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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 7

The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 7

Atlanta, Georgia
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iewMSoperintendeni Begin AU the. Officers and Directors Who Have tm the War of Words Will Be Interrogated by Superintendent. New York May 10. Preparations for th' oral examination or officers and di rectors or th Knultable Life Assurance Society which will be carried on under his personal direction have been corn- pl ted by State Superintendent or Insur- nce Francis Hendrlcks. who Is now In thu city. Congressman M. E. Drisvoll or Syracuse has been engaged by Superintendent klendrlcke to question the. men. and It Is expected the examination will continue at least one week. Superintendent Nendrik will examine not only the officers and directors WOO have been directly accused In the recent bandying or charges over the society's Affairs but every director who holds office by reason or toe transfer or stocks by James Hazen Hyde or his father. 11. B. Hyde. There will be nothing compulsory about the proceeding which. however. will be Carried on largely in executive session. Tull Refus Injunction. Justice McLean. In the Sew York su prerne court toJay denied tho application or Herbert G. Tull. or Philadelphia. a. policy holder In the Equitable Ufe As- uranCf Society. for an Injunction restraining that society and the New York tale superintendent of Insurance from proceeding further with respect to the proposed amended charter of the Equita ble. which was sent to the superintendent of Insurance for his approval The amended charter provides for the mutual. laatlon or the society. Judge McLean said he denied the application In view of the law. which provides that any amended declaration or charter required to be tiled or approved by the state superintendent or Insurance shall not be filed by him or Ma certificate of authority for its adoption be granted until the attorney general of the state shall have examined It and certified to him that It Is In accordance with the requirements or the law. An application already had been submitted and was waiting the action or the attorney general and the superintendent of Insurance. Justice McLean and' the court would not in tertere with the exercise or the duty or this official by Injunction. Hyde is Examined. Superintendent Hendrlcks. of the stat- insurance department. examined Jmf H. Hyde today. Nothing was made pub lie se to the result of the examination. Superintendent Hfndricks examination or Vice President Hyde continued unti' late in the afternoon. At the close or the examination the superintendent it' dined to state what results if any had been reached. The examination will be continued tomorrow a it is expected that llr. Hyde will give further Other officers will then come before the superintendent who says he will make no public statement with regard i progress of his examination this wecjt BLOODY RECORD OP TWO DAYS. Eight Persons in Chattanooga Hospital from Accidents and Fights. Chattanooga Tnn May 10- Withn the past forty-eight hours there have been more fatalities in serious accidents arid tights here than ever before In toe history of Chattanooga. The two days have a bloodier record than any similar time since the close of the civil war. There are now no less than eight per- I sons at Erlanger hospital. one or whom I is already dead. while four others are probably fatally Injured. Following 1 the list Fred Cummings. killed In fight at glassworks. William Meaoham. seriously woundeJ In same fight. I Fred Mea wounded In head in same fight may die. i john Sherman fatly cut while act. as peacemaker between Doe Shelton i and James Noodles. who ar both seriously cut. Percy Russell. grazed by train running 50 miles per hour and one side bad-1 11' injured may recover. Green RlJey. half of head crushed In by pile driver will die. When It Was Learned Sheriff Was Waiting to Summons Loob the Route of the Presidential Special Was Changed. I Missouri Valley. May 10. WUI ham Ix eb. Jr. secretary to the president. passed safely through Nebraska without being served with summons In an action tiled by Miss Mae Wood demanding $35000 on a charge or conspiracy to deprive her of certain missives alleged to have been written to her by a United States senator. The secretary's escape from service was the result of a change the Itinerary of the presidential special by which the train was transferred to the tracks of the Elkhorn division or tile Chicago and Northwestern at Freemont Nebr. and run to Missouri Valley Iowa where connection was reads with the main line. The charge left Douglas county brask and the sheriff with hi" summons about 30 mres or the route of the special. So announcement had en made of the altered plans until the special arrived in the yards at Kreemont. Then It was stated by railroad men on. the train that by skipping Omaha a saving could be made In time. Railroad men said also that the Douglas county sheriff was wait- log at the railroad station to board the train and ride Into Omaha. If he were' there. he failed to find the train. for it was made up in the yards to suit the new plans. Mr. Lo tJ had objected to being served with summonsin the case tiled by Miss Wood. lie was rqadl' a party to the suit Jointly with Robert J. Wynne former postmaster general. and J. Martin Miller. formerly a. newspaper man. but now in the consular service. Mr. Loeb stated In I an interview that he knew nothing or I the facts alleged by Miss Wood who said she wanted to recover the letters In order to use them In a book to De known as Love Letters of a. Boss. ELOBE JOHNSON ACQUITTED. With His Wife He Leave Chattanooga for Atlanta. Chattanooga. Tenn. May 10. Elmore Johnson. charged with the murder uf Price Broyles which occurred sixteen year ago was found not guilty here today" Johnson pleaded self defense. Immediately after the killing. John- son left the city. and was not heard again until last November when he gave. Tilrnseif up to the police in Jonesboro. Ark. A week later he tried to commit suicide. but was unsuccessful. oJhnson and his wife left tonight fur Atlanta. where they will reride in the future. Johnson's family i well connected. TREATED FAIRLY BY SOUTHERN Citizens of Danville Speak Well of the System. Washington Tlaj 10. At todays rate hearing before he senate interstate commerce committee lame Pricbett a merchant and miller of Danville Ya. said he wa one the six men from that city who desire to put themselves on record against giving the interstate corn' merce commission power to fix rates He was questioned about the complaint made a few days ago by Danville citizens that the Southern rail way. was discriminating against that place. He' said he did not belle the Southern railway was oppressing Danville. F. D. Boatwright and J. R. Jopltn. both of Danville supported Mr. rnr-hptt' views. 51wood Cox. of High Point. C. manufacturer of furniture and other articles said the Southern railway. which had no competittor treated him and other ship- per's fairly. He preferred to deal with the railroad officials. rather than with a' government commission. He was under' the Impression when he came Washton. that the proposed legislation I meant that the commission would fix rates. He did not want a mileage rate estaWishPd. as it would cut high points' out of the Pa roast trade. Thinking ofO If so then the chances are you are contemplating something of a Colonial Nature. That type of a house offers such an endless variety of pretty effects of exterior and interior. That is why the Colonial School of Architecture is in such vogue just now. The le Towne Manufacturing Co. have for years put their' best in this one direction they have it all the result is a variety distinct designs all of winch f- bn3seeiat our offices. I ew 7 Tf rf lis kJi often hear people express tiem selves. rHow. practical the. wortd ha grown. ra nothing but flnrrj and scurry. Nottang trat1rasiness-'tbe lunass Inr of wealth the maklnjr of the almighty dollar thr for the" rood old times. Of course. we dor not travel coach these days and possibly the WOZISI may be practical. Indeed we might admit that it is all business but people are apt to forget that even la the most practical matters thereexlsU a certain amount of sentiment. la other oras poetry. Business honor when closely analyzed la largely a matter of- sentiment Our home relationship. social ob Ugatlon war. peace are all matters of sentiment. Theta Is a treat deal of poetry ln life after all. Riches and social eminence are not only things to live for. The noblest mind the best contentment has and No man is born Into this world whose whose work 1 not born with him. There' always ttjle. and toot. to work withal. for ihose who win. And blessed are the horny hands of See whatthe poet thinks of life. Not only pf the individual life but of the national existence. Is he practical in his singings or are they' but the mere chantlngs of an imaginative mystic This is what he says Its always morn somewhere In the world. When everything seems antagonistic to his purposes. when disaster looms hideous In his path. he consoles himself with therefltctlon that. The poet has sounded the note of universal brotherhood the bleed brotherhood of work. Men toy brothers. men the workers Ever making something new. He kindles in the workers heart a newer and a. loftier aspiration with his ringing exhortation- I noble things. not dream them all day long. And so make life. death and the vast forever One grand. sweet song. And yet he proclaims that In spite of success financially or socially that after all. Tin only noble to he good. Kind hearts are more than coronets. And simple faith than Norman blood. It I the poet who applies the Golden Rule to everyday occurrences. In the mart a well as in the home. He claims that buslntss should be tinctured with kindness that both emnjoyer and employee should Speak gently Tin a little thing Dropped In the heart. deep well. The good the joy. that It may bring Eternity can tell. The poets sphere or action. however. Is not confined to locality is not even shackled by country tor His country Is the world and his mission is to do good. One poet says. Sentiment Is the axle grease which makes our world go round. and this undoubtedly true. for The world Is too much with us late and soon. LIVELY FIGHT. IS PROMISED Over Question Whether Cer- tainBottters Must Pay Special Tax. Dalfon Ga. May A question of considerable- Interest his arisen over the special tax act which passed the recent legislature which promises a lively fight among those Interested and will be of much Interest throughout the state. Tax Collector R. Bowen or this county. Is of the opinion that parties Interested in the manu. racture or and bottling carbonated soft drinks are required to pay an occuna. tlon tax of 5400 under paragraph 23. second section of the special tax act which reads Upon the manufacture In this state or cola celery cola cola wine cola. and all other proprietor- or trade mark. or patent protected soda fountain sirups or beverages the um or 400. tpon the latter clause or this section. Tax Collector Bowen believes that all persons engaging In this line of business are subject to this tax of 400. There are two concerns In this county engaged in the bottling and selling or these carbonated beverages and Tax Collector Bowen believes that they are sub. ject to this tax and Is endeavoring to collect the same. The bottling concerns I claim that they are not subject to this tax. Under the law it is the duty of the solicitor general to represent the tax collector in matters of this kind and character. but in this case Solicitor General Sam P. Maddox. Is disqualified on account of relationship to the parties in terested In. the cue therefore. Comptroller General Wright has Instructed Tat Collector Bowen to employ Atlrsey George G. Glenn who will have as hi associate in tile case Attorney C. C. Bowen of Dalton. and the attorney' general Hon. John C. Hart. The parties Interested in this import. ant question have agreed upon the tot. lowing statement of facts These people have machine for bottling carbonated soft drinks. representing an. investment of about 1000. They purchase from lagan Dodd Co. of Atlanta. a slrup known as Red Rock ginger ale. They also purchase from the Sola Company. at Atlanta Gft. a sirup known as nol By the aid of this bottling machine his R. il Rock ginger alt' strop and the mi sirup Is mixed with carbonated water ii battles. and this bottled drink Is what they manuf etnre and sell. They do not manufacture ools. sirup celery slruD. cola. strop cola. slrup wine vola" strup. nor any other roprletory or trade mark. or patent protected soda fountain situp or situps of any character. The business is simply one of mixing the strops they purchase with a earbonas4 water. Attached to this agreed statement of facts la one of. the letter heads or the' North Georgia. Bottling. works mocked uiill A also one of their shipping tags. marked exhibit IWe hereby agree that the above arxl foregoing are the facts In relation to the usloess conducted by th North Georgia woJb The question wffl- watched with grear eal of1 oflnteresUbythe tax peyets an over the" states It Tar-Collector Bowen correct la thennttsr the tt will bT to lie and thlswul caove to- be taxed 165 other0mannfactorlas nt Wu kind an wrer tin the total amount. at belarMAOQ In thia U-can-be stated that. the. comptroller general agrees with Tax1Coll etorxBoweie and lies highly ompUzn ated hint on Ua we lay waste our XltUe we see in nature taat Is ours have giveniour. hearts away. Of course we. know that Xaughb venture. nothing" have hot awhile honest en deavor Is mentallyhearUiftiV while phj Ical exrrcise in moderation is' strength rlnt at the same time one tnu re member that AU wot and no play makes Pack a. dull' boy. However at all times we should be fully equipped to combat adversities to face temptation. to wrestle with circumstances. for opportunity as well as ois- fortune comes unannounced and unheralded. In Ute' small things' be resolute and great. To keep- thy muscles train' Thou knowest not when Fate Thy measure takes or when shell say to the I find thee worthy. do this deed for me. And oh the reward of toll natures sweet rift to the wearied worker. for Weariness Can snore upon the flint where restive sloth Finds the down pillow bard. We live indeeds not. years In thoughts nor breaths In feelings. not in figures on a dial. We should count timeby heart throbs. He most- lives Who thinks most feels the noblest acts th best. Life's but a means unto an end that end Beginning men and end to all things- God. tt you would be inspired to en wed I. Tort you would be spurred on to effort It you would be spurred op to greater endeavor It you would be slim- ulated to Increased action. you should study the poets. Readers of poetry re eelve the greatest possible good in the least possible time. Cultivation and de velopment of the imagination not only add strength to character. but pro duce an Initiative which achieves. The' greatest of all. human' efforts are attributable to high development of the imagination. and In this high state Of evolution the Imagination become creative producing great paintings marvel- ous Inventions and giving birth to nor- mous financial schemes. immense busl- ness enterprises. and generates the fervid oratory the classic literature and the mighty accomplishments of all time for Poetry Is Itself a. thing of God He made His prophets poets and the more We feel QS poesle do we become Like God in love and power. To the person who wishes Cc make the most of life's opportunities. whether In the business world. In the social realm or In professional circles the reading of poetry' Is Indispensable. All educa- tore agree that Intellect without char- acter. Is as deplorable a condition as character without. Intellect. The cultl- vatlon and development or cheerfulness courage. resourcefulness and sympathy. the very fundamental qualities of char- actfr are as essential It success sought for. and perhaps more so than technical skill or detailed information. The reading of poetry broadens the mind. develops the intellect. engenders true sentiment and sweetens living. It teaches the dignity of life and the mean- ing of human brotherhood. It lifts us out or ourselves Into higher thoughts and feelings and opens up to us a new and wider HIGH. SCHOOL DAY OF SPORTS i A Complete Programme of Field Day Friday Is Announced. Friday will be field day for the At' lanta. Boys' High school. Promptly at o'clock In the afternoon the gates or Piedmont park will be opened to the puhUs and the big athletic events for which the high school students have been long preparing. will be given. Never before has this school had a field day which awakened so much in terest as the one tomorrow. Never be tore have the students of the school been so determined to make a success of the day. And the Indications are that their efforts will not be in vain. Those who witness the events will be treated to a. few hours of splendid entertainment. he price. of admission will be 25 cents. I The following Is a complete programme I of the events and participants Standing high Jump W. Rice S. Wtntt C. Kucliinskle G. Arford. Wll- kin son F. Legs. R. EYerette R. Me- Csriy. i yard dash W. Rice. C. Kuchln- skle. G. Artord. E. Chapman L. Grant. F. Legg. R. Wilkinson. H. Wright. 7. Raughton V. Stiles. J. Varnelle R. McCarty J. Burke. Standing broad jump S. wlnn G. Artord. Wilkinson. F. Viti' R. Everette McCarty N. Glllen H. Dudley. yard dish IV. Rice. C. Kuchln- side G. Arford. Wilkinson. F. vn R. Everette. E. Chapman. H. Wright V. Stiles. G. Barnwell. 1. Raughton. E. Martin. R. McCarty H. Bradley L. Grant. B. Parlruon. Running high jump W. Rice S. Wino C. lCuchlnekie. G. ArtOrd. Wilkinson. F. Legg. R. Everette. V. Stiles. 1. Varnelle G. Barnwell. R. McCarty. N. Giles P. Cape. H. Davis. Throwing baseball W. Rice S. vTtnn C. Kuchinskle. Wilkinson. E. Chapman. H. Wright. P. Varnefle. R. McCarty. is. Fargason. 3. Cape. B. Campbell. One-half mile run W. Rice S. Wlnn. C. Kuchlnskie. G. Arford Wilkinson F. Leu R. Evereye E. Chapman. H. Wright. 1 Raughton. I. Grant R. McCarty. Stiles Vernon. B. Farguon. Bradley. 1. Yarnelle. 1. Cape. B. Campbell. E. Stauffacher. Running broad jump C. Kuchtnskle F. R. Everrette Wilkinson. H. Wright B. Campbell N. Ware G. Barnwell. R. UcCarty ythgrwvlght wr tUn 1 pounds pa Blodgett. J. Burke. G. Greene K. Osburn. Lightweight wrestling 125 pounds B. Campbell. B. Frank. Ti. Wright. B. Fargason Wilkinson. L- M. Landrum. Middleweight wrestling. I 5O pounds J. Cape Chapman. R. Everett Heavyweight wrestling. Wen. ISO pounds R. McCarty. C. Slate and Relay rue. teams Business grades. team Tarxasb cspta1n' Purtell I' Bi Chapman. Axfordflevson team B. UcCartji ulier. T. Smith. Tech grades team. R. Everette cap- HIti school will act as jod to all the contests. impartial cted to' owit Committee Mates Application Jar an Appropriation Lighting Committee Is Again Investigating the Telephone Question With a View to Seducing Expense Interesting We at City HalL A request ton' an additional appropriation of 13000 to. complete the new prison building at the city stockade was made yesterday morning by txraodft commit tee on. prisons Of' which Councilman Wikle 1s chairman and It la probable that provision tot' the building win made tin the Zone apportionment sheet of the finance committee of which Councilman Patterson Is chairman. The request was toads to the comptroller of the city I. H. Goldsmith who la now engaged la securing data for the writing of the June money sheet. The 53000 la needed for the purpose of purchasing and Installing the steel cages to the building. The shell of the structure clad the various rooms nave all been completed. The result to that Atlanta now has the finest stockade prison in the south and. there are few structures of the kind anywhere in the country that corn- pare favorably with It. Too Many Telepifones. The committee on electric lights of which Alderman Sims Is chairman is again investigating the telephone question. The committee has discovered that the city is expending 2000 per annum in telephones not only at the city hall hut at the residences of officials and. clerks. The committee believes the amount is too large. and that too many telephones are paid for by the municipality. The investigation Is being conducted with a view to decreasing this Item or expense. The electric light committee reported favorably yesterday upon an appllcatjpn for an electric light at the corner of Crescent and Twelfth streets in the eighth ward. Police Committee Met. The police committee. of which Council- man Oldknow is chairman met yesterday morning and acted upon several applications for license-I' The applications were not general interest. The committee did not undertake to complete ts workfor the reason that It will meet again next Saturday morn. Ing in Joint session with the ordinance committee. arid measures that reaulre attention may be acted upon at that time. Claims Committee Today. Councils committee on claims or wnlcn Alderman McEachern Is chairman. will meet this afternoon at 3 o'clock in tile committee room at the city hall. The Is the only committee meeting scheduled for today. Pour Meetings Tomorrow. Four meetings will be held it. the city halt Friday. Meetings or the sewer committee. Alderman Peters chairman. and the cemetery committee. Councilman Hilburn chairman have not yet been called. Both these committees' had measures referred to them during the last session of council. The meetings tomorrow will be that of the finance committee. Councilman Pat- terson chairman at 10 o'clock the Mm. mlttee on manuractres statistics. freight rates and transportation. Council- man QullUn chairman at II o'clock the street committee. Alderman Holland chairman. at 3 o'clock and the board health. Dr. C. F. Benson president. at o'clock. The committee on manufactures sta- ttsties. freight rates and transportation to meet for the purpose or. considering the measure which makes it illegal for locomotives to hoc soft coal within the nner fire limits. The Saturday Meetings. On Saturday the committee on public improvements. or. which Alderman Olrar- leat2 Is chairman. will meet at 10 o'clock the morning for the purpose of considering the measure which creates toe office or assistant license Inspector. The ordinance committee. Councilman Ellis chairman and the police committee. Councilman Oldknow chairman. wU meet it II o'clock the same morning for the purpose of considering the proposed extension or the retail liquor limits on Mad- son avenue fromAlabama street to near Mitchell street. Directly after this meeting the ordinance committee will meet for the purpose of acting upon tIle measure which takes away from the mayor the power of appointing the city warden and the cay license Inspector. and which provides that he two officials be elected by the general council. The report of toe committee i upon this subject win tee one of the features of the session Qt the general council next Monday afternoon. MAY BIB A BIG LEGAL TIGHT In Attempt to Regain Possession of Land Americas Ga. May 10. SpeclaL Aa interesting legal contest may develop here in efforts made by heirs or a former citizen to regain possession of certain valuable property given the city for park purposes a. halt centOry ago. WilDe in control or the city during that long pa' clod the contention will be mad. that the city has not livedup fully to the spirit of agreement. In that the park Is more or less abandoned and neglected. The realty at issue contains several valuable acres In the heart of the reel- dence. section or Anuericus. and any ef tort to wrest It from the city win doubt' less be vigorously resisted. HNGPEER GUILL. OF THE OBOE- a. railroad one of the oldest men in the employ of the road. died at midnight last night. at Grady hospital He wa i injured a few days ago Inside thedty 1 limits while on a switch engine. The body will be taken Saturday morning at 75 o'clock- to Woodyifle for inter-I ment. Oxfcircls the Thing You cant be comfortable in hot weather unless ypu wear Low Cut Shoes they're light cool and comfortable that's the experience of everybody. who wears them. See the line were showing alt styles alt 1 leathers all prices. Our Leaders 5350 500 600 35 Whitehall St. SUMMED ESOBTS SUMMEB The Continental WILL OPEN FOR THE SUMMER SEASON ON JUNE 1st 1905 Under the Management of Mr. H. E. Bemls. Special Rates by the Week and Month. THE CONTINENTAL is the latest 0 the hotels the famous Florida East Coast Hotel Company. It Is located a Atlantic. Beach. on the Atlantic ocean. twenty miles from Jacksonville on th Florida East Coast Railway which operates frequent and convenient passes' ger trains from the union station. Jacksonville. The facilities for the enjoyment 0 Surf Bathing are not excelled at aar Summer Resort on the Atlantic. ocean and equaled by few. A Mr. Bends may be addressed at No. 2 26 West Bay street. Jacksonville Pie. until the opening of the hotel on Jo De I. HALE SPRINGS Rogtnvttlm Hawkins Co. Tate. ON SOUTHERN RAILiWAr. A Quiet. charming resort with Red ad Black Sulphur. Chalybeate Iron and Epsom Springs. Beautiful Scenery excellent table. Rates reasonable. Address. MRS. RANDOLPH W. SMITH. TRADE AWNINGS TENTS' UPHOLSTERY VOL5 RG ISO So. ToTsyti St. uttsPilis This tGpubr remedy nrrer fan to effectually care Dyspepsia Constipation Sick Headache Biflousaess- Mid AU. DISEASES lll3lDg tnm a Torpid Liver and Bad Digestion The natural result rood appetite Lisa lld flesh. Do small etcjrant ly so tar coated and rasyto swallow. Take No Substitute. PLEADED OTftLTY OP BIGAMY. Trial of Cat. Against J. Brown and Un. Bobertson. LaG range. Ga. May 10. Special. Troup superior court Is now In session. and the criminal docket Is being tried. This morning the caws against 1. C. brown and Sirs. Emma. Robertson. charged with Ibsmy were Celled. It will be remembered that they were arrested In Macon. shortly after they were mat' clad here-- that Browns first wife soon appeared on the scene and swore out a 1 warrant for bigamy against the two. ince that time they have been bear ofrated In the Troop county jail. This morning they both pleaded guilty and a consent verdict was taken flpding them pJjy and recommending that they be punished as for II. misdemeanor. Some Qua Should Tell ttaade. Union Correspondence Broken Bow. Nebs- Herald. William' Ksake a frequent visitor at George YergenL Get. but It Maude only knew bat ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW To show to the. Ra ms rioyeitles to Diamonds Watches and Jewelry. TegreatestconcclkMoi Sterling Stiver In the Ssi1 of the Gotham an acterfng xmjpanys latest BATH Are open for guests. For circulars and terms address EUBANK ft GLOVER Warm Springs lJth Col Vs. REMINDER PIERRE PONT TEL 43WEST32D NBAR BROADWAY. The mostcentrally located- Hotel In NEW YORK. CITY. Especially adapted to transient trade. Within five minutes' walk to principal Depots Theaters and Dry 4J jJS. HOTEL ABSOLUTELY Y1REPROOr Private bath. telephone. and' cold storage in every room. Cuisine of the high. ret excellence. Terms moderate. liars your rooms. reserved In advance. Special low rate for June. July and August. Also family rates. H. S. DUNCAN. Earlington TlBtJBour COS9TBCCTIOJO 27liSL NEW YORK CITY Tb at desires Can or off to tb REDUCTION tot HAr 9 FOR ROOMS AND IT. Table dUoU Biases' 8 ty-Jl. eU. 500315 wtth tietacbsd Bath. OXT DOLLAR pr day and upward. PARLOR ND BED ROOK. wUkPrt th. TWO DOLLaRS AND TUTl IV Ladles traveling ales. will fad FarlingtoO quiet sate sat most nl nt for Shopping sad Tb aUrs x. V. naatz SOW. xtb 4 of a HOTEL. When in Chicago' Stop at The Stratford. Hotel Ur txatmrm eater re vboUr sp rt tmm 4iB rf eitr aif. LceMd none ot 55 5551 bo rtg onlooki ak Uieklcsa a Leu fro ttft tins bMnriac JdisaUsl bram fl 1 Mnnn EtroomTia frtnt 1 HOTEL 68 59 and 60 East 69th Street NEW YORE CITY. Clock from grand eSteaOCe to Central Park. Modern Steel Coastnitliea Fireproof HoteL Cottpfcta stsp of Kew Tort Qtjtea f. I IFB o'M' l' f1 ri' 1 lh' UtINr 0 111 UJ lm tf t1 1 viN York Superintendent loesig tion1 Ma ortlO r. dl- torl the A8s1 tanC3 hl plt Congrt' man 1. coll. accl1l lets 11 Il denl socl Y. state pr ng a I hi I I I I. wremente a i lIuperin ndent In urane 1 andthe in- I 1 as I Ii I unt aft rnoon. j' an fn I morrow. ayd tht th I uperlntet dent or I I DAYSI I rsons i A cid ts I Ma 10. I' herethn i In 7erdot 17e a i i I I no. r.1 ital. I- I I I I ham I a t- a I are I I inj ured ma Rile MlSM n' onucm. BY tOfU OOSBYelts Secmtaij Evades Woman Pursues IIirll i 10. Ii am Loeb. ecr tary prtsld nt. 1' ka I I prei ntlal I tran ferred I Sortl1we tern Fr mont I MI5o l1 Io" de I I Of' clal I ha i been I I th Th i I II I I re i i I I I summons. in I ult Je intl II i newspa man I I 8 I I I JOHNSON' I Ma 10. urred ears g1 llt toda ht ard 1a up Jon A rk. IIa un8ucce ul. Ihe I. I FAI LY I I Ita At to days I the I i 11 Will or i elt de lre them elv11 I Ih SoUl hrn railwa wa I rallwll. UP-I t.I1 rr. I B. I ljlwQ eox furniture om tittor I th a I under I CO Wa h- I comm1s lon i mil age cstahllsh I of Building co is ch Yale. ngCo. ye rs in iirl' fered it. ll fc' td sig St 9' 1. i1. a se IT J- It li i fd. a y. it1f 1 I tif If1 i. I HING HflRDUI 1. RE :0. i II 1 f8 rt 11 1 vt wI. Jr i t. ifT7. 5 7if 1ft. v- 'd'k. i jIO1 ents ia eirruCj :1.i" Mf 1 f' i. I 2fY q' 1 i fl i q8 ll 4 J1 U1 Irs' BC th1ui tb ofthe doUarObffor old wVw i ottraveiibita tb nd bITtbo ht that. ttis aU. busin ubut ev nm there extta er Aln orG clos li warpe ce. In- he contentmIDtha. and- tIc. I I lngJl1 ot 11 I alwaII morn In' I Ithtbe rentcUon God I In heaven All is right With the world. ha ea I brotb rhood. I Do I da va It as I Drop I con tined 8 On thl i I I I tain Bottlers I pa td IIvtl count Or OCCUT 8. t1on ct. lt tr fOl2n ln ec lon Co t01' i or lIeJlln the I I 1 rge Glenn. his fD Im a repre ent- The 0 1nger the I manufacture prot ted tbeypurchue agree4atat men theJeUerb Bott11n worlaJmuke1 1 eth i. 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