The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1935
Page 2
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*f^ J- « ';/ >• , jfr$E'''T'VO (ABK.) COURIER NEWS f Sunbeams First Baptist. churcl meeting 11 am at inarch Promised Land Womaps Mis siohary society' meets "witn Mrs W.;)i, Stolon lot social, 2':w Circlet, ot \v. M & i irst Miitn- od.)st church, l, Mrs" O, S S(ev. <t)s; i, firs X P I'aqdlBon, i Mfs.'-J. B. Crlfz. w M li >!rst Bsptlsl church hav[ng program meeting a' cnurcn, 2 4Q p m, ' ' iUrAu/ifo EVENTS Mrs \i Lcpp ' bnvup having Tuesday Contract" club: Young Matron; Bridge - club meetu>jr-'-.wI«i t-Mrs.v Doyle; .-Hcndei ton . *i WEDNESDAY'S : EVENTS Mrs w. J pctiard, nnvine iV(,d wsqay Bridge -club S.'f Oil is jytiiitry Fust,', papl churcn .ffieuns - at church j p m J%Jf:- ,,\ Jejvlsfj jjtadlcs Aldrm&ctlns with Misjij.fjosepn 8 p'rri • ' . o( me maiurSte tonrlfiu6ji-f))i)rch "ig V°lIW4 In'Mjal hall • ,4>M&>X ";$ ' wa« 10 .• YariHp> r Womans l\nssionaiy.,-so- clei^: £ rncetlii6i"v,lth i Mrs rfc-Icn WlJilS, J 00 p nv-_ , ~* 4 yterarj _ department Woman's duo meeting mtn Mrs James Hill '/r MrS HaHy sW Hollies ha^hn, Mid-Wpes bridge clu.) Thursday Luncheon club meeting v,rm Mrs Bjron Moisc Mrs J t cnu ha\mg Thure day Biidge club' Mis p, ,8, joyncr having Thursday Contiact cwb Hj»4 £irthda\ I'arly, fcu'vtei 'Sims Ji. cclcbiiWd his lltl), birthday" lost ticnlng by having 44 gujs and bOjs as 1 his guests for a (header, party", After the show ' 0,1 the Ro,\V theatci ^ic guesl5_\Vcni lo tlte •«fiW,"- Cdmplhucnt Mn.. Causkc. Mrs o c aansks was given a sujpnse party last evening at the hbliie of Dr and Mrs W r Bic\\- cii because it uas her b|rthdaj fir and Jlre A C Ha|cy, ( \Ir Jttd Mrs E D Ferguson, Mr and Mfs p B Cooley and Dr. and M£s Brewer planned the supper Later they placed rook ' ' ' ' T Kate LK and JjcJ(soij Prop-am The Elliott Fletcher chapter ol trie United Daughteis ol the Con- feHeracy had a Lee and Jackson Pfogram Fridaj at the senior high iolioof assembly period pie guests were introduced by George M Hunt Ml. p S ftfolt gave a papc, on Lee, Mrt> By Helen !he limiting in the rain; i lirpiigh lije mists of Britlany, yp;)he hi|ls of Spain. ]VQt because of lands lo see, ' Trinket things (o buy; -{o find a higher road, ••Wptkmg up the sky. .seai-cliinjr fpr a plate' owjj ihe-way wuld walk in some night, Ihe tire and stay! . Bits oj Mostly , , ___ Mrs. Louise Chapman has 're- riittl from a visit- in . -Mehiplils. Jesse Rjchard Webb, three months old/son ol Mr. 'snd Mrs Jesse H, Webb,. \s ncrfouejy HI from intliicpzs av the Hotel Noble, ' ' Mrs; James is. , ' Ls' -visiting . relatives iii; Cai-uthei-svtlle today ' ' ' ' Mr, 'and'' ; Weems . lhre« «Wl(lren- -rctunied to their, home In Lake cjty ' after ftavlng been '\\m because r of the Illness aijd . dcaih ' pj Mi-B/'Wecras' falhcr, J. T. Codifi* Mrs,' Wccms and children have been here about two weeks -and MivWewns came Sunday. • ' - . . owight H. Biapkwbbd. . of 'Heiii- Phis, Is .the. guest of. Mrs. 'Clarence Wilson 1 and family while ut- tetidlng to " Henderson C ajid MIH sppke-on Martha 'Wjnburn, ' af new memfer, 'sar^-a-Thl Spinning \Vheel ' ?rhe Lange P T A hid ils regular monthly, meeUng Tuesday, ai- ternoon with Mrs'T G Seal pre- tidlng The (rcasin-ers report shoiied a balwica 1 of $24 In tl r Mrs &eal disciissid a letter from thfl state president, Mrs Scott Wood, in which she asked (he P I ., to C0llfai :' the legislator regarding the proposed school J>rojran> A coniaiittee Is to be named to further investigate the "Alter w|th other P T A's ot the cits. rf f 1 ? 31 ^. fund ! ' hav ® ' '&*" u "d during the past month l for lunches for some students, 'accofding to i report bj Mrs Se'al ' who announced that no more funds for this project are', a\ai!able she also staled that there Rill be no more cod liver oil when the pres ent supply 15 'exhausted JPIans were made for next mon- "[= meeting on 'Fcbruarj- u which Is to be a joint affair with Tin--™ «», ,iv>* ;Mimuy ;»n •—-l^k op forwa^d/passes by ft- certain'•'collcEe--' 1 ' v— * -^ One of ih«e days I li'o'pi" some bridge fan will undertake Ihe tusk of classifying "squeeze plays" Today we wrile aboul ihe triple and simple squeeze or the Vienna "up, etc There arc dozens of dlfieient types of squeeze plays. Here s on C; that : I might tctm he "unexpected"" squeeze. If I \vere to tell you that Wcsl »d the king!'of 'clubs:'and' the ins of diamonds, you would say hat, \j c jvould- have: to: try to queeze him out of one 'of them. But H n D - 6 c »>- nts Rimer read the by-laws, Bes.. S " e J ir »ood ga^e a papei on fr?^) 1 , A l *°,* M Mar)orto Rin '- crj played a piano Solo »!«. s I)rC5ent iri ^ Rimers room' won the dollar for the largest representation < The Central Ward P T A m«.l Wednesday afternoon following a JpMtag of the executive boarfl pro B A Lynch presented the program " gave iv reading - by; Mrs for Founders' Day pr 4 ram F ° bn|a « for this Wslcai''^^! 8 '" "™' 1 , O °" She a!so Announced Ma^ Garllngton will an t operetta next Squeeze Nets Six No Trump Game for This Declarer BV IVflr. E. McKKNNEV itcrcUrj, American Bridge Lcajui; In every lUie of sport -'we have ,rv, (a 'l 8t n c ' such n M'»« follower jjbdseball.who cantlcllyou h'ow uuny tjmes rv every fclaybr struck outj or Ihejoolbajj JunlVvvho can give von (he^-mf '$ ,iOK-V,nmiiy were isn't West's hand quceze; It's .... Todaj s hand was given to me V AK7 5 * A10 43 ,"-, •'•' + J10 Rubber—None vtil, • South West North Hist 1* Pass 24.. > n5s , ??m Pass 4 * ras5 4 is T , Pass , ON. T. Pass Opening lead—4 2. 'ift Contract Problem The contract is five clubs by South. West opens the queen of hearts, which East •wjns with the ace. East fails to return a heart, and leads a snial) spade. Caujiyou make elx odd? " A A1094 -'•v#'A.-K S » K 9 6 '' . , .. . +Q.J-J69B 1 Solution in'nex't issue. ' 10 Ihot Ihc outlook for''bridge tournaments for 1035 was better than ever. Harrisburg, ; Pa., Is'-ihc first city he will visit, this year. The Play. Against, a'-blx'nb trump con- ract,. West opened the deu&s of spades, Bast covered with the queen, .and South jwbn the trick Ihe ace. South then playeti he jack of clubs and West reused to cover- : ; Declarer con- imied with the .ten of clubs and isaln -West refused/, to c PVCr. Now tlic ace of diamonds was [cashed and a .small .diamond led toward the queen.'-West won with the king mm led n heart. Declarer won the (rick with 'the ace. The two good diamonds were cashed. East, .discarding two spados. Dummy's queen of. hearts was piaycd and.fncn •thence of duos casned, and at this point i. was squeezed.'- £• ;sparie discnrrt make declarer's king and by my friend, R. E. Needham, of Greenville, p a . .pick .conducts, a [real many tournaments during he jcar for the American Bridge and he was telling me aws adopted icard. W :lw by the executive .-. , ,'.. ;". .:.-:• Mrs W-c: Klggi'rison.armouncecl w county co'incU "rpeeUhg at Shav,nee Friday,':January 18.,'-: Mrs c G. Redman announced hat she will give free .lessons on he harmonica to any one deslrins '' 'Ilic high fchool p. T A is " 8 -" wrtcs.of varnishing to be started scon. This „.„ ••- «^.via*i;io Mjig ana nine Bood. while,.a heart ciiscaro. irlcks B ' VC thi ' :tlcc ' a ' rcr lw ° hcn « Mr. and Mi's, Joe Mathlas,' of Carmi, III., and their son, Juc Mathlas, qf-Morganfleld, Ky re (urned :. today -JtlRvfng come hei for the funeral'of'Mr. Joe Malhla hair brother,. J, ,T.:' Collins. The arrived last,.Tuesday. Miss Margiioi-lle. "wilsoii'. spci Thursday, hi Memphis. ": .-. -. J. H., Hatnll.iina .soils," Derwoo and Irivln, of Halls,. Tepii wer heic Thursday and J-Vlday b'ecam of the dealh of j: T. ColHiis. The joined Mrs. .Irwin.Hamirand ivv chlWren wiio have been here fo ten days. Invin ilainil was her federal dnys ago and" ha<l just rc turned home when his father ii law died. ' ; . ;Logdn Mo'iillrlc ; alteiided to bus mess hi Memphis 'Thursday''•-mi Friday. ; -. ' Mrs: Peggy Slack;-of-.'Memphis , here-with ljer>-aunti> Mrs. J.: T GoUins,' haying come up"liuu daj-.-'She \vm-return-:8utiday..-.; Mbs 'Martha- Chambers/ who-, if iow."'omployeii;-ih ••" Memphis, . i BlirV-Miller, of' ^Memr>)iis',"°'re LAKE STKKE1 .AWTHOU2ST V. E. Cli-il(;ui(, pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. ivcr- io|i'Morr!3, general superintendent. Special services: Sermon by the llev Sara B Wliglns, presiding c |dei of Jone^boio district, 10 W) am: Taking the Gospel lo Japan' adei p B Jancjt Shoib talU ty O o Bajfles Mlv> ETO Nelson r rs t ^n n ° d S«' s . *nd the Rev L f, Tijll, at 7 <iO Jim Young pwples sen Ice, TOO pm The Wonder class n|p Mionsoi wCSU, Qver K ^- Mv " Jfoma grouji, «/)} , mea cjdl night In various iccllons of the city In prchaiatton for oui !«B which! begins Sunday SATURDAY, [ani Wins Grunts of Approval MBIiiH9iwBiiS££%^^2K.r^r»,. v _^_^_ M i A^_^^ Sixth ^nd Main Fmmett Butlemorlh, l)lWc school at 0 45 » tl) Mcon, superintendent M T hoine;' by 'his'• lialf-sisteiv Miss -Annie Lkura 'Collins, vvho:wiirattcii( school there. i ..'i'. r. •• • Mrs: Mary Sutton, who has ibeci ^ult'c ill from now improving.; Shc-lsVat her home .with her-'dnughtcr. iMrs;. Doyle.- Hender«, and''lamlly. . .-1 .-,. ( ;.,;. Mr. • and --iMrs.. L,,-A. : Waters' .ormerly :of here- and -now,of Memphis.-were hero yesterday for-t'h? funeral ;of J. iT-..-e6lJlris, i The condUion ! :jDf';6..f _ trie. :formerly rofi here andrnoiv of Tun-oil/ who is.seriously,,1U,,is unchanged:: Mr.iiMoultrle,; .who: was ilast- July, nvas-. taken to 'is-home, at the Menashu butins cub a , month ; ago. -: His 'condition las been very serious since last '•ptober.. .... .-,.,;,. . ,. , ... L .... Miss .Lillian .-Butler: returned-to ler home in ,:Jonesboro: yesterday ifternoon., having .come over for he funeral ,of,>hcr grand father J. T: Collins.v..: -•-.•'• ,• ;......| Among those- from here who at- cnded ,thc county council of-p.-T. A. at Shaivnee, .yesterday were br and Mm. =A.- M.. Wnshburn, Mrs J. A. Saliba, Nfrs. w. A Dobyns, Mrs. H. L. Bradley, Mrs. Joe) Jhanrtlcr, Mrs. w. 0. Higginson, Miss Rosa Hardy, Miss Winnie V: Turner and Judgu Zal B. Harri~-)n. . ' • , Rep. Ivy w. Crawford, who has leen in Lit He-Rock for. the meet-' "8 of the legislature, is at -home or the weekend. Mjss Mary Lynn Jackson is ill rom Influenza at her home, H12 Vest Main street. • •- .A. O. Little is ill at his couh- ry home on Ihc Promised Land oad. . , ,.,. Mr. and Mrs. A. a Little will ove 35 their guests tonight Mr: nd Mrs. Dean qtllctte Hill • of 'tncohi, Neb., who are enroutc lo Jlluxi, Miss. usiness Jlmmic Mr. and Mrs. ire expected to Yarbro News ; and ^Ire.. Herman Varbto spoil Sunday > afternoon ai gue s( S of Mr. Yarbro's. father. Mrs. Bob Ames, 'of Hermondale 510., spent, Friday night with, her lighter, Mrs .W. O. Handlev Mrs. , Amile Waldcn spent smi- Mrs. KliJ* Oalncs M - Kac , -""'VII, \S1 III, Is slowly Improving Mr. and MR. . «'ho has beer, Daniels Afrs. Leonard Handley. wa,^ CLEVELAND. (UP) _ Although Cleveland Is. al the peak of a small .wave of Inffuenza-type infection, the contagion is on the v,-ane, believes Dr. Harold j. Knapp, city coimnlsslonei 1 . Henderson is attending lo "i Kennclt today. . - Williams has returned rom Memphis where he was with KMiiothcr, who is quite ill. " H. H. liouchlns- ._ return Sunday •oin Hot, springs where they have ecu spending .several r.wceks bc- -ause ot Mr. Houchins' ill health.,. Miss Anna Barkowitz returned csterday (o her homo In Port- Bevillc, Mo., after several days ay \yith her sister. Mrs. Z. Jlcdcl, jnnd Mr. and Jlcdcl. They motored ACT Jioine. ' E. A. Rice and Billy Wilson were In. Memphis yesterday. ' Mrs. O; M. Buck spent ycstcr- lay jn. Memphis." , Miss Winifred, Goodrich rctumcd yesterday'from the Mcrnphls Baptist hospital where. she under- 1 went on 'operation for appendl- Mr. and Mrs.'W. L. Homer have as their guests'.Miss'Mamie Lyon o'nd Bob Davidson, of Wicallcy, Ark. 'They will be here several days. Mrs. T. E. Talc, Mrs. J. C. Ellis, Mrs. Jessie Ridcnour," Mrs. W N Williams, Mrs. C. L. Hale, Mrs. W. L. Smith,":Mis. C. E. Crlggcr, and Mrs. Will Anderson, ot Armorel, represented, the Armorel P.-T. A! Communion and pleaching at U • i ™.. S?rmo " Tlle Thief on the Ve pei evangelism, scivice al u P m ecnnoni ' The Maik of the LlCSSt. Voing People-., meeting at 5 pm Mahola Williams leader Church-night dlnnei Bible study ind soclil, WedncsCf^ • i a l« HKbf MfTHOOIbl CHURCH West Mam and Sevuilh W V >Vo>iiack, Pastor The churoh school with chsse roi cierjbcdy meets at 045 in '•nl, B Tinyder, general supemi indent Chinch worship ii 10 SD am Bikmg a t'ue of frish ham j ' Uie fc! his sllbjcct Tlie League worehip hour for • ' al people'at G:45 p.m. • iui , tC , wol ' sll 'P at 7:30 Wholeheartedness" will bp .H pastor's : subj'ect, ! ' : '" :•'• ,' •• Special music, by 'the' choir^ di rcced by Mrs. Neill -R Cec l will Mrs.- belnp'. Lcntz,-Mo'rrkbn; at Ui piano. " -'---. . / .-,- Visllors are invited and wclcomi to. all the : .services. ,.. .. . . SECOND BAPTIST "CHURCH West Main at rl8lh St.-: ' :T.;Rtnfro, Pastor -10 a.m.; Thomas Bible sphool, 'ogajii supt. ..' i Morning .worship and. sermon by ^••i s''-i'"•"->•..• ..'I'hcme:,- "Why 'Ijis^ B(itlt His. .Church. 1 ; ' " '•-.'i''.: [P.m,.i Theme: , "w'h" .. IVas,Forsaken ,by : the Fa T rci.itt the fcrp&s.V . We, cordia'lly , hivito ; the public 0 three sprv!™.-' v '""'"• PJLGBL1I LUTHERAN CHllilCH ... H. J. Kleiridienst, P as(or Sunday-school and Bible Class, Moiiiirig- 1 • worship, 10 a ' Iterne of sermon: -"Gorfs Olory S '.Revealed iii Creation" -Adult Bible Class, 6'30 p m Evenins worship, 7:3o'p' m ' 'Instruction 'class'Monday and Vedliesday, 3:30 p m ' " Special Guild meeting .Thursday, .j?^ lev .fundamentals' Lecture anil riday, 7 p. ni. '' " ' "•' meC '!—' Everyone is cordially 'invited.'' ' * * * ,- •'...• 'Professor if. A. Bade, .Supcrin- endcnt of Lutheran Schools of he we-storn Dfetrict, visited the ocal day-school Thursday. p ro p essor Bade, who lives in St. Louis, supervises 127 schools In lisonn, Arkansas and Tennessee. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut and Eighth /A, Religious Jairgreak" is the astor's sermon'topic, at the morn- ig hour of worship and at ihc veiling preaching he will speak n "The, Problematical Future." Special messages Tn song will onsist of, an anthem'' "Sweetest olcnm Thought," and' n duet "I ajtcd.Fpr The Lord." ' Oiir Sunday School'VR Graded chool with the Bible as oiir text. , ook. The, .IValnJii'is'Sch'oor which meets previous to preaching' service at night affords" an oppor- timily for cacti church . member from tha youngest to the oldest. Wednesday night from seven till nine thirty is Ail-Chiirch-Nigiit. "Worship Where Welcome Is Not Mentioned nut Felt/'"' ' ' at the Mississippi CoXmly Coun cil • of P.-T. A. at sliatvnec yesterday. .... Bl MARY t UAOUt NEA_ bemce Stair Writer I'resh ham baked brown and imcy v\itli pineapple baked biby cariots jnd bakeU potatoes—there s ii> nominatfon. 'for a meal that can be cooked all at once in your oven with a consequent saving of fuel and considerable edification to those sou feed You may even idd a bnked pudding to tills list if you like and do the whole meal up bio«Ji it on cfell swoop I dont know why \\e are prone to thint of poik in teims of chojxs and rodsK and overlook the possi bilitics' of fresh ham:-Fresh hariv steaks have little wcsate in bone and are tender and full of flavor. Baked Fresh Haiti with Pineapple ; i One', slice of. fresli iporlt Steak cut 1 1-2 inches thick, 2 'table'-" spoons fiqiir, f teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon white pefrper!'3 Miccs'of pineapple. " This--slice of pork steak will weigh about;,3rl-2, pounds. Cut pineapple slices in Inhes i«,v nour vlth salt ind peppei and ,ub "ell into meat Place in ,i shal low casseiole and arrange pineapple 01 ei It cover and bake in l moderate oven (350 degiees P) foi one and one half hours, Serve fiom Rikcd Buttered 'Carrots One bunch biby cariots uo or 12), 1 i cup « Ucr, l tcasiMon salt 1-8 tcaaspoon 'pe|>pci-, '2 ' taWe- ipooni uuttei l tablespoon mine ed paitlej Scrape canots and put into j .'.-ell buttered covered baking dish or casserole. A<Jd water, salt and pepper and half-the bulter Cover baking- dish, and bake- in a moderate; ,oven : (350 degrees'. ; i')i :fbr ono .-and one-qiiurler Hours;'sprinkle with parsley arid 'dot with remaining butter:- after: , removing rrom; oven. U'Sejve.Yjrom, baking 'f 11 !-! ;..-;/ : ...;!; | . . '\\\ ', Occasionally,' to adtf milk' to 'tiie scne scalloped potatoes rather than plain cooked ones But if \ou choose a deceit such as apple -dumplings ' served with . sugar and thin cream, vou can Uie baked potatoes Scalloped Pol iloci loui cups Ihlnlj sliced nd pit-^ 3 , Potatoes,. 2 tablespo >ns \, atei taolespmns flour .'a'.funs milk" 1 teaspoon salt 1-4 L ospoon inns onion 18 tC " b " C ° n reifa i Slln " Peel onion and nut whole in- the mtcr of a v;ell butlered bakiii" ish. Mix and sift flour, musiaixf - ilc and pcpp-ir and rub Into but-- (er. Put a-lajBi- of -potatoes: in 8 dish, dol wilh-:;i;s:of uut- tor and ndur injure:anit--.idd an- MIJCJ- Jaycr u;'- :<ol?.M.'o. Dot iWilh remaining:.,.-,ij'i'iV:r .mixture and pen:• in milk at-s : .Je of dlshvpnyfr-- and .bake in -mofcrnit oven i'1359' d?erees F.)-foiM 1-2.hours.-Serve : 'dirt-;.-.' • but 1 scientifically spiritual'" 1 88)." ;i -- 11 (page . A Christian Science message • is broadcast ' : every Wednesday at ,0:30 a. m.'over KLCN. . i , FIRST PRESBYTERIAN: CHURCH : S. H. Salmon,'. 1'astor - •. . , : Sunday school, 9:45 R: m. .• r -f Church, 11 a. m. Subject: "Cohr entedly Yours."i ; , . Young" i People's meeling,., Oj45, Church, 7:30 :i>,, m. Subject: :"Re- olcing in- Hppe."\ ... All are Jnvlteit., , . ' ''" ' ' ' CHURCH OF.,qHRIST ,, ••• Court House Auditorium '. ,' N. S. Taylor, Minister .Sunday. school, lo a. m, Sermon, 11 a. in. 'subject: "life Beyond." " '"."'•"' ''.'"' CprrimVinion, ll:45\i. in. Eyeniiig service, 7:30 o'clock. Sermon:' subject. '"Why i Am Vhat I Am." '" " Everyone is cordially invited to oe ; wllh us atvlhese: services. FIRST : OF THE' ,.'..•' NA/AUENE Eupha D. Beaslcy, 1'aslor Sunday school, 9:-ls a.m. E. L Evans, Supt. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Ser- iion topic: "Prayer." ^pndetfui^ f . ' ' - ' *_/ •" \ in College Test 'BERKELEY;- Calit. " : (OP)--<\.iid ! ' "\u -'"i • '• - v •'•: '• f herewith is a little-fuel'for the per- iei- vising Ir'^f 01 *,^ 1 ' ^' ennial Tires of .that old-time argii- "Ti S t nt' H" -?^ fe > •'->•!• etcailo^ - ? - V "'' ie '# " : -* EC :i <*^Kc ? -V«?;.^,^|«Wt •SSty; 0 r qalifdrn'ia" under- /The "^ ulfe/ ^V ! f,,,;', graduates mettled ' in their, .fln'ai examination 'papers. Ihe folKrifing:"' "I love (.0 sit In" a'tittle t''wood an commute frith "Gocl. ; and "The .poet 'Daniel^/.compares .his Young p.m. People's meeting, 6:30 Evening service, 7:15 p.m. Sermon topic: "Shall.Not the Jiidge of all the Earth Do Right?" Attend Services Today for Charles Adams Charles Adams, 53, brother of Irs. John Webb, died early Friday I hk home in nipley, Tcnn., fol- owing an illness from pneumonia. He had visited Mr. and Mrs. \Vebb nd family. Members of- the Webb family are "ending (lie funeral, at Riplcy oday.. CIIR1STIAX SCIENCJ; SOCIKTV "LIFT.-' is the sllbjcct of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read In all Churches fo Christ, Scientist, Sunday morning at U o'clock. The Oplden Tm is: "Tiie' life was • manifested, and we Imvc'sccn tt, and bear witness, and : show unto you that eternal lite, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us" (i John:?) -.Among the citations which com- prise'the Lesson-Sermon is. the following from Ihc Bible- "Enter yc_lu at the straight gate: for r,lde-|.s Ihc E a( c . and broad Is the way, that Icadcth to destruction, and many [h orc hc , vhich go in thereat: Because straight Is the gate, and narrow is the way, which ieadcth unto life. Bnd tcw thcre be that find if (Matthew 7:1314). Ihe Lesson-Sermon also In«««« «c following passage from the Cln-fetian. Science textbook, Science and Hea]lh wlt| " Cie;in Piihardson. (i niDiilhs old son of ivlr. and Mrs. A. R. Richardson of Bimleltc co'in- munity, died at 4:15 o'clock, Friday nftcriioon ri( Ihe family hoinc. His death was attributed lo pneumonia. " "- '••'•'•'- '-" •'• '. - : -" ; Funeral- services were to he held tliis afternoon 1 at the homo at 2 o'clock wild the; Rev. .Percy Stfin- flcld officiating:: . ; IniemiciiL was to be made al .Sanely Ridge cemetery. The L. G. Moss Undertaking company was ln ; ci\arie'of- funeral arrangements. .The "deceased Is survived by, besides his -parents, five brothers and sisters. ,'• ! . Eddy^'Th^-f "^ "** ^ k " innnortallty 0 a^ J luf'™f ^^ is^ not ecclesiastical but Chrlslian, not human but divine not ulivsl- Rcad Cour(er News Want Ads. cal but metaphysical, .not material Richardson Baby Dies Shortest Name a Nuisance MONTREAL. (UP) — Claiming that. to.have the shortest name In Uie telephone directory was n "nuisance,"'Joseph Re has applied to the courts here for iicmilssion lo change It ; to Roy. ; • love; 'for. •pe'lia- lp''a- v fialf-bio'wi" nose-".' .' ' : - ; ' •'' '"';' "•- ' '••. - -"Daisy :Millcr's gfeatesf-niisror- tunc iii life, was "to. have an affair with .the CpllosEeiiin jn' Rohie." .' "A siren- ] s a virgin from', the waist up." : ' * •• • • : "She WaS equally 'gracious'"tb fools as,to her.own husband." "The mould' of man's" fortune 'is in--his own hands."'''''"'" •The jiiJenv" -was written' at! the lirne parwinisin and Biolo^v' were first 'started." . '' :' "Bacon says studies are of no use unless they are put to some use" 'The Lolus Eaters ate of the lotus bugs and became lazy and sleepy." 7 • . • >• "The men wre tossed find bai- tercd into; uhconsclentiousness"'". : "Brownln s believes that one 'moment of real Move is worth a life- time'of. purity." "Romso refused to fight because he had jiist "been married, to Ty- balt's cousin and it Is not itattira'l for a man to pick a quarrel or, lake one up after such circumstances" So much' for the outstanding contribution.? of university Enslislrstu- oenls. The"astronomy department also had its' problems, loo however, .including the following m- r earth', is ;jhe. r body,:upoii we live aiici sjien'd most of our <!oubtedly i-Is.,an aviation ciitliiiEil/ ?st,..- or,, possibly, a, flsfc-polc s itu, r :. .department .heads' surmised. : RfcALLEN,'Tex. '(UP)^.j. L :Tyler, representative .of:-a"seed''11™ claims, to sell a' variety of. cotton seed which- grows .staple'of -mer- ^, r . lz = tl -- flnl «h'and.-a.!5talk, 9 to <10 t" til if. i_ 1,; *••:,',; -,,. . : , | ; , , • . . sr s a g00 * CK onipIe of "Altitude may bo found by usin" a sexton." • = "One unit of interstellar distance is the parson." "A refractor is subject to chion- ic apparitions." CROQUIGNOLE OIF, iCUARANTEED WAVES 51 Up - - xonc Better Finger Wave - - 25c Barret Beauty Shop ' ' I/asl Hnusc on No. Stli FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. ""~' J --^ DEPT. . u)h>le it's FRESH in time for your Breakfast CRAIG S DAIRY Phone 74 < Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ' " 111 mak*,/ re bum T>T>«i««rs, Mdtag M «hl«iWdCric«I»»«n , Repairing—Parts—Rlbbonj CAR!)-OF THANKS •We ore 'very grateful for the :indnesses shown in the illness and death of our husband and father, Join; T. Collins. Mrs. Cleo T. Collins Mrs. Marion Wecnis Mrs. Irvyin llaniil Miss Annie Laurn Collins : ' ' J.' T. Collins jr. . J. Burl Miller •'••- Fred W. Miller. . RITZ THEATRE TUESDAY iNITK, JAiVtJAKY ai-ONK'NITK ONLVj On The Stage Maijoric Ducket l Dance Revue with 35 PUPILS 35 .BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES AND LJGHTINCr ' KFFECTS : Admission 15 & 40c

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