The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SEX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Outlook for Six-Year-Old Republic Is Not Allrac- tive Today , • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 1937 Noted Industrialist BY MILTON BRONNER- NEA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON; April 14. — Today Is Ihe sixth anniversary of the modern Spanish republic, hut there Is little rejoicing In the Innd of the Dons. For the loyalists arc too busy fighting to preserve the K-publlc, .while fellow Spaniards, on the other side, are fighting to destroy the republic and. substitute at least a Fascist government, If not the ancient mon nrchy. In other words, all the fair hopes and uromtscs of six years ago lie broken and trampled In ' mud anil blood, due to n savage civil war In which nil the deeds of former civil w^v3 In Spain have been duplicated and even exceeded The revolution, which overthrew the monarchy six years ago, was almost a bloodless one, the main result being that King Alfonso XIII fled by night from the lan-J of. his fathers. , The revolution which Is seeking to" end the republic, has already inflicted wounds which will take generations to repair, Victors Face Rule of Bankrupt Land The flower 'of Spanish youth har either perlsh'ed on the field of battle or been cut down. Iti the many wholesale executions which have on both siitcs. The countryside has been rnvng- HORIZONTAL 1, 7 Pictured American. 11 Groin. 12 To place in lino. 15 To help. 16 Watch pocket 5 17 Governmental law. IB Energy. 20 Within. 21Slaiv. 22 South America. 23 Mast. Answer lo Previous Puzzle 44 Wise. 2G Pulpit block. 45 Fastidious. 28 Court. 29 Electrified particle. 31 Gaseous element. 32 Cord game. 33 Wood spirit. 34 Auto, •35 Wild ductr. 36 Snowshoe. 37 Optical Illusion. •53 Identical. accumulated great. . 40 NO (jood. •17 Eggs of fishes 2 Midday. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Besf Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage . 40 Acrid. 51 Bronze. 52 English coin. 54 Public storehouse. 55 Inlet. 50 He was head of live Slates treasury. 42Type standards? He lias 3 Flat fish. 4 Right. D Aqua. 0 Morsel. 7 Encountered. '8 Musical note. 9 Mouth part. 10 Poems. 13 tiace track circuit. M Chaos. 1C He gained fain" os a ;? Heavenly body. 10 He donattKt Iris collection of • to the rmllon, 21 Spread of nn arch. 23 Tempest. 24 Robbed. 25 To wash lightly. 27 Meadow. 28 An associate, 30 Tree. 32 Confederated. 35 Snare. 38 Exists. 39 Tendon. 40 To perform. 41 Myself. 43 Lunar orb. 45 Fiber knots. 46 Tidy. 48 Silkworm. 50 Aperture. 51 To be sick. 53 Preposition. 55 Sun gcxl. I grayer than when he expressed to me h!s firm belief In a glorious future for a republic of the plain people, lives In exile In France, hated by the rebels and condemned by the' men now in charge of Ihe government. Ramon Franco, who had the reputation of being a very deep Red and who, therefore, vehemently denied to me that he had any ambition to be a Span- sh Lenin, has seemingly thrown his red dreams Into the ashheap nnd wus last heard of in Italy on some mission for his brother, -the rebel lender, General Franco. Miguel Unamuiio, frightened'and saddened by Ihe Incorporation of every radical elements in the cabinet of the government, at first favored Ihe Franco outfit. Later, alarmed by the Intrusion of German nnd Italian contingents on the France side, he had It In his heart lo say of the contending elements In Hie civil war—"a plague on both your houses." The doclors say he died of a blood clot on (lie brain. He probably (l)ed of a broken heart, for he loved his Spnin as a man loves ils sweetheart and he .saw all !mt he cherished in Spain toehig cstroyed. ed." Many of the fairest towns In Spain have been pieces, leaving In battered to vulns noble nieces of architecture which were n national heritage and which travellers came from afar lo see. A country, already poor train years of inlsgovennnenl, hns been "MAGIC-AIRE" The REVOLUTIONARY CLEANER roit'/i- "the MAGIC -WAND made poorer. Women nnd dill liren, when not killed outright b> L'onibs nnd gns, have ctleil (ran disease or are physical wreck; from the results of near slaiva tlon. Whoever nltlmtUely wins wi: find a country almost bankrupt with much of its foreign tradi gone, with Its mines wrecked, am with ngrlcullure In u stale of neg lect. Hatreds have been engender ed which will result in local yen- deltas (or generations. . Hopes Itiussomc'l in '31 To one like myself, who saw FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Slcclc-Cootcr Society — Personal -Negro School Pupils Conduct Health Clinic One hundred ana ten students vmtors ' pcrvisor of city elementary schools nnd Miss Elizabeth Ha'lstead teacher in the city schools, were and patrons of the Harrison negro school were weighed, measured nnd examined for health habits ut n clinic held Monday and Tuesday by the fifth grade pupils. This clinic was the culminating activity of the health unit study for l!ie mst two months. Talks were made by Dr G M Brow,n, Dr. li. E. Roberts' and Kendilcks, public health Eartnn nurse. Miss Wlnnli ie Virgil 'Furrier, s»- Phone 886 or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garage Work I!ouy & renders A Specialty BARNETT AUTO SALES The official staff of the clinic was: Katherlne Thomas, Lorine Luster, Martha Ray, Ethel Beaton Katherlne Harrington, Willie Mn« Dowell, Myrdice Hancock. Naomi doodles, Oeraldine Driber, Johnnie Young and Elizabeth Siggers. In olden times, Russia and Turkey had bans against pipe smoking, and .smokers had their pipes stuck to their noses when they were caught using them. WATCH FOR JUMBO Tv'ix on that, kid; it isn't sanitary to feed dogs at the table." • "A lot lie caresl You ought to see the bone lie brought home today." FLOOR NOZILE OUSTING TOOL M AKES all cleaning a pleasure! It does more than clean rugs! Gleans and renovates furniture, blankets,-' mattresses, 'clothing. Dusts floors, lino- leums. Shampoos rugs! De-moths your home. See a Free demonstration . in your home—no obligation. You'll be glad we suggested it. Liberal trade-in allowance for your old cleaner — convenient, terms, v UPHOLSTERY TOOL SUCTION TOOL MOTH CRYSTALS I. B. GEE SALES CO., Inc. Blylheville, Ark. Phone 67 the republic at work within n tc\\> days of the revolution ot 1931, : Hie change Is oiie of the most startling In history. Ill nil the government buildings In 193V the new republican authorities were work- Ing like weavers. A constitution was being .drafted as liberal as any In the world. Alcala Ziimoiti lawyer, author and orator, was acting as head of the republic. In the Air Ministry sat little, bhic- clunned, tonsle-hatred Ramon Franco as Air Minister. Miguel Unimumo, greatest modern Spanish author and scholar, was back in triumph as Rector of the University of Salamanca, from which he had been snatched Into exile by Dictator Prlmo de Rivera. Everywhere the common people and the Intellectuals and most of the authors . and artists were rejoicing over the end of the monarchy and the birth of tlie nodern republic. Only in the wank clubs and on ,lhe great amlcd estates were there sour aces of the aristocrats, who pln- for the dnys that were. Madrid lummcd with hope. 'Barcelona re- olccd nt freedom. First Leaders Scattered Today Alcnla Zamora, gone Joe!]. Mrs. Hucl Asher nnd sirs. Velmer Campbell spent yes- crday In Memphis with Mrs. Joe Russell nl the Methodlsl hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Limbaugh and Mrs. L. E. cooler sjie'nt Sunday al Nashville as guests of L. E. Cooper Jr., who Is attending Vanderbilt university. A large number from here nre attending the district Eastern Star meeting in Kcnuett today. The W. M. O. of the Baptist, church Is meeting encli afternoon Lhis week for n study course. Mrs. Woodrow slid ton and daughter, Dixie Jane, of Cape Oi- rnrdcau. are visiting Mrs, Shclton's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Still, and other relatives here this week. Earl clillton of pint River has returned home after a visit here with Mr. J. W. Reno. Ben, Ruble, Lon ji. ana Burns have returned n cape O|- rardeau alter coming home for the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs. S. A. Burns. Misses Vlrgic Travis nnd Lorcnc Rushing visited friends In Wilson, Ark., Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. I. Azbl!l and son Joe spent Sunday in WvdeU as eucsts of Mr. nnd Mrs John Azblll. Dr. and Mrs. T. S. Cooper vuid eranlldaughtcr, Joiie Cooper, are expected home the latter part of he week from Ft, Myers, Flii., vhsrc they spent the winter. Losing? To enable his army to cnx-Ls the 'igris and Euphrates rivers, the mpcror- Julian had built a bridge f boats made of skins stretched ightly over osier frames. I). & P. L. NO. 11 PLANTING SEED (A Pure Strain) Original seed obtained direct from the breeder anrt plantetl by us for two years. No other cotton planted or ginned on this farm. Reasonably prlccil in even weight 100 Ib. bags. Special pricis on carlot.s. Inquire F. A. Eogrrs, Manager, CLEAR LAKE FARM Houte 2, Box 81. Blylheville Phone 1SOD-F11 Our Store IIus Been Approved by Mrs. Gnssie B, Anderson, Nationally known food expert and hostess, who is hero this week conducting the Cooking; School at the City Hall, Thursday and Friday Six Reasons for Your Patronage: Isl—Itiglil prices every day on everything;, consistent with quality and goodness. 2nd—Xmas Savings Stamps are given which is an extra saving of 2c on every dollar you spend with us. Ask for them: 3I'd—\Vc Deliver Free. Your sen-ice is our pleasure. 4Lh—lies t equipment available to keep meat f resli and wholesome. 5lh—Complete stock of merchandise conveniently arranged for shopping". Glh—Home owned and operated—We're for Blylheville 100 per cent. RITE PRICE GRO. & MKT. Ill B. Main Phone 2IM Blylheville, Ark. Jnds "Cube-Struggle" and "Ice-Fimine"l SEE THE PROOF I 2. GREATER STORAGE-ABILITY New 9-Way Adjustable Interior! SEE THE PROOF! 3. GREATER PROJECT-ABILITY Keeps food safer, fresher, longer! SEE THE PROOF! 4. GREATER DEPENDABILITY 5-Year Protection Plajj, backed by General Motors, SEE TILE PROOF! 5. GREATER SAVE- ABILITY ONLY FKIGIDAIRE ha* the biliousness, sour stomach, bilious indigestion, flatulence and headache, due to constipation, lOc and 25c at dealcri KLECTR1C & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Earksdale ^fg. Co PHONE 1C FOR SALE SOY BEAN* HAY PLANTING SKED STONEVIr.I.E 5A STONF.VIM.E 4.\ 1st year from Stoneville station 8 DOZ. PURE BRED WHITE ROCK PULLETS Fresh Heifers with Small Calves H, C. Knappenberger '"PHE Dictator's air-curved, st«[.reinforced- -"•by-tteel body glistens in a pni nl fi n i s h 17 coati deep! 1U luxurious, roomy interiors are a triumph of famoui Helen Drydcn'i designing. It'i the world's first six to offer ihc sensational economy of the Fvam oil cleaner and ga$- saving automatic overdrive ... the world's first si* to offer the automatic hill holder plus feather-touch hydraulic brakes... tin world's only six with non-slam doors that close lightly, tightly and silently en revolutionary new rattle-proof rotary latches. And it'i built of the finest materials by the world's greatest group of veteran motor car craftsmen. But see it.. .drive it... compare it... and then try to sell yourself any othersii.Studebakci'sC.I.T.budgetp! an offer tlowtimcpaymentj. BROADWAY SALES, Inc. BLYTHKV1LLE, ARK. NEW BEAUTY! AMAZING NEW ABILITY TO SAVE AND SERVE! See wha t a thrilling advance FrigidaLrc with, tbc Meter-Miser brings for 1937: Superb new beauty pluf SUPER- JDUTY at the price of an ordinary rcfrigeratorl You get proof of completeness never known before In ALLS BASIC REFRIGERATION SERVICES. You don't buy on mere say-so. Now you see PROOF, right in our store, that Frigidairc is the most complete ice-provider, food-storcr and food-preserver ever known. PROOF that it saves enough on food and current to pay for itself and earn you a profit besides! Make sutc of getting the most for your money. Sec our FRIG1DAIKE PROOF- DEMONSTRATION first I CUTS CUMEKT COST TO TNEBONE Simpltit rtfrigcrattng mickan- hm citrbuillt Only 3 moving parts, including the motor . . . permanently oiled, scaled against moisture and dirt. Gives SUPER- DUTYatamaiingsiving.SEB THE PROOF with aa actual electric meter tcstl INSTANT CUBE-RELEASE IN EVERY ICE TRAY S ee it In Action J ONLY FRIGEDALRE HAS IT! I«- itindyrelewea icc-cubcs from tny, two or adoienata time. Yield] 20Jt mote ice by cndioff fiuccc meltaft v/aite. Greatest adrince in Ice. Convenience evex known. Comeio. See iu qiwJt, eaiy BCD on. And you're not trying to? You think it's because your spring COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Phone 100 MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP coat is lighter? Well, perhaps. But remember that loss of weight Is one of the symptoms of tuberculosis, For you, of course, it may mean nothing of the sort. But your doctor is the best person to consult— so see him at once. UNCOVER TUBERCULOSIS BY MODERN METHODS Lei the doctor be your gw;Ve Joa Azblll hns rctunred from ; ""a msiness' visit to st. Lgiiis. .: Mr. nnd Mrs. Lewis. Lester nild of this week in Jackson. Tenn.. on . Sirs. Hayes Smith and daughter. Ii>z>l;.sp<mt Sunday., In .Menui'il ' and Mrs;. Jess Hoprier had McClure was called r- dinner guests Sunday Mrs. to Dlytheville Saturday night to be Toots. piinklii nnd daughter. Anna " at the bedside of her niece. Miss ; -of Bragg city. Mr. mid Mrs. Agues. Bailey, who underwent e.v Christopher anj Mr. and Mrs. appendix operation •Itllery ; Brewer of . Crockett. ; She is getting along as Jess Hopper and .Frank Gestring mve. returned from n visit with Mrs. Elvis McCann is entertain- relatives in Tulsn and other points ing >vlth a slumber party tonight in honor of the birthday of-her daugh- Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Martin spsnt ' he nrst of this week in 'Memphis. Miss Virginia Fowler is spending (his week in Memphis as guest of Miss Cleo Vaughn. Mrs. Mary Hull of Poplar Bluff Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lewis spent Sunday at De.xter with relatives. • The -. Association^ w. M. U. Vieeting will-be held in Porlage- IGS COMPLETENESS NEVER KNOWN 'BEFORE in ALL 5 BASIC SERVICES FOR HOME REFRIGERATION Friday. A large number' from ' visited friends here over the week- Stocle and Cootcr wlll-nlteiifl. Wlllaril McDaniei sptinl end while staying in the home of her father, J. E. Little of Tyler. 1. GREATER ICE-ABILITY DICTATOR See the New 1937 "SUPERDUTY" Frigidaire with the Meter- Miser at the Cooking School Thursday and Friday- E. B. GEE SALES CO. Phone 67 Blytheville, Ark.

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