The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1935
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y \A'- V '..y^*"*- j,'V f fatffi ' Seryed. by the United Press LEE NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NCWI-HUffr ARKANSAS AND Blythevllle Courier Blyllicvllle Daily News ~ — aiythevlllejferald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYT1IBVILLE. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1035 SINGLE COPIES FIVE' CENTS Square Dealers Go Thru MM BEFfiRE THE Sales Tax, Pension, Racing and Liquor Bills Introduced. Key Man in Huge Work Program :> : BY TKn : H. MAI.OY .—ieii < Press Siaff Cormpondeiit LITTLE ROCK, Jan.-19 (UP) — All of,the major:questions .scheduled to-be taken up by .the 00th genera! assembly ' -were Introduc'cii the first week: of : the session. TheVft. were • more than one '"b'ill on several of the - questions and the first Lattle will be In com mlftees to determine whether one or all of them will be leturned for a", thlrd'rendlngssnd n ballot. Bills Introduced -the'-'first' wc4k included: Two-for old age. pensions, three on'horse-racing, two for a sales fax,. two for a state police system and one each-tor liquor control and legalization, , sterilization of; habitual; criminals and-incompetents creation of n department of public utilities, repeal of the 90-day ;_dlvorce law,-and free textbooks Two Sales Tax Plans Rep R T Bouhvaie of Stamps introduced the first sales tax-measure • asking a two per cent levy on .gross receipts. Rep. Sam J Crossnb of 'Prank]in-_'_ofrered i three-per cent sales" tax. Neither of them Is.-the one" that" will be "ponsored by the depaitment of education which first agitated the laii to help out its crippled school system. Legalization of horse racln" anJ pari-mutuel betting has drawn measures from the racing crowd al Hot Springs and from the rest of the state ...„, „„.,. princfpaU* in the amount of taxa- Woh-oftlthe' tracks and receipts' and on payment of the three commissioners, which ; :each. woiild have the governor appoint „ Hot Springs Race BUI Rep James R Campbell of Hot Springs proposes an honoraiy commission) of three appointed for three six and nine years re spectlvely He would collect license fees of 5100 per day on eacn IncX colled smaller fees from owners trail ers and jockeys claim J maximum of JO pel cent and 'Ihe brenks on all mr-ney wagered a prlvlitge tai O f three jjier nil on> ihc total, contribution^ to ill pan mutuel purses and 10 per cent on all admissions Tracks would be permitted to on erate 60^'dayf a v n^, s * The ' breaks would be (fompu'er In paying bets "to v the nearest five c^nts on the^ dollar, with the extra p-nmes going to the. sfate' s Dr J • A^Clirlst ian" of Yell , coun ly would have ti commission^of three appointed f by i the governor for- two.: four-and .six years respect (tvely and receiving JIO,a day and Iravellng expenses up' to $360 a leaf. Re Bfould collect w a Jlcense fee of $100 a day for each track smaller fees from "trainers owners and Jockeys 10 pr cent on admissions, 10 per cent on all wagers, three per sent on each purse. The track would operate 30 days a year and the breaks would be made on the nearest 10 cent.s on the dollar. : Has I iquor Tax Plan Dr. Christian also introduced the liquor bill He proposed a $300 retail license fee. Revenue - from , Mils , source Would be divided 50 Per.cent,to the state, 30 per cent to the county and 20 per cent to Ihe city. Tlie bill also assesses a tax on SOUTHWARD souri Power Co.; Joe W. Dulaney Cotton Belt railroad'; Dixie Crawford, W. J. Pollard, Hlley' E Jones Farmers Bank and Trust- Co' -.. —•• •- "««« " iwv;.-ini,« > U 141A Ui I .liquor of 40 cents a gallon, 10 cents a quart and five cents a pint .-". lc « quantity. Revenue from iis lax would go 50 |>er cent to the schools. 30 per cent to con- .federate veterans and 20 per cent r? '^."'PP 1 ^ children's horns U would prohibit-public drinking places. 'Senator Clyde T. E llls of Ben- (onville Introduced the stwlllza lion bill and one of the two police system measures. R eD Robert Chrisp of Little Rock was the otncr author of a police bill Return cif) shitomoblle license tsuaourv, uie c "L^ 0 ' 0 '"' 0 '"" 1 ? 1 ?^"- Hoth^k. Kirby . tion reform by-Gov.:j:-M. lrelt Payment,of old age .pensions for people 'more (han '60' years old Outstanding figure in a lecoveiy program that stands out above all others with..millions of Americans and is about to face its-big test Is William P. Persons -iboie fo\van wlio heads the, National Re-Employment Scivicc e\pected to play a utat part In the huge public works progiam His job will be ana ol the lilggest in the country unrlcr (!*• work revival plan Drill at Baton Rouge .rpiy.;nouGE, ii., jim. 19 J—The'' Louisiana • S(|iiure''Dcnl association staged , ^illllary drill this afte'iiJQoji lo wye weight to its Ueniaii^l for a : .special"^session of lhe : leglslalure lo: ren'eiil laws which- }Javc>!mnde Senator Hiiey P. Long .a;..dictator over the. lives of 2,500,000' people. ' : " The Kasty.Jtoton Uoiigc batalllon of the association held' maneuvers at Parish /Airport on the outskirts of the city, Several hundred members participated. They: have tuk- en an oath;,jo'Stamp" out dictatorship even ,«(. , : the : cost of--bloody warfare. ••'••'•' Sent to Marked Tiee'by Secretary Wallace to'In- vestigate Charges .MARKED TIZEE, Aik, Jan 10 (UP)—A woman lawvei who helped;.put Al-'Caponi! behlntl the'-IMIIVS Is InvcsUgallng chaigis Al Kansas plantation owners me evicting tenants -In violation of; cotton acrtngo reduction agieements al- legedlv because of raniier'. Union activities. The Roman M rs \farj Connor |Mye:s of ihe AAA general counsel staff RSS ordered here by SeC- relaiy of AgilcuHuie Henry A Wallace and began her Investigation yesterday she revealed today Me-nlunc at Jonesboro a heai- Ing was planned today on n iirit' of InbcTs corinls scekin? early arraignment for Ward H. Hodg'efS cullng Attorney H3ocrt"w. 'HOW- 21 vcnr ° W rERA 'nslmctor who kins has announced that Pemlscoi ""' d °" Cimi 8es of anarchy aiithoriues would -itteiiint to eet ncls , of '"UmldiUon nnd consplr- May Seek Missouri Trial for Assailants of Sheriff Wilson CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo.—Prose- aiithoriues would attempt to get t mtimldilion and consplr- cus(odi of (he two negro narked acy , us " rp ihe eovcrnment in cir v holdup bandits now held ln l™™ ectlon «Hli an alleged In- Ajkansas |flimmitory speech made to tenant .The negroes. Jim Caruthers and I rme " llere m b this wr- 1 - •Mnbber Clayton arrested by ^"'S 0 " «^ accused by Arkansas officers early this week autllorltie ^ of saying he arc said to have confessed to a "^ , l ° ln<i n " mh to arc said to have confessed to a scries of paiked car holdups it- lacks on se/eral while women and the shooting lost Saturday near Blythevllle in which Sheriff Clar from the T n. ., They differ Iwenty-bix New Members _Jom ,Fol!o^viiig''Dinriei at Hotel Noble Twenty-six new members were enrolled in the Blythevllle Cham ber'of Commerce following a din ner at the Hotel Noble last nlghl, at which directors if the chamber eiiterlalned a group of about 30 toen, chiefly employes ol concerns aTrebdy holding membership jn the organization new members are lisled as T —--v-alc or junior' members a rfew'classificatlon cstnbkshed ihLs year in the hope of obtaining- active participation In chamber of commerce work by (lie younger men of the community Enrollment of the new member followed brief talks by W J Wun derlich president ot the Chamber of Commerce, B A lynch r G Smith Charles Lemons Max B Reid and others Mr Lynch almost precipitated a debate bv the prediction that the American people would In time come to their senses nnd restore conditions under .which an Individual might reap ' the financial levvards of effort and abillly He was maklm» the point that despite present day govemmentil Interference in business and agriculture the day of opportunity is not gone for young men Mr. fcmith nho spoke Inter declared his conviction that a'pirt at least, of the present governments program was having the effect not of destroying opportunity but of equalizing it The new members enrolled lost night are: R. M. Ong, w. A. Dwell : Jr., leorge D. Pollock jr., A. H'. Tay"" " P. Sandford, c. v. Se. . E. R. ^rasoll, John W. Smith, all of the Arkunsas-Mls- , -r • —>• «^n uitnigm in his attention and no criminal chargeb had been filed He added however that sev eral Pemiscot County residents had reported themselves \lctims of the " cre eul1 tllls wis accused by county stood , , lnd n " mh to lynch plantation owners who persisted lo violate— he said— the cotton acreage reduction agreements by 1 Qncen ot Snow Carnival "« ll »B He was speaking ----- ............. ... ^,. c ,u, uiur . nce Wilson was serlouslj v,ound i, beilalf of l!le S°»'liern Tenant ed when glass from his cai win l larn ; ers ilow was shattered by a bullet ""eellng The negroes ate 'said to have ^ Mym sald Union, sponsor of S the sa o ave admitted in atUick on a vounu'i, Amo "8 lh « complaints whlcli t»v,<>. ~,-, _, ., ..... J '« hav white girl of the Holland vidn It was reoorted that the ne- have come to Mr Wallace Is that federal .Investigators who have --j -i. »u-» icwuiteu UIUL me np- ' : i-_-~-. D ..t V i.j ,mu nuvc groes held up and robbed a youim Com ,f lo lhls secllon llav e not been couple then attacked the plrl ' ns , noro "S h or ns diligent as thfey threatening both % ith guas and '"'l'' haVe beer death / * " u She 1 assisted In the' ant I trust Prosecutor Hawkins said he had I mX c! tllc df? P"rfnicn( of Jus'fcc heard of the attack but no action ch! caeo before going with Ihe had been taken because 'no au- ; ., VJ}lUc «"h ,the department FrlPTlf To fan/u-r i it i . . . 01 11KMPP i «lia liali,,.] _^_ i_ Americans Pledged to Aid Nazi Movement SMRBRUCKEN, Jan. 19, (UP) —United Sdites nnd Hoiilli Amuil can ddcgiilloiui which came heic lo vole In iho sanr plebiscite "tool an continue- Nn/1 urojm Bnndi In America before they left today for home. Lnigi; groups nf Americans who formerly were residents of Ihe,Sanr T . i r/ ' voted in the plebiscite, mnny of iemperatUie db LOW as 561 «? ^rSSJ^SSSn? to Below Zero Repo.fcdj, Today in Canada Hy UnllfJ ]>,clii' '{ Wfnlei stiiiLk t(s most disabling blow nt America today minglng a, wviige fitcini nnil eight deaths to (he Pacific coast the coldest wea- Ihei ol llic season to noithwestern ' United Slates ana southern'Can-i ., "da, and sno» or rain ovei the * Damage Suits Piedormmtp ?"J; !re m , c V 5t >"' ^ gv- uuiii i icuominate Government forecasters predict- i on Lafendai of Couit "' l " e most s *^ te nnd widespread £• T r\ Mi Cokl smce 3 <" m w ol 19.14 In the a From the smiling vallejs a mile below ' where flowers oegroves thrive this queen Wl ,l hue Opening Monday Die regular January term o[ the civil division of circuit court Mill open here Mondaj with Judge G. E. Keck of this city presiding As usual personal Injinj cases piedominate on Ilia docket for the . ~ "• v.i ii,» imvc bCGll tentnllvcly set for trial on various 'lays but (he majoilty of them are subject to call 'Trial of Earl Magers suit against llhe'Mathls Bus Line is slated foi Ihe nrst daj ot the term Mpgers, Dell planter Is asking $15 000 for Injuries alleged!} sustained when his ciu and a bus collided The cause has been pending foi some time Two olhci sulls by " Sicater purl of tiic Mississippi and P] Missouri valleys ' *•* In Biitfch Columbia thermoi 1 " meters rfglskrcd 6(1 below zero at-' irianj points nhd 30 below was no$ • common In Noith Dakota and f Montana as the A;ctlc cold came southward The blaiikct of cold air ^ had progressed 1 halt way ' across i"* Iov\a by nooii bringing n tempera 1 - * turo ot •> below to Slout oily " -,!-.! „.-!, r ,, - -".-.j-^,. . i« nnuw . did peats fo, the famed ulntci spoit-s cainlval on IAS Angclcii count) playground at m K Pinrs Thrre MKs fane rroui-es Mill len will reign ovei the snow pnstlmes Including ski i-lmmnlonshltis Sllmnco company Is defendant in starting Peb 2 tl)e cns * s ln Bhich Magers seeks no au- . thentic report had been brought lo „ Jusl!ce ' Ca „ Catl ? ne Ball Fixed f or . JON'ESBORO Jan Warie.ii , Helped . prasecute ' f 19 (UP) — reported themselves \lctims of the wnil( 5 n Rogers was giveh habeas lnls Lu " bandit paii ft js believed the it- i co f,"" s lleRrII fe today before Chan- List in ack victim Is remaining silent' CCllo F A " Gaulnc > He was', * . -foi fenr of mibllcltv Granted bill on eich of, (no chnrt I Censer NurseTcTTelT-' of Fisch DeatK This City at Foot of the Fear Four Missing On Plane In Far North ANCHOR AGF Alaska Jan 19 l i p) ~ Anxlelj increased todav hen no word was received from oui persons aboard a plnne whic Seall* Aboard Thur<idll > for the plan- Grant Pemiscot Farm Census Enumerators Appointed .CARUTHERSVILLE, -Mo-O E O'Neil of Poplar Bluff superior T-> j jjiun i%u^ oran Reed speeding to San Djego Cal to the bedside of his wife wlio «as reported gravely in It was feared, the plane made a .forced .landing--between here and White Horse, Y. T. of farm census has announced Open House at Abbott Residence Postponed Because, of.- thV weather condi- Jj 0 ™'- lh .e/publle display of the new ^. M. Abbott home has been postponed. The date will be announced later. . •••..-. The new rock bungalow has been, erected one nrtle east of town on the Barfield road. The house' is being, newly, furnished through- " Mississippi State May Sasse STARKVILLE, Miss., Jan. , uk> ,. 1L . uuu j.i »L3i, ' L.U., . •«•»»•-» iiJiJij, l>llt<i., JU|[ ly Chester Caldwell, . Three '.States <UP)-Possibility that Major Ralph srnntcd bill on eich „,, cs of incidnj i mob Ball wns filed at $1000 Rodgers sild lie expected..lo -.inake. tail late afternoon. for the. this district, appointment '••*._ uppujnuucjii of 'Ifteen men as .enumerators of the federal farm census In Peml- scot- county. Those selected are: Sam Ed- wi>7ds, Holland;. Sam Wilson Bragg city: Dlck.Michte, Cooter; Gaston Brown, near, Cooler- Warren Pierce, stecle; Bob Burton, Steelc; I. L. Zolmer, Holland; Chip Franklin, Jr.. Mlcola; E. A. Klingensmith, 'Concord; Clyde Long Jr Braggadocio; T.'D. Dennett/ Netherlands; J. I. Burlison. Wardell- Henry Tanner, near Portagevllle; of L,.' censed Liquoi Dealeis Blytlieville-Is the'dry'est'clly of lnls Its size in' Arkansas':-if.'federal liquor license payments mnyi be, accepted as-an-accurate index. ;Oniv one Blythevllle llQiipr. rclnller hns jiaid the federal' license" laiv .Despite, the fact, that Arkansas has'a stale prohibition Inw under which sale of inloslcanls Is.strict- ly forbidden;-728 retail liquor -.dealers and three wholesalers have paid federal license tax in -Ihis state, it has Been .revealed by Homer M. Adklns, collector of internal revenue nt Little Rock. The lax (or retailers is 525 and for wholesalars $100 "n year. Because- sale of .liquor in Arkanso; , R. A. Warren, near Caruthers- . . , auers- ville; James Reddlck, near Cooler- and Ocoi-ge McGhce. Jr., Carulh- ersville. Pate Wins Chairmanship in Missouri Legislature CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.-Shnr- on J. Pate, Caruthersville lawyer and Pemiscot county'representa- tive in the state legislature, has number Co.; Bernard A.- "oooch iSasse. former":, army coach would v, afe 'eilslature. has Phillips Motor Co.; W. B. Ollberl> e *"«'«>"l football mentor or,^"i ^^ ^airman of Ihe Bast Arkansas Builders Supply Co- M^issippi':;State appeared stren f" m ™' c °sts permanent commlt- Robert-H. Grimes, R. D. Huehes gthened today whenTtns ^,ST 4 , e ,? at . the current session of the u».,i/ fL>n«iLcttd DUIIUCI^ auppiy uo.; » iji -r 3 'paiiJ|« ..otaie, appeared stren Robert-R. Grimes, R. D. Hughes gthenea today, when It was reveal- £iore; Lloyd Stfckmon, Blytheville , e(I lie would come here tomorrow Motor Co.; O. S. Bailey, New Mead| nnti confer with officials Clothing Co.; J. A. Holley, J. C. . Bulloch Enters Mississippi Senate Race Missouri general assembly. A chairmanship f 0r a first-tern) man «s a decided departure from regular practice and is considered a signal honor. Representative Pate «-*by Rcpfir£'ToneyVSS co° 'M,n-av^a/SSs 2S T TER VAL ^ M '-' *»• « K^^^ ! ^^ Hall Ar San^y, „ pres- has thrown JiLs u« «i-•"•"•"."•" ."'•—:•" "• "«•• »ouse. ons furniture store: sfnlh?'.'WT 1 ' 1 ^ " antt mu «- kansas Grocery Co • fay McHaney ft™ ^ L a <L vocatt ? d for elcc- who Is associated with c A Cun- i, , , "> '"' •" lion reform hv-r,™ .,.„ & ...... n , ngham ,„ the P?acllce of law" hal lllto thc rl ^_f°L Ihe Senate. u-m'inT.t •"'«." '""" " v Je!!rs olt l iinnqTnM ivv riioi i -•,.„ u tr ' f ullocl1 formerly lived here without; other sources of income liousTON ' Tex. (UP)—A rice where he attended the cltv hteh was proposed by Senator Sy ?"£ ? " Ccluat f' 000 ^ 00 ^ L - C '' sc1 ™'- He was a member of he B. Hardy of Grcenbrler anri \V» Trol1 sdale, Houston branch ••">"- ™i,«_>.. j_^... . ""-"'"ei ui me was also appointed to six other committees: Judiciary, swamp lands, drainage and levees, ways and means, criminal justice, civil and criminal procedure and accounts. Legion Will Consider Changes in Constitution Ella B. Hurst o { WmhliKf™ aECr of lhc American Rice Grow- counly. -""igion crs Association and manager of the Richmond Irrigation Company " f Richmond, Tex., has been hav cd'^i^U^ffi, 1 ™ 111 a ' ld """"I Tm »° rt *nl telness will be taken ™ '" ilt! slltdlns jwp at n meeting of tlie Dud Ca VANCOUVER, B.C. (UP>_J H vested ,»?'c.ilT r , , , VEKONA - Wls. (UP)-A stone Bennett bought. a turkey tat |{ T? ol «da e said f«nn "T^ minfature °' "w Norvvegiai, Luth- dldn't cast -him a-cent, when 1 i« Soo L« n ri«"H , P "±? f™' 1 church ot Gran soslerkn-- cut the bird open, he found a gold KteST B ve -Ld^2 l"hiui^ 'H 10116 ' Nonvay, where he was chrls- nugcct, valued at «. iri its »„... *™ ?.'" " (e 'Wea 52 : l-2 bttshels tcned has been built hv Andrew , announced today by C. J. Lit- He, commander. Included In the business discussion of the proposed toned has been built by Andrew rhanVeTh, it, » .f .,,5 , e musl brl "& an affidavit from 'Holt, an upholsterer here, byS, " the TOn5t » utl °" a » d "e minister each Monday mom- is prohibited by stale law a federal excise lax of $1.000 also is applicable but Arkansas dealers have not been paying II. A .Hot Springs dealer is testing (he validity of the. $1,000 tax. If It is upheld- Ark'aTisas liquor dealers K'lll be. subjected to prosecution by tlie federal authorities as well as under state laws nnd local ordin- Of the 728 liceiiEed ; retail liquor dealers only six arc in Mississippi county. • Lenchvllle has two and Blytheville, Luxora, Joiner and Bassetl have one apiece. Osceola and Manila have no licensed dealers. Hot Springs, .according to Collector Adkias' records,' has 74 licensed liquor dealers. Little Rock Is second irlth 00 and Fort Smith has 5i. are: El others with 10 or more Dorado, 38,- North Little Rock,- 33; Helena. 20; Pino BltilT, 18; McGchec, 14; sinackover, 13; Camden and Forrest City, 11 each- Fayclleville, 10. ' JoMaboro hos six licensed deal- ers'and Paragould lias four. Poln- Eett county i s \vell supplied. There are seven each in Lspanlo, Marked Tree and Trumaiin, and five In Harrisburg. Tcxartiana has nin". Inebriate Must Attend Church for Eight Weeks Shelby, o. (UP)—Ward Gardner, who hn s appeared before the mayor on an average of once n week on intoxication charges, was nned recently os usual, but the nha and costs were suspended, providing Gardner attends Sunday- school nnd church each Sunday- be for eight weeks. Ing. Minna Stelgnltz (above), : Gorman nurse who attended Isldor Plsch la his Inst'illness, was expected lo testify at FlemiiiElon, N, J., In Die state's cfl'orl lo refute Hauptmann's contention that PIsch cave film the Incriminating Lindbergh ransom money. Present Stock Market Regulations to Stand WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 (UP)- Tlie administration has 'decided to continue the present" federal stock market control regulations for at least another year, it was disclosed today. Members of the securities and exchanges commission, - busily drafting rules under the 1934 securities exchange act and rewriting nntl codifying earlier regulations of the 1933 securities act, will not seek additional leglsla- :lon at the present session of congress. " Bride "T.ikcn tor a Ride" WASHINGTON (UP)-Mn. Bertha Laura Bookoul was.taken for " ' — ."vjvtn, 11 iiv;ii ot-tfv- VILUtlgll 11 I1HS K Ing an Annulment of her marriage, leave (he League. She said that while out riding Thursday of the term The John Hnncock Mutual Life fn to collectjUpprQxlmatety $1,300 under disability seJA\i§es of Insurance e V bii policies CSU V ^JUMp*,* f,. M*'"«M^k/4 £,llWt4 Moody,'youth agnlnSt Klrbj Drug company, has been set foi Wed nesclay A total of $25000 Is sought on ()i? charge that a,n alleged" error in M|ltng 9 prescript lop. led lo permanent (njury of Ihe boy i Anothw case set foi Wednesday Is*(hat of r Ruben Thacker flgulnsl O W Davis, local trucker He seeks $20000 for Injuries al legerllj sustained, [n ( an accident In lawrence county In which a Davis Iruck figured Divls is nl-o defendant- : In an- ; action ,resulting fiom llic Injui-y pf Sfvqrul Dyesr, •-'—• Rorkerr «ho were riding Cold Is On Way MEMPHIS, Jan 18 (UPJ-In- tense fog arid ialn, forerunners of fl n predicted cold , IjuVo en' route ( to this ScclI6n today grounded all ^ airplanes atfd lied up shipping on | g the Mlsslssipft The fog lifted about noon The wsalhor man predicted sub- > freezing lemperalures throughout, the irl stales tomorrow In north ' ern Arknnias a temperature of 12 ' to 20 degrees was fprecast with, 20 to 28 In the southern pan. ui the slflte Rains In northern sections may? tUtn io snow, .the report said v * ,. ' h atnenil ROCK 5 A gcncinl inlntnll over tho state, innn over tho stae, > abolit one Inch, was reported at hoon bi ' thi federal weather bureaii rj , the Ouachlta besln retarded In with cott a 19 Inches, and Cold Springs, 2 55 inches No danger from flood was fore- Cast . . i Two Killed in Highway Crash at Tayetteville horn the colony to Blytlievllle In | FAYFTTEVILLE Ark, Jan n FlrtllC Itll^U ,1 >I/VH it ,I,1P .» pnnl. fTIT^\ * n -n '. _.' .. n DrillsJiuck ulien it was ureck ed. A total of $18,000 Is asked, : ?10,- DtO by Gene E. Bradley,.-administrator of-.the estate of-P. Voyles, $5,000 by S. K, Vest, and $3,000 by E. 0. Ball. Clarence Morris'. $15,000 action against proprietors of Terry Service stallon nt the s'totc line has been set' for Friday. Morris was burned when the gas tank of his truck was-over-ruled, overfloiv gas ollne being Ignited by a hot'ex Imust pipe. Another suit scheduled for trial Friday is that ot Melvin Qlover against Dan Stout, growing out of an accident here. •'•• Sill! of. Minnie Harper against nr. M. D. Mayflcld of -Lcachvllle, scekhig $5,000 because of the al Icged negligence of the. physician In setting a broken ami, Is on call. Mrs. Bertha May House's suit against the Coca Cola Bottling company of Blythevllle has not been set. Mrs. House's suit Is based on alleged suffering, resulting from the presence of a spider In bottled drink. Judge Holds Wage And Hour Provisions Void TAMPA, Flo., Jan. 19. (UP)— Wage and hour provisions of - the NRA lumber code were declared unconstllulionnl here today by U s. Dlslrlct Judge Alexander Akcr- mtm in denying the government an "| c ,T,, n i m "™r".-"mrTr' ; ' jnjunclion lo prevent ^gan A ^nT^TL'? George, local lumber denier, from operating without observing code provisions. Judge Akerman ruled that the government does not have a right to regulnle . Intra-slate manufac luring such as George Is engaged - , „„, m n j umi 19 (UP) — ^ftss Eunice. Phillips-16 Payettcvillc died Way the sro-'_ ontl \ictlni of mi automoblie acci-- dent north of here last night * George W Prj, 62 of Springdale died last night alter the car In which he and othcis were riding collided with a machine driven by T P Mo el ling Kansas City salesman, who lives at St Louis -' . Moelllng is uncWr guard at a^ hospital facing manslaughter charges. Sheriff Harley Cover said. > Two others of the group going to Sprrogdale for church sen lees with Fry and Miss Phillips are suffeting scnous injuries THey are the Rev. J. T. .atllespic, Bap r . list minister here, and Miss Ruth- Payncr, 16, of FaycttevlUe. . ""' Mississippi County Men Attend Cotton Meeting Afississippl county was well rep? resented at the meeting' pf cotton fanners of 13 states at Memphis yesterday at which : the groun'd work wos laid for a nationwide orgonteatlon pf cotton producers.'Establishment of a permanent organization, "subject to t-»tiftc«i tlon by the slates was approved Permanent • compulsory control ; ol cotton production was endorsed. J. F. Tompkins, Burdetfe,'> was named, the Arkansas member of > sub-coiiimi(.!c-5 to formulate "ft program of principles, otiiev 'Miswere: C. G. Smith and J. E. Crilj,' Blythevllls; Clay L. Ayers and -H. Wrsn, Osceola; R. .c. Branch and John E. Uzzell,, Pecan Point; W: Burkelt, Bassett; Leslie E. " E in. Japs May Keep Mandated Islands League Decides GENEVA, Jan. 19 (UP) - The Frenchman's Bayou. Stanley D. Carpenter, Little, Rock, former agent at Osceola, was also a member of the Arkansij delegation. WEATHER — ».*.*« "jw^uui, \\us.iasen mr uc,iNr;v/v, Jan. ly (UP) — Th** > , „ , a "rfae" the other night. That's League of Nations council todav „ ArU . ns ? s . - ^ altl ! » «> uf n and I«HV she happens to .be Mrs. Book- agreed that Japan should retain ij?'i tumln , B lo £no " v> '" north out, she (old tfie District of Co- 1(1 n^nAMAP^ S^^\^ t ^ e J tt n< V', d T' h '°' lumbla Supreme Court when seek- though It has given nollce to f! 11 Sunda > P^bably snow an<J in? an annulment, nt h^^ >»a*>.iA nA i^~.>^ /i.- r colder The action Was taken in adopt- T, i . \. ""iic uiit iiuiug me acuon was tanen m aaopt- BcpKout-whom she said she knew Ing a committee report which fall- H'kM^i,^ * at i!"*? '° dri ^ *• io -? nalle »8= Japan's announce- ctcudy with ss she com P nir t nkmCnt ^ miM - l ^ M ll blltaded to ke *P l!le a "^'»8 to s *™<* * **> less she consented to ; marry '.hlm-lslanto despite lls resignation, - 'fldal «either ofiservel- The maximum tempenture here yesterdiy was 4S minimum 4S, cloudy with 156 Inches of rain, -• *-' ^ horris, ot-

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