The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 15, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE'DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AKD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. 24 Blythevtlle Courier Blytheville Dally News 1 Blylhevllle Herald Mlssisslpiii Valleyl.eador BLYTHKVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1937 _:____ Blylhevllle Herald Mississippi^y^,^ Hm'HEVIU.R, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1937 . . ' SINGIE COPIES FIVE CENTS YNCHING BILL CENTER OF HEATED DEBATE Governor Will Speak I at Dallas Friday Night LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 15 (UP) — Oov. Cnrl E. Bailey >vlli. leave Ihe stale tonight, going to Dallas. Tex., where lie Is scheduled to speak Friday night. '",'•: | The governor will return to the i state late Saturday' , night but ! will not bs In his '.office until I Monday moniini;, John S. Wells. In 'King of Rails' Title Race Supplies D 01 d i i I Monday moniini;, John S. Well Kailway Station-and his 'secretary,"announced today. .. •-. i . r. -I During the two days that Baitey will be absent,. Lt., Gov. Bob Dailey of Riissellvllle will be uct- p'-'Rr4ipl Snnrrp nf During the'twc . e.i\ujei. source 011 wll , be ,. absenli u,, GOV. Bob ing governor. MADRID, Apr. 15 (UP) —The ..... .TT" Las Navas rajlway station, ten { If I ] I | f| miles west of El Escorial, fell be- |\ I] I r II fore the blasts of'loyalist'artillery HILLLU Indfty as Gen. Jose iliaja, defender of Madrid, renewed his drive on the insurgent .. general . field headquarters ,at Avila. ' . Harid to hand fighting was Iri progress In the Guadarrama r> i i i • '•', '!-••'' n , mountains, west of Madrid, as|COb Adams, Joinei", oll'llCK the loyalist forces .drove forward t-j *•••• i 'i 11- i the loyalist forces .drove forward to occupy''480 square miles' of nationalist 'held territory between Ihe capital and Avila. Capture of the Las ..avas railway station gave the government troops control of the road between Las Navas and Navalperal de Piridres, four miles' ! to the west, the rail head and source of supplies for. the southern insurgent armies. • Report Nationalists Isolated Army dispatches said that a Urge force of nationalist artil j levy and infantry were Isolated at Las Navas and their retreat ': Cllt Off. , : ; The greatest loyalist offensive' of the Spanish civil war end;d Wednesday night on the Madrid .Iront with tlie nationalists celebrating, what they considered a complete victory. The insurgents estimated that the government casualties in the two days of heavy fighting, centering on the Casa del Campo . sector, totalled 20,000 men, including 7,000 kilted out of an estimated total of ICO.OCO loyal sivc. Aulptriobile on Highway 61 Bob Adams, about M. of the Joiner community, was fatally Injured -when struck by an automobile on Highway 01, near Joiner, yesterday afternoon.. According to reports'- received by the sheriff's office the acci : dent was unavoidable. A brisk wind blew Adams' .hat off and it fell in the center of the hieh- way. He darted : out onto the highway after it and into the path of a car close behind, being struck as he reached the hat, it was stated, afterward. .rtlcipatlng 'in.; the. oflen- Peacocks Will Enliven Scene at Walker Park Peacocks will soon add color to lie scone at Walker park. , T,vo hens, ' purchased with money raised for (he purpose by 2. Cl. Smith, have arrived and i cock Is expected shortly. The bints will be '..kept penned up mill they come to regard the park us home ami then will be per- nlited to room nl Incite. Swims to grace the park take are also a possibility. No arrangements for them have been inudo as yet but John B. Walker, (or whom the park wns~"named, lias declared that the lake Is to have swans If he- hns to provide (hem himself. .From other quarters has come the suggestion that a few deer be obtained but doubts exist as to the feasibility of that. Answering the challenge of a popular upstart in railroading, this He died shortly sleek s ^e! steam locomotive is taking the raits to pit its speed and The name of the motorist wlm)* 111010 "' 5 ' aSai " 5t " W s(rei "" lillEl1 Diesel-electric engines on the same resides at IHtle Rock ™,s not GhlC ^ 0 ' Burl ! n «H™ and Quincy road. Weighing 400 tons with coal ' ' ..'•-.- and water, the steam engine has a cruising speed of 100 to 125 miles an hour, as against 122 miles an hour at which tlie 210-ton Diesel- electrics have been clocked. Only two stops for coal and six for water are required by the steam locomotive bstween Chicago and , availsjjle today, the investigating oiTicer being out of Osceola, his headquarters, on business. The driver of the automobile took the injured man to a physician's office in liis car and reported the accident to officers before departing, Sheriff Hale Jackson said. Funeral arrangeniept.s -were in charge .of a :• Jon'esboro funeral home, v . ,' Concession bv Klily LONDON, April 15. (Up)^Dinp Grand!; Italian ambassador, announced today that Italy agrees to resume discussion of the recall of foreign volunteers from Spain. Ambassador Grandi's announcement was made at a session of the sub-committee on non-intervention in the Spanish civil war. •];' The sub-committee thereupon decided to create a special'body .to examine means of withdrawing foreign troops from Spain. The"body is to consist of the diplomatic representatives of the nine countries on tlie sub-committee and their military attaches. • • V Simultaneous with Grandi's significant announcement—Italy had refused to resume discussion of.the withdrawal of "volunteers" In'Spain previously—the Soviet ambassador Ivan: MaiskI, said Moscow would refrain from pressing her proposal that the non-intervention committee 'dispatch a special mission to Spain to investigate on the I Power Company Files New Construction Suits Additional condemnation suits have.been filed by the Arkansas- Missouri Power company in circuit court here against .owners of land over which the. company desires to erect « high'power line to con*...„», i^ ^ u afjcuiiu uuuy .10 uect with a v similar line being examine means of withdrawing for- built by the Arkansas Power and e-lon trnnnc rrnrii c™i« T^U« i—>••'Light company near Osceola. Defendants in the latest suits, -•-'-•"-' to several others filed Denver. Last of Flood Relief Cases Will Be Closed Before Night MunLitr 10 several oiners liled . v ^ iu ^i v.\i/ LU ciuse-us i some time : ago, are Mrs. James B.) a?ter ; rellsf "Tices in Mississ Hlarl- QT.H T ~r* '. 'pK.,^«;n«j _' .' COIintV. Clark and J. C. - Thurmond, and /ida Oglesby Matthews. Orders allowing ' the company to proceed with'construction were granted- by Circuit Judge G. E. Keck after $500 had been posted in each of the two suits to provide .compensation for the land- About a, week from today, approximately three months since its first reppsEiUative was'sent, hero on flood disaster duty, the national Red Cross expects to close-'lts dis- iippi City of Steele Victor ; - in False Arrest Actior '•-'-'- ' --"U - --" '- -"•'•.>. :: t v ';.' - .. •-•* •'CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo, Ap 15.—A circuit coui-t jury .yestcrdiu returned a verdict/In favor of the defendants in: a> $5000 damage suit against W. H. Howell, police chief at Steele, .and •• the City of Steele. The suit'^brouglit by Thur man DeBakey, . alleged f that : De- Bakoy had been 'falsely arrested and placed in jail at Steel some time ago. The committee at today's meeting fixed midnight April 19 as the date for the international control of- neutrality in Spain;s war to begin strict operation on land and panada exported {23,697,000 worth of copper bars, rods, etc, during the year 1935. Hits Webster County, Mo. MARSHFIELD, Mb.. Apr. 15 (U P)^SI\- persons were recovering today from injuries suffered last tornado ripped county. This morning only about 100 cases remained of the 2,500 or more families which were on the organization's rolls In the Ohickasawba district during tlie flood emergency and rehabilitation work, and they were to be closed out by night. About tlie same condition exists at the Osceola office. Only the necessary clerical and i detail work of closing out the organization's activities remains to end the 1931 chapter of the na- Nrnnl Red Cross' disaster work in Mississippi county. night when through the .Webster county. northern part of Announces Weekly Offering of... $50,000,000 in Short. Term. Bills Bar Association Reprcscn- lalivcs Report'Result o( Naional Poll / WASHINGTON, April -IB;, (UP) — The American Unr : Association warned the senate judiciary committee today that a Jour'to onu majority of lawyers opposes, 1'rra I dent Roosevelt's supreme court en- lagcuicnt program . as futile and morally unconstitutional. Presenting the'results of, a poll of 70,480 lawyers of America, the bar association assci-tijd that lawyers, both Inside and outside Its I organization, were against the court plan, with the "country lawyers'" most strongly, opposed. . ' : Sylvester Siiilth of Phlllppsburg, N. J.. chairman of a special association committee, and Paul p. Hannah, secretary of tlie Junior Bar Conference, presented the views of Hie attorneys to the committee. , • Chargn Filibuster Sam G. Da vies Named State Pardon Director LITTLE HOCK, Apr. 15 (UP) •The newly organized state par- lion commission today named Sum O..Uavk!.s of Morrllton as director of nil slate pardons at a salary of $3,000 a year. , •' Davlc.s, who during the past year tins served us director of the stntc park'al t'otlt Jean mountain, south, of Morrllton, will assume 'ils duties Friday morning, ..... ,. April 15. ( UP) — Secrctin-j' pf the Treasury. Henry Morgcnthau jr. announced today that the treasury would begin raising new cash Monday. ' Members. of the committee mcau- while were split over a proposal chit tlie public hearings Saturday, when thej will vole on. the. question in-executive session. Advo- of the bill charged'the oppo HI. f,iH IK« u . ""cs 01 inc urn c.nargcd me oppo- aceo.nn1llprt.hfF, W °" d l)C [ sltl0 " wl "> nilbustccluV Dissenters accomplished throu s h the sate of to t l,e measure salr) tlmv wrtilil a new weekly series of $50.000000 in treasury bills which would conif due during the tax |Krlort In September. Although the secretary declined to comment It was understood thai the new cash was necessary lo prevent the treasury's working balance from slipping below the level ol approximately $1.000,000,000, due to the failure of tax receipts to come up to expectations. , v Mocgeiithaii.declinedV say howi .much the treasury .expected to bor- .o\v by this means. Kennett Robbers' Get Over §4jOOG : m Cash KENNETT. Mo.-Oiie of (lis largest hauls made recently in a robbery in tliis section was' reported in the robbery of the Ward store at Kennett Tuesday night when between 54,000 and 54.500 in cash wns : taken. \ Forty $100 bills, two government checks and two government vouchers were included in'the loot. ; ([US-STRIKE Women Demand Wage Increase^ and Recognition -of Union to tile measure said they would light any attempt at "gag" rule. Senator 'Pat f.lcCnrran (Dem.. Ncv.), member of the , Judiciary committee, introduced nn amendment to Pissldent Roosevelt's court bill providing for a Hat lucre-lisa of the lilgh tribunal to 11 members May. Afront Solution The amendment, coming from REEV mm % Industrial'- School Board Scheduled lo Meet This Afternoon LITTLE ROCK. Apr, 15 .(UP) — A meeting of the board of man- ilicrs of the Boys Industrial School it Pine nhiff, scheduled for ;lhls Homing,- was postponed until late this afternoon, due to the Inability of D, w, Williams of Pltj- rench here before that • 'i V O. Reseller of 'Utt to line. Williams and A. ..„ „, Dwmott were named last, night by. aov. Carl E. Uniley as new members of the board after the governor had signed u proclamation removing George H. Adams of Pine Bluff and E. p. Rdwards of Conway as members of the board of managers. According' to ativtces from the governor's office the board 'of Sectional Lines Drawn m Conlroveisy Over Gavagan Measure WASHINGTON, April 15 (UP)— Mention of the Duck. Hill "Wow torch' 1 lynchlngs In Mississippi [today divided tlie hotisc: Into North and South factions (luring ^tipfrt fire debute on the Gavagan-blH making lynching'a federal crime. Ftcp llttmllton FUh (Rep, N Y) angered souUiem DjmocraU' opposing the measure when he ".demanded that tliey^ swing overnto i support, the bill and "end blood -till i $ty mo"us" ' ^> Southerners retorted that the ; blll would ilolalc state lights, 'would destroy county governments and would be unconstitutional 'jhoy described the bill as a "futile" measure which could not be enfoiccd Snys Negroes Protected Fish shouted that, the mob Which lynched tlie two negroes nt Duck Hill "piobably will nevoi be brought to trial,' and contended tluit, tlie recent Incident 'ought to Inake managers, the two new members, will meet late today and dismiss Jolm Reeves as superintendent of the school despite the fuel that the old board last week voted, four to one, to retain htm head of the Institution. southern Democrats support 1 ' this staunch • administration • supporter S- Close friends of the governor and at a time wheirifongresslonal ""'•' "'-' "" " demands for .compromise wero In- creasinji, was considered'as a possible basis for solution of controversy over .Die prcsldpnt's. proposal to add .six new members to/the court. McCarran's amendment would eliminate the • president's proixwal to add one new Justice'for every Justice who' falls to retire at 70 years of age. It simply, would Increase the membership of the court from nine to eleven. said that tlie Rev. J. G. Daw-son of Conway would be named Reeves' successor. ,\ : UT€LL ^ New York Cotton NEW YORK. Apr. 15 (UP) Cotton closed steady. open high low close Caruthersville School Board Reelects Pierce their, final ronf^nrp . ut. He will be iven a. three-year ! cntract. Pierce has been .superin- endent of schools here for nine MONTREAL, Quo,, April 15 (UP) —Nearly 5,000 women garment wcrkers went on strike today to enforce demands for higher-wages, u collective labor agreement and union recognition., The strike, affecting nearly 100 plants, was ordered yesterday by tlie International Ladles Garment WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, tonight and Friday. " \fcmphls and vicinity—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday; .'coalsr tonight with lowest, temperatures 50 to 60. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 78. minimum 54, clear, with'.02 of an inch rainfall last night, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer. Workers Union after manufactur-I } ' r~7~^~7, ~T. ers -refused to meet nninn nfrini^ic _ '""^nl nictionary I-ouml - BOB BURNS _, I May July ''Oct Dec Jan March twe 1380 1383 1333 1353 1370 1373 13-15 13-16 1327 1329 1307 1310 1321 1322 1302 1304 1325 1325 1305 1300 1330 1331 1311 1312 sed quiet at 1413. off Chicago Wheat their, final conference. [ C. .E..'O'Connor of Little Rock. ; who. has been In charge of national Red Cross disaster relief work In Mississippi county since March i. • plans to return tomorrow to Little Rock, where he is .stationed on Red Cross and veterans administration duty. Miss Henrietta Wilkins of St. Louis, first - representative of the national Red Cross to come here this year on flood relief work, will remain in charge here until the office Is closed, she came to Blythe- There are now seven members'-of the national Red cross staff work- cars Following the resignation of Sverctt- Reeves as -president of he board, Dr. J. D. Ltitcn, old- st member of the board In point if service, was elected president. O. W. Chilton was re-elected vice- president. Election of secretary and treasurer does not occur un- il in June, Ihe end of the fiscal I might as well be honest about it. I don't like these city barbel- shops. It used. to be restful goin' in a barber shop down home, but here in the city, they grab you the minute you step In and they turn you out like manfacturin' atomobllc parts. I suppose they have'ta hustle like that in order to pay for all the fancy equipment. I suppose a city man gits jest as nervous when he goes in a barber -shop -down home and he happens to be in a hurry. I'll never forgit the time a traveller salesman come dashin' into my uncle's barber shop and says "Gimme a haircut real quick!' My uncle got up out of his chair and yawned and then he called his boy In and he says "Pernell, go over lo the Press-Argus and tell Hugh Pork if he's through rditin' !h.» naper, I'd likc'ta have my scissors." I .• I' -. ^— i jj^j »j open . high low close Nfay 136 1-4 136 1-2 134 7-8 134 7-8 Jill 123 1-4 123 3-4 122 122 Chicago Corn open high low close May 125 7-8 126 1-2 124 3-4 124 3-4 Jul 117 3-4 118 1-8 11$ 5-8 116 5-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Apr. 15 (UP)—Hogs: receipts G.500 Top 10.20 170-230 Ibs 10.10-10.15 Light weights 7.00-10.10 Bulk sows 9.35-9.60 Cattle: receipts 2000 Steers 8,00-9.75 Slaughter steers 8.00-9.75 Mixed heifers and yearilngs 7,5Q"9.50 Slaughter heifers 6.50-11 M Beef cows 5.50-C.50 - ing In the county. There has been as many as 12. Miss Virginia ,sel- by, transferred to this county from Poirisett county, has been again transferred to Marlon. 111. • When the national Red Cross completes Its work In tr.e county a statement of the organization's expenditures here will be released New Orlea?is Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 15 <UP>Selling which developed from a statement of Cully Cobb. cotton administrator for the agricultural adjustment administration, broke the cotton market more than one dollar a bale today. open high tow closi May 1374 1374 1344 1345 July 1367 1367 1388 1340 Oct 1324 1326 1303 1308 De° 1326 132S 1308 1313 •Inn 1330 1330 1316 1316 March 1337 1337 1322 1322 „„ .,„ u' Q^JVH-a \,HK Cutters nnd low cutters 3.75-5.00 twenty-four.' Spots closed quiet at 1380. off Closing -Sto6k Prices NEW YORK,- Apr. 15 (UP) — Trading on the-stock ' exchange fell off sharply today and prices fluctuated narrowly. Some traders anticipated a test of recent lows before the upward trend resumed. Others felt tlie market is completing consolidation and soon will be ready for another advance. A T and T 167 1-2 Anaconda Copper 58 Bethlehem Steel ...... 913-4 Chrysler 116 3-4 ~ ' 37-8 54 3-8 59 3-8 Citle.s Service General Eltctric General Motors International Harvester 107 3-4 McKesson- Robbi ns 14 5-8 Montgomery Ward ..... 60 1--I New York Central .... -13 1-8 Packard Phillips Petroleum . '.'... Radio Corp St Louis-San Francisco 3 7-8 Simmons Bed M 7-3 Standard of !^ -j ...... 701-8 Texas Corp 03 3-8 U S Smelting 33 U S steel 112 5-8 li T-8 ers -refused to meet union officials in conference. Forty Royal Canadian Mounted |K>licemen were assigned to patrol the downtown clothing Industry district, a precautionary measure against possible disorder. Four women distributing circulars before a plant were arrested and lodged in cells at police headquarters. • It was the first large scale walkout of a union affiliated with John U Lewis' C. I. o. in Quebec province, the second in Canada, union officials denied that the C I o sponsored the strike. The union demands a general 20 er cent wage Increase, minimum wages, a 44-hour working week, better working conditions, recognition of the union and closed shop.^ Negro Waives Hearing on 1931 Murder Charge Envin Murphy, negro, who was returned here yesterday from Chicago by Sheriff Hale Jackson, waived preliminary examination °n a.charge of murder in municipal court this morning and was bound over lo await prosecution al the fall term of circuit crim- al court. Murphy Is alleged to have fatally shot another negro, without provocation. In 193f at a fann house near Armorel. Officers said they had Information that after Murphy had fatally wounded the other negro, who was unarmed. Hint he attempted to shoot him "Bain but that Ins pistol snapped several times without discharging. Murphy fled and was only recently apprehended In Chicago wl 'cn sheriff's deputies obtained his address and had him taken Into custody by Chicago officials. He Indicated that he would fight extradition but later consented to return here. LENINGRAD (UPJ—Tlie ... tute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences hns received from ILs Astrakhan correspondent a manuscript representing a. dictionary of the Khorczininn" lan- jtiagc containing 2,000 Khorez- nilnn words with their equivalent in tlie Ajublan and Persian languages. Roosevelt Scion Operated On Additional Appoint merits 'Will Be An no u n cec) 'Next Tuesday health officer, who of the board of Mayor Marion Williams, whose ndmlnlstraflon ' of 'the ; city gbv- ernment began Ttfesday isSsjhl, today announced appointment of several committees that will'func- tion for the nc.xt year. . ' Two of the committees are incomplete at tills time, the mayor reserving appointment of the 'pity Is chairman - -- health, until next Tuesday night's special meet- Ing of the council, and of two-or more members of. the airport com-, inlttee.' ••''•': * ' • .-. Committee appointments ,follow: Streets, John C. NfcIIancy jr.', E. R. Jackson, and Jesse White, nlcbhnc-n; police. Jachson, Loy Welch, and J. L. Guard, aldermen; finance. Estes Lunsford, Mc- Ifaney. and Guard, aldermen; purchases, Welch. Guard. - Jackson; buildings, Guard, tunsford McHancy; lights and water. White. Welch, Jackson; board of health, Dr. Hunter. C. Sims, Welch, Lunsford, chairman to be named; airport, Mtss Ruth clerk, others to be Dlythe. named. city Ordinary commercial gasoline weighs from 5,8 to 62 poinuls a gallon. Little Girl Slightly Injured by Automobile Jena Bcnlsh, f on r- y en r - old daughter'of Mr. and Mrs/ : i,. S Bctilsh. Was slightly Injured .when struck by a car on Main street, In the business district, late yestcr ' n ^. a Iternoon, -, , • •. , . < ounineis, wno is leaping souinern ihe accident was described as | Democrats In opposing the proixxs- unavoidable. the child darting out -*- 1 '~* —* --* : '—-«-*-- *-»« into the .street In front of an automobile driven .. by a woman. The little girl, who was accompanied by her negro, nurse, sus- taincd - a bruised left arm and a (bruise and laceration above the left eye. She was given emergency treatment at a physician's office nearby and will probably be given anti-tetanus treatment, beginning today, her mother stated. Sara Roosevelt (above), granddaughter of the President, won't have to fear appendicitis any more. Though only six, her ap- J. R. Gill, Stricken in Court, Is Better Today J. R. Gill. 52, well known Dell farmer, was to be dismissed from the Blyllieville hospital today more. Though only six. her ap- , , 01> , "'T "»i"«'.' "™> a " cr pendix was removed to relieve < M -" S ™s''cd. there-when-he was an acute infection and she is re- ' s ' rl <*en with a. fainting spell late an acute infection and she is reported recovering rapidly 'at a hospital in Washington; D. C. S,iie is the daughter of Mr. and . - Mrs, Jaiies Roosevelt, • '.u serious, It. was .stated. '\ a. fainting spell late yesterday afternoon whift attend- ig chancery- court here., i; His condition was not. regarded bill' Rep Zebulnn Weaver tDenij N'I C.(, member ol the house Judiciary committee, demanded liberty To. states to handle thcli own problem? and told of drastic steps taken In Noith Carolina to punish lynch- eis ' 'There Is no good negro In the South today who does not have .the love and protection of the while- man," weaver stild. "We have•'real men in the south like our >iluH- Ills who aic ready to lay down their lives • to'defend the liiw." k ' Insist on Vote Tod.vj 'Chairman Hatton . W. Sumnci'S (Dem Tex) of the house judiciary committee, an opponent of the bill warned thav, vne 'nttastire (v w.qHM give tljtj fc<|orixl goye^nment po\\cr to piosecute a state'g'oiernomm- ,'ljfss he.called out the irillitla> to siippress lynching The Democratic leadership sen- ed,,notice that It would l)old the clmmber in session Into t.he night if necsEsnry for final action Despite opposition from the two major Democratic leaders, sponsors predicted the measure would pas.> '. Hie bouse bj a two to one vote Ulanm. Non-Ilcsidcnts , W1NONA, Miss t April 15 (UPJ—. Authorities of this county, Mont-, joinery, today blamed non-residents for the torture lynching of two" ne- groes near Duck Hill. ' None of t,hc parlies in the-mob were from Montgomery county,' District Attornej Clarence E Moi- gan stild "We have information that the mobsters :wcre.. from Grenada, Can-oil and probably Webster and Tailahalchie .counties." Sheriff E E Wright and his'two [Icpiilie'i had said they recognjzed none of the mobsmen who seized Ills negroes from them here Tues:ay. [' * Asks Investigation . *. The negroes—Roosevelt Tovvnes.- 25. and "Bootjack" McDanlcl,'.2G— were tortured with blow torclies' and lynched neat Duck Hill,, a short distance from tlie crossroads- store, where the two were accused of murdering and robbing George S. Wyndham last December. 30. A third negro, 'Shorty" Dorroh. was whipped Severely and told-to leave the state. • Ooy Hugh Wh(t« requested an Investigation but has given no Indi- 'cation of state Intervention, as' urged In a telegram -to hlm<;'from Chairman HatUm Simmers (DenY:. Te\'.')' gf.the house judiciary committee - , , ' Montgoinerj county Authorities admitted they had made no proj- ress iif ascertaining • those gulll-y of the double lynching. > . Sumncrs • Dcmaiids^ Action. Sumners, who Is leading southern ed federal ant\-lynching bill in Washington, telegraphed Governor White thai If Mississippi did not bring "these lynchers and off leers to speedy and' adequate punishment 1 ' the state could not in effect' escape becoming an accessory after a fact' to 'the crime The Duck Hlfi lynchlngs, Sum- said, "is the sort, of thing which makes it hard for us who are'here trying fo protect governmental,.soy.* ereignty of the slates.' Governor While salrt he deeply deplored the mob action. Dr. C. C. Stevens Heads Local Hospital Staff Dr. C. C. Stevens was elected head of the medical staff of the Blythevillc hospital £t a meeting of the. members l£st night. He'will succeed the late ;Dr. Max O. Usrey, who formerly held that posti

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