The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1935
Page 3
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_THiTRSt)AY, JANUARY 17, 1935 Awwitt* Biium MISS LOCKE DttOH MH5. BUTE CAMPBELL MRS. BOTHA M. HARRIS MRS. EDNA H. CRABTHEE MISS EDNA U. FERGUSON M QD E R N-MOM E • N E WS »*«..«._.,..»_,-«j. sasia . r *- JL?n, J.JL.t, *T O Dfi COFFEE ff' liol water; three CIIJK sifted flmir; one teaspoon salt; one h«lf loa- soda; iwo teaspoons linking nowdM 1 ; one leaspoon ginger; one ica.s|>ooi| .ground cloves; one teaspoon cinnamon. Put. Hip shortening, siiRar and inoliisws and ceiis lino a nilxhiK I Ijpw] together slid hlend in one u;. Stir In the hot writer, soda, spices and flmir sifted will) Diking powder to the first mlx- - " (lure, Stir briskly, imlll smooth. Here Are Some Recipes '.'""''. [«»n«-dinu.jy into me s n«i- T , , v .... . . , ?,' low baking pan rubbed wllli shorL- Ihat Will Add to Your. (;|1|| ia ""«' t»*c i" « juodcrnic ' oven, 350 degrees ]•'., for tlilrlv r> . '.• M . Imputation as Hostess minutes, Cut In thin strips and - • scree ivlth orange marmalade. near Friends in Blylhevllle: \ Nut Bread How many: Ijmex has your guest ' Three cups flour; three lea- hrcakfasl,-: or your afternoon cof- spoons baking powder; one cup fee or leii party made your guests sugar; one teaspoon cinnamon; exclaim, 4'bh, how delicious, and one. tension sail; one <•(<<;; one how- 'fjust', right"- these nrc!" These all(l °»c half cups milk; one cup In. any 01.50, being softie' iiniisual mils, chopped; mis cup raisins or and attractive' ' bread accompany- -currants; two tablespoons melted »'B the beverage, i call them shortening. breads, for [lie term covers a mill- ( Mix and sift Hour, baking pmv- titude of t'ood thing's which are ( .' c '°t sugar, clmunnon and salt, to- ;ny luvorllcs with coffee aiul tea. Kfilicr. Heal cgfs and add milk; Try them 'oii the family break- istlr liquid into the 'flour, mixture fasts too, and 'for the luncli box, and mix well; add nuts, currants and for the supper - snack before, a »d shortening. Pour into a bread bed. You probably have a good "recipe for cinnamon buns, biiti this one is delicious; try it this 'week; One cake compressed -.yeast; one half cup lukewarm milk; one egg; one fourth cup sugar;' one pan, let stand one half hour and take in a moderate oven, 325 degrees, fifty to sixty mimilcs. Filled Coffee Cake Three cups nour; three lea- spoons haking powder; one teaspoon salt; one fourth teaspoon fourth teaspoon salt; two table- |each nutmeg and cinnamon; three spoons melted shortening; two tuid, fourths cup sugar; one fourth cup one half cups flour; one fourth shortening; two eg"s beaten- one „„„ cl . M ,i,i»., _i ^ c , |p |nilh . onc cuj) c[ . whipped cup shredded almonds. For the mixture to spread on the rolls: three tablespoons softened butler; three fourths cup brown sugar; two teaspoons cin- mid sweetened. r , m ; iL - Six fn A IH sho ';' c »"'S. fork. Add eggs and milk slowly to flollaiidaisc For Vegetables Vary the serving of vegetables by 'gamlsMng tlirm differently, a/id by masking Iliiini miller varjous -.auces; Hnllaiidaise. Is one uf the niOEl delicious sauces fur .'jspaingus, callflou'er, and older green vegetables. namon; one fourth cup seedless make a soft dough. Place in greas- raislns; two tablespoons brown icd deep round cake pan Cover ••"'gar- with Top Mixture. Bake in mod- Soften the yeast m one fourth 'crale oven at 400 degrees F about cup of the lukewarm milk; add I forty-five niinules Cool- split, in "'" : -' "'- ""• '-- Da" to make wo Ipyers; put to- the remainder of the jnilk, the well beaten egg, -sugar, . salt" and melted shortening; -'stir in- the flour. Set. the mixture in a warm place and allow lo stand for aboifl, two hours, when it has doubled in bulk, turn on a floured board and knead well. Then roll into two rectangular sheets .about eight by ten inches and about one fourth inch thick'., , Spread each : sheet .with about .one third of the mixture of the '.softened butter, thoroughly mixed ,with the cinnamon" and sugar. iSprlnkle with the raisins if they are desired. Make a long roll of this dough and cut In slices about one inch thick, cutiing with a -sharp knife.-The pan to be used 'for rubbed generously with shortening, and then shpuld be sprinkled with' two tablespoons of brown sugar. -Arrange the rolls In the pan and spread with the remainder of the sugar, biitt«r and cinnamon mix- tur'c. Sprinkle with (lie shredded almonds and allow to rise for about,'.one' hour. Bake ,in a hot oven, 400 degrees, vVmlili delicately bpowned. Turn : tAit,?oii a cake'rack- on vrweH'- paper,'bottom side -up, so' that the syrup' from the. pan remains on the rolls. Makes twenty-one small rolls. .'> Use a pan nbo.ut ciglit -inclicsi'square. '..•• Danish-Coffee'Cake T\vo cu|xs flour; one and one half, teaspoons salt; two' teaspoons baking powder; one third cup shortening; one fourth cup sugar, two eggs; one fourlh cup milk; one. fourth clip currants; onc egg white; one fourth cup blanched nlmontls.' ichopp^d;- -oije tablespoon sugar;' caiidicd orange peel. Sift the .flour,, is'alt 'arid baking powder together. Work in the shortening with spatulas or a blender, lieal the sugar with the two cgj-s. Make a hole in the ccn- ier of the Hour and stir in the egg mixture, then the milk and currants. Mix thoroughly. Form into a. crescent shaped roll to .fit into n layer cake"; pah. Vllub '• tile lian with shortening first. Then brush the top of the roll with the egg white slightly beaten, shave bits of candied orange peel and sprinkle with the .mils'nnd sugar, mixed together. Bake In' a hot! oven. 400 degrees p., for twcntj ' lo thirty minutes. Gingerbread One half cup shortening; onc half cup sugar; onc cup molasses: two eggs; three fourths cup gclher with whipped cream. Serve pie-shaped pieces. ' Tup Mixture Two tablespoons butter; two thirds cup broivn sugar; three tablespoons flour; one half teaspoon cinnamon; one eighth teaspoon salt; three fourlhs cup chopped almonds. Cream butter. Add sugar, flour cinnamon and salt: Mix well Spread over lop of cake; sprinkle with almonds. Makes one ten-inch cake. French Coffee Cake . Three cups (lour; one half cup sugar; three teaspoons bakin» liowder; one. teaspoon salt; one half cup shortening; grated rind °Li° llc; - onc half cup orange juice; two eggs; one third cup scalded milk; one cup orange marmalade. Sift dry ingredients together. Add shortening mixing in with a fork. Soak orange rind in juice a lew minutes. Bent one egg and one egg yolk slightly; add orange juice and rind, then add milk. Add to dry mixture; mix well. Put iii- to one very larg greased, shallow thickness of uliout, or two smaller baking pans lo one Inch. Spread lop with remaining egg white beaten into marmalade. To make the most delicious version of Hollandaise sauce, use one half cup butter; two egg yolks; one half teaspoon salt; a dash of cayenne; two tablespoons lemon juice; one half cup boiling water. Cream Hie butter and put onc third or it" with the egg yolks, salt, cayenne and lemon juice in Ihe upper part of a double holler. Cook very slowly, over Ihe hot water, unlil the mixture begins to thicken (about three minutes). Then add a second third of the butter, and as it thickens, the rest of the butter; cook.very slowly Or it will curdle, until the mixture will coal a -spoon (about twenty minutes from the beginning). Add Ihe hot ivalcr and cook one minute, serve at once. If Ihe -sauce curdles, beat inlo a little white sauce, but the result is not as rich as the original. An unusual variation is to use one half cup cream instead of .the hot water; another delicious version, Is lo add two tablespoons of cooking sherry just, before removing from Ihe fue. Another version Is to start with medium white sauce, using onc cup, add slowly two egg yolks; one tablespoon of lemon juice or cider vinegar.drop by drop; and two tablespoons of butler. Heat one minute and serve ni once. - Bake in-hot oven at 450 degrees i into pieces onc inch thick, place P. for twenty-five minutes. Break cut side down in a butlcrcd glass inlo squares and .serve warm.]baking dish. Bake thirty minutes Makes twelve squares. • in' n. -moderate 1350 degree F.) —Edna M. Ferguson. : oven.' Pin Wheel Buns Three cups flour; two tablespoons sugar; one teaspoon salt; lliree'. Icasjxxnis baking powder;' six tablespoons shortening;, one cup milk; two tablespoons ' of melted butter; one half cup ol broivn sugar; one teaspoon ciniia= mon; three ..fourths .cup raisin's..". Sift dry ingredient.'! .together; then work in shortening with a pastry blender. Add liquid and -stir aiiickly until mixture thickens. Place dough on a slightly' floured board and roll • into n long reclaii- aular piece one half inch Ihick. Spread .with the melted: butter, sugar, cinnamon and raishis. Roll as 11 jelly roll, then cut crosswise 1 West Coins I'fi'clc RENO, Nev. (Up)-THe West may be wild and woolly' in Ihe popular conception of peace olfi- ccrs, but limes arc changing, Calvin -Banigaii, newly etccted"'con- stable , of Reno, and his assistant, Walter .Baring,. It was discovered, both 1 are college' graduates. -' Head Courier- News Want Ads. -.I?ealj7 > hroal relief! Medicated:; wiOi ingredi-' ents.of Vicks VappRub' OVERCOMES BAD BREATH DEEP COLOR To-Night's Milk' delivered while it's FRESH in lime for your Good News! The regular price of Calumet Baking Powder is now only 25t a pound Savory Mixlwo Is A| so Excellent for Btiffd Supper or Parly One nip washed ,ko; hvo w cold miter; one lea.s|»on of sail; wo tablespoons rut; one small 011- on diced; one tablespoon curry sowuer; one cup .tien-etl tomatoes; )nc tablespoon bullr-i- one beat»'n >i!«. ' ' Add water mid salt lo Iho washed tin !m d cnok (he Chinese way ty sfeatnfn). It in the lop ol n double boiler. DO not remove the cover. When tolling lei boil Bcnlly for ten minutes, or uniil the steam raises the lid, (hen let cook fen mimues longer wllhoul uncovering. i n | no mcniiUmc cook t: fnl, onion and curry [Kiwdcr Wheii brown mid the stewed lo- maloes, cook a tew minutes and press through a sieve. When I he nee b; done iitld one tablespoon of butter, stir with a fork, and add one bcalcu egg and the lomalo mixture. Turn this inlo n buttered mold and let stand In hoi water a short time. When ready lo serve, put In Ihe oven Jusl long enough lo rehcal, (hen turn out. Gaulish with parsley. Delicious If you add Easlern gnrnlshcs such as 11 iray with little dishes of India relish- chopped nuts; chopped | !re en iwpncr; seeilom of lemon; 'sections of grated coconut; grated hard cooked CBB. A little of cadi Is added lo Ihe serving of curry and Hie effect is not, only novel, but (he flavor fs imuMia) and delicious. Spanish Sauce Another sauce delicious or. cooked rice is Spanish i.auce. To make it use one. tablespoon mln- cwl, rcw. lean ham; one table siMou chopped celery; one table £|ioan chopped carrot; one table spoon chopped onion; two table spoons fat; two tablespoons flour, one half cup slock; one half cup tomato juice; one half teaspoon salt; one eighth teaspoon pepper. Melt the fat, add the ham and .vegetables and ,coot: until they are brown. Make a sauce of Oil. mixture and ll)e Hour, salt, pcppc: and liquid. Delicious on rice, mac nronl and spaghetti. and in a new easy opening can! CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 PIE I'LL IKE his Is nn Meal plo for mid- vhHcr when other fresh fruits nay ln< temporarily srnrco. plml n [flic-Ions crust for iho uncooked Mm«'d Wl "'' 1 ' """ m!x(m '" ls Olio am! our- half cups Hour Hit) half leiisixwin .salt; one linlf •up shorlenln ( .; one loaspoon uf inking powder; four to six lablc- SIMHHIS- walw. sift flour, baking >W«r and salt loiieiher; work n the shorlenliif;; «<l ( | (lie cold viiU'i 1 . one lables|iooii ut, n ilinu isliiB JusL onounh to hold Iho nixlurc icii'.pthpf. R O U nul lo ft :i slu'fit ami place In lh,. pan. Pit carefull). (o .prevent, shrinking nul bubbllni!. Orlmp or flute Urn l-'or the filling, two ripe banii- »as; oni- imnrl milk; five • r Sl !s; Iwn-llilrth cup suisnr; one half leiisuoon .sail: Unci- leasponns of \ l anllla. CarauH.ll/e ( |, e au8nr _ 1)Ql loQ 'h't',, 5 ' moUmi! il '" - l sniiccpan Add it lo the scalding milk, sttr- "ng until all Is mixed and the caramel dissolved. Pour 0:1 slightly beaicn eggs, and add salt ami vanilla. Strain Inlo uncooked' Die crust (enough for filling i wo ,,, c . (Hum slml pics); add lli c bananas llilnly sliced, iw;,, i,, „ hol oven 450 degrees P., for fifteen minutes to set, (he mist, Dion lower Ihe oven lo moderate, de-Brew P., unlil the custard Is set when tested with a knife. This Is about three quarters of on hour. Cover will) a meringue and brown. Two eggs; one half cup siiBnr; Iwo nips hot mill;; oiio fourth Icasnoon >»|ti;if|?; mm cup moist •:ooomit; one fourth tr.ispoon salt Ufa I Hie PUBS niul sugar lo- «et.liei- until light, then add Iho milk, milicift!, cocohiil, and salt l.lno a deep pie disi, v ,it|, cnls |' pour In tlin mixture urn! bakn al •tso doftrrcs, or hot own for ten minutes. Then reduoo the heat i n moderate, 325 dnjrres and bnkc- iiiilll, a BlIviT knlfo Inserted m llii! center will come out clean rtlxiul thirty Hiluiitcs, Serve plain m ?, 1 ?, wUI) ll wlwiiifl. Sprln- . thickly, with iwoiiut mid wiwn the mcrliiiiiia deiieatoiy in he own. Mnkiu a eana /jm,,,, fo| . ,„,.,_, lo be- .served ut buffet spreads. 'Hie colas of many rorel s ii na- ous arc manufnctiircd In United stales at cost. Outdoor Type Plywood ABERDEEN, Was)i.-(U[')-A new lypii of plywood produced here Is suld to li" revolutionary In th'e In- dii.jlry; It Is cop^tnicKd by use at n new type or ijulck-drytofr glue and ]\«f, mplfilure reststlug ptopr- llos nearly equaling that of solid wood, mnking ji especially for outdoor Imilding. 666 WhN'I'BR WINDS HKINO WINTKR ILLS Feet wet and cold from sludgy sttecls; in the morning, sore llironts, colds, raiiKestton. A thick poiilllce ofcross Salve oii n soft clolh, applied lo the tliront or chest tiiiickly penetrates to tlie Inllnmcd tissues, brings restful cose and safety. Used for more than a generation, Its powerful germfcldnl nnd penetrating power accounts for its success.on the most neglected and seriously congested cases. 30o & 50c at nil dealers. Clink* COLDS and FEVER Ural »a r Tablets saive - Nose Drops Headaches In :IO Mlnnttt Hubbard Hardware Co ANNUAL SAVINGS EVENT Launched by Ben Franklin Stores In 48 States ONCB-A-YKAH OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE ON NKEDS I'Ott'THIJ HOME AND KNTIRB FAMILY n " tion ;* in scope, wo have been nlile to .secure for you bargains oven wo hadn'i VvriJKDAY mimCV01 ' S lnoney - savinK ltcms ' SALE STARTS SATUH- Prcslien Up Your Home With Itraml Ncw,"KII!RF; TEX" WINDOW SHADES Green or ecru! Good qualify paper fiber! 3x6 ft., but can be cut lo fit smaller windows. Resist cracking, curling or un- mdiii!;. Roller not included. 9c TOWELS 17 x .11 Towels Combination rainbow borders, soft and absorbent, of good quality Terry Clolh. Unusually large for tin's low price. 9c Curtain Rods - 9e Knives - -Porks Stainless steel hlculc, dl- allu handle, Onyx flni-sh. Eacli 9c Table Ware Graceful shapes, pressed green glass, berry bowl, salad bowl, creamer, sugar bowl. Each Smooth Rirlhcuwnrc Mixing Bowls Yellow- with blue band Irim. Glazed throughout, extra large she. 9c 9c Glass Tumblers Blown unusually thin and crystal clear. Check over your glassware; lliese are values! 3 for 9c I!) Ounce Kiirlhcnware Finely glazed earthenware in ,in ntlrnctlve, shape, areen or brown finish. You'll ivant nt least one! Wasli Cloths 10v. Inch sac in dainty! new ixislcl plaids. 3 for 9c PITCHERS 9c BEN FRANKLIN STORE CORNER MAIN & BROADWAY

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