates be taken off. When jshe was back her cage and the hole filled up she skated from wall to wall and back again, She trumpeted long and joyously through her trunk and rose on her hind legs and skated round -mmH Never had anyone seen so remarkable a sight! "Mondayr Monkey Business Jackie, Children in Florida for Holiday WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. IUPD Jacqueline Ken-nedy, wife of the President, arrived here with the couple's two children last night for the Christmas holidays. The President is expected to join his family shortly after talks with British Prime Min ister Harold Macmillan at Nassau Dec. 18-20. 1 V- tfje Cfjimea downtown Oakland: Vcshingtoa St RICHMOND REMINGTON tja ROLL-A-MATIC "IS" 91 wy REG. $29.50 amrfiTiriiiiniiriniiiiinfiiimimn uimnnmmnnnnnnnmmi zjJ 1 SC r. (o) (o). I 10 XT More power to him! More comfort, too with this gift! It rolls the skin down rolls whiskers up and off leaves the face as smooth as the palm. No pinch! No burn! No drag! It's the most advanced of all! REMINGTON LEKTRONIC II him freedom from sinks, sockets and bathroom tie-ups! He will enjoy fast, safe and comfortable shaves anywhere, with cord or without! REG. $37.95 '0 9 UJX'77 AVfi'J A A MM mi I at AW AW kW 'aV-. Lady Remington 4 for her alone, the Lady 3 Remington gently grooms mat TV TE 6-1515 7 like smoothness. Light, com-pact, in attractive case. REG. $18.95 In 12th HAYWARD i SAN FRANCISCO 831 MARKET STREET Phone: DO 2-151 6 Phone: JEZ-15 15 phone: BE 5-1515 i 7 I

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