The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1948
Page 2
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*A<M TWO BLYTMET1LLB (ARK.V COURIER NEW» THUTWIJAY, MAT II, !«• U.S,SovielTrade Plan Faces Delay ! State Department 'May Block Policy to fSell RtntioM More C. gtaft , M»J n. tup) The State Department, It was learned; today, may block the Commerce Department's plan to expand th« Jlst of VS. foods that Russia can f bily. U decision may be reached when Secretary of Ooramerea Charlss eiirytt takes, the new' list of "non- war potential" machinery to the • cabinet meeting with President Truman tomorrow. Stats Department officials are reported to be insisting that the list should be delayed until contusion over Russia's "peace offensive" is completely «Jarified. They feel a deist- would five this government a good 'bargaining point if Russia demonstrate* a genuine desire to settle the East-West cold war. If necessary, the administration it understood to be ready to put Russian trade on a reciprocal basis, shipping goods only when the Russians stand ready to sell this country what it want*. Since March 1, the Commerce Department hns licensed only "jolt" consumer goods and a very limited amount of machinery for shipments to Hussia and Eastern Europe. Seek Russian Ores , Tnt administration, anxious to get scarce < Russian ores vital to ,*te«l manufacture, has relused Congressional demand? ,that .ill trade with the Russian bloc he choked off. But two months ago a ban was placed both on the licensing of heavy machinery which can be used in war factories, and on most other-industrial machinery. &*wyar announced last week that this program is-being "redefined, and his assistants revealed yesterday that a list of exportable Indus trial goods in the non-war category had been prepared. In view of the State Department position the list now faces'pigeonholing. The Commerce Department con- rulted with other government agencies, Including the Atomic Energy Commission, in working out the list. Hereafter, Economic Cooperation Administrator Paul q. Hoffman will also have a say in trade controls. Hoffman Bill Will Aid Press Author Says WASHINGTON, May II. (UP) Rep. C»are Hoffman, R., Mich., ssJd yesterday that the press would b« helped—not hampered—If Congre*atonal committees had access to many of the government's secret file*. He urged the House to adopt hli resolution to permit Congressional committees, with the approval at the House jpeaker or Senate president, to demand files and records from federal agencies except the White Hcnae. R«p, Clarence J. Brown, R., O., •aid he still Intends to oiler an amendment exempting newspuxr- men from the penalty provisions of the bill. Under Hoffman's bill a reporter could face a stiff fine and Jail if h« published information which a committee had labeled confidential. ' At present, Hoffman said, both newsmen and congress are unable to obUln certain Information from executive agencies. Under his bill, e said, the proper committee ould get the information and then eclde if It should be published. "The resolution," he said, "will esult not in an abridgement of s, ree press but In an enlargement 1 the freedom of the preju." Brown urged the House to adopt le resolution with Its amendment. This would permit newsmen to dig ut and publish such confidential nformatlon even if the committee ,id label It confidential. The tesolution will not affect the low-famous Condon letter. Bobby Tomllnson, who is a mem ber of the Blytlievllle High Schoo Band, is pictured here In one o lie new uniforms which were re cently purchased by the band. Inquiry Board To-Reporton Strike Threat WASHINGTON,. it i] A presidential atomic "plant to make Its dispute. 1 , Members of CUP)— i . Injulry strike o ge, Teun it next week 'report on the Council (APL) now are workln inrter court Injunction not to strik against Carbirle & carbon Chem! cals Corp., operators of the Oa Ridge plant. The Injunction ex plres Jtine 8. The M-day report will be mad under the Taft-Hartley I>abor Ac After the rerx>rt the National La bor Relations Board 1« authorise to conduct a vote during the fo lowing 15 days to determine whe ther the^workers want to accep the company's last otter. At the I end orfliw'ijnaft'days the government miJ»t n "<a*\ttJ»t the Injunction be VlIjtlllTiYrijIii I'm or not the dispute W 'settlfXl! i' The union hiss^wked for wage Increases and certain provision! It had In a previous contract with the Monsanto Chemical Co., former operators of the plant. Alabama Woman Is Supervisor Of Liquor Buying MONTGOMERY, Ala., May IS. — (UP)—Skeptics who hold that marriage and careers won't mix, Just Haven't (net attractive Mr«. O. 8. Robertson, of Montgomery. MM. Robertson might be c«lled woman of distinction. She has switched from stenography to th« supervision of state liquor purchases. And she doesn't even use the 'stuft. She may b* the only woman whisky purchislng agent In the nation. She w«i named to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board post a few weeks ago, after ranking in? among the top three la trie merit system test for the Job. But she had been a stenographer in the purchasing division for six rears, and know* the work itulde and out. As to the Marriage vs. Career angl«, Mrs. Robertson. cooKs, keeps house, has son* 31 ana IS, and is • whim of a bowler. i Traditionally, children of working mothen arc auppoaed not to get far, became of the neglect.etc. Her oldest son, now married, had been In high school here only six months when he wu elected senior class president, and ROTO cadet major— the school's two highest student offices. Son Number two 1s a senior no*, and Is adding up hit share of honors. Her husband, manager of Montgomery manufacturing firm, wu formerly ta YMCA «*Meal education work. "OUatM,50,60r -Maj,Yw'rtCrin Ton** jour M*) Tttovittb** *N »W.**.* "pippin* uji" •LiH CMMI.Co***U* table l*r f*»Ufi« 4iM MM/ W bo4f* -"-*- - O*(rtf To0La T»bi*U tx* i«7 &*r. Kew T; S* M At alt drag storM cverrwhcre —, *t Kir^y Drug. 2IO Steelworkers Union Opposes Wallace's Party Because they reel residents of Massapcqua, Long Island, N. V., consider them "undesirable," two Air Force sergeants have arranged transfers from Mitchel Field, N. Y., to Clianute Field, 111. M/Sgt. Charles Thompson, his wife and family, above, are one of th« families. The townspeople objected to the trailer camp the ThotnDcaw: lived in. / SOUTHERN ^ *lHO$PITALITY!t Mention a puppy and you think of his master Marshall S«nds Message To Leader Among Jews TEL AVTV, May 13. (UP)—U. S. Secretary of State George C- Marshall has sent a personal message to David Gurlom, Premier-Designate of the new Jewish state which will be proclaimed here when the British mandate ends, it was revealed today. Contents of the message were not revealed. It was brought to Ben BOSTON, May 12. (UP)—The United Steelworkers voted yesterday to oppose the third party movement of Henry A. Wallace. In a resolution, one of 240 presented for consideration by the na- tlpnal convention, delegates voted to "fully support the policy of the CIO in opposing the third party movement at this time." ceri by Vice President Van A. Bit"We pledge our full and complete mer of the sttelworkers. support of the Political Action Com- '"If A third party Is formed in mlttee of the CIO in Its indcpen- the united States In the future, the dent political activity to assure the Steelworkers will have something election of a Congress that will be to say," he said. "Every Comimm- dedlcated .to the Interests of the 1st In America is for the third par- American people," the resolution ty." said. I Prior to adoption of the measure, Irving Fleet, a delegate from' the resolutions'committee said In Philadelphia's District 1, urged that; explanation that the third party the resolution be rejected and that j "has no basic support in the ranks the third party' be supported. He ; of -organized labor...and that pre- Rcgional Hospital Council! Unit to Be Organized HARRISON^ Ark., May is. (UP) —Representatives from 15 hospitals in six counties will meet here tomorrow to organize a unit of the Regional Hospital Council. The meeting was announced by Dr. Ulys Jackson of Harmon. The district, one o! ten in the state. Is composed of Baxter, Searcy, Boonc, Carroll, Benton and Washington Counties. sftld neither Democrats nor Republicans had candidates worthy of CIO support. His stand, however, was denoun- mature organization of such a party can only contribute to the disunity of the people of this country...." Gtirion by Moshe Shertok, Jewish! Agency representative at I>ake Sue- i cess, v.ho arrived here last night 1 from New York. Shertok- had two meetings with Marshall late last week. It wns understood that he told the secretary of stale thai the new Jewish na- I ion would be proclaimed regard- 3ess of any action the United Na- ions or any other agency might the Atomic Trades Read Courier News Want Ads. Iron MATROSE TEST KITCHEN TO BAKE A HAM Mayroit Ham does not nquirt parboiling Place fmt side up on a rack in an open pin. V)s* no water. Bake in a itow oven (325 e F.) according to fol-. lowing weight schedule*: 16m I8IM --4to-<Vihr». or •bout I 3 m\m. per ID. 12 to ISIbi.— J«,S to4hr«, Of ibouc 16 min. per Ib. 10 to 12 Ibi. — 5m3Wh««. or about 18 min, per ID. «to tOlbj.— 2V«to3 hri. oriooui 30 m in. p« rib, 5 10 7-lb. pc*. — 2 to i^ hi*. Or*boui 22 in in. p<r Ib. 7^47^ ^^^T^.r i/i^j*?^^.S& Served-and enjoyed- in homes from coast to coast and in Central and South America. Rich, ripe flavor. Soft carbonation. Six full ounces of true hospitality in a graceful, quick- chill botlle. Demand the onginal. Ask for it by name; "A GRAPETTE, plea«." THIRSTY <w NOT Doubles Famous Mention Dry Cleaning and you think of C. & W. Cleaners Do you know a six-year-old—and his pup? Inseparable, and devoted to each other. That's the way C. * W. cleaner is devoted to fine cleaning. Constantly at your service, protecting your finest things by expert, efficient workmanship always. If you haven't given u« a try, call 4343 today. Phone 4343 for Pickup and Delivery Service 300 S. Division T to JjO* F. 'mltrm! trrm Kemove paper and all rind. Cover with one of the following glazes: % cup brown sugar and 1 (able- spoon flour; % cup brown 5ugtr and 1 tablespoon mustard. Bake in hoc ovtn (400° F.) for 15 minutes, or till the deiircd brown. Planning a really "special" diaocr? Naturally, you want to **r»* the. finest. And, that calls fee delicious Mayrof* Ham ...tender, fiall-of-flavor quality h»m. 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