The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin on January 30, 1958 · 21
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The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin · 21

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1958
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tt"i w w r r " i xoant i AKJU , VII AC, 10 1 4I0 MT IAIT m quii VAKJ4 VUI1II 1 all Mil! 4AI OIT1I D AT V 101 KJJSU 4KQJ1 No cm vulivrrabl aWall, WM Krlk !' Pa I a fM t I'aa I Pat. I'm rM Bridge ... Thought 1$ Bar to Overbidding by Ouwald Jacoby Written for NA Service Her li another duplicate hand that it Interesting only at problem in bidding. The problem It an unusual one: '.low can North and South stay out of game? At eJI tablet North opened one ipude and South iepond ed two diamonds. A few Norths rebld to two spades and one optimistically rebld to HamChicken May Reduce Grocery Bill ? The Mattel Pfi Ham and chicken get the feature treatment, with larger type and smaller prices, in many of the nation's supermarkets and neighborhood groceries this week. J lam and other varieties of pork are expected to be somewhat cheaper In the months ahead. The U.S. Department of Cheese Souffle by Easy Recipe ITHACA. N.Y. J-Thli rec Ipe for "shortcut cheese souf fie" comes from test kitchens at Cornell University. ers properly bid three dia-1 Imonds and here is where most (South players went wrong. I They bid four clubs. Invariably j North Interpreted this bid as Heat 1 10', ounce can (Hi!Junip ,0 five diamonds. cups) of cream of mushroom, A, one table where North soup ana i cup snreaaea snarp and South managed t0 Btay out Cheddar cheese in a double Uj-iof Rftme South dld , )ot of er until cneese is mciteu. wr.ue,hnkjng after Nortn raised t0 three spades and then Jumped Agriculture says hog produc to live diamonds over bouth s ers anticipate a crop of 58 mil- rour ciuds. Miu outers wa rour lion pigs, or 6 per cent more diamonds whereupon South than a year ago. continued to live. Prices for sirloin steak and nowever. most iNonn piay- rib roast are reported two to m' EXPLORE YOUR MIND I, S'onwl M 0oH. n D nd f v.l, M Ool. W 0 MUST ,s luw 'TW1 2. ihi iest INCONSPICUOUS. UjiU FAlU' six cents a pound higher this week, which accounts for the scarcity of beef offerings In the stores. Those that are featuring beef have selected chuck roast, an old standby of the bargain hunter. Hamburger, once regarded as a low price regular, is selling In the higher brackets these days. Potatoes rank as the best I. 00 f.t LA'JCU HCAjfl Wt FEEL SUPERIOR? ma tou lAC lSE JOl'BNAL TIMES Th.rtd.r, January U, 1951 f Ruth Milletr... Enliven Routine Marriage Don't deride your murriugejand lnied look for things to has grown hopeleikly dull un-j ,ln',',e and praise. ,H You each take on a few out- . .. ... side actlvitiei, so that you have The two of you take a little rthing ,0 talk ,JU, whpn lime off from routine and lakejyoy are t.thrr txidf the a trip together. There's every, day's routine. chance that given a'chance of' You begin to talk less about Hcene and freedom from re-spnnsihility you'll find you are still companionate, problems and Irritations and the thirds you don't like am' irrore alxait the things that please and inlrrmt and dial- You make a real rffort to see Irnge you. more of aorhe of the people! You plan some project for you've met and thought you'd "Provinit yr home and get like to know better. bly , You look for tkuvi in ulurri i . . . . . , ! iou una some new iniere( Answer to Question No. 1 reduction of certain kinds of y0U can Ir)arf It doesn't mat- ... ... ...... i..... I r:-.i.n . ...I ', says one political "u ii-i (er what the interest is scientist. In the first pluce, we:11" l"sl,y ,ur U'UM" l that you both enjoy It normal and often desirable iyou can be helpful to others i You figure out why you unl (,nce enjoyed each other's com-!pany so much you decided to You set some new gouts to marry, and find out what's work toward goals you both missing now that makes the lgree are worth the struggle' marriage seem dull. soup is heating, separate 6 three diamonds. South said to cK8, using mrKc uwwi iui,nimseir. "i have a maximum buy among vegetables al-the whites Beat the egg yolks, and , lot of playing ,hough onions also are a' good slightly. Stir soup and cheesetrength but maybe It will be bet. Carrots in plastic bags are Into egg yolks. Keep mixture wasted. North can easily hold;, little lower this week and warm, wmie beating tne egg a couple of small hearts and whites until stiff but not dry.' a losing club. I am not going Gradually fold egg and soup to fool with a club bid. My mixture Into the beaten whites.' hand Is worth one more bid and Fold only until well blended' that bid Is four diamonds." Pour Into an ungreased 2-quart Now North did some study- casserole and bake in slow; ing of his own and came to the cannot do it; and even if weiconfIc(, cf (, could, it would destroy prog-1 , ress. What is needed is not the An,wer ,0 Qutlon N elimination of conflict, but the' Vst; at least that's achieve. You face realistically what a study of several hundred You start treating each other; life would be like If you were clerical employees and railroad workers showed. The super- oven (300 degrees) for 1 to 1 hours. Serve Immediately. Makes 6 portions. PRINTED PATTERN conclusion that South could not hold an ace and also could not hold the kings of both unhid suits. Hence, five diamonds was out of the question and' it seemed silly to bid four spades. North passed and obtained a top score. CARD SENSE Q The bidding has been: South West North East I spade Double Redbl. 2 hrts. 3 spades Pass ? You, North, hold: Spades Q J 8 4, hearts Q 7 5, diamonds 8, clubs A Q 10 9 2. What do you do?. A Bid four clubs. Your re double is minimum in high cards but your distribution is good and there may be a slam. If your partner bids four spades you will pass. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is as above and you are again South holding: Spades A K 9 7 6 5, hearts 0, diamonds K 7 6, clubs J 8 6 5. Easts passes after your partner's four-club bid. What do you, South, do now? Answer Tomorrow should be a good buy. Lettuce, though trending higher, still is rated a good buy. Canned and frozen peas are in the bargain class as processors strive to unload big inventories from last year's crop. Persimmon Snow Has Fesfive Air For an exotic dessert, blend Spanish sherry with the creamy pulp of ripe persimmons. This luscious fruit is now available in most supermarkets. First peel 2 persimmons, dis carding the stems. Put through food mill or electric blender to make pulp creamy and smooth LomDine 'j cup sherry, an oloroso or cream type, with tablespoons sugar. Bring to a boil and simmer 3 minutes. Meantime, beat 2 egg whites until stiff. Combine the sherry syrup with persimmon pulp, blend into beaten egg whites, then pile into sherbet dishes and chill thoroughly. Makes servings. Glasses of oloroso sherry served with it make this a truly festive dessert. y.riil CHirt rAVORITI-riMtr of pre. tttv. com (or kitchta churn min this A fiorlM pron. For bathing bb. pron In plih-prool tarry eloth. A hw-hi; Printed Pttt.rn a, th. dlair.m. Printed 476t: MIiim' SUM mU (10. 1H; Mrdlum 114. li; I. Ill, JOk Medium flu takt. ik Jl-lnch Printed direction! on each paturn art. Katl.r. accural. Band 3 null In colni (or trill pat-Urn add I cent (or each pattern (or l.t-claaa malllnf. Send to Ann. Adamt, car o( Th. Racine Journal-llmei, 3ia Pattern Dept. 943 Wnt nth at.. New York 11. N T. Print plainly nam., ad-drtat with ton., tlu and atyl. number. Mrs. Stanley Peterson Is Luncheon Hostess Mrs. Stanley Peterson enter tained recently at her home, 1337 Howe St., in honor of Mrs. Axel Peterson. Guests included the Mmes. Elmo Harris, Evelyn Munson, Walter Anderson, Dor othy Thomas, Shirley George, Carol Peterson, Violet Peterson and Fred Rasch. Prizes were presented to Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. George. BAKING HINT Shake nuts or dried fruits in a bag of flour before adding them to cake batter. This keeps them from sinking to the bottom of the pan while baking. For use in casseroles or sauces, grate the end bits of cheese and refrigerate in tight ly-covered jar. IMP .:W (nf iduiA visors who got most production with as much sideration as others. you 4 courteous con-1 alone, instead of together. show to; You make yourself as pleas 'ing as possible and give vour You ston criticizinir each; marrinpe nnrtner n were icaaers, ana mere was no otheri lx)th aluud flnd .Hentlyjolease you. . a! t-....AliAa .1 il 1 ' quesnon bduui u. jmosi ui ineir efforts were spent in planning and , directing others. They found it easy to make decisions and in general, accept responsibility for the work of the group. Answer to Question No. 3 No, says Psychologist C. W. Valentine. He feels that the attempt to explain laughter by sjme one thing, such as feelings of superiority are inadequate. For example, both children and adults may laugh Just because they feel good. We laugh to cover up nervousness. He lists 15 situations that cause laughter. Let's humor ourselves and just enjoy it. SALE! $"3197 PAIR Narrow IX J? wf Or FUN- LOVING STRAPS FELDMAN'S SH0 STORE 0 Me. I tri. f t 915 Sixteenth ny thi lovrlr rover lor any ill. TV leV In your (avortt. pineappl. deilgnt Pattern it I: Crochet direction! (or TV cover. Ji lnchea In No 30 cotton. Th. deaiitn lend. ItneH to other article., too. Pour make a tO-lnrn cloth. Bend 33 centa (colnil (or thll patternadd S centa (or each pattern lor lit-clau mailing Bend .to The Racine Journal-Time . 13) Needlerralt Dept., P O Boi 16(, Old Chelaea Station. New York 11. N. V. Print plainly pattern number, name, addr.aa and lone. Ai t bnnua. two complet. patterna are primed right in our Laura wheeler Nredlrcreft Book. Dotrn. o( ether de-ngni you'll want to order ny (aa-clnatlng handwork (or yourielf. your hum., glfta. baiaar Menu. Bend 73 cent, (or your copy o( thia book today! Best hour Most parking Fastest service in Racine Wember P O.I O. WIATRANGA'S SUPER Jr MKTS, ff HIGH QUALITY i viii. s. Om fill 4 V Jor MIDAY ONLY 1S40 Proipecf $r. i''''lll'ingrir,nM SAVE MORE HERE Dot. v.enrer cut l mm m. Ready For The Pan FRYING CHICKENS Rence) Hohm Delitiewe Angel Food CAKE R9. 49c 16-01. or Over Smoll A to 6-Lb. Avj. Pork Butts ,43c 39c lee Sliced BACON Lb. Pk(. 49c Center Cut PORK CHOPS ib. 69c Lean Sliced PORK STEAKS Lb. 49c Foncy Loin VEAL CHOPS ib. 49c WhoU 10 to 12-Lb. Avg. PORK LOINS lb.49c MOHR SPECIAL! JONES FRENCH FRIED POTATO CUTTER PROFESSIONAL TYPE ...FOR HOME U5EI QUICKLY AND EASILY SLICES POTATOES INTO 25 PERFECT STRIPS. INSERT THE PARED POTATO, PRESS THE STURDY HANDLE DOWN AND THE SLIDING ARM INSIDE WHISKS IT THRU THE PROTECTED METAL CUTTERS THAT ARE RAZOR SHARP. ALL PARTS ARE HEAVILY NICKEL PLATED. SAYE 4U0 WHILE QUANTITIES LAST I I II 1 M fir W FOOD SHOP Highway 11 Srurtevont VILLA ST. SELF-SERVICI 1121 Vill St. FLEE-ZING Fruits for Salad V'abB KUCHARSKI FOOD MKT. 1814 Center St. NORTH ST. GROCERY 1315 North Sr. CAMPBELL'S Vegetable Soup OUR OWN Noodles 2 Cans 12 oi. . Pkg. PAGE Napkins . PLEE-ZING Garlic Salt to Count 2 PLEE-ZING Salad Dressing Pkgs. 1 i-oi. Quart 35' 29( 23' 25' 17 45 Plea-ting Spaghetti & Meat Balls 5c Off (Beach Nut Cereals OUR OWN FRUIT Cocktail 2 2 2 IJ-ei. Cam tor Mb. Cam PLEE-ZING CHOC. COVERED Cherries : PLEE-ZING BLUEBERRY PIE-FILLING OUR OWN Prune Juice 13-oi. Pkg.. 22-ei. Pkg. 24- 51' 25 45' 49' 47' 31 OUR OWN PEACHES Par Winter Bvn.hlne rieela 2 cons 63c . . . J.natkae riorld. Juice APPLES , 4 lh.. 39c ORANGES ... 3Da., No. 1 Ml.klga. Fancy POTATOES 99c CARROTS 2m, 25c FRESHRAP PLUMROSE WAX PAPER HAM 2 !f-45c 2:,b, $2.29 -i- -J JOHNSON'S ' fSmw) RICELAND GLADE 3Efc RICE o5FeF 49c , IBI 2 pV;b,;31c STAR-KIST TUNA 4J-at. Can 31c JOHNSTON'S CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS CO Piece. . 14 4A. 24 Piacai COUPON ON BAG WORTH 25c ' i. IN CASH m Raady to Ett - 11 -lb. Ave,. r, CAMMED HAMS . 79c Froth Enriched White Fancy Head Bord.n'i Ant. Flerer. ' BREAD 20c I RICE 29c I Sm 79c Froth Froien Quick Freion 400 Count STRAWBERRIES Dn . - Oz. Pi. A..0ft.a c... U-.. Pkg. rv-FI riEO KLEENEX TISSUES 35c 3 X'"1 5 to, 99C 2,. 49c Roundy'i Finort I Bean Sprouts 3 14-0. Tint 29c Roundy't Old Tim Unpeeled Whole Apricots 5 t' M00 Curntd to Pop-Whit or Yllow POPCORN 2 cl 25c Round y's Old Tim-Gren or Wax ' CUT BEANS 6"&T79c For Cooking or Baking Mazola Oil ..-. . . , . c. $2" Roundy't Old Tim Pur Strawberry PRESERVES 49c All Popular Brandt BEER 12-0!. Com 99c Roundy'i Old Tim Bartlert PEARS 29-oi. Ting 00 Pur (Attortad Sizt) EGG NOODLES 2 12-0x. Pkg. 43c Roundy'i Red KIDNEY BEANS 4 16-ox. Com 49c Roundy'i Old Tim Fruit Cocktail In Heavy Syrup 3 2!.V 1 00 Heinz Tomato CATSUP l4H-Oz. Btis. 47c Pur No. 1 Whit Fancy Campbell'. BLACK PEPPER BRICK CHEESE PRUNES TOMATO SOUP y 19c ib. 49c 2 39c 3 'fr 35c i. e i ' ui - Fancy Cram TrnTrr Mr' ' pWru SANDWICH TISSUE POTATO CHIPS BLEACH COOKIES Cro, 33c p 59c oa,. 53c , 2ft49c: : Snoball Sunkist l J CAULIFLOWER 23c ORANGES . . .. . . d.. 43c Foncy Yellow I u Extra Foncy BANANAS . .... 2 ,.. 35c GREEN ONIONS 4.. k.. 19c Largo Bunchei 1 Pink or White BROCCOLI 33c GRAPEFRUIT 10 .., 59c Fancy Cello Idaho CARROTS 2 n,l. 25c POTATOES 10 u.. 49c All Green New Foncy Red 7i CABBAGE .. a. 7Vic GRAPES 2 m. 39c FLUFF-ALL RINSE FRANK'S KRAUT 22c7.m35c r1 1 5-lb. COc Bag J J) Extra Fancy Delicioui or Mclntoth APPLES .. . .- 4 U.. 39C Temple Jumbo 88 Sixe, ORANGES ... . .. d... 69c 39c Sno White MUSHROOMS Jumbo LETTUCE 19-ot Pint 29c 29c HOUSEWARES Moin Floor DIAL ME 2-2724 . ... Box Headt

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