The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1935
Page 3
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5, m$. WILL BE mm OF (A3E.) Plenty of People Want It But There's No Way of Doing II BV RODNEY DIJTCHER. WASHINGTON, Jan. 10.— The Townsflntl plan for old age pensions will be laughed out of Washington and many old hearts probably will be broken in the process. On tlu> other . hand, stores of bright young stenographers on Capitol Hill \>.ill on darned glad when the old folks "stop hoping for thai J200 a month. You find them working Into the dinner hour, night after night, monotonously typing off letters advising constituents that the senator or the representative hn.s received their communication about the Towrejend plaii and Is giving Intense consideration, to old age pension proposals. No one quite remembers when so many letters and postal cards were coming In support .of a bill. Looking over batches of them, yoii're chiefly Impressed by what seems to fas' (he desperate character of a large proportion. Pleas of heed are interspersed with, solemn assurances that the recipients will be able to spend the money, as the Towmend plan V,'ould require— and how! * » * • Threats In loiters More than every other letter bears a threat^-"We voted for you in the last election and, if you stand, with us now, will do .so again." Pew barrages of organized pleas' ore quite as crude about that as these Townsend letters, so often written by shaky hands. So many, threats are bound to have some effect. You will find a substantial— but, ineffective and in many, cases insincere— bloc of congressmen 'who will (fill you they're in favor. Pew of them ever except a .chance 'to vote on the measure, though Congressman John S. McGroarty of California, who introduced it in the Home, already claims 95 pledged to back it. Although the high hopes' "of many of the aged will he dashed, the Townsend agitation may do some good. The administration and congress may consent to a more liberal old age pension system than they would ' have considered if there had been no Dr. Townsend, even though (hey refused to stand the whole economic system on Us head at the behest of the doctor and'.hls followers: HOLLYWOOD. — Production No. Expenditure of $125,000 .„ „„ Authorized by Federal ! mo ^™^ nK slraillly Government Wildly No one can be quite sure what would happen if '(he Tonmend plan- were 'adopted, but: any economist- you meet will assure you it would be.. pretty awful. . . When it comes to .-the sales or transactions .tax. . designed ' to finance the.,, plan, Townsendites seem., to leap , about, from one figure to another .and the figures often seem unreliable. When " the 'plan' seemed . to comprehend a 10 per cent retail sales tax, it', was quickly pointed out that,' even on '1928 -business, that would amount 'to . but a fourth of an' estimate!-:; '$M,pM;ooo,6f» a year needed, to i pay. .-.the 1 ^pensions. vSomebbdy else ; carcfiilly figured . -out; '.{hat ^Uie.-plap-". would! mean a 7° per : .een t : tax %qn ^every thi iig you bought-; and.-one.'J-sim'plei way of .. cr.itjictring :.'the> plan is to say it would; take: -half the present na, .tlqnal income-, and, give, it to 8 or 9 her' cent of-the population '• : •"-. "pi !'V f ','..•• 1 Talks In 'Trillions,', ; Lately, ; Dr.* Towhsend has been talking' in'lrilltons^prbpbshiE n 1 per .cent.- sales ; .tax-, on. a trillion dollars -and 'more^of "sales such as he says we had in 1928 and 1929. When it,.is claimed that' all money transactions 'hi ' 1932 • totaled only * 136 .000.000,000 and that, the tnx on l that would, ibriug'" about a seventh of the required funds, one is assured the (ax could be increased: : or-; that there'd be so much business with the plan in operation that 2 per cent would suffice. Attempts to estimate the "vastly /increased business," higher prices ,.and other effects predicted for tile Townsend plan send you off into astronomical and fourtli-dimen- •?|?ri<»1 calculations which you would better avoid if you ever want to ""d your way out. Someone suggested recently to ur. Townsend that there seemed L" ? -V h5 ' the a se »'"it for pensions shouldn't be reduced from the present age of 60 to 55 or 50. Sure, said Townsend. •Then eventually, nobody would oe working?" "Exactly," was the reply. "We'll let the. machines do the work " • * • They'll T<rte Subs(ii ule Stamps affixed to many com- munlca.tions to congressmen bear (he motto: "There, is NO SUBSTITUTE for the Tovmsend Plan." But at the risk of making a lot of .people sore, your correspondent suggests (hat the vast am^nt of -energy and effort put behind 'the P!»n would be more effective if (he supporters realized they woiUdhave to accept a substitute and started wor^nyor the best one They The diamond mines at nrter- 4ey, JXHjth Africa, are the largest in the world. Chaplin Keeps His New Film a Secret As author, director., and ic-ad- ing filar, CJiarllo Cliaplin IK guarding Jealously the details ittmeerninr, Ms latest production, iint all s!p.ns point to very Httlo, Jf any,- talking, - Upjier p!clur« shows.Clmpllii dim-lluB the film, while lower photo Is the first to reveal a scene lu the picture. And you see him hero with Paulelie Oedilanl, ids leading laily. Tlio picture promises you (lie fame old Cliaiilln, muslacho, derby, cane, big feet, and all. ' THE ccxy Described by pie-view conmipn- ators as one of the most Ingcul- >lis melodramas produced. In Holywood In many months, the Fox Filin production, "Xtyslery Wo- nan," featuring Nfona Harrle, Clll- )ort Roland, John Halllday nnd tod I.aRocque, will be seen nl till! ioxy Sunday and Monday. "Mystery Woman," iicconlliig to all advunco accounts, otters an entirely new slant on the "drama of liitrlisue," Shifting its action from FrniMX! to a lavish Iruns- illniillc liner, It roaches Us cll- nax In a New York iwnlliousc. The heroine gambtw her honor readily In her light to save the man she loves. loldlng fust' to her Ideal—Ills rescue-she finds Hint criminals have '.heir honor too. One of them, touched by her devotion to the absent husband, sacrifices his life so that she 'may attain her goal. It Is said that, n this role of Ibc dnrjng .spy who ovcs her, Clllbm Roland offers the finest performance of his 'S R|DEt&>mediart Is Author, Director and Star of "Production No. 5" WASHINGTON, — Carrying for- wAsruwuTUN, —. Carryiiig for- nuuywuuu it, is an exxreme- wart) the federal campaign to halt )y 'mportnnt.. Item, .'.showing .that destruction of national land re- chm ' lic Chaplin's .new nim .ncln- sourccs by soil 'erosion, Secretary ally >*• moving ^ on E toward com- of the Interior iinrniri i. ir,\-^ pletion. . •. • :. . has approved the establishment of seven new 'erosion control demonstrations In Colorado,., pou'lli Da- ,., - kota, New York, Arkansas, Georgia, ' , , , Virginia, 'and Oklahoma. The': new /projects selected the- recommendation .of H. H. . . . Bemiett, Director- of the Soil Erosion . Service, be earned out which is to 25,000 acres. $125.000. vice said. of slopin ... an agEreeate ^ alltitment" of $D10,000 from Public Works funds previously made available .16' the Service by Secretary Icfces. Work will be started ns soon as ihe necessary organization can be ]wr- fccted hi each area. A portion of Crowley's Ridge in eastern Arkansas, between Jonesboro and fiorrest City, has been selected for one of the projects, cover approximately The allotment is "This ridge occupies an extended area of peculiar loessial soils that are highly erosive," the Ser"Where these soils are . —.—.„ topography and have been used unwisely, they have been very severely washed and gullied. Erosion is rapidly becoming an acutely ; critical problem in this region, and the need for practical control measures to conserve Ihe remaining areas of nneroded !and Is urgent." The project was requested and endorsed by agricultural leaders In the State, including the Extension Service, and by a large number of individual farm operators in the area. Fred C. Newport, Regional Director of the 125,000-acre oroject now in operation in the watershed of East Cadron Creek near Conway, will also have charge of the new project, with headquarters at Conway. A sub-office may be established near Ihe new area. 'Freshman' Solon Decides Noise_Will Not Help WASHINGTON (UP) - Rep. loseph Lee, D., Okla., said today he has no intention of competing vith Sen. Huey P.'Long. He mcrc- 'y planned to be the "noisiest freshman in the House." But already he has learned the lesson 'hat "youngsters should be seen md not heard." "My first days at the Capitol have convinced me that you get ilong belter with NO noise," he aid. It was Lee's Intention to make some noise in Ihe fisiit to take the profit out of war. Ever since he came out of the World War that has been one of his aims. "But I haven't, come down here with a rcadymade plan." the freshman" representative said. "I appreciate that .there are experts here. I expect to ask them t leach me more on the subject, be fore I si art. either noise or ac lion." to Colors and perfumes arc part, or a new specialized treatment for certain forms of mental trouble. .-- u .»i ***v,>Bj»t>. . mean • only one thing—Chaplin i NBA Sen-Ice Staff Correspondent NOT breaking Ills silence l.Tf»T T vltrr»/-!T-i T^^n.l.. n i: nn XT~ . Had To the outside worm mat nit of news may not mean a great deal. But in Hollywood it is an extreme- So far the coniedian hasn't bothered nbout a title for the picture, being content to call it Production No; 5. "Plenty of time- to think of a title after it's finished," he says. And perhaps .he's right. After alt, there's no. danger of the public confusing it with his last one, "City Lights," rele.-ised •four years ago. - ; .••'•• ;,, • With the picture already -half completed,' Chaplin : expects 'to film the last-scene some time' hi April, making his total shooting schedule about seven month's— praclically an unheard-of schedule in Hollywood. It Is much too long-for any of the other studios, where 12 or 13 weeks b absolute tops, even for the most gigantic specials. And it is extremely' short for Chaplin, each of his four preceding films having been In production anywhere from one to iwd years. • • * Not Before Autumn Despite the steady progress be- ins made, however, Production No 5 probably will not be released lui- til next .September. ' That means it will be nearly June I.before the picture is ready to show to the public. And Chaplin is too shrewd a business man to risk his million dollar investment during Die slack summer ;ason. Although already half finished, the most discussed feature of the picture still remains n mystery. Nobody outside of Chaplin's own organization knows yet whether it will contain any spoken dialog. My personal guess is that there will not be more than a few spoken words, if any. This conclusior is drawn after spending a daj watching him shoot, and nftci running through a stack of photos which show him at work. Neither on the set nor in the pholds was there evidence of any sound equipment. In my opinion, that can Guards Against riralinj The liiatter of dialog Isn't' the only feature of the .picture 'which remains a mystery, however.''Coming, right down to brass ' : lacks very little -is known nboiit -any part of it. Knowing' that nny other studio could rush through a picture- and have It' oh the• market long before he iwssibly • ran finish, Chnrlie is : ' being mast secretive about everything he does. He' won't'even ; permit'the publishing of pictures which might give away one of his gags. Holly wood rnrtxlitcerx.' haye ' been' knowi to lift Ideas froru "'--~- i: --"'—-- illmv'yoir know: • - • As- usually, is .the case ; ,haplin\.pictures, this'""a ori.e^man.- production.'^Charlie, wrote the story. .He also Vis'', going", the directing .'anil' cu'tt'lng. '.'''"' •'•' ' .Charlie, the director 'look's 'jiis like Charlie Ihe'actor, except'that he is minus his shabby coal jand battered' derby; , ' ' : ' ... v *-^ ^ -- J ' Directs, Then Acts On a. set Charlie; sits by "• the ^ r] camera, Knmplimrit! h* n /sun^. K... Pecieti while he rehearses ill 'the 'other players for n scene. When 'they have mastered their nctton to suit him. lie clons his coat and derby picks, up his willow cane lakes his place among them. If the scene doesn't ca he remains right by tl while it is being filmed. established a new record..' It will be 'his first' experience of 'making a feature picture without ruplions. Always before thprc have been long delays while 'the ; comedian went fishing for two or three .January <9^ 17 J6--Jaines Watfc, ntproF steam- engine, born'- Allan discovers Antarctic NEXT WEEK at Blytheville's Theatres even while screen coiwr. ' • i I Monn Harris, hoadfd straight for stardom In the opinion qf Hollywood's ablest prophets, tins the role slip hn.s played, on (he screen as the co»r;i!!9U|t wife; and, John Halllday, iippcara aft (ho arch criminal. Rod l.siRocQiie, making his first fllm npjx>nrnme nflcr three yours of retirement abroad. Is cast us the husband. "Lightning Strikes Twice," in )>n .shown lit the Rosy Tur.sday, WixU nesday nnd Thursday, iiffors tt fresh melodramatic treatment of the comedy of error.?, Ojio tlxiiio concerns an amusing Unijle ,of IdciHillos and a sub-plot revcali tho mystery tit nn apparent' murder mystery. In stellar hands thi! |)i'lncl|)!il roles become Jtllnrlwix chni-actcrl/iitioii.s, and tho Rtorj is chock full of action and merry sltimilons. Among tlic cast's ' names are Oallnehcr, lieu Lyoii, Linini Hope Skecis" Crews, , Thclmn Toriil, Walter Catlctt, 1'ort Kclton ami Chick Chandler. Ill/ A new and Indescribable (hrlll In screen entertainment awaits which opens Sunday for tiro days. Moore, known In every;city in ihe world where she has ap- I>earcd on the operatic nnd' the concert stage, achieves the B lorl- ?„,„.?.„'.. LXrcUm « cwapudcs as a ous heights of screen stardom as ,?' „ , ,f f ", l<lrBC ™"WoJltan a result of her stmcrb "drnimitlr. ' ""..: "> ""l* force !" «"• new a result of her superb dramatic portrayal ill this Columbia 1 ex- < travauan/a. Her role is that of a young, mid western girl who goes to Italy to study for an operatic career will the prize money she has won In a radio audition contest. There .slip lucelfi a romantic, debonair music teacher, splendidly Interpreted by Tiillo Canninatl, Internationa: stage : and screen star, who Immediately offers to develop her for the Metropolitan.lit New Yorlc. Bin with one reservation. That their association remain untarnished by even the .slightest siiBgrstlon. of: a love affair. Needless to,-say, : Miss Moore wins the. acclaim; of. Europe ant America for her glorious voice, bill finds fame •surprisingly cmptj without the love and. caresses ol her music teacher: -In a•• ni<o! temper she lews Carinlnall, Bui without his presence.', her voice chokes In hciv.'throat : , and . he heart refuses losing. /,,. In addition to .'Miss Moore and Tulllo Carmlnatl, . the . film boast. an imposing cast-, that: Include .; Mona :; Barrie, Nydia Andres < dc Segiirnln Luis Albernl and'Jessie. Ralph. Theatre-goers who enjoy stlrrlni pictures .of real. life,:, told in .simpli form, .without••.artificiality, picture that resemble a page. from III Book, of Life, arc confidently ex ra, sometimes in a"cha"ir but ff*,' 611 ! >y R K °- Rnd io to find ,of the time on the floor, I lcl0rm ?!!, t ^ ln "™f nt ,' astes su l* rl > he rehcarsi-s ill 'th» '^L ^ BMltifA In the drama of love ruggle, "Romano . starring Fraud and Ginger Rogers at the itz Tuesday and Wednesday. The story of "Romance in Man- It the sccnc'doesS'cali'for'him, vnimTi' 5 ?' slm P I Y° nc of he remains right' bv the cimii-n y - e - lmml S ra nt who come.s while it Ls b,h£ niriJf ' " America anrc wllh "°P»s «»< dreams but is denied entry bc- Onless something happens be- „„„,.„ ,. , r "' "•"* »"- twcen now and the lime the pic- .Z 50 ,,*?„, 1 " ct : s , 'POffcsslon of Hie turc is finished, Chaplin will lave Si™ w ',, hy the lnws of tllc mtahifchMi''a „*!,;,' w,.*~> i-. _.,„ country. He sllns ovcrbo.iivi fm,, "'crboard /rou ''£ is beine dc ashore - " «"f win a place it make a series o] : situations which built a stirring climax. A low like a golden threat: weeks, or went to the momita ,,s P0 "" " day, as nobody knew on what day or at what hour Charlie would return and want to resume work Immediately. ' For the first time In history he Started this .picture with a completed script which 'he has been following steadfastly. The result of this new approach will be Interesting, in fact, the result of anything Charlie does usually proves interesting. Think Recent Drouths May Be Due to Glaciers VANCOUVER, B. C. (UP)-The neory that the serious drouths n Canada and the United States are caused by the recession of glaciers In the Canadian Northwest and Alaska is being studied lere by a committee of the Brit•* Association for the Advance- lent of Science. The scientists .have discovered "at warm winds from tlic Pacific ™ demolishing great Ice sheets eforc they can pass through southern British Columbia to drop heir moisture In rain on the i-anadian and-United. States pral- l * x - Formerly the warm winds diverted by Ice fields in the Head Courier News Want Arts. who is struggling gallantly to support her small brother. Described in advance account from Hollywood as the finest t, date of Will Rogers' noUblc scr- ies of American character portraits the Pox Film production, "The County Chairman," will he seen at the Rilr, Thursday and Friday ' "The County Chairman," it I "ild, is a story of smiles nnd heart tugs, rivaling the hugely successful "Judge Priest" and "David Harum" as a vehicle for Rogers. In the new film he Is seen as a wily, lovable county boss half-diplomat, half-rustic. He wins elections and aVranges love matches with equal skill—and novonc, not even his rivals, can resist him.' Don't Forget CAUDILL'S AGENCY General .Insurance A notable east 1^as Eyclyn Mlckpy ud Stepln The latest of Tim McCoy's ad- 'enturoiK exploits on silver screen involves a scries of thtlll- packcd, exciting cwapudcs as a. „ — „ —„ „. LJl , new Columbia film, "A Mani Ciamc' 1 '- be shown Saturday at the mi;',. Written especially foi McCoy, :he film. relates the talc of an ad venturous ' young scion of gra ealth who enlists in the fire ? de partment when HARVEST GIANT SMUOrA SEED OONES FOR THE FORESTERS / THE TREES ARE ^JAUt. FOR ^U TO CLIM B T SO HE E WAIT* AND PICKS UP THE Q3NCS FROM THE GROUND, AFTER TMe COT THEM u«t t WINTER IS USED MORE THAN ANV OTHER IN . LANGUAGE/ MOUNT EVEREST, HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN TH^ WORLD. V/f,* KNOWN'ONLV PEAK NO.-rcr UNTIL. THE YEAR. MOUNT _EVEREST, along »ith' inany other'of the peaks f surrounding It, was known only by a number on the trigonometrical survey charts In (tip Indian tweriiment otftcw, until Hie time 'when It was tjisco\eicd to be the world's htuhest peak It was named for £>lr accrue, a Mineyor general of India OKTIS him follottine a serious an> lomoblle actjldent Summoned to a factory fire, Tim "and his "friend,' Waul Bond rescue ? jo\ing girl— and Immediately afterwards th.c Uo Mart intense rivalry for the -'•'- affections Complications of high dramatic office and a rascally cashier frames her to mote it appear that she absconded with funds Jn Jils possession " Supporting McCpy nnd -Ward Bond In the two male leads are Evalyu Knapp a;, the girl, DeWlft Jennings a.s •• — - - - intensity set In when Tim secures . Alden Chase, Arthur Runkln and ^ i < Follow i rai me "A straight line is the shortest distance between two points." That holds for any two points — your pocket book and your list of wants, for example. Follow the straight line, and you'll save yourself time, trouble and money. . Use the advertising columns of this newspaper as guide posts. In them, you find late news of what's to be had in the markets of the world. No need for you to meander about from store to store, comparing, pricing, judging, guessing values. The advertisements tell you the names of merchants and manufacturers you can ti-ust. There you read 'what's new, what's favored, what's offered confidently for your inspection. The advertisements in this paper take you into more stores than you could visit in a month. There's no high-pressure selling, no rush, no uncertainty to this daily review of markets. Form the good habit of shoppidg by the straight-line method- you'll buy with assurance, with economy and with satisfaction. :

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