The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin on September 12, 1961 · 20
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The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin · 20

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1961
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RACINE JOURNAL - TIMES ! 0 Taesday, Sept. 12, 1961 1 EXPERT TV & RADIO SERVICE 1- TV 1 S ENGINEERS $ Television and Radio Programs PANTOMIME is in the Comedy Spotlight as Harpo and Chlco Marx co-star in a romp in which Harpo, dressed as a police officer, arrives at the scene of Ch-co's crime in a sedan painted to resemble a police car. Scenes in the re-run lead to Harpo Marx murdered a policeman . andcisco Beat (9 p.m., channel 9) i J - 1 : A i : a l ! 'Sus "LC lu u,c tu,c m n" STRUGGLES and ambitions coa Presents (9 p.m., channels Lf immlgrants ,iving on New Fact Hurl no thp ANONYMOUS TIPSTER warns police that a bomb is .set to explode at noon, but he doesn't say where on San Fran- early days of the century is the subject of the film, "My Girl Tisa" (10:15 p.m., channels 2,12).' TELEVISION (C.D.T.) Tues. Evening Your Foresight Is 20 20 If You Open A Savings Account With Us 7 00 PM 2-12 Father Knows Best S on PM -v Rifleman imnrnha Kind Cartoon Alley Sea Hunt ... y " 1Racij and Hl Friend i 10 Anatomv ol Conclusions (8-0rlielcl Ooost Ri-voluUon- . . S 35 PM 1 Bib Game Hunt -. p. m. cnanneisii Bold journc? i 11s pm I, 1n 6 30 PM -Oolf Tips " Z, 12). ' 4 Judy'a Notebook 7:20 PM -Rocky And His Friends Bports c-t ixrniK- .l. e -.7 -News 7:30 PM aunvtiiiMU me years oi a 13-Adventure Tim great American, the Story of j 'V45 Will Rogers from rodeo days!-gy-Br,ni"t to beloved commentator Is thel'""?, or or. , , The Olovables subject of a Bob Hope narrated " Jack Bricuioua special (8 p.m., channels 4, 5). ""ssopm Is Len O'Connor icolorl KILLER comes in hot pur-jjNews 56 PM suit of . stage in Stagecoach 6New' 'mtpM West (8 p.m., channels 6, 7). 4""g"A', We"lher' S News. Weather DYNAMIC labor leader rises -ExPedition to, power in . ip-nf in nn imar i s FiavnOUSe yU S Yol Bear "The Rank and File." The re run stars Van Heflin (8:30 p.m., channels 2, 12). SPECIAL report on a confer ence of Uncommitted Nations including a profile of Yugo slavia highlights an hour long special (9 p.m., channels 4, 5). WELSH BANKER says he 1 WMJN i Advert twmtMiU tjaj I'ollc Ki Ino FEEDER CABLE At least half of the television sets in this area would have bet ter television pictures if the lead-in cable from the an tenna would be replaced. Over the years, this wire gets brittle and cracks, and th e insulation wears off. You usually tan notice signs of this trouble if your TV set crackles and white flashes appear on the screen during a wind storm. The TV signal through these worn-out cables is not constant, and causes poor reception. Phone ME' 3 -76 13 for this kind of TV maintenance, or any kind of TV or electronic service. SQUARE DEAL TV is qualified by formal training, experience and the use of modern, 'efficient equip-ment to satisfy your every electronic problem. You'll like our services as your neighbor does. In STEREO 9:00 - 10 P.M. TONIGHT'S SHOWS :00 PM-News 6 0S PM Rhythm at Random :30 PM News ot Racine 8 44 PM Alex Dreier. News 8 54 PM-World News 8 00 PM Edward Morgan. News . 8.15 PM Paul Harvey. News 8.20 PM 8 peaking of HDoru 6:30 PM B ports Review 8:44 PM John Cameron Swayra and the Weather 8:50 PM-Music In The Air 7 00 PM Polka Time "THE MUSIC HALL" . i In STEREO 0 t A 10:00 PM News ' WEDNESDAY'S SHOWS 6 1 AM -lop O' The Morning .10 AM News and Buorts 6 3b AM-Top O' The Momma 8 50 AM Ravine Road and News Report 6:55 AM-News Around We World 7 10 AM -Top O' The Morning 1:21 AM Lucky license Tim 7 30 AM News 7:35 AM Wisconsin Weaiher 7:40 AM Little Red Book 7:45 AM News I Oil AM Party Line 8 46 AM Local News f 50 AM Paul Harvey. News 8 56 AM World News ( 00 AM Breakfast Club 10 00 AM Words and Muslo 10 30 AM Ladles Air Journal 10 55 AM -World News 11 no AM -THllInu Union Orove II 15 AM -Burllimton News II 50 AM - Music al Qulx 11 55 AM-World News i 00 Noon Paul Harvey, News 12 14 PM-News 12 35 PM-You Can't Lose 1 05 PM-World News I TO PM-Mumc Maestro 1 55 PM-World News 2 00 PM -Flair 2 55 PM-World News 3 00 PM MuMc Maestro 3 30 PM l-ocal and mate News 2:35 PM Bhow Tune MatlnM 3 54 PM-World News 4 00 PM - Polish Hour LJD IkJ AM una on your dial Wtjr I M unit on your dial Amrrlran Hrnadrsstinf Co. and WUrnnstn Network 18 Hawkeve 6:15 PM 2 Douglas Edwards 4 Huntley-Brinkle 6:25 PM 6 -News And Weather 6:30 PM 2 Jim Backus 4-6 Laramie 6-7 Bugs Bunny Dick Tracy 10 Discovery 12 Sea Hunt It West Point 2-12--Dobie Glllls 4-S Alfred Hitchcock Presents 6-7-Wyatt Earn -King of Diamonds 10 Maple Leaf Country is union Pacmc 00 PM 2-12 Comedy Spotlight 4-5 Thriller 6-7 -Stagecoach West Cimarron Citv 10 Pood For Life -18 Caltfornlans 8:30 PM 2-12 Playhouse 60 10 Biblical Masterpieces 18 Wrestling :0fl PM 4 -Will Roiiers Sory 4 The Uncommitted 6-7 Alcoa Present," 8an Francisco Beat 10 Philosophies of Education 30 PMi 6 Blue Angels 7 Walter Winchell Flla ' Rendezvous 10 Art of Theatra 18 Decoy 10:00 PM 5 News. Weather. Sports Icolorl Newa 18--Debbie Drake 10 10 PM 6 Weather 10:l PM J Pllm. "My Olrl Tiva' H!ll Palmer 4 Jim Backus i Jack Paar icolorl Film. "Weekend at the Waldorf (linger Rogers. Lana Turner 7 Film. "None Shall Escape" Marsha Hunt i Film. "In the Oood Old Summertime ' Judy Garland. Van Johnson - - 12 M-Souad 18 Film, "Accent on Love Oeorge Montgomery 10:45 PM 4 Tonight In Milwaukee 12 Suspicion 11:00 PM 4 Jack Paar loolor) 11:46 PM 7 Marty Pay 12 Dr. Brothers 18 Bruce Kanltz Reports 12:00 Midnight 4- 5-News 6 TV Chapel 12:10 AM J Film "Grand Central Murder" Van Heflin 6 Len O'Connor 12:14 AM 5 Big Btory Late News 12:44 AM 4 AsMsnment Foreign Legion News 1:15 AM 9 1 Led Three Lives Wed. Morning 6:05 AM 2 Thought for th Day 6:10 AM 2 Early Report 6 15 AM 2 Parm Report 4 Today's Meditation 6:20 AM 4 Town and Farm 6:30 AM 2 Seminar 61 6:35 AM 5 America Abroad 0:45 AM 5 Meditation 6:50 AM 4 Town and Farm 7 A Matter of Living 7:00 AM 2 Popeye Today 7:25 AM 5 Newa icolorl 7 News 7:30 AM 7 -Clock-A-Doodle Day Farm-City Forecast 7:40 AM TV Chapel Channel? WBBM-TV Channel 4 ' WTMJ-TV Channel S WNBQ-TV Channel 6 WITI-TV Channel 7 WBKB-TV Channel WON-TV . Channel 16 WMVS-TV Channel It WI8N-TV Channel IS WX1X-TV 5 News, Weather 6 Expedition Brave Stallion 18 Men of Annapollf 6:15 PM 2 Douglas Edwardi Huntley-Brinklev 6:25 PM I Newa And Weather 6:30 PM 1-12 Malibu Run 4-4 Wagon Train 6-7-12 Hong Kong Dick Tracy IB East Side Kids 7:00 PM ---; -;--"7. V-. . . . George Irving, 8,7, Dies; Movie Actor, Director HOLLYWOOD IrP) George Irving, 87, an actor: and director of stage and screen for 50 years, is dead. of, a. heart attack. Irving, who succumbed Monday, was born in New York City. In his early stage days he was a leading man to actress Maude Adams. . Entering the movie industry in 1913, he directed many, films for various studios and . then returned to acting in character roles. He directed, among others, Ethel, Lionel and John Barry- more. Irving had been in re tirement the past 10 years. rr Ul HWr. to WAKII AVI. ME 8-693 OPEN 7:80 SHOW AT DUSK. f ACTOR ON THE MEND German actor Hurst Bucholz, recovering from injuries suffered in an auto accident Aug. 29, played a game of solitaire in a Munich, Germany, hospital. With him was his wife, Miriam Bru. , ap wirephoto TV Still Man's World; Actors More Successful probably the fourth or fifth of the series. jmi i m j an mm i i ' ': t Plus... '-Journey to th Lest City" srnn DEBRA PAGET at B: I Mr. Maggc 10 Watch Vi 18 Decoy 10 Watch Your Language Five Minutes To Live Bv 12 Devotions 7 44 AM 6 RFD i 9 News : 12 Farm Report 7 50 AM 6 - News 12 News 7 55 AM 2 Junior Newsroom 7 Weather 12 Cartune Time 8:00 AM 2-News 5 Today jn- Popeye Bugs Bunny 8:15 AM 12-12 Captain Kangaroo 8:30 AM 7 Books and Brent 12 Fun House 8:55 AM Five Mmutcs To Llvt By 00 AM 2- 1 Love Lucy 4 What's New In the Kitchen - Hsy When 6 . Esrlv Hhow 7 -Creative cookery ' -Treeton House W Romper Room :25 AM 7 Weather Bv Riidar 30 AM 3 - Video Village 4- 5-Play Vour Hunch (color) 7 Star Showcase Ed Allen Time 10 00 AM 2-12 Double Exposure The Prl Icolorl 4-5 The Price Is Right JOURNAL-TIMES WANT ADS BRING RESULTS" TINKOTE alto form o tanociout, dacorativt wororproof turfoc for your SIDING, MASONRY BLOCK, BRICK, STUCCO or METAL linOrior-oMorior) . Wotch "Alcoo Presents" TONIGHT and Coll HOWARD WOOD ME 3-4126 for more information 1107 Morquotra Stroot 7 .lohblewocky Placa Morning Movlr 1014 AM I08perrh 10:30 AM 2-H Your Surprise Paiksge 4-5 -Ciinrenlratlon fl f'smnuflsge 7 Here's Oeraldlne 10 55 AM- 7 Newa 11:00 AM 2-12 -Love ol Lite 4-4 Truth or Consequences 8 - Window whopping 7 - The Tessn 11 30 AM 2-12 Search for Tomorrow : 4-4 It Could Be You Icolorl 6-7 Love That Bob 1144 AM 2-12 Ouldlng Light News 11 55 AM 4-4 News 4 Tedd's Tlma " 7 Camouflage Bono Circus 12 Susie 12 15 PM 1 Lea Phillip 12:30 PM 2-12 As the World Tumi 2-12 Angel s wrniKr 8-7 Number Please Paddleboat 12:35 PM 4 Mid Day 1:00 PM 2 Pace the Facts 4-5 Jan Murray (color) 8 Dsv In Court 7 Theatre B News 12 Open House 1:10 PM -Hollywood Btartlme 1:30 PM 2 Art Mnkletter 4-5 Loretta Young 8 Divorce Court 12 House Partv 2:00 PM 2-12 The Millionaire 4 Woman's World 5 Young Dr Malone 8-7 Day In Court 2:30 PM 2-12 The Verdict Is Your 4-5 From These Roots 8-7 fleven Keys 3 00 PM 2-12 The Blighter Day 4-5 Make Room For Daddy 8-7 Queen For A Day Dr Hudson's Secret Journal 3:15 PM 2-12 Secret Storm 3 30 PM 2-12 Edge of Night 4-5 Here's Hollywood 8-7 Who Do You Trust? -Amos n' Andy 4 00 PM 2 Burns and Allen 4 Theater at Four R Movie Five ff-7 - American Bandstand Three Stooges 12 Punkv and Ills Pals 4 30 PM 2 Film, "Texas Rangeri Ride Again" Ellen Drew 12 Pops Theatre 7:15 PM Oolf Tip 10 Topic 7:20 PM Sports 7:30 PM 1-12 Danger Man 4-S The Prlet Is Right (color 8-7 Oizle and Harriet 10 Biblical Masterpieces 18 Ranch Party 8:00 PM Wed. Evening 5:00 PM 6 Cartoon Alley 7 The Lone Ranger B Oarllrld Onose 5-2S PM 5 Bold Jonrnev 5 30 PM 6 Rnekv And His Friends 7-.News 12:00 Midnight 4-4 Mystery Theatra 7 Connie Francis Tightrope 10 Video Sketchbook 18 Ranch Party 8:30 PM 2-12 ra Got a Secret Mike Hammer 10 Anatomy of Revolution ' 18 Wrestling B OO PM 2-12 Circle Theater 4-5 It Could Be You ' 8 Connie Francis 7 Naked City Death Valley Days 10 Fine Arts Quartet 30 PM 4 Tightrope 5 Meet McOraw S Manhunt ' 18 The Callfornlani 10 00 PM 2.4.7.-12News. Weather Snorti S News. Weather Snorta (color) 9 News 18 Debbie Drake 10-10 PM Weather 10:15 PM ' J-Fllm. "To Paris With Love" Alec Guinness 4 Lock-Up 5 Jack Paar (color) 8 Film. "Never a Dull Moment" Irene Dunne. Fred MacMurray 7 Pllm. "Special Delivery" Joseph Cotten. Eva Bartok Film. "Tomorrow Is Too Late" Pier Angell. Vlttorio Da. Slea 12 The Third Man 18 Film. "Thin Ice" Bonja Henie. Tyron Power 10:44 PM 4 Tonight In Milwaukee 12 Five Fingers 11:00 PM 4 Jack Paar 11 44 PM 12 Dr Brothers 18 -Bruce Kanltr. Reports 11 40 PM 2 Film "An American Romance" Brian Donlevy By Cynthia Lowry HOLLYWOOD & What ever else television may or may not be, it is still a man's world. Estimates of the proportion of employed actors compared with actresses run from a conservative 6-to-l to 15-to-l. -The reason for this, of course, is the classic format of weekly shows. Producers like un married heroes for the action shows. Then they hire one pretty girl per week to drift into and out of his life. With very few exceptions, the big stars of television are men. This approaching season looms as one which is even tougher than usual on actresses who appreciate steady emnlov- ment. One of the luckv few iwo u.s. man coats mane who have landed a solid, reg-j daily deliveries over a 65-milej ular part in a new series isi route on Lake wmnipesaukee troops, people started thinking of me as a singer who could act and play straight for comedians. "Now, finally, I'm back as an actress. I play Grace Sherwood, a widow in her mid 30s, on the look-out for a man but not a man-hunter. I'm the owner of a restaurant at a, bus stop and "it's a good format the stories are about people passing through." And if you don't think the TV uses up material at a frightening rate, note this: The plot which made "Bus Stop" a successful play and movie will provide just one TV show Wed. Afternoon 12 00 Noon 2-8 News 4 Carousel 18-Your Neighbor 4 45 PM 4 Huntlev-Brlnkley Report "l en O'Connor (color) -Wirard Of Os 7 The Olovables Jack Brlckhnuse 8:55 PM 2 News 5 Newa lcolor 8:00 PM 4-12 News Weather. Sports 4-6-t Newa 12:05 AM S Len O'Connor 12:15 AM 5 The Big Btory Late Newa 12 30 AM 7 Marty Pay 12:44 AM 5 Assignment Foreign Legion l'l AM 8 1 Led Three Lhrea Marilyn Maxwell, the blonde singer of scores of movies. It will come as something of surprise to those who re member her as playing pretty blonde straight man to assorted comedians, including Bob Hope, but Marilyn will play a non- singing dramatic role in ABC's "Bus Stop" series, based very loosely on William Inge's, hit play and subsequent movie of the same name. "It's funny," reflected the actress, "but I was trained and started out as a dramatic actress. Then they found I could sing, and people began" think-; ing of me as an actress who could sing. Then, during the war years when I did so much traveling and entertaining the in New Hampshire. REAL ESTATE SCHOOL: JOIN NOW! Become a licensed real estate broker or salesman. Easy. Low fee. Visit first class free at Racine YMCA, Wednesday, Sept. 13th 7 p.m., or Monday, Sept 18th. 9:30 A.M. Call MEIrose 2-7832. WISCONSIN SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE. J fj fl ' 3 RADIO (C.D.T.) Tuei. Evening 5 00 PM r-ns News MHO News 5 20 PM .BC-Paul Hnrvey Newa 8 45 PM rBH Lowell T-"ma Newa I'lit PM BC Arthur Van Horn News 'B8 Snorts 8 00 PM ARC R P Morgan N no-News 8 45 PM ABC Late Sporla 8 55 PM ABC News CBS Sidelights 7 00 PM ABC Business Final NBC Nsws 7:14 PM CBS Burnel t-Hsyes Bhow NBC- 7 35 PM CBS News Analvsle 8:00 PM NBC News 8 30 PM ABC Newa 8:45 PM ABC Paonle In th Newa 00 PM ARC Vandercook Newa NBC Newa 8:04 PM CBS Leading Question '30 PM CBS The World Tonight World Newa :58 PM ABC News 10:00 PM NBC Newa 11:00 PM NBC News I from 4:3 p.m. to closing J WE DELIVER 8 Open Mon. thru Sat.t a.m. to t a.m. I Sundays: 4 p.m. te 12 M. I NO CBABOB FOB CAREY-OUTS' J S Phon. ME 4-1905 or 4-9723 ! JOHNNY'S PIZZA 1911 Rocinw Street a t ..................... ......... J THE OLDEST NAME IN TELEVISION STILL LEADING THE FIELD! k PS On duplay of it foerf ifcow-room ia'ihf until 9 PM., Soiurdeyi until 5 PM. Only make with power compart TV chanNU that . virtually eliminate home service call! Only make with written 5 year major part warranty! Hand wired (IunhU Id all model: No printed circuit. Available in 21" . 23" and 27" wreen sliea n TV and In TV-Strrro-FM Radio Combination. Liberal Trade-in allow-anre de Forrat price' tart at $169,00 W.T. Term I'p to 2 year to pay! ASSOCIATED TV SALES AND SERVICE 505 GOOLD 2-8329 Wed. Morning 7 00 AM CBS-World News NIK.' News 7 55 AM ABC News Around the World 8 00 AM NBC News 8:55 AM ABC Paul Harvey News on AM A RC Breakfast Club rHBNews NBC News 30 AM NBC Emnhssls 10 00 AM TRS-News NBC News 10 10 AM CBH Arthur Oodfrey 10 30 AM NBC Emphasis 10 44 AM ABC New. 11 00 AM .RC-Malr CHS - News NBC News II 10 AM CBS Houerartv . II 30 AM CRS rtarry Monre NHC-rmnhal II 40 AM "BS Crnshy-Clooney Show II 54 AM ARC-News NBC-Emphasis Wed. Afternoon Noon 12 00 NBC News 13 IS PM PBS Man and Wife 12 20 PM cnn-New. 17 30 PM NBC Emphasis 12 48 PM ARC-News NPTWOHeX WKQCRNrir.. IIF.ARtt IN RACINI NBC WT M.I '.' KC tt'UAQ 878 KO CB VVRBM-780 KO ABC WUSHO KO w i s aiio kc WRJN MINI KO MB wrox o ko NftN-NRTWORK HKQir.NCim REAKB IN A INI WIND M0 KO WON 7'iO KC WORT ;o KO w iin nan KO wrMr i'!iu ko H MII tfW KO WHIT 134 KC WKAC KO M STATION IIHRI IN RACINE WM'R MO W II Ml (Ml 1 MC W()M M.1 MO VI TMI K4.I MC WrwR (MIS MC wrwr 7 MO wrt mc nr mf imii mo WRJN ISA 7 MC W'MAQ ll. I MO W( I M IHI MC WHS M 1113 MO WaFI 10 ) MC WI'AW 10.1.1 MC' WXrM IIK. MO NBC News ' 3 30 PM ABC Bnstnesa Pinal CBS Man In Paris NBC Imnhasls 3 45 PM ABC New. 4 00 PM CBS News NBC News 4 45 PM ABC News liiiuiiiiD 5e V 'W Taylor Are. A 17th St. For Tasty Ready to Eat CARRY-OUT FOOD ORDERS Chlrken Fish Shrimp Oysters Hamburiera Call ME 4-9732 or 7-1259 NOON LUNCHES SERVED DAII.T near Dlnlnf Roam and Booths IT OPENS 7:00 STARTS DUSK TONITE -THE HAPPY, TRUE AND THE MOST WONDERFUL STORY I 1D31 mm : '1 njitfi m TECHNICOLOR nd PANAVI8ION "BUCK NITE" THURS. "SOME CAME RUNNING" 'NO NAME en th. BULLET" Wed. Evening I 3,1 PM ABC Show lima 1 44 PM A no News NBC Emphasis 2 00 PM ABC Books and Bienl cos a Man's waihlniton CHS News NBC Emphasis I 00 PM CBS-News NBC News I 10 PM ABC Dennis Day (IIS Personal Itoif NBO Emphasli NBC News 2 30 PM CWI Intorinatlon NBC Emphasis l:M PM ABC Newa J 80 PM CBS Nsws 8:00 PM CBS News NBC News 4 20 PM ABC Paul Harvey News 8:21 PM ABC Edyle Clorme 8:41 PM CB8 Lowell Thomat 8 84 PM ABC Arthur Van Horn Newa CBS- -Boorts 00 PM ABC E P Morgan NBO News 8 44 PM ABC Late Bporta 8 44 PM CBS Sldelluhte 7 00 PM ABC Business Pinal CBB -Bsekaraundln the News NBC-News 7 18 PM CBS Burnett-lisves Show 7 10 PM ABC Teen Town 7J4 PM CBB News Analvsll 8 00 PM NBC News , a io pm ' ABO News a 48 pm ABC people In tha News 00 PM ABCVsndereook Newa NBO News - JO PM CBS The World Tonlsht NBC World Newa Center 44 PM ABC News 10 08 PM NBC News 11 00 PM NBC--Nsws ITOKIDir p-sasassjaasaassasssssaassssasassl I "Th Houft ot SmorgathotJ" 1 1814 - 16th Street I ' Ml 2-9111 Ml 4-9664 S. Norm GRINNY" Karlin Starting -tonight for one week onlyl Playing nitely from 8:30 p.m. 2 a.m., thii wacky comedy pantomimist ' will tickle your funnybone 'til it hurts! Come on out and get good laugh. WKDNESDAY NIGHT Cocktail Hour 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. FREE Hera D'OeaVKe, Baby Khrlma with CarkUII Kaaee, a . Herrlnf and slkir Is. I. Ildhiisl MARTINI. MANII4ITAN . OLD FAHH. IOMDK. Only 40c -vrJ ' it fits either sex '44 - a .C m - J ' nothln9 but laughter! ClnameSeape) AnAvon Production U'IPufef .STEVE .BRIGID ' . ft .ag JIM PAULA Vr . DEAN ' , f I JACK JACK tKiT . vag I WESTDN-MULLANEY ,jp3f nijlH.uwi ...) ,n,mp 8MW1 wm. '.voc. mm mm if:. V.' 'V 1 . wmV?mra . Onbm5copC esihir niluams surf mqisg WH s, TOMORROW Ends Todoy "Come September" "PRIVATE LIVES OF ADAM EVE" 2& of assisi HOW A LUSTY, FIGHTING YOUNG ADVENTURER TURNED INTO A SAINTLY m OF GOO! BRADFORD OILLMAH J'Vs-X DOLORES HART fT V. jA ; pedro mm ltSS 1 J P'j ' IIKINI VE. UMS FORStm J 'tf MmM s y i ij rftweN!i jj? v' ' :..;. i a' COlOel t, Dtust J ' y ! ? V. ' ;. 'i n j CO-FEATURE t Starts Tomorrow! r rewiy yfrf Ine). "Wild In the Country" Tecfayt "Circle Decvptlon" ROBERT RYAN tDMinMTan

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