The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1935
Page 6
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,_'/r!Af!E SIS /Illness Ke?ps Ace On Sicle- 1 lines But Locals Win, 21 lo 13, • nv j. p. • Will liershel Mosley, brllllan forward mid <lilof scoring tlirttc 'on., the sidelines, the lilylhovlH Clilcknsows Inst night got back't their vanillin; \vnj.s by A'hlppln CAach Sehwarf/.'s l.ijxora hlu! school cnecrs, 21-ia, at the Na lional Otiai-d armory, Mosley lias been confined lo hi bcil with nn attack of intlucma hi f.icl, lie filnjed the entire Wci- iic-r jnme with a teniperatuie. He » able to_ vvHtirw the gtunc. tnst nlglit bw not, In uniform With the valuable cog ,ihe Nfaroon mill White mnchiiie looked a bit mgscd nt times. 11\i. sinoothness and maehine-like ])re- clsioii which have characterized Hie Kames this season were conspicuous, by their absence. However, 'eaaneti IMWCI- was generated in spurts to keep well aliead of the Wsltjors.aml plenty (o spare. Tipton Heads Attack Dick Tipton was the spearhead of the tribal attack. In addition to chalking up four field gorUs "Jar..chunking honors, the brilliant guard played a marvelous floor game His running mate, Eugene nlaekucll, also deserves a large hunk of the glory v,ith n fine performance. , After sparring fot nn openlnj; In Luxora's tight defense, the Chicks broke through for tile first Score with 'lipton dropping In a "criu 1 A few seconds later he udcl- ed_ another. Captain Scott was found guilts of a foul and Russell Mosley made It good foi n" 5-0 lend Scale a fine guaid, who star- ic<l -"•• - • • -took ket and ora On a beautiful play J. .\v. Purlle faked a thiow to Koeliler, passed to Tipton tor another; score i the first qunitcr ended On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE"_ Here's comment In "Sun Sport Slants," column In Die Jojiralmro Evening Sun on' llin Hlytlievllle- Weliicr (lit nnd the probable MOW of tho dlsti'ict, haskethnll touriminent: vvRiNER. mn Tiir THICK "Kfnny of the fans of this dls- '.rlct liave been wonderlnc just who would knock the IJlylhcvlll; Chicks out of the championship running t\ik season nnd the Wfl- ner ficd liinl'! aiuwniAl (licit qni'titlon last nliiht iTiiesdnyj wfieu the.V/clncr leiim look a 25 to"20 victory ovcir the Ulytlievltlo club on tin; fnniK'i's liomi' cmnl. "The same tiling wiui done lust yciir 'in "1)10 district, toiiriminnu at Blylhcvllto when the two 'cluhs met In thi! ilnals ami Welner was 'With the showliu: of Wclniir .... I iiiuhl, 1)11.7 win bo imiliiitt with nil their might Ui In-ing llw district tournament to Joiie.sboro this year as they feel they would nave 11 mueh butter clinnce lieic llian tlicy would In .some' eastern district town".' .hey would have n better chance Toniftlo News Notes Mr. nml Mrs. Ed fiwtoti on- nrjiinoe the birth of a daughter who hns liccn named Eddie Sup, Mr. nnd Mrs. Charlie Brown nn iiinco thi' birth i,l n !«D. lilshop. Mr. and Mrs. Animr iinoiiiici' the bli'lli in' tvrtn sve been liiiinr-d |1r,vd r,n,l Mr. (mil Mrs. Ivan liulii-r, nnrt Mrs. .hick iniiiiin, iiml ! llit| Mr.s. .Jcs;,- Myj-icl: linn I'd (heir finnllli'.'i ro Maiic 1 . Miss Helen M.ijdl 1 . 1 ,, tif .'-; M.O., is IllO RIKSt fit' llfl 1 :ilu,l Walter and R; Film, Mii'li.. urn fiithir. Jim (.<'[•, win pneumonia. Mi: nnd Mr.,. ji> .spent Sunday in lii By Aher ••••• Olfiiml ... Alubiimii, b t . here. Mr. iind Mia. ihmy I?o.'ia, s|X'iit Kiuicliiy Mrs. '!•:<! Siittim. Audio I((Kl|;i>l-;i, will ill from pnoiimiini:! at lin.S 1 relumed fo f.uxora. attends school. Mas Alwnu CVirsoii .speni Kim- 'V with Miss Maitlm Miss rtmik' l.i-e Collim; "On Ihe,00,,,. hand niythevlll. *"± "'"'! M1 ^ M "" ; "'* will tnke n firmer hand on the liurvfv Tlllmnn k n,, oi>e to swing ,,te (mirnnmeiH int., elecicj'pi-e n ' „(V"" tlielr tcmtory for ihLi"year us!other officers tire: Ml". Sassers, .secretary, M|, Camion, Vice president, "nnd nice Carson, reporter. Mrs. Ucbrge Belcher was of lionor lit a Sunclny dinner by her Cannon. Miss Bclthn Kdiiit Collins mv the guest of MI SS n 0 |- n () )v M .,. lone Suiulny. to defeat Welnei ourt or some other on their 'home court upoi: vhtch they play more often. "The Hurricane (jot, thcii- liancc at Rlythcvilte soon us fhe Ihicks will make nn appearance 'If Jonesboro teals Hie Chicks makes a good showlni; uijalnst. Ills team, the Blyllic'vllli; elilb vill beijin pulling even Imrdcv to ring the dsltrlct tournament lo heir city." , "--... .. ,i,u. gumvi, \\nu smr- W 11 N I N11N v^7 Kith Captain "Shot" Scott, /-i . W, . __.__ . a high pass undor the bas- KA*<ilf LL I D Al 1 ind Mimmcd n for .'Luxi D/\Ol\t I DA'LL Oil !1 tw^lltlfnl nln*> t \ir r^ . , ... 1 After the ball sc- nnctl back and fouith several times Kochlei took a toss from Purtle, wheeled' and flipped In the sphere Eddie Saliba, irtio relieved fi Mosley retrieved. Hie melon In n. mlx-up and another. The Chicks led 11-2 Leich fouled Koehlci and the lanky center jnaclc one of the two , free throws good Wnndcrlich was caught holding Blackwell and Gene retaliated with n point Scott looped one from the floor nnd he and Leigh made Ihclr gift shots count, to end Hie scoring at (he half. Score BlylhcvlHc 13- Lttxora 6. , , .. ,' '•> ^Li^cora Falls to Score , ",'-', , In the 1 , third period thp cjiicka- so,ws reached the acme of perfection with their guarding, not. .allowing the usllors to seme Lux- oras defense was not to be ashamed of, eitliei,,«^ Tmton's fourth goal, and one by Russell Mosley "•"c. all Bljihcvllle could muster! cals m the fnml qiinler, Leigh" wundcrhch Bud Scale finding the ralige of the ba.ikct for seven points while holtlmff tho Chicks to Odd goals by Saliba and Koehler - ' In the piellmliiarj' g'ame Hie Juniors uon,,ty the same score as the-Seniors, beating Aimoiel: .The game was uneventful except for a Wt of classy tenmwork by-.-the Bl>theville crcv, m tlie thud quarter Coach James "Ace" Pucketf's png worked three perfect plays ™ JlP-otf for consecutive scores, scorers By Nah Holman -Here is n hold-bull play. X-l, on tho Jump, tups to stationed directly OUR BOARDING "BV THE Y/AY,SUH, WHEN AM I 601N6 TO TrtAxT RACK HORSE OF- YOURS 9--YOL) KNOW, WE WA6HOPMS I-IAVE ~ cEN TOP, , COV.OMEL, YOLfLLSEB THE BEAUTY,' is WITH A V.KCE HORSE - ~<-BlJT l: AtV\ , ,_,-,,-*, ,^, -,^, , , ;v\^|N^ l ->-C_;f-v ; f/\Y, ONE LOOK AT YOUP, STEEDj USED TO 'RNSE /A.t\J P^ • T \ \ TCZ1 I V^y^i i IT- |J —r-t-<* iv . T. • i .^~t.i—^_ ^ ILL TELL YOU |p WORTH "RACKING STALL/ ME TO SHOW YOU /AY AKTO 'RIBBONS- _^^___. FRIDAY, 1935 News Fi m ,i l invl iind, circles nvouurA the, jumpers. In doing so he seeks to maneuver his guard, O-4, into tlic paths of either O-3 or Hie jumpers. X-2 feeds ellhcr X-3 or x-l. choosing the one ivlio IBIS managed' to elude his 'guard, --t- _.. . u . 1,^,1,^LT.IHH i? ^ a , rrl "S lon l«l the srarers with eight polixs Smolhcrmnii P^Xrt a dandy name fm Hie. los- Tlie Senior bo\ seoie Liixora.' , Scott, f ( C ) McGlaur-hlin, t Leigh, c Wundeilicji, s Corkron, g Sealc,' g" Parker, r; Totals Bljtheville H. MosW. f Purtle, f -- KoeWer, c Tipton, e ( C ) Blackftell, g Sahba, f Baxter, f Totals FG FT PP Tp FG FT PP TP 1 1 1 S 0 5 Misses Hova niivis nml Jersey spent Saturday iiiii Sunday with Mi w Sylviu H Manuel May and. Miss Nina luekaba were o, ics ,,, ; of MlM , knv _ en Lewis and Myles Thompson a: he home of M. B. Lewis Sitnilny Mta jowell iinticy, nf nccriiif «is the week eml miest of Miv rfobcrlft Dcntoji. and Mi;;. J. w. Dcnton ami tiM 1 , Hoboria, spent .sv.t.ii- In Blyllmvlllc as piic'ls or Mr. and Mrs. I,. [.;. liinoinhrtnir! 1 vho arc in the hospital thov Mvs. Beck Dye is suustllmiiw for Mrs. J. L, James, who is ill r rnm niluen/n. Mar. ,1. W. Cimnfneliam. of Yazoo City, Mis.';., who luis bei n vis- •tlns lir-i- sister. Mm. ,r. |.. ncl ',. nelt, returned himie Siijidav the hardest 'to learn. Jlio world' Is full of people! real things In life wlien they Imvo not itnnicfl to master the little things. We nre all wont in wRlocl tlis simplest duties ana Insks nt hanil under the nllurc- iieut of enjoyments nnd ndven- • wlileh we i\rc not nuiip : Cardweil Girls, Boys Beat Marmaduke Teams CARDWEIi, Mo. - The Card- , well boys iind basketball ;eams won n double header from the MarmaiHikc teams nt Marm.v dukc Tuesday night. Tlie Cardweil lioys won, 52 \a 25 ind the Cardweil girls won. 38 lo 27. The win was the ci<;hlh .straight for Ciirdivctt boys and'the sixth triumph of ilie season for the sills. Osceola Society — Personal The Christian Workers of the Christian church served their ie"- "lar bi-weekly luncheon to the Civic clnl) «| Ihe court House Thmxtlay. There wen: :)2 pi-csciit. Mrs. O. A. Knbtnsnn entcrl.iincjl her two lnble bridge chib whh a three course, luncheon Wednesday n( one o'clock n(. her home Mrs Ci. strickbnd won !>iwc JUKI Mre. Ci. . second hlfih. Mayor Crril simile of lilythe- ville was a» Osceola vlsllor Thursday. Miss .leanie Dallas, nf Shannon .MISS., i s visiting hrr sister. .Mrs. fr. A. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. L. c. I!. YOUIV nnd Mrs. Vounc's fiither. c B" Slcvnis. of lllythevllle- have sotie to Riilt'i-iJlc. Miss., to attend the funeral sen-ices for T. ,T. Kdmond- 'WBKKr.Y SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: Lesson in Humble Service t:i:l-IT; . »V \\M. K. GII.TIOV, I), n. Advance »: ; '. ilhnl Jesus brought to men was the in simple and loving have not been humble, Ihej hnie i-wicc - How can we Imild our lues nobly ' " nml tru| y except as we build upon ,.,„,;,. • llow was Jesus to teach such l(l sound foundation? it is not In T'<c simplest lessons apparently " s ^ (o His tl! -™'Pfe"? When prc- ,«'"at .\vc gain for ourseUcs hut in "" " -'-" '- ' °;ccpt failed. He taught them by »'P' enlargement of life ind its ' ".'"': ' lcre "•' our l Pete i that or felt, keenly the disgrace "Sin" 0 t"""',""' 1 wt I ; i M !> ° sllc1 ' C . 1)rntt ' sli; " *' llc " service, -that we find the way or life as Jesus reveals It. The i humble man may learn and grow; the man. who -is self-willed and- self-confident, is proof i»imst everything that may" help him to Become wiser, better, and greater faith with tin; Muster on n great ciilorrniM.'.. Tliny had shown them- selvi's to bo men of initiative and Their 1 minds wove filled with :«r|!PJ schemes and plans, and 'in :tie ; s|iisht ciimi'ses that 1 we have of (heir life together, we have' 'it , plain (hat they \vere . * " '."-J Mtll; 11UL iviltiniil worldly ambition or nbovc discussing, oven lo (lie point • or cojilenlion, which of Ihom should be the greater, II was under these conciltlons hat Jesus had to train his dis- •iptes in iHidcrslAudliig the -imprest and deepest tilings that Ie e.xcmpliilrd in His own life.nnd rartiiiig. lie reiiresentoil a difi'in- t-nt order of values. Great ness nn.s not in place or lUlnclum. Biealnp.w was in clmr- icter. in love, in service. A man was mighty accordinj; lo |] 1( , liins-5 of grace and goodness Hint ie was accomplishing. The evidence of strength was not n the fact Hint one outdistanced :iis rellqw.s (tr liecmuc greater In outward place or iw.v.niUon. Tin; ueasni-e of strength in this world hands nnd his head. Even here hoiv much Peter wa.s ]j, kc . U ' 6 1 " st of " s! So l w °nc to tlie outer Iitisk of the tcachim' and to ini?.s the kerne) of truth! What could outward teii'hv mr-an but the symbolizing of (lie ± !™!" in ? ° [ lhc hcn «i «* Piiinca- , i- tion of human pride ami selfishness, the bilns-ing of life (o that Plane of humility where one could le.ini, mid where one could find a true relationship to his fellowman —a relationship not distorted by some falsilv of one's own desires or attitude? • ' Tlic example of Jesus was not only for His disciples, but for IK: The Greatest men have bceiv men or humility, mid where grrat men HornersviUe Society— Persona) G. M. neddick arrived JTiday from New Orleans, where he" had spent, two days. He lefi Weriae.s day for Memphis, where he will resume his work as Federal Game Prolecior Mai> Young tiken to CROQUIGNOLE OIL GUARANTEED WAVFS Sl Up . . none Better TiiiRfr Wa\e - 2jp Barret Beauty Shop I.ast House on No r th N'«\r t.ncatcd ai itll North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor Ml makes nf rclioHt Typcwrilm, *ddiae Rcpairinj—Parts—Ritilions Cornier News Want Ads Pavs ,\JPTIME - 77i paint tfaf Honor Cook LONDONBERRY, Vt (UP) _ The guest of honor nt a bridge opening here was Mrs Aha Alexander, -the boarding house L h j!?_ 0l . e , 5 °«-toi n spanV» ,c across the new bridge, but It wfcs alw named for her. CO-IEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S REST COAL SUPERIOR COAL « <- MINING pO. ' Phone 700 WALLHIDI ''HSBURGH Pl&TE Gl*55°! With Wallliidc your room can ba siMllrd Ilic sjnic day \v:illsaml ceti- liiK are paintcdl Only duo coat usually required. Tree co)orc:iril shows the 15 pclnl-like Wallhlde shaoca. Comes in lhc modern |'fla(" satin finish; also ^% g? _. msemi-slossforwood- ^3^3 Cj work, lalhrooms aaJ ,. kitchens. ((Uiirt UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c White SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-dryins, WATERSPAR VARNISH Extra d\irablc. For interior or exterior \irt. Will run lumwUiic.Dries ._ _. fist. V4-gallon . <pZ»ja 12-Quarl PAIL 30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors..... Per Lb 12c Hubbard AVrmORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PUODUCTS AGENCY YOU Everz YOO'LU COMTRO1- OF THIS OAR? ID WAS; C-OIN&- 6O MILES AN HOUR- WITHIN 10 P66TOFB OR1V1N&- HOUR/ ONLY OEHINO WITH PAYMENTS, ' Snvile a. Mile makes life wortk while- It Helps us grizt and leir it. Stnrli;;o Mundny, Jan. 21 I hero will appear in this newspaper a sovics nf automobile comics known ns "Miles of Smiles". This oli was created by a well known cartoonist :imi s| . i- tiroaght fo yon lliroujrh fho courtesy of Hubbanl <1 i'altery Co., who believe that, there is nothing like •i man in a pond humor when yon arc looking for i ; It i- 5 tlii'ir ;N>I,,.. that you will got as much pleas these munis ;i.< ymi will got from using the! sure from I'eading •-." i,.-v .l.T lllVil,l[ [JlL'Llnltl^ IIVIII ItUVMll^ got from using their service. ROXY Friday & Saturday XMT ft "ITP—inr *•>* Hie never ItneW when death and-disaster were lurking around the corner! Memphis Friday whei-o she wll receive treatment at Dr ''Al'jef. nolhy's elinle. she- was" aceom- anifd by her son, Earl Pops. B>Ton Rose, who ^ connecteii with the CCO Cnmp .at Cflmp Thornton, spent: the week-end witli Ills mollief, Mrs. •Rettli' Hasp Mr. riml Mrs. Roy Sraliniti-... of Jackson, Mo., 'fam Riind'ny with Mr. ami Mil M. n; nut" 1 :n imil family. Mrs. Fred Ranis had .as IOT giiwh Sunday ; hr.,-.. > ; | sLf .,., Mrs . •Ywy MlWs nntlMis. Mary Ttir- fr, of Kenhell. ; ' • Mr. mill • Mis. Van • ere Ijiisiness visitors In-Mr>innhh Sutiirday. •-•' MI.M Mary I.onlse ridds sjinit the wfek-eiid in cape Ciirardemi 'isllliii; relatives, Mrs. W. II. Ruffln returiied homo Pliiiralay /rom BuTiilr.gton where lie Iind hoen visiting her ilniigh- :ei MJS )7ii)ty Wallvi foi" i 'ew days. llic Rei c N 0 lines iiistnlled ho lirw oltiicr', 01 the Worniu<i \1lssionaiy society O f tho Metho list chinoli Siindiv night MI, 3 Ci. Po|ic is .president nnd Mrs. jeorgc <3 I3io\ui tieasmci Mi and Mrs, B p Pirl"; anil hlldicn aeie in Kennctt 6nndiv Mi^es Zetti dhvi Mine n d "aje fi>H 1,1,1 Mnttie sde ini lin sicrc In KcimcEt Saturday hopping Mi ind Mrs Hni) -heplieid nrrc in nijthcville r -\i nddiy shoppihg N Mrs C n Wilson nr:i Mrs D \ Rntfin spent bn-'ay In Piia- Toin Shiimrte of Vlcksburg srek t i * Mi- George A Quinn installed i'is Anderson Ruflln 11 Worthy vlntron -uid G A Quinn ns woi In Patron with< lew iceis nl an impressive cere »ij in ine Masonic Hill hu ony night , o rls nnsli o the ruldis Mitrons nt their loiithly meeting Tuesday niali' iplicioib refreshments wcie scrv a to the eleven •ni"mb°is pres The corncrane, common Wrrt n/J *• ls •.wmnioqiiist.- v * Last Time today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:45^-10.350 GAftBO -ill The Painted '.Veil' CaVlonn JMusical Reel Saturday Only Matinee & MILLION DOLLAR RANSOM PHILLIPS HOLMES EDWARD ARNOLD MARY CARLISLE Andy Devine,W|iiiSru»r Produced f V «i> t«mmlc, Jr. Dfr«t*d by Murr.y Rolh Presented by Cifl Utnmlc AUNIVERSALWCTlfoE ' « , Cartoon Tomm>" Sunday -Jpnday MATINEE ''& N1TE—lflc-35c "Miss Moore is '.... o! the most radiant pcrsonalificf on the POLICE CAR 17" v.i*, EVALYN KNAPP Novelty Reel—"DOR Show" Serial Sunday - Monday Tcr Beauty Stirred A Qttcs- ion In the Hearts of IUen . . But Only One Knew the Answer. he secret in her eyes could not ie fathomed and lier carmine smile as an she walked the nth of danger lo save '(tie man ie loved! 'MYSTERY WOMAN' . A FOX PICTURE nidi IONA BARRIE, GILBERT OLAND. JOHN HALM- 'AY anti ROD LaROCQUK Musical— Vill Osliorne ,and Orchcslra Edgar Kennedy Comedy ~ONt NIGHT OFjCOVt Hl'.:jO ! v; t CAR.MINATI • TM.ROT .„. A^O.NA ftAKRIR faramoniit News Ruth Etting Musical !|;,v ; aate^

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