The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin on December 15, 1957 · 48
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The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin · 48

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 15, 1957
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t Jt RACINt SINDAY BILLKTIN Bundar, December II. 1117 5 States Plan Court Changes WASHINGTON (NEA) Portrait of a high school-id- i CHICAGO (in Court re- the constitution for popular ori.niz.tlon plana will be In- vote In 1958 which would bring j a t . I.. I"10 0M court system all of troduced in at least five lUte, leglilatures at their next "'However, the Illinois and Chi- aion despite setbacks this year, cago Bar Associations are not ence teacher a man who also a survey by the American Ju-satisfied with the proposal, (supervises the lunchroom, dicature Society Journal dis- New York's legislature coaches football and teaches closed. turned down court reform pro-drivcr e(jucation. all for $4,311 ' The Journal said plans aimed posals made by a legislature , ycar; at cutting delays In obtalnlng'commlssion but the commis-j 7j,al-g the sorry picture justice and Increasing admln-jaion is expected to submit painted by Robert H. Carlcton, Istrative efficiency probubly.bill again. j executive secretary of the Na- will be Introduced in the legls- A court reform plan was dc-; tional Siccnce Teachers Asso-latures of Illinois. New York.'fcated by the Connecticut elation, who thinks It's high Connecticut. Wisconsin and legislature last year, while In' time his fellow Instructors get North Carolina. (Wisconsin the public rejected , break if they're going to help ' Illinois' legislature already a reorganization plan that had America meet Soviet scientific bis approved an amendment to been passed by the legislature 'progress. The classroom teacher is jthe key to progress and improvement in the instruction jand motivation of young people I to understand science and to ' M-STl 'mn.irW rarPPr in Ihk fiHH " says Carleton. who is one of the muntrv's outstjndino au- u 1 1 r . i j . j. j .1 I. . . . . . j , Jim weiuncr auuca nmncrwtji. unquestionaoiy me thoritics on public school sci-; scalp to his string as he con- round robin is the fairer test ence instruction Untied to pile up victories to since each player must mecti maintain his lead in the cityevery other contestant at least ToP Priority ichess tourney. In winning from once. Many of the Russian Carleton believes an exten-Art Domsky last Monday eve- players have never competed in1 sive program to improve the jnirtg he played his best chess the Swiss type tournament. working conditlons 0f science Aid Sought for Science Teachers, Now Saddled with Unrelated Duties riiiiiimniiuiii tninillIllIHllHllim It's Your Move By RUSS KIME says, should be at least $11.- 000. He also favors special financial aid for teachersto enable them to brush up on science In summer school. "Teachers ere enthusiastic and anxious for such opportunities, but they need financial aid if they must forego summer earning opportunities for this purpose." )ie says, Carleton believes higher pay and less burdensome schedules would enable schools to keep hundreds of teachers who quit their jobs each year to go to work for Industry. Also he predicts these improvements would be a boon to recruiting many new science instructors. He explains that each year about 1,500 new college grad- , , ,, L u ., , uates. who have been trained says, should be available for ,0 ,Mch scif nce f ntcr some working with individual stu- othcr field of work. dents, particularly the highlyj Vouth ,nlereitcd gifted ones, and for general, . , . ... . . , The teachers association of- planning and strengthening of .. . . , that , sludl j . j 1 'V V ROBERT II. CARLETON Break for fellow Instructors . the science program." show that American youth is and, Grandmaster Samuel Reshev- groups. discussed need for higher teach-ton emphasizes the need for ' ilnra rtiifntn frt th flitH aft. Tl , t- ;er a three-year layoff. The.round robin tournament was orj , h form f financia He also emphasizes that no hishy interested in science J Tk m k ri i 70sILnaUgUrai,n 'nis. counlry'l aid from the federal eovern- instructor should have to tcacn: But he explains that many with hia best efforts in 1953. however. Caller the Lessing J." , A . , , more than two subjects. Lriom rourm ore taueht in when he finished second in the Rosenwald tournament, its en- mcnt and Pr!Yate lndustry P'" inan 1 0 u;us 5ciente cour s" re lau " ;.t.te tournament. 'try list includes the top dozen the ll-ut suPPort of state Sa,"y Ned' Jsu a du" Way thal T ' I The writer won from Bcr-!or so players in this country. ideation departments, school Ranking with the problem of students are discouraged from fnard Gill to hold second olace. America' iparfin.. n 1 v r I boards and local clitizens' crowded schedules is the much taKing mem. inai s wny rie. , " r swnne rranK uuuennoii I John Baird played to a 'and are tied for third, i Results of round 4: iWrldnir I iDomtkr .... (OIU Klnt . .. , JUlrd I Bulie nhalt , !obr t Kuna 'Wll 'Tubner ... In II Zltik The standings: 'Wtldatr 4 tOtwrt Kimt , 1 I Ttubncr .... BuMboft ... . a ' 4 I 'll ; ird l'i I Zlirkt Kuna t I rta .... rmtr t 1 tit OUi I I f - WEEK rim draw; sky. won it the first vear. but First of all. Carlcton wants, er salaries. "It's a national dis-, modern science teacning equip- dropped to third place behind science teachers to be relieved' grace that in 1955-56," Carle- ment in high schools. Larry Evans and Arthur Bis-of extra duties, which may, ton declares, "That the median But Carleton warns mai sci- include teaching three or four salary for all secondary school ence should not be .given a subjects in addition to -sciencej teachers was only $4,511 and boost at the expense of other as well as extra-curricular; only $3,770 for elementary school courses. I school teachers." "This would make a science Carleton thinks these addi-j Carlcton would like to see teacher a first class citizen and tional duties should be handled; all teachers start out at not an English or history teacher by other teachers or teachers'! less than $5,000 and advance a second class citizen," he says, aides. "The science teacher's to $7,500 within 10 years. And, "We don't make a scientist by extra time beyond classes," he' the top teaching salary, he science training alone." . v, . i'. .v . 1 .1 jVrklUt Wtldntr autk: IXaukr n 1. HKfll If-KBJ . I. P-KKI . y a-Nt - 4. P-B1 ' i r-o o-o 1 QN-QJ . S.Q-BI I BMP lid. P-M I II. Hlf It QiM li. Q-KH4 ' 14. B Q II. QR-QB II. KR-K 11. B-BJ II. N-KI II. PlB 71. B-N4 51. KR-S II. B-04 M. B B 14. B-RI ii. PN J4 RB P-Q4 P-4JB4 H-B1 P-QNJ P-KJ Q-BJ BPQP B-Ql PxP hiH B-NJ O-O W-KJ -JJ QR-N B-Qi BiN MiRP KR-X B-Q4 B-NJ N-B4 NlB W-N P-KB4 37 0-O4 tl R-BT It. Ri4 M QiPcb 31. B-N MP-H7 33. B-RI 34. P-KB4 31. B-QJ 34. 4-KI 31. Q-Klch 31. P-KN4 31. PiP 41. BlP 41. P-OIQch 41. QiRch 43. Q-Klch 44. 4-KSctl 41. K-Nl 44 P-ON4 41. PiP 41 K-N3 41 Q-K4ch M. Q Kcl tl. K-B3 PR B-KI ROSENWALD TOURNAMENT In Russia all major tourna-'ments are either single or double round robins, as oppose'd to the Swiss type favored in the ; f guicr the following year. ; Reshevsky regained his title ';the third year and is favored' which has been renamed the U. S. Championship for the Lessing J. Rosenwald Trophy. However, some of the younger players, notably U. S. Open and U. S. Junior champion Bobby Fischer, World Junior rr Champion Bill Lombardy. and 3 Charles Kalme will add to the veteran's difficulties In this p-KR3 country's strongest tournament iljjitest Fourteen players have qtlqh becn named " eligible for the ppi event: Berliner, Bisguier. Rob nan RlQ K-N3 II. b a r d y, Mednis, Reshevsky, p.qR4j Seidman, Sherwin, Turner, .jl Lombardy, incidentally, Is Rj being considered for rating as international grandmaster, top rating for. upper echelon players. ert Byrne, Denker, Evans, Feu-erstein, Fischer, Kramer, Lom- R-N3ch Rhiihi Opening date for this year's event will be Tuesday, December 17, with a time limit of 40 moves in 2Vj hours. F OR MEM ONLY. . . 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