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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 4

Chicago, Illinois
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Saturday, May 8, 1897
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TEST THEIR PROWESS Turners Compete with Brawn and Brain at St. Louis. VAST CROWD AT THE GAMES Chicagoans Take an Active Part in ths Exerdsas. Pay la Filled wllk latrrrtllaf EH -riar EiklkM Is ade Hark ml ) C klNrra. St. Louis. Mo.. M.y 7 On th second dsy t the Na. local Turn feat everything combined ta Bla it on of tbe moat successful event ever teld. Tbe weather was warm, with Juat aooutk brwes to tamp lb a beat, and the akf wa clear, giving th beat possible atmoe-pberlc condition for th eserrlse. A crowd at popl numbering not less than 5.W turned out at tha fair grounds to " lb contest Thar waa a J-lay of two hour la getting ta.-tej. an I much time wit lo( because of the scarcity of Judges. It waa almoat p. ta. before lb protrtoat a a finished Tbe foreo'jou waa taken up with e'. ass competitions of tba 'active." who made fine appear nee in tbelr gray uniforms. During lbn contra'. there were fully J. turner on the 9l 1 at ona lla. Their work In handling the steel wsnls and putting the atx'.eru-poucd shot waa ."revelation to novice. la marking tba classes la wind work tba 'nig many potnta for accuracy and form. The mark, aa well aa those ma le In all the other contests, ar averaged up. end tba claaa making the hlgheal averages wins, for tbla reason, added to tba reticence of tba Judge, and tbe ureal number of turner, contesting, tt I Impoaatbta to announce tba winners before Sunday. The Beat Reewrds af the Iy. Several gooi record were made today la putting tbe ahot with the right hsnl. T. jSauers of tbe Iajrtoo (Ohio) TurmalB covered IT ft. and Steve Repracbt of the S--uih ide Tumgetnetnde of Chicago threw tbe abot Jl feet 7 Inchea with hla left- Tbeae were the beet record mad. Tbe higheet record for tbe hlgh-wll Jump tn W today waa by Julius Zernlt-. of tbe Cbl-tM Turngemelnde. who covered U feet !n dtatanr an 1 feet 2 Inchea in height Hunlred-yarl racee were a part of the forenoon praruamt. each member of every turn-sercin present being obliged to run. The usual turner costumes were worn by the contestants, who wera further handicapped by having to wear smooth-soled eboe. It took v-eral hour to run these races, four or five men running tn each heat Tba time waa taken tiy an electrical device and s picture of the fin 10 of each heat waa taken at the same Tn the afternoon -model" exerdae by the armors took up an hour- time, and then followed that part of the pro rani me whl.h aeemed of moat Interest to the public. These were the mass exerct of tba St. Loul Junior with dumb-belt and on parallel bars. The' former wera eiecuted to the music of a band and were well done. lad'ea- classes In club wlnc'.n' en led tbla part of tbe procratnme. ... la addition to tbe literary and slnln competitions aboottn con'eats were held on the round of tbe Central Sharpshooter- Assocla-I'oo at BahrlnfTllle. S' Iula County. These will continue tomorrow. Fencloc. wretlln4. an 1 btcycla racea comp'.oted the lay's programme. Harare Baltrrwarlk Presewt. There are a !are number of crmnastlc td"-tructor from most of the principal eoIlec f tba country present In diBerent capu:lUa. In aAdl'.loa to Ihoae mentioned yesterday are i..isrti instraetor at the Lal- jerslty of Chlcao: Dr. Oulllck. superintendent f the department of physical culturo la tht Trainn -hool for Christina Workers a. Sprina-neld. Mass.. and Dr. Leonard. Inatmctor at Onerlin. . ... A prominent feature of the turnfest U the fine hospital service that has been estab-l shel A small buiMina: In a quiet portion of the crounda has been set apart for tbla wori and 1 -horousjbly equlppe-1 with every -thln ne.-esary. Dr Elward Barek. a phy-atriin aal a-jr,eoa of thU elty. ha active charae of the hospital, aal ha efficient a-atataa's. Tbe city provides the ambulanc. As yet thre have been no serious accident, the cault!a consisting of dislocation, prslns. aal brutaea. which were numeroua. A Denver turner who- name could not be ascertained u stniOt oa ths heal with a slsteen-poun 1 abot. but waa not seriously hurt. He was out aala walchina; tba coa-te after a hort deten4lon in tho hospital. To avoid the necesatty of aendlnc patient to the cl'y hopllal. provUloa baa been made at a number of pnva'e hospital for their care. A turner named Terrio. from Kond du L. Wla.. I the only one that has had to lake advantage of thin service yet. oon after aomicc here be bad aa attack of pleurisy, but la now getting better. liar rkel Mark Eaalalt. la Teitlle Hall, on the fair graual. la a fine display of drawtno. needlework, etc.. eecued by the pupil of achoola under the Jurisdiction of tbe North Amertean Gymnastic t'nlon. Partlr-ularly Bna drawing ex-liblta are male by the Newark IN. J.) Turn-eivin: the New Yjrker Turnvereln of Ne TTork nity. the New Haven (Conn.) Turnvereln. (he Cincinnati Turngemelnde. the Soclallar Turaverela of Cleveland. Ohio; tbe Philadelphia Turngemeinde. and the Oermanla Tumaemeiale of Philadelphia. The Kan-aaa City Soclallar TurnvereJn has aa excellent exhibit of kindergarten work, done iy ehlliren under 6 year of age. In the eveatag exercise, consisting of apeecbea and musical number, were held at the Exposition Hall. A eaily a 7 o'clock this morning the different Turner societies marched to the infield of the race track at the falrgrounl and took their places to begin the day ex -ret. From 7 o'clock until noon the time ik a taken up with class competition of the active groups. At times there were as many aa Z.9Q0 men on the Held, and the scene was picturesque aa they marched and counter vuarrbed. tbelr bright steel wands flashing tn- the sunlight aa they went through tbe various exercises. Karaaatlea af tae Urtaat. Tba first group consisted of 110 cla-- wvniberlng from eight to eighteen men. In-clusTe. and divided Into four subdivision Emll Woerner and K. Bockhuaen acted at Judges for thla gronp. In group X were eleven classes numbering from nineteen to thirty-eight men. Inclusive, with Otto Boettlgerand K- Heckrich aa Judgea. There ware ten class-et la the third group, numbering from thirty-sine to fifty-eight men. Inclusive. Albert Nathan and Oscar Ernst were Judges for this group. Tba competitive work consisted of prescribed exercises with Iron wands, putting the sixteen-pound shot, high-bar Jumping, and 100 yards running. While tbe outdoor exercises wera beln-proceeded with, another competition waa held la the npper ball of the House of Public Comfort on the fair grounds. This consisted of recitations and Impromptu speeches. Tbera wera sixteen contestants, among whom wera tba following: Ottilia Burger. Kansas City; Hanry Bender. St. Lou la; U. Doheoer. Cleveland: A. Pncha. Chicago; E. Olchener. St. Louie; B. Woealng. Kansas City; Mrs. Hll-der brand. Kansaa City; Otto Kallmeler. and Oeorga Kohle. St. Louis; Charles Miller. Milwaukee: Herman Schulte, Leavenworth. Kan.; O. Schmidt, Boston, and K. Waller. Decatar. I1L Mr. Sullivan of Chicago woa first prlxa for Impromptu epeaklog. and Henry Fuchs af Chicago woa second prlxa. la the music ball exposition building there waa a competition la chorua alaglag between d number of singing social. Tbla will tlnu through the week, and Sunday tba winners will be awarded diplomas and other prizes. Reaalte af tba Bier el a Racea. Tba one-mile bicycle race for amateur resulted aa follows: First Hst Alfred Schmidt. Hartta Tnra-Tmli. Chlcaato. are: Fells Gas. North PC Lowla Tarnvaretn. aacea: O. Jraaal. Korth . Lao la. third: Ed Oroearhel. Vorwarta Tars-yrreta. Louisville, I earth: E. A. Mesaer. SC Laala. Iftk. Timt U. C Oarger, aaala aU. Loci Taraverala. first; Ca arise Oald. OMeaca Tar, anasjasade, aeoaad; W. H. Jaeoaa, Oermaala Teraara of Chlcsga. third. Time t U. Third Hat K. Erpaldlag. Catce- Tarsy gametavaa. Irst: O. Erhea. Chicaga Tm-getaatada. saeaod: An, Chicago Turn-gesselaas. third. Time 1 J Si-Tee final of thla rac will be run off ta-luorraw by tbe above named winners of heata. Tbe ave-astle saaatear aSryrle raee raraKsd: First Hat Fells Oaat, Nerth Be Los i a Tsra-vrrln. Srat ; AUrrd aV-asBidi, Hartsta Taraver-ila. Chicago, sacosd. Oaorgs Keuha. North St. Louis, third: 8. V. Unr. South St. Lou la Tura-vtraia. fourth. Tlana U 44. tiraad II at O. Itlchn. Cbh-ago Tarn-aasiBde. arat: E Erpeldina. CBIrago Tsrat-(flarlnir, second. Thomas Bsrkaonk. tilranlng-ham. Pa . third. Jaroa Mayer, t'eatral Tara-eria. Pittsburg, fourth. Time I . This beat waa finished In the dark. Ths final will be run tomorrow. KUI t'ATIOXAL .XOTLI. Iteaaa af lalaml rsaeeralag rasa'r rli. ran,- Teachers of West Dlvisioa High School and tsacbers aad principals of the grammar achoola that are tributary lo that school held a conference yeeterday aflerncon In Wast Division High School. There were nearly 100 teachers and principals present from tlie eighteen grammar schools, beside the force of leeeher at the high school. Superintendent of Schools A. G. Lane. Assistant Superintendent of High Schools A. r. Nightingale, and Aaalstaat Superintendent Deiano. la whose dla'rict the school In conference are. were also present. The last named preddrd. Superintendent Lane, at tbe request of the chairman, stated the object of the meeting. He said that for some time paat there had beea criticisms to the effect that too much distinction Is drawn between the high -school teachers and the teachers of the grammar grades. Critlclsme have also beea raised LLat there was no uniformity between tbe course of study pursued by tbe grammar aad high achool grades. Tbe result has oflea been. It I claimed, that some children are compelled to go over the same ground In the first year In the high school that they went over In 'be eighth grade. Other children have beea declared Insufficiently prepared, and have not beea able to keep up with the high-school work. Tbe effect of such misunderstandings has ba that a large number of pupils leave school during the first year of the high school. To find some wsy la which to harmonise tbe courses of study pursued In tbe eighth and ninth grade was the object of the meeting. Paper teprt eniattve of the views of the high-school teachers were resd by Miss Mary E Jones aa 1 Ml Sargent of Weat DlvUlon High School. Tbe aide of the grammar achool wa set forth la two paper by Miss M. Ellxa-txtb Farsoo. principal of Brown School, and Mrs. Ella J. Hardlck of King School. Following the reading of the paper waa a general Jlaruuloa. Statement were made that the work In English In tbe eighth grade and the first year of the high school Is practically Identical. It w also complained that the number of atud-le pursued In tbe grammar achool waa o large for the time allowed that It waa found impossible to do good work and rendered It absolutely aeceaaary that no work cbould be duplicated. Principal Clayberg cf Wet DlvUlon High School aald that what waa needed in the grammar gradea waa that more time should be given to the atudy of geography aad grammar. Others thought the work In, English history was altogether too sever for the time that was given to tbe subject-No sction waa taken at the meeting, but tba auggeetloae offered will be conaldered by the superintendents of the school when they are revlalng the courses of study for the coming year. The building and grounds committee of the board of education yesterday afternoon did not refer to the subject of filters or pure water for the schools during the session of Its regular weekly meeting. Chalrmaln Cusack of tba committee ia absent from the city, aad It la .probable that the matter will not coma up again until he return. Bridge and Structural Iron-Workers' Union. No. 1. seat a rommunleatloa to tbe committee atklng that the union bo given the Job of erecting the Iron columns that are being used la th remodeling of the manual training achool which waa burned last November. The work la being dona by the carpenters la tba employ af tbe board, aad not by contract work. On this account tbe committee decided that It coull not grant the request, and na further action wa taken In tbe matter. HIRKM H Kt Kit K A HARD BLOW. aawarlaat Urrlilea Readeresl la tba l'rl f Apae-al. New York. May J. Special Telegram. By a decision of tbe Court of Appeaia of New Tork ?be usurers of this state have been dealt a blow that will greatly curtail their money-getting powers. The decision, which was directed at the persons, will curtail tbelr systematic robberies and oppressions to such an extent that they will be obliged to devise new means of circumventing the law. and must revise their legsl forms lo order that their game can atUl be played. The case of Mary Dralne verau Jnttu Rowog la re- pondble for all thla added labor for the usurer As a result of the Judgment In the same case before tbe Appellate division. Judge Stelner baa rendered at least twenty decisions against usurers within tha last four weeks, which, without it. would have favored them. Tbe plaintiff, a woman, sought a loan of I IV). and consulted Roaswog. whose advertisement to loan money on mortgage she read In a daily paper. The plaintiff answered (be adrertisemeot and went to see Roaswog. He said that be would lend her $I'W, provided ahe would make out a note for t:50. and give a chattel mortgage on her property. Sha did ao. Matters went along until $170 bad beea paid on tho note, when there was demanded of the plaintiff. which waa tbe amount of the principal. and Interest at per cent to date. With that demand tbe plaintiff's patience ceased, and sh brought action in the Supreme Court, asking that the aota and mortgage be set aside and canceled. Tha case was decided in her favor today. MIST SEE THE EXPOSITION. rrafrnar Baraara'i A I ra h I at rrsves aa Attraetlaa. Nashville. Tenn.. May 7. Tbe attendance at the Teoaeaaeo Centennial Exposition today was large. The weather la excellen-The fine arta day programme Included aa address by F. Hopklnson Smith of New Tork. The convocation of Osaoll Circle waa held In tbe Woman'a building. Mrs. Charles A. Perkins of Knoxvllle presiding. The deal re to see tbe airship of Professor Barnard, which oa Its trial trip yesterday showed that tba Inventor had built a machine which could be steered in any direction, aad which reapoaded readily to tba propelling power, attracted many visitors to the exposition grounds, but tha ship waa not oa exhibition. Tbe pupils of tbe Tennessee Industrial School. 700 In number, visited tbe exposition today, and thla afternoon listened to addressee from some of the visiting Methodist Bishops. Many prominent artists have arrived, aad athera are en rout to attend tba formal opening of tba Parthenon Monday, when F. Hop-ktnscn Smith of Js'ew Tork will deliver aa address. Exhibits continue to arrive. Tomorrow la public achool cblldren'a day. and 10.000 school children are expected to attend. Tbe management has decided to keep all buildings opea until o'clock every night. KEELEY I-VSTITITK ASSICXS. Mllwaakee Csseers Passes Vasler ew Caatral. Milwaukee. Wis.. May 7. Special Telegram. Tha Wisconsin Kroley Curs Institute Company baa made aa assignment to A. K. Steb-blns. aad secured an order from tba court permitting it ta transfer Its license to person who are aald to be willing ta assume alt liabilities aad continue to earn for all palteot sow nnder treatment. Arrangemenla have been male under which tba Institute will be continued without Interruption. BAKERS KLECT OLD OFFICERS. Jab a Sebadel af Cbleaara Chesea Aaalstaat leeretsrr af tba lalsa. Cleveland. Ohio. May 7. Tba baker today re-elected all tba old officer, aa follows: Secretary. Henry Welssmaa of Brooklyn. S. T.: aaalstaat aecretary. Joba Bchudel of Chicago: treasurer. Cfcarlee Thtemaoa: dele gate to American FedersaSna of Labor. Ben jamin Perl guy or Boston. Th next eoavea-Uoa will be held la Loulrrllla. Ky.. ta TII23 DAILY: XNTEIJ OOEA, SATXTBDAY GUEST'S BLOODY ACT Ha Slays His Host and Shoots Hostess and Two Servants. FOUR DEATHS MAY RESULT Fool Crims at Alexander Harris' Home Near Waukesha. VYUlIeae r(k, YVba Had Beea ibel-af tba Deed. Milwaukee. Wla.. May 7. A double murder that may yet prove a quadruple murder waa committed at tha bom of Alexander Harrla, eouth of Waukesha, early this morning. Tbe crime waa committed, tt I supposed, by a farm hand named William Pouch, who bad been sheltered by Mr. Harrla over night- Tbe dead and wounded are: ALEJCANDKK HARRIS, aged 45; killed out ribt MR! HARRIS. aad 4: fatally wounded. HELEN VKdBACll. aired girl; eertoualy woundod. NELaON M'HOLT. hired maa; may die. Early last evening William Pouch, a farm hand who bad worked for Mr. Harrla two years ago. called at tbe house and requested lodging over night. He was taken in. gtvea supper, aad aaalgned a room. At S o'clock la the morning Mr. Harris and tbe hired maa arose aad weat to the yard to milk the cow. Mr. Harrla and tbe hired girl remained to prepare breakfast for the family. Pouch left his room quietly, and, goiag to tbe yard where tbe men were milk ing the cow, bad them good moraine. liar rla and the maa were alttlag on stools near each other, and before they were aware of any evil doing Pouch, it la claimed, drew a revol ver. and fired at the farmer, killing blm al most Inatantly. Tbe murderer then turned tbe weapon oa the hired man aad ahot him la the body. Indicting a probably fatal wound. The man fell motion lee a on th ground, and I "ouch evidently (uppoaed blm dead also. Ma Taak Tlaae ta Eat. Pouch then walked to th kitchen of tbe farmhouse. There be met Mrs. Harris and the hired girl, and chatted pleasantly with them for a few minutes. He aald that Mr. Harris would not be la for a few minutes, aod that be would eat his breakfast at oaee. After eating hi breakfast this morning Pouch aroso from the table and started to walk toward tbe door, but suddenly wheeled around, and. it la aald. before tbe women realised what waa about to happen, be abot Mrs. Hani In tbe breaat. and then fired at the hired glrL Tbe farmer's wife fell to tbe floor, fatally wounded, and expired soon afterward. The hired girl has a chance of recovery. After abooting his victims tbe murderer went up stairs and robbed the house. This is the only kaown motive of the crime. Tbe murderer thea mounted a bicycle and rode away. He started la a southwesterly direction over tbe Mukwenago road and the supposition I that be I beaded for Burlington. A poe of farmer soon larted in hot puiault. The farmera lo the vicinity of the scene of murder are greatly excited and ahould they get hold of the maa before tbe officers be may not live to tell of tbe crime. They openly vow that they will lynch blm. He May Be laaaae. The supposition of th authorities la that the man Is either Insane or that he committed the terrible deed la order to bide the evidence of another crime. Tbe manner la which tbe murder were committed show plainly that be had been dellberai in arranging bta plan and had carried them out to the latter. Mr. Harrla waa oae of tbe beat known farmers la the county. He had resided oa tbe farm where the murder occurred for the last twelve years aad bad always beea oa the beat of term with hla aeighbors. Pouch had wrorhed for him some time during tbe summer of 1T5 aad tiotblag occurred, aa far as known, to cause any enmity between them. Tbe entire detective fore of tbe Milwaukee police department is scouring the outskirts of the city under the supposition tbat tbe murderer headed Ibis way. MnUIPAL LEIUIE AIMOIHtl. Many Cltlea raadldalea far tbe Seat Ceaveatlea. Louisville. Ky.. May 7. Th business of tbe third annual convention of the National Municipal League waa finished thla morning. The league was called to order In tbe exchange hall of the board of trade, by Chairman Oeorge W. Ochs of Chattanooga, at 10: JO o'clock. The attendance waa lighter than at any previous meeting during tbl session, ad the Interest did not appear great. Several paper were read, dealing with municipal affairs In Phllsdelphla. New Orleans. Providence, and St. Louis. Tbe paper on "The Results of a Victory for Reform." on tbe programme to be read by Charles J. Bonaparte of Baltimore, waa passed as Mr. Bonaparte waa unavoidably detained. The executive committee reported favorably oa tbe following organlxatlona for membership In the National Municipal League: Municipal Voters' League. Chicago: Municipal League of Salem. Ma a. : Municipal Ownership League of Alameda. Cel.; City Improvement Society. New Brunswick. N. J.: Municipal League. Salt Lake City: Civic Federation. Duluth. Minn.: Municipal League of Cleveland: Taxpayers' Defense League of Cook County. Illinois: Cltlxens' League. New Orleans: Cltlxens' Committee oa tbe Municipal Ownership of Street Railways. Boston; Cltlxens' League of Watertown. Mass. The league adjourned to meet at tbe call of tba executive committee. Tbe cltlea wblcb are making a bid for tbe nest convention are Indianapolis. Omaha. Denver. Atlanta, and Boa ton. A drive over tbe city tbla afternoon, and a banquet at tbe Gait House this evening closed the entertainment-, GROCERY OITLOOK IMPROVES. Whale-sale Declare aa Rraarl at Tbelr Meetlaar at Pearla. Peoria. 111.. May 7. Special Telegram. Tbe representatives of the wholesale grocers' aeaoclatlona of eight of tbe middle Western states met bare today to discuss trade prospects and railroad rates at tbe call of C. J. Offu. president of tbe Illinois association. Tbe state represented were Iowa. Kentucky. Indiana. Minnesota, Michigan. Wisconsin, and I Hi Dots. All reported a mora confident feeling among tbe dealers and aa assurance of better trade. While tbe dele gates all protested tbat ao buslneaa bad beea transacted. It la known that the effect of the sugar tariff In tba Senatorial rvllon of tbe tariff bill aad tbe probable outcome of th present railroad disturbances oa rate wera considered. CALL IS FORCED FROM THE RACE. Caaaet Be Elected ta Ssreeed Hlaaaelf la tbe least. Tallahassee. F1s. May 7. Call waa withdrawn from tbe race for United State Seat-tor today, aad J. M. C Stockton, a Jacksonville banker, and supporter of Call, waa placed la nomination. The result of ths ballot today waa- Chip ley. 17; Stockton. 13; Raaey, 20; Hocker, S; Burford. L Total. M. Chlpley friends say they have driven Call from th race aad hop soon ta elect Chlpley. STREET CAR MES ELECT pFFICERS. W. D. Saks af Detrall Caa tlaae la tba Praaldeaey. Dayton. Ohio, May 7. Th AmaJgamat! Association of Street Railway Employe elected the followlag officer thla morning: W. D. Mahoa. Detroit, Mich., president; J. H. Carr. Toledo Ob la; John Delaney. flyraeua. N. T.; J. M. Spurgeon. Galvestoa. Texas, s-lce presidents; Reese Nohr. Fort Wayne, treasurer; executive board. Da a lei DUworth. Detroit. Mich.; H. V. Ryaa. Toledo. Ohio: Harry Howorth. Muacie. lad. Tbe asxt cea vtatlea WU1 be bald at By racaaat. T. CH1CAQO MAY LOSE IT. (Continued tram First Pag-) oa Saturday. Neither Mrs. McKJalay Bar tt lad lea of taa Cabinet win b of th party, see Th naval militia of Mlchlgaa having put la aa earnest request to the Navy Departaoent for th toaa of the United State aUaaxahlp T antic for thalr us aa noon aa aha return frometh South Atlantic station. Secretary Long baa beea looking Into the possibilities of getting the ablp up th canal connecting th lake with tbe ocean, aad also lota th tlpuUUona of tha treaty of Washington, ta ascertain whether or not the latter would estop th entry of th Tan tic Into th lakes If she war dlatnaatled of her gun. Tbe (doctrine laid aowa durtag th laat adminis tration by President Clevetaad. la the face of aa earnest brief la tha negative by hla friend, poa Dickinson, was ao broadly adverse to th construction of anything ia tba semblance of a warship oa th lake tbat there la a doubt that tbe preaeat application would be included la It Inhibition, although it ia. of course . possible that tha preaeat admtals (ration may take a different view of the mat ter. However, tbe case la not likely to go that far. Inasmuch aa tbe construction bureau has reported tbat evea If all movable weights ax removed from tbe Yaatlc aba could not fee brought up to a draft of nine feet and could not pass tbe canala. see The executive board of the Daughters of tbe Revolution haa beea la aeaaloa her for several day with Mr. Steveaaoa. wife of tbe former Vic President, presiding. It haa beea determined to visit the Tcnneaaee Centen-alal Exposition on Oct. It. when the daughter will celebrate tbe battle of Torktown. When anqulrta were mad aa to the reports of dissension la tbe aaaocialloa. It waa slated .that tbe executive board would not dignify tbe reports with attention, as they wera unfounded and Inspired by malic. S e. e Robert H. Martin, formerly treasurer of tbe Columbian t'nlveralty of this city, was arrested today aad taken to the police court oa charge of embesxling fund of tbe Institution. Tbe complaint was made by President Whitman of Columbian University and .Trust sea Woodward and Green. Tba defalcation Is placed at fSO.sM. Martin waa re-Jeaaed oa $5,000- security. e C. H. J. Taylor, colored, recorder of deed for the District of Columbia, called at the White House today and it la understood that hla resignation will be tendered tomorrow and tbat his successor will be ex -Representative Cheatham, also colored, of North Carolina. Taylor cam here from Kansas City. a a Mr. Cannon of Illinois, ex-chairman of the, House committee oa appropriatlona, announced today that tbe sundry civil appropriation bill will be called up for consideration In the House next Monday If It Is found that there Is a quorum present and member are requested to attend the session of the House on that day. L. W. B. WILL DIME IS PHILADELPHIA. leeretary Ut Aeeeate aa lavttatlea fraas Tbat City. Washington. D. C. May 7. Secretary Cage has accepted an Invitation to attend a dinner at the Union League Club at Philadelphia oa May 14. as the guest of Christopher S. Patter- Caadltlea af tbe Treasury. Washington. D. C. May 7. Today's state-meat of tbe conditio of thetrresury shew aa available cash balance of $23S.T33.4is; gold re- e, 1 ,!. . THE OBITfART RECORD. Ilrskas H. flesaeat. Stephen H. Clement, aa old resident aad merchant of Chicago, died Thar Say mernirig at the reaideDo r bin SaaatMee. Mrs. Bell R CbaS-wack. Ns. aaS aaath Hersnltsgs aveaue. The funersl will be held from the heme at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Mr. ClomeaL who traced his saoeetry back to tbe Pilgrims, waa born la 1US ta Newburrpart, Maaa. He cam ta Ckl- rsgo in laO aad waa for assay years eoaaged la tbe manufacturing lewelrr bnalnesa la Dearborn treat. He was a brother ef ex-Senator Clement of WlBcoaeto. H widow, who I visiting la San Francisco, and alx chlldrea four la this city and two in Saa Fraaciscai aurvlve blm. tbaaaeey Ellweed. Sycamor. HI- May 7. Special Telegram. Chaoocey ELI wood died here today at tia advanced age of SI years. Mr. Ell wood in 1U waa appointed postmaster at Frankfort. N. Y.. by Prasldeat Tsylor. He came to Sycamore la th to and Hved here since. Ia 1SU be was appointed postmaster here by President Lincoln. In tbe session of lag-g he waa first aaslstsnt secretary of the state Senate. Ia 'SS-T be waa secretary of tbe senate. He waa for years vice president and general manager of the Sycamore and Cortland Railroad. Ha held maay local office, being at one time mayor. He always figured In politics, being aa ardent Whig until the organisation of the Republican party, woen he Joined that. In 177 be waa candidate for State Senator ia the national Oreenback-Labor party. He leaves three brothers Alonso Ell-wood of Sycamor and Colonel Isaac 11 wood and Hiram Ellwood of D Kajb. J. H. VI taaa trick. Officer J. 11. Fttxpatrtck of the Woodlawn polio station died at bis home. No. Xs South Hermitage at eaua. early yesterday morning. Heart failure superinduced by paeumenia waa the cause. Of ficer Fttxpatrtck naa oeea on ine ponce force Ave year.' For th past wek ha had beea confined to hla home with the Hla ass which resulted la hla death. Funeral aervlcea will be held tomor row aod the interment will be at Mount Olivet Cemetery. Tha funeral train will leave the Grand Trunk depot at noon. Deaths Restarted fraas Aarara. Aurora. 111-. May 7. Special Telegram. Mrs. Martha Fish, wif of Hon. J. M. Flab, died today, aged 73 years. Mr. Plan waa a native of Daaley. VC. and had beea a resident of Aurora aiace US7. Her huabaad waa a candidate for mayor of Aurora at the recent else-tioa. Fred Balrd. a prominent young man. died today frees aoeuatonla. A telegram from tbe Milwaukee Soatier' Home aota th death this morning of Jeaa H. Cleveland, one of the beat known old aeldters ef this vicinity. He will be brought her for burial. . Ralph D. Meaalngrer. Ralph D. Msaaingwr. son of W. D. Messlnger. No. est Jackson boulevard, died la New York CHy Thursday of poeamonia. He waa a member of the senior class at Amherst and would have been JTsdaatsd this summer. At ths beginning of the laater vacation ha went to New York City aad waa taken dowa with paeumeala. He was ea-gsgad to Misa Josle Kirk of that city, and tt was at her father' home that be died. The body will b brought to Chicago for burial. Jaaaes Ceaaer. . Paxton. III.. May 7. Special Telegram. James Cooper, a nonagenarian, disd thla week at South McAlaster. L T where be recently located. Mr. Cooper was a pioneer resident ef thla city and re-elded hers until a few years age. . The faaeral aervicea will be held here Sunday. Cbarlea Battaau Milwaukee, Wis, May 7. Charles Button, a capitalist aad formerly af the wholesale drug arm of Oreea A Button. diwpyd dead wfatl aatertng hla carriage ea Wlsceasla strut this snoralag. STEPHEN HENRT CLEMENT. MAY. 8, 189T. QENKRAZ SPORTING NEWS. HERMES BREAKS TRACK RECORD. Gee th Mil la 1 40 Flat aad Ftalabee Well la Hand. - Cincinnati. Obi. May 7. Hermes established a new track record at Newport today by covering a mile la l:t Sac Tbe eaa ef Kollaa woa la easy f ashioo aad own Id bar eoee batter bad he beea ridden out. The crowd la attawdaaee wa ea f the largest of the sneeting. aad tbe betting was good. Summaries: First Raea Five furlon- Lady Juliet. Vft " nuif, i w i eaa t 1. i: Imu. Ill (Kuppl. I l L third Tim. Mlnnl Mur- pay. Vengeance. Pallas. BUetraOorda. Wild West. and Cherry Leaf aiaa ran. Saeoad Race Four furlongs: selling. Tsm Taher. 1 pounds (J. Msthewa). 4 lo L won: Oeorge Uonper. ltij. Hill). to I and to (. aac-ona: Caanpardoam, let W. Jonea. M to 1. third. Time .V Orme. Rula. Prlnos Florist. Dr. Ooodlos. Uoa Jeer, akillmaa. Miss Drssdee, and Lrerataia also raa. Third Haoa Ops mil. . Harms. 14 pounds rftoaueliampl. I l t won: Imp. rSka!. lot ij. Malbawal, 4 to I aad 4 t . eerond; Paifidan. II tJ. Hllli. to . third. Tims 1:4. Fred Barr aad Th arat on also raa. Fourth Race tteven furlong: aetllng. Everest, lot pounds i J. Mathewsl. t to I. won; Myth. DM I J. HUH, even, aarond; Whateriov. 14 Uamea). $ to 1. third. Time I .ia. King Morgan. D. L., Cjm'hla H . and Elrria also ran. Firth Rsce Four furtongs. Lady ft the West, 147 pouada Everett!. I lo I won: Ella Ra. lot i J. Hill). to I and t t 1. second: Mary Cavalier. 1 (Haaucnampl. Hot. third. Time :. Strath-lou. Lauretta H.. Lucarna, Exquisite. Vlnetta. Purrgold. aad Miss C. niao ran. Fallowing are toffnorrow'a entries: Ft rat Hmr- oVIMng; oae mile. Invitation. M pounds; atlas Alice. t; Klaltha, MS; W Know It. 11: Feaay P.. Wl; Eat-ns-Keguia. 141; Miss McLaughlin. 14. BWond Race Fir furlong. Clinton Park. 10 pound: M-Oerr. !; Jaaoea Jabow. 1M; Dios-(oua. 1U: Mr. Eaatin. 1st; Or. ritewart. lot; St. Rarmnnd. Id: Freshman. 1S: Raskin, lot. aad Louiaa. lit. coupled as SVoairsa'a entry. Third Race nailing, saven furl.ioca. Voima. T pound; Sobriquet. ST; Loyslty. M; Twelve Fifty. ; Or, A ittl rain. ; EUkvt. 4; Alnsee Ooodwin. : PrudMM. 11; lit. Helena. I'M; atdkal. 141; Prince I'arl. 14: Rnolneon. 107. Fourth Raca Sailing, on mile. King Morgan, a pounds: Argonaut. M: F. M. B.. lot; Front-man, 17; CarroU. ITT. Duoder. 107: Mermaid. 10: Bandore!, lit. FITth Kaca Balling: seven furlong. Mia Rose, 7 pounds; Preaoo. a. Good Ins. lot; Evsneaca, 141; Irkaooia. 101: Rasper. IH. Roosevelt, 194; Balk Line. 144; CuiooC lu4: Boose. 14. DR. CATLETT IS AM EAST WIXXER. Derby Caadldate Laafi tbe Ureeabrlar Stake at Saahvllle. Nashville. Ten a.. May 7. The feature of to-day'a ractag was ths Orsenbriar stakes, which were won easily by Dr. Catlett. The weather waa clear and the track fast. Summaries: First Raca Mlns-slxteenths of a mil. Cuba Fraa. 11 pound T. Burns). 7 lot, won; Asvaela, 114 R. Wliltama). to 1 and lloL eacond ; Ladjr Lenox. 114 iK. Wllllama). to t. third. Tim-- 0 aV French Orvy. Margaret W.. EamrtMa. Hlgh-Bora Lady. Uood Friead. Onetle. Florida Kum. Annl Lauretta, and Amwreila also ran. afooad Raca irea furionaTa. Ouatave Cook. It! pounda rTabor). T to ft. won; Epona. I'll !4onerr. 4 to I and I tot avcond: Paul Ktaru. Si ( amptrll). I lo 1. third. Time 1 XT,. Judith C. Lorrania. Hiaur, and Evanatua alao ran. Third Race cireenhriar ataaea; value. SMa; en mil. Dr. I'atlett. Hi pounda R. Wliltama). 1 to X. won: Sharon. IU tClerlooi. X I I and out. ond: Paul xjngga. 1U Iuraer. I to L third. Time 1 41. So ottwr atartera. Fourth Raca Half rati- Florrnao. It pounds IDorarrl. 4 to t. woa. Jack Dnaahua. 1U iR. Williams). to ft aad S to ft. second: neaport. lit "larta). ! to ft, third, Ttraw as. Bailey. M-sca, aad Wilfred Leaner alao raa. Firth Race fH (urlonaa. IUU Ellison. Ill pounda T. Murphy I. 4 to 1. won; W. O. T.. 17 Jr. Wllllama). t to I and t to 1. aacood- Bona Schoenfrld. 17 .Hart). I to 1. third. Time 1 1V Forfait. Aftrntui. Incwiatawr, Traveler. Peter Hill. Liasi Y-, and Tummte Rimer alao ran. rilxth Ra-e Ftftaen-sistanths of a mile. Gaston, left pounda IT. Burns) T to I, won: Dave Tanny, lot Doraeyl. 14 to I and 4 to 1. eecond; Tutullla, la i Warrant. 14 to L. third. Tim 1 XV Inra Minister aad Elkia alao ran. MACE HESILTI AT LEXIXGTOX. Faar Fa vartte aad Oae Oatalder Laad tbe Five Eveata. Lrxlnrton. Ky.. Msy 7. Tbe weather waa clear and the track good. Summaries: Final Raea a Ulna: at fsaionga. Lakeview Palae. 14 immda it. Oantner). T to ft. won : Naw-porv. Ill (lilbbal. lo I and to t, aacond: Rhein- troos. M iBaylaaval. S to ft. third. Time l:tW. Munoea. M raa mora. Anna Garth, Billy Arnold, and kuutrt Hon-r also raa. aacond Kara For A-vamrld AIMm: na enlla Tremwda, 141 pounds ij. ilardnar), even, won; xarta it. Ill 1 wishltal. I to I and nat. sacondi Hiltsan'a atatar. 117 1 Bay raaal. 4 to 1. third. Tim 1 :4X Th Iroomlstrese and Pa the ahrtw aiaa ran. Third Race Oa mil. John MeElrov. M Pounds Wllllama. to ft. woa: Hnmbajg. T WI1-httel. Ift to 1 aad X to L aecond; OarUnd Bar. 11 lHaylaas. t to 1. third. Time 1:42. JuUua Marks aad ataae? Laaus aiaa ran. Fourth Race For l-rr-old (Ullas: selitng: rurUMiga. s.lranor Hnlmes. pounds (Steele). won: Chrtotofewl. T iWlihlta). IS to 1 anal to ft. Mary Adair. St ICsmphatu. IV, to 1, third. Tl Sa Roaaiina. princesa. and Rev- eaue alao ran. Fifth Race galling; for l-year-olda; Ave fur- Ionic a. Arcturoa II pounda 41. Gardner!. 1 to 1 won; Zertea. 11 I H. Wllllama). 4 to 1 and out, aacond: Dudley K.. IM Karieas. IS to 1. third. Time I Pelldes alao raa. GETAWAY DA V AT Aftgl EDICT. Stwra tgaeea. Lark Glya. Bluebeard, aad Saa Vm Aaaaaa Wlaaers. New Tork. May 7. Thla waa getaway day at Aqueduct, sad there was a fairly good attendance. T he card waa moderately good, aad aome of th en lanes were clone. Summaries: First Race Four and a half furlonara: aalilne. Storm wween. pound (Power). 11 to 1 and t to ft. wna: QrnnhanL si irorimt 4ml and T to ft. second: Prince Auckland. 4 iMaher). ti to 1 and f co 1. third. Tina 1:14 1-1 Lerwie. Ovnaro. Park Stop, aoltero. and Ptnkertou'a scout aiao raa. aacond Race-On mile: aelllna. LAch aim. ss pounds iPowerat. U to ft and 4 to ft, won; Rlale. 19 iriimraa). even and ! to ft. aecond: Boh Leach, fg iroroea. sa to 1 aad w to 1. tritrd. Time 1:44. Mahoney. Cuatractor. and Satanella alao ran. Third Rsce Four sad a half furtonga. Bluebeard. 114 pouada Irloherrcr). 4 to ft and I to ft. won; lrd Vraier. Ill iDoga-ettl. to 1 and I to I. aeeono; KiMc. ill luarriaon). u to I aad s to L third. Time :S7. Basil Ovatt, Ella Daly. Loula K.. Paradiaa. and Hawl alao ran. Fourth Raca One mil: Mtlinc. Sun t'p, IIS pounda irllmmsl, even and X la ft, won: Braw Lad. fe tMahert. to I and I to L aecond; Her Own. eft lU'Connort. I It 1 and even, third. Time 1 :4X. Juno. Illusion. Lambent. Mistral, and Bay 8. alao ran. Fifth Race About seven furloags: selling. Passover. HI pounds isUmma), I' to ft. won; Ruaaler. a 1 Hewitt). IX to- k mtu ft to' L sacond: Mohawk Prtnc. IM iMaher), 1ml and aren. third. Time 1 17. L H. Fratello. Squan. Don Hla a. Prince Bonnl. Free Lance, and Tempi Stow alao ran. Rarr Reaalta at OaUlaad. Saa Frandaco, Cal.. May 7. Tbe weather was dear and the track fast. Following ar the r-aulta at vakland: Ktrat Rasa t-urse: six furlongs. Miks Rice won. Alma aecond. Blue Bell third. Time 1:14. tteoood Race For !-yer-ola; purse: nra furlong. Mirth won. Erueoo ascuad. Loa Prieaioa third. Time 1 :48 V Thlrt Rac Melling; flfteea-eixteentha of a mile. InMammator won. Fortunat second. Frank Jau-bert third. Time 1 V Fourth Ttaoa Purse; riva rurtorur. Tern en won. Zamar II. aecond. wu4ckallver third. Time 1IU- Fifth Race aVIlIng; mil and a quarter. Peter II. won. Colllaa aecond. Billy MaCloakey third. Time 1 a.. Sixth Race Purse; on mile. Colonel Wheeler won. Wheal of Fortun aeoond. imp. Trance third. T!mc 1:41V. Seventh Race Selling; fl ft een -sixteen tha of a mile. Mldss won. Earl Cochran saoond. Msy R. thu-u. Tim 1:K. KXTRIES FOR ST. Lot IS IXAIGIR1L Surtax Meetlaa- Is Sebedaled ta Oyta Next Saturday, St. Loula. Mo. May 7. Special Telegram. The si ring meeting of the St- Louis Fair Association la dated for May 15. and tha prospects are for the moat successful meeting la tha history of the association. The Inaugural, a handicap for I-year-olds. at one mile, worth H.000. will be run oa the opening day. Following are the weight accepted: AUrnl FCFiora Thornton M Laureate ...toS'Rrotno 4 Harry MoOsucb Wt.Uiyaeee l pllgo MlThrChemlit .... M Harry DuiL I M Neutral . S Tartarian ............. 1: Macy tt Dare II 7'AI 45 Hlr t I ke. ........ ...... KlOur Blahop.. .... ...... 44 NUarod st RACING "BLACK LIST- PUBLISHED. Haw 1'srk Jfky Clab Give Oat Haaet af Dellaaeata. New Tork, May 7. Special Telegram. Tbe Jockey Club'a long-promised ' black Uat" has at last been made public A glance over the names of tboeo who have neglected to nettle obligations la the way of forfeits shows not only those tn arrears, but gives an Idea of the money wlilcn owners who capture rich stakes are never able ta collect. Breeder from all parts of tbe country are posted, and If the rules are adhered to it will b difficult for them to Bod a market for tbelr yearlings In the EasL Th fact that they are oa "tbe list" deprive them of th right to run their horsea Until the shortages hav been made good. Tbe general opinio la racing circle la that the enact of tbe publication wUl be disappointing. Many of the posted ones will, of eovrae. eettle up. rather thaa aee their names aaraded aa a debtors list. Others who have disputed the claima agalnat tbeta will hold off. aad th are Is a strong probability of an appeal by aerae to the courts. Another thing tbat has been brought out by the publication ia tbe fact that many ef those who are listed are still running boraas. Tha affair snows the aartoua eat-back ta turf interests generally that as caused by tba refusal of tha W eaters Turf Congress to work la con Junction with the Jockey Club ea thla aueaUou of fertaUa. ti labia that are running 1 and winning ra tha West every day are among the bsavkaet debtors. RACIXd AT MORRIS PARK TODAY. Tbe Metrawalltaa Hsadlras, Worth f 0,000, tha Brest ( tha Day. New Tork. May 7. Racing will shift from Aqueduct tomorrow to Morris Park, the grandest racecourse ia tbe country. The feature of the open lug gay will be the Metropolitan handicap of 0.60. for which moat of the bast handicap horses la training will contest, with Hastings carrying top weight. Requital, who was considered th beat bora by th handlcapper. and gtven the top weight of 1X7 pounds, to not among tha starter, he being reported sick, while Hand-si.rtng haa alao been declared out. Th entriea. with Jockey ao far selected to ride, are: H sating. 4 (Tsral) luimr t isioane) !" Oothsm. ft IhtoCnfTertyr Hlr Walter, aged iDoggettl Ptrat Mats. 4 eharrr The wlanr. 4 Hen Eder. 4 (dim ma) Roundsman. 4 ocmpar Earo, 4 Hrandywine, ft. Hanwell. ft. Voter. I Uaaaeopla. 1 (Stanhope) iai IU 11 US Hi 107 1 J T i Th entriaa for the other event are: First Rata-Frv furlong. The ". 1" rKiund; Bartholomew. H; ktathro. 114; tJ Fssu 14; Euphemls L-, 14S; Llthos. 18: Miss Lynsh. U; KsWr Ludwtg. 114; Chic. 1; Billsll. 107. Ssooad Rc-Seva furlong. Mings. I' youads; Sir Vasssr. IU; Canewood. Ill; Our ohnnr, 14; Thomas Cat. 10; P"'if A.ra?tr: 114; Hatton, 111: Harrington. Ill; Schults. 104. Easter Tide. M: Dr. Jim. . , Third Race Tbe Juvenile; flv furtong. F.rj-arm, lit pounda; Hand Hall. Il: Frohman. 114-frlal. lift; Cherry Picker, lit: Blarwy atone. 114, Glurtana. 11: Laudemann. IIS; Oeorg Kana. 114; Varus. IU; Reprisal. US; Coram, ltf; Klte- '"yviurxh Race Th Metropolitan handicap: one ""Fifth Race Half a mil. Pmlou. m pounda. Clockwork. IU: War Pla. Ill; fullua Caesar. 11S: BnaUonal. 1-W; Mekallah. 1W: Inspection. Oreat Bend. UI; Dinaanore. Ill: First Fruit, 11-; Hairpin, lit: Lady Marian. M: Princess India. 1. lxth Rac- One and one-alsteenth mllea. Cromwell. II pounda; Deerslayer. ll: Rondo. 11a; Tom Oumwall. 114; Lansdale. lit; Dlvidt. 4; ta. Ill; TIIBOIir, Ba. HORSE SALES AT JflTWOOD PARK. Farty Aalatala Arc Die seird Of at Aactlaa Dubuque, Iowa. May 7. Special Telegram. At Kelly A Bonsoa's auction sale at Nutwood Park today about forty horses were sold. Sample aale were: Jaaal Dhu. b m. I 3: foaled tSl : by Roderick Dtiu. 2 y: dam lona. I17H; Jerre Atlla. lalnoura. Minn., too. Pearllne C, b m. lt; by Black ctor. I T : tlam. P-arl. i ). by Abdallah. Jr.; Cbarlea T. Hancock. IutiU'U. S77S. i-nratnut ally, foiled 1J; by Nutwood: dam. Alpha. I JW . K1U E. Brown. Delavan. 111.. 4225. Cnawinnt filly, foaled 1: by Nutwood: dam. Hlaach 1. hy William L. ; C. T. Hancock. r. Chearnut Slly. by Nutwood: dam. Marmora, by Harold: Jerre Atlla. two. Pacllo Frincepa. 1: by Prlncepa: dam. Rapl-daa. by IMctator: Jerra Allta. ttS tflscK nily. lw; vy onnoiaarur; oaoii, raair Piincepa: Jerre Altls. fans. Bay cult, ISM; by Nutwood: dsns. Facile Prlncepa; F. D. ittonC Dubuque. 43)0- CMELAXDRT W1HS A CLASSIC STAKE. Lard Rsaberra Fast Filly Lands tbe Eveat af tba Day at Sewasrkrt. London. May 7. At today's racing of th Newmarket spring meeting Lord Roseberya bay Ally Cbelandry won the One Thousand Guineas stakes by two lengths, a length and one-half separating 12m second aad third horses. Raid .Walker's Galatla and L. de Rothschlld'a Ooletta. respec-tlvaiy. The course waa th Rowley mile. Nine horses ran. Lord Roaebery was specially congratulated upon the result of this race, today be ing the anniversary of his birth. Msy 7, 1447. The May plate of . la which tbe chestnut colt Lapwing III., belonging to tbe Lortllard-Bereaiord stables, ran. but waa not placed, was won by Sir M. Fttxgerald' chestnut colt Heir Male; C. Morby's Tbe Convict second, and J. H. Houldaworth'a Morning Star third. This svsnt was tor X-year-oids and was rua over the Rocs course, the last firs furlongs of the Kowley mile. Tbe Bretby hsndlcap of COS, In which th Larlllsrd-Beresford -stable 'a chestnut geldiua; Draco and tbe American horse Keenan ran. was woa by Martin D. Rackera chestnut horse Red Heart: Captain Hornfrey's Splendour second, and Mr. Russell's Purple Robe third. The ra. waa rua over the Bretby atake course of six furlongs, sixteen horses participating SBASOV9 GOLF PROGRAMME. Chteasr Clab Iseaea Ita Llat af Plgtares. ' 'Taking ad van tags of th present dry spell, th Chicago Oolf Club has pushed ahead rapidly with the work, oa the Whoa ton course. Ths water pipe are being laid thla week and whan the job 1 completed the task of keeping the greens fresh will b an easy one. aa the supply of water Is unlimited. The steam roller has been ran over a large part of the ground, crushing down all rough spots and making the course like a bowling green. Tbe putting greens are already in the best of condition. Builders hsve got tn root on the servsnts' quarters, while tbe old ca-gine-hou, which waa an eyesore to many, has bc-ea torn down and la now only a memory. Play on the eld eighten-hole course waa permitted thla week and haa been fully taken advantage of by the member, many of whom bar already made creditable core. Tba fixture for 197 are aa follows: May Jl Staring competition; Worthington cup; Deer Ins cup. Gorton gold medal. June ft Team match v Onwentaia. at Wheaton. June U Jjnutua foursome cup, Gorton gold medal. Juiy 4 Bogey competition handicap; Gorton gold medal. July 17 Team match v Onwentaia, at Lake r oreat. Aug. 14 Members cup; Gorton gold medal. Aug. a Team match va Onwentaia. Sept. 11 St. Andrew's gold medal: MA41eton cup. Oortoa gold medal. Amateur and open championahlp meeting of the United States Oolf Am iclation. Oct. Worthington cup. Dee ring cup, Johnston foursome cup. Oct. av Ely ron eolation cup: Bogey competition handicap: Gorton gold ineual; winners pay off for euatodv. The opening day of the championship meet has not beea deflnltely axed, but will b either Sept. 14, 21. or 28. WILL HAVE PLEXTT OP GOLF. Matehea Arrssged by tbe Oaweatsla Clab Are Attractive. Members of tbe Onwentsia Club do not expect to get playing ever the new eighteen hole until Decoration day at the earliest. The following programme for the season haa been drawn up: May it D. R. Forgan's ptise. June ft Team match va. Chicago at Wheaton. July 4 Chatfleld-Tarlar can, Confined to thos who nver played prior to 1SH. July 17 Team match va. Chicago, at Lake For est A ua. 21 Team match vs. Chlcaare. Saturdaya In Jon and July Members cup; plsyed for ia tournament form. Saturdays la August Foursome competition, plsyed for In tournament form. September Ont went sia tournament (three days following' national tournament) : Ravenoaka cup. On t went la cup. Governor' a cup (ladies), snd Benedick cup. Last Saturday of Each Month Class matches. Th low-lying ground is still very muddy, but the uplsnd is tn fine shape. Gait Satea. Golf will be played at Waukesha this summer, a sporty alx-hole course having been laid out there. H. J. Whigham and Turple, one of the Washington Park Club's professionals, will plsy a match on the Washington Park course Monday afternoon. r ' CRICKET SEASOX OPENS. Lac-al CI ba Preparisg far tbe Heavy Work ta Casue. Cricket practice will be general this after-toon, all of .ibe grounds, with the exception of Fullertoa avenue, being occupied. St. Lawrence will play a members match at Washington Park. Cicero expect to have about twenty players out. The ground there Is la fine condition, Parkside grounds have beea carefully looked after and tbe wicket will be all right for this afternoon' practice. Thirty-Ninth street ground are too wet to permit ef playing on the turf, ao tba player will use tha hoard wicket. A. K. Long has deflnltely announced that he will play with Oak Park this season. t Caraeir Crew Hsw Made Cf. Ithaca. N. T-. May 7. Special Telegram. Both the freshman and 'varsity crews received a general ahaklng up today. Last year's victorious Poughkeepsie crew, with Brtgg at stroke, now compose th 'varsity, and they seem to be rowing In their old-time form. The final make-up of the fresh mas boat is yet uncertain. Tbe Annapolis crew are rowing In fine form and have a great deal of speed, and Cornelians are almost orrtain of the outcome of the Cornell-Annapolis race. ' , MATTHEW! WOCLD BE A SENATOR. Atteaaat May-Be Made ta Give Blm a . Clear Field. Indlanapolfs. Ind.. Msy : 7. Special Telegram. Ex -Governor Matthew . haa author-tsed th announcement tbat he ia a candidate for United State Senator, to succeed David Turpi, whoa term will expir a year from naxt January. "I do not ear ta have my candidacy paraded at this time," said tht ex-Governor, "but I mmmm DAYLIGHT CLOTHIWG HOUSE... N. W. Cor. State and Qulncy. DUCT P ATDIUP tar Mas and "Boys uuui viuuiuinu sold tn ChUsazo. T D a 1 Our great sale of the entire, spring; and summer stock of an Eastern manufacturer, of utiusiirc X' 1UC VlUlUlIlg AUi Men and Boys grows in favor every day. Meets the popular demand viz. : good goods at low prices. Men' Best Suit ever shewn In Chicago for f Men's Best Suits ever shown In Chicago tor... Men's Best Suits ever shown In Chicago for Man's Best Suits ever showa ia Chicago for ...... Men 'a Best 8ults ever shown tn Chicago for ............... Men' Beat Suits ever shown In Chicago for , e.. Men's Beat Suit ever shown In Chicago for . Men's Best Suits ever shown tn Chicago for $7.00 $8.00 ah(4 1 aa 4i,.a.O $10.00 $12.00 $15.00 SIB 00 $18.00 Men'a Best Suits ever shown in Chicago for 5Z0.U0 1K0 old thofvcom out-of-date goods. SverytMiMg mew, m-to-dae. fashionable. CHICAGO HOIE FOR THE FRIEIDLESS For Lease at Low Rent For a terra of flv or ten ver the bulliing ang grounds of tne CHICAGO HOME FOR THE FRIENDLESS, corner " abash av. and nitfa St.; frontage 140 feet oa Wabash ar. by 174 feet on th at. Premises to be vacated before September next by present occuoanta. Apolr to - W-M. C. NICHOLS. Treasurer. 104 Marquette bldg. Chicago. May 4. 1497. 1-ave an ambition to go to the Senate, and bhall be a candidate In the event the Demo- rrata have a majority on Joint ballot in the next Legislature. There is on foot a movement to make a dear field for the ex-Governor. Senator Turple haa not yet consented to stay out of the race, but hi friends believe he will consent. WOCLD-BE BRIDEGROOM MOIRSS. Father af the Tsssg Warns Prehlblta the Naatlals. Eldora. Iowa. May 7. Special Telegram. Frank Wright snd Miss Mary Wells have beea engaged for some time, snd were to be married laat evening. Wright procured a license and went for his bride, when her father. Rev. Cbarlea Edward Wells, pastor of the Christ Isn Church here, objected, and ordered the young man away. Rev. Mr. Wells also sent for tn mayor and th city marshal, who. whea they irrive-d. were unable to do anything to comfort the clergyman. - It I. alleged that Rev. Mr. WelU has hla daughter locked ia her room, while Wright la roaming the streets today with aa unused marriage license In hla pocket. It is not knowa why the father opposed tbe snatch. Mr. Wright is a young student for the ministry and has beea encouraged by Rev. Mr. Wells. Ethalke Hetalrta. The famou secret society, the Ethnlke Hetalrta, u apparently of quite recent origin, and is formed on the model of the Philike Hetaina, which prepared the rising of LCI and claims a large share in the glories of the war of Independence. Tbe Ethnike Hetairia or National Society ts a patriotic body appealing to the whole Hellenic body. Prom time to time it has issued proclamations and directions, wnlchhave been printed in Greek newspaper. These have beu addressed to the government, and even to tbe King; but they bore no signature except "Ethnike Hetairia." Alao, th proclamations , have had the seal, of the society, which to a cross, with the well-known historical motto over it, "En touto nika." meaning "By this conquer." When tbe society began to be talked about, there wore also rumors to the effect that it was collecting large sums of money. It is a positive fact that it has secured monthly contributions from an enormous number of people, not only In Greece, but wherever Greeks are to be found. Tbeae subscriptions were paid with alacrity and . regularity; so much so that even Greek servant girls iti Constantinople aad Alexandria gavs their earnings aa subscriptions. Of course rich folks contributed in a degree corresponding to their ability. About two month ago publio subcommittee were formed by well-known people in Greece. These were called branches, aad they received subscription : but they had. or professed to have, no knowledge of the men . direcUng tbe Ethnike Hetairia. It ia quite certain that a large number of the olflcer of tba army nave taaen tne oatn 01 aiiegimce vo ilia aociety. London Tablet. - raruiaa aaarmw.. .s French army pensioners living ia the Hotel de Invalides. who have all received medal, for bravery oa the fieId.occasionaIly drink more than ts good for them. To prevent such veterans making exhibitions of themselves In public, a reward of 15 cent Is paid to any one who return aa inebriated invalid to the barrack.. Recently. Intoxication among the pensioner having increased greatly. It waa discovered that a u kuo u icMuiua - ........ costing S cents and warranted to act at once having been devised, which left a clean profit of 10 cents per drunk. Earl ha as Defeats Mtausl. Richmond. Ind., May 7. Special Telegram. A joint field day was held here today between Surinam College and Miami University of Oxford. Ohio, in which the latter wa defeated. FREE CORE FOR HEN A Michigan Maa Offers to Send His Discovery Free. Claims to Be . a Benefactor to Weak-eaed Mankind. There ts always more or less suspicion attached ta anything that la offered free, but sometimes a man so overflows with generosity that be cannot rest until his discovery Is known to the world. In order that hi fellow, men may pro6t by what bo has discovered. It Is upon this principle that a resident of Kalamaxoo. Mich., desires to send free to mankind a prescript! os which will euro them of any form of nervous debility; relieve them ol all the doubt and unoertainty which such men are peculiarly liable to. and restore the organ to natural size and Tlx or. Aa it costs nothing to try the experiment. It would seem thst any man suffering with the aervoua troubles thst usually attack nun who never stopped to realize what might be the Baal result, ought to be deeply " interested in a remedy which will restore them to health, strength, aad vigor, without which they continue to live aa existence of untold misery. As the remedy In question waa tbe result of many years' research aa to what combination would be peculiarly effective In restoring to men the strength they need. It would serrc that all men suffering with any form of nerv- , ous weakness ought to write for such a rented at once. A rtfttMt H. G. OUt, btx t too, KM aaaaaa-. M ant , xt.tiimg thai yea are aaf a-vafraf er th ipiitm mt r tJU curiosity, hut thmt yea ai fjaSr aa. ar rV aarrav j- girimt it m Iri ti will be answered promptly, snd without evidenes as to where tafnrmattoa came from. The prescription Is sent free, and, although aome may wonder bow Mr. Olds can afford to give away his discovery, there is no doubt about th offer being genuine. ta -arf a-arf aa. JV. t -Mi. tkt A mm? I saw Saw 79M emmet wrrra atax, ' ' FOUND AT LAST

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