The Racine Advocate from Racine, Wisconsin on April 26, 1865 · 3
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The Racine Advocate from Racine, Wisconsin · 3

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1865
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Local jgzi News :r4r P(trwlll tr a favar M M their A 4er- llaerateate JImay Km. I( tach wrk - -- -' - -: itrlar ! I rat a a 4c Cloelncot natlw. I .ptro Tra 'mt. Ctom'f f M tiU . US Sosr.B .M A. M. l..H . M. " 5. r. a. V X" " Ex. Ft. S.ftO s. a. -. uo Noav H.B4 aoon It. " ... t.n . " Freight. I. 4A " ti-.lis W .'SOU, a. a.80. a " , " ........ l.Ur. . S.lar. a. Frelint. r- ' JOB. .TABLET. P. M. jA ttrt froM Mi Thorpe, Zvrtra if ,.ur citien inelulinp orwelf.-haTe K.-n f'avurvl with kitvl reriieutriraitres front I'ttil luritiK the past week. - Ilia I'llir .lr- is liallaliu ';tv,('i.-Uttiin'"-. MutiUna Territorr Jl rile in ifon-l spirits. v tliey have wiiftrrtsl well, ithimgh it is a -ll there a- in Wisconsin i m ti ! Itis !I'kW nil in jjriuie con.litum. ... . , . h e are luticbte! lo nun ir cnfj m-iw Montana 'MtjuWili(pil at Yirjriitiit" l.'ity, Monona. - Caledonia Centre LoialitM.Th SoMiers) Relief Wieiy liits revrivesl thrnujto Mr. Stevens llie followm atlii'le. from tltat mot ereellent of working Stwriet i. The H'ale-.luniaf etitr Loyalists," vix: l;!s)iirfs, pair .f ilrawer. miu pillow mi l slip. 3 roll- uf han.Ure. tltreail Km ton and fapr. with a .itiantity "f wailing mutter. jous T irm. ( h. Kiecutive iViumit !.' . Sotice. Dr. Spinney will arrive at t lie Racine Mouse, Thurswlav the -Tilt ami' remain until MvrHay. M.iy 1st. The Atlantic Monthly for Mai, 1S6.1- Lint of C'.intril'Utor : With the Bin!, Ijl John Hurrough; ti.iM Yp. a jhcaiii tau-lay. lv Jsmes Ktn.seU Lowell; Out (if the Seas, by U author of Life in the Iron Mill : " My Stti'lent-LitV at H.if'wjl, by Kuln-rl 1'ale Ovren : the tirave Ky the Lake, ly John Ci, Whitiier: lee n l Ksouitnaial. Jv 1. A. Wa- oti Sotes of a l'lamst. hy l.ouis M. l.otts-ch.ilk t l)iplomaey of the Revolution. l'ro t'rwnr 1'ieti. W. irvene ; Our H ittle-tnm-vatp. by OHfer Woii4tU Holme; IWtor Johns, by l)onaM It. Mitchell: thel'liimnry t'oriier, ly Mr II. 1. Sty : N'ee'lle ati'l tiapliii ; t'tti'- tle. hv T 1! .thlrifli : Fair I'Uv the IU-t I'olicy, hy t'oliyl'el T. VS . IlipinstMi : lievie aiol Literary notices. " ijn owe a lull at t loiiili , 'rilts thit ought to. le pai.-l ? , t'rtilH It ltctxi I'H.f'M. ;ire in-l-lite.l to AM. keilcv. "t the! .'.i4i Wir.l. tor the fill m;ux letter, written bv hts u, who went out a memher "f Co. K, ''h I!i-i tiient. sil l wis c ipturi"! near Mettiphi lat Aiieiist. It (jives nit interesting u l irraphic nii .i.i.l ..' lit'., ii. ..t..,1 f vMi1 Fisk near 'ti k-iu., Mis. pni 1'h 1 .'. i UliVR l'xKKIts: Von moil I pi i'.i'.ly lU to hear a - ri ol outline .u a prisoner lite ai exp'-rietu e, I can jfive on a lo i. i lii lory of my sojourn in tlieSontli. 1 e itiir-!, h Km rei on ih. 'l-i i August I lnfote lirenkl.t-t ; marciiol Iwetifv five i??i a if iooit ruivthin.l to e it. nf- ivr first lyMng sirippcl ot t very tliiiij tliat the rehs fancied, my" ha! liein thehrst ihinst. Stopp.-l at lleriiHii ti over fiiiiht. ami until ilie neit tlay aK.ut In ecliK'k." whettji Jen. U.isti. lurn sent tint a fla of truee wuli hnpltack, hacon. sugar atnl eolfee for us. We then staite-l on. marching a iliiance of torty-tive itiUe lefor 'toppinj(. ipart nf that time on loulle nuitk a it was nrtel tliat the Vankere in p"iirmt.) at a place calleil Panola where vie lav ilon an ol.l I'rtck pile to keep out of the mii'l. Iein cla l for a chance nf repose even oti as .soft a I I n a (rick pile, for I must say we were completely lone Rone," a the Johnnie nay. Ttn uijxl moraing we took the cars) for Canton passing through several small towns, where tfe were put in a small room over night, nul flees, lie-, an l fiith was no name for it. ' VSe then st;rt-e'l on for Jackvii, Miss., where we were pacael in an oM tore whefe prisoner ial Iwen kept erer !ince the war ; a little corn meal waa thrown in tou: wc were nlilljre-J ti lail 1 fire iu the close aii'l dUby rooui in order tu cook it. Ml I w itU the smoke, heat nn l filth, it w almost unetnlurable. After leaving Jackson e pase.l through Meri lian. Uemopoli. !cliii.i, at; I several mall place lieing several night. u the way. We at last arrive I at fa haw h.i an-l alter le-ing tborougiy warchel an l all the valuables taken from n ve were u-here-l into nn obi cotton hel w ith the roof nearly all Mown off, which bear the name of Castle' Morgan, where wo found aouie four or nvc bitulrcl other priaoner, making mir nunier about " iia) in all. tt were fell ou what lliiy'.alle.l corn uieaL, but which I slo.ul.l call pig t'ee'l -a it was niri-lc of obi musty corn ami only half grouml at that. We also reveiveil very small iiiamilie ot bacon or beef; a little Hour once in a w bile ; rice, nifger beans 0'1 alt, which we cooke-l in sjiillet or spi U-r with covers on which we built our tire, (that is when we coubl get woolj for we woubl have to stall I in liue'souietiuie two or three day in succession before we coubl (ret woo. I enough to cook our jrrub. We thought the prison was crow.U-1 when there was only six or wvtn Uu ill re I in ii. bur4 ii was soou filler! to overflow lUjf, they lieing so inhuman a to increase the n timber lo ,'(K, parking them in like sheep, lUcro Iteing scarcely room enough lo lie down. The most, iu fact nearly all, h. to lay on the grounJ (a there wre hutfew bunks) without blankets, or anything to oiyer them but what they might haw m ; Tnany i the poor fellow who ha ha I nothing 10 cover hii naketues hut an obi pair nf pallia . or perhaps a ahiri. " I forgollo ileaerihei the insblenf I lie prison. There was lhre barrels sunk in Ihe nii'blle, which wer left filial w ith water by means of a pipe which brought it from the outail from a fofc punip. There waa a line of po-ls arouti'l the insi.le of the prison eix feet from the wall which was the guanl beat, an l ibe pnally-or stepping over this line, was "death." There were three men-shot ami seven or eight bayoneted while I waa there, and two shot dead just a few day before I came away. You will probably say thai we must hare had a lay time ; but it was not so. What little time we were not employed ill cooking and getting wood we could easily busy ourselves in cleaning off the vermin and dirt from oar clothes and then by no means be nd of them. If it had not been for the clothing and blankets taat were seat to us hundreds of those who are now here would never bare seen our lines. - It was terrible to hear the goans of the ick sad suffering uwiU; si might before we received the clothing. ' Tkosa thai were able would walk about the whole night long to keep from freezing. It was a common oo-curance to find two or three in the morning chilled to doath, At the time of the flood the Water stood from 3 to 1 feet ileipin the prison and we had to build tip cribs of wood and boards to stay on ( that is such as coubl gut it ) wbilo oilier had to -tand in the water some dried themselves in the windows emlon the beams with llieir blankets. The water stayed in Ihe prison live days and all we had to drink was w hat w e dipped up in the prison where over i wo thousand men were font inually wadins about in it. and the overflowing of ilir siuk. mid other ttlt It w a kept w ell stirred Up. When the water did finally o down it was a aijcht to behold, when Ihe prison was police.l two wh.-elbarrow load of drowned rats were takeli out, Nol lo dwell on th subject longer than possible, at la-l on the 14t)i of March, lfw, 1 started for our line aud 1 believe, I gave you a description of my journey here, and to make a long story short an Irishman's Itrjiatory lit no comparison M a Southern Prison, JOHN fi. KKLI.KV. Th lilrajfo CoiKplrntora. private loiter from fitieinnati to Chicago gives Ihe fhidilijT of the Military t ointiiisslon in the rnw of llie f Itiengo eouspiratot. Judge Morris l,as I wen found not guilly ; Wal.-li lias been found guilty and sentenced to five year iiiiprisotiuieiit in the State prison at Columbus, Ohio; Senime; who submitted hi esso two mouths aj;o, without defense, ba been found guilty, and, sentenced to three years imp rison-ineiit in the Ohio Slate prison, mid (Irenfell ha Iwcu sentenced to be hiitiged. The sentence in the uise of Morri. Wnlsh and Setu-me ba beni appmv ed by the Ceiiei .il commanding the depart inent. lireittell enleni"t? baa been submitted to the President lor his approval Th-ie i little iloubi that it will be approvv.l. Citn Council Uocbings. i 1 1 1 c i H.i OlTV- ColSCll. CHAMBSa. I , April lo. 1&J. At a special nrcllng of the City Council. thre wera prtscnt, his nnor, the Maur In the cl.sir, Ail. Boha, Ilsrt. Kelley. Pslrk-k, Phillip, Rrmotvl srot Va Pelt. . ; Ou motion Af AM. Kellry.'lli readtuic ol the uilnates of Ihe lut meetlnf was ilsnensed with. Aid. Vaa Pelt movel bat ihe rules anit by-Jawi as) mpeodeil for this evrntmt. CsrrleJ. AM. Buymoni, Chairman of the Cemetery Comsilt lee, ma.le a rrert, recommenilin( thai the xroanij be Maked out according I the plat preterite I, as soon as the same will ptrmit of beins workei ; recommend. nf also the psraient of the hill f 11 fini'lalr, amounting lo StS.wl AM. Phillips aiesed tht tke r-porl be a4pli, and called for the ayes and noes. Avr--Bohn, Hart, Kel-ley, Patrick, Phillli-e. KsimonJ, Van pelt- 7. Noes none. Adopted. Aid. Pame. lo whom was referred the bill of N. H. Joy, reported In favor of allewln(r the same. : Aid. Van I't'l v ul l'i' oduion that Mr. Joy City Ailerney at the lime ihe services referred e in sai.l bttt were rendered, and fnov.d that Ihe Mil be re jected. Csrrled. The f.llowin4 accounts Were present d aril referred as follows: J W. Ilari, 11 1. Craioluee on Psa pers ; Rsdue ttss Co., t dm. ou tis; George 9. Wright. t!.', flotnce Com. ; J. W Hart, s..0, Tl tian.eCoiu. , Aid Hart moved that P. cram be appointed hy ihe Council to settle with the City Treasurer. Carried. Aid. Van Pelt moved that a committee nf three ba appointed b) ihe Msyor to canvass the returns r f lha last election. Ills lloour sppo nle 1 Aid Ian Pelt. Phillips and Bshn, such rommillce. ller csnvalni the returns. iie Committee reported as fallows . The whole B'liuKcr of volet cael for Ms.icr was sS, of l i, I, W. . IUH reeriled l.'sl, sn.l . P. IlllUoa sr.7. ? whole namt'cr voles sl f -'r Cl'rk sod Corop. trailer was v.N, of slilch Jste A Itesursnd re-i-ivew so... and II (1 Cooke Si K Ti.e whole number of voir c.i ter Tnaeurer ss , ut wl.wh .. C V .ul ree. ived I.V, and . Hsrvley Sin The whole numiier t f t "les east f r v tr,h1 was 9J0 .-f whleb Mil l Terl u.h recvlted 41, K M Lewis HO. K. HolUsUr i. s, atltrlm t Trw whole number of votes , for Ju-nce nf the trace was IS. of which :n P. Tin his, rn elrH I'.1, S el llrerre S. I ril.t ttM The whole uaioter of votes c It.r Asses r 'ii of which (l'.rc II, Carpenter rrvelre l M, and tlo, W. Ortswnld ! The whole number of votrs cstfor9slernf Welts and Measures was V-I, of whUh John Ica received fioor scatteriutf 1. E. Cram received one vote f..r RAllroid Ctmtnli'r Tie. whole numi'er of votes cast for Alderman of the Pint Vrd was ls,of which K. Fotler received 9. and E. J. Wickham 7S. The whole uumber of votes cast for Alderman of the Second Ward was IAS, of wiiich Waj. T. Van Pelt received Hit, and M. K-i.le tJ. Tlie whole nurnb-r of votes c-; f-r A'dermau of Ihe Third Ward i i.'Jt, of which John C. !raHh received l.V, and M. Schmitl 1JJ. The whole nuiu' - of vde cast fsr of the Pourth Vt ard was left, nf which Was. banman recired Csrles Fountain 4, and John Csw ley 6. The ahele numhvr of rotes cast for Alderman of the f'ifth Ward, for the lone; term, was IM, of which T. G. Fish received Tt.sud Charles Cle ment 4S. Tiie whole uamtM r of votes cast 1v Abler-man "f the Fifth Ward, for Ihe short term, ass 115, of which IHepl.en K!ley received 67, and Leonard Msna 4s, The wlule number of votes cast fr ttclkostl Commls. slonerof ihr First Ward wss 179, uf which C. Fred Bliss received 1M, and M. Clsney 8T. The whole Dumber of vote cast for SVhool Commissioner of the8eoad Ward wss I&s, of which II. T. Taylor received K4, and Alexander Burch 14. Tow whole number of votes cast fir School Commissioner of tie Third Ward was KM, of which tieorge II. Caiuter" received It, and J. C. Lukes lo. The ahoio niuisr of roles cut for ftchool Commlesionsr of the Fourth Ward was W, of which Theodora Lan received !t, and V. ItirinaT t. For School Conralssloner of ths'Fiflh Ward for the Ions: term, David W. Katetsaa received IS vote ; for School Commissioner for ihe short term, R. 11. baker received Ti votes; faiuuel tl. KniM (term wot spaolftMl received 4 Voles. Un motion, the repsvl wss accepted aad adeptsd. Aid. VsiiP-ll olferel the MI.. sins rrsnaton, and moved Its adoption : ,'l, That the followlns persons be dewlarad duly sleeted to ihe respective offices as slated below, for ihe ernsli.e, year : Mayor, J. W. Hart; Clerk and Comptroller, J. . Beaugrsnd ; City Treasurer, B. C V. ui Justice of tli Psars, Kvan P. Thomas', Marshal, M'laT'rbush; Assessor, Ues. H. Carpenter. Adopted. Aid. Phillips oOered the following rasalntloa, and avowrd its ad'.ptioa : .' 'v AssWrstf, That Ihe fellow lug aatnsd persons ha da-clsrwd slKC'esi la li s follnwloa named onlcas In lbs First Ward, vis: Kdwm Foslsr, Alderman, and C. Fred Bilta, School Cooimissionsr, for two years re spectlvelj. A'optci. Aid. Hart offered the follow uig- rssolutien, slid niov-ss its addition : esoVceJ, rt atthe following named persons bs ds elared elected to Ihe following; named oRloci la tha eVcond ward, via; Wm. T. sn Pelt, A)derwau,and II. T. Taylor, SsHewtCsaimisoaer, for two yeara re. tprcllvely. AdopltsF Aid. Patrick offered Ihe follnalrif re olution and moved Its adoption : JnaimtJ, Thai llie following natnsd persons ba dw e'sred elfctsd lo lbs ollswn,g namsd office In Ih Third Ward, vis : John C. Smith, Aldsravaa, aad Oeo Hi Carpenior, School I omml-shsuer, for two years re-peeUtrlv. Adopted. Aid. hob a offered ihe following resolution, and moved iu adoption : kotfit. That the following namsd persons ba declared elected la Ih hdlowlng named uftlec In th Fourth Ward, vl : Was. Maeaiaa, Aldsrsssa, and Tho doeo Lane, School Coavmlssionev,' for two year re spclvrly. Adopted. Aid, Kelley oSvred lh Mlowlftg reolnt..n, aad need Ha adnpilna i NssvWs-sat, That th following aasnad parsons bo do-elsred elMied to th follow lug named ie In th Fifth Ward, to wn : g. Kelley, Alderman for on ysar, School Commissioner for oa year, ami D. W. F.mer- t. it. run, Atiiarman rr two years: at. II. Baker. sou, ecooot vummlssisner fr two years Adopted. J. W. Hart tendered his resignation a Aldcrmaa ol Ih Second Ward. 0a motion of Aid. Van Pelt, thst resignation wssac- cepttd. Aid. Hart offered the following resol scion and xvd Iu adoption r Ktoltd, That the thanks of this OooacU bo and thsy ar hereby tmderwd to Mayor Falser fee Ih very abl aad courteous manner la which he has newddod one oar deliberation lor th past year. Adnpaots. Oa motion., th Coancil adjowracd Was V. alayor Bart cam forward, was sworn koto o files, and took th ekatr as nroaldiac soVcor of th CoaasU : sad th vaHow erty aad ward offlcrs wsr loan swora In by th Mayor, and th Alderteea 4cl fras th ser srsl ward took thlr Mat la th ooaactL Aid. Taa Plt moved that th. rsU assd by-law of- tn Last coavneu OS adopted by U peawwat Coaactl. Carried. His Honor, lbs Mayor, taea woRvorod ada lasafural ad dross. On stottoa of Aid. Bsnrisu, Iks CowneW sdjowrwed. Attest: . JAMBS A. BEACORAND. " ' ' Ctty Clrk. Crrr Coewcu Oauaaas, aUcota, April 1I.184S. , ; At s regular mooting f th Ctty OoanoO, thara praseat, hat Hosvor, tit Maor, is U ehalr, Aid, F. Basstss, Boha, Wax. Baamaa, Postsr,' Flak, KH7, Fainipa, Mtk aad Tsa Pelt, , ' Aid. K.y moved that tho reading of th iowraal be dlipr u-d with. Carried. Aid. VadPll moved that th rale and by-laws be saspodd For this evening. Carried. Aid. Vsa Pell ssovwd thst ws pratel to eaavaeatl.e Bocond Ward election returns. Carried. Ald.'vaa Pel I moved that th Clerk be appointed lo eaavaas th vote. Csrrled. Th Clark mads th following report : Th Whole umber of vo es east for A Idsrman of the re-cond Ward was 51, of which R. Cram received 51 i on motion, th report wss acce-tl and adep t d. j Aid. Van Pelt moved that K. Crani he d-lared elect ed to the oftJc of Alderman of th Hwoud Ward forth i rtsulnf year. Carried. Mr. Cram cam forward, was sworn into office, and took bis seat la th Council. The following Handing committees wsr announced by th Major: aaae Van Pelt, Cram, Pmllh . C j -odsciary Cram, Ksllsy, Foster. -oN-w Foster, Boha, Fish . Fir F. Baaa-tas, Fish, Phillip. Printing Bohn, Cram, Kelley. XdsKKtMow Van Pelt, Cram, Boha iiesa Kmlth, Fish, Bohn. ftirbor Cram, Van Pelt, Kelley. ' Bridgt Kelley, Footer, Wat. Rauman. Wrsefs -Foster, Wm. Bauaan, F. Baaniau. 6'as Wm, Bauman, Phillips, F, Baumsn Cemefsry Pbllllp, Vaa Pelt, Smith. rB.s-Hmllh, Wm. Bauasaa, Fish. Vpr Flah, F. Bauman, Phillips. A petition Ignedhy L. Kssson, R. A. Knapp, N. Pendleton and others, asking the Council lo appoint Peler Bullsy Harbor Master and Brldg Tender, was roc red and read. Aid. Van Pell moved that It ba laid nn tho table for Ih present. Carried. A communication from Wm. W. Vaughan and ft. H. Bag, Assessor, editing th attention of the Counrllto Ih small amount allowed them for the r service, was received and read. , On motion. It was referred to the Judiciary Com. A communication frrm !. II. Joy, In relation to the bill presented by him some time since, wss received and read. . On motion. It was referred t the Judiciary Commit ' The following- accounts were presented and referred ta the Finance Committee 1 - . A. Chapman, ti.OO; K. 0. llugglns.l.M ; E. Colvtti, t oo; Gerhard Tticlcn, 1 0 ; A. R. Burdlck.I.OO; w. T. Van Pelt, i,lH); J. Lnoiuis, i.("l; C. -II. Parson , t,ot: O. B. Van Pelt.i.OO; L. Janes, 8,08 ; M . W. Ca ry, i,0O; Lyman Faulkner, 3.00 ; Nick Cchmlts, S,00; John Lees, i.X; Mormsn Clark, II .00; John Cawlejr, 1,00; Abner Rouse. S.00; C. 8. ichuyler,,OS; Csr Kell, i,00; F. Ootlbehuit, ,00; gtepheo Kelley. Sl.tiO; U. R. Flint, 4.00; D. W. Emerson, 11,00 ; George Her- rlck.t.ofl; Oalu Ellis, ,00; L. C. Osborn, 6 00; Phil ip Relland, 5.NI ; Georg J. Fisher R,fW; Stephen Kel ley, t,tw The CoaiptrolKr mad Hie following reporl of ac counU auillted aud charged to the funds as designated: Charles Bmllh, J,M; Cemetery Fund. J I. Case A Co., lliVW; Bride Fund. , j Aid. Uohn moved that the report be adopted, and thai th Mayor and Clerk b authorised to Issu scrip J r'he shove amounts, and calls I for Ih ayes and ics : F""P. Bauman, Bolin, Wm, Hsu man. Cram, Fo. ter, Flh,- Kelley, Phillips, fmlth and Van IVR-10. Noes none.' Adopted. Aid, Van Tell om red Hie Mi -rung resolution and mov ed It adoption : A'rs-i'reif, That lbs Cemetery Committee l authorised to take aieature lo carry out th plans adopted by the ct'y In preparing the rronnils recently purchas ed for cemetery purposes. , , oi'tj" ,o-. we, , - ... -..-r.... ; resolution : Ass F. Uaun n, Boha, Wm. Bauman, Cram, Foster, Flth, Kelley, Phillips, Kmlth and Van Vt-ltl. Noes none. Aid. Kelley offer. J the following resolution snS iih.t. ed Ha adaption : Aeaoireif, That a coaitulttcc of three, consisting of his Honor Ih Mayor, Aid. Crsra and Van Pell, b p. pointed on bonded city Itidchlednea. Adopted, Aid. Van Pelt moved that th Council proceed to bal lot for superintendent of the Poor. Carried, : W.;Wadworlri received 10 vole. Aid. Van Pell moved thai VV. Wadtaortbbe declared elected Superintendent of ttie Poor for the noutne year. Carried, AM. Van Pell moved thst John Meiilnnls be appointed H irbor Master and tlrolire Tender for the i n.ii ne . yesr. Cstrled. The bond of M lo Trrbutli, City tlsril sl, was read. Aid. Cram, on ascertaining lha4her a as nn revel., i nesla i p n .aid tond, moved that ltb returned tn Mr. Ttbitb. Carried. Aid. t'rarii, t wishing tn depnv Mr, T. nf Ih privilege of acting as Marshal until our ncil regu j Isr m -cllinr. moved thai tits role lad taken ho re eon-'! sldered. Carried, " AM, Vsn Pelt moved that tin bond b accepted when ' Ih same shall ba returned to th Clerk with th prni-r revenue stamp. Carried. Aid. Foster nioved that Mtlo Terbuth be appilnted 1 Ftrei Commissioner llh First Ward for Ihs sntnlng ' year.- Carried. I Aid. Van Pelt avrd that we proceed to batlot for President of Ihe Council. Carried. ' j The result was as follows; Wm. T. tsnl'elt.d ; K.', Cram, t ; Kelley, I. j Aid. Foster moved t at Win. T. Van Pelt be declared i elected President uf the Council for the ensuing year. Carried, i . Al'. Fssstcrmnvcd that we proceed to bsllol for City Atttjine Carried. "tlie remit was as f.dlows : K. i. Hand received vales, and C. W. Benneu 4. . Aid. F ster moved that g. O. Hand be declared else ted City Attorney for the ensuing year. Carried. Aid. Bohn moved that sum of th plank purchased last fail for. th bridges, be used to repair the brUnos and sidewalks in the Fourth Ward.' Referred to the r B'ldge Committee. Aid. Van Pelt moved that the sura of one hundred dollars be set apart from lb current contingent Jund, as a Mayor's Contingent Fund, when It can be legally done. Adopted. . On motion of Aid. Hantaan, the Council adjourned. Attest: JAB. A. BKAUORAND, City Clerk. tVr. A. ('. Ibtrri'H Sc rnoit, on the future of stir Conntry w ill appear in nexl week's iivik'ATK. 1II ILBUT In this cKy.onthe morning of ths'Jnth lost., at Ih hoasaot her son, Henry II. Ilurlbut, Mis. Panels (8ita) llraucr, widow of Ihe 1st Jonathan Ilurlbut, aged eighty years and two days, Fh was a nslle of Atliol, Mass., aud her parents were Caiitalu Asa Sraith and Lyilla (Lyndt) fmlth, of that town. Mrs. II. was of th Afth generation In de scent from natnuel Bmltli, one of th early resident of Wethertleld, Cona., aflerwariui a Bret settler nf Had-ley. Mass., who, with his family, embarked for the western world at Ipswich, eoualy of Suffolk, Faland, In April, 144. Th daughter of a New F.ogland farmer, in early Uf her haads were familiar with th distaff and Ihs shuttle, eve as In ag shs was diligent with her sacdle. Bh was a lady of untiring energy ; Iu tir manners geulkt snd unobtrusive; Christian principle was Die mi of her life. An assiduous read r, not uely of hr Hihlo but of th current nw ef Ih day, few wosara f her ag wer so well Inarmed. Th aicmory nf childhood's year recall lo mind a mother's sympalhlas, her counts), snd her aong j hail th mutld I stilled al last, th tweet vole li hashed fr ver. Words of sulogy need till as mora lhaa that shs was a good woman, sad faithfully performed evry duty. Al th tint of Ih death of her husband la they had lived In the marrlsg nlatlea over half s century For torn years past, th fwsblcaes of ag had gradually lnrad, aad as last Hints af about Iwu months, was a portloa of Hi lira vsry distrusting) fit her departur wss ptacefu', without ttrugjl or pals. Of dtb th had a urrort, snd th ftn spot of Its coming, with the t aim nee wllh whlah shs would a: lad to an ordinary vnl ; Ihs Word of Ood sad s llssdfsst faith In Christ ver Ih Joyous Inspiration, th promts of s blissful here fur. TO WHOM IT SI AY CONCKRN. fllllK OOPARTNIRFUIP OF T1IFLKN Ac K lllKTHK'll of th oily of Raeme will b dlieolved by aiatual consent, snd all those having any claims against th abov Brm, will bring them In. aad those that ar Indebted to them by .note or book ao-oowat will pleas call at th old stand and wttl Immediately. If not fettled by that data It will be left la th hand o oar , Attorn for saHUeeaeal sod olletloo. Vears rwpeetfBll. TBIUIN A D1KTR1CH. Th abovedlrni will toll good from this daw, REGARDLESS OF reduced rata natil th whsd stock I sold. lo-sm , Tbelasi Ar. Diet rleh. Pride ! She Werl I GBO. BULLA CO. AKI HOW BRLURO thrnowBd Duplex, Bpleptl,BteIBprln( H o.o.p'..'N It i r tH ! a stylos "Prlds of th WorM," Pari Trail,' - aad 14 Immovable." - The. skirt s arpas all than atanufaetarad fe eaifort aad darabllllx. . ...... v; . t , ; .:" CTW also hav oa hand aajaaatltr t a, af nss,VBltB vt vtustll StVVITi - U. S. 7-30 LOAN. By authority of the asenrrasv of thTiacav,th ' . . odralgari has assuna Ih Oca. rat Bubscrlptloo Agency t,r the sale e.1 th Culled Btalos Treasury Not, bearing aaveaa and Hire Vcnths per mnl. Inter-eat, per annum, known a the SEVEN-THIRTY LOAN Trw-c Note St isl-l Under dn of 'JuU- 15th, 1MI6, snd sra ps,v.llo ihree yeai from that lime in currency, or are cunt criibiu at the option of the holder Into i ; - J . S. 5-slO falsi !' . I'fsll. ' .. lti:.sklri UODS. These bends are worth a premium which Increase the set isl proltt on th T-80 loan, and Its tnl-tUm row ,Vui anil tosnicioif ttluiiun, aiW'fri as on (Acs per rsaf wore, according lo 111 rat levied u other property. Tim Interest Is payable lit rareenry aseml-aunuslly by eouponi attached tu each note, which may be rut off and sold to any batik or banker. The Interest amounts Iu On a-era t erlj on a ISO note, ftvoccntsi" 1100 . , Ten . " " M H00 tn .. ' tlOOO i st ssooo . Notes of all ilcuoinlustlon nnmrd 111 be promptly furnished upon receipt of subscriptions. This Is 11114 ONLY LOAM IN M.4KKKT. now offered by tie: (ioverninrlii, and It is confidently expected 111 at Its superior silvaula-ca will make It the terrstt I'opulnr l.uau f tlae People. Less than inn,ini,iM remain unsold, which will prohsbly be disposed of within the next 60 or 90 days, when the notes will undoubtedly command a premium, ns has uulfuruily been the ra.c on closing tho subscriptions lo other Loans. In order th! ciiis; us of rvciy town and section of the coiio!ry in y be sfforded facilities for taking the loau, the Nstoual llinka, ftste Hanks, and Private Bankers throughout the country have generally agreed receire sulisriptiotin at p ,r, Subscribers will select their own as -nt In w hem they have confldence, anilshoonly are lo be responsible for the delivery of tin- n to for wlili h they receive orders. .i av ooii i;, bi'ii.i sir.itos, Miyo March '"". !". (t'sscKierioss sili.mi skcsnsn by th I'lrat .Nstlloual Hank at Itarlnr, First National Hank Tif Kenosha. In.i National Bank of Milwaukee. Klr.l Nstlonal Hank ot Wbilcwslor. THE NINTH NATIONAL BANK OF TIIK CITV UF NFW 0KK. t sullal ,1,1100,000 raid In FISCAL AQ'T Of THE 1NITF0 STATU, i sr -n. nl (or mi i isiss st'ssi airrtoa sutav, tt hi .leaver T tui Nute, free d charge, by xprss :n all p.sru ot the country, sud receive In payment i ho-o ,-ii w i ors, l'i ll.ol imi tiosion, currvuv M11 nt, .,rr rnl (lti,.feo: nnies, Willi interest from date I suli-e.riptiun. -era sent by aiall will be promptly tilled This It sua. receives lie' ouius of Hanks and Hank er on favorable tenu.; also of Individuals keeping New York sccounls. . llin-10 J. T. AUK, t'ss hler. J. I'.OKVIs.rre. !i-:vV r murr v shuk stuiie. I i ? . . .. ...tlaliiM., Itarlne, t IT (Col. ClemeniV new building) IKVltKS TIIK ATTRITION ol the citlscu of ftac ne and rlclnlly lo his h'KW, PK- IFCT, AND F.XT.Neli .iTtt K OF jBOOTS & SHOES, "V CoNHIriTINil OF l.snltewa, Tli ae' eV t'hildreii ; sinrKM, HAI..VIOICAL.H ti VITKIIN, MtS'M, BOTH', AND YOOTIIs' BOOTS SHOES, IRISAHS. His ator.k being selected by a resident buyer, and large Manufacturer at Newark, N. J., ho Is enabled lo sell - . On the Tloat Iteawonabte Terms. An cvamlnatlon of Hie Goods and price Is solicited. Jse- Uon't forget th place. t T Particular atleutiuu gitu tu custom woik, and satisfaction warranted In all cases. ( ix apcM Store .ii Racine ! A. O. BURCH & CO., Ill .TlailM Ml., Itat'lur, Wis., ' airol LD ANNOUNCF. TO iTHK PCBLlO f w that they have Just received from New Tar the largest and best stork of . I'ltllllo. Olla, 4'HUlplM'lll', ALCOHOL, WINDOW 811 AIKB, CERTAIN PAPIR.A Rver offered lo Ihs Cltlsens of Rsclne, andvlelnlty Thoy defy Compslltioti In Varnlslien, White Leads In Oil, Dry lalut, t'ulora Iu Oil, (Hatter's nismonda, Paints, Paint Mills, Putty Knives tr silling a.owins, ptnn tnq r-mery paper, uniu auu filver Leaf, Pumice Plane, Oold Itronse, Uum Itliallae, Patent Dryers, Japsned Tins, putty In Barrels and Bladders, Ac. LA Mitt Th latest, th best, the cheapi sl There is no such stock this side of Esow York. OIIjSI OItf?i t Clearer llrlubter than Ummt ml j tiar ter I lie root. K-rosene Oil, Coal Oil, Carbon Oil, Pelmliura Oil, W. W. IS. Oil, sr. W, ft. Lard Oil, Spirit Tar. p.mllwe, Caoiphene, Alcohol, Hur ng Fuld, Oon.tSDil) on unequalled figure .and-41 compelltloa.theroiinsring artlel.s.vts: ' Wlndvtv Nhadoa stud Curtalu Papers, Of everv style. Gilt Curtain Bands. Ulmp. Worttsd Oottoa and other Bands, liorilt Taassls and Cornices, LOOKING QLAsKKS From S by I lo St by 41 Inch- si, French and American Plate Olas. Window Ulatt Whiting, Venstian Red, VarnUh, Lamp Black, Ac, HRUftlim-Hlors, Clilinnsy.Blonill, Finishing, Plio. Man, Counter, House, Tsnntrs, r)ftwask, Bcrutw blng, Ae.i All f which wlllhesolrl at th orsll Inf rait: N. B PAINTS mlasd to order, aad POT as BRUnlllnioansd. OI.AIINU don nn Ih shortest nolle, HOI1HK A Hf rl'.N PAINTINO, PAPaR II ANtilNO.Ae, A LABOR hTLf'K OF . anOOBTAIB . Comprising vry variety atually kpl la a Art els llous. Alto, CltOCUintV tV ULAMH'ARUI Which they ar offering to their customer at a Smnff orfedsc from cost. jar They would return sincere thank for th lib-ral patronega they hav reeelved, aad hop, by atrlet aitantlon to buslnsss to merit a large shar of publls paironaee. Thslr motto Is QUICK DAL lie and SMALL PROFITS. 1ST W ANTED Butter and Kggs.and moslklndsoT farm produce, for which they will pay CABH or GOODS. 1-tf A.O. BCRCII. F. W. BRCOI. NEW ENGLAND riRC IXSCItANCI? COMPANY OF HARTFORD, CONHRCTICCT.' OssaCsriTit. ssnBnaru'S......... $216,SsA.Td OBO. 0. JRWRTT, President. R. A. Jaassos, Secretary , J. II, ItOWLEV, AKBt, . RACIRB.WIS, A LI. BIRDS OP VROSTABLM ON H A T During thtUseasoa at CLOUOH A KWTT8. 50 af RLB. OF NEW TORK DRIED APPLE lost relvo by ' OEO. BCLL AC0- CABTBTBt rROiTB PUT OT m gTRCPt At ; CLOUOH A e'ririTT't. S. CROSBY, Aoic Air. Our oniee Is nosr-ln tho Comer Room ms'S-s'st ni Ai'tf , , ., . . corner of Main street sad Court House Buuar. whr we will glee prompt attention to Insurance Mall classes ot kibks tor short oe long time, w will taa applications (or Life Policies Iu all the u usl form Of "T.rm,"andowBln,"Llfe' and "Ten year, Dsn-felilnH."Ulho "Kqultable, or "Old Ivlmusil Hie," of New York, Will Issue poKcies la the th. i vki.khs i. ssi ii A t" a vo vrwr, of Hartford, asalnst sreidei.l l Los. nf Lite or Personal Injury, for a small cousidi ratten. Vvili gi p'-rsnnsl slleulleii the asle ot Itrsl Fs-tae, collect llonts. Pay Taxr. and du a g -neral Insurance an J J.ASH AUItiH'Y butiuess. t b ooiatitneu astesis oi me i oaf aarwova 46,000,000, every , plodged as security to polioydsoldsr I Weal offers belter wiewatrp. All I lb oouiblned aatetis of Uie ( nmpsuies r-presi tiled dollar oi wuitn is Isrs. Sioomos I" tu losses are promptly , paid in CAtilt, by Hi uoderelgnd, at Uii Agency. Kesptetnuiy, OURANO 4 MILLhU, Agent, Racine, March II, l&o. P. S. Snseial aliontlon ctvea to Insurance oa farm roperty In one, Hire and five year or trfituul .ollclva )UKAN1) & MILldKtt, FIRST CLASS Fire, Marine and life AGKiNCY. TRAVELER'S IxiJ3uraiice Company, IIAIITfOHD, CONN., INBURKs All A1NBT Vci itU ala of i.vt-ry I''rllon, I AI'ITAL, 400,000. A7.SA.S jr THE UACLSi: .UlE.SCY. Jsmes H. Kelley. ..,00t B.B.Clarke Ueorge W. Hiss. . S.tNHI M. tl. Krsklne tfiUO T ti. Msrtindale.... h.uisJ Amos K. I'irrce M) John W. Brown.... 6.0UU L. W. BoUford 1,"UU M. A. Harrington.. D.uuu A.M. numtca i,"ou Frank Uchuelder... A.Uta) John R. Burdlck Wm. M. Shepherd.. ft.iXHI I. J. Suits .00 ..A I k.m . &0un John A. Field.. ... i Lucius B. Blake.... S.uou Jos. Harrison. ..v. l.tlOO JobnC Campbell... OtlO Jas. Crlghtoa !, Charles II. Lee. . a,uuti martin uaumau i s" ..1.0HU h. B. Rodkey 1,00 . S.iWO 1). W. Kmeraoa l.WrU . S.OUO Samuel Fox.. I.OUU . 1,000 F. O. Klein t,0 . S.hOO Chas. E. Buck . l.two . S.oOO Chss. Uausrll l.non James Bowers... Motes Miller.... F. O. Prlbbyl.... C. Clough.... A. II. Foster.... K. I-, lion Wm Phillips .... Charles A. Ives . . 8i0 A. Auderson. l.tSH) . S.fniO K. A. Kddy..., I, law . S.AOO (irlffilb OrllSUaa ... 1,000 A. J. Wsggoner , Joseph K.Beuedlcl U'W Jonathan Laycock . . 1,000 S. B. Pcck.... 1,00 Thomas llugbc..., 1,000 Wm. Meeker ,oo Uoberl uweus i.issi Lucas Bradley. . .f . 3,600 Jacob W ratten. .. 1,000 ii. tv Mi.ui.1 J.issl l.aac Anllll.... 1.000 It. A. Kuann .isai iiavtu leirer. , t.ww Henry K Jewell.... a, ism Jones Patrick 1,000 F. Week..,. . H.issi I is. oersus .... . ll.oou J. o. Culver . S.onO K. M. Reed - . ,,V-0 Fdmund Hnlllster , I.WHI A. II. Cutting . S.tssi H. llOO S.fSM I. OlH) 1,000 U.T. Taylor.... Ja. I. hlllott .. Dick l-aihrop . . N. Clark C. J. Ilulehlns . FIVE DOLLARS ANNUAL I'ltfcMH M Will Inture tVOts) against aceldenlal loss of life wh traveliug by aay public canvsyance. TIN DOLLARS PKEMll M Seures a policy for 15,01)0, and also per week compensalioa for pertonst Injury Incapaellatlrg the attureil from tilt vrcnuary auiuess. TWKNTY-FIVR .DOLLARS PKKMIL'H Secures a full policy for A.ntat and l'i per week compensation for all and every description of accldeut, traveling or otherwise. Policies for 600 with & per week compensation, can be had for f t Per annum, or any other turn between Itssi and $.i,000 at proportionate rate. JAS. u. nATrattrnjrs, rreaiusnt. RODNEY DENNIS, Beeretary. IIF.NRY A. DYFR, Oen'l Agt. Ill HANI V HIILLKII. Aseiita. 10 c. III 'V x i. ic LiFE ASSURANCE SOC1J0TY. Af.KTTh siTAO.OOO . ; All tho l'rolitre. All DIVI0C1 AMOII THE 0UST HOLItlS. The success oflhu Society baa not been euualed by thai of any Life Company ever organised, lthr In this country or Europe. Iu cash Premium Receipt ar r Lire insuraoc vompany con-n tn thl country, with only one exception. ,ETNA INSWIANGK CO., OK HAIITKOKH, OOS.N. ASHKTTN, Jt'LV 1st, 1861. . ' Mttrtti Valut. Cash on hand and lu Hank ".HM.Mft.sS Real Eatale..... '...: eT.M.1S Mortgage Bonds OTJlB 00 Bank Slocks, I,06, United States snd other Public Seen iilies..l, 00,864.60 .ni,SS hst Home Insurance Co., i OF NEW TORK, J Cask 4 avltal Tvro.millluD IFollaFa. Assettslttof July.lSU... ; 13,47, Ml IT CUA8. MARTIN, President. A. F, W1LLMARTH, Vic Preslirent. DIIUND A MILLKII, A (tenia. MANHATTAN , OF NKW TORK. OASII CAPITAL., TOTAL AT8ETTB ....f00,0sj . .. 8S7,08 AR(rriG FIRE nis. CO., OF TORK. CAPITAL. , TOTAL ASSKTT8. , . ....100.000 ... S'il.ltT OldHartfordlFireln's Co., INTOKPOKATBD 1810, IIAHTFOIU. CONS. CAPITAL IURPLUS ;i,ooo,oo,oo ... t8,llsM totaU. ... imii,iii.h Phoenix Insurance Co., OF HARTFORD. CAPITAL SUHPLl'S. .00,000.00 . TOTAL, M,Ms.TI merchant's Insurance Co OP HARTFORD.' CAPITAL . SURPLUS... TOTAL . ...1400,000 .00 ... 101,448.40 , S01,448,4 TUB SPEHTGFIELD IHS. CO. Of SPRINORIILD, CAPITAL SURPLUS. ,s.... .f sjOO.OOO.OO . MT,BH,I TOTAL ,6T,Sos,4I TBI MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO., OF HEW TORK. ABSETT8 e. : '.. lO.SOO.OOO nCRATID V niLLKH,AKCfSta LAND AGENTS. XTt) Hav (air Boo Its awsBaa Verw DESIRABLE DWELINKS . FOR RALK OR RKNT Jn the C'iy of Rati nt, ' '. - AND . " ' . . 5, Choice Farm .in Ihe County WIIsIs PAY TAXED -' -; Or Collect Rent. erricat in titvh hale. attvecK, CWrasW Afassi Nasl A St M. . VaURB. MBm KILUll. AN OLD PAiCND tx . .Kn.y: r.Aiinsii.TiiiltT. ! JB,jOK,-0 LOMO ANL FATORABLT kaowaiothooitlaeaeof Raclae as nnsofth best Tailors lathe Stats, has taken Ihswellknown ihonso long used as a ClothlngBslabllshmetit.iiext dooilotheKsciaevoaniy is atam-si He ha jnsl returned from New Tork wllh a , Choirs . 4l''f l4M of 'llls, liKN'ts i ? i;si; .oij. suitasie roi srims n sim i wear M.'li he s ill loske up In Ihe ii'tsi r iih.v . si vi y ' AT r. - ksi I'tMl l Ii ata Havlug long esuerlonce in the trade and a thorough acquaintance with the market, and large maiufaelur- Itty laciuues, a is enaoisa w tnr eu.lomars Induce-sntsto purchst which can be excelled by none as regarat ui price, awossantiai worsmantnip.the new eat style, or rilll a f IJarmeitta. Al all tlmeaof Ihe year he I prepared lo msellh demands for seasonable (armsnts wllh nw goods o Ih latest fashion, al prices which will accord wll thctlrklett Idea of economy, F&MSHIXU UOQDS, For Ovulleiaeu'a wear, tuch at Bhlrla. Collars.TIci, Scarfs, Blocks, Cravats, Under Shirts, Drawer, Sue Gndrs,U loves, Bocks, As, Porsoaswantlsganythlug i hi lino are reside trull v Invited to eall amies amine. am also agent for f JuUx SEVtlNGV ov'i.'tQ'V- I would say to those, who want a 0000 BF.WING MACH1NK, that Ihlt one has no superior. It runs light and rapid, and will do One and heavy work equally as well. It has a wider range or adaptahti. ly than any ther machine made. IS-tr Fashionable Clothing! W. L. NEEDHAM, 141 If A IN STKEICT 114 (0PP08ITK flllt POST OFFICE! MERCHANT TAILOR, mi nsiLts is GENTS FURNISHIN8 600DS, Kle., Ktt-., Kir. A CHOIt'K STOCK OK . SLOTHS, CASSIMERES AID VESTIR6S, OF TIIK LATKjtT STVLKS AND BFXT Ol ALITUS In store, and 'lautilarturcd lo Order, In the msl durable and Fashionable manner, on Ih MOST KKAsNAllLK TRKMs. People a III do well lo remeuiber thai I bate NO RKNT TO PAY, and having the hvnrBt ef many year experience, 1 buy my cloth at the very lowest figures, annua arruKti to sett t visa r-wrowters CHOICE CLOTHING, A. low as the price many geutlemau pay mis erable elllilinv tl AHMS.MTP they buy In 8NI6AS0 AND MILWAIRIE. IH Call and examine good for yourselves. Racine, Ms 17.I-S1. and prices stol judge TV , I,, IS.S.S.IMIAM. Vl l CS 1 M 2jr AJ s, 1 12 STAPLE GROCERIES f lir llit ntrt Tkh1 . lu aniclalioti of a change In uf boil nest during the Spring, I offer, mv Stork of Goods In the wholesale department at asrrnilr Kftlnrrsl ltul-, Uanysftbem AT I1JV VOHIi lHI l. ' -I. IHaltrt n- rtoufttd to eall nnd twamlnt Us STOCK AXD PRICES. Tun jvr O afk. 0 K, J. t Irkhasn. FAMILY GllOCEKY STORE noon ooous a TMoni'ffA tk I'kikks C H , H EC K , No. 34 fttUih Ntnl, Knrlne, liasn hand and for sal a large stork of I'ATIILY 4 UOj UK inn, CHOCKEIIY AND HTUsNK-WAIUS Tobacco aad Cigars', rr urns Ay i li quo its, WILLOW WAIIK. Ac. Whleb hs will sell . cheap a saa b boaghl la Ihl Btarkot. A long xprtae la tk ba.laeaf ssakl a sobs sr gooo wsti, ana f doing nr.. work, w glv nr aatomr th kaBI of ih proSt man eiBirwHsntnwenw aav so Bill tsstr r( Sir, Oorttookof FAatILT R00KR1A I. eoavplet, fea- BIJUAKN, TEAS, 'OrFr.l.K, MOl.ASSRft. I'KI'i'KRti, SI'tL'hX. I'ANHI.Krt, (Aad srerFthlBg la Ih lln of Oresorles A CROCKERY & GliASSWARK th lalet style sad patterns. CHEWING tV SKjOKINii Tl)RA(tX, A largesstse: af the beat oaallty. Al a Is A MO B STOCK IP OIUAHI OP OUR OWN MAM Uf ACTURK. Teiedte) Plea, Bsazsa, racm,Ac. W hav aae oa head a Isrgs stack of WILLOW WARE. Msawfaetorsd pv for as, assong whlsh ataj bs fonod baaktts of aav etrl or else, from lbs amalloat child's basket to ths largest Clothes Basket, or hav sbosb warn so or wer. . BR0KRN BASKETS MEATT UP AIRED. TITt All fAIIT AITMIII A II UT f AIIITT : Thsbsstsf 1 ' WINES AND LIQUORS ! WbahsMls aad retail, saltabls Irf nsdlelaal pwrpoos THE BEST RRANM OP FLOUR UWATS OM ElAllrX mitlt PRRB aTm SAaVB. tea hi i u 1 Rrd la aaj part of taa ltF fr s laaraa. Cask paid Bar atr7 prwdwo. . atKTYwrh slafc3fe'3iws ve !r',, 'lACHjNts RACINE ADVOCATE F R EMMUJtl Job Printing Office BOOK BINDERY. A K1 HANK I00K MANUFACTORY. Bj MASorio BVtiDiito, a btok r, IHoa. 139,141 Ac 141, mim-st., Haclus A. C. KAHlirORD. : 1 EDITOR AMD PROPRIETOR. PAINTS AND OILS, sVliolesule it nd Retail. Lanlois & Rob ill lard, Mi wfalssNlrsct, ' s RACINK.. - WIStiONKIN. HAVK A FULL AND COHPLRrK ABBUBT- II menlof WHIT I! LKAD, French aad American .-.itM.M -I 1 I 1,-tirh ttftllVll VITPHiaT. WHALE, SPItiM, STRAITS. MACHINK, BWKaT, RBATSFOOT Saa, t I TnrprHtlne, Caisipbieitev Alroliol au UUFfSlBS FlBld.' VAKtlKlli:s JAPAN. s r 1 1 .n.i ..mHiM. Kssortment of Colors, dry and in int. Artist's iColors and Malrlal(, Dla- monat.lioio sai, omai.s mo looglns o lf Trsne. MKMCH AND AMERICAN WIStOW U LAt I.ODKISG df-ASSKS AUK I' I. A Of ALL Hit Kit. Itriiaiit'a ol Dtt-ry Ucat-ripl tOM. a- i . - i u.' i I sibvi nnDnvm ns-n. ORATIONS. OILT A COMMON wiNDOW SHADKS FKiCRKDand PLAIN CURTAIN PAPER, TKSSKLs, uoaniuEn.ana CCKTA1N BArtus. Fluid ami KmnrHr Oil .ii; and Iinlrrnn 4iin ciia-idi.i:ky. Mantllaandlarstf Ropes all sixes. Canvst, Oakum, Pitch. Tar. Coal Tar, Roaln. Blocks, el.. Red Oord. UlolhUD, Broom Twine an qaaiitie. wrapping Twins la bales and barrels, Bell ana sssn uoras. wool Twines, Cotton Heine and ulHtam Twrlnea,Ar. Would call particular attention of the trade to our Slock, as we at all limes hav th largest aad best assortment of (loads la the City. tar-Olatlng and Paper Hanging atttased toss inert none. Callandsee al Mi Main Street. Racine II Coiunienremvnt of the . - - " . CLEARING OUT SAC.E OF DHY GOODS! )S! 7 Kdward M'Knar, will, la cenquaee of being obliged to close oat his bwslnee this year, ssll a great man of hit goods, full ten per rent, below the present lobbing prices la Mew Tork. ' P. 8,-Stor for sals.) REMOVAL TOWN. KAYDIO.ID rViO.NF.r. TJ A V K MOVED THEIR BUSINESS TO THE MM. star l4tl Moaplsd h P, 0, Latkia A 0s. 7 140.. ......ItliilN mrel.. 146 , T I TU ' iiLOOK, Wear th ar sPsetat Isslsa cask bayr. a. saallBdaeaai. With a well .lctd tck st lIETaF II A R D W A R 13 1 allrfsa PtaF a X 'Ti a, WP, iTtn WTO., sea, Wars Toretkerwllkalargotockof COOKIPICI, PABLO ft AND OVPICB STOVE SI ArrtlU(irml IsHBUsmaatta, PwamfM, Tky M oaAdal of kwlag able to newer aoy sail la taetr Baa. to tb tttrm satlfbetlB af thslr Irs. TBSF are sewaarwa so aw ai aiwwe wi Tin aJIO copper work ! AT IR0IT "OTIOI,' " Tin Roofing, CoMttaciortH fce. Pa tea la tts of sasatrx st r.a.ssakl. prt. rTKm WP vary daetsAIs ' Y till Cklcsfo s railwaaakee R. R. S WINTER TIMI TAIL. ' t ON AND AFTIR MONDAT, NOT 11. 1844, until fartharaot alas will lavRsia. a follows: eoissSosTi. Passsngertraln.. t:S A. M. Rxpresa Freight A Passenger....,, B:4t P. M. FrifhtT. A. M. Ooiss Noata. Passangsr train . Passenger train " Way Freight ' 111 Nova . .... 1:81 Nigh! : P. St. JNO. D. FOSTER leaiviii.,Kka Chleag' R.B WM. K1J"ABE & GO'S. istail PIANO FORTES. Head Ihs folio wins; cosnrnendatorF let lera fro an dlatlagriilshed Artists. - Wu.KiisaA Co. ffeaftrsHea: After having played n th Plxno of sistsrs '4. Knab A Co., it U Impoaslbl sol t bear Isttl- ' - f wub io tovir uuanues viiicn oov aowuiroo lor Jj'' ihem th mlnenl repatatlon which the enjoy. f w th naaes uf their manufaclur, n which I hav piayd, ar xondlagly romarksbl far Hwieir Hiuiun Ol TUSS. To VBM IS pOWrrUI, without hanhnw, and th upper not wt, . clear and harmonioiuly mallow, (ebryatalla,) Q2 and I do not hnllat to press In regard to the Inslrumsnts my sntlrs salltfseltoa, and 10 declar thai Ihey ar sous I If not sapertor l Hi beat uanufaeturad In karop or this eoaa-rBaa try hy. the moot sslefcraUd makers. s, a. uuiitvnska. o JcLtct Bscts A Cu., Chicago GtnUtmtn ; I eonalder William Kaab A Co' Piano th ami perfect la use, combining la tho highest degree th most saleable and esssntlal requisites of power, Casio ess of ton, and general accuracy. Ths Bas possesses great compass and volume, and the higher note a clearness and richness of ton seldom attained lo ether Instrument. Tb touch or action appear particularly agreeable, and IU roportlouale adaption reflecs great credit upon It manufacturers. Th Introduction of your Piano In th west has created a new era lo Musical circles, and will doubtless crown your effort with to eminent success you so richly merit. Very truly yours, I AieujFo, .rw v, 184. LOUIS 8TAAB. I recommend the Plauo of Mr. Kassx to verybody who wanU a really first etas Instrw . H. BALATRA. Vi. Ksssa A Co. OtmlUmtn: I hav great plsasure la certifying that I have tried your Square Piano, and And thus equal if not superior, lo any- In thl country. Among their gnat qualities, which distinguish them w Ihcevcnue of ton, the agreeabl and assy touch, and velum of ton. Wishing yoa all Ih success yoa so highly deserve, I am air, your very truly, B. 1UALBER0. Wa Kasss A Co. Vtntltmtn : I conuot but aongralulat yoa upon th 1m-ment progress aad Improvement which yoa continually make on your Piano, which, la my opinion, rank among Ih very highest In Ihl country. M. 8TRAKOBCH. J. Bii sa A Co. (itnUemt : . Our Opera Troupe are at present asms fear of your Justly celebrated R nab Plsno, and a Ih exponent of the view and opinion of tho various Artist, permit me lo toy, I consider them srsrfastnf la briUionrw and eoeeUewes and irt-minni, wlfAowf art tat in IAtoorr-F or h-H -3 krW wi P wl o o Q W EH . 1 la nntin. ' ' combining great depth Snd powerful volume, rsj with which and a peculiarly clear and ven trs- r bla, together with a magic elasticity of sowch j and action, render them superior to other In- s' strumente, which rarly IT ver eomblne lb most essential requisites. I most cheerfully en !J2 done the high and merllorlou eeonluM every. wlier prunound upon the Piano. B. MCZIO, Sluiicnl tHrtclor ItaCn Opr. Chicago, Feb, 10, 184. W KxsssA Co. anUmtni Dsnos reesntly had opportunities ef tasting v- both your new seals Orand and Ho, oars Plane, It - - give m greal pleasure to stai that I hav found them to eomblne all the quelltlr to mak a Piano at perfect as possible, aad unsurpasetd CQ by any that I hav seen either la Ihl country nr ' Europe, for great power and roundnoas of tone, ejst combined with that peculiar swetl aad (Inging S nualltv maS.. Imii,4 ...lln.l. Sl...a VI.. ar really unsurpassable, and la touch, very-thing that ran b desired by th most brilliant playsr. Wishing you every sucreee, I remain yours truly, C. ANSf HUTI, - Afws'I iHrtetor 6 sr. Optra. J 1'a.l 17 f IUIRH Ii CO, Wholesale- AgvnU for Northettrn Rial fl H. fV.irf, and 80 Wat, tft , ( hlraRo, 111, . t'fr'Beird r a circular. V- ,40,005 MOUTH OF i)IlY GOODS ,T RKDHCF.D P II I C 13 8 . D. H. JONES, 136. .1111 ill Kt. .....iae j. Will retail all kind of Foreign and domwlle Dry Oood at KEW YORK QUOTED WHOLESALE PRICES, vojfssTJjto or - P rlais; Dr)aswG4a, Nsw Bpiing; Dalai ass LA Prist la, . TAhtlt Ci4a, Clv, xxoai rjt piouama, met, , CLOAKS AND CLOAKING S ATU rM CMXTLS81 Than preacBt lVholeaale Prlcr Tlolth Stork. TUET All ENTIRELY MIW AND DESIRABLE K.. . . ' eooMi - a AN ajar A M I H A T RAM OF 8TYLX8 AXja rtJCXS IS XMQCMSTTD D. H.JONES 1- .'4 ri i, AT ass ."Iain 8..........lt0 t

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