The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on November 4, 1894 · Page 10
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 10

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, November 4, 1894
Page 10
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10 THE SUNDAY INTEIt . OCEAN, NOVEMBER 4, 1894. RIOT AT A THEATER Customers of the Empire at Lon don Are Enraged, - THEY WANT THE BAR OPEN Defy the County Council and Tear Down Barriers. Shout of "Down with Mrs. Ormiston Chant" Fierca Battl I Fought . at Valencia. Lokoox.Nov. a The Empire Matte Hall, which wm closed after the London County Council refused to grant a license for its bars unless the promenade at the back of the auditorium, which it was claimed was a resort for immoral women, was closed, opened today. The bars in the auditorium were closed and barriers bare -been erected in front of them by order of the County Council. A large crowd was present and the sight of the barriers caused neat indignation among certain of the spectators, A crowd attacked the barriers, which were soon torn down and broken into bits. Amid the uproar there could be heard cries and veils of "Down with Or miston Chant!" "Long live the Empire!1 MEXICO 18 SHAKEN. A Bolamte Convulsion Creates Great Terror Lull Fall rive Minutes. Cm or Mix ico, Nov. 1 At 6:85 tonight the strongest earthquake shocks ever felt In Mexico occurred here, lasting over Hve Minutes. Many houses and walls fell. The streets were full of fleeing peo ple. Manv were wounded and umber nave died. The electric " and other liehts wont out. leaving the city in darkness. All traffic was suspended. The streets were filled with screaming, crying, praying people. The scene was in describable. People in the theaters, which were all running at the time, were terribly fright ened and panics were averted only by the police. At Orln Theater "Juan Tcnorio'' was being given, and just at the grave-yard scene, the people, naturally superstitious, saw the statues move and screamed that the end of the world had come and fled. People in trains were the most frightened of all. All telephonic connections were interrupted. The shocks were felt in the surrounding - towns, bnt details are not received yet. It is reported that three persons were killed and ten wonnded by the shock in this city. News from the interior shows that the shocks were severe. Many people were injured and bouses were destroyed. The earthquake showed its greatest force in a north and south direction, though the up ward shock was violent. Probably no city less strongly built than this could have resisted it? immense force. Buildings everywhere are cracked. Even the massive rock wall of the cathedral is in a perilous condition. There was a panic in Belem prison, where the beams in the roof cracked and the building threatened to come down on the heads of the prisoners, over 2,000 in number. The city government building was injured slightly, the glass roof being " wrecked. Suburban towns felt the shocks and some casualties are reported this afternoon. The weather was very windy yesterday afternoon. Just be lore the shock the valley was enveloped im clouds of dust. VDAJA AW lilft i T New Lou of AU.esa.oeo, at T par Cent, to Bo I nasi Tnsirtay. Loxdox, Not. 3. It is said that a new Chinese twenty-year loan of 1,635,000 at 7 per cent will be issed Tuesday by the Hong Hong and Shanghai Bank. The issue price will be 83. Washington, D. C, Nov. a The Japanese legation has received the following cable from the Japanese government: "The first army, under Marshal Yama-gata, has taken possession of Fong-Fang-Tchng. The Chinese fled toward Matie-Nung. The second army, under Marshal Ovama, is now attacking Kin-Chow, and both Talien-Hwan and Port Arthur will soon be taken." The -information, coming on the anniversary of the Emperor's birthday, is giving much satisfaction at the legation. The last sentence to the effect that Port Arthur will soon be taken seems to indicate that the dispatches last night that Port Arthur bad . been captured were premature. As the press dispatches frequently precede offi-' eiai advices, however, it is regarded as possible that Port Arthur has in reality - fallen, and that the above dispatch was - written before the event occurred. Kin Chow and Ta-Len-Nan are outworks of Port Arthur, and their investment is a pre- ' requisite in taking the main works. Fong-Fang-Tcheng, stated in the dispatch to have been taken by the Japanese, is said at the legation to be a stronghold on the line of march to Moukden. Its occupation shows how close the Japanese are drawing to the Manchoorian capital. HEW CABINET FOB SPAIN. Sagasta Has Retained Six of tbe Former Minister. Madrid. Not. 8. The following Ministry, to replace the one that resigned a few days ago because of differences on commercial and colonial questions, has been accepted by tbe Queen Regent: Prime Minister (without portfolio) Senor Sagasta. Foreign Affairs Senor Orolxard. Colonies Senor Abarxuxa. Justice Senor Maura. War General Lopes Dom'.nlqoex, - Marine Vice Admiral Pasquin. interior senor uapaepon. Finance Senor Amos Salvador. Commerce and Agriculture Senor Pulgeerver. General Lopes Dominiqnex, Vice Admiral Pasquin, and Senors Capdepon, Salvador, . Pulgeerver, and Maura have been members of the previous Cabinet. Senor Orolzard was formerly Spanish envoy to the Vatican. BISHOP NICHOLAS GOES EAST. Be Will Celebrate Haas tor the goal of Alexander III. at Washington. Mnmapous, Minn., Nov. a Bishop Niche las, the head of the United States and and Alaska Greek Bnssian Church, arrived here today from San Francisco. He did not learn of the death of Alexander IIL until a telegram was delivered to him here. Tonight he sang a requiem for tbe repose of tbe soul of tbe late Emperor, and tomorrow will celebrate a pontifical mass for the new Cxar. In the evening, accompanied bv his private secretary ana an associate Bishop, he will go direct to Washington to celebrate mass for the repose of the soul of the deceased ruler and take the oath of allegiance to the reigning Cxar. LIVELY BATTLE AT VALENCIA. Biz Soldiers aad Twenty Babels Are Killed aad Many Arraata Are Mad, Paxama, Nov. a Special Cablegram. A. telegram from Valencia, Venezuela, reports that rebel sy m pathlxers besieged tbe troops ; la the barracks last night, but that finally - the troops made a break in a wall and j sallied out, attacking tbo v people. Six soldiers and twenty rebels were killed, and ' many were wounded oa both sides.- Flftv a aw mm as -a- OHiceicu. AUIUUB aaa cmwu were rebels from Area and Coro. vTAXIRIS TTRJT OX THE BRITISH. jrightiag Is Reported oa the Waslrlstaa- ..' Faajeab Frontier. i ;'. -,' ' Bombat, Nov. a The delimitation of tbe - WexlristaB-PunJaub frontier, la accordance . with ' Sir Mortimora - Darand's agree- riS liko Wastri trlbeanse-- made aa attack early this morn lor-anon, the earn of the nolitiesl. Bnn escort . la the northern part of the Hpia aountry.- After a short fight tbe escort, which Is a strong hodyof troops, commanded by . Colonel A. H. Tar nar. resulted the Waxiris. inflicting heavy knees upon them,- iN'o details of the fight ing havs been receive. -rj CLAIM THE ENTIRE KANSAS TICKET. Both the Erpabltcaaa aad Popalists Close tbe Campaign Confidently. Torsaa, Kan., Nov. a The Kaotts campaign practically closed tonight with both the Republicans and Pop ulists claiming the election of their entire State ticket. Chairman Leland, of tbe Republican committee, claims that Morrill wlU have 30.000 plurality. -He asserts that the Republican will elect eighty Representatives, so that a Republican United States Senator will be chosen to succeed John Martin. Chairman Breidenthal. of the Populist committee, says that Lewelllnr will be elected by 10.000 plurality; that the Populists will elect eighty Representatives, thus securing the Populists, who control the State Senate, a majority on joint ballot. Chairman Richardson, of tbe Democratic committee, will not give figures on Gov ernor. He claims that the Democrats will elect from twelve to fifteen members of tbe Legislature, and will thus hold tbe balance of power. SAID TO BE BOUND FOR COSTA RICA. Four British Warahfps Ara Ordered to Hasten Sooth. Victoria, B. C, Nov. a It has been learned that the destination of tbe British fleet which has been ordered to southern waters is Costa Rica, instead of Peru.' It is reported that a serious state of affairs exists in Costa Rica, and that tbe British Consulate at Punta Arena, the sea port of San Jose, has been burned and looted, and the Consul carried prisoner into the interior of tbe conntry. It is also reported that the Consul's wife and daughter have been killed, but this is not credited. Four ships will hasten with all speed with the ostensible purpose of teaching the Costa Bicans a lesson. From the haste with which the ships have been dispatched it is surmised that the offense has been most serious. Tbe Satellite, Champion, and one other ship are on tbe way, and the Royal Arthur will sail tomorrow. CHAIRMAN WILSON COFTTDEFT. Tariff-Law Frnnaer Satisfied with the Out look In His DUtrict. Fairost, W. Va., Nov. S. The army of Democratic voters which gathered here to day to see and hear Chairman Wilson made up an aggregation in point of size which has never been duplicated in the political history of tbe western counties of the Second Congressional District Five thousand would be a conservative es timate of the number of strangers in tbe city. For twenty minutes Mr. Wilson faced tbe icy wind and sought to make even a' respectable fraction of the thousands who crowded about him hear bis discussion of tbe political issues, but he was soon convinced of the futility of the efforts and desisted. He left the stand and proceeded to tbe opera-house, which was crowded in a few min utes. He spoke for an hour and half. Mr. Wilson will close his cam paign Monday at Grafton. Tavlor Coupty, nd will then proceed to bis borne at Charleston to cast his vote Tuesday. He expresses himself as well satisfied with tbe situation in bis district and appears to have no fears as to the result. EFT IHXX a TEX YACHT ill KIOHT. Two Newark Girls Badly Treated by New Tork Sports. Kiw Yott, KovTa Spximl Tettmrmm. Two pretty girls ' of Newark tell a storv of a 'dastardly attempt to kidnap them. Their names are Mamie Leopold, 17 years old, and Jennie Wbitmore, 18 years old. Miss Leopold, a pretty blonde, became ac quainted with a flashy fellow known as Jack Dunn, one of the class of sporting men to be found making a hand book in tbe rear room or a saloon. v tin him she Knew Andy King, who writes policy slips. The two young ladies and the two men were out in a sail boat one afternoon, but when it became time to go home the men refused to allow their companions to go ashore. They sailed on down the bay and kept the "girls out ali that night, and most of the next day, trving to persuade them to elope. Finally when tbo case was seen to be hopeless the men took a small row boat and went a any, leaving Miss Leopold and Miss Whitniore in the yacht. They were taken off by a party in another boat, and immediately complaint was made against Dunn and King, but so far they have not been captured. -BT)AV0B3 AT XuT-fHYSBOED. Fifth Annual Convention of tha Carbon dale District Held There. Mckpbtsbobo, IIL, Nov. a Special Te'e-tirm. The fifth annual convention of the Carbondale District Christian Endeavor Union began in this city today, and from present indications will be the largest yet held in this .district -of Jackson, Perry, Williamson, ana Franklin counties. The president is Howard H. Burr, editor of the Daf y Era. The other officers are: Mis Mabel Hall, of Mnrphys- boro; Miss Lillie Salter, of Carbondale, and George C Glein, of Duqnoin. Tbe morning session was occupied witb ad dress of welcome, response, business, and reports. Edwin D. Wheelock, of Chicago, chairman of the Christian citizenship work for Illinois, led his committee conference and evoked much interest and delivered a splendid ad-dress. Miss Kate Hans, of St Louis, sn- Erintendent of Junior work, spoke to the niors. The song service in the evening, 1 by Mrs. Rev. F. M. Alexander, was most interesting. A reception was tendered tbe delegates at the home of Mrs. W. E. Chambers, and a delightful evening was spent ZSWUr BOOTH? 1 ESTATE SETTLED. Executors Tarn Over the Property to the Central Trust Company. New York, Nov. a Special Telegram. E. C Benedict, William Bispham, and J. H. Magonigle, executors of the will of the late Edwin Booth, Friday filed in the register's office twenty assignments of mortgages to the Central Trust Company of New York. This step ' practically terminates their business with the estate. The will provides that the residue of the property shall be Invested with tbe Central Trust Company la such a manner that the Income therefrom shall be paid to tbe testator's daughter, Mrs. Grossman, for life, and on her death shall be continued . to her children until their twenty-first year, when the capitaUahall be paid over to them in f nU. Besides these assignments, which amount to (125,000, the executors turned over about 175,000 of Brooklyn property. Ol.glW0KX-M FAIL TOILECT- A New Ballot Mast Bo Takea for Gea-- oral Offlcer. PliTSBcao, Pa., Nov. a The votes east ia the election of officers ia the Window-Glass Workers' Association - were counted by the council tonight It was found that none of the candidates had received eaongb votes to elect, consequently a new election will have to bo gone ithrongh with. It will require three or four weeks to hear from the many, preeeptories . throughout . the eonntry.- :- - ' - .'Mass Meeting, at Fair Oa-a.''"'..-. "' v Fais Oaks, Ind., Nov.. A Special T gram. A. McCoy spoke at a monster meeting at this place tonight': Five hundred Republicans came -by special train from Rensselaer. John F. Merdeth, of Mnncie, made a masterly speech oa tha labor features of the tariff issue. A TRAITORv IN CAMP. I v-rv ? ;,. -.-' -4 r.-.l. Purdue Given tha Signals Used : : bj the Vaxeity' Eleven, - AND, OF COURSE, WON Football Game Goes to the La fayette Students, 10 to 6. Allen's Men Put Up Gam. Fight Agrinst Overwhelming Odds-Other Contests. , Purdue defeated tbe university of Chicago yesterday afternoon by a score of 10 to A Tbe visitors knew the 'varsity's signals that was tbe secret of their success, Nichols was pra tieaiiy useless Purdue had the dead wood on bim and were ready lor every run be attempted to make. It was the same in bucking the line or in a criss-cross. Purdue's men were always at the objective point That Captain Alien's men held the players down as well as they did endvr the circumstances Is to be wondered at Their gains were made either through the line in the face of the eppojitloa of the entire visiting team or by arranging a series of signals before band and putting tbe ball in play quietly. The fact that tbe signals were known by Purdue casts no especial discredit on the team. but tbe one who gave tbe signals to them would hardly pass muster among highwaymen. Some Purdue aympatblzer. either a member of tbe university or some one living In the city, doubt less sent tbe signals to Lafayette. Allen kicked to the visitors' twenty-five-yard line and regained the ball on a fumble Nichols was given the bait but the opposing team had shifted over and were waiting for him. Ewing was tried witb the same effect and Purdue got the ball on downs. Six times the ball changed hands on downs or tumbles Purdue was forced to pum and Nichols made ten yards out of an al most impossible tangle. Chicago could only gala through bucking the line and in that way carried the ball to Purdue's twenty Eve-yard line. Tbe visitors got the ball on downs and by gains of one and two yards and one long run of twenty yards by Moore rushed tbe ball across the field and Bushman went over a moment before time was called. Fulkersoa kicked a goat . Abandoned tha Signals. In the second half Chicago startel off with rush. Most of the plays were prearranged, and tbe ball was snapped without signals. Gale and Allen went through the line hard and Roll koetter was rood for a rain every time the ball was banded him. wing went arouna the left end for ntleen yards. Nichols. La may, and Gale pushed It along, when a purple shirt was seen hedging through -the opposing line, aad Ewing bad the ball across the line. Gale kicked the goal. The ball was not lost once oy Chicago and toe touchdown was made la six minutes. Tbe ball iwaa kept la the 'varsity's territory for some time, and uale was frequently forced to punt Purdue lost on downs and Ewing was worked like a hack horse. At Purdue s fifteen yard Hue the ball was lost on downs. The visit ors put more vim in their offensive playing and kept the ball for a second touchdown by Bush man. No goal resulted. Purdue was at once foroed to punt after the kick-off. Allen. Ewing. and Uale carried the ball along to Purdue's twenty-yard line. A criss-cross was signaled for. Tbe Purdue men. thourh were not to be fooled and causnt their man. Uale punted behind the line and Purdue brought the ball out for a free kick. Alien nau the visitors on tne run when time was called Tbe line up and score: n of Chleavo. Position. Purdue. Tnndl L-ft end Marshall Knnnn Left tackle A I ward Ruilkoetter L.-ft ruard,. .. drnikereua Finn Cent-r Robertsos Allen -.Rtrbt surd-..-. . .-.Webb Koby... . irm taeaie.........siaitn AII1MJ .................. IUU. cw.nMitmMiH iirnrr Kerlti. .......... ....Quarter baek.v....Oerbr winy . ...... .... .. lril (tl met. ............ mwrm Kiehola..... . ,.JUrtt aalf baek....Buhnaa Gale ......Full back Breen ' Toaeh Downs Swing. Bonhmaa (St Goals eale, rulkersoo. Time Two xvsalaata naivea. Gould, of Amherst, as referee, and Alward. of the C A. A., as umpire, officiated to the satis faction of both teams. ROUND THE GOAL POSTS. Games In tbe Association Series Will Prob ably Be One-Slded Today, The Thistles will play their fifth match in suc cession at Melrose Park this afternoon, with tbe Rovers as their opponents. The Rovers have lost several of their best players recently, and It is not expected that they will be able to force the Thistles to stretch themselves. The teams are: ThlMlea. Rovers. Cameron. troai now Anton... Weir.... Backs. ..Collins 1 ... (.:: ... Cameron GoJdanl Dcwar. . M&cdoDald Half backs. tlihrofi Talbo Gibaon..... Jurrvtt t Left 5... ) wlo. ... 1. Hart Edinond NcEvu .. Lawrence ueuier ( Rlrnt J ... i wing. ... Parsmm Loudon... ....W. H. Hart Govler. Ronald aoii The Went worths will play their first game at home on their splendid grounds at Thirty-Ninth street and Wentworth avenue, when they will endeavor to take a couple of points off the Rangers in revenge for tbe two defeat sus tained last year. The teams will line up thus; Wentworths. Bangers. Duncan.. ....Ooat .. ! Backs Miller A. Hamilton. J. Hamilton.. Seoweroft.... Allison Hooklns 1)1 lien Pord , fcoble w DKU .... . ..'I Half backs j .'.::.'. - j Left wing j Cnnoitv Wilson ...... Kelman ....H. Logan Goo. ml McKav Smith TSmilQ. ...... ........ ....UIDWT.. ri" :.:.:::::::: WrUriit Keferee-Ed Campo?U. The Albions will visit Braldwood and make a strong effort to defeat the winnlns team, which is being changed about a little The teams: Braldwood. Bates , A Cameron .... A.Walker W. Walker .... j. Cunningham Liltlejobn Moffait J. Walker Albion. ltike ..f. Campheli .O. Campbell Harris Uenny HcKnlrht Munru ...... Malcolm Chariex ..Goal.. Backs Half Backs Left Wing .Center. Rirnt Wing A. Young, Cully :::::::::::! J William i liyoll FOOTBALL AT GABFIFXD PARK. Illinois Cycling Clab Defeated by Y. at. C. A. Team. The Chicago Y. M. C A. football team scored another victory in the second game of the season yesterday afternoon in a game with the Illinois Cycling Club by a score of M to A The game was played at Garfield Park. Mlhler, of the Cycling Club, lost tbe ball in the second scrimmage after play began, and Oates quickly cleared tbe field for the first touch down for the Y. VL C A. The second point was scored for tbe association after ten minutes' lively, playing, when Oates went through the line for another touchdown. Y. at. C A rusned the play in the second half and secured another touchdown ia ten minutes and Small went around the line for another a few minutes later. The cycling club then took a brace and by rapid playing through the center succeeded la aeortng three minntes before the close. The Y. M. C A. team ia composed of several experienced college players, and. though but recently organized, is playing good football. Nov. 7 they play Norrh western University. The line-up of yesterday's game was as follows: Y. U. C A. Position. v Illinois. Hunter...... ....Left end .......... .... .Strong aikna. L.ft tackle . ...... Kinsley Collins ..Left guard.. ............. .Her Wlkel.... Cole Everett.. Sptkemu Wrenn... Small Jamar . Oatea .... ..Center 1 Richardson ,....Rtgbt guard........... ...Waugh ..Right tackle Schromtbee . Right end Wood ......Quarter back. ....... ..Blsenberg ...., Ced half back Mlhler ...JUght half Dack..... ...Smith .........gull back Aiurpujr 8AR8FIKLOS WILL PLAT INNISFAILA Two Crack Barling Teams to Have a Tussle This Afternoon. The Gaello Association completed arrangement yesterday with the Wentworth Football Club whereby they will share the fine grounds st Thirty-Ninth street and Wentworth avenue for the next few weeks. The Gaelies will play their games first, commencing at 1: o'clock, and as soon as they vacate the ground the Wentworths will take possession. Today the hurling boys will represent the Gaelic Association and a splendid exhibition of tbe game is expected from euch well known teams as Sarsflelds and Innlsfalla.- Tne Innisfaila are tbe champions for the year, while Sarsnelds have played consistently all through tbe season. - Wentworths will play the Bangers after the Hurling match. '."y- .. NEITHER SIDK SCORES.'"- ' Armoor Institute and St. Jgaatlas College - : . Elevens Tie on Bbut-Oata.' Yesterday at the South Side Ball Park the Armour Institute second team played aa exciting game with the St Ignatius College first team which resulted la a tie score, 0 to 0. The feature of the game was tha hard playing of both teams aad -especially tbe general aU-erooad-plavtag of Armovr's backs. Walsh, Murdoch aad Mania iraqoaatlF making five to ton yarns sarouga tea solar. .The Mams lined up as follows: Armour. Poalttona. St. Lrnatlua. o...... ...,...... .Oeoier. .....,.,.OSla u bee k...........RIsni guard.. .,...J3;aoo oabr.......M...Rirht iackJa.. .....,HrrT w.mihii ..... ..juiai , ..Right end.. ..Lien guara ..Left tackle .t.,...i4utDa - ...Convey Bans bay ............... .Left end. . Baonhy fon ....,... guarwr........ .flddy Walsh.... Lart half O'BrWm Martin ...... .Risht half . .....ghawbrtdre Murdoch Full back rarrell . nuosuuiiee wneeier, uooaauiua, ana wuson. neieree a. wuson. umpire tuoaa. iinmi. - --- -- - Bankers Beat tbo High aebools. The game between the West Division High School aad First National Bank resulted la victory for the bank team. Score. IS to Touchdowns by Bankers, Cary, PeeL Hnoyoa. ; Minor Feothnll Matters. - Tbe Riversides defeated the Austins at River side by a score of 18 to 0 yesterday. The football s-ame between tha Prairie Club aad Armour Institute yesterday was declared oS oa account of the disabled condition of the Ar mour team. Tbe North Eads want a game of football with some Rugby team. Arrangements eaa be made by addressing W. E Webster, Jr., No XT East uoicago aveaue. Tbe Ravens wood Y.' M. C A. defeated the Rogers Park at Rogers Park yesterday. The featurei of tbe game were the tackling aad Interference of the Y. M a A. The first touch down was made by Jamison ia one minute after the game was started and the second In two sod one -naif minutes after the kick -03 uyuouy, The score was to A TROTTERS BBISO QOOU PRICES. Nearly 60O Bead Sold at tbe Sale at Mad ison Square Garden. Nsw Yoga, Nov. I Special TtU&ram. The Ore days sale of trotting stock at tbe Madison Square Garden was brought to a elose tonight Nearly ouo head, representing tbe different con signmenta, were disposed of for prices that were uniformly good. The spirited bidding oa tbe part of buyers has gives breeders encouragement to continue their efforts in placing on tbe market stock that is highly bred. Consignments from C S. Wells. Leroy. N. Y.; Matthew Rl.ey. of this city, and H. & Henrr. of Morrlsvllle. pa., attracted the attention of buyers today. Tne Wells lot con sisted of twenty-one head, which sold for a total of B5.5I5. an average of ass per bead Seven bead of the Riley consignment brought to.ou, aa average of s per neao. Tne saie was conducted by Tatteraall a. Details follow: rannirr own. a. wm.LA. I.tior. x. v. St. Gotbard. b h. foaled Irii'O. by Ueorgo Wllsee-Zora. by Amrteaa Clay: sola at private sale. Happy Gotbard. b h. foaled 1XHI. by SI. liolnard-Muruon Medium, oy Happy Medium; Colonel Mor- reli. Philadelphia. Pa.. Gotbard. br h. foaled 1MH. by St. Gothard-Al-brino. bv Mambrtav Pateben: M. Moses. BalU mare. tfd.. S251L. Alntathard. b f, foaled 1M3. by St. Gotbard- Aliuatum. by Dlctatum: W. Hamilton, Ueanvtlle, 11I..S-.-00. Wilt-In Gnlha I. h m foaled lftfM. bv 9t. Oothlrd Marsie Duroe, by Meaaenger lferoe; a. Kills. Vew I or, sxj u. Oiwii Gothard. b m. foaled 18M. by St. Goth ard-MUmoo Mollum. by Happy Medium; W. Snep- ard. Sliepardavllle, W. Va.. 1. Graduaium. b m. foaled 190. bv Dietatom-Rnb Soihard. by St. Gothard; U. u. Sluice sow rors. S4JO. InsDectnm. b g. foaled 1 891. by Dlctatum-In r- low. by RoUa; a; C ourklaa. Mew liaveo, voaa. SoUU. Andthard. b ra. foaled 1891. bv St. Gothard- Audltum, by Dlctatum: F. Dewey. KMO. rKOPBTT or MATTHEW RILkV. JTIW Ktbel H.. eh m, foaled ImtoV by Fannv. br Allen SonUur: A Baumaa. New York. roas: crrr, Beanraont- New York. S51U. Barclay, o c roaieo imu. or jionte iTnato- Dona. by Goorra W likes; T. U Dean. New York. Aaaie u., o m. roaiea iiwa oy m-trwiea noy-Bvlle g.: T. A. Mo ely. Athens. Pa. f f. Kitty Bayard, g m. foall ima by uayard-ueik by Campbell s 1 lutoga; 1. U. Sbuila, ParkvUle, L. L. S3.WJ0. Reference, br r, by Refetae Modleaka. by Xo- field: Arbour Broait Mo treat SAvO. CMavtun. br. foaled la IteLf. br Harry fxa--Star .lea ia 11 Maid, by Jupltrr AbuaNah: H. DarUarum, t i.O-'o. Colonel Walker, bg, foalwl .Iwil. bv St. Cioud Minnie, by .would Cay; K. lsrllagton. New Tork. pmhitt w. miT. wn lun m va j AdniTratlon. bra. foaled 1H7H. br Adnilnlatra- tor-aaiiy iermr. ay Msmnrtaocbonatar; A. u. SaDafd. Slienarastoww. W. Va. . s?eo. Aainono. Oim m, wr irron.-jea.iie rapper, oy Mini orioo ciuei; c. r. tuugewy. sunngneia, iu.. HT5. Barons, or m. foaled lHXT.oy Baron wiikes-ou, by Mambrlno Hoy: w. bin Boy: W. Biiapaon, New York, isoiinr M-a. o m. Toama lwi. oy jersey Wlikaa-Dnar Kobe, oy Sultan: K. J. Noyea, Lao- Owll Wllkoa. nlk m. foaiea iwo. oy wiir w uses- Sable, br fbe Moor: 1 F. RiUgerey, Springfield. til.. St. OKI. Clara Dl-taior. or to. fo.neo itr.o. oy inctaior- Fauny Ml Ike, by ijeorye Wilkes: u. u. racaer, Duo h-aa. ch m. foeiMl 1K74. by M am on no ratcn- en-Lettla. by Joe Downing; if. Krnst, Phliadel- pna. svuxi . t w KiDna. ox. or Aiipnon-bOQ. x aimniao wv: W. Slmnaoo. Kew York. Grlm-ld bm.roaledlHiNI.ovuurwukea-Kva.oy ftnllAn- T. JlfflfitltWO. K. If.. SHOO. Gasttlle. b in. lo.n-m iwH. oy bav ises-cva oy Si.ltan: L H-lueiiiuu. Jtnmtown N. .. sl.sao. Jran W kin. u s ui. loaleU 1KXH. or vounr Wllkes-JeaiHtte. by Mfaenger Dnroc: W. 1. and A. at. Sbepara. Sbc-narJtown. w. a.. F-'M. ob in. foa rd 1HK. bv Piedmont-aav bwi. by Riectloneer: W. R. Janvlera. New York, Maxima, n m toaira irvw. it lajth aawcii' .. . Jiiiia, by Happy MaUlutu. 31. Pteraoa. Jersey Clt .-. WHO. .... . Mnnuette. ch m. roaied two. or ueimont-Mora. by Woodford Mambrinu; A H. bilwore, Montreal. Canada. 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Wood paced a mile In Z:07. Labelle out her record to : is. as also did wayiana w. ine summaries: Trottlnr for e-year-oWa: oorse. Cl.ooO. Labelle. ch f. by Sidney-Anna Belie (Maben)..l 1 A than to (Park). 2 S Jaoper Ayres (Perkins) rersinsi a Lsstcnance (unsum nme-v:zi. x:i. Trotting: 4-year-olrta, oorse, fl.OtM. B. Bomcrs. br m Mvgaret Worth, by Alexander Itntton (BUrelow). 4 1 Montana ( Williams!..... 1 3 Tdompeon (Vanlna) S S rilllsdale (Buncni ... LjidvO. (Mitrebanl 3 3 U.Ml. "lin iTwhorl H nm-x x:iira. z:itn. s:ash-2:27 clans, trottlnr: nurse. SI. .Via Wsylnod W., b 8. by Arthur Wilkes Letta (Lmstini 1 Altao iSha er 3 Shytock (Bu:ich) S lago (Wllllamsl 3 Lucy B. (Birelow) 4 Vina Bella (Maben). lie (jaaoeni ...o Tlme-Spuclal paee, W Tlme-2:l!fH. S:UW. S:U. Spoclal paee, W. Wood to beat 2:OTM. W. Wood, o g. by Stetnwsy Ramona (M. Time-OJg. 1:04. Ifija. 2af7. Sanders).! special trot to oea iswtt-Alviso, b g (Cox) lMie-J3D, Kneels! trot to belt 9-.MIU. Etta Wilkes, by Guv Wilkes (Dustln).. Sneelal trot to beat u.ur,. Royat Sid. by Royal Wilkes, mare Sidney Sneelal Dace. 9:27 rlaaa. Bessie Tborne (Hauey) .............1 Wlllema (Bolmanl 3 Rayanetta (MtaneE) J Time-K-SltC 3:37. 3:2& 33H. SHOULD BATE LOOKED HIM CP. Man Who Married Mrs Franklin Said to Bo .' a "Ringer." Baron" Greenbaum. who recently married Mrs. Franklin, is alluded to aa follows in the society column of the New York . Vommtr dot Tha marriace of tha ''Baron" "Greenbaum at Nashville, leun., creates a bit of Interest here among a set of men whom he managed to deceive aa to his social staadlnr. The Baron married yesterday the widow of Captain James Franklin. tne noted xenneaaoe turrmau. wno is aaia to nave money. His career in Newport was wen known. ley. ma career in jiewppn wn wwi ingwn. be would have flourished like a green bay and possibly married a New York heir-it It had not bean for the efforta of and be would tree eaa Count B"ta Zlehy. who knew bin aa a per son of shaky fame in tha old country. " The Count at ooee exraia?d his antecedents and published the detal. a of tlie "Baron's" career. This was sad news to several very "smart" young men who were tntr3ductn? him everywhere aa "'my friend tbe Baron." Atone ti ne, it will be remem bered, he announced his ennrement to Miss Lliv Sherman, of Lexlairton. Ey.. which was nromMlv denied by that young lady and ber family, his very difficult tmaa day, when the Gotha and the Kngllah peeroga and books of continental refer ence are on every one's tabie. to deceive we Americana as to family elalms or position. Tne old days of bogus barooa aud eotuHa and prtncea are over. Wo will havathj bona Oio article and no other. - - . - 7 Misaloaarv Alliance OXfleers. " SPRinoriELO. Ohio. Nov. . Tue following j officers of tbd American Inter-Seminary Mi-sionsrr Alliance were elected ted iv: Execntlve committee. E. O. U' ea. Lancaster. Pa.: M. J. Kline, uettysburg. tit.: K. U Merrtll and u. A. Turner. Chicago: E. B. Oolan. Ko.bcsur N. Y. Mr. Keen becomes president of tne slitacoe or virtue of being chairman of the. executive mittee. . - .- .' - . .. :- MEET A WATERLOO. Northwesteni,8 Kickers Defeated . t- -V:'. Qiarapalgn. .,-r '-j ARE UNABLE TO SCORE. Meanwhile Illinois Piles Up . . . Total of Sixty-Six. . .. .y Long Runs by tha Victors the Ftaturs of the Game How tha Teams Lined up; -- ! CHAMPAiaa. XU.. Kev. l-Spnlit mrm.-For two years Illinois ha endeavored to beat Ncrthwsstera, but every time tbe two elevens have Bast the games resulted la tie scores, but today Illinois captured the cap aad gown col-leglass from the Chicago suburb -sad piled up ene of the blggeit teoeesthatl oa record this year, at to a It wai expected that Northwestern would be weakened by tbe absence el O'Hern aad tbe troubles' wblch the eleven has experienced, but when tbe team lined up with Griffith. Jewett. Shorty Williams, aad Gloss back of the line it presented a formidable appearance, and as Plxley and Foots were absent from tbs Illinois line so one thought the local students would have aa easy game la fact, the first few minutes of plsy put the crowd oa anxious seat. Illinois fumbling repeatedly. Illinois bad the ball oa tbe kick-off. aad North western brought it back, but sooa lost It. After poor playing Illinois started down tbe field until the ball was fumbled on the fifteen-yard line and Northwestern was forced to pent. Sconce was then sent for thirty yards aad a touchdown. During tbe rest of the game the ball was almost continually ia tbe possession of Illinois. Iu interference was much improved, and made possible tbe prettiest plsy of the gsme. Considerable waa expected of Jewett, the colored half back who captained tbe Northwestern, but his work was weak. Be made one gain of twenty yards, sod secured a similar distance oa a bins' kick. His defensive play, especially his tack ling, was poor. The score was: Touch Downs Seonee. KUer (7). Pfeffer 17). Lanta. Chester (Ml. Notehklsa. Bacra. Branen, Goals Kller. V. Runa-Seooee. SO. M: Rotebklsa. 20. SSa 20. SO. 45: Baum. Hi. AS. 70: Cheater. M. U. 41 Jewett. 30, 30. Following was the line-up. Illlnola. Position. Borthwestera. Quade Braoeb Lautx Gaut .... Leftnd Burnett-Drroi ...Lett tackle Jot Left (UarJ Vons ...... Center Jloert Bebe , Pfeffer ...Burnt guard Hall .. Jtlrnt tackle. Andrews .. ..Klrbtend....Hopklas-Wilioa ...Quarterback Griffith ..Left half back Williams .Right half back.... Jewett Full back --...Close Scat-bt Baud Scmtee-Cheaiar. Hotcbklsa Kller MADISON VANQUISHES BELOIT. University Eleven Scores Eight Touch downs Against tha Collegian. BiLorr. Wis.. Nov. lSptaol Ttlrjram. This baa been a gala day ia Beloit in honor of tbe football game between the Sttte University aad Beloit College. The ctty was profusely deco rated with the college color, gold, and tbe students and boys of the town made things lively all day previous to the game. Tonight, however. It was tbe visitors who were nu. lua; the noise. The university delejattoa. SOW strong. came with a baud sod eotors flytag oa a special tralavar-tao o'clock and was met by a great crowd at tbe . depot and all marched to the alhlMje field. ... r BeiollhaatM best football team la her his tory, sad had act before today bees defeated on ber own grounds, aad while she did aot aspect to down Madison every one who has seen ber ex cellent work believed she would make a better showing agsinat the university men than she did. Tbe rams trs- ail saeenLgith fact that the score wal 3 to On Tavoi or ot auuu - l The line-up was as follows: BelolL Position. Cnlverstty. Sneiden ....AVexauaer Rlrr Left end Atkinson-...- Left tackle.. Limn Left guard... Buure Hinckley Center ,,..RuU Cox Rlrht guard . Jacooa fltktn William Knutaoa ..Right tackle ,. tyre Klrbt end. .Major inekinooa fair. Jowell ,-...Uuarter...Trotan. Lvmao Foatar . Rlrnt half .....Karat u i l, , . f.t hifttf Staoo HolUau-r Full back Richards Touchdowns-Karel CD. Alexander (31. ryre. Shelden Ct). Dicklneoo. NEITBEB SIDE ABLE TO SCORE. Desnernto Straggle of Eureka's Eleven with tha Normal Cnlverstty. Echika, IIL, Nov. i.Spctal TtUjram. The same of football played here today between Eureka College and Normal University deserves to go oa record. It was a desperate struggle, ia which neither side succeeded In scoring. The ground was in good condition, considering tbe quantity of rain that had fallen. Normal, hav ing the choice, took tbe east goal, and kept the ball ht Eureka's territory most of the first half. Only the fine tackling of Major prevented tbe visitors from scoring several times. Eureka rallied in fine style In the last half. aad bad the ball elose to Normals goal twice. It being oa the ten-yard line at the close of the game. Hamilton made long runs arouna tne ena tor cureu i sou PieasanUmade one. Major smashed tbe line at will for rood gains. Robertson, a new player. distinguished himself. Normal's team work was good. This Is the way they lined np: ftureka. Positions. Normal. Catiin Klrbt end billon Campbell Rurbt tackle.. ...Mlcha-! ragan ...... iurnt roaru Davis Center - Balnlioe Kldred Leftruard Greavet Goodoirht Left tackle.. MeCormtck Keertaon erteno... airx fleasanta .Rlrnl half back Moulton Hamilton Left bait back Patten K. Irwin Quarterback Al Carr Major Full back F. Dllien Melton took tbe place of Eldred ia tbe second half. QUAKERS NEED A BRACE, Listless Football Flaying Done by the Calverslty of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa., Nov. t An air of gloom pervades tbe vicinity of tbe University of Pennsylvania football grounds wblch will be difficult to dispel. The recent showing of tbe Quakers ha been a cause of much disappointment, not only to the management but to the faithful supporters. Seldom has such a wretched exhibition of football been given by a first-class college team and never has suck a sample of ragged, liatleea, disjointed play been seen aa that against tbe Lafayette team last Wedaeaday. There was aa absolute absence of life, heart, unity, co-opera-itoo. and ginger. The team waa Inert and lack ing In determination ana nacKoone. me lino was like a- sieve and blocked like wooden players, while the interference was about aa ragged as It Is possible to imagine, . Time and agala Lafayette plowed through the Pennsylvania line for big rains. Not during the mat week have the players given any evidence of championship form, and unless a wonderful Improvement U made by next week Prinoetoa will have little less than a walk-over. Ex-Captain Edgar Church, ia speaking of tbe players. said: "They exhibit all tha symptoms of stale-aess and overwork, and at present I believe I eould select a team from the Farmers' Alliance that could beat them." DARTMOUTH'S LINK IMPENETRABLE. Defeat of Williams la the First of the Championship Uaasoa. Raxovcr, N. h., Nov. I. Special THtonm. Williams suffered defeat at the bands ot Dartmouth today in the first of the championship series between Amherst. Williams, and Dartmouth. Dartmouth throughout outplayed Williams. No scoring wss made la the first, but ia the second half Dartmouth, by clever work, secured two touehdowna Wililsms found Dart mouth's line impenetrable. Dartmouth pushed the visitors down the nem a a oxen times. Williams' best work waa done by tbe Drapers. Line up as follows: . - Dartmouth. PyjultlonS. . Williams. Lakemaa..--;... .Left end.. -..,.. Ryan Abbott.- -.Left tackle.-, .....Samoskeoy B-wles. .... ..Left ruard ......Lota Caverly...-.....-...,...Center.-....-.-Hid Una..-... ....Right guard. ...... -Townsend Little ..... jurbi tackle.. vTjtylor Foisoiu . . -.Rt ht end Oglllvte MeAr7..7:.-..urte' .Bradlea ami Siret Lmsuiore .L half.. r. grw w, , . Dlwhl haif . M I r BT aW &r.d.a.odTKrfr Score Uarunvuih. lo. Tonendowna-Kckstroni and Uluaoiore. Woala from Touchdawna-HulL BROWN fLATS A 8TBONO CAME. Nearly Scored fro as Yale aad Kept the Seoro .. V -. . Down to Two Goals. : x PaoviDSSca. R.L. Nov. lSfdal TtUgni. 'Yale defeated Brown by a score of IS to 0 to day, but the Rhode Islanders came within two yards of scoring. The game drew out the lv.vcat - trowd ever seen : here. . Yale waa - la .tie line. - . Brown played a .-! ,' - -me--.- and kept Yale "a j e.rii in the ftrst ha!f and hold the Vol " - in tour downs when It appeared almost certain that they would score. Brown, thus securing the ball la front of their ewa goal, carried it the length of the field. When within two yards front a - toocb-dowa they lost It taroorh tao pertinacity of the Yatonsiaas. Two brilliant runs of thirty-five and forty yards wara asada by Bopkina, and Thorn blaysd a Sao. aggressive gaaoe for Yale. The Yale game eras opaa to ssuek ertti-slam, aad, where several opportunities offered, ao- attempt was mads to kick froat the Held. Line np as follows: . ..---. - Yale. . . Foaltlows. ' -' . Brown. B ...,... ........ ....Left end. ........... Dennlaoa Beard.. .......... ...Left tackle. Kuory McCrea. Left ruard. .. . Thajrir Si lllaiaBa.MM . .Cooler. .. . ...Xooia b Rlekok..... ..Klrht guard.. , ..... Jlmlta Murphy.. .. -.-..Right taekla.. ..Mott L. Biukey. .Right sod..... ..-Matta Adae ............ ......aurtr. ...Doooraa Mills ............... ..Left half..... .:.-. .Hopalas Tborne..., ..... , Blrhi half. ......Robinson Leuoa Full back..-.-... .McCanhy Touchdowns Lettoa. fTborao. Goals treat Touehdowna HlckoS. 1. Umpire Bwllarwaria. Referee George. ,- - - It has bees prsetleally decided to place Beard at guard ea tbe Yale team l place of McCrea. aa McCrea has beec plsylag very badly this year, and is not considered strong enough, . FIRST BLOOD rOB MISSOCBL Opens the . Westera States Caaatsdoashlp Serlas by Defeating; Jfabraskav Kavsas Crrr. Ma. Nov I The Western Sums IstereoUegiste . Football Ajsoetauoe opeaed iu Caspian ship seasoc bere this afternoon before 1.000 enthusiatu. Tbe game was betweso i be elevess of the Missouri and Nebraska universities Tbs Missouri boys won by a score of 18 to it, afur tbe hardest kind of a ugbv - TABIOCS FOOTBALL CAXEl Amherst leorei a Touchdown aad Goal While Shutting Crescents Oat. BROOKLV. Ji Y-. Nov 1-In two thirty minute halves, tbe score today was: Amherst, : Crescents 0 Tbe gsme was replete with se-cidents. sad more or leas slugging was indulged is by coin uame AS'apous. M, Nov. The Naval Csdete shut out the Lehigh boys at football this after noon by a score of 10 to a, graxXGriBLD, Ohio, Nov. l.1pdai Tdtjrwm. At football ibis afternoon, Wittenberg de feated the Ohio Westera University team at Dels wars, 14 to 0. Ka-amasoo, Mich., Nov. lpaal 7M-wss. i do nsiamaroo ana too uraaa aptas High School football teams played here today. The score waa st to e in uvor of Kalamaioo. A game between tbe Kaumaxoo Coere team aad the Three Rivera eleven at the latter place, re sulted in a soors of as so v utjavor of Kalama- soo. Dbtboit. bach.. Nov. tSnteial TtUjrum. Tne Aucaigaa Military academy aad tne Mieal- Cb Athletic Association elevens played football re this afternoon, the former winning by a score of M to s. All the aooors belonr to Lin- coin, of the academy team, who scored its three touchdowns aad kicked lu ooe goal. muatM. ill., mov. a aMMt leteorwav East Aurora High School football team defeated Elgin's Blgh School eleven today by a score of Mioo. Naw HA via. Coon.. Nov. I-AhosI Ttltormm. Yale freshmen played their first home game today, aeteaung me uoag uiand uouege eleven by a score of W to ft iowa crrr. low a. or. a The football same with tbe State University of Kansas todar re sulted in a score of 14 to 12 la favor of the Uni versity of Iowa. The game was dose and ex eitinr throurhoaW Bureurtox. Iowa. Nov. a Spsetof jararaa.- Ia the Lenox -Co football game today Lenox won. 14 to A C-BVB-ASD. Ohio. NOV. g Spcial Ttlenramt. The uoenia college football eleven detested the Case School elevea here. today. to a Qleaaoo, of Cleveland, broke his leg during tbe game. caxbboob, ill- November a Htami TtU- ira t. Tbe Touloa Academy eleven and Cam slore Athletics SBet this afternoon, and tne visitors wore aaaoto to get a touchdown, Tha seorasrasestoa - YrsiLASm. Mich.. NOV. k Mia TtUnrmm. The Toledo Ataieue Association football team lost to the normal school eleven this afternoon by s score of 7 to 0. The Toledo team was too light to make any stand. Wnsr Pom N. Y.. Nov. 1 The eadeU de T. .X. feated the Union College elevea today bv a score of so to a The last ten minutes of the game w a played ia darkness. IJir nillcl K J Va S fn a) - I tweea tne urange jnatetic team ana aiayeue College, played oa the Urange oval this after noon, resniteu in a victory for the latter by a score of 18 to A CHAJiLOTTSsviixa. Va. Nov. a The football teams of the University of Vlrvinia and Rulrers College, of New Jersey, played aa interesting game here today, which resulted la the defeat of Rutgers, SI to A fyt, IX) via. Ma, Nov. a The University of Illinois' sacoao elevea today won a game front the elevea of the Pastime Athletic Club ' by a score of to 1 Soma slugging was indulred in during the game, watch was aa exciting one. - Davtok. Ohio, Nov. S, oua ItUomm. The ucaarvui uouere eleven came nere today anu played a came ot football with the Daytou Y. M. C A eleven. The visitors fell before Dayton's superior pisy by a score ot M to a LoUMVitxa. Ky., Nov. 1 The Center College team, of Danville, defeated the Louisville Athletic Club today by the score of U to ft Harry Brawn Snrlonaly Iajnrwd. PEIWCXTOK. N. J.. Nov. 1 tmtdal TtUjram. Harry O. Brown, who played left ead on the Princeton 'Varsity eleven, bad his right leg In jured so badly la today's practice that be may aot play la the Pennsylvania nau. Tbe New ark Academy elevan were defeated today br the Princeton freshmen oa the Princeton field by a score of St to ft Sporting Notes. The Periclean Social aad Athletic dab rave a bouse-warmlng la their new quarters. No. RMS South Canal street, Thursday evening. Danny" MeBride has asked tbe Seaside Ath letic Club to match him against ' Kid'' Bogaa for a limited number of rounds or to a finish. "Tom" 0"Rourke la anxious to match "Job" Waleott azainst "Dick" Burgo. the waiter-weight champion of England, for a ataka of 12.500 a side. Jsek Davis, who announces himself aa the lightweight champion of Tennessee, ebailangcs any 130-pound man for a limited somber of rounds for a purse. Kid" Horaa. la answer to Dollv Lvona' chal lenge to Brut him td a finish for S2.0CU s side and- a purse, says the New York boy caa be accommodated, and if be makes a deposit Bogaa will cover it and sign articles. Stanton Abbott's sasv victory aver . Charles Gehring waa a surprise to the friends of tbe English pugilist He has been going back so rapidly that they thought the best be could get wiia uennng wouia oe a a raw. "SollV Smith, the Los Amreles feather weight, has been matched to fight Oscar Gardner, the "Omaha Kid." for a ouree aad a stake ot 50S a side. The eontast will probably take place la Buffaw the latter part of this month. Pitcher James Sullivan aimed a contract Fri day to play with the Boston ball team la I8K1 Sullivan s release was purchased of tha Providence Club. He was ooe of tha best pitchers ia the Eastern League last season. He was with the Bostons inlsei. , Jack McAuliffe. who is booked to mar Owes Ztegier before the . Atlantio Athletic Club Nov. IV, has taken up his quarters at Bath Beach. He expecte to be In the best possible cooattion wbea he faces the Philadelphiaa. The latter, who Is making rapid strides toward the too of the pugilistic ladder, ia training just outside of Phil adelphia. - - - TEX 0 -ITU ART XXCOSOi Frederick Lovejoy. Nkw York, Nov. t Frederick Lovejoy. vice president of the Adams Express Company, died at his home in this city today. K. J. Jonas. Paha. IIL, Nov. a StmUl TtUaram. M. J. Jones, a capitalist of this city, died this afternoon after aa illness of two months. CaatlUoar-Byaaw A very pretty wedding Iras' celebrated at St. Jariath's Church Thursday, at t o'clock. Tbe contracting parties were Miss Ella L. Ryan aad James P. Cantlllon. Bev. T. F. Caahmaa performed the eeremonv, after which a wedding feast waa spread at the homo of the rdda'e parents, -No. 134 Lincoln street. Mr. and Mrs. Caatilloa left oa the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad for St Paul, Minneapolis, aad Dulutb at 6: o'clock. CONDENSED DISPATCHES. ' A fine vein of soft eoal has been struck at Williamsburg, near Richmond. Ind. Myer's toy store In Sorlnrnuld. 111., burned last nlgbt from too explosion of a lamp. Peter Alexander's flouring mill at Silver Lake. Ind.. burned Saturday. Lose, gleMMU; laaoranor. U.UU0. . During the month of October fifty-elrht aew eampa of Modera Woodmen wera Instituted, and 3.UU0 hv members added to tha list. Rafus Moors, oolored. wanfd at Howling Green. Mo., fbraa attempt to kill a farmer soma months ago. waa arrested at Qnincy. 111. The Natchitoches and River Valley Railroad la Louisville waa sold Saturday ander a foreclosure proceeding, and waa purchased by wene u J. W. Ifehanaad Mr. Bortrea Raer. of New Orleans. TheresMenee at Council Hill of William Lofton, one of tne wealthiest men In Jo faviees County. Illinois, wss portly d"?.!? JJ.f day night. Mr. Luptou'a eldest aon, William, perished in the flames. - - - The works of the Mollne ffltt Waroo Comgn shut down yestorlay io thmfrliiF ". Bttaa oat or worsi. im waw ! iSud fcl VfklGS! of crops lnWestern Sute wlM-rsmoM of the company's trade ia. The Jury which has been hearing testimony lit Phl!aiiluUlu for sevpral day s yesterday rendered a verdlrt ill the United (Kates cirenu court allow- lmr JO. out' compenaation to oe paia or lo fi ov- vrument to tne etvy"" ; irj hi K17 w m- pany for taklug of la id required to keep the his-, torlcai oatUa- held intact. LINE UP FOR DEFEAT Ann Arbor Kickers Beaten u Cor- neH'sEleTen. ARE UNABLE TO SCORE.' Kippery Grotinds Rendered "Worse , by Steady Rain, Michigan Boys Play in Good Form Their Bucking of the Line Be. Ins; EacalienL ' 1 V lTsTACA, N Y . Nov. l-vcfof TtUqrmk-University of Michigan played Cornell aero today before a crowd of Mot The grounds were wet and slippery, sad a flae rale, .which aa la during tha trst half, dkt not lmprwva their i anion Michigan s team Ola red ia mm ter form than was expected lis Una bucklns; wss particularly good. Although Cornell did aot have ia ber strongest team, las aaea played a sharp, lively gams and tost the ball on dowaa but ones. - - . . .. . ix-aeu won us IOSS, aaa MiCBlgaa KlCkeO OB. Obi caught the ball aad pen ted to Michigaa's forty-yard line. CorseU sooa obtained the baa on downs sad rushed it from the held. Kelly carrying It over the line. Mickigaa thea had the ball aad took it to Corsairs twenty-yard line. This wss the nearest the visitors casae to scoring. Cornell sooa scored agala, bat during the rest of the half Michlgaa braced np and held in own. uiae first half of minutes the seoro m S In a Hall was substituted tor McLaughlin at taekla la tbe second half aad played a better gam. uunoa torn aau tMeraacaor aad Downey were ; oat to give Starbnck aad Taaaaig practice. This half tasted only twenty-five auautea, but Cornell played a harder game aad scored three times, the flaal seoro standing 8 to. Sum mary: CorneU. Position. Ana Arbor. iT . , ; ' ......Maddea MeLMoshUa. BaiL Left taekla 7. vuia WaVT-iflr I-waa a-tasvl g-s . f'"01 Cenl-r.. . ."".".'.Isnilta Coooo..... .- Rurht raard H-aamv Borers. . ...... Kirbt Uckla. . Reynolds Uwney, Taussig. Sir m end Price WyekoS Quarter bank iv.n.. Stelnacoer- Rl naif back.Rlrh'son Starbnck Kelly Left aalf hek.. Hio... .i.. "" ...FnU back.... -...fogwx&yer YOaebdowna-Roswa. Hearaam Cel. ailly. Star-buck. eale One. L am HQjzrr wmaAnas. Dr. Caiiataia DneUaco to Boat oaY tao Inds Bavuswoob, Nov. XTm Ur ' ZdiUr.WUl you please announos to tbo public through yoar columns that I decline longer to stand as a eaa- -dldata for the offlow f conatv cterk of Omit County. rtinr as I was. sad am stlU. ta entire svsa- pathy with tha prineioios of tbo Indeoenda Amsncaa Citixea's Party, aa announced la Its platform, aad yielding to too argent solid ta ttoos of gentlemen wnoea 1 thought to bo my friends, I consentsd to receive the norri nation of tbe convention lor the otboe of Cook Ceoaty clerk. This nomi nation came to mo thraorh ma " solicitation ot my own. 1 save been pained aad surprised st recent . developments and revelations, which show, to the satutacUoa of myself aad ay friends, that thia ticket waa pat la tao field bv tbo manarnrn of that convent uw 1 1 for tha sola purpose of help- tag to keep la power the conwoa nw In tan City HalL by bringing tbe Republican ticket to Jiaaator aad defeat. I leaders la that convention, who now appear to oe ta sympathy with the dirtv work dona a tha dispensers of the City Ball corruption food, are utterly disloyal to the principles set forth ia tao party p v uorss. 1 heartily resant tbe lmpositloe practiced anon myself, aad I am dUposed to do all I caa to pre vent the greater imposition they have attempted 10 practice upon the public. 1 :annoi tend m my name or co-o Deration m sneh a scheme, sod I decidedly protest agalcat being used as a cat's paw to draw political chestnuts out of tha fire, for the benefit of tbo "Modern Alex ander." Roger Sullivan, or any of that raasr. - I regret that I did aot ret my nam osT tha official ballot within tbo lima that the law allowa for that purposet but bavin failed Is da so. I wish to ask every Independent American citizen to avoid votlaw this ticket, unless he wishes to play directly Into tha panda of thosa whose political eriacipasa aad - nolieiaa mm abominates. I therefore hereby withdraw say nominalinn and ask that ao friend of mine vote for me or tbo ticket. J. A. CABU-Kin. M n - Candidate for County Clerk oa tao Independent AJBC IKH 1KSW Z3HSD BT A BOUTS XXrXOSIOX. Fatal Aee:ent ta an EWvntor at Grave U1U, OaJav VAX WgRT, Ohio, Nov. a. The boiler ia. Foust's rrain elevator, atOrover Hill, near here, gnve way today ander a heavy pres sure of steam. Foast, tbo proprietor, and AleDown, the engineer, aad his son, aged 18, were workinr near tbe boiler at tbe time. The boy waa killed instantly, while the two former will probably die. Tbe bnildinr waa completely wrecked. The boiler waa aa old rust-eaten affair that had lonr been condemned. BLOOD FLOWS DT A lAKX-Jt ISO. Calored Proywtwtar at St. Faal Baictda rabUexy. .. DrurrE, Ulna- Nov. S. A drama tie sal- cide was witaessed by several persons thia afternoon, when EL EL Harrison, colored proprietor of the S paid in f Hotel barber 'hop, eat a terrible rash in At throat ' with a raxor aa he sat at thee-shu-e'a d-h- . The barber shop vat fall of people. fXa. rtson fell to the floor dead and thn h-el-m and their customers rushed to the street ia a panic. Harrison waa discouraged over poor business. -. . " , k nr ros, n,6oo,ooa , -C " -awaawasa-B - 3. IT. Poet Bays tao Lake SnnwrWe Cnloa Insnraisasnat Elwvntors. .-- DciXTK, Minn.. Not. 8. Tha nropgrtv f tbe Lake Superior aad Union. Improvement Elevator companies waa sold today at Dublin auction by George Spencer, the receiver. , It was bid ia oy E. W. Poet, of St, Paal, for $1,000,000, representing the creditor-. The sale was ia accordance with a'p'aa for reorganization adopted by the creditors and stockholders of tbe old com pan lev TO rUTXIT BXZCTI0X TXAVOt. ' Varaaatto Clab Votsa sUOO far th) eattoni of FwUttenl Trlekstars. Tbe Marqnette Club decided last night to appropriate SjfX) to bo ased ta tbo conviction of violators of tha election laws. Sams of $50 win be riven to persons furnishing information which will lead to tha arrest and conviction of tha first tea of fenders against the election laws in tha North Towa Tuesday. BAlDlTi AJTO XIXSHaIJ L lATriX two Cnltad states Dewatlas aad Ona a Coohs Gsuar'alalsw ... GuTHitra, CX T., Nov. S. Meager reports ; have been received bora of a desperatav running firht between the Cook outlaws and United States Deputy Marshals near Sa-Sab-Ka. Two officers aad one bandit were killed and two bandits woanded, 01X9 TO SATS XU C-OIO. B. M. Calsholns. ag sotf a Be KsoiXK. Iowa, Nov. 8. Special Tdtgrvm. B. M. Ch Is holm, a prominent eoal dealer of Keokuk, while trying to save his daugb--ter froat betas; rua over, waa struck by a witch engine this eveninr and Instantly killed. The child was saved. . Daebeso f Parma. .-. ' : Tao beautiful Daeheas of Parma recently rave birth to her seventh eh lid. aad tha Duke a family now numbers sixteen, bis first wife, a Bourbon princess, bavin r left him nine. As each of the children haa seven or eight names the total makes aa interesting exhibit io' Christian nomencla-. tore. The Duke ia a wealthy man, of simple tastes, domestic and fond of a country life rather than of atteatioa to tha affairs ot stata..--:-.x - "V : :

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