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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois • Page 24

The Inter Oceani
Chicago, Illinois
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1- a. THE SUNDAY INTER OCEAN, JANUARY; 16, 1898. HitAAAAAl A A I A A A lAAAAAiAAlAAA 5 Clearing Sale of Linens and White Goods. This mesas that our entire atock la marked down every price la reduced to get ready tor Inventory see Mow we alaah them. 4f heavy aH-Mttee pm Crash mad heavy 44- Bleached and UiMmcM Twilled JC 4-f Tewelleg, worth yard 21x4J vary heavy Cma Honey Cesar JZC Towels, worth 10c 23x44 fine qeaUty alt-llnea Heatst'd -Hack Tewels, worth loo Jl' 88-fa.

flaa. heavy qaallty alt-llnea 25c Creaas Daaaaek, worth 40c, lor 2-fca. Mac eeatlty kaH Maacaed Uaaa Table Daasask. worth 60c. 62-la.

alMlnea fall bleached Table 27 Daasask, worth 60s, 64-la. Hna qealrt all-llnea bleached AQc Batla Dan-ask, worth S-4 atz all-llaaa sett-flnUaed slsechsd Oer- tnaa Daaiask Dinner Napkins, ft 25 full selvedges, worth 12.00. dor 8-10 heavy all -I I oca fringed Uinch 7C. Cletne. worth S1.26 Plata white Embroidered Doyllea.

2ic worth lOe each Plain waits Embretdered Ceaters aad AQc fehaaas, worth 11.26 1-yard wide eott-flabbcd Bleached Jr Mttslla, worth 7HC yard Clearing Sale of Ladles' -nd Children's Underwear. Our way to move odd lota la to cut deep, and they move quickly. Lad tea' Swiss Ribbed Weot Vests, in natural, camel's hair and white aj 76c vesta closing at. each Ladles Caaael Hair Vests aad Paata. rather broken sizes, but most any one can get suited 81.

OO (trmenu dosing at, 5Qc each Ladles Coaibl nation Salts, in natural and balbriggan regular $1.00 and 11.26 7c suits closing at, each Children's White Wool Swiss Ribbed Vests and Paats, fine quality and beautifully made, smallest size worth 86c clos- Qs? ing all sizes up to 6, at, each Children's Natural Wool Vests aaly. all sizes op to 26, worth from 26c to bOc -each closing at, '2 Clearing Sale of Carpets and Rugs All Tbla Seaaon'a Moat Popular Stylea at Clearing, Wblcb Meant at Leaa Tban We Can Replace Tbem. 50c Strictly Half Wool Ingrain Carpet large range of patterns SSc quality Tapestry BrasseU ex- AC cellent assortment of styles Asm taster, Moqactte. Wlltoa Velvet and Body Brussels all of the standard qualities ln-deslcrns'Mo be discontinued rood chance to buy a good carpet at a Zs-small cost with or without borders. 20c China Matting Jolntlesa, fancy checks and stripes can be used on either tAr side J00 Saivraa Rues John Bromley Sons extra aualitv- coral, urientaa ana SI.

98 anitnal designs 80x60 A rt Needlework. Clearing Sale of All Ottr Holiday Novelties left over worth up to 26c If. Clearing Sales price Worth up to 80c Clearing Sale price. 1 Oo Worth opto 81 Clearing Sale price Hand-Painted Picture Frames Passepartout mounting. 1, 2 and oprnlngs worth up to 82.0O Clearing Sale price NO MAIL ORDERS FILLED O.N ADVERTISED GOODS.

FOR WHIST PLAYERS Ravenswood Tries Conclusions with Chicago. EVANSTON BOAT CLUB Mrs. Jenks' Nineteenth Whist Iesson. Ladies' Klbt at the Chicago Clal Play by the Oaks at Anstln. One hundred and four players took part In the weekly game at the Chicago Whist club last Wed need ay evening, forty-four of them being members of the Ravenswood Whist club, who had come In to, play an Informal match with the city club.

Twenty-alx dealt were played and the average of the twenty-two tables In the match was taken as the average of the entire game. The Chicago Whist club won at seventeen tables an aggre- gate of IOI tricks, while Ravenswood wat euccessf ul at five tables for a total of seventeen tricks. leaving: a margin for Chicago of eighty-four tricks. The high scores were made by Coe-Owen and Collin-H. T.

Fryi en plus each, and by Bray ton -McKelvey, Hubbard-Morris, and Wood-Parry, nine plu each, all on the Chicago side, the highest game lor rtavenswoou onuz kt uj Howard. la the score of the twenty-two tables in the match: Chicago. Rwd. Gain. Gain Wood-Parry 171 8 Colllpp-Cohen 167 Moullon-Battelle 157 V0.

s9T nwanass Fiske-Keenn iu a Marsh-EusUs ICS 4 Sutton-Spear 173 Barker-Johnson 15 Willard-Mead 183 Hartz-Holden 1C4 2 Merrick-Merrick 174 Cady-Cady 158 Taylor-Welles 1S3 Kasper-A. V. 160 Cook-Shaw 178 2 166 8 'Montgomery-Ellis -173' Wicker-De 16S Bcbenlck-McWill'ms 173 Graham-Ackley 1S8 Burllng-Btockham 182 8 Broomell-Kent 165 8 Richards-Bills -171 Duggan-Howard 168 7 Read-D. P. Wilkinson.

168 De Celle-Eimons 167 Balluf-Loughran 171 Anderson-Entorf 154 Plckinson-GrifflU 182 8 Coe-Owen. 172 18 Brown-Speck 168; McDonald-Broadbent 165 J-'- 8 Partr ge-J. Wilkinson. 172 a. a.

4M. 171 r'- 2 Burt-Morton 158 Cheever-Porter Seymour-Thompson 167 Potter-Adams 171 Newkirb-Bloomfleld 152 Brayton-McKelvey 185 8 -Collins-H. T. 172 18 Minster-Pinkney 153 Hubbard-Morris 185 8 Totals 8,874 .3,82 101 17 Averages 162 178 In the four tables outside of the match Kellogg and A. O.

Allen carried ra the honors by a gain of twelve, and were awarded the high-score buttons for the week. The score of the outside tables: Cllbert-Roblnson 162 ,1 F. H. and R. H.

11 Soodsoa-McLne 158 TTTTTTTTTTfttTTtrtt DURING the next two weeks we propose to sell goods regardless of cost or value The quotations In. this ad. show you that we mean' business, and what we desire to Impress upon you Is this: YOU WILL FIND EVERY ARTIOLE EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED. We lay particular stress upon this fact, because SEVERAL HOUSES ON THE STREET DON'T DO. THAT.

For instance: Last Thursday a credit house not far from Madison-st. advertised ladies' jackets worth S2S.OO for $6.25. We bought one of these and upon actual comparison find in our stock the same garment marked $5.00. We ijilght like others, advertise $5.00 coats for 50 cents and all such rot Yes, we might say $25.00 coats for a dollar, but we don't, for, come what may, we are bound Let others juggle and humbug the community if they will, THE BIG STORE NEVER GUILTY OF SUCH PRACTICES. A Great Sale of Gloves siSS- Ao are giving up the Olove business.

Marvelous sale of Gloves of unusual qualities at most remarkable prices ever seen for Flue Oloves Ladles' KM Oleves with 2 fancy elasp fasteners, S-row embroidered backs, a eom- lino of all desirable colors hlro Cloak Co. price 1 26 tJjJC our price Ladles' All-Wool Jersey Cashmere Oleves Black only worth 86c I fC to close Ladies' Kid Oloves. P. K. Sewed 2-clasp buttons, S-row fancy 2-loned embroidery very pair warranted and fitted to 41 the band Chicago Cloak Co.

cSfC price I1.60 our price. JJ fatrlofg Ladies' Jackets, Suits, Capes, Furs. Evsry Garment of this season's make. No Dime Museum freaks that came out of Noah's Ark. Nothing but the most stylish, most dependable garments, at prices way below all others no matter what they advertise as you will see upon comparison.

Therefore we advise you strongly before you buy Compare! Jacket Stock Clearing. Our S3. 50 and S3 Oar meats all go Cf Monday for Ji.JLf Our S6.SU ant 10 Jackets ail 10 ys go Monday tor Our Choicest SI2 te S20 Jackets on CZ 71 Monday at. The Sew Bayadere Tucked Dress Skirt. This Skirt spread like a flat a you all beard ao much about, again on sale Monday.

Made of fine quality all-wool Cheviot and fine luster brliliant-ine, cut entirely new, with a perfect hanging new baok. strictly private dreaamaker-made under' our own supervision this skirt only compares with such as you'll find with private modiste in the two above mentioned materials worth every cent of 10 on special sale $5.00 4 Kcllogg-A. G. Allen 1SS 12 Parkes-Olmsted 1S5 Logue-Wlnans Ii3 7 Rathbone-B. T.

155 Oldam-Yracg 187 7 Kstirdsy Pronjresslve Gnnae. There were twenty players in the progressive game at the Chicago Whist club on Saturday evening. Twenty-five deals were played five against each team sitting the other way of the table. Parsons-Mitchell and Kent-Cheeseman made the high scores with nine and five tricks above the respective averages. Following is the score by gains, the footings of the columns giving the corresponding losses to the tams whose numbers are at the head: North-South Tram' 12 14 tOn.Lm.Nt.

1. Wlllard and 1 4 6 0 2. Knt and Oirrt'tiun 4 1 2 W-llei and Rathbone 0 0 4. Seymour and Young 0 0 0 4 1 t. Kellogg aod 18 12-4 1 Eaat-Wer! looses Eaat-Wet Teams 1.

Ellis and W. J. 2. Mi-Lane and Logue 3. Mitchell and Parsons 4.

Gilbert and Parker Cheever and Porter North-South losses .4 8 8 111 .1 .4 1 .1 4 8 IS 20 4 6Gn.Le.Nt. 1240 cost 1 1 4 4 I 20 1 Denotes a tie. vDenoies a loss. Ladles Sight. Nineteen ladies were in attendance at the Chicago Whist club latt Monday evening, and with the gentlemen present made up a game of nine tables.

Two ladies praying as partners. Mrs. Auer and Mrs. Morris, made a gain of seven, Just missing the high score, which was made by Miss Mathews and Mr. Seymour, whose fain was nice.

Both theie scores were made east-west. North-south, Miss Paden and Mr. Thompson, were high with tlx. The score by tables: Gain. Miss M.

Can dee Candee. 125 8 Mrs. Cheeseman-Dr. Cheese- man 133 Mrs. Earie-Mr.

Olmsted 116 Miss Cuyler-Mr. Hajrea 144 4 Miss Paden-Mr. 126 6 Mrs. Appleget-Dr. 134 Miss Knapp-Mr.

Buss 121 1 Mrs. Fry-Mr. Fry 139 Mrs. Rathbone-Mr. Rathbone 121 1 Mrs.

Candee-Mr. Candee 139 Miss F. Candee-Mr. 112 Mrs. Auer-Mrs.

Morris 147 7 Mrs. Hendryx-Mr. 125 5 Mrs. Craw'ford-Mr. Crawford 135 Mrs.

Ulrdsell-Mr. Ill Miss Matthews-Mr. Seymour 148 8 Miss Wardwell-Mr. 120 Mrs. Hrlden-Mr.

Holden 140 Totals Averages 1,078 120 1,262 140 Whist at Ravesiswoosl. Forty players participated in the weekly tourney at the Ravenswood Whist club last Saturday evening, and an interclub game of twenty-four deals was played. The high score buttons were won by Ihiggan-Sutton and Potter-Bloomfleld. with seven, tricks above the average. Following is the ecore by tables: Oaln '168" 147 1 165 149 .8 162 128 7 18 2 10 -171.

153 1 7 158 7- 147 1 168 148 166 148 166 Bryan-Brooks Merrlck-Broe. Kichards-Gonatt Wlmderllch-Thiery 1 aompson-emis nroadbenVMcDonald Nelson-Aviill Duggaa-SulUrn Acuvnun-DiHuii Ccdy-McWIlMama TLoughrln-BalluS Moullon-Battelle Potter-Blonmfleld Wtl Ua me-Thompson Plnkney-M luster Rltter-Bowell Morton-Mets Klrkham-Davls Howard-Cohen Totals Averages -146 1.668 18 Evaastea Boat Clab. The weekly whist game at the Evasston Boat club on Thursday night was attended by twenty-four players, and twenty-four deals were played. The following la the record by tables: i Gain Campbell -Porter. 147 5 Wataon-IrtirT.

185 Bayless-Olmsled. 141 ttt tlMM 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 PRE Only Two Weeks to Invtsntory. Fearful Price-Cutting to Reduce Stocks Ladles' KM Oleves, In glaec and soede button and Foster lacings, emb'd. back and filain, the lot eonaista of aeveral broken Ines, where either the sizes or the colors are incomplete Chicago Cloak Company price up to 11.26 your choice 45c Ladlee aad CbUdrea's AIt-Wao Kalt nttteas worth 110 fSC Ut close Mea's Scotch Kalt Oleves, la nice combination colors, Chicago Cloak jC Company price 860, our price Furs. S7S Persian Comblnatloa Tab.

Collarettes Monday $30.00 SoO Choicest nink Collarettes, 91ft 7i handsome lining 4iO.J Fancy Mlek, Persian Lamb and CO Mane Marten Mails at 2aOO Jt 11 XX Electric Seal Fur Jackets, 23 or 27 inches long, made of selected skins, heavy satin i.r!!.,,"!u $25.00 Far Capes. 24 to 89 inch Canada 7f Seal Capes, sizes 84 to 0. only 27 te SO lack Electric Seal Capes. CO full sweep, high storm collar Very Special Genuine Black Marten Scarfs. 6 tails, worth IIO.OO, Da-k Eattera ntak Scarfs.

18 S7.98 Waists and Wrappsrs. At 7 Sc Our remains of Woolen Waists, worth up to (3.00 75c At $1.71 All on one table -Waists 7C worth op to 86. OO. ajU.aT At S9c Eiderdown Bouse Gowns, CO At 98c Your choice of 11.96 to 82-OO QoX Flannelette Hoase Wrappers mvtvv -f Rhodes-Rhodes Blssell-Donaldson Andrew-Dyson Lewis-Webster Anthony-fleaa Scott-Coryell Donnell-Heas Meyrirk-Vaill RoberU-Ide Totals Averages 168 ies 174 173 173 1.021 170 144 138 139 139 81 142 Aaatla Wfalat Gnnae. There were five tables lnthe weekly game of the Oaks at Austin last week and thirty hands were played.

Interclub style. Fif teen above by Bagley and Thorndyke and ten above by Hunter and Knowlton. made an extreme variation of twenty-five tricka, be tween scores for the same hands. The record by tables: Gain. Frott-Malum 202 Kreis-Hall US 4 Stritkland-Dorland 196 Hunter-Knrwlton 194 16 Martin-Beeaon 205 Hunainger-Strom 185 1 Baglcy-Thorndyke 221 15 Wheeler-Enow ICS Lyon-Hart 206 Mariow-Emerton 184 1.W0 tno Averages 2ti6 14 Kenwood Game.

Forty-eight players took part in the progressive tourney at the Kenwood club Saturday night, and the skipping-one-table game was played. High score buttons were won by Hibbard and Hoagland, with eight plus north-south, and Harts and Marshall were high east-west, with five. The score by gains: JiinrnMr. da9Maaaas mab 8- aC 4V- mOpOb eaa s-8s sTa. ev-e sal eMf kl 8-8 dB-8a w-d8Ci 8r-8 aag- J.4 w8J8l 8JaV-d 43 8o e-M edB aafa a-aM teMl8-e J4fa1a-s 48e 42-42esv-8 8D 8 0 4kt44aaafaaeaa.

228- 4 8 M8-eeSs MTs w4 OSd) 80 w4T atatas ne t8- 8jwa 9 8-a aaMS 8PS SXiawieE) 0 ff-SHCO a4Kas4 8-b ehaasOws 8f4e42 8-eaw- e8s) 4C e4aBVw8Tt wS a)asatn mp S3 8- as 58 a. Denotes a tie. 0 Denotes a loss. 'Denotes table skipped. Numbers at head oX columns sre those of opposing teama.

At At the regular weekly meeting of the Lawn-dale 'Whist club Thursday evening, twenty players took part In the game. Twenty-four deals' were played, Interclub style. Goldsmith and Brown made high gain east aad west, with five tricks; Pridmore and Pridmore and Jackson and Steinbrook each gained three tricks, north and south. The following is the score: Holcotnb-Whlte J58 Btailing-Eustis U3 8 Anderson-Sheldea ..162 Walter-Lowry .150 Pridmore-Pridmore 165" 2 Rlley-Putney 147 Franklln-Pardee 158- Goldsmith-Brown 155 6 Jackson-Stembrook ............165 1 Cook-Tebbetu 147 752. 162--.

158 Take the best when you need medicine. Then take Hood's Barsaparilla, the true blood purifier. 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 eooooo mxim MM mi Clearing Sale of Umbrellas. From the Great Purchase of the Chicago Cloak Co. Divided la to Three Wonderfully Low Prices.

Lot I Chicago Cloak Co-'s 11.60 and ft 2 umbrellas 077 Lot 2 Chicago Cloak Co. 12.60 CI 7Q and $400 Umbrella. Let S-Chicago Cloak 18.60 Bt and 84.00 Umbrellas JJ.W Silverware. Afeiv price-record are made here every day. Here are some strong price attractions sure to attract bay ers la this Use for our clearing slath every value and attack every price Onadrup'e Plata, satta finish Broad Tray 1 border Borers' Al plat shell tft.ped Tea ARr fipooos.set.

Bogers' Al plate Table Bpooos Ojr--setof yUt' Vm. Dinner Knives or For a each Bogers 1847 18 dwt. Dinner (PI Cft Kaires or Forks-set c.t Bogera 1847 Table Spoons. Jr. Horm Bros.

1847 Gravy Ladla. fancy handle- fcr each 'OG Bogers is47 nf. Berry Spoons, fancy handles Bogera 1847 6 agar Sballa AJsf each tiJf Silver-plated Te Spoons fancy patterns ess Bllver-Plated Tsble Spoons or Forks As. fancy patterns each Dress Lining Specials. Of.

SUk FlaUb yard wide Rust ling Taffetaa, JV' English make-other places luo If, Monday we say Tf. Eagllsk Sileslas. double faced, twilled. extra stroncvour choice of 100 de- 7 signs usual price Ibe Monday 0- Heavy French Lhsea Caavaa. osuallyO t' lu 3nn.lliiUt onl 't silk-finished Rast-Mac Tattctawplia woaliry- MRS.

JENKS' WHIST LESSON. fTsTTaTTna Irreajalar bat Chances Cease for Lively Tills. NO. 19. The present lesson Is one played by some bright and clever lady wbitters in Lima Ohio, where the writer is now conducting a large class of thirty-eight pupils.

The deal is one that requires an irregular opening, which develops chances for some lively tuts that are thoroughly appreciated and taken advantage of by these wide-awake students of the royal game. The spade two is turned by west. As the band was played north and south win eight tricks. Bngers 1R47 Tea Spooae 17. each each.

NORTH HAND, jj fgl EAST HAND. HIBQElllii EH Pil SOUTH HAND. rn 1 1 UUN 'tllil WEST HAND. Trick North opens with the dub eight, endeavoring to convey to partner by this lr rerular lead the fact that his hand consists of four or five trumps (if five, very indifferent ones) and no good suit. This direct information enables south to formulate a plan of action with more security than If be knew less about ths condition of north's East plays the club king, which would be the correct play, even with it once guarded, as be Would be unable to decide whether the lead irregular or not.

Bouth wins with the club ace, west follows with the club two. Trick 2. Souths in applying the rule of eleven, is aware that north haa opened the deal Irregularly. There should foe enly three cards out of the leader's hand better than the lead, as, since one of them has fallen second hand, and he holds three beUer-hhnself. It la evident that he must lead trumps for the benefit of the clubs, and leads the higher of Tats week trumps, the spade cjueen, in accord with rule for leaalnj a aueafthenina; ttttf ft tvf tttttt ft ftf tttttf tttytftf fttttt 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 to keep faith with the HAS AND NEVER WILL BE; j- $1.25 for Men's Pants The Event of.

the Soaeoa. ust fo general clear-oat in oar Pants Department The odd pair 1 all st rles, "He avy and medium weight, ff hi lots ani Worsted, beavywaigbt Corduroys, never before such pants values at ao low a price worth 00, $3. 50 and ,4.00 -one 4l EZ day Monday -only I Boys' Knee Pants; b. wmetM mm a S.ea.. I His Vti' Onr entire tock of Boys' fine All-Wool Knee Fants.

in fancy and plain worsteds. Scotch Cassimere and bomespnna. all sizes. 3 to 16 year any knee pants in the house will be sold Monday tZflf a pairs to a customer Our Muslin Underwear Sale marks an epoch here. Women know that the garments are stylish, welt made aad generous la size the varieties; qualities and low prices are unchallenged.

Our Clearing Sale requires some quick selling and makes low prices still lower. Clearing Sale of all our masted and crumpled Underwear, accumulated la our Qreat Jaaumry Sale, coasMIng of Corset Coven, Gowns, Chemise, Drawers, and Skirts, lace and embroidery trimmed. Values up to 65c. at 39 Values up to 81.SO. at 69c Values up to 82.60, at 95c Higher grade Underwear of all description, slightly aoiled, at Lowes Clearing Sale Prices.

Clearing Salt ef FIsaaelettes-Ladles' Flannelette Night Oowns. extra heavy qualltv. regular price 11.26 fC Clearing Sale Price Canton Flaaaef Drawers. trimmed in torchon lace yi. Clean Sale Price I sales' Flannelette Dressing 5ecaaet worth up to 81.26 au go at Clearing Sale Infants 'Wear.

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60 Clearing Sale Price $1.97 25c $1.47 Chlldrem'e Flannelette Oewns. all siaee, worth 76e Clearing Sale Price. 39c card. West plays the spade two, north the spade fcur, and east wins, with the spade ace. Trick 3.

East opens the long heart suit with the rule play of ace. south follows with the heart two, west with the heart nine, aad north with the heart three. Trick 4. East continues with the heart Jack, although he is aware his partner has king enly or no more, but he wishes him to know how many hearts he holds, hence he leads the lower of the two indifferent high cards, showing more than four. South follows with the heart four and west with the heart king, and north with the heart six.

Trick 5. West bad the same opportunity of knowing that the opening lead was Irregular as south, and is now puttied to know if his partner is out of the suit or not, and as he holds both Jack and ten and only three diamonds, he deems it best to lead the club Jack, which, even should east hold another, leaves him in command of the suit. North follows with club four, east trumps with the spade seven, and south plays the club five. Trick 6. East must lead his heart queen before one of the opponents gets a discard.

Scuth follows suit with the heart five, west discards the. club three, and north follows suit with the heart eight. Trick 7. East now leads the diamond five, to try to give the lead to west for him to lead another club that he may save his last trump. South plsys the diamond three, west the diamond queen, and north wins with the diamond ace.

Trick 8. North now risks an under trump lead, with the spade six. Certainly the chances are that the ten is with an adverse hand, but if se, it is guarded and will win at last, and if south has It a trick is gained, hence the risk is justifiable. East follows with the spade nine, south wins with, the spade ten. and west playr the spsde three.

Trick 8. 8outh leads the command club queen. west follows with the club ten. and north with the club seven. East discards the diamond six, as, since' the ace and oueen have been played, the Jack needs but the one guard.

Trick 10. South leads the club nine, which forces west to play the trump five, and north overtrumps with the spade Jack. East dis cards the heart seven. Trick 11. North leads the spade king, east throws away the heart ten, south the dia mond nine, and west follows with the spade eight.

Trick 12. North leads the diamond four. east follows suit with the diamond ace. south wins with the diamond king, and west plays the diamond seven. Trick 13.

South wins last trick with elufc alx. west throws away the diamond ten, north the diamond two, and east the diamond Jack. EacllsTa Jadcee Blaelc There la one nartbMilar v- w. Mil longing to the order of the coif the black cap Which the In Ecaland their wiaa when nuiin. A I nrwn concerning in la black cap, aad many mistakes have been made about It.

Ser-iteapt Pulling, In his work. "The. Order of the Colt." says: "The black can. or aentenre pan. of the Judges and eera-eanta la mhiIkI.

tbecoif. as Lord Campbell repeatedly a La tea. It ia, on the contrarv. the eovertne assigned to veil the coif on the only occasion wuea me coir is required to be hidden. By the ancient privileges of the sergeants, the coif was not to be taken off.

even in the royal presence. The chief Insignia of the order was to be se displayed wbea sitting on the bench or pleading at the bar. but this rule see ma always to have neen aepenea rrora in passing sentence of death. "The head of the administrator of Justice was then covered, as a token of sorrow, by the black sentence eanT This cornered can. black eao.

or sentence cap, aa it Is sometimes termed, is a piece of limp black cloth, wbwrh Is put ea top ef the The can la rare cut on when a prisoner has been convicted of mur- aer, and then the Judge placea the cap on'the top of his wig and pa sea sentence of death." wims the judges sit In mi Criminal courts and when attend ins church In state tfaev alwavn carry the black cap- in their hands- as a part ef tneir regular jnaiciaj attire, ine niaca cap a also worn by the Judges on the day when the new Lord Mayor goes In state to the royal courts of Justice te be sworn in. Gentleman's Msgs-sine. A Hew Misdeaaeaaer. Stealing telephone service is a new form of snlKnianer In London, classed by the Croydon fcltce magistrate as petty larceny, and punished by hint with a fine of Ave shillings. mm all wool Laaaimerca, vDev- 50c 69 49 25c Colored Skirts.

Ladles' Black Cant en Clash Skirts, embroidered Branca, worth 1.26 Clearing Saie Price 69 Ladles' AH-Waal Merern Skirt, deep Spanish flounce, velvet bound and i faced, yoke band, wvrth II. 91 I Clearing Sale Price. A Let el Black Tafleta SUk Skirts, deep Span, ish flounces, lined and velvet 7 bound, worth A Clearing Sale Price. AAAAAAAAAAAA1AAA1AAAA MANY GET LICENSES State Board of Examiners of Ar chitects Holds Sessions. ONLY ONE MAN REJECTED The Competency of Candidates Is Thoroughly Tested.

Practician- Architects he Have An- lied te Be Placed es OSsclal List XwasTser 7S8. The state board of examiners of archi tects held cessions last week, conducting the first examinations In this country to ascertain the qualifications for the practice of archi tecture as a profession, upon which licenses are to be granted to practice in Illinois as provided In the law of 1887. There were nineteen applicants In all. Of these eighteen succescfully passed the ordeal. Names have not aa yet been given out.

The board of examiners is constituted as follows: Dankmar Adler. president; Peter B. Wight, secretary and treasurer; N. Clifford Kicker, William Zimmerman, and William H. Reeves.

Applicants for a licenre were sest a printed slip, with questions covering such points as to enable the board to decide from the answers whether or not the candidate should be admitted to the trial. The queries relate chiefly to the educational history of the applicant. This being a. letter of instruction was aent to each, giving the datea of the sessions, and naming the suibjectav Tbeold reference library-room on the fourth flour of the city hall was utilized for the examination, and there the nineteen applicants three days of last week wrote answers to questions and made their drawings and designs. Most of them are graduates of scientific or architectural schools, as well as practical mechanics.

They live in various 'parts of the state. One ia a Six presented such exhibits that under clause 12 of the law the board did not deem it necessary to give them personal examinations, waiving this procedure from the evidences they presented having been ao con clusive as to their qualifications as experts In the matter requisite as to make it superfluous that they pass examinations when their answers to questions showed qualities superior to those which would be demanded in the examination papers and the problems submitted with them. Under the provision of section of the act, which allowed architects actually practicing their1 profession in this state July 1. 1887 (when the law went into effect), to prove to the satisfaction of the board that they were then practicing architects, this entitling; them to licenses without examinations, there have been altogether 788 application. A few of these were by architects of other states, who were then practicing- in this state.

By the terms of the law these applications bad to he In before Jan. 1 last. Of these the board has been able thus far to pass on about 800. The remainder have yet to be inquired into and passed upon. is on account of the extra number of applications which came in during December.

The board hopes to dispone of all of them by the end of January, and when (his has been done a list of the licensed architects of this state will be published. The law was passed ty the Fortieth General 1 Assembly at the earnest solicitation of al most all the architects of reputation. It provides tor the determination ef eilaibility. the Issuance and regiatraUoa of licensee, and I Clearing Sale Laces. Beautiful la design, bright, new pat-' terns, all at low prices.

Thousands of yards Wash Laces, la Valen-eiennea. Point de Paris, and Torchon, in Laeea worth up to 20e yard. Clearing Cs Price, Big lot 000 width la Wash Laeea. in widths up to 6 Inches, worth up to 26e yd. Or.

Clearing Price, yd. Clearing Sale Embroideries. 10c EashreMerlee. Edgee. aad huertleas for, per pard.

18c Eashrsldsrlas. openwork patterns, C- for. per yard. Ic Esasvwhlerteav wide goods, for, per Qq Oc EastMwMerle. deml-fktuncea and 1 wide Clearing Price, per yd.

Clearing Sale Handkerchiefs. Zfc Handkerchiefs, soiled, mussed and ram-. shows, and window displays, for men and women. Handkerchiefs that C- only wane washing. Choice Monday, ea ClemrlMf Sato mmd Lite' Par.

Ltmtm Mew Im j-saw tiaae mar Llam HMmSkrckimt. Ladles' Liolawadered Pare Llnea Haadkev chiefs hemstitched and revered, worth "7. 26c Clearing Price, each nea's Pare Linen Handkerchiefs la wide and narrow hems, worth 25c. Clear- I7l. ing Price, eack 1VC Ilea's Ualaoadered Pare Lias a tfaadker.

chiefs with hand embroidered initial in corner, worth 85c Clearing Price, Cr" each iA'p t.irial yo a-ottj JtV Mea'a full laundered aad large aize Pare Uaea rUadktrchiefs-in li, 1 and 1H inch hemstitching, every handkerchief tftn worth 86c. Clearing Price, each. JOfc Or 82.00 a dozen. Men's extra qualltv Pare Lra Hawdker chiets in every width hem. worth 64 Kx fully laundered and extra size.

Clearing Af. Price, each lor 12.78 dozen) Mea'a Pare SUk Haadkerchlefslarge size, colored borders, worth oOc each. 90s Clearing Price, each jra Clearing Sale Notions. Little things at little price where you save the moaey. -lust .1 Snfetv Belt, made of fine sateen, all siane, black and white, 25c Clearing price, ea Irenrag Wax.

f- with wood handle Oood Dress 3c Melds, pair Dressasakera Covered Waist Forms. AQc all nze. ea tfc. Challenge Sateea Covered Cecset Clasps. pair 1......

eO-ln. Stitched Tane Measares, x2c aanasanBssnaanBsaasTcan Celteuwld Peaspadoqr f)l'r 'wi. 1 Hair raaaha tC. xn.llt, AVfc The Cartls Art Needle' for nil- ing chlr 2Jir. scarfs, sofa rushlons.

etc, very slm to operate, eacn fee it deaionstratod tomorrow Send for Illustrated Catalogues. Free to Out-of-Towa Trade. 1 rt penalties for those who attempt to practice architecture without a license. Ai ls seen from the foregoing, the board has fulfilled two distinct functions. Those not practicing, but desirous of so doing, were passed upon after examination, excepting In.

the instance of the six, where the preliminary investigation showed adequate acquirements. Then, as the great preponderance of applicants are men established in their calling, the board has to determine upon their representations. Pull powers are granted, however, and an examination may be Insisted upon if the board should be In doubt. The licence is for life, the fee being 825 for the first year and (6 per year thereafter. The examination fee is 315.

As to the requirements the following is explanatory: The examination shall have special reference -to the construction of buildings, and a test of the knowledge of the candidate of the atreogth of materials, and of his or her ability to make practical application of auch knowledge in the ordinary professional work of an architect, and ia the duties of a supervisor of mechanical work on buildings, and should alao aeek to determine his or her knowledge of the laws of sanitation cs applied to buildings. AMBASSADOR CAMBON. A Leadlaer Statesaaaa la the Represent atlve ef Frastce at Waiklagtaa. M. Cambon.

the recently appointed Ambassador to the United States from the French republiev. his public career aa JVLKS CAMBON. captain of a company of Mobiles during the siege of Paris in 1871. At the dose of the Franco-German war he accompanied General Chansy. Just appointed Governor General of Algiers, to that colony, where he was la charge of the civil administration, and was subsequently promoted to the position of secretary general to the Paria prefecture of police.

He succeeded bis brother. Paul Cambon. the present French Minister at Constantinople, as prefect of the Department da Nora in 1883. and was next called to the residency of Tunis. In 1891 he was appointed Governor General of Algiers, and Ambassador to the United States in October last.

M. Cambon ia looked upon as one of France's leading statesmen. He is remarkable above all for his administrative capacity and firm ness 01 character. V. Bsrset aa at Frleatet Selene.

According td the Revne Scientitlnne (Pn M. Phlsalix, an authority on the venom ef in-sects and reptiles, bss discovered that the poison of the hornet la sufficient quantity Is au anti- Ocle tor tnat 01 tbe viper, in nia experiments M. Phiaalix extracted the poison from the stiugs ef the hornets and then' Inoculated guinea pgs with it. The result is said to have been entirely satisfactory to all concerned except the hornet. wnicn, unaer tnis mctr.oa 01 treatment, de-.

prived of the pleasure of using hie sting acl noting tor himself the effect ot the operation. If the hornet were permitted to apply bis eats' poison to the victims of snake bites, tbe same VeneScial effects -could be obtained, and this energetic agent of science would be arccrdid the satisfaction that arises from the performance of a congenial act. Baltimore Bun. 1.

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