The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 1-1, 1931 (AUK.V COtmiRtl NF!\VS CLASSIFIED ADS B'ROOKMAN : &&^.Author,of *HEAR[ HUNQRY'ett.' Two cents a word lor first Insertion' and one wnt • word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken (or less than 60c. Count Hie words and send the cash. 1'hone 306 OUUBOAKDING HOUSE By Aliern FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this fall. Sec us about plan. Maii llaiclicry. aC- FOK SALE-Good, dry cools wood Bucnanan Coal Co., Plioiio 107. HP-CM FOR RENT—Three, five and six room residences, also u furnishec house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 418 8c-kl TOR SALE—Stonevillo cotton sec No. 1 first year from Brccdc 13. S. Dept., Agriculture. Test 85', Germination. §:) CVVT. H. F- Sum incruiir Hall and Hull First, year Binned Wit 1030. Test. Germination B9CI. 52.50 CWT. C. E. Fisk, lligh- way Cl, Stale Line. .. P-K-lti FOit bALK—1.500 bushels yellow- teed corn, 75 cents per bushel at crib. R. K. Trimble, Lilbotirn, Mo., Phone l(i. iaCJ-K27 FOR SALE—Kovs-dcn Cotton Seed. Welch Foster, The Grand Leader. HC-K20 I'Cll RENT FOR RENT—Four room house and uaraye. Newly papered, on pavement. Garden plumed. $12.50 per month. L. Fowler, phone 450-J. 28C-KTF FOR RENT—3 room furnished flat, garage and coal house. Call G7H-W. IIHUI.V 11 KIII: '.-on AY nVl'SY JMI1IIHF, IH-j.'nr-nl.l Ni'iv Yurk lyiilar, ei:irrlfji J1U WAI.I.ACI-: llir liaj iitlcr .lu- nin-u liliu tic Ibr li.uiie of In-r maiiiir rniixiu, AMM: TIIMVV- br AI.AN CKIISHV, Jli«t rrllirn.-<i from • yfar nod u hal( In l'arl» mutl>lne url. mill tt'ullavr'ji flnucve liii.l l.ntkro Ilirlr c»u:ii;e- itiriit lo iunrr> n itr:illlirrr num. Jhn anil C:>-|>*} mi tni l-'urcjt I'll)- utit-rp Jhn li;i» n thriving ln\v prucllcc. lit* rrhillvcx, iinr- llculnrlj AIJXT l-:i.l.i:N. ivlin tiaa kr|>t hoHRC fur tilra, nre kutlllf 1 In <!)l'«r. Tlifjr »nub hrr. AUDI i:l- )tn luuvrx in n rnlitiKc of IUT imn. Ainu Croili)- i\rlli-i. lo i;>|i%y hul .MAIK1A I.OItlNC. Jlni" turtiu-r flHticrf, innrrlFK HUM K I'illl.- I.H'S. mllllonnlrrV urn. Monlhft vn»» nnit HCUN riiuir* ili-At Hnirk I'litlllii* LKIN lirrn khk-il In n mil fnuii » lnir»r. Marcia rrturji* ju l-'.irc*! Oly. ,11m nnd (.ypky htivp IhrU lira! iiuurrcl \ihrn lie n»U« brr ID en \tllli him lo call (in UnTvlH nnd nlic* rcfiitiei*, .Ihu fact nlnnr Hurt lalt-T I,>|«.>- inrMft ftlncrln nl n bcnrQl u:irilvii linrlr. (ike <ilillk|.> Kcr IKclj. Miirrlii riHiMlll* .lljn uliiinl lit-r rinal<fial uCT.'ilrK :inJ I.IIPI- li'll.^ him lirr mnrrlJiKr In I'liilllp* \»ji« n rul*lakf. Jhn lrlr» lu ri-iuuln Inynl lu Cjpsy Inn i.rr» Jlrm'ln frequently. "»<? cvi'nln?; Cjr-iy «rt-j* Mm Knliitr lo l]if ruiciue vlitTc Mnrrln llvc-n. l.alir Jim niukc.i tlir r.M-ouc tif uorUhm !"le ILI the ullicr. JS'OW CO OX UTl'll Till: STdltY CHAPTER X.XXVI J IM WAI.I.ACK diil leave, tli house that night but whether o not lie went lo (lie office (Jj-risy never knew. They had sr.ircoly lin- islicd iliimer lust her [inn. What shall 1 do, Pat?" Hie Rlrl wliUpcrcd tensely. "\Vhal uliall 1 do?" She kuc\v SMC could mil MO a\vay [hot cvciiliis. Hot ix'sciHincnt against Marcli I'hlllliis wcllcil III the gill's licarl. Mavcla \viih tier wlitit. Jolli Inolictl :twl anfl frcsli. Tho lavemler govi'U for nil its simplicity bad lines niarkt]^ It with :ni iihLnlstLik.ililo Fifth Avcnuo Blaiiii". >larcl» wai smlllni;. Gypsy's cheeks crlniFoncd, Slic could fcol the sunnUiM on licr face >•—her money. unO her cruel, and arms. In iiiiiiglnullou they arroEiint red ll[is. Why illil U hnve I lunynilieil. lo bo Marcia lo whom Jim liad losl I "Oil—good inornlnR." slio man- Ills heart? j neeil lo suy. "1'vo been Kiirclenlng." "If 1 only knew she didn't Intend Murcln'a lau^li \viis a low irlll [n liurt lilni," Oyiiay to!:l liorEdf, ''How nice!" she tahl. "S'lch a Til so luvny. If It v/cro anyone bcjullful mornlnt; for it. Conic ulul else but Marcia I'd leave. Oh, Jim. tee me some tlm can't yon sco Klie's ilcuclifulj Yon Icameil what she ta once! lun'i [hat enough? Must you lit licr break your heart a .^ccun.l time?" The fragrant wlml from llic garden had 110 answer. Tho two glrlsi iiassccl on. Gypay watched lliein. A slow, steady [Iro , be;;"" to smolilcr In Ihe t;lrl's heart. | •' "1 Ir.ilo her!" (!y|isy tolj heiiclf. "I halo ber! 1 halu her!" Then slic Imrrlccl back to the house. She dhl nut emerge unlll sho bad ba'.hcd uinl iml on u clean l iLL-Y^r shared their private fc*l- .-i. Ami Jlia was Kiifferliii; M t\nu-!i as she was. (iyiisy fell auro o( that. (Irrasloiuilly sliu would looii and ili^i-uver that ho hail hcea lelilns her. Mono of thu 1 coinmun interests which had inntlo tlielr lioura losctticr to lookcd-lorward-lo teemed to sullieo now. '1'he K^rdun anil the ground* wero In Eoail shane. The reilccurallon ot tlio huu?o had been linishcd l i'KO. Jii:i talked Illtlo nbont Ilia 1'Uictk'e as he hr,d during the Koli- eits ciise. Kveu 1'at was no longer a subjovl fur convcrBallou. :- ; -Sl MISTAH MA-JAM WAWTS ME "TO QB Mi*Se UP VOIF-H/A4 FQ 1 C'PCLlS J — "W' ' WE IS LEOPARDS OB E6VPTtAM 5UAV/ES Fc, ~TH ' OB 5klEBA, AfJ' ALL I-IAS 1f> PO 15 LEAP PEM BIS CATS Oki A e^APNES, A l ; -\OPPQR r 'Ll»Jl1 ; / FoB'l'riE ,£-r-THIS 'JQU. IU ASIA I HAP A BOV, OTHELLO , vJAS SUCH ft. LAP AS Wou | -^ OME PAV I HAJ5 0"fi^EU-O TAKE "^HE .ER OL>T OW A CHAllJ E^£I?CiSE -*•«-• WELL I RE-CAPTURED ALL 'TrlA'T REMAlUEP ciF l?- 7^W"POO R 0"W£LLCs WJAS \?'Y'. AlS F OH a lon^ thr.e bho stared out :it the moonlight. Tlicie w':is an anple to tho in'oblem v.-tiicti the r'.iri rei'.lii'.eil nnly Kulicousclously. With Marcia I'hillipj on tho : Wallace—kind, ycaerom shleratc—suddenly hccatne more da- [been. Jim apt:cared to be as misera- siralile. Many of Jim's aood cjuall-1 ble an sho was. When they left the tics tJyiisy bad accented without u | table he went out on tho aim 'IM1AT s.nno evening the opi'or- ^- luiilty nrriveJ that (iyiisy hud «:io Jim | hocn.lunkinn lor. Slic had decided ami ton- i affairs could not co on as they had i UNE drew to a close. Then cno nfteruoon aa Jhn Wallaco w.ia rlaitn^ ytiiiiL 1 correspondence llio tlio telephone There had always been tlie contrast in her nilntl Lcitweea Rood-natnwr;. sturdy .Ihu mid Alan Crosby, handsome and temperamental. Jim had never taken AKn'a lilaee. Now uha was auuzed to llnd Jim bad a placo ut his own. She to FOit RENT—Three, five and six room residences, also a furnished houie. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone -110. mug. Jim went to answer anil re- did not waul (o give liln: up turned In £ moment. Marcia Phillips. It's -Mills." he salii. "Wants me] The rjoon rose higher la the Eliy. lo come rinlit down. Hone sou don't Surubbcry Hut had hren In shadow mini! heiuj; alone?" suddenly emerged. The sniiilial thai ami presently Gyiisy followcil. Jim was silling In thu swing sinolMn;. Night liail not (alien yet but all about was gray twlllylit. Tl.o tip of his clsarc-l slowed reil In the dusk. Gypsy &at down he- side him. Sho hesitated, wondering how to bc3l:i. "Jltu," Eho said aElyr a few moments, "I don't bellevo you're | had glislencd l fecliii!; very u'cll lalcly. Is It because you've liceu worUing too ivory ^ad lost to hard?" "Nothing wroiiR with me." •Sol at all. I'll be- all rlsht." "\Vell. I'll iry not lo he Konc Icraj ' view. The house, was iieiteclly but don't wait up for me." - I quiet when at last Gypsy lelt the She said sooilby and Jim (lifap- i iwiug. It was 10::iO when slic sent it. la It anything you're wevrlcd ------ • about?" "JJnl I'm sure there Is. I can sec FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingrain building. Sec Parfehurst Company. SC-TF FOR RENT- -5 room modern apartment on West Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or -179-W 10c-kl7 FOR HENT-One of the Miller Apartments at iOth ami Walnut, hot and cold water, Arcola heat, garage, shade trees, pretty lawn. Apply to Ike Miller. lOc-tf Iiearcd. Gypsy left iho dining room | I'at lo Ills tied for the night, made and walked tint on the sun I'.nrcb. | Ihn round-j of tlie doors lo s?e thai There was a full moult li^htins llic : all except the trout olio was boiled garden and under ils niellow slow I a:ij llieu went lo her room, the place took on new cnclia'ilment. j She liad settled on a walling uol- Low hedges cast enormous blaci Icy but the rlan seemed hopeless, rhadows. The sundial was a gleam-1 Dally slio felt tho rift between heri: 1 .^ spire of jturcFt wliitc. Crickets v.-i.-re chirphiK and faintly in Hie ol.ilancc shu heard the hoot of an FOR RENT-Threc room apartment with hath. 810 West Ash street. Call 510. ck-16 FOR RENT—Modern five room furnished bungalow. Call 46. pk!8 WANTED WANTED—Second hand Baby Carriage. Mrs. C. G. Redman, Phone 1016. I3C-K11 POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth SE. 9C-TF owl. The breeze carried miuu :.->rfumc of a dozen different fl "Must bo your Imagination," Jim answered. "!'::-. ill right." "But you do look worried so much o( tho time. If there's anything gono wrong I wish you'd lell me ahont II. Mayle It would help—" lie moved as though annoyed. "Tlioro'a nothing lo toll." ho said, and thai ended the discussion. 1 Presently sho trkit again. This lime she did so openly. "You know," she Kifd slowly, "one lime, you asked irjc it I'd ever regretted our EKirriasc. Do you remember?" "U'alhce bpcaklnK." ho fiahl • abruptly. 1'ar nn Inaiant (here was im louly. "U'lillace .spr-ak—" he bei::;n :i|;,i1n but u feminine- volci: cut in. "Is 11 ycju, Jini?" "Vc-s," he sihl nnd his tone h:id I'liausal oullrcly. "la nnytliln;; ".Vo. Ves. Ofi, Jim, 1 want to ECO ymi. I'm al llio I'ine (Iitis'e lea noai. C.ui't you couio over?'' "1 can get Ihcro In '2d inluuiea. .f;aiil 1 wuhlu't nuke it any sosirKr." "Then I'll wall. Thanks, dear. I'll hj luuUliK fur yon!" "\'ery well." bald Jim. Ilo spoko curtly wlih a gl;uice at Mlsa Oils, tho secretary. He put down Hie IctPi'boHc and returned to llio letter before him. "I.el's sco now. Just xvherc ivere we—" "I['a lliv Idler lo the Wells-Fair, child Co. Hhall 1 read what you've already elven mo?" . "Yes. please." Tho young man's forehead knitted. Ilo [inlshed tho letter and dictated iwo mure. "That's all for Induy, Miss OIK If anyone calls say you don't cx- POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courLliouse, J, E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF WANTED — Gravel haulers from Bnrdette to Clear Lake Farm. F. A. Rogers. Route 2, Box 81, Clear Lake Farm. C-K-17 WANTED-FalKL- lectli. We pay high ns $10 for fnll sets. Any condHion. We liuy crowns, bridges, jewelry, gold and silver. Western Molal Company, Bloomington, Illinois. LOST AND FOUND sclf and Jim becoming wider. Whenever he tclephonr-il that he | \vonh! be delayed, whenever he left ' for Ihe evening Gypsy wondered If j he were siiendins; the time with ! Marcia. She slaved away from tho A porch swins lhat creahcd io j collage at the cnJ of the block bin v.iation slonil in the curnc-r. t'.yjisy o:ie day. In s'.iitu of her precautions, ;;:nk to its cushions, siarini; oB | ihe saw Marcia. | ;;.:roLS the garden. It was as well Oyp^y 'nad come from the garden. . ;.', ho ntone. she thoapht. There! Sho had been helping Ham trans- j syllable. "Yes." v:as so much to be sctlled. j plant a row of phlox anil her cot- j "And I- ashed you the same thing She rocked gently, touching one I ton dress, her; bare arms and even | and you told me 'no.' That was al- IdKt, lo the lloor. Then, annoyed liy j her face \vere grimy. Sam led her me-st a month ago." - - - - There was a pause. "If you iMarciit was here and Jim waj in j llie hole ho had discovered lu the love with hor. Those were the. hedge, fiam declared small boys facts, \yiial in those circumstances | were respniisihle. should Gypsy, who v.-as his wile.'j "Oh," Uypsy exclaimed as Ihcy do? H was not the usual triangle. | reached the front yard. "1 didn't rcali/e it was down there!" Conscious nf her disgraceful ap* pcaiaacc she ncverlheless followed the gardener. The hole was in the front lici!se. half way between the licet :ne bach. Tell Mills I'll Him'- tliiit brief over to him In the morn- ing'In case he asks. Well—I'll see yon lomonow." lie swung on bin hat and illanp- piarcil Ihronnh the duor. In 10 mhmtcj lie v;as elHering u fashion- ablu di^waiown tea rocm. a -^laco I ' more frcijuented by women linn by men. Acroh3 to the right al a small i uhlc he snw a familiar llgurc in H was ten dark for her lo sen ! blue. Jim made a line for this Jim's eyes. His answer was a mono- BOOTS AW) HEH BUDDIES OH—!!!! By Martin Thls was different. She had never had Ihe slightest claim on Jim's af-1 tedious. There had been occasions j when she thought be cured for her '• but all. that had nothing to do with j his dcvolioiJ to .Mavcia. Now Marcia was back! Should slic 50 jiivay? Lonvc af nicssrigc and <k'part—even touishl I bcfove bo came home? Tliat was ai pctisiiiiiity. (lypsy coTi5i(lGretl (!iis. She \vonbl bave to £o some place where Jim could not find ber. (Jo ;iv:;iy? Tlie garden—her garden in which she had worker! such Ions lionrs— seemed to call lo her. This huusc she bad striven to nuikc into a . Lome suddenly became doubly precious. 1'at, tlic fox terrier, wandered across tba porch Jloor Jiopced up into the swing hcsiiic her. Tlio dog jicsU^d his uysc entrance and (he cniner. Gypsy got down on her knees lo inspect it. r "What are yon going to do':" she ! I asked. ' ' "Far-ten It up with wire!" Sam said staunchly. "I'll tcarh ihe little lo burrow into this hedge!" mumbled on belligerently. Gypsy roic lo her feet. As she did so she heard a voico s:iylng sweetly, "ilow do you do. Mrs. Wallace?" The girl turned, ^iarcia Phillips ami a girl whom Gyiisy did not know were approaching. Marcia was dicsscd in lurciuier organdie, a broad brimmed strav.- picture Inu trimmed with Ip.vemlcr ribbon on her head. The other slrl was In •ever feel differently I want yon lo lell !uie. Jim." | Tlie man smoked in silence. Allcr ia moment ho took Ihe cigarct from ! his lips. "1 don't know what you're driving at," lie said, you." Afler a few minutes he arose. "Ira't this the night I'a'.ll \V;;llc~ i Bllen has Iho Sewing C linn's orchestra is on the air?" he! house and I wanlcil to cskeil. ".Must be atwut liuio for "VYuH." lie said, as Iso drew onl a, "uni 1 on lime:" The girl sniilt'iL up at him frotn hcnualh ibc trim of IILT Itluc h:il. "Two mSnulCd turty," she liifonikcd Mtn. "1 lioiic 1 didn't Inlerrnnl any Ircmetnioasly Smjioriant \vorkiuga ol the law'.'" "Not likely." Jhn frowned slightly, "l.islen. Marcia. do you think I!c wi'nt into the house? anil sonn Gypsy homcl the strains 61 dance music. She stayed un Ihc purch. Later when she wunt Into the [Lvlui; ruoin Jim wns not in si^ht. She did not sec him asain that evening Her allemut at discussion lun! f:\ilcd. \Vhat \voitld be llio :iexl sic;;? Time alone co;ihl answer. It i«?Hitii to be a question which • >. i 'but I'll lell I it was wise to come here?" The blue-gray cyca were innocent. "No," she admitted. "hnt\ Aunt Circle at iho sec yon. 1 conhln't come to your oliice. What else was [here lo do?" "Nothing, I suppose. Have you ordered?" "Ves. 1 had a soda while I w.i3 wailing. Y.'on'l yon have bome- thiiis?" Wallace shook his head. "I've- pot tho car outside," be said. "Let's gu someu'liiire." Marcia agreed. They left together and Iho girl stepped into the green roadster and Jim took tho wheel. were inevic painful — the lotii; days liv,lhc house with only the servants ur eveniiioS with Jitu there. Jf only she could have talked to him! That Win; uot to he expected because tliey The cu^iuc purred KCJitly as Hie cut pulEcd awny from llio curb. Fifteen minutes later the roadster was &wii!£L»g inl9 a country road. (To Iki Coutiiiuud) BUTTEVi V\bWT ENOUGtt To 5000 VCET NO'X! '"" I HCWAIU) For information leading to recovery of seller bird <iog, itft eye Mark, right car black, large black | a spot on hl[)s. Call or \vrile rp '" 1 Kcdcrlck, I.eaclivilif, Ark. Ted PERSONAL GENUINE 1JUCO Aulliorizcd rc- linisliiiiE station. C. T. Shamlin \vilh Dcnton Clievrolct Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 Have your shoes rebuilt at our True East Main. All 10[>-kl7 liluc Sliop, work guaranteed. WARNING ORDER F. L. Pillman and Linnie A. Pittman arc warned lo apiKar In ihe Chancery Court for the Chicka- sa\vba District of Alississippi Coiin- FAYO.BAVJS tcr Kent Dealer I'honc Kl ty. Arkansas, within thirty days, a'nd answer the complaint filed gainst Ihem by Mary St. Auhtrl Cing and W. E. Tucker, as Trustee. Witness my har.:i and luc seal of said court on this I!th day of! April, 1931. I!. U GA1NFS. Clerk. By Harvey Jlorris. D. C. Held. Evraid & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiffs. FKKCKI.KS AND IHS FRIENDS AHA! Blosseu New Orleans Collon NEW ORLKAN5. April 14 —Cotton closed htcady. (UP) May July Oct Dec Jan Mar cp^n 10I4 1072 1101 112G 1127 1157 high 1015 1072 1103 me 1127 1157 low 1023 11K7 10SO 1103 1UO 1139 1051 1081 1107 1113 113J S|»ts slcady al 1001. off 17. York Cotton Invest With Safety 6^ paid quarterly on full paid stock, ?100 and up. Guaranteed 'by first morlRaKC loans on liomcs in Blytlicvillc. Secured and Insured. J lytheviile Building & L oan Association ^\^ Jf. Burns,- Sec. NF.W YOUK. April II (UP) Cotton close:! barely steady. ojien liich low rlo May 10-17 1019 July 1073 1073 Oct. 1105 "(is iDcc . 1127 Jan Mar 11S8 1127 1137 1158 1K!7 li!48 1032 1106 1117 1138 105'J 10S.i 1110 1118 1141 Snots quiet at 1030, off 15. <s> ^ ** ,CA .'v. [ CH»PPL£D F6U.^ VMHO { SJOie HECTORS V_, R03V- JtJTTIr'S 1VX> AWD PISUBES THOT'TOE "m«F VJIASWT A CP1PPL6 AT AU- AtJOTUAT F5B.V1 THE •JRAW AS IT LEFT . f.MirfJnn^T '. rA WASH TUUliS HUM. LAYS DOWN THK I.A\V! I ST. LOUIS. Mo.. <UP) —Note lo zoo authorities of other cities | St. Louis solved the annual April j Tool's Day epidemic of calls to the| wx> number (or "Mr. Hoar" and | "Mr. Lyons" by having Ihe icjc- photic company inlercepl all calb. and ask Hie pt-rsnii wanted. ST. LOUIS. 7>iO.. (UP>—Smoke j Is crumbling buildma away l;frc,; according lo Rev. r.Uher Jofcpli jjoliel of St. Louis Uni\'C]'sity. ulio! I as a pliyMcIn'. explains Hint ;icid forming gases carried, toy smoke, cal away morlar nntl s'.one. USS£M, VOU U^TCO SOFTIES; VOU'Dv'.ETo KtJIFt tvi. WELL, JUST TR 1 * IT! I'M TOUGH. I GOT Tn£ TclKjHEST 8OOT(:Ur\RD OSJ LM10 QR •SE^. 1 CUl.cS BV M\GKT-I POESNT N£EP S6R BLIMKIN' LOME 6R LOYAUY. BUT lut MAtt ^S CROSS£S PWM, BV tllOMOtR, l?i SHARK BMT-(W CON'T FERdiTlT. WRH , TUl-b BUWW GU^:F.U Bt Rti'i BiFRuM CUT OUT Til' VlSHIM'. !W d\l lO •bf.Wdiil.lM'. r" W' BUjbEP. Cf\n60tS, SMS 1. V^VJ^ WIT 1 1',1'iCOfv.ST MN VHf COM?£TlTlON. Klf\V<£ t'P.P.N uftfIfrt LOOX eR. \T'S BP.RUEUS o' ^',oN£v F=:P, ALU, «e c— fKUfies, IF vou -STICKS ev OUT> ? W5. U. * P*T.pTr>Q.ijai

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